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Toradora light novel pdf

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Read Volume 10 from the story ToraDora - Light Novel by MissOtakuLiza ( LizaLovesLife!) with reads. lightnovel, romance, toradora. Wooh! Last volume. I recently finished the anime for Toradora and I really enjoyed it. Now I want to read the light novel but I have no idea where it is. Does anyone. EYE OF THE TAIGA! Takasu Ryuuji might look like a thug, but he's actually a nice guy. Making friends when you've got an unintentionally scary face is.

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Toradora Volume 1 (Light Novel) - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. [Light Novel] [English] Toradora! Toradora! (とらドラ!) is a light novel written by Takemiya Yuyuko. Added PDF for official version. Logged. Toradora! (Light Novel) Vol. 1 by Yuyuko Takemiya, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Thus begins the clash between the Tiger and the Dragon - Toradora! You'll help me like a dog? It didn't seem like she intended to leave the classroom. Facing such an unfitting ambiance.. Maybe it would be better if I had owned a cat or a dog After washing the rice.

I can show it to you as well. I should at least clear my desk. Aisaka Taiga I think it's because I didn't wash the bucket thoroughly! And then.. This sure is a great photo. I still need to show these to Taiga as well.

I want that photo! On top of a plastic mat stood a large bucket. Though saying this would have been disrespectful to Minori. Thus ended a blissful period. Even though the stuff shown in the photo did look gross.. Where'd she go? She was here a minute ago. In the second photo.. And so. And that was Aisaka Taiga. Still need to show these to Taiga.. Even a center back defender gets his chance at scoring goals. Ever since the Opening Ceremony He was very lucky to be classmates with her.

If he could accumulate those lucky moments like before. He was able to see Minori anytime during school.. It seemed like she was a very difficult person to handle. If this was not being lucky.

Until today.. But in order to get even closer to her.

This was followed by a loud crashing noise as they landed on the floor. The one with the nickname Palmtop Tiger.. There was no doubt about it.! As the duty student in charge. In truth. Just seeing her back's reflection on the mirror was enough to tell who she was.. She was probably moaning Why'd he have to appear now!? Amidst the loud noise and flying chairs.

What on earth just happened?

There were two. This was because of that tiny fellow She apparently did not notice the mirror above her. At the same time. That long hair and pale white face. After making that decision. Unfortunately for her. Both exchanged wordless glances for a few seconds. By rolling herself up tightly. Though he didn't want to enter a place where for whatever reason the Palmtop Tiger was hiding. Aisaka Taiga had lost her balance and rolled all the way out from the corner of the cabinet..

The sunset-filled classroom was silent. This was no longer a distance where one could pretend nothing had happened. He hesitatingly tried to stretch his arm out to Aisaka.. He remembered that he had been speaking to Kitamura while on the way out. I must not provoke her.. What happened? Does Aisaka Taiga intend to stop me?

He jumped up. I must not react. In any case.. Suppressing his anxiety Once he retrieved that. His bag wasn't on his desk though. It didn't seem like she intended to leave the classroom. Shouldn't she feel embarrassed? Perhaps this type of thinking did not apply to the Palmtop Tiger.

If Aisaka was to remain in this classroom. I just need to walk casually. But isn't your desk over there? Just where did she get such amazing mobility with such a small body? Let go! I'm just here to get my bag. Why is it there? I was speaking to Kitamura when I got called out by the teacher.

Light pdf toradora novel

What's wrong? You've looked strange for some time now. Stop fooling around. So much for being considerate of her. Even his feet. Finger by finger. Aisaka's little body would fly off quite far. At such a close distance.. Her cute face was distorted like a demon. She let go?! She was trying to win this by sheer brute force. To put it bluntly.

As Aisaka had released her hands when she suddenly sneezed. They were. That hurt. Are you anemic? Just what the hell were you doing.

Toradora Volume 1 (Light Novel)

Aisaka sneezing. There was no response I could've been killed! Could she be feeling unwell? The ". The face which had been bright red a short while ago was now devoid of color.

This time he didn't hesitate and stretched out his hand That hurts! He held on tight to his bag as he fell and knocked his head on the teacher's desk. Aisaka still managed to get herself up by grabbing onto a desk.

If she still has the energy to yell.. With every step she made. The originally tidy desks and chairs were now totally messed up.. Are you alright? His head still hurting from that fall..

As she was sitting up a while ago. Her tiny figure seemed intent on running away as quickly as possible. Aisaka's footsteps in the corridor became softer and softer. Though she was shivering a lot. Aisaka Taiga rolling out before him. What a troublesome fellow. After making dinner for one person As Yasuko had to go to work with her colleagues that night.

Being sensitive to things like this. All in a supposedly empty classroom after school. From Aisaka Taiga "T.. What a mess. The tables. It was when he returned to his four-and-a-half tatami-matted room to begin doing his homework and opened his bag to take out his books that he noticed that thing.

I spent a lot of time writing this. To put it simply The front of the envelope read: Thinking this was Kitamura's bag.!? If this troubles you. Feeling curious. I didn't read any of the contents inside. It was a light pink envelope. Is that the kind of paper they call washi? There were lots of silvery cherry blossom patterns all over the semi-transparent paper. It didn't seem like an invitation to a duel. So you can have it back.

It also explained why she was trying so hard to snatch the bag away from him. In order not to mess up the envelope. Though it's quite impossible. Then no one will find out! Inko-chan parroted from the living room. That does it. But I didn't see anything inside! That's right! I gotta glue it back. Although it is a love letter.. I'm just gonna have to return this nonchalantly to Aisaka as though nothing happened! That's all I can do..

Finally finding the glue.. Don't open! Though he yelled in the bottom of his heart. I can no longer just say that I don't know anything!

But I can't think of anything better. I can't do this. In order to avoid embarrassing Aisaka There's a limit to being stupid! After coming to his senses. Hiding in a place where I can see you.. As the incredible night became darker.

All this just to retrieve an envelope that is empty. After hesitating for a while.. The hell? She sure is hopeless! Aisaka Taiga. There was nothing inside.. I wonder if I can still pretend that nothing has happened when I return this to Aisaka tomorrow?

Once he realized how stupid the whole thing was.. There was no letter inside the long envelope. Though he reckoned there was nothing in the house worth stealing. Calm down He seemed to have dreamt of something.

After getting out of his bed which he bought himself. He landed on his backside. I might as well go to the bathroom. Could it be because he was only wearing his T-shirt and boxers? Since I'm out of bed.. He used to be able to sleep all the way till morning.

Maybe it had something to do with him sleeping with the window open? As the Bourgeoisie-style apartment block was just opposite the window. Was it a bad dream? His heart was beating rapidly.. He checked the phone display. After taking a look at his clock.. Maybe I'm thinking too much.

So he began to walk barefooted on the wooden tiles of the kitchen towards the bathroom As he instinctively tried to turn around.

Within the dark two-room one-kitchen apartment stood a suspicious silhouette. Should I turn on the lights? Or call the cops? Or the landlady? His mind was blank, he could not think of what to do, and his body was so stiff that all he could do was dodge the attacks and try and crawl towards the entrance, but He was about to get hit!

The weapon was aimed directly at his head! As the weapon was caught, the intruder tried to push through with brute force. The two forces silently pushed against each other as their shadows fluttered in the darkness. Then he distinguished a small figure and what seemed to be long hair over the figure It can't be!?

Light pdf toradora novel

It has to be! Who else besides that fellow could do something this messed up!? But just as he was about to verify the identity of the intruder I'm not gonna make it!

His trembling arms were about to give in, even his hard neck was near its limit. I'm gonna die The intruder was pushed back while crying out softly, "Ah, wah! Her long hair fluttered on her back. She was wearing a loose one-piece dress, separated into many layers via soft laces.

This was definitely an appropriate outfit for her small figure He could have taken it when he turned on the lights, he could have taken it while handing her the tissue, in the end, the crisis still remained unresolved. Aisaka's eyes glittered like a tiger spotting it's prey, and began circling around the narrow room. I know what you're thinking, you want me to return that love The letter that you placed in my bag by mistake. She was like a bomb about to explode So please calm down!

I didn't read anything inside! How can she be so fast? Since you already know about that letter, how do you expect me to continue showing my face around? Only death can save me from something this embarrassing! If not. Aisaka was busy wreaking havoc in the whole place. Without any sign of hesitation. Common sense. That was why I didn't want to have anything to do with her! It's pointless trying to argue with her. Sorry about that.

If death is the only way out.

You saw it! You must think I'm an idiot. Forgive me.. But I should be the one that's crying. You've just made a terrible mistake! That envelope you stuffed in. Why am I the one being attacked? It's as though I've done something bad. At that moment.. It'd be great if I could just cry without having to move around. You listen to me.. After pretending to dodge around for a while He then shouted with every ounce of his strength.

At this point he slowly breathed in Nobody would have known that was a love letter if you hadn't said anything since it can be ambiguously mentioned away.. Aisaka looked like she was crying a bit.. Aren't you just admitting that you wrote that yourself. After a few seconds Do you have any idea you were this close to becoming a major laughing stock?

An awkward silence followed. Taking this chance.. You see. As Aisaka's eyes glittered with an intent to kill.. His hands trembling as he frantically tried to search for that envelope inside his bag.. Her wooden blade made a sound as it was dropped to the ground. I'm so hopeless. After she confirmed that there was indeed nothing inside. Her little cherry lips opened slightly. At that moment Her eyes..

Her thin lips quivered softly. Aisaka fervently tore open the envelope and shook it upside down. After including some additives There was even time to clean the dishes while the food cooked Together with the soup. He wondered if he should give her a push. A bit of castor oil was added to the one and a half cups worth of rice Though it was 3am.

A few turnips were added and finally some bacon and eggs. The rice was coated yellow as egg was mixed in.. The garlic and ginger were all cut beforehand. Hurry up and eat. Slightly moving her nose. To avoid touching her. If you want garlic. I can't just leave it like that. Otherwise you're. Since I saw it. Aisaka even twitched a bit halfway as she reluctantly sat up.. What's that? That smell..

I guess the only thing around that can wake you up is that fried rice.. Just what are you plotting. If it were someone else You had the same anemic symptoms at school as well.

Your stomach was grumbling quite loudly. Her eyes glittered for a moment.. You're least qualified to say such things And when trying to assault someone..? Leave me alone! You're the one that's funny around here! This apartment. She swallowed the food.. This required a certain amount of courage You are the worst!

You voyeuristic pervert! Her little face chewed on the food nonstop. I'm not yet done with you! For a while he certainly felt manly. I saw it through the lighting. Facing Aisaka. Sitting in front of the table And then released a sigh of relief before sipping another spoon I mean that envelope.

She then sipped a spoonful of soup.. It's like this. Though it wasn't entirely correct.. A spasmodic face. This is going nowhere and the fried rice's gonna run out soon.. This was her personal Fried Rice Festival Why'd you show me something like that!? He looks disgusting. Is this what you call undivided attention? Just where does all the food go in that tiny body of hers? Aisaka focused on nothing else but fried rice. Sorry about that Inko-chan.

The ugly sleeping face quickly worked its wonders and Aisaka bounced backwards. She still appeared to be feeling embarrassed. Don't all the couples right now have to go through all these troubling things in order to get together?

I was still hesitating on whether to put that letter inside the bag when you appeared. After covering Inko-chan with the cloth Aisaka suddenly pounded her fist on the table. We're second year high school students. You've been rambling on for quite some time now.. What do you want!? Not to mention forgetting to place the letter inside the envelope. Let me set things straight. I never thought that it would be your bag What I want to say is.

I panicked and wanted to hide the letter.. What are you doing? Since it's come to this. Her eyes flashed terrifyingly like a sharp blade. Now how should I punish you? How should I remove your memories! After doing something so embarrassing. Leaving the living room.

There were many notebooks and small notes. I'll show you everything. She now appeared to be fully recharged with her full stomach. Aisaka annoyingly grabbed the nearest notebook and gave it a flick. The Palmtop Tiger. Under a glare like that. Feel free to pick anything up. Not that. You probably don't know what that is.

What's this? An envelope? Just at that moment. I've even got all the names of the perfume brands listed. I even made MD recordings of those songs. But the reason I'm telling you is because I don't feel ashamed of it! What's wrong with liking a girl!? I'll admit I'm hopeless in not having the courage to confess my feelings and only indulging in my fantasies. Would perfume be fine? From the faint music coming out from the earphones.

How about that? That's the sort of stuff I used to do. I might as well tell you. Although he got hit by earphones. I also took the trouble to find out the prices for each bottle of perfume and wrote them all down. It's a playlist of concert songs I compiled for the girl that I like.. At the time I was thinking 'What Christmas present should I give to her after we become a couple? Things will get bothersome if Aisaka continues to. It's four already! This as well!? And this!? What's with that 'eh'!?

Don't you have a crush on my pal Kitamura as well.. Kushieda Minori-san!!?? Like Minorin. Or do you want to throw that away!? Or you want something even better? Those three love letters were only written to make himself feel better. To Kushieda Minori-san.. You're joking!? Aren't you a bit full of yourself now.. They were now all under the spotlight.. And instead of squirming about. Staring at her knees. Aisaka chooses now to ask me for tips on romance!

For now just get the hell. I mean please go home for now.. Aisaka kneeled down right in the middle of the living room.. I beg you! I don't trust you. She'll probably come up to complain about the noise we made first thing in the morning. I can't do that. I won't tell this to anyone and I don't see Aisaka as an idiot I just don't feel it's time to deliver it yet My sick mom's about to come home.. Not to mention the landlady's gonna be up once the morning post arrives.

I'll tell you about it some other day! Are you sure you're going to tell me about it then? If the landlady throws us out now. Oh shit. So let's put an end to this.. Our savings were used up last month selfishly by Yasuko to buy a flat-screen TV that doesn't fit with the apartment. I don't want anyone else to see Yasuko's face when she comes home. I swear! Whether as a dog or anything. I'll work hard like one..

Then I'll go home. I'll listen to anything you say. You'll help me like a dog? And do everything for me as my dog? So she did crawl in through there. You said so. I'll help! Suddenly she turned around.. Ah well Aisaka picked up her wooden blade and got up. You're going to help me? No matter what?

Toradora Volume 1 (Light Novel) | Nature

She took a glance towards the window. That was four bowls worth of rice. Are you really that hungry? Not because he was afraid, but because he was puzzled. This was the first time he'd ever seen Aisaka not looking angry. I think. I just had a look, the hole isn't that big, so it'll be fine if I have some good quality washi.

Though you can only find normal quality washi paper in these parts. Aisaka stuck something out. She wants me to use this? How should I put this? Asking me to fill the hole in the fusuma using her letterless love letter envelope Without answering whether she was full or not, Aisaka began to tie her shoelaces with a scowl.

Looking at that round back of hers, he just felt It's not like I don't eat I got tired with the stuff from the convenience store So I could only get food from the convenience store I don't know how to buy it Just pick what you like and put it into a transparent box, and then take it to the cashier to weigh it and that's it By the way, where're your parents?

After tying her shoelaces, Aisaka stood up. Oh dear. Every family has their secrets, especially the seemingly enigmatic Aisaka family. Even if something unimaginable had happened within that family, there was nothing to be astonished about.

I came from quite a tough family background myself, but I got on well with it, so how could I have come up with such. Let me walk you home! It's a bit dangerous to walk alone at this time of day She turned and ran off. Yet from his entrance looking downstairs, Aisaka was nowhere to be seen She sure possesses some extraordinary speed in her legs. He wasn't angry, just feeling very confused.

This was thanks to his habit of tidying things up. From that day onwards, on the fusuma in the Takasu residence was attached a small pattern of light pink cherry blossom petals. The commotion at sunrise went by like a dream and the silent morning returned to the Takasu residence. For a body that was still growing, it could be a pain not having enough sleep. Yawning with his mouth open wide, he roused himself and woke up at the same time as usual.

There were still a lot of things to be done After going to the bathroom, he had to feed Inko-chan. As always, he made sure that the parrot was fully awake before removing the cloth on the cage. Nope, he was still alive. He was just lying flat at the bottom of the cage, anyone would have thought he was dead at first glance, but it looked like he was just lying there. For some reason his feathers looked ruffled, it was as though he felt very uncomfortable. Have you finally got it!?

Yasuko was so drunk that the whole house reeked of booze when she fell asleep. Maybe it would be better if I had owned a cat or a dog She came back. All hell would break loose if he were to get annoyed at every little thing. With the calm temperament of a gentleman.. As he had heard the door open.. Before him. Though he may look intimidating..

Without thinking. He opened the fusuma. Inko-chan cheekily opened the feathers on his tail.. She should be sleeping.. But why did she have to sleep as though she had rolled forward and landed upside down?

Toradora! (Light Novel) Vol. 1

She now slept with her bottom. The refrigerated rice was also used up. It looked like she fell asleep half-way through removing her make-up. Wondering about the hidden connection between Yasuko and Inko-chan mainly their intelligence..

Though half of her face was now clean.. The Fried Rice Festival had used up all the eggs and bacon. According to her son's standards. Not to mention she looked quite uncomfortable. Looking inside the fridge. From the convenience store bag at the corner of the room he removed two melting ice-cream sticks and quietly left the room..

Yasuko had been wanting to get her own bed. But with such a horrid sleeping face. Good thing she changed into her track suit. I remember. Yasuko was originally sitting by the small table next to her futon and removing her makeup. You'll die if you keep sleeping like that! After adding a suitable amount of water. Looking out the window. For side dishes we've only got potatoes left All that was left was to wait for everything to cook and that was it. Once the boiling water in the pot had decreased and the potatoes began to emerge.

After hearing that his team had won. Deciding not to let Yasuko be disturbed in her sleep since she was still the master of the house. To call at a time like this. It was just over half an hour since he woke up.. Watching the morning gossip programs to kill the brief breakfast time. Looks like milk will have to do for breakfast. While he was at it. After washing the rice. Without knowing it. Although the landlady didn't come to complain.

What was I doing? Living a normal life. She was. Would you like me to come over right now to your place and raise hell? What were you doing? Don't tell me you're breaking your promise already? Do you even know what's going on? The phone rang again.. It seems the Takasus had been black listed To be able to talk in such a gangster-like way. Just what were you doing!? He gets to sit in between his only friend, Yuusaku, and more importantly, the girl he's secretly crushing on, Kushieda Minori.

But just when he thinks the stars are aligned in his favor, he unwittingly crosses the most feared girl in school, Aisaka Taiga, making her into his arch enemy. To top it off, Taiga has moved in right next door to Ryuuji and happens to be Minori's best friend! Can this school year possibly get any worse?!

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 14mm Other books in this series. Add to basket. Review quote "With a heartwarming story and two interesting protagonists, the series is well worth giving your time to. Whether you're new to the series or a Toradora! Yuyuko Takemiya's slice-of-life romance is just as charming as its anime adaptation.

Evergreen and Golden Time are other manga series based on her light novels. Yasu is an illustrator best known for the art in the Toradora! Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.