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Sap bo interview questions and answers pdf

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Here we have compiled the top SAP Business Objects interview questions and answers to help you in your job interview. This list of interview questions includes . SAP Business Objects Interview Questions Answers by SAP BO Experienced lesforgesdessalles.info also learn SAP BI & SAP BW Interview Questions and Answers. SAP BO Interview Questions with lesforgesdessalles.info Latest SAP BO Interview Questions with full explanation and with sap business objects faqs and pdf files.

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SAP Business Objects Interview Questions with Answers - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. SAP Business. Top 50 Business Objects (BO) Interview Questions & Answers Stored procedures; Queries over universe; Free hand – SQL; VBA procedures; SAP; OLAP servers; Personal data files. Define drill mode. . Download PDF. To know more on SAP BO Jobs and SAP BO interview question and answers visit our . and exporting and saving in different format lesforgesdessalles.info,.rtf,.xls lesforgesdessalles.info

In this advantage is that you do not have to add tables. The transform allows you to split a data set into smaller sets based on logical branches. What Is A Bomain. What are they? Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 29 of 51 What is a universe?

Sign up. Already have an account? Hurry up. Sign Up or Log In using. Here we have compiled the top SAP Business Objects interview questions and answers to help you in your job interview. This list of interview questions includes the various types of connections, custom hierarchies, schemas supported by Business Objects designer, data sources and more.

Business Objects Characteristics. What do you understand by Business objects? Write the advantages of using business objects. There are many advantages of business objects Easy to use Dragging and dropping Graphical interface Business terms that are familiar Powerful reports for a lesser amount of time. Learn Business Object in 18 hrs from experts. Write the different products linked with Business Objects.

What is Designer. Name the kinds of modes related with designer and business objects? Name different kinds of procedure associated with multidimensional analysis that is inside business objects. There are two different methods: Drill down Slice and Dice. Write the kinds of users linked with business objects. What all data sources are available? Become Business Object Certified in 18 hrs.

There are various kinds of data providers are: What do you mean by drill mode? Define personal connection?

Define Shared connection? Define secured connection? What is custom hierarchies? How we can create Custom Hierarchies? What do you understand by context in the universe? What is Chasm Trap. How the problem of Chasm Trap be solved? It can be solved by two methods: The second one is involving two joints in different contexts. Define Derived tables? Name functions.

And sap questions bo answers pdf interview

The functions are: Write the uses of functions. Business object consists of how many domains? Write them. How we can use one derived table from another? What is Slice in Business Objects. It is used to reset, rename and omit the blocks. It works with the master or detailed reports. Differentiate between Dice and Slice. It shows the data and removes the data. It reset, rename and delete the blocks. What is class?

Collection of objects in a universe is known as class. Subclasses are derived from the class. How many possible ways are there for linking universes? There are three ways: The Master approach.

The Kernal approach. The Component approach. List out the various kinds of methods related with multidimensional analysis that is inside business objects. There are two different methods related with multidimensional analysis available inside BO and these methods are.

Business objects help you in accessing the data from variety of sources. This is a kind of analysis mode associated with business objects and helps in breaking down data as well as in viewing data from all the possible angles and the levels of detail for discovering the factor that has caused good — bad result. The details regarding such a connection can be usually stored inside PDAC.

LSI file. This is a kind of connection that is usually made used by other user via a server which is shared one. Secured connection is a kind of connection that can be helpful in overcoming the various limitations associated with the former connections. The rights related with this kind of connection can be set over documents as well as objects.

Universes can be brought inside central repository only by making use of secured connection.

Top 44 SAP Business Objects Interview Questions Pdf

The parameters regarding these connection care usually saved inside CMS. The custom hierarchies can be used for defining the universe for facilitating drill down that is customized and can happen between objects from different or same classes considering the user requirements. Context can be defined as the particular path of join between a specific group of joins or the tables for the purpose of a particular query.

A particular object that can be found inside the column of a table, belonging to particular context is supposed to be compatible to all the various kinds of objects belonging to the same context.

In the case of objects that are from the various kinds of context, different kinds of SQL can be generated, and the results can be merged inside micro cube. This is for making sure that there is no incorrect result associated with a loop or any other kind of issue related with join path. Context can be created by making use of feature associated with context or by manual procedures.

In a snowflake schema. Snowflake Schema: A common form of dimensional model. Purging means emptying a data provider of its results. What is a break? A break does what its name implies.

Versatile User What is a macro? A macro is a series of commands and functions that are stored in a Visual Basic for Applications module and can be run whenever you need to perform the task. Can you combine data from different sources in one report? How to hide the table s in webi? Can all BusinessObjects users build data providers? You create macros using the Visual Basic Editor. In reports. Background-white If you r hiding any column then you have to do this reduce d width of d column.

Users in Business Objects? General Supervisor. End User.

SAP BO Interview Questions & Answers

Font-white 3. This allows you to display all the data for each value of a dimension variable together. You hav to do workaround. In a star schema. Minimum 4pixels.. It breaks up the data in a table or crosstab by grouping the data according to a selected value. Select the table or column 1. Various Business Objects products?

User Module. With respect to an aggregate table. Set Analyzer. Star Schema: Script is used to recover the results of an executed macro created with the Visual Basic Editor in the BusinessObjects User module. They are Secure. How many breaks I can use on the report?

Answers pdf bo and interview questions sap

One group can have a maximum of 9 breaks. Key file contains the information about the repository site i.

Prompt is used to create an interactive object. Can we have multiple domains? Security domain can not be multiple. Business objects are sometimes called domain objects where the word domain means the business. Can a Universe have more than 1 fact Table? Select lets you re-use the Select statement of an existing object Variable is used to reference the value assigned to a name or variable. Where lets you re-use the Where clause of an existing object. Functions beginning with the character are BusinessObject functions that render the definition of objects dynamic and databaseindependent.

While Customer ID would be a dimension. What functions are supported? Designer provides four types of functions: Domain is nothing but logical grouping of system tables. When is the Repository created? Loop is a situation that occurs when more than one path exists from one table to another. Explain detail objects?

Answers and bo pdf questions interview sap

What is BOMain. Note that this command refreshes all the data providers in the active document. You can populate a purged data provider by selecting the Refresh Data command on the Data menu. Loops result in ambiguity in the design of a universe You can use one of three approaches when linking universes: There are three domains usually in a basic setup.

What is Business objects Repository?

Interview pdf answers sap questions bo and

Refer to your database guide for further details on the first three types of functions. What is domain? How many are there in a basic setup? What are they? In the Query Panel.

SAP Business Objects Interview Questions with Answers | Sql | Databases

Date and Functions. Typically a universe can have more than 1 fact table and numerous aggregated tables. What is a Universe? What is the use of AFD? Where it can be stored? If the data provided is from two different data providers then we can link those two universes. Loop is nothing but a closed circular flow. Breaks are nothing but grouping the data without any change in the format.

What are the general issues in migration process? What is the source for metrics? What are Linked Universes? What is a Set? What is the size of data base? It is a semantic layer between Database and the designer used to create objects and classes. What is a loop?

How can we overcome? What is a join? Explain diff types of joins? Condition is used to retrieve data which meets certain criteria.