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FLASHPOINT: THE OUTSIDER. FLASHPOINT: HAL JORDAN. FLASHPOINT: PROJECT SUPERMAN. lesforgesdessalles.info 1. 4/12/ Read Flashpoint () comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. This is the collection point of the Flashpoint comic/graphic novel/whatever you want to call it. The animated movie Flashpoint Paradox is based.

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Flashpoint (Complete Collection) (): “Flashpoint” is an American comic book crossover story arc published by DC Comics. Consisting of. Flashpoint (TPB) () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, Oni. Flashpoint – Booster Gold () Flashpoint – The World of Flashpoint 01 (of 03) () Flashpoint – Batman Knight of Vengeance 03 (of 03) ().

Sep 30, John Yelverton rated it it was amazing. But one thing the show does well is explaining it all and making it all easy to chew for viewers. I liked reading Flashpoint, as with many other series written by Geoff John Past Crisis-level with the exception of Identity Crisis crossovers of DC are either multiverse-wide cataclysms or a war with the gods. Even so, I wanted to give him a try, and I'm happy I started with this. Sort order. In other media Animated films Justice League:

If you loved his work in DC Universe Rebirth 1, this should be definitely on your read list. I went back and read The Flash: Rebirth , The Flash, Vol. The Road to Flashpoint and then read Flashpoint again. I'm elevating my rating to four stars, because I genuinely liked this story, but I do think there are some flaws.

The previous volumes helped support his need to and desire to "fix" things, but the revelation of him having changed it, deciding to change it back came and went so quickly.

Maybe one issue more would have been enough. Long term, I'm still not quite sure how this created the New 52 Universe hide spoiler ] For some reason this felt "smaller" than what I was expecting. Perhaps because I thought this was at the level of a Crisis story, resulting in the New 52 Universe, or my expectations were too high. It's a good story with a fairly simple but strong emotional core, not only for the Flash but for Batman as well. Only after reading it and mulling it over do you realize what the ramifications of it truly mean.

So it comes off as a pretty big Flash story where Barry does something wrong, yet you can understand where he was coming from, but it's a sneaky epic story that will ripple across the DC Universe. I didn't know beforehand that Andy Kubert did the art and boy have I missed seeing his work.

It really looks fantastic. He had some small quirks before with anatomy but those are gone now but he still retains his style.

The premiere of the new Flash television series gave Comixology and DC Comics a reason to markdown some excellent digital collections that I just found it the right time to read Flashpoint by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert.

My impression of DC crossovers was that a single artist is usually unable to draw it for the entire duration of a miniseries; examples would be Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis.

I was impressed by how Andy Kubert managed to provide full pencils for the entire 5-issue miniseries, The premiere of the new Flash television series gave Comixology and DC Comics a reason to markdown some excellent digital collections that I just found it the right time to read Flashpoint by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. I was impressed by how Andy Kubert managed to provide full pencils for the entire 5-issue miniseries, It really provided a uniform visual style that in itself was appealing.

The writing was done by the reliable Geoff Johns and I think he outdid himself here with a dystopic version of Earth without its major heroes. With Kubert churning out the best work of his life, I wished this was longer than five issues. This miniseries was important for DC. Not only did it bring to prominence one of its iconic characters that often is overshadowed by the World Finest duo in Batman and Superman; it restarted the entire DC superhero line giving us the polarizing New For better or for worse, Flashpoint changed the DC superhero line.

Taken as a single story, Johns and Kubert managed to give comicbook fans a memorable story. Jan 03, StoryTellerShannon rated it really liked it Shelves: How did he do it? You'll have to read the book but know that the DC world has changed: Bruce Wayne was murdered so his father is a more brutal Batman, Superman came to Earth but is a test prisoner of the military, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are disgruntled lovers with no loyalties to humanity who are literally tearing the globe apart and the list goes on and on.

The animated movie follows this graphic novel very well, by the way. Evocative artwork with an epic scope. B plus. Oct 01, Leah rated it really liked it. Full review later. Unlimited, I don't know much about the character or his life.

Even so, I wanted to give him a try, and I'm happy I started with this. It was dark, disturbing and really fascinating to read.

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The artwork was great, and I really enjoyed the plot. Definitely interested in trying out more Flash comics in the future. Jul 31, Aaron rated it really liked it Shelves: A five-part DC Comics event from , focusing on the Flash.

Comic pdf flashpoint

Barry Allen wakes up one day in a world where every hero friend he has is either absent or changed dramatically including himself - he's lost his powers, his mom is alive, Iris West has no idea who he is.

Wonder Woman and Aquaman are warring leaders of their respective nations, have decimated Europe, and are on their way to sinking the UK. Barry has no clue what's going on, and his only hope lies in the almost familiar form of Bat A five-part DC Comics event from , focusing on the Flash. Barry has no clue what's going on, and his only hope lies in the almost familiar form of Batman. The conclusion of this event view spoiler [rewrote the DC timeline hide spoiler ] and kicked off yet another reboot of the DC Universe in the form of the " New 52 ".

The general dislike I've seen for Geoff Johns stumps me when he turns out a concise, fun, creative time traveling event like this with a heart and a nice twist at the end. It's frenetic and the number of characters makes it sometimes hard to pick up on who's important and who isn't, but those are typical symptoms of the large casts of crossover events. Johns keeps these things managable and focuses on the Flash's efforts to undertand where he is and how to fix it - a seemingly impossible task for one unpowered labrat.

Some of the revelations about what happened to our familiar heroes are fun and logical, forming an entirely new and darker DC Universe that hangs together well. Compared to other time traveling stories I've read from Marvel relatively recently - Days of Future Past , Age of Apocalypse , Age of Ultron - this one is easier to follow, has better pacing, and does the same amount in fewer issues. Like the two Ages, there are a lot of "sidestory" books, but they tell stories from the alternate timeline and aren't necessary to follow the main event.

Andy Kubert's art is good as well and fits the darker tone of the story, but I did miss the bright, optimistic designs of Francis Manapul. Jun 04, James DeSantis rated it really liked it. Cross overs can be really bad. Hardly do we get good ones. Flashpoint decides to make it grand yet small. Where there's stakes but it focuses only on a few characters like Thomas Wayne Batman and Cyborg, and of course our main lead Barry The Flash.

Barry has screwed up and now he needs to fix it, so is this event worth checking out? What I liked: The art is ver Cross overs can be really bad.

The art is very solid.

Pdf flashpoint comic

It has a lot of dower moments but filled with hope mostly cause of flash also this is pretty bloody. This is def a interesting outlook on the DC world. The story is also pretty solid. Flash is a great main lead here and deserves it as he is always the MOST hopeful of all the heroes. Watching him get the spotlight was fun.

Thomas Wayne is great as Batman. A radically different Batman yet still holds true to his style. I also gotta say the final issue is outstanding and hits a lot of emotions that the series needed before jumping into New What I didn't like: You miss a lot of backstory.

Pdf flashpoint comic

I would have liked another pages to get the emotional connection of characters like Superman, Wonder Women, Aquaman and so on. I know can collect the others but it should have been included here in the big style version of this book. Overall this is very much worth reading. You can read it without any real past knowledge.

Also giving the flash the spotlight even though he's to blame actually haha is nice. I'ma go with a 3. Dec 24, Sud rated it really liked it Shelves: Flashpoint was the series that started the New I think-it's hard to keep track of the reboots, so I won't.

Let's just view the story for what it is. Barry Allen wakes up to a new world. His mother is alive and that's great. But the world has turned to shit. Nothing is the same. Wonder Woman has conquered England and wages a ferocious war against Aquaman and Atlantis.

Meanwhile Cyborg is trying to recruit a group of super-heroes and villains to stop them. Here we run into Batman, but it's Thom Flashpoint was the series that started the New Here we run into Batman, but it's Thomas Wayne.

I rather liked this even darker and grimmer Batman.

It looks like Thawne, Reverse Flash, has changed the time stream.. That I shall not answer. On the whole a really cool story and one I enjoyed. The different settings and outlooks for the superheroes was rather interesting and of particular note is Batman and Superman. Geoff Johns writes another fun D. The artwork is well done as well. So if you like an Elseworlds type of setting then you will enjoy this series. View 1 comment.

Jul 14, Anna rated it liked it. I do like it better than the cartoon, but I felt like the plot was pretty paper-thin even for an else-when story.

I still think that Batman: Earth One series that Johns is part of is the superior comic. And yes, if I want more story for this one, there are like a bajillion tie-ins.

But according to a lot of people they suck, so why bother? Good concept, weak execution, bright side being that the art is superior to a lot of the crap I've subjected my eyes to over the past couple of years. Mar 15, Mike rated it it was ok Shelves: Re-read Sept More painful the second time around?

This book feels like DC's Ultimatum - overwrought, unnecessarily over the top, with badly-written dialogue and a decent sense of art and action from the artists. A simple story that's been tarted up beyond any bounds of decency, just for the sake of spectacle. Kinda like Injustice: Gods Among Us, without the fun and w Re-read Sept Gods Among Us, without the fun and with all manner of ham-handed fan service appearances by second-rate characters.

Overacting is catching like bulimia at a cheerleaders' competition: This exposition couldn't go into an introspective thought balloon, or a TV reporter head-and-shoulders shot?

Why the hell would a presumably-smart man explain something to another smart man that he just said he knows?!? The simple story would be good enough, and there's no reason for Escalation To Apocalyptic Proportions. But Geoff Johns had a blank slate and a get-out-of-writer's-jail-free card from the get-go, so why the hell not splatter the scenery with blood, spite and misery?

But on second thought, the Big Reveal feels a little overwrought too, and I think without years of history of the Flash and others to understand why these are unusual acts by usual players, the gravitas just floats away like so much fluff.

This book starts off like a half-assed "What If? But haven't we seem this premise a hundred times? Boy, does Reverse Flash have need of a Prince Albert or a less-clingy costume. Reminds me a little of Love Sausage from The Boys. And then, deus ex machina, the out-of-nowhere explanation for the fact of three timelines why only three?

Really, PJ, that's all you had to do was a little hand-waving and all of a sudden Vertigo, Wildstorm and DC were instantly married together?

Stupendous, wish I'd thought of such a convenient mechanism myself. Oh, and decent art - Kubert shouldn't be blamed for this underwear stain.

View all 3 comments. Sep 01, Kyle rated it liked it Shelves: I'm not sure this warranted an entire reboot of the DC Universe. But, honestly, I think they had an endgame in sight when creating this story-arc, and so took any steps necessary to get to that endgame, sacrificing plausibility for convenience.

It makes no sense why strike number two would work, but strike number one would not. After establishing so well at the beginning of this series that The Flash can not travel through time the same way that The Reverse Flash can, conveniently, Barry Allen can take a few steps forward and enter the time stream to fix everything in a flash.

Lame storytelling. And why would their merging produce a New 52 universe? Clearly they had been co-existing before Flashpoint with no need to reboot the universe.

Why now? I know this often happens in comic books, but this is an extreme case of it. When this happens, it always points to the writer and tells me that Johns really didn't know how he was getting there, he simply knew where it had to go. Wayne as Batman idea I think we needed a bigger crisis to warrant the reboot of the DCU timeline, something that would throw all three DC universes at each other, involving a panoply of characters.

Instead we are presented with a very personal event in the life of Barry Allen, and because of his individual slip up, the entire DCU is redefined.

This needed to be on a grander scale in order to work for me. Similar stories have been told in the past and usually they end with a "He woke up and it all felt like a dream" ending. If reading DC in the 's has taught me anything, it is that Ret-Con defines everything.

Writers simply tell whatever story they want and let all the details get figured out in subsequent issues. I can only hope that the New 52 helps me understand what I seem to be missing in Flashpoint.

I started reading comics with the first volumes of the New 52, so i've always been curious about the event that led to its formation. I also love the story of Flashpoint Batman and was pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to wait until his tie-in to see him in action.

His first scene in Flashpoint is a memorable one, hunting down an alternate version of Harley Quinn and showing his drastically different approach to dealing with criminals.

Imagine my disappointment then, when the story as a who I started reading comics with the first volumes of the New 52, so i've always been curious about the event that led to its formation. Barry Allen plays a prominent role, but at the expense of all the interesting characters you see briefly along the way. Anyone can just copy the lightning and chemicals trick and gain the power of the Speed Force? At just five issues, this is a pretty short event that often feels like a teaser for the Flashpoint tie-ins.

It's not a bad read overall, but it feels light on substance for such an important story. It's telling that my favourite part was the last scene.

Pdf flashpoint comic

Set in the New 52 timeline, it at least ends the story on a genuinely emotional note. Overall though, while i'm glad i've gained more insight into how DC got to the New 52, Flashpoint isn't a book i'd care to read again.

Dec 02, Sesana rated it liked it Shelves: This will go down in history as the justification for New And as that, it's a step above a Superboy punch. I think the biggest problem here is the length. There's only five issues in Flashpoint, which is almost insanely short for an event of this magnitude.

We barely get a chance to see this new world. I understand that a lot of the exposition is actually handled in the side miniseries', but since I didn't read those, I had no clue what motivated Wonder Woman or Aquaman. What is actually on This will go down in history as the justification for New What is actually on the page is decently written, though, and there are a few really effective moments scattered through there. I imagine that, with another couple of issues, this would have been a much better and more interesting series.

Jul 16, Logan rated it it was amazing. Before i was able to buy this book, i watched the Animated movie adaption and liked the story! I didn't like the over the top violence though! But this book is not that violent, so that's good.

I just found it interesting how certain characters like Batman can be so changed just by a paradox. Batman was probably the best part of this book though! I know, i know this is a flash story but i was just geeking out! But anyway the story takes place when the timeline has been altered and Barry Allen is Before i was able to buy this book, i watched the Animated movie adaption and liked the story! But anyway the story takes place when the timeline has been altered and Barry Allen is not the flash, the justice leagues timelines are also altered so the justice league could never be formed!

Flashpoint is a interesting altered dc universe which i think was excellently done! I highly recommend this book! Sep 30, John Yelverton rated it it was amazing. This book blew me away. Every page contained a shocking revelation that made me keep turning to the next page. Everything that was standard in all the DC book series was completely up for grabs.

Watching The Flash 's brilliant first season has piqued my interest in the original source material for the Scarlet Speedster. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see the five-part mini-series Flashpoint sitting in a collected edition on my library's shelf. I'd heard good things about it from the animated version which I haven't seen yet and from a bookmark my library was giving away with a listing of essential DC graphic novels or collected comics, if you prefer that term.

Barry Allen wakes up Watching The Flash 's brilliant first season has piqued my interest in the original source material for the Scarlet Speedster. Barry Allen wakes up one day to find the world has entirely changed. Superman isn't on the scene, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are leading their respective peoples in a battle for dominance of the Earth and Batman isn't Batman.

Add to all this that Barry doesn't have his powers, but he has memories of having them.

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Turns out Barry went back in time to save his mother from dying and sent the entire world as we know it on an entirely different time line. Of course, there is a nefarious force at work behind all of this, manipulating Barry into doing this but that reveal doesn't come until the end of the fourth issue. The real highlights of this issue are the first and the last one. The first one creates a sense of paranoia and the "something ain't right feeling" that permeates many of the best episode of modern Trek.

The cliffhanger to end part one is a thing of beauty and one of those moments that really make you take a step back and look at just how different this world that Barry has created is. The other moment comes at the end when Barry has "put right what once went wrong" and made the leap back to his DC universe and his delivery of a note from a father to a son. It's a moment that is completely and totally moving and one that's earned by much of the story and history that has come before.

In between these two moments, there's a lot of story and a lot of getting the band together as Barry and this reality's Batman must assemble the Justice League to try and stop Aquaman and Wonder Woman. In many ways, this universe feels like the timeline Biff created when he stole the Sports Almanac and gave it to his younger self in Back to the Future, Part II.

I will admit I did question why the big bad of this whole plot bothers to show up and gloat over Barry, though I suppose if he didn't, we couldn't have three or four pages of exposition told to us and everything neatly explained. Part of me feels like the story was rushed at points, while other parts it felt like things were taking too long.

An entire issue devoted to Barry getting his powers back feels a bit too much, but there are some ideas like the fact that Superman has been kept locked up and out of the sunlight for many years that feel like they're not given the time they need to fully breath. I'm not one who usually thinks that a comic book storyline should be expanded quite frankly, it feels like too many these days are expanded just to sell more issues but in the case of Flashpoint perhaps a bit more exploration of the alternate universe might have been nice or given the story a bit more depth.

In the end, the story is enjoyable enough despite a few weaknesses. I tried to read this collected comic in single issue installments and not all at once. I think the story may have benefited from that a bit. Jan 29, Joaquin Garza rated it liked it Shelves: De cualquier modo, hubo momentos conmovedores el final y el triste destino de mi querido Billy Batson y la historia se siente pulida.

No muy original, pero pulida. Mar 15, Martin rated it liked it Shelves: This was much better than I thought it would be. A brisk 5-issue event whose purpose was to set the stage for "The New 52", DC Comics' line-wide reboot, "Flashpoint" is a fast-paced, topsy-turvy exploration of what happens when someone tries to alter the past for the better, of course.

But, hey, the road to Hell is paved with the best intentions, as the saying goes, and Hell on Earth is exactly what Barry Allen The Flash wakes up to. Now some people might complain that the reasons for this war are never even a little revealed, and I'm okay with that. This way we skip one, maybe two issues filled with exposition.

Besides, if the reader wants to know more about the Flashpoint universe, there are always the tie-in issues and trade paperback collections readily available. But I have to give some props to DC for keeping the tie-ins limited in number, something Marvel could look into, instead of having most of their ongoing series go into "tie-in mode" every six-to-twelve months especially when the main Event sucks something fierce!

That's it for now, gotta run! View all 5 comments. Book Review: Flashpoint 1 2 Oct 31, Flashpoint 2 14 Aug 25, In its end, the series radically changes the status quo for the DC Universe leading into the publisher's relaunch, the New Flashpoint details an altered DC Universe in which only Barry Allen seems to be aware of significant differences between the regular timeline and the altered one, including Cyborg 's place as the world's quintessential hero much like how Superman is in the main timeline, with Superman himself being held captive as a lab-rat by the United States government within an underground facility in Metropolis.

Consisting of a 61 issue run, the series crossed over with Booster Gold , sixteen separate three-issue miniseries, and a number of one-shots beginning in June The storyline is loosely adapted in the film Justice League: Barry Allen wakes up to discover everything and everyone around him has changed. He is not Flash , nor does he have powers. His mother Nora deceased in his own timeline is alive; his father, Henry, died of a heart attack three years ago instead of in prison.

Captain Cold is Central City 's greatest hero, the Justice League was never established, and even Superman is seemingly nonexistent. In Gotham City , Batman throws a criminal off a building. Cyborg and Batman have a conference with a group of superheroes to discuss how Wonder Woman 's Amazons have conquered the British Isles , while Aquaman 's Atlanteans have sunk the rest of Western Europe , and the battle between the two has caused massive death and destruction.

America is similarly endangered. The heroes cannot cooperate to find a solution, and the meeting is ended. Barry Allen drives to the Batcave , where Batman attacks him. Batman is revealed to be Thomas Wayne —in this timeline his son, Bruce, was killed by the robber instead of his wife and him, with Thomas having killed the robber just after that murder took place, Martha went insane and became The Joker in this timeline.

In the flooded remains of Paris , Deathstroke captains a pirate ship in search of his daughter. Emperor Aquaman appears and stabs Deathstroke in the chest and attacks Deathstroke's crew Sonar , Icicle , and Clayface. Sonar is able to remove a piece of the trident from Deathstroke's chest and heal him. Barry's memory begins to spontaneously realign itself to the altered timeline and Barry realizes that the world of Flashpoint is not a parallel dimension, but an alternate reality.

Barry's ring ejects Eobard Thawne 's Reverse-Flash costume and causes Barry to believe that his enemy is responsible for changing history. Barry decides to recreate the accident that gave him his powers in a bid to undo the damage caused by Thawne, but his initial attempt fails and leaves him badly burned.

Wonder Woman catches him by the neck with her Lasso of Truth and begins interrogating him. He explains that he was hired to extract Lane from New Themyscira because she was sent to gather information on the Amazons for Cyborg.

The U. Cyborg is relieved of duty as Element Woman sneaks into the headquarters. Meanwhile, in New Themyscira, Lane encounters the Resistance. A second attempt at recreating Allen's accident restores his powers and health. He concludes that the Reverse-Flash changed history to prevent the formation of the Justice League.

He also learns that Kal-El was taken by Project: The three find a pale, weakened Superman at the Project and realize that he may well have been in a containment cell since he was a child—possibly never even seeing a human being before.

After being rescued, Superman flies off in seeming fright in the midst of a battle with the guards, leaving the three in the sewers to be rescued by Element Woman. The president announces Cyborg's failure to unite the world's superheroes and the U. Flash, Batman, Cyborg, and Element Woman break down the door in need of the Marvel Family 's help and Batman asks Billy to use his lightning to prevent Flash's memories from changing even further.

The group hears of the failed air assault on England due to the Amazons' Invisible Plane air force. Hal Jordan , who had not become Green Lantern in this timeline, is the first casualty, and a giant Atlantean-generated tidal wave threatens the rest of New Themyscira.

Flash tells Batman that if he fails to stop Thawne, the world will destroy itself. Despite reservations, Batman joins Flash as the group heads off to New Themyscira. Enchantress joins them en route. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are fighting one-on-one until Flash and his team arrive.

Captain Thunder attacks Wonder Woman and appears to be winning until Enchantress reveals herself as the Amazon spy in the Resistance and uses her magic to restore the Marvel Family to their mortal forms.


Penthesilea who was secretly one of the conspirators of the Atlanteans-Amazons war, along with Orm kills Billy Batson, causing a massive explosion that cripples the opposing forces. In the wake of the devastation, Thawne appears in front of Flash. Barry pulled the entire Speed Force into himself to stop Thawne, transforming the timeline by shattering the history of his allies. Thawne resets Barry's internal vibrations, enabling him to remember this. According to Thawne, these actions transformed him into a living paradox, no longer requiring Barry to exist and allowing him to kill the Flash without erasing his own existence.

Thawne continues to taunt Barry with this knowledge until Batman kills him with an Amazonian sword. As the fight continues, Superman arrives and begins to aid the heroes, first by landing hard enough to crush the Enchantress under his feet. Thomas insists that Barry put history back to normal to undo the millions of deaths. Meanwhile, Cyborg detects seismic activity which he claims could destroy the world.

Waves start to approach. Now knowing the point of divergence, the Flash restores the timeline. As he enters the timestream, a dying Thomas thanks him for giving his son a second chance and gives Barry a letter addressed to Bruce.

Flashpoint (Complete Collection) () – GetComics

Barry then meets with his mother and bids a tearful farewell to her. Traveling back in time, Barry merges with his earlier self during the attempt to stop Thawne. A mysterious hooded figure tells him that the world was split into three to weaken them for an impending threat , and must now be reunited to combat it. The DC, Vertigo, and Wildstorm universes are then merged, but unbeknownst to Barry and the hooded figure later revealed to be a cursed immortal Pandora , the mentioned threat intervened and removed 10 years of history from DC characters which created instead a brand new DC Universe.

Barry then wakes up in a similar manner to the beginning of Flashpoint, also retaining all his memories from the alternate timeline. Believing that everything is over, Barry remembers Thomas' letter and gives it to Bruce, who is still Batman in this timeline. Bruce, deeply touched by his father's sacrifice to ensure his son's life, cries and expresses his gratitude to Barry for informing him of the events that transpired before the timeline was reset.

The series is collected into a number of volumes:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.