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spartan entrepreneur pdf. Spartan women were famous in ancient Greece for having more freedom than elsewhere in the Greek world. SPARTAN ENTREPRENEUR The Blog Artist's Handbook We will send you the QuickStart Guide PDF to get you started with your new blog. We will send you . spartan entrepreneur pdf. NEVER TAKE A BACKSEAT ON YOUR DREAMS. Behind every entrepreneur's success story, there's a never-ending.

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Spartan Entrepreneur - The Blog Artist's Handbook (Updated ). I'm not going to do a typical "review" of Victor's new book. You're going to. Spartan Entrepreneur: Blog Artist is no longer available for free. You can Scott said: “Thanks for sending Spartan Entrepreneur out for free. View lesforgesdessalles.info from CIST at Gwinnett Technical College. SPARTAN ENTREPRENEUR The Blog Artists Handbook.

Tools were given and the only thing to do is to make use of your balls to get what you want! To become better is to essentially wring out every last drop of dirty water in your sponge, and then replace it with water that is able to flow or crash to a magnitude that even Bruce Lee would respect. How To Practice Writing Great Headlines The best way to get started learning how to write headlines is to copy, by hand, other headlines you see on websites that cause you to click. Which you probably will. You provide tremendous value. This course is a real world plan for blogging unlike the stuff you read in the main stream. I have to admit.

Do it your way with heart. But you know exactly where this leads: What you need is an idea that is close to home, an idea that you feel in your gut is right. An idea you can pursue for several years or more. You need to pursue your idea, not my idea. All you can be is you. What niche should you get into? The internet is starving for unique voices. We are inseparable. Likewise, no one should be able to do what you do.

If no one can do what you do then there is an unlimited market.

Spartan Entrepreneur by Victor Pride (Free)

Specializing too early You know what happens to animals that specialize too quickly? They go extinct. Ask a panda how it gets along.

Able to survive on exactly one food that provides so little calories they must spend all day searching for more food. Should I write a blog about fishing with lures made from a rare kind of wood only found in Borneo jungles?

Niche blogs are a waste of time. Build one business that you can filter many different ideas through. If you need some ideas, here are the 4 key areas of focus that comprise most of the content online.

The need to stand out from the crowd. The need for human connection. The need to show off status. I get asked all the time how I make money when I only have two books for sale.

What 3 traits do all the best blogs share?

The best blogs are far from How-To guides. Look at what is valuable. Does your blog need a clear direction? Your blog does need a clear direction. Luckily the direction to pick is very simple. The direction is YOU. You are the ultimate arbiter of all the decisions. You are the indispensable part of your business. Because this is the common thread in your blog, make your blog about that. Leave that to the fakers and not the makers.

More likely you care deeply about fitness and health, which covers the entire spectrum of human existence. That gets boring fast. Make sure your blog has the flexibility to accommodate you as you grow. The Long Game: Mike takes a great attitude on this with a simple question: Obviously our lives change, we develop and grow. But you should have a resilient blog that grows with you. Not this bullshit moving from one topic to the next with a new blog every month, but a wide enough focus that you can relate any topic or story you want to tell back to a central theme.

Study from the best. But what you can use it for is very simple: Finding blogs like the blogs you already read. Sign up for a Feedly account.

Add a few of the blogs you already read. Social Crawlytics — http: For example, what kind of headlines and articles have strong appeal, and what your audience wants to hear about.

Only you can be you. You need… 1. A domain name like http: A hosting plan like you can get at http: A content management system like WordPress With those three things in place you will have everything you need to start writing, showing off your art, and making some dough. How To Pick a Killer Domain If you pay attention to popular names you will notice that the best names stick in your head like glue.

The best names always seem to perfectly match with their brand, product or website. Names are VERY important. Step One: Play With The Options Next, you may want to change some of the options. You can complete a few searches using various options until you find a domain you like. Do you want to know the real way I make money online? And how do I protect that reputation?

I own my name. They snatch up the domain name http: Uh oh. Not good. How about this. When business contacts look up your name, how do you present yourself? Facebook photos of you passed out with Sharpie all over your face? Or a professionally designed website that presents you in the best light? You need to own your name online and protect it. Luckily, it is both cheap, and incredibly easy. Owning your name online is one of the best ways to doof-proof yourself from haters, both online and off.

In fact, I owned http: People would type it in their address bar to learn a little bit more about me, but there was nothing there. Or you could just have a simple contact form for potential clients, friends, or people you meet at conferences to get in touch with you. Either way, you need to own your name. What if Myname. What you can do in this case is try out variations of your name. For instance, if your name was James Goldthwait, and JamesGoldthwait.

Everyone remembers dot com, no one remembers dot biz. Which you probably will. Luckily, good webhosting is not expensive. Sure, you can hand-code all your own web pages and muck around with your server…but why would you? Install WordPress from http: When I first started, I had to invite a friend over to install WordPress for me, as well as spend several hours on the line with tech support as I set things up. I had no idea about the essential technical things necessary to starting a blog that makes money.

Luckily, I have a special offer that can help you out. Go to http: Your site will be fast, secure, and Google-friendly with no work on your part. Not a bad deal. It looks like his blog is a decade old. Go-Getter Has the sharpest looking blog on the street.

Pdf spartan entrepreneur

Most popular bloggers have professionally designed blogs for a reason. Good looking blogs get more readers and they get more money. Their sites are easy to navigate and pleasant on the eyes. They draw you in and trap you. Compare that to poorly designed text-only blogs. And just as you dress sharp if you want to impress a client or meet a classy girl, you need to make sure your blog looks sharp as well. First impressions count.

That means that you need to keep your design — the theme — clean and trim. Instead, choose subtle, timeless style. This can be tricky, especially for guys. Ever wonder why they make so much?

You can be the best writer in the world but if your blog looks like garbage, good luck getting people to stick around. Study closely the blogs that do big traffic numbers.

Time you invest making your site look good will always pay off. If your writing is good, you do yourself a disservice by sending it into the world dressed in rags. Hunting Down a Great Theme Great themes are all over the place, but you might have a hard time picking one that suits you without too much modification. The best, easiest option: The easiest way to get started with a great looking theme is by grabbing a theme from Studiopress. You can also check out: The second best option though more expensive is to hire a designer to do a custom theme for you.

You can either start with a free theme or go the full-custom route, but depending on who you hire, this can run into the thousands of dollars. If you want to go this route while spending less money I would recommend finding a broke student to customize a free theme for you. The completely free option: Going with a free theme is a gamble. There are decent ones out there, but good luck getting them to look great without a lot of custom work. If you go this route you should already know CSS or be willing to learn it.

These themes often insert spam links on your website for porn and pharmaceuticals — and you may never even see them. The only place to find free themes that you can be sure have no viruses is http: This means your blog will look great on phones as well as computers and tablets. Make sure your site looks great in a mobile browser before you commit to using it. You can change the fonts, the colors, and more, but not all themes have this.

Does it practice good SEO? What if you just have no ideas? They come from the supermarket, from the subway, from travel. Not from reading other blogs, but from living life and getting into adventures. The best source is always life. The business of YOU. Invest in yourself, and reap the rewards. So why not take control of your life, and direct your creativity towards your own purpose.

Why not blog for money? I hate the word blogging, so I had to come up with a new name: On the other hand, this is my realm, so I can call anything what I want to. I like to call what I do being a Blog Artist.

I am an artist and my blog is my art. That means that I take exactly the same care in blogging that a painter takes with their paintings.

the-blog-artist-s-handbook.pdf - SPARTAN ENTREPRENEUR The...

Some paintings take months to develop. They sit in the studio ignored for years. Some paintings burn. Some come back to life like phoenixes.

But the thrust is still the same. Always be making art. No one can write like me, and nobody can do exactly what I do. Yet exactly what I do is the cornerstone of my business.

My readers would drop like flies. No one would respect the brand anymore because the brand is me. Great writing is where the author is intimately connected to the work, and the readers develop a relationship with it.

Their business model is completely different. The foundation of a good article. When an artist bleeds on the page, you will echo the emotions they felt living it. We have mirror neurons for a reason: The world is already too full of garbage articles telling you how to sleep right, or how to do pushups.

No one cares. Words are not just words. Words have the capacity to touch, to inspire, to fulfill. Words have the power to change lives.

Words have the power to bring out what is most important in you and make it ring clearly like a bell. Live an awesome and interesting life, and everything else comes for free.

Live an interesting life, and then put it into words. Carry around a pad of paper or folded up A4 sheets , and write down all the things that you notice throughout the day. Things that interest you. Things that you struggle with. Things that seemed out of the ordinary. Things that provoked questions. Keep these ideas in a file for later. Gather inspiration from unlikely sources. But these were the creative fires that drove the site in its early days, not now.

Good artists copy, great artists steal. But what he left out is this: Elite artists borrow from unexpected sources. I draw inspiration from different places.

Some books, some movies, some songs. I keep my sources a secret. But because I keep my sources closed, everything seems new and fresh. What Does a Great Article Need: A mindset switch, a practical tip, something. But at the same time, overly technical posts get boring. Make it a story. Stories are basically the way we think. We write a story about our lives every time we make a judgment about events.

We write a story about other people when we observe them doing something funny or stupid. We write a story in our minds about why everything happens when it does.

With a story, however, even the most mundane topic suddenly becomes exciting. In fact most stories we see are non-obvious, and they star the most unlikely hero — you. Nearly all of my articles tell a story to you, the reader, and you are the hero. I like to keep myself out of the picture.

There are good storytellers who talk about themselves all the time. The only way they can pull it off though is by being damned interesting. Most guys are going to need to poke and prod for real stories — by placing the reader as the hero. Not only does that give your article broad appeal, it creates instant, lasting chemistry that will bond your reader to you. If you can write words that resonate and move people, you can move mountains.

How transparent should I be? As much as you want to… As you may know, I used to blur my face in pictures. I was worried about being found out. But then I realized how stupid that was. If you want people to trust you, show who you are. You can make money anonymously, but you will make much less than if you show who you really are.

When you hide yourself, you hide the best parts of you. Step Out: Think about those that you trust the most They show their face. They use their name, not some dumb online nickname like JuiceBro They write truthfully about their challenges, their successes, and their weaknesses. Although, that is one approach that can work very well.

All you really have to do is bleed on the page. Show us the real you. Then you become unassailable. The more open you are, the more invincible you become.

Go-Getter Writes constantly, not just for his blog, but to practice putting his thoughts into words. When a creative urge hits, he seizes it immediately and rides it out until the streak is over. Professional writers do many things differently, but they also do many things the same.

One type of writer is the workhorse. I would highly recommend against becoming one of those. These guys write a lot because their words are crap.

Pdf spartan entrepreneur

They have no emotion, no heart to their work. Instead they have to work, machine-like, at becoming more productive. Writing is not about productivity. Principle 1: Similar to all new habits, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Initially you might find it takes 10 or 15 minutes to get to a writing flow. For me, it now comes instantly when an idea strikes. Whenever an urge strikes, I take advantage. Principle 2: Always be ready You need to have your tools available whenever a creative urge leaps at you.

Action Step: Your new habit — Carrying a pen or pocket recorder everywhere you go. Your phone can make a great recorder for thoughts if you remember to listen to the recordings later. But a pen and pad is really the ultimate tool for unlocking creative potential.

The dead-easy way to do this is to fold up printer paper A4 sheets into quarters and keep them in your back jeans pocket. Principle 3: Always be refilling We all know what it feels like to run dry on ideas. But what if you could constantly have a refilling well, and never be at a loss for new ideas?

If you are consistently putting out good content, you need to be reading, listening, and watching others doing the same.

Seeing the work of other artists will provoke your own. Be observant, create your own brand of art by blending your own special brew of influences. Principle 4: Write fast When you sit down to write, do it fast. The reasons many writers struggle while developing their writing habits are: They get distracted. They edit as they go. To solve the second problem, write really fast.

Instead try separating your production and your editing times. If you do this, your writing will flow much more smoothly, because it will follow the natural rhythms of your brain.

Headline Mini-Course No-Getter Leaves his headline writing to chance, and will often just tack on something that sounds cool at the time.

The_Blog_Artists_Handbook | lesforgesdessalles.info

Most of his headlines are one or two words, or a song title he likes. Go-Getter Is running headline ideas through his head as he writes the article. He knows that to make an article popular, the headline has to intrigue the reader. Get started on your headline before you write the article. A headline has to do two things: Headlines are very important.

Just the headline. How To Practice Writing Great Headlines The best way to get started learning how to write headlines is to copy, by hand, other headlines you see on websites that cause you to click. If you pull up a list of wildly popular blogs, they undoubtedly have great headlines. You can directly copy by hand for practice , and then modify to suit your specific posts.

What this does is train your brain to think the same way that the writers did when penning the title. He rarely, if ever goes back to edit. His blog lacks any shine or impact. Go-Getter Knows that his first draft is merely the bones of an article.

But most of the work is out of the way. These are as essential as writing the post in the first place. Making Edits: This is not purely or even mostly checking for spelling mistakes and grammar errors. You should do those of course. Your basic gameplan: Read your work out loud. Where your energy drops in the presentation, or where you trip over your words, is a passage that needs some work. For longer posts or books: Print it out, and go over it with a pen.

When writing your first draft, you should expect a little too much rambling. A morgue is not just where things go to die. Many of my posts and rantings sit dormant for weeks or years in draft form on WordPress. You have the freedom to save everything, which is why you can delete and cut worry free.

You can always make more. And you will. Always cut. Always clean. Doing it the smart way means all original content. Sure, you might not be a great photographer. You might not want to snap pictures all the time. Tumblr Image Search http: Do I really have to? Yes, you do. Because everyone else already is. Even newspapers know they have to include a photo with each article they expect to really be read. If scaring away people is your thing, have it your way.

Photos make a strong style impact, and are essential to include with every post. Just write a short description or question or if you need to identify the source or photographer that would be the place to do it.

How about the other fields when you upload an image in WordPress? Just describe what the picture is in a few words. Those of you who want to juice out an extra 0. I would recommend making the title of the actual photo file descriptive. This means you should name it something like yellow-balloons.

And eventually people will find your blog from Google image search. Photos should be a benefit not a hindrance. They should not be a distraction. Make sure to optimize the photos according to usage. You will slow down page loading times which Google will take into account but more importantly you are giving your readers a poor experience. Be mindful of the file size. Learn to know when to use a. Building Your Spiderweb: And it becomes even more important the more popular you get.

That is interlinking your content. Whenever you write a new post you should include links to older posts so that a reader is sucked into your spiderweb no matter what post they land on first. Luckily, WordPress now has a feature where you can easily add links to old posts without knowing the URLs. You want to lead your readers deep down a rabbit hole, so after reading one article, they already have 5 more tabs open ready to read the other interesting articles you have linked to.

Also, this gives you passive protection against dirty web scraping thieves who will pirate your content and post it on their own sites.

If someone copy and pastes your article, the pasted part will still include your links. Here are the most common problems. I got lucky though. I really had no idea what the heck I was doing. But people liked my story and found my insights fairly useful. In some ways, however, my ignorance wasn't bliss. Am I doing this right? Is this good? Those were the worst days. And more importantly - Like the "seduction community", I came to the realization that most authorities on the topics hadn't actually had success.

If I was just starting out, this book would be my first and likely only resource. If there was some sort of "impact per word" statistic, he would be off the charts. Anyone can build a website.

Even a pretty website. And That's what the book will do for you. It's going to show you how to become a better writer. The WOW Factor. The IT Factor. These are the sections I highly suggest you study - That's right, applicable stuff and not a lot of "blogger inner game theory". For some of you guys, this will literally be your start to wild success.

You might actually remember the day you downloaded it. Just remember who told you about it. About the author. Good Looking Loser. Get Ripped.

Diet and Nutrition. Dietary Supplements. Scams and Garbage.

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