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If lifes a game these are the rules pdf

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If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules and millions of other books are .. This book is a remarkable manual for anyone who would prefer to navigate life without . Editorial Reviews. lesforgesdessalles.info Review. Before Cherie Carter-Scott discovered her true calling . This book is a remarkable manual for anyone who would prefer to navigate life without having to go through ALL the rigors of "learning the hard. Video games is a popular entertainment nowadays. In the games, we need to obey different rules to earn the experience and level up. In the same way, we need.

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Carter-Scott, Cherie. If life is a game, these are the rules: ten rules for being human, as introduced in. Chicken soup for the soul / Cherie Carter-Scott.—1st ed. p. If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules by Cherie Carter-Scott. Read an Excerpt. Buy. Look Inside Buy the Ebook: Kobo · Barnes & Noble · Apple · Books A. If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules: Ten Rules for Being Human . like a button you can switch on after reading the "golden manual" and if it's not successful.

Hardcover —. It's simple yet important stuff. The rules are concise, but the examples for me are not personalized enough. If life is a game, what are the rules? Search Go Advanced Search.

The rules contain basic truths that when understood and embraced, can bring about changes that contribute to a more fulfilling, more satisfying, and less stressful life. Rather than looking at a series of problems to tackle, the rules show us that life is full of opportunities, and that there are no mistakes - only lessons to be learned.

They give us inspiring instruction on self-esteem, respect, acceptance, forgiveness, ethics, compassion, humility, gratitude, courage, and more. Best of all, they show that wisdom lies inside each one of us, and that by playing by these rules we can create more meaningful lives for ourselves.

Follow Us On. Search Go Advanced Search. Buy from a third party: Audio Download. I see where this book was going but i feel it is not finished. I don't know is it because i am reading translated version but feels too fake. I did enjoy some examples in book and few chapters were relatable but the rest was just dull.

Apr 27, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. Exactly what I needed. Universal knowledge we are all familiar with. Easy for reading, the flow of the story goes on and full of examples as a book which deals with such topic should be.

A little book that grows on you. Got more out of this than I expected.

If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules

Nov 24, Keepingthedream rated it it was amazing Shelves: A must read. Jul 05, Christine Bibro rated it liked it. Thought provoking. This isn't a cure-all manual, yet I found many of her insights, observations worth consideration. If you learned just one thing from this book, it was worth reading. Mar 04, Rachel rated it it was amazing. Re-Read, it's always next to my bed on my nightstand. Very wise book! Jun 22, FreshGrads. Sg rated it really liked it.

Have you ever wondered if life were a game, then what were the rules? If you did, this compact book of common sense and ten principles on how to get the best out of life is perfect for you. As practical guide to one of her self-development workshops, Cherie Carter-Scott came up with her list of basic yet essential truths to life. She has a PhD in human and organisational development and for nearly 30 years, worked as a life coach, international lecturer, consultant as well as author.

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Her other bo Have you ever wondered if life were a game, then what were the rules? Now a New York Times Bestseller, her ten rules for life, also known as the ten rules for being human and first made popular in Jack Canfield's Chicken Soup for the Soul, is spread throughout the world for their universal wisdom and is applicable for both work and home. The book is categorised by the ten rules as follows: Rule 1: You will receive a body.

Rule 2: You will be presented with lessons. Rule 3: There are no mistakes, only lessons. Rule 4: The lesson is repeated until learnt.

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Rule 5: Learning does not end. Rule 6: Rule 7: Others are only mirrors of you. Rule 8: What you make of your life is up to you. Rule 9: Your answers lie inside of you. Rule You will forget all this at birth. One of my favourite parts of the book is in rule number four: It's self-explanatory; simple yet not comprehended by most of us.

She breaks the further into bite-sized chapters of awareness, willingness, causality and patience, explaining how these factors affect our learning process. Besides offering insights on various aspects of a fulfilling life, Cherie Carter-Scott also peppers her books with anecotes and live examples to illustrate and prove her points.

I particularly liked the little nuggets of wisdom such as the thin line between want and should. For example: Everyone needs to read these words of wisdom. It's simple yet important stuff. We also do reviews on food, movies and more in Singapore. Check us out here! Sure, it's sensible advice in a new-age, materialistic way, and you could say that some of the points have a little depth, but its not really life transforming stuff - not really.

And a lot of it made me cringe. The below represents what I remember, but some of it might be what I already knew before. And those two things might not be the same thing. This kinda puts Cherie in the 'mind is not brain' camp and recommends to us that we should look after our body.

Stuff will happen to you - some of it will be 'bad' and you have to keep yourself happy as it happens. Kind of a 'learn from your mistakes' kind of thing - and in that way they won't be 'mistakes'. Kind of a reframing exercise I guess. If something happens to you and it is bad and you stay happy whilst it's happening, then you have passed the test. Actually - the lesson will still happen even after you have passed it - it's just that the contents of the lesson doesn't wind you up anymore and so it seems, subjectively, that the lesson has stopped.

Can't remember specifically what this one is for, but it's pretty much Cherie harping on about the above see above.

The grass isn't greener on the other side so make the most of what you have young man. You project what you are onto other people. Not sure this happens all the time though Cherie - there's some stuff that I really need to deal with myself rather than thinking it's 'your problem'.

Not sure I like the use of the word 'only' either. Maybe that's my lesson-du-jour. Yeah, yeah - oBviOUsLy! Emphasis on the word 'your'. If you want to know the answers on your next exam paper then I guess you need to own that subject, beatch. I forget what this one was about Jul 30, April rated it it was amazing.

Lovely reminders about the lessons in life which make life worth living. I choose to live my life with similar guidelines as this book shares. Your body may provide you with enough opportunities to work on this lesson throughout your entire lifetime. You become grounded in your physical body and able to benefit from all it has to offer you.

Respect carries reciprocal energy. Your body will honor you when you honor it. Treat your body as a structure worthy of respect and it will respond in kind. Abuse or ignore it and it will break down in various ways until you learn the lesson of respect.

You can take charge of your life and rise to its challenges, instead of feeling defeated, victimized, or cast adrift. Without these important lessons, you will never be able to open your mind, heart, and spirit wide enough to allow yourself to take in all that life has to teach you. Lessons are repeated until learned. Others are only mirror of you. All the answers lie inside of you.

You will forget all of this at birth. Feb 10, Mariam Al Ali rated it it was amazing.

If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules – Cherie - WordPress.com

Finished recently from reading this so interesting and juicy book, its a summary of my favorite childhood series of books "chicken soup for life". We all know the feeling: In thoughtful, inspirational essays illustrated with encouraging personal anecdotes, she includes the lessons that can be learned from each of the Rules and offers insights on self-esteem, respect, acceptance, forgiveness, ethics, compassion, humility, gratitude, and courage. Chicken Soup for the Soul, they instantly became a favorite section of that wildly successful book.

Now Carter-Scott, an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, brings the rules to life by applying them to anecdotes drawn from her own encounters, as well as stories from her family, close friends, and workshop participants. Presented in a personal format, these steps to becoming a satisfied and well-adjusted person are sure to garner an even wider following. Everyone needs to read these words of wisdom.

In her seminars, these rules have resonated with thousands of people.

If Life Is A Game, These Are The Rules by Cherie Carter-Scott on Audio Download

Read An Excerpt. Hardcover —. Buy the Ebook: Add to Cart. Also by Cherie Carter-Scott. See all books by Cherie Carter-Scott.