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Thoughtless - S. C. lesforgesdessalles.info KB. Effortless - S. C. lesforgesdessalles.info KB. Reckless - S. C. lesforgesdessalles.info KB. Untamed - S. C. lesforgesdessalles.info 2 Effortless - S.C. Stephens - documento [*.pdf] Effortless S.C. Stephens This book may not be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or my butt in this one afternoon than in the entire time I'd been at Pete's bar. lesforgesdessalles.info A continuation of the novel, Thoughtless A lot can happen in a year. You grow, you change.

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We're still waiting for Effortless (book #2 in the Thoughtless series) to show up on still available in full format, on Fictionpress (not pretty like a book, but still readable) On Fri, Oct 7, at AM, S.C. Stephens wrote. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Stephens has perfectly and with gut-wrenching honesty portrayed S.C. Stephens (Author) . It's literally the entire book. Thoughtless. Thoughtless (Series). Book 1. S.C. Stephens Author Rebekkah Ross Narrator (). cover image of Effortless.

I love you, always, Kellan Yes Kellan, please marry me. Ishi Srivastava If you go according to the series its in this order: They deserved the success. Click at your own risk. But Kiera has learned from her past, and she is still suffering from the guilt of forcing Denny to give up his dream job. Quieter than he had been, but still loud enough to hear, I heard him say, "I'll have a Denver omelette. Stephens will publish paperback because I want to have Effortless on my bookshelf.

One more note. There were some very funny moments in this book, usually involving Griffin. Oh, he's obnoxious and downright gross at times, but he was good for a few laughs. He grew on me! View all 24 comments. Trusting you With a booking to a local festival the Dbags get booked to travel with 6 other bands cross-country for 6 months. Honestly it gets exhausting seeing everything through Kiera's eyes how she perceives people around her.

Everyone is more beautiful, voluptuous, out-going, petite Those frustrations aside. The story was wonderful. The struggle of a long distance relationship and things you do to maintain close. On some occasions Kiera managed to impress me, such as her instances to not move in with Kellan in begging. She wanted to create her own identity without being complete dependent on a boyfriend, which is what happened with Denny. Also, their situation is hard Love without trust In the end they both pull through, even with minor bruises.

They are both hesitant and not easy in trusting each other but all they have to do is be honest. Too bad that they take such a long time to confide in each other. My understanding of them 2 and Anna is something like this: But seriously, can't wait to see what will happen with those two.

Or Anna is seriously screwed with 2 Hulks that will want to breathe all the time hide spoiler ] Now that the DBags have a recording contract I can't wait to see what new adventures they will get into Review to come! View all 15 comments.

Dec 23, Elena R a. This novel was so gut wrenching and painful to read. But for once,I got what I wanted Kiera's trust issues will make you wanna strangle her! But,It all happens for a reason,I took the time to hate an This novel was so gut wrenching and painful to read. But,It all happens for a reason,I took the time to hate and love her character. And Let me not forget to mention Kellan Kyle is the definition of a player.

But in his world Kiera is his everything. Is it enough to keep the love of his life to trust him? But then again,would I ever put myself in a circus situation and deal with all the drama? In reality? Hell Freaking NO!! Everything gets repeated in small glimpses in this novel. So skip it. Can Also be viewed at http: View all 7 comments.

I really enjoyed reading this book, there was still that angst that SC writes so superbly, though not to quite the same degree as in Thoughtless, which my hair was thankful for. Kiera matures significantly over the course of this book and that growth is evident by the end of Effortless. I was so happy with the way this book wrapped up, it was a perfect WOW if I thought I was in love with Kellan Kyle at the end of the first book, well I am head over heels giddy for him having finished Effortless.

I was so happy with the way this book wrapped up, it was a perfect ending and I cannot wait for the third book in this series to be released! I don't think I could ever get enough of Kellan Kyle. I had been looking for a "Travis- like" character Beautiful Disaster and Kellan surpassed all my expectations. Just love him! Totally and irrevocably. View all 3 comments.

This book wasn't bad. No, really. I don't even mean this in a sarcastic way.

Considering I had several gripes about the first book, I found myself not as frustrated with Effortless , the followup book to the whiplash-inducing drama of Thoughtless. My feelings were jumbled when it came to Thoughtless. I had some positives and even more negatives to say about the book, but had a hard time finding any sort of sympathy for Kiera and her selfishness.

There was a lot of character growth in Effortless. I This book wasn't bad. I can't say that all of the crying and jealousy was missing, because if this had happened, we wouldn't have been working with the same characters anymore.

While people can and do change, I think that there will always be a part of our flaws at the core. It's how we choose to treat our flaws that guarantees success or failure. At least Kiera was a better person in this book, making me like her not completely hate her I still had my weakness for the flawed Kellan and so far, no one's sued me Mistakes were still made, lies were still told, but this time around, our lead characters seemed to learn from their mistakes and at least make the effort to improve upon themselves.

Now, this is not technically a spoiler, but I'm going to hide the scene in spoiler tags because it is a bit racy.

Click at your own risk. I laughed so hard when I read the scene, so I thought I'd share it with all of you. Oh my god, I could not do this. Feeling moronic, I whispered, "Touch it, pretend it's me. I was expecting Kellan to chuckle, but he didn't Oh damn He hissed in a breath, releasing it with a gasp.

What now? He moaned in my ear, his breath faster. Aching myself now, I moaned a little. He was pretending, maybe I should too? I ran my hand down my stomach, but I couldn't make myself go any further.

I was far too embarrassed. Kellan didn't know that though. His breath increased. Oh my god That was when I heard something that dashed some cold water on my moment. Kellan stopped breathing heavy and the phone muffled. Quieter than he had been, but still loud enough to hear, I heard him say, "I'll have a Denver omelette. Thank you. Before he spoke to me again, I snapped out, "Kellan Kyle!

Are you in a restaurant? Greasy spoon, maybe. Sitting ramrod straight, I whispered, "OH my god. Please tell me that you're sitting alone. I could almost hear him debating on whether or not to answer me. He says hey, by the way. Not only had he faked that little moment, but he'd faked it in front of his friends and the celebrity that I knew I'd never be able to look in the eye again.

View all 44 comments. Nov 30, Bayli rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thoughtless or Effortless. Though I do have to say that Kiera only pissed me off half the time in this book as opposed to being pissed off the entire time in the book before.

I mean. IT made me swoon to the point I thought I might explode. Why does Kellan have to be so perfect. Okay he's not perfect- he's ha 5 Heart throbbing, loving every minute of Kellan, Stars I honestly can't tell you which book I loved more: Lets start with one of my favorite quotes, shall we? Kellan you are just amazing.

If a woman reading this book wasn't in love with you yet she certainly would be in love with you after that. I mean seriously? Can you get any hotter? I think not. Oh wait Maybe he can because then he continues to say this: I mean look how deliciously honest he is with her!

Pdf full effortless book stephens sc

No man that is having an affair would say something like that! No one would open up and be that honest! So of course at this point in the book, I'm seriously thinking I might faint I mean it was getting a little hot over here after I read that. OKay, I lied Not just a little hot.


I think I started to hyperventilate. And let me just give you one more quote and if this doesnt make you want to drop everything including but not limited to your panties then I give up. No man will ever please you. You, mine, for the rest of my life. I love you so much. I love you, always, Kellan Yes Kellan, please marry me. And that's really all I have to say View all 12 comments. As I mentioned in my Thoughtless review, I really love the premise of the storyline that started as a love triangle between Kiera, her boyfriend Denny and his friend Kellan, whom Kiera has an affair with.

Effortless is the story of Kiera and Kellan attempting to put the pieces back together and start a normal relationship that isn't based on sneaking around, lying, and drama. Unfortunately contains spoilers Unfortunately they don't seem to have a relationship that isn't based on sex, because it seems like thats all they like to do and its the band-aid to fix all of their problems. In Effortless, Kiera continues to whine and obsess over Kellan's good looks.

From where I sat, it really seemed like Kiera didn't truly love Kellan at all but was infatuated with his looks and in some sick ways, his bad reputation as being a player. Kellan seemed to really love Kiera, although its not truly clear why because she's not that nice and seems to have a lot of issues with wanting a boyfriend AND a back-up boyfriend.

Once Kellan leaves to go on tour with his band, their relationship is put to the test. Can they be apart? Can they be faithful? Can they trust? Not long after Kellan leaves, Denny suddenly arrives back in the same town wow, small world much? Kiera takes every opportunity to flirt with him by touching him in some way, which Denny ignores.

Good for Denny.

Once again, Kiera decides that lying and keeping things from her boyfriend is the best course of action, and never tells Kellan that Denny is in town and is now her BFF that she spends all of her free time with. Meanwhile, she believes that Kellan is keeping secrets from her too, because of strange text messages that she never saw and him being tired and distant, and rather than just talk to him about it, or force him to talk about it, she lets it go.

Bad move. No relationship can work without communication. The length of this book was a bit much. I usually love long stories, but most of it is filled with the same activities and conversations over and over again. This story seems to live in Kiera's head and I really wanted out of it. I had to skip through a lot of parts just to get to the point for the story was somewhat moving again. Kellan's hot, we know! Denny is a friend, we know!

You love coffee, we know! The band played, we know! All the sluts annoy you, we know! Lets move it on. I did love how Kellan left Kiera little notes everywhere to find while he was gone - very sweet. And where was Kiera? Having coffee with Denny, of course! And picking out furniture with Denny, who is her best friend.

Thoughtless(Series) · OverDrive (Rakuten OverDrive): eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries

I thought that Griffin accepted Anna's pregnancy news a little too easily. I would have preferred to read about 25 pages less of Kiera's whining and flirting and 25 more on Anna and Griffin working this baby thing out. While reading the book, I thought that in the end that Kiera and Denny were going to end up back together again and Kellan was just going to say fugit and move on.

I hear there is a 3rd book to this story, I really hope the author steps it up a bit because I know that she can be a fantastic writer, her ideas and plots are great and can suck you in. We just need less whining, less repetition, and a more likable heroine.

If its a love story, readers want to want the two people to get together and be happy, not want the guy to dump the girl and find someone who deserves him. View all 8 comments.

Sc full book effortless stephens pdf

Aug 23, J. Kiera and Kellans story continues If you read the first story, you will remember Kiera was with Denny, before she began cheating with Kellan. I tried hard to like those two being together but I just can't! Denny makes a surprise visit and the whole time all I wanted was those two back together. Denny deserves redemption and I find it hard to believe that he fell in love so quickly with another woman. I don't know I wasn't too crazy about this book, but I'm still going to read the third.

View all 4 comments. This book is the follow up to Thoughtless, and begins where Thoughtless left off. They have finally found their togetherness after living in a world of deception and lies. After surviving the affair that brought them together and the lies that drew them apart, Kiera and Kellan have finally found their place to be together, to love each other without fear and without regret.

The band has been asked to go on tour. Which will mean a 6-month separation, and a time apart that they both must overcome. During this part of their story, Kiera and Kellan struggle to gain trust in each other and in their commitment to having a relationship. It is apparent to both of them that history is repeating itself, with Kiera being left behind, and her man taking off, chasing his dream. But Kiera has learned from her past, and she is still suffering from the guilt of forcing Denny to give up his dream job.

So this time, she is encouraging Kellan to go. So she buries her fears, and supports his tour. But, is she strong enough to let him go?

Can she trust him, knowing his past, and knowing his allure to women? Our bed will be a lot bigger, miles wide, but it will still just be you and me inside it…okay? Knowing how easily she strayed from Denny while he was away, Kellan also struggles to trust Kiera during his absence. But it seemed that Kellan was hiding a secret too. This part of the story was a struggle for Kiera and Kellan, but it was a necessary in the solidification of their trust. I loved watching Kiera and Kellan bond as a couple.

Even through their rough times, it was a joy to watch them grow together, to learn to communicate with each other, to learn to trust. Of course, I probably would have been thinking the same thing, but it did get a bit tiresome at times to read about.

Kiera, herself though, was at least a little less annoying than she was in the first book. Still, annoying at times, but she seems to be growing up a bit. It was a bit easier to tolerate her inner monologue. But otherwise I loved it all. And of course, there is Griffin!!! Need I say more? So incredibly crude, and hilarious!!!!

But then there is Kellan, so incredibly HOT! It is quite obvious how much in love he is with Kiera. Grinning, he ran his finger along my jaw. I love you. I highly recommend this book to everyone who has read Thoughtless.

It is the second segment of the story and should not be missed!!! Kellan Kyle [image error] [image error] [image error] [image error] Kiera Allen [image error] [image error] [image error] [image error] Kellankellankellankellankellankellankellankellankellankellankellan… OK, I might be able to write this review now without becoming a blubbering mess.

This book for me was everything I expected it to be after reading Thoughtless , and then so much more. The next obstacle in their life as a couple Kellankellankellankellankellankellankellankellankellankellankellan… OK, I might be able to write this review now without becoming a blubbering mess.

The next obstacle in their life as a couple comes when the D-Bags are asked to go on a six-month tour around the country. Kiera and Kellan are not only faced with long periods of separation, but they are also forced to confront the one thing that their young relationship does not have enough of — trust. They are both equally scared of the other straying and afraid that the past will repeat itself somehow.

We both watched each other lie to a loved one. We both watched each other sleep with other people, all the while being in love with one another. Desperately in love. Watching that sort of betrayal, being a part of it … soured you. I felt that Kiera had the most issues to overcome in this book. We see her taking all her past mistakes on-board and truly trying to learn from them.

She does not want to be that person who cheated on her boyfriend anymore, she wants to redeem herself by trusting Kellan to remain faithful to her and proving to him, as well as to herself, that she has grown as a person. Loving someone is easy but trusting them is the hard part, especially when the relationship is born out of unfaithfulness. If we could do it to someone, it could be done to us. She is also determined to become more independent as a woman and not allow her happiness to revolve around and depend solely on another person.

This willingness to fully live her life and learn from her past sins made me like Kiera this time around. While I felt like poking her eyes out in Thoughtless , I understood and sympathised with her a lot more in this book. Kellan is fighting his insecurities as well but he is a lot more confident than Kiera that they will survive the separation unscathed. He knows how much she does not like being left alone because he witnessed her pain when Denny had left her behind to pursue a job opportunity, so he leaves her small reminders of him everywhere she goes in the form of love notes.

I keep waiting to wake up. What he learns is that Kiera not only loves him but she loves him the way she has never loved anyone before, not even Denny. They both have so much to prove to each other and I felt like I was on a chocolate-high from beginning to end. Denny also comes back in this book and we get closure on his relationship with Kiera once it blossoms into a genuine friendship, something that it perhaps should have been from the beginning.

We get to know Denny even more this time around. We see what an honourable, loyal and loving human being he really is and it made me giddy that he got his happy ending too. A beautiful and well-written story about love and learning how to trust one another.

It shows that less-than-happy beginnings can be overcome by being open and honest with each other, it shows that the past does not necessarily taint the future and that the most important building block in a relationship is trust.

For Those Still Waiting to Read Effortless by S.C. Stephens…

View all 10 comments. Just don't leave me…please. An absolute perfection. A heart-wrenching, full of ups and downs that I even fall head over heels to Kellan! Honestly, if only he did exist in real life I would freakin combed this world for him.

How I love their soul-tearing relationship with Kiera and yes I do agreed that in a relationship, love is easy but trusting is the hardest part of all. And even though most of the time I want slap Kiera on the face cause of her trust issues with Kellan, yeah I totally agree with her because Kellan is just the epitome of pure beauty of God's creation.

I certainly would be worried too. But Kellan trried so hard to work on building this trust even he's thousand miles away by his surprsing sweet notes, gifts and much more. I am so in love with him that I even dream of him!

I know I'm a total geek. Hands down to S. C Stephens. Great story and I love every page of it. Every characters, every words. Yes even Griffin's goofy-wild cringing acts I even laughed hard to myself while reading Effortless and Thoughtless. I will patiently wait for Reckless because every single cell of my body is craving and begging for more Kellan and Kiera's story.

Hell I would die for it. View all 6 comments. Kellan Kyle is Completely Swoon Worthy!!! To say Keira is a lucky lucky girl is putting it mildly.

The second book of the series, Effortless, did not let me down! It was just as good maybe even better than the first book. I could not get enough of Kellan!!! Dare I say it was an even better read than book It is as equally heart wrenching and emotional as the first book and the characters grow even more lovable, if that is even possible I am already dying to read book 3, OMG I am like an addict!

Thoughtless Series

When is it coming? She hasn't even started on it from what I understand: Check us out! My boyfriend the rock star The rare shade of his deep blue eyes. The perfect arch of his brow, the slant of his nose, the seductive curve of his lips, the strong angle of his jaw, his height, the lean cut of his body - physically, he was the epitome of what the ideal man would look like.

But his heart, his soul, his pain, his humor, his music My boyfriend the rock star But his heart, his soul, his pain, his humor, his music Oh it was a mess: Sweat poured down the back of my t-shirt and I momentarily cursed my fashion choice. As I glanced up at the cloudless, azure sky, the mid-day sun hit me square in the eye, blinding me. But then I smiled, remembering why I was wearing it and what I was doing in this crowd of sweaty bodies. As I stared past the few rows of glistening people in front of me to an empty stage, a nervous energy flooded into me.

Not for me.


No, for my boyfriend. Today was his big day. I knew that at any moment he was going to rush to that microphone and the awaiting crowd was going to scream ear-splittingly loud. Hands next to me grabbed my bare arms. Our boys are playing Bumbershoot! Her boyfriend was playing the Seattle Music Festival for the first time too. Squealing a little in my growing eagerness, Iclutched her arms back. Hole and Mary J.

Blige were playing in the next couple of days. Jenny looked over when some stranger ran into her; he seemed completely stoned. Glancing back at me, her blonde ponytail lightly flicking my face, she shrugged. Saturday afternoon on a perfect summer day, smashed right in-between two great acts.

Inodded when her face returned to mine. Our D-Bags had finally decided to grace the crowd with their presence. The assemblage before the outdoor stage started jumping and hollering as Matt and Griffin hopped on stage first. Matt was his normal, contained self, acknowledging the fan fest with a small smile and a slight wave. He quietly walked to his microphone and strapped on his guitar. His light blue eyes scanned the crowd nervously as he adjusted the strap on his shoulder.

Spotting Jenny and I back a ways from the front, he pointed at us. Then he lifted his fingers up to his mouth in a V position and did suggestive things with his tongue that made my cheeks flame hotter than the steamy sunshine Iwas standing in.

Iimmediately looked away. Several people around Jenny and I laughed and looked at us. My embarrassment tripled. Evan had come up during the middle of that display, and seeing Griffin sexually harass us, he looked over our way. He smiled and waved, blowing a kiss to Jenny. She snatched it in the air and blew him one back.

Full pdf effortless stephens book sc

I laughed at the look, happy that the good-spirited man was taking a second to enjoy his success. Then the scream got so loud my ears started ringing.

I actually half-closed my eyes it was so painful. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! Of course, I completely understood. Lord knows he had completely affected me in the beginning. Still did, honestly.

Even just watching him confidently strut onto the stage, the stage he owned with every fiber of his being, my body tingled for him. Kellan walked up to his microphone slowly. Or maybe it was a regular pace and my mind was just on the slow-motion button. Whatever the reason, it seemed to take him forever to get to where he was headed.

He had one hand up, waving to the mass of people clamoring for him and he ran the other back through his thick, bed-head hair. The heat and 5 sweat made the sandy-brown mess stick out even more crazily and he looked just completely edible. I bit my lip as he finished his saunter to his mic stand. He scanned the crowd as he adjusted the height on it.

I knew from experience just what the front row was feeling as those midnight-blue bedroom eyes washed over them. He had a way of looking at you that made you feel like no one else existed in the world, even if a crowd was around you. Add that to the sexy half-smile on his face, and you got a man who could ignite you with just a glance.

The girls behind me seemed to think so, too. Like magic, he spotted Jenny and me instantly. She waved then whistled with her fingers in her mouth. I flushed and smiled as those amazingly intense eyes locked onto mine. I again ignored the desire to acknowledge that I knew him and to tell them that he was mine.

Questions I did not want to talk about with complete and total strangers. Instead, I discreetly mouthed that I love him too and gave him a couple of thumbs up. And he would. If anything, Kellan had been preparing himself for a moment like this for years now, playing small bars and clubs down in L.

Slinging a guitar over his shoulder, he wrapped his hand around the microphone. The screams intensified again when it became obvious that he was going to speak. I laughed and tried to move away from some of the more revved up girls, although, with nowhere to go, I only ended up bumping into a couple of guys in front of me. But, Iknew it was an act. I was in his heart. Heck, I was tattooed over his heart.

I smiled, knowing that not one single woman here was aware of that fact. Well, besides Jenny, anyway. He held up a finger to quiet the crowd. They surprisingly did back off, a little bit. The crowd loudly indicated that they did. Jenny was hollering her answer through her hands, so Ijoined in.

I noticed Matt shaking his head, smiling as he flexed his hand. Evan was now sitting in front of his drums, moving his body to an unheard beat and spinning a stick in his hands. As Kellan eyed the crowd, I watched Griffin try to get a couple of girls to lift their shirts. Kellan brought his hand up to his ear. I no longer cared about any of them, because Kellan brought his eyes back to mine and the pure joy I saw on his face was enough to make all of the forward women, all of the grabby men, and all of the sweaty strangers, completely worth it.

He loved this. Aside from me, it was the one thing that Kellan really lived for. I think a part of Kellan was afraid that this would get snatched away from him. Quite the opposite. But Kellan had found music, and music, along with a seriously healthy sexual appetite, had saved him from a life of mind-numbing addictions.

Kellan flicked his wrist behind him, and Evan, waiting for his cue, immediately began to play. There was just something about the crushing, noisy bodies rubbing against me, the deafening vibrations of the severely amped-up music, and the hot sun beating away on all of us, that sent electricity through the crowd.

It gave me a rush. Icould only imagine what Kellan was feeling. His voice cut through the music, perfectly on time.