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Blue jasmine script pdf

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BLUE JASMINE. Ginger and Augie drink. CHILI. Hey, remember to tell her when she gets here, okay. GINGER. Believe me. She won't care. She is half out the. The scripts are ostensibly placed online so that Academy voters, As far as we can tell, the Oscar-nominated screenplays for Blue Jasmine. latest, “Blue Jasmine,” he discovers a new American city, San Francisco, Allenʼs screenplay also plays out as a tale of two classes, with Jasmine and her One.

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Woody Allen's new drama BLUE JASMINE is about the dire consequences that can .. the script cuts back and forth between the San Francisco present and the . Read the Blue Jasmine full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode scripts and screencaps, cartoon. You know " Blue Moon?" - Sure. I still remember that. And one more year. and I would have graduated. But I quit BU to marry him. I mean, what was I learning.

Here, for doing your duty. Born to different moms and dads, but raised by the same morn and dad. Okay, how about Tuesday the 22nd at 9? Who's that woman you were talking to? No, I agree. That's why I'd tell him. The fireplaces work.

Couldn't get back in time. Know what? You missed a nice little party. My friend Dennis sang. He's great.

Pdf blue jasmine script

Dennis Rackabuto. Hey-- Hal! You remember Ginger. Oh, my gosh. How are you? This is Augie. How you doing? Hell of a place you got. Why don't you come through? Told you. Yvette, coffee? This is really Yeah, she's got taste. It's like what you see in the movies.

We have so much to catch up on. Can't wait for you to show us New York. Why don't you take our car and driver? Well, I hope you're gonna come. I mean, how often am I here?

No, no, I will definitely make some time. Oh, good. Heh, heh. Where are you staying? Oh, well, we-- We thought about asking if we could stay with you, but we don't wanna impose, so we got a room at the Marriott. Oh, the Marriott's perfect. I'll have my office contact them and forward us the bill. Oh, no. No, no, no, it's not necessary.

Please, you're our guests. I insist. Oh, well, then we insist on taking you two to dinner tonight. We have dinner plans. I don't think we can-- Something we can't get out of.

There'll be time. We stashed the kids with Augie's sister, we're here for a week. It's gonna be great. It is. Well, we don't have a lot of free time, but we'll definitely take you to Le Cirque, won't we? I mean, or Daniel. I mean-- They'd get a kick out of that. Yeah, absolutely. I know your birthday is this week. Let us at least take you out for that.

I love how you're doing your hair. Oh, thanks. You'll have to take me shopping. You always could pick clothes. Don't worry, I don't need to borrow money. We're flush. Yeah, What kind of work do you do, Augie? Well, you know, I do, like, repairs, furniture moving, but I got plans to be my own boss.

We'll talk about it over dinner. They're going out. Hey, could we have a tour? Oh, yeah, of course. Why don't you start in the kitchen? Is there a little girls' room? Just down the hall. Five days. I'll have to invite them to my birthday party now. Where did she come up with him? I always feel so guilty around Ginger. We've got to make sure we make their stay extra nice. My God, five days. It's so beautiful.

Oh, but where would I wear a Fendi bag? Oh, go ahead. It's my treat. Take the other one off. No, I like this. I mean, this is unreal. Reminds me of when I was a kid. I used to be a lifeguard. Start your own construction company? Great idea. We came into some money. Tell him how, Augie. We've been saving this story. Well, the first , 12,, I really worked for.

Put away a little each week.

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But he's not telling you the big news. Why we're in New York. You tell them. Okay, I will. We always play the lottery, and we never even get two numbers. Am I right? But last week, we hit it. We got , bucks. Oh, that's fantastic. I thought I'd drop dead. That's great. I never held that kind of money in my hands. I mean, ever. He was shaking when we won. You had to see her.

I had to tell her, this is a once-in-a-lifetime. He wants to begin a business. What do you think? Well, if you like, I think Hal could probably help you do better.

You know-- You know, I'm no gambler. I mean, not with my one chance to-- Hey, come on. We don't know the first thing about money, but he does. First thing is how not to give half your money to the government. Look, I know there's taxes, but, I mean, what can I do? There are ways.

You see, Augie? You see? Suppose I put you in a venture that was low-risk, but very high-yield. I'm not talking about 6 or 7 percent.

Read the Oscar-Nominated Screenplays … and More Scripts from 2013 Films

I'm talking about 20 percent. Profitable enough? He's developing a group of hotels in the Caribbean. You mean, not starting my own business. No, we mean investing with Hal. Jeez, investing what?

You mean the whole thing? You need money to make money. Let them in on one of your--? The hotel deal or something. It'd be great for them. Make a killing. Pay attention, Augie. I'm paying attention. You will make money for them, won't you? I make money, they make money. God, they're hard work. Tomorrow I'm taking the day off. I've neglected everything, my yoga, my Pilates. I've got that luncheon to plan, the fundraiser for the Central Park Conservancy. I've rented them a limo and a driver, and I've suggested they go to the South Street Seaport.

Here, for doing your duty. Happy birthday. I'm giving it to you now so you can wear it to your party tomorrow night. Oh, sweetheart, it's beautiful. Not bad taste for a philistine businessman, huh? Oh, look at that. He surprised me in the tub, so to speak.

Corsica's a bore. The weather's nice, but it's nothing like Sardinia. This year you are coming to Palm Beach, no excuses. Hey, Jasmine.

Who's that woman? That one. Oh, Raylene. She's a friend. I love Raylene. We met in a yoga class. Isn't she pretty? She runs a modeling agency. How long have you known her? Few years. And you trust her? Trust her? Of course I trust her. What kind of question is that? She just seems so cozy all night with your husband. I wouldn't worry.

Hal's not the roving type, nor is Raylene. She's a very close friend. I don't know. If it was my husband, I'd keep an eye on him. Goodness, you are a suspicious one. I'm just saying. Just relax. I am relaxed. You shouldn't drink so much, Augie. Nobody wants to hear those stupid Polish jokes, you know? Oh, I had a drink? Let me tell you, you were half in the bag the entire night, okay? Tell me about my drinking. Give me that. What's eating you? If you saw your friend's wife kissing another guy, would you tell your friend?

Would you tell your friend? I'm talking. Tell him what? Are you listening to me? Would you tell him? Bet your ass I'd tell him. But what if it causes trouble? Or maybe a divorce? If you don't say anything, it could've been a passing thing. He never knows and he lives on happy with his wife. You know, I would tell him, because that's what a friend's for. You gotta have his back. That's why I'd tell him.

It's a tough call, Augie. What are we doing? Are we playing charades? I mean, come on. Did you see something? On the street, by accident. I saw Hal kissing that brunette who was at the party. You saw Hal kiss Raylene? You know her name too? My God, she gets around. Oh, we were introduced. Come on, you got nothing to worry about.

Texto: Blue Jasmine () Movie Script

Nobody could ever take your place. Yeah, believe me, I wasn't thinking she'd look at you. Nobody would ever look at me, right?

You looked at me. Yeah, once. It was a mistake. All right, listen. You think Hal's banging her? When Jasmine don't wanna know something, she's got a habit of looking the other way. Thank you for my present. I got so many comments. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and that piano player was-- He was fantastic. I got his card. What were you, uh, talking to Raylene so intensely about? Oh, uh, her husband is thinking about getting his own plane.

I was just weighing the pros and cons for her of a Challenger versus a, uh-- Gulf stream? Yeah, yeah, yeah. She's so pretty. Bill's out of town for a couple weeks and she'll be all alone.

I thought maybe we could take her out to dinner or have her over here. This is silly, Ginger. It's Sunday. It's his day off. He wants to spend it alone with you. He's alone with me plenty. If I'm gonna marry Chili, you're gonna meet him sooner than later. I told him we'd show you the town. Well, he won't want your sister around. Will you stop it? This city is so beautifully European.

Have you ever been abroad? At all? We used to sail from Saint-Tropez to Cannes and up the coast to Monaco. It reminds me of the Mediterranean. There's Chili. Which one? Who's that with him? Hi, hey. You look beautiful. You smell good too. You're late. Nice to meet you. This is Jasmine. Jasmine, hi. I'm Eddie. This is Eddie. I'm Jasmine. Ginger told me about you. Oh, all good, I hope. I gotta tell you, I was all set to move in with your sister. Then she tells me that we gotta postpone because her sister's in town.

He's joking. Well, I hope I didn't inconvenience you. It was an emergency. Things happen. Right, Eddie? Could've happened to anybody. Told me you never been here, don't know anybody, so I brought along this sad excuse for a blind date. Best he could do on short notice. He works with me. I gotta get a beer. You want a beer? Can I buy you a drink? I have a drink, but thank you. I'm dropping dead of hunger. This place has the best clams. You like clams, Jasmine? No, no, no. I'm not hungry.

What the hell are you drinking? Let me see. What is this? Is it vodka? This place has the best clams in the city. The best are at Manero's. You're nuts. They don't even compare. Who cares? This place is good too. They're fresh. That's the thing with clams. You get a bad clam, you'll wish you were never born. So, what do you do, Jasmine? I told you, she just got here. She's looking for a job. I know a dentist who's looking for help. Oh, yeah? No, I'm actually thinking of going back to school.

To study what? I mean, the biggest mistake I made was leaving college in my last year and not completing my education. What would you be? An anthropologist.

Like digging up old fossils? That's an archaeologist.

Ginger told me the whole story. That must be terrible, right? Her husband, he owned racehorses. Is that so? Oh, yes, yes, for a year or two, Hal became quite obsessed with thoroughbreds. So, what are you gonna study in college? Let me guess. A nurse. Is that how I impress you? A nurse? You got something against nurses? My sister's a nurse. Nurses are very hot to go to bed with. They have extensive knowledge of how the human body works.

Careful what you accuse my sister of. Just saying, I know good nurses. Chili, why don't you change the subject? You think you're being charming, but you're not. You always stare into space like that? I had a friend who used to do that, but there was something wrong with him. He was epileptic. I'm not epileptic. If you see the waitress, I'd like another Stoli martini.

What are you gonna study? Leave her alone. It's like the third time you asked. She hasn't answered. I don't know, but I'll be sure to keep you informed. Oh, okay, sorry. I'll back off. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be curt.

Script pdf jasmine blue

I just don't know what I'm gonna do with the rest of my life. What do you wanna do? Why don't we take her to see the sights? Then back to my place. She likes vodka. But then he made it back, and more. I mean, much more. God, he was dynamic. Taught me everything I know about real lovemaking Believe me when I tell you. They tried six medications on me. Cocktails, they call them. The only cocktail that helped was a Stoli martini. I never trusted doctors.

Doctors put both my parents in early graves. I have never been to San Francisco. And Hal and I traveled everywhere. I hear it's beautiful. I'll be staying with my sister, Ginger. She's divorced. Biologically, she's not my sister. She's adopted. We're both adopted. I couldn't stand her ex-husband. He used to hit her.

That's mine. The Vuitton.

Blue Jasmine (2013) Movie Script

My plan is to start a new life out here. Put everything behind me and start fresh. Go West. Was it Horace Greeley who said that? It was really nice talking to you. Oh, I'll call you, maybe for lunch. I don't have your number. Osage County. Blue Jasmine. Dallas Buyers Club. Fruitvale Station. The Grandmaster. Inside Llewyn Davis.

Long Walk to Freedom. Muscle Shoals. One Chance. The Place Beyond the Pine Trees. A special thanks to Wendy Cohen for tracking script downloads for us! There will be more to come, so enjoy the bounty and honor the writing by reading these scripts! That is one of the keys to learning the craft. Comment Archive. Sign in Get started. Award season screenplay downloads 37 scripts!