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Where's Chuck Norris when you need him to punch some fictional characters in the face?! So all in all, a really good, chilled out, didn't get my knickers in a twist read. Kasey looses her parents and her best friend in one night and will never be the same. Sweet and sexy with lots of humor and emotion. The writing flow is pretty fast-pace and there are plenty of laugh out loud moments and yes, I did laugh out loud at many moments. Quello che sei per me Author:

I couldn't stay away from the story Make sure to check this one out.. I'm sure you guys will love it I must say this was a nice surprise. Have never read this author before but must have come across it here on Goodreads. It was romantic, funny, smart, sexy without too much sex - well, without hardly any sex and certainly none of it graphic. Two brothers, one girl. Could get messy. No, it didn't, well not really. Kind of reminded me a bit of the old film, Sabrina. I loved Travis. Kinda liked Jake Think you know what I mean.

Will definitely check out some other books by this author. It was nice get away from reality for a while and forget about all the troubles in the world and live in someone else's fluffy little world for a while. This book was exactly what I needed.

It was a lighthearted romance with some seriously sweet moments. Kacey grew up next door to Jake and Travis. While Jake was a smooth talker, Travis was always being mean to her. In high school, Kacey fell in love with Jake Kasey looses her parents and her best friend in one night and will never be the same. She takes off and doesn't look back. Travis, forever waiting in the wings, felt like he would never get a chance with Kacey. He was not the smooth talker that Jake was and he was a little shy and a lot dorky.

But now, he's all grown up, and man has he ever changed Jake needs a favor from Kasey. His father has retired from his multibillion dollar company and now Jake is in charge. Jake's fast and loose lifestyle is not sitting well with the board. So he asks Kasey to go home with him for a weekend and pose a his fiance for the paparazzi. Kasey reluctantly agrees. The only saving grace in her mind is that Travis wont be there to torment her.

She arrives at home for the first time since her parents died. She has to face her past. She has to deal with her unresolved feelings for Jake and she has to discover the real reason Travis has tormented her. This book was full of tough topics but was done in a lighthearted and funny way. It wasn't heavy at all. I absolutely adored this writing style and the flow of the book.

And the end.. I really enjoyed this one. It was nice and refreshing to read a book for a change that a didn't have an annoying heroine--or hero for that matter and b didn't have cheesy as hell dialogue. Now don't get me wrong I wanted to kick a couple of boys in the ass a few times Jake, Travis and Kacey have known each other all of their lives.

While there a whole slew of adventures take place I really liked everything about this book. The banter between everyone was laugh out loud funny I was really happy with the way everything ended.

This was a standalone book with no cliffhanger ending! I'll definitely be checking out other things from this author!!! Such a cute and funny book. Definitely exceeded my expectations.

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I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. It was a quick read and the story is fast-paced. Grandma Nadine will become a favorite character, loved her to pieces. Travis is definitely on my list of book boyfriends which is forever long.

Che sei me pdf per quello

Maybe I missed the explanation honestly I probably did but I'm curious to know what happened to her parents Again, probably missed it. But can't wait to read more of Rachel's books! Quello almeno Travis lo sapeva: A loro piacevano gli uomini, e lui stava per diventarlo.

Gli era perfino cresciuto un pelo sul mento. Travis a otto anni. Normale amministrazione, no? Sbavava solo a vederlo. Ecco come Jake ha convinto Kacey ad aiutarlo. Il matrimonio poteva anche essere fasullo, ma una proposta era pur sempre una proposta. Avrebbe dovuto essere entusiasta. Sei scema o cosa? Si erano messi insieme al liceo, ma ben presto avevano capito che funzionavano meglio come amici. O forse il punto era che lui non riusciva a tenerlo nei pantaloni.

Probabilmente erano entrambe le cose, ma chi sta con una ragazza sola al liceo? Pessimo segno. Aveva bisogno di starle lontano e, per riuscirci, doveva comportarsi da stronzo totale. Almeno aveva portato Kacey a casa per il week end, proprio come aveva promesso. Adesso erano cavoli della nonna. Non suoi. Lui avrebbe trascorso il resto del fine settimana a fare quello che voleva, e non a preoccuparsi di Kacey. Stava sorridendo a sua madre.

Non era poi tanto difficile da immaginare. Il sogno americano. Dio, se era stato stupido. Avrebbe dovuto chiederle scusa. Ne era uscito distrutto. Se avete bei bicipiti, jeans attillati e il fuoristrada.. Ci manca solo questo: Esco con le donne. Ah no, pensavo avremmo assistito al mega colpo di scena gay..

Jake stava ridendo di un tale che era caduto dentro la piscina, e Kacey stava bevendo acqua come se non ci fosse un domani. Ma da sballo proprio eh!! Perfino gli orsetti gommosi. E sudavi. Non azzardarti a Dio, che sensazione meravigliosa. Lui indossava una ridicola camicia hawaiana verde e pantaloni kaki. Lei adorava le Hawaii.

Quindi se io metto una maglietta con un teschio sono una satanista.. Sai, non tutti passano le notti a immaginare nuovi modi di torturare la gente. Ma se mi odiavi! Ti droghi ancora Kacey?? Kacey trattenne il fiato. Pathos, questo sconosciuto. I baci di lei lo rilassavano, lo facevano sentire al caldo e al sicuro e Lui dorme.

Boh, io me ne sarei andata a casa.. Pure torture. There is no heat, no passion, no desire, no swearing, no lust, no fire It's a book you could read at your church picnic. I bet you just looked at the cover again right? Actually it's nothing like the book. Firstly, there's no passion as the cover suggests. And more importantly, Kacey, who I assume is suppose to be the girl on the cover, actually has dark hair I'm going to go and guess that its Travis who is kissing the blonde version of Kacey Now, well Travis is suppose to be blondish They were absolute freaks.

They were 10 year old's disguised as adults. They could actually even be mentally challenged because nothing they said or did made any sense.

If there had been a paragraph in the book about how they all gather around and smoke weed every Friday, I may have understood them better And that's crazy strange. I'm all for fun banter and tricks up your sleeve.

I'm not a prude. But when you put three seriously hot adults together then surely there needs to be some heat in there somewhere - there was none. There was not a single curse word, not a single r-rated moment - Nothing, Nada, None!

The Bet lacked personality, it has no grip to keep you hooked, the plot is nonexistent, the 'secret' is so pathetically boring It's simply lifeless fiction. I had a horrible, horrible time reading it.

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I wanted to poke my eyes out just to inject some emotions into my life while I read it. Oh God I just really didn't like this book at all. I kept reading because I wanted to find the turning point.

I really did. The prologue was so good that I just had to hold onto the belief that there must be something resembling some kind of redemption within the pages, but I've now completed it and unfortunately I'm still awaiting.

And I was having such a winning streak lately with books - I guess my luck has finally run out! If you want spineless men who are completely immature Having previously listened to several books in Ms. As for the narration, with the caveat that it was somewhat difficult to distinguish the two brothers who are the main characters in this story, Tanya Eby otherwise delivers a decent performance.

For the full review see AudioGals. The book was fantastic. And it didn't need to have a sex scene every five minutes to do it! There wasn't really a love triangle either. It sounds like it, but really there's no contest. I won't say who, but I'm sure you can see once you sink into the book. And you need to sink into it. It's got all my favorite things in a book! A swoony guy, a heroine who's NOT a ditsy idiot and someone that I could be friends with, a great family dynamic, a crazy grandma, and it's all about the romance.

I was never bored or uninterested. In fact, I neglected my whole family for a whole day for this book. It was great.

I hated the villain, I loved the hero and completely felt for them all. So, if Rachel is wondering who her next stalker will be, it's gonna be me.

Must pick up her other books pronto! This ended up being so much better than I expected. I was terrified of the love triangle aspect, the chance that Jake would pull his head out of his ass and realize that he loved her - that Travis would finally man up and admit that he had teased her so much because he loved her Kacey, Jake and Travis grew up together.

At the age where boys are mean to girls they like - he figured she would eventually figure out all the mean things just meant he liked her Fast forward to their twenties and Jake is asking Kacey for a huge favor that will set his disastrous personal life on track in the media - save his chances as CEO of his families company But Kacey is still reeling from the events that turned their friendship into a distant memory.

But returning home to his family, she is willing to put on the show. At least she won't have to see Travis, or Satan as she named him. In the years that have passed, Travis grew up. But the one thing that never changed was his love for Kacey or the fact that he still resorted to childhood teasing. The banter was fun, Grandma was a hoot and the crazy antics these kids recounted throughout the book had me smiling.

Kacey struggles with the fact that she has not returned home since her parents died - she has not spent time with Jake - since that night and now she is having feelings for the boy that she spent his youth tormenting her. But Grandma has a plan and they all seem to be falling for it. For those who are worried about love triangles, I feel your pain. I hoped that Jake could be redeemed and that somehow he would be less of a douchebag, I expected Travis to grow a pair and then let Kacey fight out her feelings for the two brothers.

I was content with waiting it out to the end but it was obvious which one was the right choice, even as I tried to ignore it. This was a very cute story - it had great humor and even some very touching moments that hit that awe spot in in your heart. Finally a book with two guys and one girl that does not have you in knots or full of angst.

This is my first Rachel Van Dyken book and I'm pleased as punch. I'm a sap for a love story with banter. Predictable but enjoyed the journey. Plus, the grandma's a hoot! She's definitely my favorite character. A must read for those that like a light hearted, romantic, whimsical book and leave it at that without over analyzing it.

Rachel Van Dyken has done it again. Blown me away and made me want to curl up inside her book and live there happily ever after. Seeing the characters as young children really helps set the stage. And the start of the bet, so adorably hilarious. The interaction between the brothers as children was hilarious. Still trying to understand where he went wrong!! He has no remorse and honestly believes Kacey should thank him.

I vote for decking him in the baby-maker, repeatedly. Travis is so cute. He has no idea how to act on his crush as a young kid so he bullies the crap out of Kacey. He still feels so strongly for Kacey he does not know how to act. Jake needs to be hit by a car for the way he treated Kacey. Her sarcastic remarks and studies of the fellow passengers was an added delight until Jake had to open his stupid mouth. And Kacey is afraid of the cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland. These two are made for each other.

The pranks Kacey and Travis pull on each other were hilarious even when they were mean.

Fantasie impromtu pdf sheet music

Kids do the darndest things LOL. Kacey is very respectable.

Me pdf quello sei che per

Having been through what she has with Jake she finally started to recognize his character and thankfully did not fall prey to his tricks. Not the actions of a best friend. And they took her to the concert and backstage. Ugh, how many hot guys does she need around her!!! Thank you grandma and your amazing home videos. Shirtless and sweaty.

I wonder though where some answers are. Why is he paying for it, when the most eligible bachelor would have women all over him, cleaner, less expensive ones too? Even if you have never read a Rachel Van Dyken novel before, read this one.

Every moment was pure magic and you will not be disappointed. I want it bad. Rachel Van Dyken knows how to make a hella love triangle with brothers. Surj 3. Have you ever read the synopsis of a book and thought you knew the direction the story would go in?

Holy cow did I get it wrong but in a really good way. In fact, Kacey, Jake and Travis's story couldn't have come at a better time. I'd just read some pretty heavy books and this was just what the doctor ordered. This was the kind of book that you could kick your shoes off to, grab a glass of wine and lose yourself in for an afternoon.

It was fab and just what I needed. I've been home, waiting for you. Once you get to know the characters, all will become clear. So if you're not a fan of those ugly three way push and pull relationships, don't fear because this is not one of those.

There was no cheating and definitely no forbidden romance. Everything that happened between Jake, Kacey and Travis happened for a reason and as fate should play it, the right man got the girl in the end. Kacey's journey to finding her hero was brilliant. I don't think I've ever laughed so much reading a book.

Everything that could go wrong for this trio, did. Every opportunity for getting a HEA was scuppered by someone or something. As truths from the past came to light I couldn't help but giggle. Oh what young boys do to try and get their girl He knew for a fact Kacey loved princess stories. The characters in "The Bet" were fab. OK so almost all of them. Travis was just so swoon worthy. He had his own ranch so in my head I'd already pitched him as a cowboy!!! He was a gentleman through and through.

Kind, caring and considerate but definitely alpha which is always a plus in my book. Kacey was equally brilliant. She had a strength to her which I admired but there was also a vulnerability which was to be expected. After all, she had a history with the boys. Some of it good but some of it had definitely left it's mark on her and not in a good way.

Coming back to her home town and seeing Jake and Travis wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. For the most part, it had reopened old wounds Which brings me on to Jake. Dear lord did that man test my patience. His arrogance and self centred attitude made me want to knock him down a peg or two. Egotistical is putting it mildly.

I cannot wait to read his story. I have a feeling there's more to this man than meets the eye I'm hoping anyway and the woman that manages to capture his heart Just depends on which brother I decide to give the opportunity to.

OMG everyone should have a grandma like her. She was hilarious with her meddling ways but I'm so glad she was the way she was because without her, the path to true love may never have been found.


I loved her conniving ways. She really added something special to this story line. So all in all, a really good, chilled out, didn't get my knickers in a twist read.

Le Cose Che Sei Per Me (The Things You Are To Me)

If you're looking for something that's going to go easy on the old heart strings, that won't leave you needing anti depressant or anxiety meds, that will leave your sides hurting from not only the situations the characters get themselves into but also the very witty, almost child like banter between them, then I cannot recommend this enough.

Invece mi ritrovo a leggere una sit-com di terz'ordine. Trama, dialoghi, personaggi e stile dell'autrice, non riesco a salvare nulla. Andiamo per ordine la trama: Tutto si trascina con una lentezza e ridicolaggine assurde: La nonna 85 enne che gioca a strip monopoli ad esempio.

L'eterna Georgie dei poveri contesa tra Abel e Arthur Jake: Dorme con un coniglietto di peluche che ha chiamato Kacey!

Pur avendo, a detta di Kacey la scema, un corpo da urlo Meglio il fratello debosciato!!! La nonna che definire un tanto sopra le righe, sarebbe un po' riduttivo Passionale e spregiudicata, brillante e manipolatrice ma a fin di bene!

Esilarante e demenziale, volevo sapere quale altra idiozia l'autrice avrebbe tirato fuori. Kaesy che ha paura del cartone animato Alice nel paese delle meraviglie, Trevis che chiude gli occhi davanti agli orsetti del cuore, rotolavo dalle risate leggendo ogni paragrafo. Sono stata ottimista riguardo al numero di neuroni fritti: The Bet is a quick, light, no-fuss, no-muss, light tension kind of read.

If you are in that kind of mood, then it does its job! Kacey and Jake were childhood best friends. Jake and Travis are brothers and Travis is older by 2 years. The fake engagement also benefits Jake on a business standpoint because it makes him look more grown up and less like the play-boy figure he presents himself as. I need a bad guy people! The Bet is a very short and a light read. If you just finished reading a long dramatic book and need something happy and easy, I would suggest this book, because sometimes you just need giggle and smiles, not pull-your-hair-out reads all the time.

I cherish my reads. I liked Kacey, even though she can be off-putting at times. There are no flash backs, but plenty of past stories are retold something I like , so when Kacey kind of explains some of the stuff she has put up with in the past, I was kind of thinking really?

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