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Star wars d20 arms and equipment guide pdf

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samples from the new Arms & Equipment Guide shows you all this and . Sure, Star Wars is about fast ships, exotic aliens, mysterious powers. Star wars arms and equipment pdf - wars arms and equipment pdf Parent Directory D20 - Star Wars - Arms And Equipment lesforgesdessalles.info D contents of the “Arms & Equipment Guide Supplement series”. (hereafter designed and presented for the private use of parties using Star Wars: . roll a D

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D20 - Star Wars - Arms and Equipment Guide - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. D20 - Star Wars - Arms and Equipment. The d20 System logo and d20 are trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Distributed to the Welcome to the Star Wars Arms and Equipment Guide, a. D20 Star Wars - Arms and Equipment Guide - Pdf Download. The Arms& Equipment Guide is a sourcebook for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game.

Flag for inappropriate content. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Norm Phillips. Dark Sun: Spd 6m. The hefty price tag kept the droid in a niche market. The add on ab [

Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities.

Video games. Treasure of Tarmin. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II. Dark Sun: Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Crimson Sands. Strahd's Possession Ravenloft: Warriors of Ravenloft. Slayer DeathKeep Al-Qadim: The Genie's Curse Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance Planescape: Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Archived copy as title Pages to import images to Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. This page was last edited on 25 February , at HAVw A5 Juggernaut. It has close ties to the Empire and its successor states. Roche survived the rise of the Empire. Roche droids are cheap and dependable.

Wars and star guide arms d20 pdf equipment

Hallmarks of Industrial Automaton droids are their expandability and easy maintenance. NeuroSaav owns BioTech. Sienar Fleet Systems. SoroSuub Fields: In weapons technology. X Landspeeder. Industrial Automaton has built its success on high-AI. ASP labor droid One of the two largest droid manufacturers in the galaxy the other being Cybot Galactica.

SoroSuub is based on Sullust. Class-A Thermal Detonator.

Guide and star d20 arms wars pdf equipment

With the Tagge Company. KDY was sold to a group of investors who were believed to be Imperial hard-liners but turned out to be Vaathkree merchants with strong Rebel sympathies. Page 3 of 5 Well-Known Products: R2-series Astromech Droid. Shortly before the Emperor's death at Endor. G8 Blaster Rifle BlasTech's chief competitor in weapon sales. TIE fighter Sienar has had several incarnations.

During the Old Republic. Roche is the common name for the company. Neuro-Saav Fields: Industrial Automaton droids are built to handle a specific task incredibly well. Merr-Sonn provides everything from personal weaponry to large ship systems.

VXI-3 Electrotelescope A major electronics and technology firm. Merr-Sonn Industrial Equipment. Like its rival BlasTech.

Llahy StarCorporation. Most of the nationalized factories. Luxury goods for the wealthy Well-Known Products: Astral-8 Landspeeder. Following the Empire's fall.

D&D Arms and Equipment Guide

Bantha II Cargo Skiff. Dead Companies Not all companies survive in the cutthroat world of galactic business. A used zZip walker or landspeeder usually comes with a story or five about previous well-heeled owners.

Gowix Computers. With the fall of the Empire. Gladiatorial Walker While most companies concentrate on selling as much as possible to as many as possible. Tagge Co. A strong supporter of the Old Republic. The following entities have fallen by the wayside. A subsidiary of zZip. The common EG Talon I Combat Cloud Car. VargeCorp Fields: Personal equipment Well-Known Products: PS-xqt9s Pocket Scrambler A manufacturing and direct sales conglomerate.

This nationalization was often because of Rebel sympathies. Imperial Munitions ceased to be a coherent operation. The quality of Imperial Munitions' products ranged widely. At the close of the Galactic Civil War. What most people remember is not the product but the firm handshake and high-pressure pitch of the VargeCorp salesbeing.

VargeCorp's products are of average durability and reliability at best.

Air-2 Swoop. Imperial Munitions Fields: Rising to power with Palpatine. The corporation bases its success on its superior repulsorlift technology and has branched into a number of repulsorlift-equipped goods for industrial and military use.

The Tagge Company Tagge Co. VLS has never engaged in making military droids. Ubrikkian Transports Fields: Imperial Munitions is an arm of the Imperial Bureaucracy. Ubrikkian craft are found on most civilized planets and in orbit in most of civilized space. SoroSuub continued to support the Empire even though most of the Sullustan population had Rebel leanings.

A-A5 Speeder truck One of the largest and most diversified corporations in the galaxy. Utilized by large species such as Hutts and by wealthy clients who demand elbow room. EG-6 Power Droid An ancient corporation with a strong corporate heritage of superior industrial products.

Veril Line Systems has made its greatest impact with construction and labor droids. Page 4 of 5 corporations in the galaxy. So universal were its droids that its survivors may still be found throughout the galaxy. It branched into a number of other droid models but could not keep itself afloat. These companies tend to focus on one particular product line or niche market and are often regarded as the leading edge designers in their fields.

R Crew: Heavy Repeating Blaster. It is particularly vulnerable to grenade attacks and shots from opponents on higher elevation than it. Rare Era: A second gunner controls a heavy repeating blaster located below and to the left of the main gun. Its edges evoke pure refined muscle under the cowlings.

Fire Arc: The Mobquet Bm-R Sando is a sleek speeder. Attack Bonus: It is a large.

D20 - Star Wars - Arms and Equipment Guide

Thug 6. Weapons Group Proficiency blaster rifles. RE Crew: The unlikely adaptation of a piece of heavy construction equipment.

Tracked Vehicle Size: Huge 8m long Passengers: Speeder [Ground] Size: Large 3. The hefty price tag kept the droid in a niche market. Light Repeating Blaster. The Model 2B is no longer in production with the fall of the Empire.

It moves on two large metal treads that are connected to an engine beneath the upper part of the vehicle.

D20 - Star Wars - Arms and Equipment Guide

Spd 6m. Some slicers think the comlink is a perfect way to gain control of the droid… few live to tell whether the gambit worked Computer Use DC Designed even before the birth of Chancellor Vallorum.

Tracked [Ground] Crew: Huge 9. A gunner operates the fixed blaster cannon by swiveling the vehicle to line up with his target. This speeder graces the dreams of youngsters and seasoned racers alike. Int 7. Rapid Shot. For all it firepower.

Unlike most tank-like vehicles. Oversized Blaster Cannon. Golan Arms SP. Partial Turret Shield Points: The tower relies on its armor and shields to protect the occupants.

Defensive Vehicle Crew: Large 4. The vehicle has enough supplies tfor the crew to operate for large periods of time. Variable Availability: Restricted Era: Partial Speed: Immobile Shield Points: The tower is effective against squads of infantry and most Weapon: Defensive Vehicle Size: Partial Turret Speed: NR Anti-Infantry batteries are effective against squads and vehicles with a computer controlled targeting system.

Hull Points: Golan Arms DF. Immobile Cost: The vehicle was driven by two heavy treads. The vehicle was able to survive in all but the harshest planetary environments. Emplacement Shielding Add On Cost: The MEEV was built to safely accommodate the crew in environments from ranging from extreme temperatures to corrosive atmospheres. Defensive Emplacements -by Lynn Lefey Class: Golan Arms TwinDF. The later SP. Licensed Era: RE Maneuver: With the fall of the Old Republic and the Rise of the Empire.

Most are integrated with internal security systems for museums. Restricted Weight: Rare Weight: If the receiver gets a higher result.

The FDSS has been designed to easily integrate into existing defense systems. As the system was developed for use in base defense systems.

The cameras are full color but not holographic. This gave the emplacement great protection when it was not firing. In order for the transfer of this card to happen correctly.

Star Wars RPG D20 - Arms and Equipment Guide Supplement - Volume 1 - Issue 1

Any attacks made on initiative Poison Neutralization Pill by Elfword 8. By all outward appearances this card is as normal-looking as they come.

The FDSS utilizes shutter shields. One spray covers a small 10cm by 10cm area. If the giver wins. When initiative is rolled for the weapon emplacement. NR A standard disinfectant spray. With the growing rebellion in the galaxy. This drawback was not much of an issue. NR Datacards are the forms by which most of the galaxy stores its vital information. NR The security camera is a full unit. Once the electrical current of a standard Datacard reader is run through this particular card.

Weapon initiative is It takes a full round to properly set. Slide Lock Locator. Contains Sonic wave emitters. The bottom 10 cm contains a propellant which can be activated to shoot the flare into the air. NR While Medtech is renowned for their medical droids. The kit outwardly appears harmless to most. At times. NR This small white pill is capable of neutralizing most common poisons. The pill has a base fortitude save of This type of kit is very conspicuous and noisy. The propellant portion can be removed so that a character can carry the flare around.

The top 20 cm are divided in half portions which produce a bright chemical light. The relatively inexpensive kit contains Sonic Wave Emitters that direct an extremely concentrated. The program has medical and behavioral data on 1.