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Epic Fail. Claire LaZebnik. Click here if your download doesn"t start automatically read, PDF best books to read, top books to read Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik. Pride and Prejudice goes Hollywood in this winning romantic comedy inspired by Jane Austen's classic. In her teen fiction debut, the author of Knitting Under the. Epic Fail Claire Lazebnik Cloud Object Storage - [PDF] [EPUB] Epic Fail Claire Lazebnik. Cloud Object Storage Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik in.

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Download Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik PDF novel free. Epic Fail is the fiction, thriller, teen romance and epic novel which plots the love story. Epic Fail. Home · Epic Fail Author: LaZebnik Claire Epic Fail · Read more · Epic Fail The Epic of Kelefaa Saane (African Epic). Read more · Epic Escape. Get Free Read & Download Files Epic Fail Claire Lazebnik PDF. EPIC FAIL CLAIRE EPIC FAIL CLAIRE LAZEBNIK - In this site isn`t the same as a solution .

You'll probably be sick of hearing me say this, but any book that has any sort of connection to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is bound to get on my radar. Specially Layla. Even though she was a bit annoying, I felt really bad for her, she kept being excluded from everything and of course it was going to make her mad and had her acting out. Really what was that about? And she does not disappoint. It's not like he was insulting them, just pointing out the obvious, a fact which Elise had also pointed out on numerous occasions by the way.

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Longer surveillance video shows Nipsey Hussle shooting. TomoNews US. At time, I almost wished we could read more about Juliana and Chase because Elise and Derek were so boring. There's just too many things I didn't like in this book. How the parents were so controling and old fashion. For example, the girls all have a cell phone but they can't use it at school or at home!?!?

So I guess that gives them the ride back fro Epic Fail So I guess that gives them the ride back from school to use it? The thing is, there was potential.

Download Epic Fail ebook {PDF} {EPUB}

It could've been better if the parents didn't work at the school. If the girls weren't total goodie two shoes.

If the ending was different The ending: Really what was that about? I turn to the next page expecting more and I see: It just felt unfinish, but no it truly ended this way!

I get that this was supposed to be a modern twist on Pride and Prejudice, but I have never read it. I know How could this be possible!! So I have nothing to compare it too. All I know is that to my illiterate ;- eyes, this story was missing something. View all 7 comments. An elite school filled with rich spoiled bastards and bitches. The main characters are pretty unlikable count the other characters as well.

Whiny damn sisters. Elise is too whiny and Derek is an arrogant jerk. I'm so annoyed with these two and they are not cute. They are both boring in my opinion. This book is just plain boring. View all 16 comments. I simply loved this book. No More No less. Contrast to its title Epic Fail , this one is an Epic Win! It's a great modern rendition of Pride and Prejudice that has kept its own identity separate from the old classic.

Its a great re-imagined version or counterpart to the classic love story of the headstrong and opinionated Elizabeth Bennet and the intimidating, aloof,and handsome Mr. Darcy which was retold in a modern day setting of outrageous teens with the characters Eli I simply loved this book. Darcy which was retold in a modern day setting of outrageous teens with the characters Elise Benton and Derek Edwards.

Though its just a retold story it seems to be a different one. A typical person who doesn't have a clue about the story of Pride and Prejudice would never think this is a retold story to that one. The author seems to bring out something new through the structure of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy's life and that what makes me love it more. Its a typical lovey-dovey kind of read, Yes, but i really do enjoyed it.

It was funny and sweet. The characters are well flourised. It consists of all the classic argues present to a typical high school relationships. It was a beautifully written novel and I can't really deny the fact that i do really love the story of Elizabeth and Mr.

Darcy, its a simple one yet full of love, happiness and trials and as i've said often time i'm a sucker for happy endings and stuffs: So, yea.

Normalcy is a lie invented by advertising agencies to make the rest of us feel inferior. How can you just end it like that? I felt like many chapters where missing and that we didn't get the full story, or the perfect ending I mean, I felt like we only got the beginning of their relationship.

Made me wish for a sequel.. However, it was a quick read and definitely not a waste of my time, which I actually was afraid it would be. I didn't even wanted to stop reading, but I had to because I could barely keep my eyes open, but as soon as I woke up, I went back to reading it: I got lost in him, and it was the kind of lost that's exactly like being found.

The story was actually pretty awesome and adorable. I was a bit surprised at how much I adored it. It was funny as hell, with comments that I ended up laughing through the whole book. It was a bit But some of us are capable of imagining something better. I love Elise's comments, they were sarcastic, witty and funny. She was smart, not so shy, but still shy if you know what I mean.

She's a great sister and a good friend. I had difficulty to, I don't know, connect with him? I get why he is how he is, but still I wish we got to know him more. But he did have his moments and I did like him, but like I said, I wish we got more.. Derek was so He was polite, yet cold and shut off. But we got to know him a bit better and he got a bit more confident specially when it came to the view spoiler [kissing part hide spoiler ]. And from the slightly uncertain look he gave me as we all went to class, I suspected he felt the same way.

Juliana Benton was cute and I loved the sister-bond she and Elise had. They did everything together, even Juliana's dates: P Chase Baldwin was super nice and a good guy for Juliana. They had insta-connection and guess they had the "love at first sight" thing, but since they weren't the main characters, it was alright and quite adorable: She knows where I sleep. They were soooo fucking annoying that I wanted to slap them hard in the face.

Specially Layla. I wanted to strangle her at some point. What is up with her?!

She needs to get over herself and I almost feel sorry for Elise having her as a sister. Mean, I know, but damn you'd feel the same if you read this book.. Webster was pretty cool in the beginning, with his awesome and easy humor but then he turned creepy and disgusting and I'm glad Elise cut him loose.

Chelsea was just plain annoying. Enough said. So I just settled on View all 10 comments. Jan 05, Alexa rated it liked it Shelves: On one hand I want it to be close enough to the original that I can see the parallelism. On the other I want it to be different enough that it's its own story.

Epic Fail - PDF Free Download

Because if I wanted to read the original, then I would just do that. Given all that, I actually liked Epic Fail. I liked how the author wasn't afraid to change stuff in order to give the story a contemporary feel. She axed one of the sisters, changed names and scenes I particularly loved how she made Lizzie Elise's mother equally annoying and embarrassing while making her a modern working woman.

You know Apr 17, Jacob Proffitt rated it liked it Shelves: This was a quick read, and fun, but suffered from trying to remake Pride and Prejudice. Seriously, unless you're really good , authors, don't do this! But what do I know? It's YA, so a little leeway might be extended. Still, that ruined some of the fun for me as a it projected some plot developments too early like knowing that the Wickham analog is a no good slime ball and b any deviations come across as weaknesses deserved or not.

In this book, sh This was a quick read, and fun, but suffered from trying to remake Pride and Prejudice. Indeed, the whole parallel falls rather dramatically apart around the half-way mark because of the difference between wealthy English gentlemen and High School students.

I mean, you can't really have the guys called out of town, or have Lydia ruining herself and coming back triumphant at having a man forced to marry her, or have Elizabeth visit Darcy's estate with her aunt and uncle while on a trip while he isn't there only then he is. This is why it's so much easier to adapt Emma to a High School setting as all the action is local to a single neighborhood and all the players are present the entire story at least, mostly.

So yeah, not an impressive adaptation, I'm afraid. It was a quixotic undertaking to begin with and the compromises were too frequent and too intrusive to feel like it was adequately done. Which is too bad because the actual romance is touchingly well done and I liked the characters very well all on their own. I kind of wish LaZebnik had ripped these characters completely from their Austen origins and let the story flow on its own. As it stands, it was a fun-enough story as a straight-up YA romance.

It may have made a higher rating if it hadn't voluntarily jumped into the big leagues by leaning so obviously on Jane Austen, but sadly, we'll never know View 2 comments. Well, I obviously do and any story that keeps the structure of my beloved Pride and Prejudice is definitely worth the perusal. Imagine a school where every kid is not only privileged but also related to a movie star or someone famous. Then imagine a more academic family moving from snowy Massachusetts to sunny L.

What if that family consisted of four daughters, and contained the new principal of Coral Tree as well as a new teacher there? Okay, now you are all with me. Epic Fail is told from Elise Benton's point-of-view. She's the second oldest daughter and the one who is partnered up with Coral Tree's resident hottie, Derek Edwards.

They are brought together only because Elise's older sister has fallen for Derek's best friend and sisters tend to stick together.

You can already tell that I loved that sibling bond part, right? Well, I did. But, my heart went out to Elise as the moments of awkwardness and misunderstanding grew between her and Derek. This adaptation had them all but tweaked them just enough to keep me interested. If you are looking for a smart, funny romance be sure to pick up Epic Fail when it comes out in a few weeks.

As for me, well, I have to do something about that dreamy look in my eye that manifested itself after I turned the last page. Apr 26, Penelope rated it it was ok Shelves: It hurts to write this review, because I was so excited for this book. I love everything Jane Austen, and when I read modern versions of Pride and Prejudice, it just makes my heart happy.

Sadly, this one didn't quite do the trick for me. While the characters were supposed to be modern versions of Jane Austen's characters, most of their personalities were too different. Elise Lizzy's modern counterpart began the story as a girl unsure of herself who let herself be bullied around by two other char It hurts to write this review, because I was so excited for this book.

Elise Lizzy's modern counterpart began the story as a girl unsure of herself who let herself be bullied around by two other characters, and who even felt inferior when Derek Mr. Darcy's counterpart ignored her or brushed her off.

Jane Austen's Lizzy would never have felt inferior in those situations! Later in the story Elise's personality starts to show and she is a much more interesting and funny character, but she is still full of self-doubt and has little sense of self worth The other characters were either flat, and showed hardly any personality beyond what we are told should be there, or were outright obnoxious. The romance between Chase and Juliana Mr.

Bingley and Jane happens outside of the scenes in the book, so they seem to fall in love after just a few class periods. The romance between Elise and Derek starts out promising he's very much like Mr.

Darcy in the beginning , but quickly turns typical. Average, at best. Something about the story kept me reading all night long, so it's not without redeeming factors, but I still felt like something was missing. The good points of the book are the fantastic modern parallels to Jane Austen's day. Some of them were very clever and I applaud the author's ability to take what Jane Austen saw was wrong with the time period, and relate it to what is wrong in our time period, too.

I also really liked the relationship between Elise and Juliana. They didn't get along perfectly, but they talked to each other and helped each other throughout the story. Overall, this is a very quick read that boasts some cute scenes with the main characters. If you think you will be able to keep this separate from Pride and Prejudice in your mind, you should definitely give it a try.

This review was originally published on my blog. Read the full review at: The Reading Fever. May 12, Izia rated it liked it Shelves: I want to make an intelligent review about this book but I can't find anything else to say except that this book is Sort of.

It's the kind of book you read without having to think much about it. It's entertaining and if you've read Pride and Prejudice, then you can pretty much get the gist of the story.

There is nothing spectacular here and I find the writing too juvenile, which, I conclude isn't really a bad thing because it's obviously marketed towards the younger audience. I cannot rea I want to make an intelligent review about this book but I can't find anything else to say except that this book is I like the main protagonist, Elise , because she's a witty narrator though very self-righteous at times.

I also like Derek because he's cute. Don't expect to read complex characters here and thought provoking scenes. This book is just pure, mindless fun. My only complaint is that the ending felt rushed and it ended when the lovers are just starting to hit it off. I was kinda sad because I am a happily ever after kind of girl. It would be more awesome if there's an epilogue that says Elise and Derek got married 10 years later and had 3 kids and a dog, probably a German shepherd.

You know, something like that? But over-all, it is a nice book. If you want a nice break from all the heavy drama books and wants a short and fun read with PG 13 romance then I recommend this book. Jul 19, Sofia Lazaridou rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is a 21rt century version of Pride and Prejudice.

It's very to see the similarities between those two books. Darcy's sister Georgiana the plot,the end making a little predictable the book without making it boring. It's an easy read and if you like pride and prejudice you will like this one too Elise Benton moves with her family to California and with her sister Julliana continue their education to a This book is a 21rt century version of Pride and Prejudice.

It's an easy read and if you like pride and prejudice you will like this one too Elise Benton moves with her family to California and with her sister Julliana continue their education to a new high school where their mother is the principle.

Aug 25, Mimi rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A modern version "Pride and Prejudice".

This is all I can say about. It was a fun read but there wasn't any mystery. After a first few chapters I had completely figured out the story,but the story- telling was good,so I kept on reading till I finished. Also I'm aiming for books by So I can't leave any book unfinished: I love Jane Austen so Pride and Prejudice is also one of my favorites.

But this constant retelling and reediting of her books is kind of boring and also not necessary. Whether A modern version "Pride and Prejudice". Whether it's a movie or book adaption of the story it's basically the same. I'm sure writers can do better that trying to make a statement by retelling another person's story. At the end everyone is going to remember the book only as another adaption of Pride and Prejudice. I don't want to discourage anyone from reading it.

It was enjoyable,well except until towards the end. But I can't help comparing it to Pride and Prejudice. Their relationship was not developed properly. And I'm still thinking why it's called "Epic Fail".

But that is publisher's choice. Also I feel the story ended very abruptly. We get the idea towards the end that Webster Grant,got away with all his crimes. There should have been a bit of punishment for him. Then introducing Georgia at the end seemed pointless to me. She came to meet her brother saw Webster with another girl,most probably felt like an idiot and then left. But then at the end it's a fun and quick read.

View all 3 comments. Aug 08, Namratha rated it really liked it Shelves: But being a die-hard Pride and Prejudice fan means that I would like to ramble on for a bit.

And who, pray tell, is Derek Edwards? Derek, with his sullen superstar good looks, is a God among the twittering demigods of Coral Tree Prep. Instead, she prefers the sunnier charms of social outcast, Webster Grant. And lo and behold! The saga of Lizzy and Darcy comes alive in a new and revamped setting.

She was someone I aspired to be. In a time when other damsels were simpering and clucking and having fainting frenzies, Lizzie was the exception. Strong-willed, a tad opinionated, not prone to frills and fancies and yet Fitzwilliam Darcy is my eternal fictional crush. I never tire of the seemingly snobbish gentleman who yearned for the love of Lizzie despite his better and questionable judgement.

Epic Fail did a brilliant job of modernising my favourite duo. Elise Benton was an intelligent heroine who never acted like a lovelorn loon. Derek Edwards was brooding Darcy brought to preppy life.

The Benton family was the embarrassing coterie that we cringed over in the original story. And then ofcourse, we have the plot twists and the character follies that symbolize misplaced pride and unfounded prejudices. I was done with this book in half-a-day. It has a few pitfalls. Meet Elise Elizabeth Juliana's a year older than me, but she sometimes seems younger - mostly because she's the opposite of cynical and I'm the opposite of the opposite of cynical Meet Derek Darcy A pair of dark eyes that hid more than they 4 heart-warming star s- This story flows beautifully, so prepare to devour it in one sitting.

Meet Elise Elizabeth Juliana's a year older than me, but she sometimes seems younger - mostly because she's the opposite of cynical and I'm the opposite of the opposite of cynical Meet Derek Darcy A pair of dark eyes that hid more than they revealed and some broad shoulders and a mouth that could be cold and thin and then suddenly widen into a generous grin just when you thought such a thing was impossible Plot Basically, the heroine Elise Elizabeth and her three other sisters; Juliana Jane , Layla Lydia and Kaitlyn Catherine , are uprooted from their middle class lives in Massachusetts and thrust into an elitist LA Private school.

Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik PDF Download

Here the offspring of the rich and famous rule the hallways… As the daughters of the strict and unpopular Principal, Elise and Juliana band together at the bottom of the totem pole. So, when the beautiful and gentle Juliana, immediately falls for the rich and all-round good guy Chase Charles , Elise and Derek are subsequently lumped together.

And, so begins the courtship between Derek and Elise. But in this hilarious tale of fitting in and flirting, not all snubs are undeserved, not all celebrity brats are bratty, and pride and prejudice can get in the way of true love for only so long Overall a fantastic, sweet story with a witty, independent and likeable heroine AND a brooding, intelligent, swoon-worthy hero: Moral of the story Aug 31, ManaL.

Feb 23, Sol rated it it was ok Shelves: There were many things I didn't like about this book, in fact I have trouble finding something I did like. The characters were all a bit stupid, and their conflicts were hard to believe.

They all had major communication issues, I mean seriously If they had managed to talk amongst each other like normal people then they would have avoided so many of these absurd misunderstandings. Yes, Derek was right There were many things I didn't like about this book, in fact I have trouble finding something I did like. Yes, Derek was right and had legitimate reasons for disliking Webster, but I thought it was stupid that when Elisa defended Webster Derek was all like "I thought you had better judge of character" What the hell?

What is she supposed to think? She's not a mind reader! If someone is perfectly nice to me, funny, charming, and then this other person is somewhat of a jerk, cold and kept his distance, I'm naturally going to gravitate towards the nice guy. Maybe if Derek had communicated better the fact that Webster was a lunatic Elise would have understood, but she was new and had no way of knowing what a freak he was if no one bothered to give her a logical explanation as to why he was being thrown out of the party.

Elise also had her annoying moments. Especially when she felt almost proud about being mean to Derek. One of these moments was when she turned Derek down after he asked her to the semiformal.

Elise kept getting mad at everything he said for no reason: Elise got all offended at his implication, almost as if Derek had said her family was the plague.

Claire epic lazebnik pdf fail

I mean, seriously, the time Chase and Derek had picked them up at their house before the party her family acted extremely weird. They were all over Derek, almost jumping into the limo to see what it was like. Not only was Derek clearly right, but he really didn't say anything bad! Then when he was going over the plans for the night of the dance she got all annoyed because "he assumed she was going to say yes".

I mean, give the guy a break! He was obviously nervous about the whole situation and was just running his plans by her. Elise even got mad when she found out Juliana had told Derek that she though Elise would go with him, and said: I thought they were cute at the end, I liked them a bit better when they were together.

Again, if someone had come up and TALKED like a normal person then this whole misunderstanding would have been avoided. Neither Chase nor Juliana confronted each other after they thought the other had broken up with them.

I mean, a normal person would be like "what the hell? They just gave each other dirty looks and never talked about it.

That being said, I also thought Chase and Juliana were the most normal characters in the book. I actually liked them the best. They were just introduced in the story to create problems between the main character.

They had over the top strict rules that lacked any logical explanation.

Fail claire pdf epic lazebnik

The girls were allowed to have cellphones but couldn't use them in the house? Elise also mentions they've tried to sneak text messages but it's not worth it because the punishment is worse. How would the parents even know? Do they go through their text messages and check the date? They also couldn't wear make-up? What's the harm in putting on make-up? It's a really stupid rule. They also couldn't wear anything too revealing so they would put on a jacket before leaving the house, but seriously was the mom THAT stupid to not realize there might be something she didn't approve of under the jacket?

And aside from them being majorly strict parents, the mom was the principal at school and the father was a teacher there. On top of everything I just mentioned we are supposed to believe the mother was all over the fact that Derek's parents were famous? She sucked up to him like a 15 year old fangirl. It didn't make any sense at all. Also the girls didn't even try to help their situation that much.

For example when the mother suspended Chelsea, and Chelsea asked Juliana for help she didn't do anything. I understand Juliana couldn't have changed her mother's decision, I get that, but she could have at least pretended like she was going to try.

She really didn't help her situation at all. Basically I felt like these storylines had no substance, they didn't make sense, and they were mostly based on character stupidity. It all just seemed forced and not believable. Apr 01, Natalie rated it liked it Shelves: Pride and Prejudice retellings can be a bit hit or miss with me, but I thought this one was overall quite good. It followed the original mostly, but where was Mary????

Yes, Mrs Bennett was embarrassing, but she d Pride and Prejudice retellings can be a bit hit or miss with me, but I thought this one was overall quite good. Still, it was a faithful adaptation. Pride and Prejudice is a classic. Sep 22, Stacia the club rated it liked it Shelves: This was cute, quick, and easy to tear through. If I hadn't known that this was a retelling of Pride and Prejudice, I might have gone lower out of a desire to want to smack the younger sister around repeatedly.

Okay, well I still wanted to, but at least I knew that she had been written that way for a reason.

The book was fun. I'm a bit over the average girl hooking the perfect guy, but in this case, it made a lot of sense. The "hot" guy was a well-known son of famous movie-star parents 3. The "hot" guy was a well-known son of famous movie-star parents, and was used to girls tripping all over themselves to get to him. So naturally, he was going to fall for the girl who didn't know who he was, and didn't care once she found out.

I don't blame him, really. Who would want to go through life knowing that people only wanted you because of your name? There isn't much else to say about Epic Fail.

There wasn't much epic going on, but there also wasn't much fail going on either, so it was a decent read.

I had been recovering from a cold and wasn't in the mood to try and work through something heavier, and this book worked out nicely for me. Jul 11, Anna rated it liked it Shelves: Reviewed at http: Epic Fail is one of those books you really have fun while reading them and totally forget about having ever read them in the next hours I'm afraid.

I am huge Jane Austen's fan and since I spotted this book which is basically a retelling of Pride and Prejudice one of my favorite books ever , I just had to read it.

Granted, retellings aren't my thing. Granted again, that every single retelling of a fairy tale or book I have picked until now, wasn Reviewed at http: Granted again, that every single retelling of a fairy tale or book I have picked until now, wasn't such a good idea.

But for some reason I keep picking these stories and I will continue doing so because something about the idea of transferring a classic story in a whole different universe or era plainly fascinates me! As I said, Epic Fail is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice in the 21st century where the protagonists are teenagers. The idea behind the book is good and I really wanted to see how all those complicated characters from Austen's novel would be handled from a different author and how all the setting from the original book would be ingested in our modern society.

I'm sad to say that the whole project for me was a bit of a failure. The characters in Epic Fail, resembled those of the original story but only on the surface. Elise wasn't Elisabeth and Derek wasn't Darcy. Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect to meet the same characters but since everything else was the same, with the necessary adjustments of course, I kind of expected that the characters would still possess the same essence, sort of.

Instead, Elise did everything Elizabeth did,acted in the same way, only in Epic Fail I just failed to see the motive behind her actions. Same goes with every other character. And especially with Mrs Bennet You see Mrs Bennet, whether you liked her as character or not had a motive behind her outrageous actions. Mrs Benton on the other side had none LaZebnik tried to make her a funny character, tried to make her act like a bizarre woman, but the result was a middle aged woman acting like a teenager with no reason at all She drooled over a couple of teenage boys just because they were famous?

I just wasn't convinced. The transfer of the setting from Victorian England to 21st century L. Not perfect but better executed.

The story followed more or less the same pattern with Pride and Prejudice with the necessary adjustments and omissions. For example, Charlotte is almost a non existent character, Mister Collins went on permanent vacation and Lydia, actually came off as a way better person in Epic Fail.

All in all, Epic Fail is a fun book to spend your evening but just that.