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Ms word 2010 book pdf

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Microsoft Press books are available through booksellers and distributors worldwide. . 4 Create and Share Compelling Documents with Word from within Publisher, create a PDF/XPS document, publish the document as HTML. double-click the Microsoft Word application shortcut usually found . Full Screen Reading view is used when reading long documents (or books). Two pages lesforgesdessalles.info exam/sample exam module lesforgesdessalles.info * Solution. Fax: + 98 39 lesforgesdessalles.info "Microsoft, MSN, Microsoft Excel , Microsoft Office , and Windows are either.

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A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. Microsoft Press books are available through booksellers and distributors worldwide. Word Microsoft. ®. Making Everything Easier! ™. Word Microsoft. ®. Gookin To access the Cheat Sheet created specifically for this book, go to. Download a free PDF ebook on Microsoft Office from Microsoft Press.

I Like uchandanab at You might also have existing Word documents that you can quickly convert to Web pages or other specialized formats. Word is ideal for the initial organizing, writing, editing, and proofreading of a publication. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form without the prior written permission of the publisher. Thank you so very much for this very helpful training reference. If you don't know to use which key to activate a command, press the Alt key on the keyboard to show Key Tips. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Microsoft Word is a word-processor software that lets you create a variety of different documents such as letters, single-file reports, multifile reports, books, brochures, newsletters, and Web pages. Word processing software lets you create, edit, format, store, retrieve, and print a text document. Creating is writing and composing the document. Editing refers to making changes to the document to fix errors or improve it. Formatting is making the document look attractive.

Storing means saving it on a disk. Retrieving is opening the saved document from a disk into the computer memory.

Printing is producing the document on paper, using a printer connected to the computer. Microsoft Word provides powerful and easy-to-use tools. A few of its capabilities are: Microsoft Word can be used at home, at school, and at work. At home, one can write notes, memos, letters, labels, envelopes, create cards, stickers or flyers.

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In schools, Word may be used for writing homework, theses, research notes, time tables or certificates. People working in business may use Word to set up faxes, reports, contracts, business cards or mail merge documents.

It is also easy to prepare a resume or CV using Word. Word can create complex or specialized documents that are normally created by more specialized software applications such as:. Web pages: Word has Web publishing features that let you create beginner level simple Web pages with ease.

Brochures, newsletters, and other documents with complex page layouts: Microsoft Publisher might be able to do a better job at creating short, layout-intensive documents. However, Word's improved drawing and layout features make it a highly viable tool for creating these kinds of documents. Printer-ready publications: Dedicated desktop publishing packages such as Adobe InDesign, or Quark Press do a superb job of creating printer-ready publications with precise page layouts, cross-references, indexes, tables of contents, and so on.

[PDF] Microsoft Word free tutorial for Beginners

Word is ideal for the initial organizing, writing, editing, and proofreading of a publication. However, you can also do quite a good job in Word of preparing the. If your page layout needs are a bit demanding for Word's tools, you can always transfer your Word document to a dedicated desktop publishing program to create the final layout. Tables of numbers or other data: Clearly, Microsoft Excel is the tool of choice for working with numbers, and Microsoft Access for working with databases.

However, Word tables can be used to store and display reasonable amounts of numeric or textual data.

Word 2010 book pdf ms

Word even provides mathematical functions for working with numbers in tables, as well as database tools for working with data fields and records in tables. Why use Word for a task that can be performed with a more specialized software program, perhaps one which is already installed on your computer? The main reason is that you probably already know how to use Word, and the extra features of a more specialized program might not be worth the time required to learn a new software package, especially if you create only an occasional Web page, brochure, or other specialized document.

You might also have existing Word documents that you can quickly convert to Web pages or other specialized formats. You can thus use Word to improve not only your current skills, but also your existing collection of documents. On the Windows taskbar, click the Start button at the bottom left corner of your screen. Select All Programs and point to Microsoft Office. Move the mouse pointer over and click on Microsoft Word The Full Screen Reading view gives more space on the computer screen for reading documents.

The Print Layout is the default view of Word. Documents appear as it would be on a printed page. The Draft view essentially same as the Print Layout view but displays only the text in a document. To specify the type of object click the round circle and select the object.

The Ribbon is located at the top of the document area in Word. It consists of series of tabs. Reason 3. Office can co-exist alongside Office and other older versions of Microsoft Office. Reason 4. First Look: Microsoft Office is an upcoming title by Katherine Murray that will quickly walk you though most of the new features in Office including video editing, photo effects, backstage view, co-authoring documents, sparklines, etc.

The book has the following chapters. It was written before Office beta was released in public and therefore barely mentions Office Web Apps and Office for mobile phones.

Grab it fast because, according to MS Press, this free download is available only for a limited time.

Book 2010 pdf word ms

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