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Time saver standards for architectural design data / edited by. Donald Watson, Michael J. Crosbie, John Hancock Callender 7th ed. p. cm. Rev. ed. of. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for Harris and Dines • Time-Saver Standards for Landscape Architecture Izenour • Theater. Time Saver Standards - Building Types - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. An architecture manual.

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Time-Saver Standards for Architectural Design Data seventh edition The Reference of Architectural Fundamentals Donald W Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Time-saver standards for architectural design data / edited by Donald Watson, Michael J. Crosbie, John. Architectural Standard - Donald Watson - Time Saver Standards for Architectural Design Data. PDF download · download 1 file · SINGLE PAGE PROCESSED JP2 ZIP download · download 1 file · TORRENT download · download 12 Files.

A master bedroom should accommodate level and not more than 12 inches above floor Privacy. While a minimum. Of- fices of this size do not easily accommodate an independent conference function. The urns are of Chinese porcelain. The walls are painted oyster white picked out with yellow moldings. The fixed accessible features specified in ANSI 4.

Green recurs in the upholstery of the armchair. With the rise of Napoleon to absolute power. Fabrics arc gayly colored here: The walls are painted oyster white picked out with yellow moldings. Rosewood and ebony dresses and Lucullan banquets. Most of the furniture would be painted white and gold.

Painted decoration was more com. The top furniture was painted and gilt. Where other woods were the early Directoire part of the period In home some new decorative motif which he used.

The popular craze for all heaviness. The chairs would then be upholstered in red. Alternatively the walls might be painted green with the cornice picked out in white and gold. Beds Napoleon's fist. They usually cian delicacy of form. Round tables were popular. Other pieces suitable for a room of this type are shown in the panels at right. Above the doors are white Classic figure paintings with a blue background which is echoed in the blue taffeta curtains.

At right are other pieces and fabrics suitable for this type of room. From each of his campaigns he brought were also in favor.

These pieces have grace. Dtrectolre and Empire Pedestals Wall tables. The early Empire pieces Directoire are pressive collection of sphinxes.

The hampering re- decoration. Colonial Colonial style. Colonial Queen Anne Queen Anne period Them Mott Shie 1. Met Ple white -. CVal Sack. With Straight Taper Lec. Contents Are. Furniture Is Very Au. The By THE. No DtTAtt. Tie Prdwrtioms However. Numerous Accessories.

Late Georgian Brothers Adam Furniture.. The PmcEU. Louts XIV. In Principle. Pieces af Furn iture French styles Top Than At The. Soumrc Below The Seat. Pecorativc Motifs l 5one. Louis XIV Furniture. In This Case.

Back Legs Wtw. U 1 Three. Back Settee With Tooled Uather. Hoo h 1 The. Hardwood flooring Carpet Chinese Chippendale striped. Plain papers Vinyls in modern pattern geometric patterns Combinations of above French Provincial 18th-century Smooth piaster Hardwood flooring Aubussons American Wallpaper in scenic or Parquetry Homespun carpet. Lounge Chairs. Twin bed 39 39 75 Youth bed 33 36 66 76 Ultimately.

After all. Many manufacturers also make and sell undersized pillows for cribs and youth beds as well as oversized pillows for the larger beds. Dorm bed 32 36 75 80 Be sure to take your clients to see and test Hospital bed 36 36 75 80 the bed or mattress selected. Tables 1 and 2. For Quern. The human eye comprehends detail oniy within a limited cone angle about 2Vi min- utes of arc. They vary both with the medium being used and with the type and quality of material being projected. The size of the viewing area is determined by three dimensions: Thus an object 20 feet away and 6 feet long appears the same as a similar object 1 0 feet away and 3 feet long.

Pdf tss architecture

Its size is always based on the size of the image to be viewed. They have not yet been pre- cisely determined by scientific methods. The generally ac- cepted values. Charles R. Knoll Internationa! Vecta YEAR: If such traffic is necessary. When the living room is combined with the dining area. Planning Considerations Planning considerations should include ade- quate floor and waii space for furniture groupings. Figure 3 shows a living for dining.

There are. During social activities. This is extremely tight. With n E n regard to the luxury end of the scale. D c rooms. Desirable conversation distance is Fig. Dwelling n 1 1 units with three or more bedrooms should have separate dining rooms or clearly defined dining areas. Circulation within the living room should be as direct as possible and yet not interfere with furniture placement.

In any case. Figure 5 shows that a space 12'6" x 15'6" should be provided in order to accommodate seating for five around a in-diameter cocktail table.

Time-Saver Standards for Architectural Design Data

When planning furniture arrangements. The piano. It should be noted that these diagrams are not intended as models for complete living room layouts. Figure 7 suggests that a space at.

They are intended only as guidelines to illustrate minimum clearances for preliminary planning purposes. Including plans. The design of the cabinet should take into account the actual electronicand other equipment to be housed and the clearances Involved for operation. Power outlets should be coordinated and located so as to conceal unsightly wires and cables.

PLA N " ivll'-o 8 Fig. Based tor and designerare essential. Sofas Traditional: LI Contemporary: Solas Contemporary: Desirable room for seating is a clear 42 in all around the dining table. Criterion The amount of space allocated to dining should be based on the number of persons to be served and the proper circulation space. Space for accommodating the following sizes of tables and chairs in the dining area should be provided.

Commentary Size of the individual eating space on the table should be based upon a frontage of 24 2 in and an area of approximately 2 ft In. The following minimum clearances from the edge of the table should be provided: In sizing the separate dining room. This area may be com- bined with the living room or kitchen.

This preference appears to stem from two needs: The location of the dining area in the kitchen is desirable for small houses and small apartments. Where only one dining location is feasible. Appropriate space should be provided for the storage of china and large dining articles either in the dining area itself or in the adjacent kitchen. In plan tor a typical armless dining chair and a dining chair with arms.

It should be noted that the clearances Indicated relate to chairs with depth dimensions of 20" and" 22". Table space is 24" per person. With arm chairs at the ends. Seating for four 2 requires 31 ft.

There space behind the chairs to edge past one side and one end. Round tables. A 48" long table seats 4 and requires Corner bench. Since these illustrations are intended only as guidelines Dining space with benches.. Since these data come from two sources. A hutch or buffet is typically about 18" deep. A 48" long table seats 4 and of differing 2 requires 26 ft. A dining room for A 42" wide table Is common. To assure adequate space for convenient use of the dining area.

Because of the room layout. Length for primary bedroom: Widths less than 9'0" will usually require Each bedroom shall have at least one A larger proportion of the bedroom floor extra area to accommodate comparable closet that meets or exceeds the following area is occupied by furniture than is the case furniture.

An interrelationship exists between dress. Figures 1 to 3 illustrate three configurations larger Moreover. For account during the design process. Each bedroom are all factors that should be taken into The ideal plan would provide a bedroom for requires at least one clothes closet.

Clothes closets require a clear depth of two size for a larger bedroom or master bedroom activity space. Children's bedrooms single beds 3'3" x 6'6" each. Each child needs a space that is his or her and the furniture clearances and room sizes the size and scale of furniture.

One shelf and rod with at least 12 doors. At least one-half the closet floor shall be the bed and other furniture. Closets chairs 1'6" x 1'6" each. The location of activity It is essential to incorporate in the 4. Ample storage is essential. For secondary bed- room size should be 10'0"x12"0" exclusive of The minimum room width shall be deter. These two factors compli. A master bedroom should accommodate level and not more than 12 inches above floor Privacy.

Department of Housing and Urban Develop- ment recommends the arrangement Illustrated in this diagram. The U. Net area: ST Women. Flooo R Finish t i2? Height Men. T 'i 'i Cabinet T?

Shoe Racks. Metal 4a? H Approx 12 Garments on hangers H 16" desirable. See Details number ot garments without crushing. The bathroom should be convenient to the bedroom zone. B 28 min.

Towel bar 5. F 30 E D 52 min. Soap dish at lavatory may be integral Or Obstruction! Mirror and medicine cabinet or equiv- alent enclosed shelf space ssescssas Activity a Zone [ 6. Each complete bathroom should be pro- vided with the following: In all cases where shower head is installed. D 18 E 36 min.

Toilet paper holder at water closet Line ot Wall 3. Linen storage should be accessible from the bathroom. C 24 min. Grab-bar and soap dish at bathtub lu 0 2. E 18 Given the great variability in body sizes to be accommo- dated within a single family.

J A iavatory height above the floor of 37 to 43 in. In order to establish the location of mirrors above the lavatory. Figure 2 explores. It should be noted. Two-lavatory bathroom. Note 2 storage space under the lavatories and in a floor-to-ceiling unit. A wail-hung iavatory instead of a vanity 2 squeezes into 2'-6" width and Consider this idea for installing a half-bath In a closet or under a stairway. A corner shower. This bathroom is too smaii for a wheelchair. A 2-lavatory bathroom with adequate room at the toilet and each lavatory.

This plan also includes a bidet. Storage is In ft available. Even with generous storage space it takes only 2 the same space as many non-compartmented bathrooms.

It is as large as two bathrooms but costs less because of fewer fixtures and less plumbing. Two doors to each compartment are undesirable.

This 3-fixture bathroom has excellent storage but is 2 only Five fixtures. Limited storage space available.

Storage is under the 30" vanity and on shelves over the toilet. With fixtures in separate compartments. Large 3-fixture bathroom. Although not usually a space saver. Consider a pocket door Three people can use between the compartments. PlKll6ri- trf: Do not use oily putty or plumbing sealants with marble. Requirements existing installation must be sound.

Recommended uses for alteration of ceramic-tiled areas where modernization or achange of design is desired in residences. But such a height does not necessarily accom- modate the body dimension of all users for all tasks. Such asystem could accommodate not only those of smaller and larger body size. B 40 Clearance between Appliances K Z The logical answer is the devel- opment of kitchen cabinet systems capable Fig. All must be responsive to human dimension and body size if the quality of interface between the user and the components of the interior space are to be adequate.

Certain cooking activities. Standard kitchen counter heights man- ufactured are all about 36 in. In estab- lishing clearances between counters. Refrigerator doors. Range Workzone G Q 35 max. The range workzone clearance. In this regard. Figure 2 indicates a minimum clearance between appliances of 48 or 1 21 9 cm. D The i n. The standing figure shown in broken line. The anthropometric basis in. The resulting through traffic reduces the compactness and efficiency of the plan.


It should be located at sink center. It sometimes is closed off on one end. If dishwasher Is desired. If dishwasher is desired.

The corridor or gallery kitchen is typically accessible from both ends. The broken U-shaped plan often results from the necessity of locating a door along one or two of the three walls of a typical U- shaped scheme.

A triangle perimeter of 23'0" or less is usually indicative of a relatively efficient kitchen layout. For combined work centers.. Work centers for the following equipment.

Minimum clearance height between 3. Residential Spaces 4. At least 9 in from the at one side for serving and storage of utensils edge of the sink and range and 16 in at the Height of shelving and counter tops and staples.

Refrigerator space with counter space pliances opposite each other. Wall cabinets Circulation space A minimum of 40 in should Height of counter tops should be 36 in.

Range space with base and wall cabinet adjacent corner cabinet. This same sink and wall cabinet 24 in. Sink and base cabinet with counter side of the refrigerator is recommended. Maximum height of wall shelving 74 in. Minimum clearance should elevation be not less than 3 in. Dimension B. Cabinet protection should be at least 14 in asbestos millboard covered with not less than gauge sheet metal 0. Dimension D: Dimension F. Dimension E: Clearance for D.

Dimension C: Drawer and countertop space shall also be provided. Opt for the 15 in. Plan for light above a rangetop and over the sink.

Since the wall behind a sink dictate a distance of 30 in. With the increased use of such Your need for light is greatest over eiectricai appliances. General storage re- quires space for linens.

No room count is allowable for this type facility. A good light there a significant problem. A workable alternative is found in fixtures installed in an extended soffit. But wall if A fan mounted in the wall is the a wider span you're taller.

Kitchenette Item 0-bedroom living unit. Included in this category are self. A single fixture. Choose incandescent. The if space is minimal. Kitchen 1. Frameless base cabinets are also deep. Most are 1 Four-drawer base cabinets are available in available in widths ranging from 9" to 48? Most are available in widths of 24? Tilt-Out Range Hoods: Most cabinets are available in widths ranging from 9" to Frameiess are 13Vfe" deep with doors. Frameless base available in a three-drawer style in widths cabinets are 24 3A" deep.

Framed base cabinets are 24" ments. Except Oakcrest. No Center Medallion.. Often overlooked are clearances for verify local code requirements. The designer should check seven heating elements as well as modular is the method of securing the dishwasher in requirements with the manufacturer. Refrigerators clearance must be verified with the manufac- but the designer is cautioned to carefully Refrigerator door swings and clearances are turer.

In addition. Manufactur- of critical importance. Accessi to 'plumbing adjoining cabinetwork. Some washers are fairly well standardized in terms sides and top of the refrigerator and any of the larger ranges consist of modular of overall dimensions.

Dimensions shown are for planning purposes only. A Countertop or wall-mounted oven. Cabinets and Base Removed 3. Clear open space. Bottom-hinged door. Pull-out board preferred with side-opening door.

In Fig. Since removable base cabinets and adjust- able height counters are not now products that are readily available for purchase. No other changes have been made to the kitchen.

The fixed accessible features specified in ANSI 4. The adaptable features are removable base cabinets at knee spaces and counters that can be adjusted in height or fixed at a lower than standard height. The adaptable features for kitchens spec- ified in the standards are shown in Figs.

The wider work surface pro- vides space for pots. When not needed. The shelf is used as a transfer surface for dishes as they are placed into or taken out of the oven. When an oven with a side-opening door is used. The standards specify that when the wall oven is not self cleaning. When an oven with a drop-front door is used Fig. See ANSI 4. Even if a self-cleaning oven is installed. When the knee space is under a cooktop. People who high and there is no knee space for maneu.

Cooktops in lowered counter seg. When a cooktop is installed in a lowered expose a person in a wheelchair to the hazard ventional ranges because the surface is too counter.

The controls Cooktops with smooth surfaces are pre. An moving them. The Medical 5 height of the highest shelf above the floor should be limited to between 78 and 81 in.

TIME SAVER STANDARDS FOR INTERIOR lesforgesdessalles.info | Interior Design | Architectural Elements

Subject of shelf face section The size of books. Limitations for shelving to serve children will differ and are indicated in Fig. Volumes per Linear Foot of Shelf Based on Subject by which to design residential library Standard stack section 3 ft wide x 7H ft high with 7 shelves shelving or to project the number of books that can be accommodated on a unit base Volumes per foot Volumes per single because of the many variables involved.

Economics 8 It is possible. Seven History 7 volumes per foot of shelving can be used Law 4 84 as a rule-of-thumb to project capacity.

The front of the shelf is supported by the vertical members and the back of the shelf is nailed to the plywood back. In this design Hugh Newell Jacobsen. This simple trim piece acts as framing for sides.

These built-in bookshelves and bar unit were developed for a residence on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Sizes noted here are comfortable averages.

But if interiors are planned to accommodate large units of equipment such as that required for table tennis. Not all games occupy floor areas indicated as necessary for those diagramed on this page. Dimensions of game equipment and floor areas required for its use are both subject to variation.

Size Where used 4 ft 8 in x 8 ft 6 in. Note how the recessed fluorescent tube fixtures indirectly light up all the glasses and the 2" open slot in the bottom shelf indirectly lights up the liquor bottles on the back bar shelf. Note also that the bar front is slightly padded with foam rubber and the entire bar top is finished with dark brown leatherette.

The entire front bar has recessed light fixtures in the ceiling above. The would complement each arrangement. Space needed by a sin. Type and size of equipment Auxiliary equipment area. Ironing Board Fig. Moistureproof surfaces are needed for 31 x 26 in pretreating and sprinkling of clothes. The To control moisture in the room. Adequate storage for washing equip.

Architecture pdf tss

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A treasured reference of architects and construction professionals for nearly 60 years, the eighth edition of this classic gives you a fresh, new visual approach to information.

Now it's even easier to find the facts, figures, references, and summaries of "lessons learned. You also get a wealth of data on all aspects of architectural design and building construction, including substructure, superstructure, building shell, interiors, and services, formatted according to the Uniformat II classification system. Let this comprehensive overview of the fundamental knowledge and technologies required for exemplary architectural practice augment and enhance your practice—starting today.

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