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Sixth sense technology documentation pdf

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Sixth sense technology seminar report - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Seminar report on sixth sense. Get More Information about Sixth Sense Technology PDF Free Download by visiting this link. Sixth Sense Technology integrates digital. To create a Sixth Sense device which works of the principles of gesture recognition and image processing to capture, zoom(in and out) and toggle pictures with.

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trend was described by explaining the concept of sixth sense technology and the effort that have been Keywords. Sixth Sense Technology, Sixth Sense Device, Wear Ur World, Augmented Reality lesforgesdessalles.info %/pdf. Accessed Real-Time Collaborative Document Editing Systems. Sixth Sense Technology, Ask Latest information, Sixth Sense Technology Abstract,Sixth Sense Technology Report,Sixth Sense Technology Presentation ( pdf. Instead Sixth Sense Technology can be used to get the explains the working of Sixth Sense Technology, component, . 2_February/V5Ipdf.

You can check the status of the flight while you are on Taxi. Ashish Tripathi. Show More. The components are: Thus, the mirror in the Sixth Sense helps in overcoming the limitation of the limited projection space of the projector. Security will be assured for everyone.

Pranav Mistry says the SixthSense software will be open source. As far as this seems to be a little set of items, there will not be user interfaces or much advanced programs for the users. There will be much harder and secured coding inside the device to make sure the security of the software. It will be interesting to know the new language for coding for a SixthSense device. In order to control the SixthSense, it requires some advance hardware as it appears to be. In some of the public presentations, the presenter was wearing some controlling devices including color markers, Camera and projector.

They has to be compact and easily controllable. However the hardware integration of SixthSense technology is quite innovative since they have manage to develop camera and pen like day to day objects.

Projector projects visual information enabling surfaces, walls and physical objects around us to be used as interfaces. Camera recognizes and tracks user's hand gestures and physical objects using computer-vision based techniques. The movements and arrangements of these fiducials are interpreted into gestures that act as interaction instructions for the projected application interfaces.

Mobile device may be a laptop, PDA, smart phones etc. These are connected to other hardware devices and sends information to projector for projection. The important thing is that the device is a mobile device. Means, it is so light that we can take it with us where ever we want to.

It is as small as a cell phone and is so simple to use. The key here is that Sixth Sense recognizes the objects around you, displaying information automatically and letting you access it in any way you want, in the simplest way possible.

Pdf documentation sense sixth technology

The technology in itself is nothing more than the combination of some stunning technologies, but the idea of combining those technologies is really great. The technology is mainly based on hand gesture recognition, image capturing, processing, and manipulation, etc. Other hardware includes mirror and colored caps to be used for fingers. The software of the technology uses the video stream, which is captured by the camera, and also tracks the location of the tips of the fingers to recognize the gestures.

This process is done using some techniques of computer vision. Basically it is a device which is a mini projector and which can be projected on any surface, it carries the information stored in it and also collects information from the web. It is the one which obey hand gestures of yours and gives you what you want to see and know.

It is the combined technology of computer along with cell phone.

Download the Seminar Report for Sixth Sense Technology

It works when a person hang it on his neck and start projecting through the micro-projector attached to it. Your fingers works like the keyboard as well as the mouse. It would be a great achievement for the Information Technology as well.

Since it is the beginning of the SixthSense applications, there will be lot of tough problems ahead the SixthSense application developers. The innovative camera is something that got applauds of the crowd in the demonstration.

Four rubber rings in the four fingers two in each can be used do draw a rectangular. It will be the area covered by the photograph. Then the photos can be taken to any interface for editing, managing the galleries and sharing. This is much controversial.


There is an inbuilt storage device where the data can be stored. When using a surface, the whole data is taken into that surface and stored in the device after the editing. And also the capturing device being so small like 4 rubber rings can be used to capture the photos of any location. Example using 2 fingers to send 5 seconds, 3 fingers to send 10 seconds likewise it can be done.

There are so many new applications to be developed in the near future. A remote controller for media devices can be implemented to be worked with fingers using this technology.

Except having the remote controller to send fast forward, rewind or next or previous options, a SixthSense device can be used. The current process of sending fast-forward or rewind with advanced options. Many games can be made using this technology.

Sixth sense technology seminar report

A car race using an imaginary steering wheel will be an attractive application. The player will have to drive the vehicle as a real one using his arms.

Technology documentation sense pdf sixth

The SixthSense tool kit will be a good replacement for the XBOX game kit and it will not be much expensive as it is said.

Other potential applications include:. Capture photos with fingers: Why to take camera on your holiday and no tension for the photo space as this Sixth Sense computer will work like your camera.

It captures the photo, when you make a square with your fingers, highlighting which one you want to frame. Phone Call: You can call to your friend by typing the numbers on your hand. It displays the keypad of the phone over your palm and the keys appear on the four finger. Use your other hand's finger to press the keys. Check the brand of the Product: It helps you to choose the best brand product from the super market.

Read Books easily: Check out the ratings of the Book you are going to buy, it checks the ratings from the internet. And another amazing thing is that it reads the book for you..

Did you saw the moving pictures of the Newspaper in the movie Harry Patter, it is quite similar to it. It Searches the most appropriate video from the web by seeing the headlines or the caption of the News report.

Check your Flight Status: You can check the status of the flight while you are on Taxi. Just place the ticket in front of the projector and it checks its status from the internet. SEE time without wearing wrist watch: Watches are ancient history now with the prevalence of cell phones.

This device interprets gestures made in the physical world and replicates them in the digital world. Next he gave the omni-present sticky note a digital makeover. Digitized sticky notes or Quickies set as reminders can jog your memory regarding tasks through an SMS or E-mail.

Jotting down a question on a quickie prints you the answer. All it takes to message someone on their cell phone is write a note on a quickie. All you have to do to get seamlessly connected with the digital world is wear simple pendant-like equipment consisting of a camera and a portable battery-powered projection system with a mirror a more modish version is just round the corner.

Sixth sense technology seminar report Uploaded by Prarthana Wahi. Seminar report on sixth sense technology Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. The hardware components are coupled in a pendant like mobile wearable device. Software program processes the video stream data captured by the camera Pranav Mistry says the SixthSense software will be open source.

The prototype of the sixth sense is deigned in a such a way that it gives more importance to the portability factor. All the devices are light in weight and the smart phone can easily fit into the users pocket. Multi touch and multi user interaction is another added feature of the sixth sense devices.

Multi sensing technique allows the user to interact with system with more than one than one finger at a time.. Sixth sense devices also in-cooperates multi user functionality. This is typically useful for large interaction scenarios such as interactive table tops and walls. The cost incurred for the construction of the sixth sense proto type is quiet low.

It was made from parts collected together from common devices. The sixth sense devices have not been made in large scale for commercial purpose.

Forming a connection between the real world and the digital world was the main aim of the sixth sense technology. With help of a sixth sense device the user can easily access data from any machine at real time speed. The data access through recognition of hand gestures is much easier and user friendlier compared to the text user interface or graphical user interface which requires keyboard or mouse.

With the advent of the sixth sense device, requirement of a platform or a screen to analyse and interpret the data has become obsolete. We can project the information into any any surface and can work and manage the data as per our convenience..

The software that is used to interpret and analysis the data collected bythe device is made open source. This enables other developers to contribute to the development of the system.

The sixth sense technology finds a lot of application in the modern world. The sixth sense devices bridge the gap by bringing the digital world into the real world and in that process allowing the users toiu interact with the information without the help of any machine interfaces.

Prototypes of the sixth sense device have demonstrated viability, usefulness and flexibility of this new technology. According to the words of its developers the extend of use of this new device is only limited by the imagination of human beings.

Some practical applications of the sixth sense technology is given below.

Technology sixth pdf sense documentation

By using the thumb and index fingers movements the user can zoom in, zoom out or pan the selected map. Another application of sixth sense devices is the implementation of a gestural camera.

This camera takes the photo of the location user is looking at by detecting the framing gesture. After taking the desired number of photos we can project them onto any surfaces and then use gestures to sort through those photos and organize and resize them. The user taking making a pose gesture The camera takes the photo of the location. The pictures that are drawn by the user can be stored and replaced on any other surface.

The user can also shuffle through various pictures and drawing by using the hand gesture movements. We can make calls with help of sixth sense device. The sixth sense device is used to project the keypad into your palm and the using that virtual keypad we can make calls to anyone.

The SixthSense system also helps to interact with physical objects we use in a better way. It augments physical objects by projecting more information about these objects projected on them. Similarly a newspaper can show live video news or dynamic information can be provided on a regular piece of paper. Newspaper showing live feeds an analog watch projected into the wrist. Sixth sense devices can be used for getting various information relating to our everyday life by getting in contact with objects.

Sixth sense technology uses marker technology or image recognition techniques to recognize the objects we pick in our hand and then provide information relating to that product.