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Puch maxi service manual pdf

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This service manual for the full range of /81 models was issued to serve our Since the manual is intended as did for the workshop, we renounced. Free Batavus Moped Clymer Service and Repair Manual Batavus FREE PDF DOWNLOAD Free Puch Moped Service and Repair Shop Manual Puch. PUCH MOPED. - Service Manual. PUCH. PUCM. OUC MODELS. MAXI SPORT LS. DART do os. COBRA. AUSTRO DAIMLER. PUCH.

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View and Download Puch Maxi service manual online. Moped. Maxi Motorcycle pdf manual download. Also for: Newport, Magnum. View and Download Puch MAXI LUXE service manual online. MAXI LUXE Motorcycle pdf manual download. Also for: Maxi, Newport ii, Sport mk ii, Magnum ii. Puch Moped Service Manual - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Find by moped brand Batavus 5 Demm Smily 1 Derbi 5 Garelli 4 Minarelli 4 Morini 3 Motobecane 1 Peugeot 1 Puch 6 Sachs 10 Tomos 4 Find by engine type Batavus m48 5 batavus m56 4 carabela v1 1 Demm 1 derbi flatreed 5 derbi piston port 5 derbi pyramid reed 5 garelli noi 4 garelli vip 4 mbk av7 2 mbk av88 2 minarelli v1 4 minarelli v1 kickstart 1 morini m01 1 morini m02 1 morini m1 3 peugeot 2 puch e50 6 puch kickstart 6 puch za50 6 sachs 11 sachs 11 tomos a3 2 tomos a35 2. Removal and instaltation. To adjust, loosen the locknut 1 and turn the adjuster until brake lever travel is '14 in. Clean the valve and strainer by washing with solvent. Search inside document. Bloce engine in special holder Kickstand lubrication Remove the stand spring.

Check for proper throttle cable slack 1. Insufficient cable slack will hold the throttle partially open and the idle adjusting screw will not function. If necessary, loosen the cable locknut 1 and turn the throttle cable adjuster 2 to the right to increase cable slack. Retighten the coble locknut. Adjust idle speed to - rpm by turning idle adjustment screw 1 in or out as required. O n refitting and connecting oil supply hose ensure there are no air bubbles visible in the oil supply hose.

The fuel tank is mounted on rubber pads in front and reor. Turn fuel tap to "Off" position, disconnect fuel cross-over line and the line from the fuel tap. Lift the tank to the rear and remove. Unscrew both axle n u t s and remove front wheel. Remove front fender and heodlamp. Remove the two 2 top bridge hexagonal bolts.

Remove steering stem nut, lift off top bridge and handlebar assembly and place over frame. Remove lower steering stem n u t and pull down bottom bridge. Wire Diameter. I18 in. Fit both plastic guide bushings. Place locating tab on inside of bushing in position on lower sliding tube. Insert spring in lower tube and rubber stop inside spring. Place damper rubber over spring end and screw on top threaded coupling.

Replace top fork bridge, torque steering head nut to 30 ftllb 41 Nm. Recheck steering head bearing for clearance. Adjusting the headlamp Adjust the headlight with the machine running. Correct odjustment is to have the center spot of the beam 20 inches above the ground measured with the moped positioned 20 feet from the focus point. Remove both sliding tubes from fork tubes clnd inspect for wear. If lower or upper fork tubes are worn or bent, replace as a unit.

Torque upper bridge bolts to I f ftllb 15 Nm. Further removing the two 2 upper tube clamp bolts arrow. Remove the'top fork bridge, both heodlamp carriers and sealing bands. If tubes are very tight in lower fork bridge, replace sealing plugs in inner tube assemblies and drive out tube assemblies using o rubber or plastic hammer. Alwoyr replace lower fiber washer. Install new wear ring on piston, fit damper spring short over piston rod and insert piston assembly in fork tube. Place damper spring long over piston rod and small "0" ring on bolt shaft.

Puch MAXI LUXE Service Manual

Assemble upper and lower fork tubes. Before installing nut on end of piston rod, place a new fiber washer over rod end. Place rubber bellows over tube assemblies and insert tubes in lower fork bridge. Do not clamp tubes in lower bridge tilt top bridge is installed.

Place rubber sewling bonds p. There rubber sealing bonds prevent the drainage of oil from fork when moped is layed over on its side.

Place both headlomp carriers over upper tubes, ensuring the rubber guide rings ore positioned inside carrier tubes. Fill both tubes with oil. I20 cc per fork tube Quality: SAE motor oil Spring length: New Replace both top sealing plugs with washers. Ensure to replace both "0"rFngs for perfect sealing.

Torque both plugs and steering head nut to 20 ftllb 27Nm. Retighten lower fork bridge clomp screws to 40 ftllb Nm. Remove rear axle nuts 1 1 loosen chain tensioners f , rear 2, broke cable adjustment 4, disconnect cable from backing plate and actating lever 3 remove rear wheel.

As shown in figure, mark center line. The difference of the measurements shows the distortion of the swing arm. If no difference is measured the swing arm bearing of the frome is distorted. A distorted frame cannot be aligned but must be replaced. Further, check swing arm rubber bush and both plastic bushes of pedal shaft.

To prevent excessive pre-stressing excess wear of the rubber bearing the four 4 bearing cup bolts should only be torqued after mounting the shock absorbers. Torque bearing cup bolts to 29 ftllb 40 Nm. Checking and adjusting is easily carried out in any workshop. The rear wheel is aligned by sighting from the rear drive side sprocket up to the engine sprocket.

Pdf service puch maxi manual

These two sprockets must fall within the same plane. Take two sighting5 down the chain to avoid error. Do not sight down the chain with the master link on top, as it tends to distort the reading. REAR WHEEL When refitting the chains take care that the tension is correct and the connecting links ore properly ploced with the closed end pointing in the direction of chain travel.

Bonded linings are used on all brake shoes fitted to our machines. If linings are worn, replace compyete shoes. Brake drum diameter New Wear limit 3, in.

Oiled linings, usually due to over-greasing' of brake cam. Remove the inspection plugs and insert a flat feeler gauge between the brake drum and the brake lining. The gap should not exceed , in 1. If it does, the brake linings must be replaced.

Disconnect cable before measurement is taken. If hubs with loose bearings are worn, replace complete sets consisting of bearing cups, cones and balls at the factory.

Hubs are greased. The original grease filling is sufficient for approximately miles krn use.

After this, hubs must be dismantled, cleaned and regressed. Use lithium base grease.

Puch Moped Service Manual

HUBS Use special spanner Check cones and balls if pitted or damaged and replace if necessary. Old cups may be drifted out, new cups pressed in. The rear wheel uses two caged bearing sets, instead of the adjustable wheel bearings used on the front wheel and therefore do not require a n y adjustments. Bearing installation steps are: Ensure that wheel bearings are installed with the covered side facing outward. Spokes of our models are 3 times crossed, that is, each spoke crosses 3 other spokes.

The correct spoking procedure i s outlined a5 follows. Front wheel: Marking of hub and rim. Mark all spoke holes on the rim, starting with no. I , next to the valve hole. The brake drum facing downward. See fig.

Service pdf maxi puch manual

Mark the upper spoke holes opposite brake drum , starting with A to R in the right hand direction clockwise. The upper holc marked A must be just to the left of the lower hole marked 1. The second spoke is installed into hole marked 2 on the brake drum side of the hub from the bottom up. Continue to install all spokes on brake drum side with the next spoke into hole number 3 from top down, the next into hole 4 from the bottom up. Continue this sequence till all spokes are installed on t h e broke drum side.

With the brake drum side, the hub still facing downward, install the upper spokes in the spoke holes. Starting on the hole marked A insert the first spoke from the top down see arrow. The next spoke from the bottom up into hole marked B. Continue this sequence till all spokes are installed in the upper hub flange. Hold hub with spokes in the center of rim. Place nipple a few turns on spoke thread, then continue to insert spokes in rim the following sequence. It is important that all spokes located on the inside of the hub flanges are installed in the rim first.

Rear wheel: The spoking of the rear wheel follows the same procedure as outlined for the front wheel except when marking the spoke holes on the lower hub flange brake d r u m side facing downward ,It i s very important to start with number 1 to the right hand side of a drive sprocket mounting hole. See arrow. If this is not correctly marked the spoking cannot be carried out in the correct manner and there is insufficient space for the drive sprocket mounting bolts.

If unsuccessful, loosen counter acting spokes. Always rtort tensioning and loosening on the port having the biggest twist commencing alternatively to either side. The fallowing spokes ore loosened or tightened to a lesser extent. It i s usuatly not possible to.

Service pdf manual maxi puch

The special key. After trueing remove all spoke ends extending beyond nipple heads. Even fractionally protruding spokes will damage the tube. Therefore, any burrs must be filed or ground down. It is recommended that aft respoked wheels be retrued after a few hours' riding. Spokes often settle during the first few hours of operation. As the flywheel turns, a large number of reverses of magnetic flux is induced in the primary current ignition ormature. When the breaker points are closed, as in illustration one, an induced current flows in the ignition armature of the magneto.

In illustration two the current in the ignition armature is at its greatest value. This induces a high voltage in a secondary winding of the ignition coil, which generates a spark at the spark plug electrode.

The flywheel and lighting coil together Form on alternating - current generator. P This automatic regulation prevents the bulbs from burning out at both low a n d high engine revolutions. However, the automatic regulation i s only effective if the specified load i s being adhered to, i. Breaker points gap Burned or worn breaker points must be replaced with new ones. Turn flywheel until the fully opened breaker contacts are visible thru the recess in the flywheel.

Since breaker points wear after operation and the gap reduces. Gap should be , , in. If gap is incorrect, loosen coil mounting screws and adjust os necessary.

Alwaya check and adjust ignition timing if flywheel has been removed. Toil lamp. Stop lamp. Head lamp. Adjusting breaker points Rotate flywheel until fully opened p o i n t gap is visible t h r u flywheel port.

Loosen fixing screw and adjust point gap to , - , i n , 0,35 - 0,45 rnm I-speed engine , - , in. Unscrew cable at the breaker and remove fixing screw. Replace point set. When fitting new points be sure the contact surfaces ore free from grease or oil. The engine output depends on correct ignition timing. Too far advanced ignition causes the engine to knock and too far retarded ignition reduces output.

In both cases the engine overheats. Checking and adjusting the ignition: Adjusting Necessary for proper adjustment:. Turn flywheel to find TDC of piston travel ond zero gauge.

Turn flywheel opposite normal rotational direction opposite arrow on flywheel l -speed , -. If the tolerance is not achieved the timing is incorrect. Re-check breaker point gap or re-adjust till the correct ignition timing is achieved, providing the base plate assembly has been correctly installed. Engine rototion and ignition timing marks on flywheel and crankcose.

Engine rotates ta the right clockwise. Engine rotation and ignition timing marks on flywheel and crankcase. Engine rotates to the left counter-clockwise. Fitting new flywheel without timing mark: Adjust breaker point gap to correct setting. To find T. Find T. This is ignition timing mark.

Re-check ignition a s described on previous page. Make a pencil mark on the flywheel at the parting line of the two housing halves 1 speed engine or raised timing mark on housing with 2-speed engine.

From that pencil mark measure , , in. This is ignition mark. Re-check ignition timing a s described on previous Page. It i s essential when changing a tire to protect the aluminum rim from damage from the tire lever, A b q r ure a leather or rubber strip between lever and the rim fig. A, B and C. Place lightly pumped-up tube into tire and over the rim. But rubber hammer to get tire over the rim fig.

Depress primer button on carburetor and observe external fuel flow. If fuel flows, proceed to. STEP 3. If fuel does not flow: If fuel flows. STEP 3 Check for adequate spark. Remove spark plug from cylinder head, place spark plug in the metal spork plug protector hold spark plug to ground on cyfinder head and crank engine. Observe the spark a crips blue color is normal orange color indicates ignition malfunction. Be sure that there is no fuel leakage before making an external ignition test.

If a good strong blue spark i s evident. Weak or no spark; '6, replace the spark plug with a know good spark plug. If spork occurs, replace the spork p! Weok o r no spark; d. Crank the egine, if spark occurs, the problem lies in the horn circuit. Cheek the continuity of the blue-black wire through the harness to the horn switch. The wire may be broken in the harness at the steering head area , If spark does not occur: Crank the engine, if spark occurs, replace the on-off switch.

If spork does not occur: Temporarily leave disconnected. I ohms resistance , With the needle in the closed position, remove the ohmmeter lead from ground and replace on the free end of the blue-black wire. The indicated reading will show ignition armature resistance normal ohms. After making any of the above repairs, retime the engine, and check for spark. If spark occurs. If spark does not occur: If headlight does not light, replace flywheel.

Crank engine ond check for spark. If spark occurs, attempt to start. STEP 4 Timed spark occurs, fuel flows to carburetor, but the moped will not start; a. Lack of power; limited top speed a. If throttle opens fully. The Puch moped is equipped with an A, C. The ultimate power generched by eoch circuit is limited only by the load on each circuit; there is no means of voltage limitation 2thcr-than the bulbs in the circuit.

It i s therefore of the utmost importance to utilize only the bulb specified for eoch circuit. The foltowing tests. The correct bulb size is 6 Volt, 5 Watt. The taillight circuit is unique in that its on-off function is not directly controlled by the Fighting switch It is controlled by the headlight armature being energrred.

Bear in mind that because of the design o the circuit that the tail lamp cannot f function without the head lamp. Connect 1 lead of the ohmmeter to the grey wire and the other lead to ground. The correct resistance should be ohms. The Stop Light Circuit The stop light circuit is powered by ihe solid greenwire comlng out of the magneto.

The green-black wire is the ground for the brake light armature. It connects with the brown wire in the terminal block. The correct bulb is 6 Volt, 10 Watts, The stop light circuit is o simple continuity circuit controlled by two siwtches, one at each grip.

If not, replace the switch. The proper reading is 1 -1,2 ohms. The Headlight Circuit. The headlight circuit powered by the yellow wire cominq out of the magneto. The headlight armature is internally grounded. The correct bulb is 6 V, 21 Watt. Proper resistance in the lighting circuit is maintained by having BOTH the leadlight and speedometer bulbs operative in the circuit. If either bulb fails, it is certain that after a period of time, the other will fail.

When replacing o headlight bulb, be sure that the speedometer bulb i s operative. Accessory directional signal con be tied to the head lamp circuit. The easiest a n d neatest place to connect i s at the head lamp switch at the terminal where the yellow wire comes in to the switch. With the switch turned on, the ohmmeter should indicate a dosed circuit. Connect 1 lead of the ohmmeter to yellow and the other to ground. The reading should be. Ignition timing off - adjust ignition timing a s per "Service Manual" 2.

Brakes drag - adjust brake cables 3. Wrong cylinderlpiston match - refer to sorting table on page 43 4.

Free Moped Repair Manuals, Catalogs, Diagrams and Advertisements

Throttle slide does not open fully - check throttle cable for damage fryed andlor adjustment. Check for faulty choke slide. Leaking seal - adjust engine idle speed with throttle stop screw.

Ensure that preliminary ad4. Throttle stop justments, such as timing, throttie cable slack, have been carried out. Shortcomings of the following nature may be found on the one- or two-speed automatic:. O n e speed automatic refer to page 55, Two speed automatic refer to page Visual check of t h e oil may not reveal if ordinary engine oil or ATF is filled.

The excessive wear of the clutch lining on the starting clutch is caused by improper adjusted starter cable or by applying clutch while riding machine. Shortcoming which may occur on the two-speed-automatic: Starting clutch slips. Gallons Imperial eallons 2. Quarts qt Gal tons gal. Gallons Imperial gallons Imperial gallons , 3.

Drum diameter. Lining inspection. Inspection and cleaning. Removal and instaltation. Starter clutch Dismantling. Wiring diagrams Maxi. Magnum II. Magnum MK ll. Assembly, oil inject components. Piston ring. Piston and wrist pin. Primary drive. Transmission 1 speed automatic. G Breaker point adjustment. Breaker point inspection and cleaning. Breaker point removal and installation. Ignition timing. Removal and installation. Drive chain adjustment.

Front fork. Wheels and tires. Breaker point adjustment and ignition timing. Moxi tuxe. Newport II. Sport MK II. Magnum It. Magnum MU I1.

Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. A mopeds. Stop engine. Drive Chain Adjusting Screws and Pirot Bolts Lubricate adjusting screws, tensioning screws and pivot bolts on control levers with o few drops of oil. Please contact an authorized PUCH Dealer for work you The agent will be plea;ed Checking spark plugs Unscrew spark plug, Insert spark plug into suppressor on spark plug wire and touch spark plug electrode to a ground, such a s the cylinder head.

For further break-down of exhaust system refer to diogram. Rear Brake The correct travel measured at the end oft the handbrake lever is '14 in, 2cm. Pull the inner tube out from between the tire a n d rim. Lift the bead of the tire up over the side of the rim and pull off tire. Check the rim strip to be sure it i s covering a! Make certain Valve Use only a hand pump or foot pump to inflate tires.

Inflate the tire to about half the recommended pressure and check to see that the tire bead is seated properly on the rim.

Inflate the tire to full pressure. Spork plug. Remove left and right hand chain guards. Loosen clamp screw on air filter assembly and remove.

Disconnect drive chain by removing the master chain link. Remove suppressor plug from spark plug. On 3-speed models remove ignition coil from engine. If workbench, part no , not being used place is the rear wheel in a support stand.

Disconnect the kick-stand spring. Remove generator cover. Lock flywheel with locking tool After removing the cylinder head nuts lift off the cylinder head and cylinder head gasket. Remove wrist pin retaining rings. Push out t h e wrist pin and remove piston. Clutch assembly may also be dismantled with engine mounted in moped. Remove circlip, shims, clutch drum and bushing. The same testing and repair method i s being applied for all crankshafts.

Crank webs are out of true 2. Crank journal i s bent so that the webs are no longer para! Wrist pin and piston fit is matched together and coded as follows: Piston Diameter Cylinder Diameter 1, in. Piston diameter in. Measuring procedure Adjust bore gouge b y means of the stop measure to the nominol bore diameter.

To this measurement add the required clearance of. Minimum starter clutch lining face lining is. Install crankshah and clutch assembly in housing Reassemble primary drive, lubricate seal and install with sealing lip facing outward.

A Sparingly apply sealing compound non-hardening to eran kcase joint, fit crankcase half into place and torque crankcase screws to 6 ftllb 8 Nm. The exhaust port of the cylinder should face drain plug side of engine. Feed magneto wires through crankcase opening and replace rubber grommet, Install generator stator plate assembly so that the locating screws are in the center of the locating holes.

Ensure no wires ore squeezed between stator plate assembly and housing. Torque screws to 6 ftJlb 8 Nm. Replace kickstand. Torque bearing shell retaining bolts to 6 ftllb 8 Nm. Remove upper circlip Use reverse procedure on re-assembling the shaft. Reconnect electrical wires at junction block.

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Match color codes. Replace carburetor, install fuel supply hose and fit air filter ossem bly. Adjust starter cable with adjusting screw I. Free play at the starter lever measured at the end of the lever should be "4 in.

The components in the carburetor are simple. The slide ref. Do not turn adjusting sleeve on engine as this would alter clearance adjustment on starter plate, Drain transmission oil, MOTE: Left hand thread. Remove clutch drum.

Remove clutch spacer Lift off second speed centrifugal clutch. With special pliers During engine overhaul it i s important to replace all seals. If the crankshaft bushing is twisted and the oil supply holes are blocked or there are noticeable signs of abnormal wear, remove the bushing and replace with: Remove oil pump and gasket from left housing half. Do not lose drive gear locating pin. I Remove crankshaft oil seal and drive shaft guide sleeve from housing half.

Ensure that drive gear locoting slot and locating pin are in line. O Insert the crankshaft, with bearing pressed into position, in the right crankcase half, and locate a new gasket in position over the hollow dowels. Adjustment hint: The specified end float of. Place protecting sleeve I I A P mopeds.

Manual puch pdf service maxi

While rotating crankshaft place both crankcase halves together. Install engaging plate return spring using tool no. Place thrust washer on crankshaft.

Place thrust washer on main shaft. Replace spacer with the cone shaped side facing inward. Install first speed centrifugal clutch, spring cover plate facing outward. Lubricate bushing on end of crankshaft and install clutch drum. A special measuring Now invert and place measuring tool over the mcin shaft. Re-connect electrical wires at junction block color to color lnstall drive chain. Do not make any alterations on the exhaust system or poor operating conditions may result.

Pull both sliding tubes down and out of fork tubes. Remove lower steering stem n u t and pull down bottom bridge assembly. Plastic guide bushing: Check springs for wear and replace if weak. Knock out steering head bearing cups and install with spe- cial tool Do not tighten lower nut. Lubricate guide bushings ond insert in lower fork tubes.

Install headlamp, front fender and front wheel. Adjust headlamp. To replace spring or rubber stop inside spring, unscrew spring from coupling. Spring length: Rubber stop length: Wire diameter: New 7.

Pull down both tube assemblies. Before proceeding further, drain off oil from tubes. Inspect oil parts for wear and replace if required. Only the upper and lower rubber mountings and bearing bushings are available. Remove lower shock absorber mounting hardware.

Ball bearings are not caged. Do not lose any. Brake drum diameter New 3. REAR HUB The rear wheel uses two caged bearing sets, instead of the adjustable wheel bearings used on the front wheel and therefore do not require a n y adjustments. If"- Hub: The upper holc marked A must be just to the left of the lower hole marked 1 mopeds.

Aport from lining up rim and hub center, trueing a wheel also includes, correction of any t w i s t of rim by retensioning certain spokes. If unsuccessful, loosen counter acting spokes a little, A strongly tensioned wheel can often be trued by reducing the tension of the appropriate spoke u little providing the twist ir only slight.

Generator armature mopeds. Head lamp Coil resistances in ohms: Adjusting Necessary for proper adjustment: If fuel flows, proceed to STEP 3. The Headlight Circuit The headlight circuit powered by the yellow wire cominq out of the magneto. Shortcomings of the following nature may be found on the one- or two-speed automatic: Carburetor loose 2. No neutral - seized 2. Square Centtm. Pounds Ib. Brake Clutch. Magnum MK II. Fuel tank. Stathis Ventouris. Subodh Sonawane.

Michael James Webb. Praveesh Ambalathody. John Buerman. John Jairo Segura Ruiz. Gavin Hackett. Miguel Robles. More From Michael James Webb. Pete Melis. Popular in Internal Combustion Engine. Kendra Patocki. Marcin Stolarski. Begu Cata. Adithya Ramanathan. Deepak Jha. Ubaldo Sanchez. Cristian Cerna. Tetsunari Koda. Leopoldo Perez Barnola. Morini Pacer Owners Manual.

Motobecane Moped Dealers Service Manual. Motomarina Sebring Owners Manual. Puch Maxi Owners Manual. Puch Pinto Owners Manual. Puch Service and Repair Shop Manual. Sachs Engine Repair Manual. Sachs Clinton Owners Manual. Sachs Sparta Owners Manual. Tomos a3 Engine Repair Manual.

Tomos Bullet Owners Manual. Tomos Moped Advertising Pictures. Find by moped brand Batavus 5 Demm Smily 1 Derbi 5 Garelli 4 Minarelli 4 Morini 3 Motobecane 1 Peugeot 1 Puch 6 Sachs 10 Tomos 4 Find by engine type Batavus m48 5 batavus m56 4 carabela v1 1 Demm 1 derbi flatreed 5 derbi piston port 5 derbi pyramid reed 5 garelli noi 4 garelli vip 4 mbk av7 2 mbk av88 2 minarelli v1 4 minarelli v1 kickstart 1 morini m01 1 morini m02 1 morini m1 3 peugeot 2 puch e50 6 puch kickstart 6 puch za50 6 sachs 11 sachs 11 tomos a3 2 tomos a35 2.