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Joe Girad - 13 Rules of lesforgesdessalles.info - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read They werent really buying a shoeshine; they were being sold Joe Girard. good idea to have first lived the part and walked the talk yourself. How to Sell Yourself book. Read 18 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. No matter what field one may be in, there is a need to market. Download a video from youtube “Joe Girard”. Page 5. Contents. ▫ Overcoming Sales Resistance. ▫ Selling Yourself Nothing is sold until a sale is closed.

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I just read an excerpt from How to Sell Yourself by Joe Girard, Robert Casemore that I couldn't help but share! Take a look and let me know what you think. How to sell yourself by Joe Girard, , Warner Books edition, in English. Editorial Reviews. Review. "One of the best books in this field it will become a classic in the How to Sell Yourself by [Girard, Joe, Casemore, Robert].

Aug 03, Prajjwal added it. Mount Everest cant be conquered. Absolutely admirable full of wisdom and motivation book! I remember a guy who came into work one morning mad at the world because his wife and kids just couldnt understand why he didnt want to spend time with them after having a rough day at the office. I will show you how to become successful by using your smarts.

As luck would have it, even with my rough childhood, I discovered something early on about myself that really helped me. From the time I shined shoes as a nine-year-old kid, trolling the local bars on Detroits lower east side where the factory workers would go after work, I had pretty good instincts about how to make the sale. I got quite creative in my approach. Even pleading and begging, but with style, became an art form with me.

Sure enough, I noticed an increase in customers. I began to believe that a good salesperson could sell anythingbecause people dont buy products, they buy people they like and trust who can solve their problems. I quickly learned the most important thing to sell was the worlds number-one product YOU! It was a game-changing discovery that would prove itself right on the mark years later when I became the worlds number-one salesperson.

To this day, in my office, I have a framed picture of me when I was nine years old, on my knees shining a shoe. I keep it there as a constant reminder of where I came from. It was a childhood I wouldnt wish on anyone, but its one Im also proud of.

It was truly where it all started for me. I couldnt have been more depressed and disillusioned about life than when I was growing up. As a result, I took a lot of left turns early on, hanging around with the wrong crowds. But for my mother and a special friend, Abe Saperstein, who took me under his wing in his homebuilding business early on in my working years, I might well have finished up getting into serious trouble.

Although my start was shaky, as I grew older I learned from my failures and experiences. I soon realized that unless I had some idea of what things I should be focusing on to be successful, I was going nowhere. And on top of it all, I had a young family of my own.

Nothing will motivate you any faster than a wife and child who need something to eat. Motivation to me meant survivala bag of groceries for the next couple of days for the ones I loved who were counting on me. Through many years of trial and error, I eventually did develop a foundation for myself.

It wasnt easy, but I did accomplish it. In fact, Ive been improving and perfecting it my entire life. My foundation for a successful life has been to continuously sharpen the skills and traits that were major contributors to my success.

The result is My 13 Rules.

Everything I am about to tell you came from the front lines of life, not from some university term paper or theory. Put the book down now. Ive got a news flash for you: The elevator to Health, Happiness, and Success is out of order.

Youll have to use the stairs, one step at a time, just like I dida kid expelled from high school with a bad attitude. How about that for a place to launch your future? But it can be done. I am living proof. In spite of setback after setback, whatever the world threw at me, I made it to the top just the same!

I never thought for one moment there was a magical set of secret steps or a shortcut to success. I had seen and read about too many of these scam artists who deliberately took peoples money when they were down by promising them a way to the top.

Sell how joe girard pdf to yourself

I always felt there was something suspicious about that. I never bought into it. Whenever I saw something like that, I always asked myself, Why? Why the hell would anyone who claimed to have the secret to success want to give it away by sharing it with others?

If you had something like that, youd probably hide it and keep it to yourself. Wouldnt you? In my mind, these promises are no different than the books that claim to pick winners at the racetrack or beat the blackjack table. Believe me, I know from my delinquent days as a teen how easy it is to fall prey to the lure of easy money gambling.

As I said up front, there are no shortcuts and no secrets. I will show you how to become successful by using your smarts. If you think theres another way, forget it. Youre dead. There is no other way. Lets be clear about one thing. Theres nothing magical about putting a list together of things you should do to give a good impression. Anyone can do that and many have.

Thats not what this book is about at all. Im going to take you beyond that kind of shallow thinking and drive into your mind and heart principles that are to be lived by, not just memorized. What Im talking about is a cycle of actions you put into motion every day of your life automatically, from the moment you get up in the morning. These principles become who you are. They are what people see whenever you are present. You are going to transform yourself starting right now!

THAT will be. How This Book Is Organized So what are the 13 things I did and still do every day that made a positive difference in my performance and in my life? They are My 13 Rules. If you look carefully at the rules in the Contents, youll notice they are grouped into a sequence of four logical categories that follow a very natural cycle and flow: Rules 1 to 6 focus on making healthy choices with a positive attitude, having a well-organized plan, being ready to work, and being ready to make the right impression.

Be fully prepared before seeing anyone. Rules 7 to 10 deal with how you interact positively with the people you come in contact with. The emphasis on this group of rules is being sharp, sensitive, and aware. In other words, at your very best. Close the deal.

Rules 11 and 12 are all about succeeding in getting your desired outcome. Winning the customers confidence is the primary target.

Learning to sell yourself is the main objective. Closing the deal will follow naturally from that. Finally, Rule 13 focuses on reenergizing yourself with a reward for a job well done. And believe me, Im not all work and no play.

Whenever I reached or exceeded my goals which was often , I would reward myself and my wife. You should, too.

How to Sell Yourself

Celebrate your hard work because youll soon be ready to restart the cycle all over again by preparing for your next challenge. From the moment I got out of bed in the morning until I came home, my day was locked into this cycle of My 13 Rules. By preparing well for the day ahead of time, and by demonstrating sharp but caring traits whenever I interacted with customers, I was able to produce a positive environment to help me close the deal practically every time.

A reward at the end of it all was how I reenergized myself to remain motivated to do it again and again and again. In fact, when I returned home from one of our trips, Id be so enthusiastic the next morning that, by the time I actually got to work, I was primed, pumped, and ready to go, with the energy of a conquering lion.

Thats how I approach everything I do in life. I worked hard, often putting in many long hours perfecting my approach to becoming successful. My dedication and commitment to winning was fueled even more when I began to see positive improvements in my performance. The key to all of this was simplefollow the rules. Thats exactly what I did.

How to Read This Book Each one of the 13 Rules has some very specific things you will need to pay attention to. As you read each of the 13 chapters, the goal is not to memorize the 13 rules, but rather to become them. Thats rightbecome them. When you become the rules, thats when youve really succeeded in understanding them at the highest level. Youve finally arrived!

Youre a changed person. Youre on your way to a rich, rewarding, and personally fulfilling life. With these rules, I was able to set in motion a positive cycle of actions that would serve me well throughout my sales career and beyond into my personal life.

Before long, I found my interactions with family, friends, and others rising to a new level of satisfaction and fulfillment. And it was all because of the principles behind the rules. Theyre not just for the office. Take them home with you and be the person you appear to be. Thats when you know you really have something: When you begin to see positive changes start to happen, then and only then will you realize that I have succeeded in equipping you with the right tools and values to reach the mountain summits in your life.

Im not just talking about success on the job. Im talking about success as a spouse, success as a parent, success as a citizen in your community, success as a complete person.

I want to unleash the real you thats been locked up and blocked from moving forward by your past. I didnt write this book to entertain you. I wrote it so you could become a more complete, a more fulfilled, and, above all, a better personin other words, a success. The way to get the most out of this book is to go about reading it the same way you would sit down to a well-prepared meal. Youd want to enjoy and savor the taste of each course from beginning to end. You wouldnt rush through it because youd get indigestion.

Youd take your time. This book is the same way. Each course chapter has been well prepared and designed to be digested slowly, carefully, and thoroughly. After you read a chapter, put the book down. Think about what you just read. Dont go on to the next chapter. Speed-reading doesnt work here. Go slow and soak it up! Meditate on the ideas and concepts.

Ask yourself, How can I make them work in my life? You might see something right away you need to change in the way youre doing things. Dont wait until youve read the entire book to act on my advice. It might even be a few days before you get back to the next chapter. Thats okay. If something isnt clicking, go back and reread the chapter again until it makes sense to you. When you understand it, then youre ready to go on to the next chapter. Youll be amazed at how much your learning ability will improve if you use this approach to reading this book.

The idea is to digest what Im telling you so you can apply it. Take your time. Unlike the great meal I used as an example, the nice thing about this book is that when youre finished with it, its always there for you to reread again and again.

What if you forget something or start slipping back into old habits? Go back and reread the book. Maybe its a specific chapter you need to bone up on. Go back again and again as often as you like. Get refreshed and reenergized!

If you do this, you will have discovered a dynamic way of learning from a powerful reference book. Keep it near you. Youll find it especially helpful when youre experiencing some of lifes speed bumps both at home and at work which happens to all of us from time to time. These rules will provide the spirit-lifting boost and guidance you need at just the right time.

As long as you make an honest effort to adopt the principles of My 13 Rules, youll set yourself in motion on a course for success unlike anything youve ever experienced before in your life! Youll never go back to who you were! Youve done your time! Focus on the future. After all, its where youre going to spend the rest of your life. Now, if you think these rules are very basic, youre right. Theyre supposed to be. Thats the whole point. Most people fail in life not because they dont know how to perform certain steps in a task.

They fail because they dont know how to REACT in a situation that requires some thought and judgment before actually doing something. Suddenly, theyre on shaky ground. This is where good judgment comes into playthinking smart, as I like to put it.

Thinking smart has everything to do with perfecting basic skills. Once these 13 rules become second nature to you, youll be able to cope with situations professionally, sensibly, and, most important, successfully, in a way unlike anything youve ever experienced before. Disciplined habits are the only way to succeed over the long haul. If you make a sincere effort to embrace and live the rules every day, you will see positive results. Never play down the importance of sharpening your basic skills.

Thats where the critical mistakes are almost always made. Thats where the success edge lies. Thats what separated me from other salespeople. I never made or lost a sale because I did or didnt know what all the steps in the paper trail of our dealership were.

For a salesperson, that was something you either knew or could easily find out. It wasnt that complicated. Youre focusing on small stuff if you think thats where the winning edge is. My ability to influence the outcome by how I went about doing things is what closed the deal.

I knew how to do the basics better than anyone else.

That has also helped me tremendously to better understand people and see things as they see themnot only as I see them. Thats the edge, and thats what these 13 rules are all aboutthe basics. No matter what you do professionally, sooner or later, the things that are going to differentiate your performance from the person in the office next to you will center on how you, as an individual, go about executing the basics in whatever it is you do.

It wont be about the process. It wont be about how the dealership, the hospital, or the factory operates. Sound simple? It is. If your reaction to that statement is, Well, thats easy for him to say; he doesnt have to deal with so-and-so, or the politics in the office, etc. If only theyd make these adjustments, then I could be successful. Youll never reach the top you wont even get out of the basement if all you ever do is take on the role of victim.

Forget about blaming other people for your failures and shortcomings. Youll never get out of jail! There will always be obstacles and people like that.

Think smart. Theyre just another mountain that needs to be conquered. You must get your mind off of dwelling on the negative side of things. Slowly but surely, youll get sucked into the pit of adversity, and youll be like all the other losers. Youll be just like one of thembehind bars. Get off that trip NOW. Theres nothing mystifying about My 13 Rules. Theyre all about discipline and repetition.

You cannot win if you attempt to do it any other way. Youre doomed if you try. Unfortunately, conquest and winning arent for everybody. Many people are satisfied with just a so-so existencenothing too challenging and nothing too difficult. Just an ordinary life will do. You and I both know there are lots of people out there like that. But they all have to ponder the sobering thought, Imagine what I could have been, as they look in the mirror one day at the end of their working days.

What will you see? The saddest part of all is that you will be haunted by that question for the rest of your life never knowing what you could have done or achieved, not just for yourself but for your family too. I know what I committed myself to do for just a bag of groceries so my family could eat for one more day. Ill never forget it. Lets be honest here and face the truthmake all the excuses you want, but in the end, you decide where your life is going.

Living with the guilt of failure for not even trying will drive you mad. Its been said that the only real failing in life is the failure to try. When you come to the full realization that you, and you alone, make the difference in your quest for success, you will have taken that critical first step to understanding what it really takes to get to the top!

Joe Girards 13 Rules will help you get there. We both know what YOU have to do now. When youre ready to take that first step up the mountain, Ill be the first one to greet you when you reach the top. Its a new day. Let this book be the key that unlocks your future. Are you ready to get out of jail? If the answer is yes, then lets unleash the real you now!

Heres to your health, happiness, and success! That is what it is for. Spend all you have before you die; do not outlive yourself. George Bernard Shaw, playwright. Preparation is critical to your success. No matter how many times a seasoned high-altitude mountain climber attacks a mountain peak like, say, Mt. Everest, the process always begins the same waywith preparation.

Not one step is taken up that mountain until all preparations are thoroughly checked out. This means a detailed going over of all planning and equipment to make sure the strategy is sound and that everything works. Climbers spend weeks and months getting used to the climate in the area before ever venturing up the mountain. There are many stories of failed and tragic expeditions up high mountains because the planning wasnt right or the equipment didnt perform properly.

In life, failing to prepare is where most people fall short of the mark, especially on the job. They dont think they need to prepare because theyve done something so many times they believe they can practically do it in their sleep. Or they think that it really doesnt make any difference. They let their egos get in the way of good judgment. Dont be one of these statistics. Get on the right track with thorough preparation before you start your day.

By the time you walk in the front door of your office or place of work you should be primed and ready to hit the bricks running. We dont climb anything until we know what were doing and with what. Nothing happens in our day until everything is checked out first. If youre not prepared, you might as well stay home. Your performance will always reflect how well prepared you are.

Its true in sports, in how you make investmentseven in your personal life with family, where it really counts big and, of course, obviously where you work. Its true about everything in life. If youre counting on luck to get you through, remember this: Luck is for losers. Winners play it smart and plan ahead.

Deciding where to begin with My 13 Rules was actually quite easy. When you review the list of rules in the Introduction, its pretty obvious that nothing positive is going to happen, even with the best of intentions, if youre not up to the taskand that means being as fit as you can be.

Thats why Im talking about my first rule, Make a healthy choice, right up front. Without a healthy mind, a healthy spirit, and a healthy body, you are not as complete a person as you could be.

Mental, emotional, and physical stability are the three pieces to the puzzle of maintaining your good health. Your Good HealthLifes Starting Point To me, good health is not about a race to become smarter or stronger than the next guy or gal. Its not about being healthier than someone else. The contest Im talking about is only between you and yourself.

God didnt make us all the same. Each one of us is unique. We werent all blessed with the same good health any more than we have the same gift of smarts. But thats okay. Im talking about making the most of what you do have!

Thats the only yardstick you need. Ask yourself, Am I all that I can be? If you answered, No, youve got the right book in your hands. If you dont think youre a particularly healthy person, I could spend hours talking to you.

Yet, somehow, through sheer grit and determination, they were bound to succeed and live as complete and healthy lives as they possibly could. While they may not have been in the best of health, they all decided they would control what attitude they would wear when they woke up each morning to start their day.

That might not be easy for many, but it is the secret to living a full and successful life. Let me share examples of two very special people who figured that out and succeeded in life in spite of severe health obstacles. A case in point is Lance Armstrong, the winner of a record seven consecutive Tour de France races that recognize the worlds greatest cyclist.

If you wouldve seen him three years before he won the first of those seven races, you wouldnt have given him a chance in hell of surviving what he faced back then. Lance was stricken with a cancer that spread to his lungs, abdomen, and brain. His outlook was not good. He was given less than a 40 percent chance of survival following surgery and therapy.

But survive he did! Following his illness, his astounding rise to dominance as the worlds greatest cyclist was almost unbelievable. But his victories on a bicycle were nothing compared to his triumph over death.

He has since gone on to champion the cause for treatment and support for those afflicted with cancer. He is a model of determination, fitness, and survivalall marks of a true champion.

Another example that comes to mind is the late Steve Jobs, CEO of the consumer electronics giant, Apple, who battled pancreatic cancer for more than seven years before finally succumbing to the disease. During this time, and in spite of this painful form of cancer, Apple designed and launched some of its most successful and imaginative products under Jobss innovative and inspiring leadership.

It is a testament to his courage, his work ethic, and his love of the company he founded. There are many more individuals I could go on and on about. These real winners in life never took the easy path, even when faced with poor health.

Instead of looking for pity, they accepted their situations and then made the courageous decision to be everything they could possibly be in this life before checking out.

Nothing was allowed to get in the way of their achieving what they set out to do. When faced with a challenge to their health, they all said, Bring it on. And because they did, we now have inspiring examples of what each of us has the potential to beregardless of what health obstacles are thrown in our path. To get into the right frame of mind mentally and emotionally to take on life, start by taking care of yourself physically. For most of us the problem is not a condition, a disease, or illnessits neglect!

Listen up! Listen to your bodyits trying to tell you something! That brings us to the biggest culprits of why many people arent healthy and dont look healthy diet and exercise. Nothing makes an overweight person feel more uncomfortable and guilty than these two subjects. The vast majority of people dont like talking about them, and it shows. I KNOW. During the early years of my sales career success, I admit to being a workaholic. I was. I think remembering my days as a kid with nothing was the biggest reason I would stop at nothing to make as much money as I could.

As a result, I had very little time for myself and my family. I spent most of it in a chair, on the phone, or with customers. I never exercised. I never took the time for that. I was too busy to be healthy. I ate the wrong kinds of food, and I smoked three packs of cigarettes a day.

What a combinationno exercise, fatty foods, and cigarettes. And I looked the part. But I was making money and lots of it. I was getting recognition all over the country for what I was achieving in sales. Still, when I got home at night and looked in the mirror, the truth of my identity was all too cleara fat-bellied salesman who ignored his own good health for money.

Something would have to change. Even though I was making plenty of money, deep down inside I didnt like myself. When I was in my forties, I met a man who had a major impact on my life. It was Jack LaLanne, the renowned health and fitness pioneer. We were both receiving Golden Plate awards and national recognition in our respective fields from the prestigious American Academy of Achievement. Mine was for sales, and Jacks was for preaching the gospel of physical fitness.

Jack was all muscle. I was all polyunsaturated fat. He said to me after the banquet, Joe, I admire your philosophy. And I like what I seefrom the neck up. But, frankly, I cant stand what I see from the neck down. He looked with disdain at my larded belly.

Youre the worlds greatest salesman, he continued, but heres a sale Ill bet you cant close successfully. He then challenged me to lose all that weight and keep it off.

He even told me how to do it, by eating sensibly: He also put me on a fitness program of three simple daily exercises sit-ups, push-ups, and bicycle kicks. He told me, Do it slowly, but stick to it. Ill never forget how I finally got started.

All it took was one glance in the mirror. I was going to make my body obey my mind no matter how hungry I was or how much my muscles ached until I succeeded. It was tough at times, but I stuck to my guns. My mind was in total control of my body. That was the key. How did I do? Just look at the photo at the beginning of this chapter.

As the old saying goes, One picture is worth a thousand words. A year later, I sent Jack a letter telling him he had lost the bet. I went from pounds down to with a flat and hard belly and a inch waistline. I got a letter back from Jack with a new challenge. But can you keep it off?

A year later he lost that bet too. And Ive been under pounds ever since. Thanks for the push, Jack. You got me off the couch. Now Im challenging all of you to do the same thing. I tell everybody I see, If I can do it, anyone can! And that means YOU can too. Youre the captain of your ship. Dont be the Titanic. Dont let any icebergs get in the way of your good health and take you down. Im also throwing you a life preserver in lifes stormy seasMy 13 Rules.

Grab onto them and never let go. Stay the course and youll reach your destination safely. Now I know that some people have medical conditions that make weight control difficult, but lets be honest: They choose to eat cholesterol-filled fast foods. They choose sitting on the sofa instead of doing sit-ups. They refuse to commit to change. Any excuse for inactivity will do.

Some of them are so fat, they can hardly bend over to tie their shoelaces. Its pathetic. According to research conducted by both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Duke University, by the year , 42 percent of Americans will be obese! Are you in. I can tell you right now, youre gonna have one helluva time getting on board with Girards 13 Rules if you are. The people who are healthy and fit are not lucky.

They choose to care about their health and their appearance. They want to feel good about themselves, so they do something about it and stick to their routines every day. Theyre disciplined. They conquer adversity whenever it rears its ugly head. People arent born that way; they choose to be that way.

How to sell yourself

One of the most successful television personalities of all time is Oprah Winfrey. For years she has battled weight control due to a thyroid condition. But through her ups and downs, her busy schedule never kept her from trying relentlessly to take off the pounds and keep them off. Oprah has always felt an obligation to be a good example for others even when the willpower wasnt there.

It is particularly difficult for her because of her medical condition. But that doesnt keep her from going the extra mile. Even with occasional setbacks, she is a winner and a model of determination because she never gives up. Thats who you want to be!

Dont you? I DID! Its been said that a persons health can be judged by which they take two-at-a-timepills or stairs. If you should be taking two stairs at a time but dont, you will soon be taking two pills at a time, as sure as night follows day. Get control of your health now before it gets control of you.

If you dont, you will find recapturing it will be one of the most difficult things you will ever do in your life. And it gets more difficult with each passing day. No matter what your condition or circumstance, talk to your doctor about getting on a physical fitness program thats tailor-made for you.

Youll not only look better. Youll feel better about yourself. And thats where positive mindsets are born. More about that in our next chapter. Whatever you do, dont give up before you even get started. It was a nasty habit that I was glad to escape from once I realized what it was doing to my overall health. I think if I could have drawn a chart with two lines on itone representing the growth of my sales success and one representing the state of my health during those yearsyou would have seen two lines going in opposite directions as they crossed in the middle forming the letter X.

Now I dont want you to get the idea that you have to ignore your health in order to be a success in life. In fact, just the opposite is true. But I had to learn that the hard way, as I have so many things in my life. Fortunately for me, I was able to recognize and do something about both my eating and smoking habits before they took hold of me forever.

During my sales career, practically everyone I knew at work smoked. We werent the most health conscious society when it came to food content either. Thats the way things were back then. Thats not the case today. We know a lot about what cigarettes and food with bad cholesterol levels can do to you. A well-known television news anchors life was cut short because of lung cancer brought on by heavy cigarette smoking. Had he known better, Im sure Peter Jennings would have made some better decisions about his health.

Theres no excuse for those choices today! So why do we do it? I believe that when youre doing well at something, its quite normal to want to continue doing that, and maybe more of it, even if it means sacrificing common sense.

Because its a routine that works. Thats my story right there. I kept doing what I was doing because it worked. The more I did of something, the more money I seemed to be making. The problem. So I paid the price.

All I did was cough all day long in my chair. Cigarettes were killing me, and I didnt even know it. Besides, I had no time for that. I had to focus on making the next callclosing the next dealgrabbing the next buck before someone else tried to take it from me. Except for the ties we wore, the business of retail selling might as well have been a contest between wild animals in the jungle fighting over a piece of raw meat.

I always felt I was in a game of survival of the fittest. Except fittest, in this case, didnt apply to Joe Girards health. That took a backseat. I became a prisoner of my own success. But it didnt stop there. Once I achieved the top sales spot in the world, there was no one else left to beatexcept, of course, myself. My only challenge was to beat my previous years sales record. And I did that on a number of occasions. Once I became number one, I never looked back ever again.

I remained the number-one salesperson in the world for the rest of my career. There was a lot to celebrate. And I did. I rewarded myself with frequent trips to Las Vegas for my wife and me. And thats where I met the devil; I discovered gambling. At first it was small-time. A few hundred bucks here and there. Pretty soon it became thousands. Eventually I had a personal marker in the gambling world, thats like a line of credit in certain hotel casinos that I simply signed my name to.

My problem was, I didnt see it as gambling. I saw it as enjoying my success. I liked the action; I liked the recognition I would often get; I liked being in the limelight of Las Vegas. Life was good. But this, too, was ruining my health. The track was fast, but I didnt want to get off. Once I came to my senses and it didnt take long to realize I was giving away my hard-earned money , I jumped off that train to nowhere.

My Life In and Out of the Rough , whose promising career has been plagued with distracting personal problems including losing tens of millions of dollars gambling.

Thats not where I wanted to be. My wife and I still enjoy going to Vegas. The difference is, were in total control of what we docommon sense rulesand its a lot more fun that way. Heres the lesson: One of the most difficult things to do once youve reached the top of the mountain is to be careful you dont dance too much up there.

You might slip and come crashing down to the bottom. What youll see on the way down, in a few seconds as you plunge to your demise, is just a blurry picture of the path you worked so hard to climb up for months and yearssoon to be snuffed out in a moment of bad judgment.

Gonejust like thatgame over. Weve all seen and heard about this kind of thing happening too often to star athletes and movie idols. Ill be talking more about that later in Rule 4, Work when you work. Take a tip from Joe Girard: You dont have to drink the whole bottle in order to enjoy the wine. Somewhere along the way, I must have developed a nagging awareness for knowing when something I was doing wasnt quite right.

Im convinced my mother and The Man Upstairs had a hand in this. Whatever it was, in spite of my success, I didnt like how I looked, how I felt, or how I was living my life. I didnt like the direction my life was headed inselfdestruction. I was at an important crossroads in my life, and I knew it. Thanks in part to Jack LaLanne, who got me started on the right track, I soon made several changes to my life.

I decided to cash in my chips on the life I had been living and. My 13 Rules have their roots in my story about that walk through life on the road to an awareness and fulfillment I knew all too little about when I first got started. Quitters Never WinStay the Course Have you ever noticed how much physical fitness equipment is sold around the beginning of each new year?

Its mindboggling. We all know whyeveryones making New Years resolutions to make improvements in their physical appearance and eating habits. They all want to make a change for the better. Weve all seen the ads that run during the college football bowl games on TV at that time of yearJenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, etc. Everyones pumped up to make a change, right? After a few weeks of pumping iron and getting used to eating the right kind of food, one by one they fall off the wagon and slip right back into their old habits.

The statistics are not good for success stories here. While everyone starts out the same way with the right intentions, only the strong-willed seem to survive to experience noticeable change. By the time the summer rolls around, that stair-stepper or treadmill machine is either in a garage sale or waiting at the curb for trash pick-up. What happened? Whats missing? In a word, whats missing is commitment. Another way of putting it is, that healthy person they were trying to become wasnt worth the effort needed to get there, plain and simple.

The willpower to change just wasnt there. It had nothing to do with understanding the benefits of good health or the risks of bad health. People just have a way of justifying decisions even if theyre not in their best interest. I know that sounds odd, but its true. Since they hadnt had their first heart attackyetand since they couldnt see the fat in their body and what it was doing to them, this whole idea of getting in shape and being healthy was something they could do down the road.

It didnt apply to them. Thats how doing nothing about good health is rationalized in peoples minds. Can you believe it? Its true. Isnt it? What youve just witnessed is the birth of commitments ugly cousin in the opposite corner: Inactivity rules.

The truth is that is not the easy wayits the devil in disguise. Youd think only someone with both eyes closed would make this choice if he or she knew what they were doing to themselves.

Amazingly, there are plenty of people like that out there. And I know where they all are. Theyre all making appointments at the same placesthe emergency rooms of our hospitals. Because of their gluttonous stupidity, theyre now clogging up hospitals everywhere as well as their arteries and stealing beds from people who really need the attention.

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Now they want mercy and attention. Its so pathetic, its hard to feel sorry for them. Youre not one of them, are you? What dont they understand about what I just said? Theyre killing themselves and yet they choose to ignore the repeated warnings about obesity and smoking!

People like that have to actually see death staring them in the face before they believe, and then its a whole new ballgame. By then, its often too late. How many times has a doctor had to utter. Im sorry, Mr. Jones, but you have untreatable lung cancer. Still want to Light up a Lucky? A physical fitness program seems like a breeze now, doesnt it?

What has to happen to get you off your butt and moving? Do you have to be told by a doctor that your arteries are filled with cheese and sugar first? Use common sense! Still think you cant do it?

Youd be absolutely amazed at the hidden reserves your body has just waiting to be unleashed in a good physical fitness program. You have no idea how much speed and endurance you could generate if you were being chased by a tiger or grizzly bear in an open field and were running toward the safety of a small enclosed shed just ahead. How long do you think you could hang suspended from an exercise bar with one arm?

Thirty seconds? We give this book all five stars. The author helps us to understand what it takes to make sales. The book is an instruction manual and a book on improvement in oneself. We think you will like it.

This book has been a part of our personal library for years. We are under no obligation to write any review, positive or negative. Nov 08, Metty rated it really liked it. Who I am today is very much influenced by this great book. Perhaps it offers the same message as any other similar books on personal improvement topic, but I know I had fallen in love with this book ever since I picked it up in a book fair in my campus and read a couple chapters of it.

I agree a great deal with what Mr. Girard says in his book, about how to be a confident person and look like one, etc. Before I read this book, I already had a mental picture of what kind of a person I want to be Who I am today is very much influenced by this great book. Before I read this book, I already had a mental picture of what kind of a person I want to be, but this book provides almost the WHOLE complete picture.

Thanks Mr. Girard for writing this amazing book. It sure does help shape me into who and what I am today.

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Dec 11, Partha Das rated it really liked it. Ultimate to say the least.. No only means maybe and maybe always means yes. Plain, sweet, and simple to stick to being and committing to number one in life. Mar 27, Andry rated it it was amazing. I think this book is really good because it's actually focus on fundamental to apply in yourself. Feb 08, Samy Nabil rated it it was amazing.

Jan 09, Aisulu rated it it was amazing Shelves: Absolutely admirable full of wisdom and motivation book! Nov 10, Santosh Acharya rated it it was amazing. A Classic read for beginners and others. Simple technique to improve ourselves. Jun 02, Supertramp rated it it was ok. To try the newer version of myself or the version of myself which the people around me are expecting.

I succeeded in achieving it but not through this book. But it really made a mark of before reading this and after reading this , again not because of the influence which this book made on me but because of the change in myself which happened exactly while reading this.

I didn't like this book but , Read it nearly one month back in the preparation of becoming something else from my own world. I didn't like this book but , hey, that's fine it may inspire somebody out there. Give a try, Man! View 2 comments. Jun 29, Khaidir rated it really liked it. Teknik konversional yang sangat berkesan untuk dipraktikan dan ia masih relevan, ia juga boleh diserap kepada teknik baharu seperti e-marketing.

Buku ini banyak membantu saya didalam pengurusan jualan. Mar 14, J Crossley rated it liked it.

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Joe Girard provides methods for you to increase your personal presence. By "selling" yourself, you can sell your ideas.

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Nov 07, Tom Behr rated it did not like it. If the best way to sell were the high-pressure tactics he endorses, this book would be helpful. Since this isn't the best way to sell, the book and all of Girard's stuff is basically flawed. Jun 29, Akaigita rated it really liked it Shelves: I don't have much time to enjoy read this book, so I scanned it to the last page. But I got the idea. Jan 19, Tim Plett rated it really liked it Shelves: A good book by a man who has obviously mastered selling himself.

Aug 03, Prajjwal added it. It is a life changing book. Feb 03, Vishal Bulchandani rated it liked it. One time reading! Michael Joseph Elder rated it it was amazing Dec 10, Siri rated it really liked it Oct 20, Chase Walseth rated it really liked it May 14, Linh Hoang rated it it was amazing Sep 18, Sandip K B rated it really liked it Nov 13, Roy Aumiller rated it really liked it Oct 21, Puneet rated it liked it Oct 07,