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lesforgesdessalles.info – download free PDF e-books Dresden Codex. The Dresden Codex – and a short list of books you might want to study. The Dresden Codex is the oldest surviving book from the Americas, dating to the thirteenth or fourteenth century. The codex was rediscovered in the city of. The Dresden Codex Master Structure Illustrated - English Version 24 of the Dresden Codex, according to the three-digit coding system developed for the Maya.

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We first learn of the Dresden Codex when we hear that Johann Christian Götze, Director of A PDF file of good resolution can also be downloaded from the site. The First Twenty-Three Pages of the Dresden Codex: The Divination Pages. By Edwin L. Barnhart. Based on his May Thesis submitted to the. Graduate. DRESDEN CODEX. AMBeauty. Reproduced from tracings of the original. Colorings finished by band. By. WILLIAM GATES. President The Maya Society.

Trudy was the wife of was doing a rubbing by firing branches down at me all Franz Blom, the Tulane University archaeologist. A Solution for the Number 1. Out of the Sayaxche is where jaguar hunters would bring their tent we jumped to get the water in the pots. This Finally, an analysis of the textiles worn by the god- method of identification resulted in ten images with desses demonstrates that the most common representa- T as a prefix and T as a postfix, thirteen images tion of Goddess I is bare chested but wearing a skirt, with only the T prefix, one image with the T58 prefix with only one representation of a full length huipil. Homenaje a Ian Graham. The column of hieroglyphs at the far right of the image shows a name glyph for Goddess I but no corresponding image. The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars.

Language Yucateco. Title in Original Language Codex Dresdensis. Place Latin America and the Caribbean Mexico. Type of Item Manuscripts. Physical Description 39 leaves: Notes Shelfmark: External Resource http: Maya Numeration, Computation and Calendrical Astronomy.

Dictionary of Scientific Biography. Vol 15, Supplement 1. New York.

Codex pdf dresden

Third Palenque Round Table, , Part 2. Edited by Merle Greene Robertson, pp University of Texas Press. Calendars in Mesoamerica and Peru: Native American Computation of Time.

Edited by Anthony F. Aveni and G. A Palenque King and the Planet Jupiter. World Archaeoastronomy.

Aveni, pp Cambridge University Press. The Sky in Maya Literature. Oxford University Press. A Solution for the Number 1.

The Dresden Codex

Macri, Martha J. The Classic Period Inscriptions. Volume in the Civilization of the American Indian Series. The University of Oklahoma Press. The Codical Texts. Milbrath, Susan. This headdress is not limited to Goddess I, containing the names of several goddesses. In these however, since it is also worn by male deities such as almanacs, the initial and final name glyphs will always God A and God D see Dresden Codex, folios 13, 14, and have identical prefixes Figure 5.

A recognizable pat- Perhaps the trait. It is very common for Goddess I to have one or same goddesses were always required to begin and end more strands of hair visible in the image that accompa- these almanacs. As already mentioned, Thompson This principle was applied against some of the erod- and others have suggested that the Caban curl in the ed images in order to try and identify the name glyphs.

Using G. McCafferty for their contributions to, and assistance the structural pattern discussed above, I propose that with, this study.


References A final noteworthy pattern is the principle of a delet- ed text subject. Three Mending the Past: Ix Chel and the Invention of a of these examples are part of an almanac with more than Modern Pop Goddess.

Antiquity Since there seem to be regular patterns involving the glyphs in these almanacs, I sug- Bassie-Sweet, Karen gest that there was a pattern involving the images as From the Mouth of the Dark Cave: Commemorative well.

I suggest that the name glyph associated with the Sculpture of the Late Classic Maya. University of preceding image names these goddesses, and that the Oklahoma Press, Norman.

Examples of de- University of Oklahoma Press, Norman. Consequently, the name glyph of these females Maya Goddesses: Jones, pp. In comparison to the original num- Gates, William bers, the goddesses with the T prefix are increased The Dresden Codex.

Codex pdf dresden

Maya Society Publication 2. Estudios de Cultura Nahuatl Macri and Jan McHargue, pp. Latin American Indian Literatures and those named by the T58 prefix.

Additionally, no Journal 18 1: Several suggested Kelley, David Humiston naming patterns can be applied to eroded or absent Deciphering the Maya Script. University of Texas texts to aid in the correct identification of Goddess I.

Press, Austin. Since there is no clear difference between the naming texts of Goddess I and her visual appearance it does Kingsborough, Edward K. Comprising Fac-Similes of or names for the same goddess. Robert suggested for the deities in the Madrid Codex, perhaps Havell, London. Conceptions of Divinity A Forest of Kings: The Untold Story of the Ancient Maya.

Selma Wesselhoeft and A.

FAMSI - Maya Codices - The Dresden Codex

Parker, Maya Literature and Art. In Ancient Maya Women, trans. Papers 4 1. Peabody Museum of American edited by Traci Ardren, pp. Cambridge, MA. Villacorta C. Antonio, and Carlos A.

Codex pdf dresden

Architecture and Ritual in Classic Maya Texts. Houston, pp. Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, D. Studies in Pre- Columbian Art and Archaeology In Maya: Divine Kings of the Rainforest, edited by Nikolai Grube, pp. Taylor, Dicey Painted Ladies: Costumes for Women on Tepeu Ceramics.

Contributions to American Anthropology and History 5: Carnegie Institution of Washington, Washington, D. A Maya Hieroglyphic Book. American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia. Tozzer, Alfred M. A Translation. Papers An Iconographic and Glyphic Analysis. Villacorta and Villacorta The caretaker of the ruins was the policeman Aldana. He hunted all over, in the rain, for stelae. He built scaffolding in front of one very tall stela. I was perched on top, with no way to get down, so he maneuvered huge sheets of plastic that I always carried with me so I could work up there.

To dry the paper, he then used pine sticks to build a fire at the base of the stela, but the smoke all came up to where I was working. I was gagging on smoke, my face wrapped in a wet handkerchief, but my eyes were crying continually. We were having so much rain that it was hard to believe that there are long periods of time sometimes six months and sometimes a year during which Uaxactun gets no rain at all.

We did have a field day though, even if most of it was in the rain. One of the first stelae I did a rubbing of was Stela 1, which had the upper portion broken off in ancient times Figure 1. A typical example of Cycle 8 early carving, it showed a heavy chain attached to the side of the belt supporting a grotesque ornament. Another Early Classic stela was Stela 3 with a head dangling from the back-mask that is identical to the head held in the crook of the arm of the Tikal Stela 31 lord Figure 2.

Another stela I did a rubbing of at Uaxactun was the unusual Stela 5, a war- rior armed with an atlatl spear thrower in his left hand and a macuahuitl wooden club into which obsidian blades were set in his right hand, both unusual weap- ons in Classic art Figure 3. As no one had worked at Uaxactun since the Carnegie staff of Ed Shook, Jesse Jennings, and Ledyard and Robert Smith, the Aldanas, caretakers of the ruins, were more than happy to see us.

It was not an easy place to get to at the time we went.

With no place to stay, and Figure 1. Uolantun Stela 1. As this is the only monument found on it raining most of the time, the Aldanas took us right the only mound at Uolantun, Morley postulated in The Inscriptions into their very comfortable home, where kids, chickens, of Peten that this tiny site was an offshoot of nearby Uaxactun.

Uaxactun Stela 5. Figure 2. Uaxactun Stela 3. I first became acquainted with Ed Shook when I was rabbits, and a pig lived happily together. Ed always had a large library that he only two changes of clothes, both alike. I believe his last library was the one he sold to the stuffed it with pieces of cloth, then made its yellow hair archaeological museum in Villahermosa, Mexico. Of from nylon rope. And of course this doll had to have a course each library had fewer of the rare books than the dress.

We hated to leave Uaxactun, we were having so one before it. Ed started his work as a young man of much fun despite the rain. In my field book I made many 21 in Campeche, Mexico. There was no trail, nor was there any water in it.