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Editorial Reviews. Review. “The Alpha and Omega series gets its next transfixing installment as Fair Game (Alpha & Omega Book 3) - Kindle edition by Patricia Briggs. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ lesforgesdessalles.info Alpha & Omega Series by Patricia Briggs Cry Wolf - (Prequel On The Prowl is a Fair Game (3) - Patricia lesforgesdessalles.info KB. Dead Heat (4) - Patricia Briggs. Alpha and The Omega Series By Patricia Briggs On The Prowl 1. Cry Wolf 2. Hunting Ground 3. Fair Game 4. Dead Heat.

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Start by marking “Fair Game (Alpha & Omega, #3)” as Want to Read: Patricia Briggs, the #1 "New York Times" bestselling author of the Mercy Thompson novels, "always enchants her readers." Fair Game is the third book in the Alpha & Omega series which features Anna and Charles. Fair Game (Alpha & Omega #3) Patricia Briggs, the #1 "New York Times" bestselling author of the Mercy Thompson novels, "always enchants her readers." (Lynn Viehl, "New York Times" bestselling author) Now her Alpha and Omega series-set in a world of shifting shapes, loyalty, and. Fair Game (Alpha and Omega) Mass Market Paperback – January 29, #1 New York Times bestselling author Patricia Briggs' third Alpha and Omega novel brings werewolves out of the darkness and into a society where fear and prejudice could turn the hunters into the prey.

She had an unlikely ally in the form of Asil and I have to admit I loved the scene where he points out a few home truths to Bran. I'm liking Anna more and more with each book - she's more stronger, confident and capable. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. My favourite quote from the book is this one from when Charles has a major epiphany: Bran does come up with a somewhat temporary solution for him.

View all 28 comments. Jul 20, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: They are still fairly new mates and have issues to work through on both sides but they've come a long way since they first met.

Anna now trusts Charles implicitly, she knows without a doubt that he would never hurt her and she also trusts him to keep her safe around other wolves which is a big thing for her. In this instalment it is Charles who has issues that cause a bump in their relationship but I never once doubted that they would be able to work things out between them. For centuries Charles has been his father's right hand man, he is the one that Bran sends out whenever there are problems and Charles is the one who has to issue any punishments to problem werewolves.

Werewolf justice has always been swift and severe but now that the wolves have come out to the public it is more important than ever that they don't let the humans see the monsters they can become if they're out of control. This has meant that Charles has been spending more and more time as the Pack executioner and it's taking a toll on him physically and mentally. He hates what he has to do and he worries that it will make Anna think of him as a monster so he tries to hide things from her for her protection.

Of course this has the opposite effect because Anna thinks he doesn't trust her enough to let her help him. While I could see where both sides were coming from I was totally behind Anna as she fought to get through to Charles and make him let her in. I absolutely loved the way Anna went to bat for Charles and put Bran straight on a few things, as an Omega she is outside the Pack hierarchy so she is able to put Bran in his place like no other wolf can.

She had an unlikely ally in the form of Asil and I have to admit I loved the scene where he points out a few home truths to Bran. I've loved Bran since we met him in the Mercy series but he definitely had a blind spot when it came to Charles and what being the Pack enforcer was doing to him emotionally. It takes Charles a while but he gradually comes to realise what is important to him and seeing him open up to Anna was fabulous. My favourite quote from the book is this one from when Charles has a major epiphany: Honor, duty, and love.

He would not sacrifice Anna for his father and all the other werewolves in existence. Given a choice, he chose love. I'm deliberately not going to say too much about the plot of Fair Game in this review. Charles and Anna are sent to assist the FBI with an investigation into a serial killer and they quickly discover that the killer is targeting the supernatural community.

This series just keeps getting better and better with every book and I think this is my new favourite instalment. I'm just gutted that I'm now up to date with both series and will have to wait until next year for the next book to be published.

Patricia Briggs is without a doubt an auto buy author for me and I can't recommend her books highly enough! I love this series so much! The characters, the world building just everything about these books makes them a comfort read for me.

Unfortunately the racism and hatred in this novel for anyone different seems even more relevant than ever right now and it hits home a bit harder because of that. Beauclaire is an awesome character though and his speech at the end was just so spot on, now we need a real life version of him to sort out the real world too please!

View all 8 comments. Oh Anna and Charles, I love you so much. From the very first Alpha and Omega novella, Patricia Briggs has given this hero and heroine such depth of character, that I feel like I know them. They are flawed, brave, loyal, insecure, and violent. But above and beyond all that, they always love one other. This book may be my favorite yet in the series.

I was surprised at the onset to see how much time had passed since the events of Hunting Ground. While it's not spelled out precisely, it's been a few Oh Anna and Charles, I love you so much. While it's not spelled out precisely, it's been a few years. Events from River Marked are referenced and we know the first two books take place roughly around the same time as Moon Called.

But what's interesting is that Charles and Anna have changed very little with the passage of time. I would have expected that with a love like theirs, a few years would find these two in the happiest place they've ever been. But things are harder than ever.

Charles has always been his father's sword of justice. But now that the werewolves are "out" to human society, it's vital to keep a lid on werewolf violence. So Bran's sending Charles out to kill their misbehaving brethren in record numbers. It's wearing on Charles; breaking his spirit; and driving him to cut himself off from Anna. He's haunted by the ghosts of his prey.

To give him a reprieve, Bran sends Charles and Anna to Boston to help human investigators solve a serial killer case. The killer has been torturing and murdering victims for decades. And in recent years, he's moved onto Fae and werewolf targets. Details of the killer's depravity were disturbing at times, but it was really a captivating case. The mystery introduces us to new characters, like Leslie, a tough human FBI agent; Isaac, the Alpha of the Boston pack; and Beauclaire, a fascinating Fae whose daughter was among the abducted.

I won't spoil all the amazing twists and turns, but I can say that it was unpredictable and kept me on the edge of my seat. The world-building is flawless and merges seamlessly with the Mercy Thompson series.

I love the effortless way I can sink back into these books. But most of all, I love unfailing way that Charles and Anna love each other. It baffles me that either one can still manage to question their worth to the other, when it's so obvious how deep their love runs. But it's gratifying to see them prove that love over and over again.

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I give the book extra points for giving me a little peek inside Bran's head. And double bonus points for a spectacular ending, guaranteed to bring repercussions into future books in this series and the Mercy Thompson one. I can't wait to see what happens next. I loved this but it was too easy for me to put down. It starts off not long after the end of River Marked. Anyway, I liked getting to read about Charles and Anna again and see how much their mate bond has changed over the past few years. I also liked that we got to know Brother Wolf better, too.

I wasn't really interested in the mystery plot this time. So it seemed to drag to me. Now, that should be interesting! If you love Mercyverse, then do not skip this book! View all 49 comments. I read this back in and listened to the audiobook in Fair Game has the perfect blend of action, character development, and romance. This novel opened up the door to other supernatural creatures.

We see Anna and Charles get involved with a human FBI member and others to solve the murders happening. Anna has changed and gown since the beginning of the series. Charles is a favorite character, I just love reading about him and I love how narrator Holter Graham brings Charles to life. The plot is strong and the setting is fantastic. Briggs blends action and romance splendidly. She has just the right amount and makes them count. I really love Narrator Holter Graham.

He is perfect for the characters and his voice is wonderful to hear. He brings the characters to life. Just listening to this audiobook for Fair Game made me want to try out my favorite series by Briggs, the Mercy Thomson series, in audio. As for Fair Game it was amazing and it felt like the first time reading! Both are wonderful reads!!

Charles bent his head down and touched his nose to hers, closing his eyes to hide the effect of the knowledge of what he'd been doing to her-and the effect of feeling her, skin on skin, once more I like that Briggs made a hero who respects and admires t Anna and Charles are easily one of the best and sweetest couples I've ever read about.

Charles' father relies on him to take care of any business where a wolf needs to be put down because of madness or injustice. He's the marrok's son. He does it because it's necessary. Even though he knows it's necessary, he hates it. In this book, Charles starts to feel the guilt for the people he's killed. He's starting to drift away from Anna. She doesn't understand why he's doing this and confusing the shit out of her.

Charles hasn't touched in her in three months let alone share their pack bond. He's becomes increasingly distant and Anna worries his job is destroying him. Bran wants people to see werewolves as the good guys, so this is why he sends Anna and Charles. Anna, an omega werewolf, has the ability to calm people down which is why Bran makes it her assignment.

The serial killer, the FBI has been searching for many decades, tortures his victims. They believe this killer may be related to the Fae; but, Charles and Anna believe he may not be alone.

There's very few problems I had with this book. Unfortunately, the last is sorta questionable and fucking ginormous. It's also a little bit of a spoiler. Black magic has a presence on this island. Meaning the magic can influence the people on it. It manipulates them in various ways. Anna starts become manipulated by this black magic by telling Charles that she thinks the problem with their relationship is that he doesn't want her anymore.

He recognizes this as the magic influencing Anna. He pleads with her to change to her wolf. She's resistant and so he shows her how he feels. Fucking damn it, I couldn't believe that happened when I read it.

I'm sorry. We could have been attacked by the killers. And now we're going to have to go meet up with our audience and explain ourselves.

What can I say? It was a good book. There weren't as many werewolf beasties in this one for me to really give it my certified cold hearted star. But, I still got all gooey inside when Charles and Anna would sweet talk. There is mention of her past in this book. So this is a light warning, but still a warning if this is a trigger for you.

Please beware before you read this book. View all 5 comments. I'm just going to let you know: There, you've been warned. I read I was completely exhausted, emotionally wrung out and completely without a clue as to how I could possibly review a book that is so good, so emotional, so deep that I didn't even comprehend how deep it was until I slept on it spectacular.

Really - I'm just a peon in the world of greatness that is Patricia Briggs. The world is now aware of the existence I'm just going to let you know: The world is now aware of the existence of the Fae and now werewolves and while a good portion of the world is assimilating to this revelation, there are some who see this as a challenge to mankind itself. Bran, the Marrok or leader of all North American werewolves , has decreed that they cannot afford any bad publicity and infractions that in the past which would have been overlooked are now to be punished severely.

Charles, the only were-born werewolf known, and Bran's son, has become the executioner of justice. A secret he feels he cannot share, even with his father and most especially with his beloved mate, his Anna. Will I ever get over how incredibly romantic it is when he calls her "my Anna"? Hell no! Charles is haunted by the spirits of those he feels he has unjustly killed. He sees them in mirrors, he feels them sucking the life out himself, he even smells them. And now they are becoming stronger - so strong that he believes they can possibly reach out and harm those he loves To protect them he has pulled away emotionally, become a machine.

It is slowly killing him inside and Anna is the only one who sees it, even though she does not know WHAT it is that is haunting him. Her Omega self is working overtime to help the man who saved her, the man she trusts and loves, and feels like she is failing. Bran tells her she needs to grow up and accept the man she married. Asil shares that viewpoint until Anna reveals what secrets she has discovered about Charles - and oh how I love Asil - he takes action.

His scenes in the library with Bran are absolutely inspired: Bran threw his head back and groaned. If I'd known what a pain in the ass it would be to have an Omega who doesn't back down in my pack, I'd have -" "Beaten her into submission? Bran, oh how I love you and want you to have your own HEA, reveals himself more in this book that in the past. His inner dialog is deep and revealing. His possessiveness of those he considers "his", which is pretty much everybody, has never been more evident.

Mercy might be mated to Adam, but to his wolf she would always belong to Bran. Would always be his little coyote, who was tough and defiant, raised by a good friend because Bran couldn't trust his mate with someone he cared about who was more fragile than his grown sons.

Unbeknownst to Charles, they have decided to see if placing him in a position of being the good guy, the savior, will ease his demons. Once in Boston, it becomes plain to Anna that this could be just the help Charles needs, even though she still does not understand what is haunting him.

Charles seems to bloom, not healed necessarily but better than he has been before, when his role slowly changes from executioner to bringer of justice. He knew better, knew the ghosts weren't gone. But the temptation was too great. It had been so long since he'd touched her, and Brother Wolf was so hungry. Almost as hungry as he was. So he opened the bonds that tied wolf to mate and said, as mildly as he could manage, "Open the door please.

The mystery surrounding the murders in Boston was well done. I had a suspicion but nothing concrete as to who the actual killer might be and I thought Briggs did an excellent job with the flow of the story. The black magic angle was scary but interesting and it played nicely into the problems that Anna and Charles were having in their relationship. The scene on the island? I'll never get enough of Charles being possessive - never. I think what struck me the most though, was near the end, when Charles believes he has failed Anna in the most devastating of ways when he believes those who have taken her may rape her, knowing this could be an act that will destroy her, given her past that I became the most emotional: That he didn't was a tribute to the hellacious poker face Charles had on.

He should know the Marrok's Wolfkiller was about to lose it and lots of people were going to die. I won't completely spoil the ending, other than to say it's wonderful and again made me cry. Having slept on this review overnight I came to the conclusion that Patricia Briggs has herself become the Marrok-ess.

She has given us Anna, the Omega wolf we all love and want to protect, even though she's badass enough to protect herself. She's given us Charles, who scares us all but in a giddy way that makes us wish WE were Anna. She's given us Bran - the scary monster who looks like a something California lifeguard. And she's given us, her readers, our own pack to belong to. View all 21 comments. I was quite thrown off with this because it didn't read like Charles and Anna had been together that long, it was like reading about a couple who were still in the early stages of their relationship.

It doesn't help matters that Charles is pushing Anna away and ignoring the mate-bond between them. Charles having been Bran's executioner for years begins to breakdown mentality. To save his 3. To save his son's sanity, Bran sends Charles and Anna to Boston to aid the FBI with the investigation of a missing girl and the murders of several local werewolves. This book was more procedural, it did seem less original than the previous books but overall it was still enjoyable.

It was quite predictable and it didn't offer anything new to the genre. I'm liking Anna more and more with each book - she's more stronger, confident and capable. It was great to see Anna fighting hard for her relationship with Charles, even when he kept pushing her away.

I thought Anna would eventually give up, become distant and start to think Charles didn't want her.. I've never been enamoured with Charles - he's too arrogant of his own power and he's also a little bland. I did find his protectiveness of Anna sweet and liked how growly he got when anyone got to close to her.

I would have been more pleased if his epiphany about carrying out his father's orders vs losing his sanity and thus losing Anna had happened sooner. Bran is in a difficult position, he's ultimately destroying his son to protect his pack but it's hard not to sympathize with him. Bran has to balance his duties as a father to that of an alpha. I'd really like this to be explored more in future books because it'd fascinating to see what Bran's limits as an alpha are.

I know everyone hates Leah but I don't blame her for being how she is.. One thing I dislike about Patricia Brigg's books are the amount of female characters who end up being raped and abused. I don't think Mercy and Anna's sexual abuse have been handled all that well.. I also disliked some of the dialogue and writing, it was frustrating to read as it didn't flow very well.

The ending was brilliant. I was so happy to see justice done. I really wasn't expecting that to happen and I'm looking forward to see how the actions at the end will impact Mercy's and Anna's worlds in future books. Posted on Under the Covers What happens when a werewolf is forced to kill others of his kind without any sort of break?

What toll does it take on the werewolf and subsequently his mate? Anna feels detached from her mate, Charles. Her father-in-law, Bran, is now making Charles hunt out-of-cont Posted on Under the Covers What happens when a werewolf is forced to kill others of his kind without any sort of break?

Her father-in-law, Bran, is now making Charles hunt out-of-control werewolves without any sort of break. Whenever Charles comes home to Anna after these assignments, he is devoid of any emotion and love and this is when Anna starts to believe that his continued killing is now taking a toll on her mate. However, as Alpha, Bran has limited people to turn to with such an important and dangerous task. In an effort to give Charles a small break, he sends Anna and Charles, as her guard to Boston where they will be working with the FBI and Cantrip to catch a killer.

Since Charles has been on edge lately, he keeps himself away from Anna to protect her from himself. But because of this, their relationship is strained. Anna wants her loving mate back, but Charles wants to keep his distance for fear of hurting her.

For most part of this book, Anna and Charles work their way through the ups and downs of this strain. However, they still do a great job of working together on this case. Brother Wolf also makes many appearances that eventually help them get back to where they are meant to be relationship wise. However, there are really heartbreaking moments that are simply too sweet not to share: I am afraid I will lose her.

That they will take her from me — or that I will drive her away when she sees what I really am. The same can be said for Issac, an Alpha in the area.

I only wish there were more pages! Oct 29, AH rated it it was amazing Shelves: What a ride! Patricia Briggs proves once again that she is a master story-teller. The world she creates has me actually believing that there are werewolves, witches, fae, and the like living amongst us. I love how she incorporates magic and the spirit world into her books. The third book in her Alpha and Omega series, Fair Game was well worth the wait. In this book, Anna worries about Charles.

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Anna is no longer the meek, skitti Wow! Anna is no longer the meek, skittish wolf of the previous books. She has confidence and poise. When Anna approaches Bran the Marrok with her concerns, she is dismissed. The FBI task force is searching for a serial killer in Boston who has been hunting werewolves and fae. Several new characters are added to the Alpha and Omega world and I hope that they will be making appearances in later books.

Isaac is the Boston area Alpha. Alistair Beauclaire is a fae and the father of one of the missing. As a representative for all the werewolves, Anna shines. She is born into the role, using her calming influence, and her diplomatic skills explaining how to behave around a dominant werewolf like Charles. Charles — Where do I start? I was kind of frustrated with Charles.

I really wished he would have communicated more with Anna. Instead, he shut down and allowed Brother Wolf to take over. This is where Briggs excels in her writing: Charles, the man and the wolf are almost seamless. They are fully integrated. I also love how his Salish Indian spiritual side is incorporated into his character.

There is some sex in this book. The ending! The ending just blew me away! It was perfect. It was spectacular. Team Badass' review here.

Interview with Patricia Briggs here. Favorite Quotes - Leslie learned two valuable things about the fae that day. I know this is probably getting old now but It was full of action, mystery, romance and a certain sexy werewolf named Charles Cornick.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I want lots of sex and babies with Charles, especially the sex part. But, apart from the sexy Charles it was a good book, the mystery was interesting and I was in it to see the serial killer get caught almost as much as I was for Anna and Charles.

This book is set a few years after H I know this is probably getting old now but This book is set a few years after Hunting Ground so Anna and Charles are much more settled in their relationship, or atleast they were. But all the killing Charles has had to do for the Marrok, his father, is slowly eating away at him, something that is effecting his bond with Anna.

I love seeing Anna and Charles together! They are one of my favourite couples, they just fit so perfectly even though on the outside they seem so different and I loved reading about them, despite their problems, when Anna wasn't afraid of Charles because of her past. May 15, Mada Linx rated it liked it. The story takes place two years later after the last book. Yeah, me too. But hey, is more than we got from all the books combined. This book disappointed me big time.

It felt like the Author was bored and wanted to meet the deadline and just threw anything in there, mixed together and what came out was a book filed with unnecessary angst and drama which made me dislike the whole thing. Pity, really The first chapter is available. It's incredible.

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Werewolves tremble at his feet and she'll still standing. Anna's grown brass balls. LOL hide spoiler ] It has me salivating for the book. For people who haven't read the series, you must give it a try. It's an urban fantasy with romance, suspense, and mystery.

No love triangles or angst. Solid couple. Good mystery. Contemporary setting. Werewolves, vampires, and fae. This book will be MINE on release day! Short Story. I have to say it was a little different then the last few books and I loved it. I really liked that Anna and Charles get to help the police find a serial killer. But it was more than that it was Anna taking another step in her healing.

And become a strong mate for Charles too. He fights it so much and if he would just l 5 Fair Game Stars How does this series keep getting better and better?

He fights it so much and if he would just let go and let her in, he would see they are a force when they work together nothing can keep them down. It feels like I have been counting down to the release of Fair Game forever. I reread the last book, Hunting Ground , to get back into the swing of things, and it was just as awesome as I remembered.

In the previous books we have seen Anna struggle to get over the abuse she was subjected to by her first pack. So flipping things around and making Charles the one to struggle this time around perked my interest. I found it a bit surprising that Anna seemed to be so completely over her past issues even up til the last book , but I suppose she had to step into the role of the rock while Charles struggled.

The change in tone in the series stems from one simple reason: A lot of this book featured them interacting like acquaintances, not a married couple. I understood why Charles was acting that way, but I have to be honest and say that it gave the book a very subdued feel. Anna spent a lot of time upset about the distance between them and Charles spent a lot of time worried about his issues bleeding off onto her.

Other than that, the mystery and world details were just as wonderful as you would expect to find from Briggs. I liked seeing a more capable Anna, working on werewolf PR and smoothing the waters with the police, and I liked that we got such a strong focus on Anna and Charles only.

The crimes were quite disturbing, and some of the people they called in to consult on the case gave me the willies. Witches certainly can be a creepy bunch. And when the very end came… Well, I have to hand it to Briggs. I did NOT expect that. AT ALL. I gaped at the book a bit and frantically tried to figure out where she was planning on taking on the series.

All I know for sure is that I plan on sticking around to find out. Favorite Quote: His brother maintained that what sent people backing away way neither his size nor his mother's blood, but solely the expression on his face. To test Samuel's theory, Charles had tried smiling--and then solemnly reported to Samuel that he had been mistaken.

When Charles smiled, he told Samuel, people just ran faster. View all 36 comments. It is not wise to give something old and powerful something they care about. And I am very old. Best book in the series, hands down.

I was still am so in love with the Mercy Thompson series, that I was feeling like Charles and Anna were the side characters in their own book.. She on the other hand accepted him because he made her feel safe and protected. Throughout the 3. I love how much Anna has changed since Cry Wolf.

She has always been an admirable character, surviving the horrors of her past, but in Fair Game she has a new kind of confidence and charisma. Charles is as always the quiet and intimidating type. It was really touching, him trying to protect Anna from his suffering. What really made the difference though, was the mystery execution. It is also heartbreaking. The victims, who happen to be children in many cases, suffer terrible abuse in the hands of their kidnapers before their deaths.

As for the ending… A major event takes place that will change the world as we know it. Since this is a Mercy Thompson spin-off and it takes place right after River Marked , it will probably be affecting her next book too. This was really good. I have read the Mercy Thompson series and events in this book were mentioned in that series so seeing it play out on screen was just amazing. The last few pages were epic, it makes me want to read the Mercy series all over again.

Apr 04, Ina rated it it was amazing Shelves: That it would end badly. Now we shall all live with the consequences. April 5 stars Re-reading this book always makes me realize that even though vampires, werewolves, witches and other things that go bump in the night don't exist, there are real monsters in the world.

The scariest creatures in Fair Game weren't supernatural beings. No, they were humans and what they did could happen and ha "I told them that they should not give someone as old and powerful as I a daughter to love.

No, they were humans and what they did could happen and happens in the real world just like it does in the world of Urban Fantasy. And I'm not only talking about the people who tortured and raped others, I'm also talking about the justice system that allowed it to happen.

Even though this book deals with a lot of topics I don't like rape, etc. Briggs has incredible talent when it comes to making things seem real. You could feel the desperation and rage of all the characters and that's not an easy thing for an author to accomplish.

Even though this book doesn't have a happy ending well, I guess it depends on what you consider a happy ending , I loved it. May 5 stars This book contains three things that scare me very much - someone killing puppies, torture and rape. Seriously, those are three topics I just can't read about because I'm afraid of those things. Usually, my vivid imagination is a wonderful thing. It lets me go to Hogwarts and kill things with Mercy and Kate. And it's not pretty. However, it speaks a lot about Briggs, that she was capable of writing about it, while making it realistic without leaving me completely traumatized.

The biggest part of it was, in my opinion, the magnificent ending this book got. I like to think that I can easily predict what will happen and how the book will end. I would never have thought Fair Game would end the way it did though. Fair Game is definitely one of those books that leave me with strong emotions, while wanting more. In Mercy, we had view spoiler [rape in book 3 and Warren was pretty messed up in book 2 and Peter died in book 7 hide spoiler ] , but I feel like Alpha and Omega is taking it to the whole new level.

I mean, we already got view spoiler [rape and torture of the main character Anna , rape and torture of other characters, serial murderers, main characters having serious moral dilemma Charles and his ghosts and social prejudice including crooked justice system hide spoiler ]. New rating: I have to admit that most of the time I like Mercy Thompson series more, but it's probably just because MT has more installments, therefore I had more time to get used to its characters and story line.

I'm sure that if Alpha and Omega had more installments, I would like it more. Either way, it's sure thing that Fair Game is probably the best book written by Patricia Briggs. Crime solving, side characters, chemistry between Anna and Charles, everything is just spot on.

Original review: Vietnamese, right? Score one for her high school history class, because she'd never actually heard that one out loud before. Spics were Hispanic. She had no idea who the dagos were. Her racist vocabulary obviously needed work. What would a racist call werewolves? She kind of liked that one, but suspected that racist bastards didn't read Tolkien. I love Anna's thoughts and quotes. I'm not going to write full review for this book, I'm just going to sum it up in a few points: I dig the mysteries and crime TV shows so I loved the combination of fantasy and crime solving - I really like Leslie - love Anna and the way Charles is changing - I really like Asil and the way he and Anna don't take crap from Bran.

You go, guys! Another great one! As usual Charles and Anna are investigating and dealing with serious messed up stuff, not to mention they both have their own problems. Charles is suffering from his job as the werewolf executioner, shutting down and turning away from Anna. As much as I wanted to rage at Bran for his decision to keep using Charles, it is obvious he feels like he has no other alternative and stress is impairing his ability to think things through, I was pissed at him for ignoring Anna.

Luckily A Another great one! Luckily Asil after speaking with Anna and Adam are able to reach him and give him some new ideas to lighten the load on Charles and refocus his energy i.

First of all, I need to just say I love Asil. He is such a cool character and his connection with Anna is great. The investigation helped Anna and Charles work together again and break down the barriers he had erected. Anna is way more patient than I am and gives him the space he needs to work this all out, only really getting upset when influenced by negative magic. Charles is still struggling with fully allowing Anna into all aspects of his life, it is obvious he had been alone for so long and sometimes forgets that shutting someone out can hurt someone as much as exposing them to negative things.

The witches in this book were all freaking creepy and icky. I missed Moira from the last book! As usual Holter Graham was great, I love his narration of this series!

I thought I had it on hold for like 2 months and just realized I didn't, ugghhhh. Now I'd 6 on 1 copy Oct 12 28 19 Oct 22, Combine editions of Fair Game 2 19 Jun 13, April - And the winner is Readers Also Enjoyed.

About Patricia Briggs. Patricia Briggs. Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name. Patricia grew up reading fairy tales and books about horses, and later developed an interest in folklore and history. When she decided to write a book of her own, a fantasy book seemed a n Librarian Note: When she decided to write a book of her own, a fantasy book seemed a natural choice.

Patricia graduated from Montana State University with degrees in history and German and she worked for a while as a substitute teacher.

Currently, she lives in Montana with her husband, children, and six horses and writes full time, much to the delight of her fans. Other books in the series. Books by Patricia Briggs.

Trivia About Fair Game Alpha Quotes from Fair Game. So you could trust your mate to take care of herself and help, damn it, instead of having to protect me from whatever you are hiding. Tears were weaknesses that could be exploited and they never solved a damned thing. Sobs gathered in her chest like a rushing tide and she needed to get away from him before she broke.

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Patricia Briggs

Briggs' use of custom, characterization and believability are used with such understanding in her world building. I would live there, raise my kids there and expect to flourish in their world, which is so attuned to ours. It is a sad observation that humans sometimes just won't get along and accept the differences between us.

This is the crux that makes this series so fascinating.

Patricia fair briggs pdf game

Anna and Charles struggle, like the rest of us with right, wrong and finding the balance of things that life requires. Characterization of groups are not tidy and like life, requires the reader to bring an open mind in order to assess what is really happening.

Meeting new characters in this book; like agent Fisher and the Boston alpha Isaac, have me hoping they will be in future books as well. All in all, an excellent read, keeping me at night because I just had to know Every once in a while a writer hits a home run.

This is one of those, one of the best reads out there. There is romance, intrigue and mystery all put together masterfully. It flows from one chapter to the next in such a way, I didn't want to put it down. There are not only interesting werewolves but deep and beautiful Fae as well. One note of caution, there are scenes depicting serious violence. They are done as descriptions rather than first person experiences which would have made this book horror.

Her Mercy books are quite good, but these are my favorites out of all my books and I have plenty! Things are rough going at first for Anna and Charles. Great work as always! One person found this helpful. This is such a pleasing gift of culmination and summation for many of Briggs best series. All of which have afforded me both entertainment. And multidimensional illumination for my personal soul journey as well as my expansion of body wisdom.

And how to use my inner training to serve best the evolution of collective and global tolerance as good citizens of this era and dimensional knowledge and tech tools and art and abilities to survive our lessons regarding leadership, polarity, power brokerage and the terrifying responsibilities of love. My eternal forgetfulness. This story line has all four. Some good, some bad but all fascinating. To make a good story telling how Charles and Anna, werewolves, can become hero's without upsetting the Apple cart is truly a great author.

Patricia spins a tale that brings together all four types of races. She makes some good, somebad , and some both just like in the real world. She has victims who are all four that need heros who came being justice to everyone. Do the good guys prevail?

Do the bad guys get caught? Have to read the book to find out. Patricia Briggs is truly amazing writer! This book hit close to home for me, I do not like it when the system fails those who have been wronged.

In this book Anna and Charles help the FBi, Homeland Security and Cantrip to find a serial killer that has killed three werewolves and countless of victims. The book takes a drastic turn when certain event and incident happens that leaves a surviving victim without justice that causes a very powerful fae to excert his own form of justice when the system failed to do so.

That is a powerful message the book portrays, how many cases do we see in the news about victims and families being royally screwed by the systems that is set to protect them. I love how Patricia Briggs writes these amazing stories that reflects our society and the issues that exist. I love how she takes these issues and woves them into interesting factors in the story and adds a realistic dimension that we can relate to as a reader.

I just can't believe I have to wait months before I can get my hands on Dead Heat! I really cannot recommend this author and both of her series enough, they are out of this world amazing! I'm grateful that Ms.

Briggs is one of those. Be it her Mercy series or this one both of which interact within a well built world do so for me.

It's not often that I leave a review, since I've been reading these books since the publication of the very 1st Mercy book, this is one of the few. These two series, both following the same timeline in differing locations, bring my imagination and education of folklore to bare. Increasing each with fun and including females characters I enjoy reading along males who, while dominant, arent overbearing.

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