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Automotive dictionary pdf

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with the vehicle), or because they are cheaper than the car manufacturers' own parts. . See also knocking & octane. anti-knock Dictionary lesforgesdessalles.info Automobile Dictionary - This is the automobile engineering dictionary powered by Engineering Bug. It is the smart engineering dictionary app. Automotive industry terms from a variety of sources, including with dealers' vocabulary so we can better communicate with local Radio's largest ad category.

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A term used for tire sizes and larger in nominal cross section. Also called " earthmover" or "off-the-road" tires. AA: Abbreviation for "Automobile Association" . English-Chinese. Dictionary of Automotive Engineering. 图解英汉. 汽车技术. 「 词曲. III. III-. 王锦俞闵思聰编. Lice. IIIustrated. English-Chinese of Automotive. Auto Repair Dictionary. Auto Repair Glossary. Air filter: A paper or synthetic fabric baffle that captures dust, dirt and debris from the airstream entering the engine.

Continue to Automobile Dictionary. Stability increased. Numerous schematic diagrams illustrate the technical details. Reference Tools. Now no need to search Google or Wikipedia for meaning of Automobile engineering words.


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