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Grammar scan .pdf

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When getting the book Grammar Scan By Michael Swan, David Baker by online, you can read them anywhere you are. Yeah, also you are in the train, bus. MICHAEL SWAN DAVID BAKER Grammar Scan Diagnostic tests for Practical English Usage Third Edition OXF ORD. Understanding lesforgesdessalles.info .. Grammar Scan includes diagnostic tests at Upper-Intermediate (29 tests), Advanced (29 tests) Grammar Scan Answer Key .pdf.

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Documents Similar To Grammar Scan Answer Key. lesforgesdessalles.info Practice makes perfect - Intermediate English Grammar for ESL Learners - 2nd Edition. grammar scan - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. DOWNLOAD PDF Oxford Practice Grammar: Basic: with Answer Key · Read more Grammar Scan: Diagnostic Tests for Practical English Usage · Read more.

She always looks buys it. I took three hours to get home last night. My wife loves dancing A. Have you seen my camera? See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. She's eaten both of chops.

Oxford English for Careers Oil and Gas 1. Leave a comment English Books Daily Jun 3, at 9: English Books Daily Apr 30, at 9: English Books Daily May 10, at 9: Marianna Pascal - Say it better in English - English for socializing. English for presentations. Santos Mateus pinned post 7 Jul English Books Daily Sep 27, at 7: English Books Daily Aug 15, at 9: Speaking and Listening. Macmillan Exam Skills for Russia Grammar and vo.. L--J 6 Right or wrong? If wrong, write the correct form.

Scan .pdf grammar

He oughts to understand. Do we ought to go now? She ought see a dentist. L--l 7 Right or wrong? I ought to call you yesterday, but I'm afraid I forgot. I use to smoke 20 cigarettes a day but I really want to give up soon. I used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day but I gave up three years ago. You seem to work, working, to be working harder than usual this month.

Why's she so late? She can't still I'm sorry not to come, have come, to have come on lhursday. You should told, have told, to have told me you were coming today. Try to not be late. Try not to be late. Try to don't be late.

I watched her B. In the end, she let me her bags from the baggage hall. Why not a holiday? She wanted that I write to her. She wanted I write to her. She wanted me to write to her.

He's the oldest athlete who has ever won an Olympic gold medal. He's the oldest athlete ever to win an Olympic gold medal. I'd like something that wID stop my toothache. I'd like something to stop my toothache. Did you tell her which pills she should take? Did you tell her which pills to take? I don't know what to say. I wonder who to ask.

I can't decide whether to reply. What should we do if there's a fire? Whatto do if there's a fire? When it was my tum, I stood up to speak.

To read documents carefully before signing them is very important. It is very important to read documents carefully before signing them. I'm very happy Is there anybody for Louise to play with in the village? Knowing not what to do, I went home. J 2 Right or wrong? Fred's smoking really annoyed her. He smoking really annoyed her. His smoking really annoyed her.

J 3 Which word s can complete the question correctly? Do you mind them, their, they smoking?

.pdf grammar scan

It was so nice you. At last I've managed to stop Upper Intermediate. I've finished reading, to read the book you recommended. I've given up C. Ihope smoking, to smoke. I like the idea to the seaside. Before starting, to start your car, always check the mirrors. He's talking about. You mustn't drive your car without to insure it first. Can I give you a lift? Did you drive to work?

As she walked out, she was smiling. She walked out smiling. I was really interesting, interested in the film I saw yesterday, but the complicated plot made me conjusing, conjused. People have written too many books about the Second World War. Too many books have been written about the Second World War. I have not yet analysed the results of the experiment. The results of the experiment have not yet been analysed. My husband is preparing lunch now. Lunch is prepared now.

Lunch is being prepared now. Lunch is preparing now. The company has promoted Bill. Bill is promoted by the company. Bill has promoted by the company. Bill has been promoted by the company.

We were questioning by the police for several hours. We were put in the police cells overnight. In the morning, we have released. J 7 Change the sentences into passive sentences with the same meaning.

Grammar Scan Answer Key

We pay them a lot of money for doing very little. They will never tell us the real truth. I was told to wait outside the station at six o'clock. I was told to be waiting outside the station at six o'clock. She is expected to be released today. He is thought to have escaped last night. L-J 9 Somebody has paid for your meal in a restaurant. Which passive sentence is right: Has been paid for your meal.

Your meal has been paid. Your meal has been paid for. Choose the right word to complete these sentences. This cheese tastes B. This cheese goes C. Bungee jumping looks D. She always looks buys it. The forecast says it will colder tomorrow. Who was it sent? Who was it sent to? Who did you give it? Who did you give it to? I gave John the keys. I explained Laura the problem. Make me a cup of coffee, please. Can you teach me the guitar next year?

Can you describe me the man who attacked you? She sent some flowers to the nurse. She sent to the nurse some flowers. She sent the nurse some flowers. What are you thinking about? About what are you thinking? Listen to! Listen me! Listen to me! You never listen me.

You never listen to me. If they're wrong, correct them. The children rode donkeys on the beach. I love going to parties and hate staying at home. A cat is said to have nine llfes. Are we having sandwlchs for lunch?

The rooves of the buildings were covered in snow. They all wore football scarfs with their team colours. Male Female heroine nun widow A. A lot of social problems Is caused by unemployment.

Half of his students don't understand a word he says. Some of these people are members of the club and the rest are guests. I have some important.. They are buying fumituresj for their new flat. Did you bring all your gardening tool, tools with you?

We've made some important progress, progresses with the building work. You need breathing equipment, equipments if you're going diving. My been lost. A pair of Let's talk: Let's have a talk: MrHarris'scar L She's a cousin of Iohn's, 0 B.

She's a John's cousin. She's one of Iohn's cousins. Is this the boss's car? Is this the John's car? A kind of milk. A kind of chocolate. OJ o, o,:: Is there a shoes shop near here? Are there any shoe shops near here?

Grammar Scan: Answer Key

Are there any shoes shops near here? Is there a ticket office near here? Is there a tickets office near here? Are there any tickets offices near here? The town holds a horses race every month. The town holds horse races every month. The town holds horses races every month. Who said that? J 2 Are these sentences right or wrong? He hated ties because reminded him of his school uniform. I picked up the coins and put in my pocket. Have some olives. I don't like. J page 22 Upper Intermediate.

TEST Who's that over there? My sister's nearly as tall as me. My sister's nearly as tall as I am. My brother can run faster than me. My brother can run faster than I can. D 5 Which is the more polite option in each case? Dad, He said I could go out. No, I didn't! This lady, She needs an ambulance. No, really. I'm all right.


Would you, she like anything else? No, that's all, thank you. I burnt me on the hot pan. I burnt myself on the hot pan. Here's ten dollars. Get you something to eat. Get yourself something to eat. He gave me money for lunch. He gave myself money for lunch. D 7 When Mary sent a letter of complaint to the company, the company president wrote to her herself.

The company president is a woman. The sentence could also be written: I like to spend time B. I cando it ; I don't need any help. My mother and her sister are very close: Peter has a room and Julia has a room. The children both have rooms, A. There's somebody outside who wants to speak to you. There are somebody outside who want to speak to you. L-J 12 Choose the right option s for each sentence. I hope my new boss is somebody nice. Would you like C.

Which of these are your suitcases? If you haven't got a fresh chicken, I'll take a frozen. Jfyou haven't got a fresh chicken, I'll take a frozen one. Jfyou haven't got fresh cream, I'll take tinned.

Jfyou haven't got fresh cream, I'll take tinned one. Who are 'They'? J 2 Right Ie or wrong W? Doctor must like people. Doctors must like people. The doctors must like people. J 3 If necessary, take out alan from these sentences.

They may not all need to be changed. It's a very hot day today. It's a very hot today. I'm so happy to have you as a friend. I'm so happy to have you as a my friend. She's engineer working in the oil industry. Don't go out in the sun without hat. The factory uses energy supplied from solar power. Don't use your plate as ashtray. Our next-door neighbours are ,"" B. I was talking to "" at the party. The life has been hard for him since he came to this country.

I'm writing a book on the life of Mozart. I didn't understand the nature of the problem. I love the nature, so I really don't like living in the city. Life would be much quieter without Iwalk my way c. They sent her months. Her parents visited her. I work in a shop.. Europe's economic problems are serious.

I met boss's wife yesterday. I metthe boss's wife yesterday. I want to learn how to play the guitar. I want the guitar lessons. Both children are good at maths. Both the children are good at maths. I haven't seen her all week. I haven't seen her all the week. All three brothers were arrested. All the three brothers were arrested. I'll see you on Thursday. I'll see you next Thursday.

I'll see you on the next Thursday. I'll see you on the Thursday before New Year's Day. J 13 Right or wrong? The Queen welcomed the President. The Queen Elizabeth welcomed the President Kennedy. Write in The if necessary. Philippines B. California c. Thames D. Oxford Street E. Oxford University F. British Museum 16 Which is better: The ball hit her on B.

Katy broke C. She stood there, head. What's the dog doing? Put those old newspapers down - they're dirty. Put those down - they're dirty. Tell those people to go away. Tell those to go away. Can I get you anything else? OK, that's it! I'm leaving. It was nice knowing you. Is Ruth? I'll take all two shirts, please. I'll take all three shirts, please. I'll take all the three shirts, please.

More than one may be possible for each sentence. All D. Mary sent her love to all of them, them all. All, All o. Are you going to stay here all the night? Are you going to stay here all the time? Everybody stood up. Everyone stood up.

Scan .pdf grammar

All stood up. All people stood up. All the people stood up. D 5 Right or wrong? I like all music. I like every music. I like all kinds of music. I like every kind of music. She works here except Sundays.

She's drunk all the orange juice. She's drunk the whole orange juice. She's eaten all a loaf of bread. She's eaten a whole loaf of bread. L- J 8 Which is the most natural continuation? Eating too much sugar is bad for you. Ask all dentists. Ask any dentist. Ask every dentist. Would you like some more meat? Would you like any more meat? She's eaten both chops. She's eaten the both chops.

She's eaten both the chops. She's eaten both of chops. She's eaten both of the chops. Both the children have gone to bed. The children have both gone to bed. The children have gone to bed both. J 13 Which is more normal here: Each of us a serious problem. There's a meeting six weeks. The average politician has real power. Would you like D. Only languages. D Most keen: Least keen: If they are wrong, correct them. Lots of patience are needed to learn to teach small children.

A lot of my friends wants to emigrate. I need rnore two loaves of bread. I need two rnore loaves of bread. I need another two loaves of bread.

J 19 Are these uses of most right or wrong? Most children like ice cream. The rnost children like ice cream. Most of children like ice cream. The Romans conquered rnost of Europe. The Romans conquered the most of Europe. Neither brother is married. Neither of brothers is married. Neither of her brothers is married. D page 30 Upper Intermediate. He's so selfish: My sister Jill is two years elder; older than me.

I think that fish you caught is still live, alive. Right An asleep baby.

Grammar Scan Answer Key

Wrong Which of these adjectives follow the same pattern? The wall is two metres high. My brother is ten years older than me. Your house is thousands of dollars worth more than mine.

The path is two kilometres long. Let's go somewhere that is quiet. I love English: Jun 21, at 8: Each unit progresses through four steps: Also includes Student Book Answer Key. Focus on Grammar 5 - Teacher's manual.

Focus on Grammar 5 - Student's Book. Arafat Mahmoud pinned post 17 Jun English Together Apr 12, at 4: Every person has a mask, each person has a mask, each and every person has a mask Which to use? This information should make it clearer. It comes from 'Practical English usage', an excellent grammar reference book by Michael Swan, highly recommended.

Hi 7sky shared a link Apr 19, at 7: View page. Grammar Skan Key. Grammar Scan. The tests, which are designed to be used with Practical English Usage, Third Edition, help students identify the topics they need to study or revise. The answer keys refer students to the explanations in the relevant sections of Practical English Usage.

Grammar Scan Answer Key. May 27, at 2: Expand text… Usage Notes are included throughout the text to reinforce the skills you already have and to alert you to common problem areas. We wish you every success as you travel farther along the road to mastery of language skills!

The Basics of English Usage Routledge, Grammar 4 Murphy Raymond. English Grammar in Use. Cambridge, Basic English Grammar 7 Woolard G.