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Slade (New Species #2) by Laurann Dohner #[email protected] 12th Edition Pdf, Toyota Camry Repair Manual, Lexus Is Manual. Laurann Dohner - 2 Slade (pdf) - plik 'Laurann Dohner > EBooki przeczytane polecane'. Inne dokumenty: Laurann Dohner, EBooki przeczytane polecane. Slade - Laurann Dohner PDF - EPUB - AudioBook Download Free Slade proposes a hands-on education but she's not interested in a.

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Slade Laurann Dohner Book 2 in the New Species series. The books can be read as stand-alone stories, but it is advisab. Slade Laurann Dohner Book 2 in the New Species series. The books can be read as stand-alone stories, but it is advisable to read them in. Laurann Dohner - lesforgesdessalles.info thank you so much for uploading this book really love laurann dohner. 4 . Justice (New Species, #4)by Laurann Dohner.

Order a CT scan. Trisha passed Sally, a nurse she had become friends with, as she moved quickly toward the emergency doors. The guy is total beefcake. It irritated Trisha when she heard those crazy rants by idiots on the news. She discovered her body sprawled on the roof of the SUV. He tried to twist to face them with a roar of rage, his intent to fight them clear.

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Dohner pdf laurann slade

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Dohner slade pdf laurann

Rachel Van Dyken. She gently opened one eyelid, seeing he had beautiful blue eyes. She flashed her light in each eye, checked responses.

Her relief was instant when his pupils reacted perfectly. She touched his throat, feeling for anything off. No obvious broken bones, no swelling, she mentally ticked off the checklist inside her head. She focused on his mouth next and pulled apart his lips.

And gasped. Her team froze, all focused on her. Trisha shook herself from the stunned moment. They resembled vampire fangs. She carefully reached between his full lips and spread his jaw farther apart to check inside his mouth and get a look at his airway.

The medics pressure patched it. His blood pressure is stable at the moment. The fluids they pushed in transit seem to have helped. Wrap it up. It should be prepped and waiting for us.

She had faith in her team and they worked well together. Mercy Hospital had a reputation of only hiring the best staff. They carefully rolled the patient onto his side and searched every inch of his skin. Be careful. Guns, Trisha. The guy is total beefcake. She prodded the holes on each side where the bullet had gone through. Trisha headed for the door. Jose Roldio blocked her path. He looked pale. She leaped out of the way quickly though when her team wheeled the unconscious man from the exam room.

He had long, thick, brown hair with blond streaks threaded through it. His eyes had been unusually colored—dark blue with lighter blue streaks swirling in the irises, making them really She tore her bloody gloves off and stormed to a trashcan. She sipped another iced coffee and tried to cool down.

Jose Roldio was one of the leading trauma surgeons in the country and the patient was important, newsworthy. Her shoulders slumped. She always wanted to follow through with her patients. The door behind her opened, drawing her attention. She met the gaze of the devil himself as Dr. Roldio walked in looking worn out.

He nodded at her, moving for the coffee machine. Trisha twisted in her chair to face him. I had to repair an artery but that was the worst of it. The vet guy showed up but he was too afraid to touch our patient. He just took up space inside my operating room.

I checked while he was on my table. They somehow made that guy. Can you believe this shit?

I mean, Jesus. We got word from the division handling this nightmare that some of these people are kind of dangerous. We had to put guards outside his door for his protection and ours. I guess there are news crews camping at reception trying to sneak inside too.

The shit is going to hit the fan worldwide over this. I know you always do that with your patients. My hospital badge will be enough to get me into ICU to check on him. They are worried someone will take pictures of him to sell to the media too.

I think I need to call a jeweler. Please check on him for me so I can get some sleep. She flashed her badge at the security officer. Trisha Norbit.

Jose Roldio asked me to check in on a patient of his. The numbers were written on the board. She turned, going to room three. Trisha eased the door open slowly. The man sprawled on the bed had been cleaned up and his hair washed. He looked a lot different without dirt and mud clumps smeared over him. He was handsome. He had a very masculine, strong face with beautiful bone structure. She reached for his chart to study it.

Her gaze lifted to him again, her attention going to his bare, broad chest where taped-on leads that connected him to the monitors marred his skin. She gawked a little at his thick, toned arms. Maybe he is a bodybuilder. Her gaze lowered to his drug screen panel as she thumbed through his chart.

Dohner slade pdf laurann

He was only positive for a well-known sedative. Trisha returned his chart to the holder and walked closer. She stopped at the side of his bed and put her hands on the raised bedrail bar that prevented him from rolling out of bed. She studied his face closely, fascinated. His cheekbones were more pronounced than a typical human and his nose wider and shaped… different. She bit her lip as she leaned closer to get a better look at the generous lips that hid his canine teeth well, until they were pulled back.

She only hesitated for a second before digging into her pocket to slip on a glove before she reached for his mouth, intent on getting a second look at those teeth while she had the opportunity. His full lips were soft, perfectly formed, and warm. She gently used her gloved fingers to pull down on his lower lip.

His bottom teeth appeared normal except his side teeth were sharp, canine style. She used her thumb to gently lift his top lip as she bent forward to get a closer look and gently cupped his face in her ungloved palm. She opened his jaw wider and held his mouth open. She had to stretch She visually examined the extended teeth, the sharp points, and wished she knew more about dentistry.

Her face hovered mere inches from his mouth while she examined his back teeth, and took mental notes. The upper and lower molars were definitely canine, sharper than human teeth. His abnormal teeth were there for tearing and chewing. Trisha pulled her finger and thumb out of his mouth to allow it to close, still cradling his chin on her palm. She looked at his face again to study his flatter, wider nose but instead she found herself staring into a pair of wide-open, amazing blue eyes that peered right back into her startled ones.

Trisha jumped. She tried to pull away from him but two hands grabbed her arms. Her hip banged the side of the bed when he yanked on her hard, pulling her down on top of him.

Pain shot through her hip from the impact with the metal rail when he flipped her into the narrow space next to him. His weight crushed her Trisha began to struggle after a few seconds when she realized what had happened. The sound was surprising, so scary and vicious that it froze Trisha with instant terror.

She stared up at the very masculine face hovering inches above hers. His strangely hypnotic eyes seemed to look right into her soul as he studied her intently until his eyes narrowed. His tongue slid from between his generous lips to swipe across his lower one. You never remove the restraints. Trisha was pinned under him, his body pressed tightly against hers from breast to feet. He shifted his body over hers suddenly, causing Trisha to gasp when something hard pressed against her.

There was no mistaking the fact he had an erection when he settled on her again, pressing his hardened cock right against the seam of her thighs. It frightened Trisha when she saw his sharp teeth. She screamed. His hand hesitated on the curve of her breast long enough to make her gasp before it flattened over her ribs, then inched lower to her He shifted over her enough to slide his roaming hand between her and the bed, took a firm hold on her ass cheek and squeezed.

I like you a hell of a lot. Trisha stared at the man who continued to smile at her. His hand on her ass gripped her more firmly as he shifted his body, forcing his hips between her legs and spreading her thighs when he parted his.

The hard ridge of his cock rubbed against the vee of her pants. Her eyes widened at the feel of him pressed so tightly against her. He leaned down closer to Trisha, his gaze leaving hers. He nuzzled her face with his cheek, pushing against her until she turned her head away.

His lips brushed her throat, opened, and he licked her skin and groaned. Shock jolted through her when he nipped her skin there, but worse, his hips started to move at the same moment. The rigid length of his shaft rubbed directly against her Her body jerked under him, tensed, and he growled, his jaw tightening on her shoulder. It half horrified her when her body responded to him.

Her nipples hardened, her stomach quivered, and pleasure at his rocking hips massaging her clit, even through layers of clothing, made her pant. He groaned against her throat, his mouth releasing her. The image he painted inside her mind, combined with the stimulation of her clit, nearly made her climax before he did any of those things.

Her clit throbbed and she bit her lip hard not to moan. The doors to his room suddenly burst open loudly as at least six people rushed inside. The man on top of her jerked his head toward them and a loud, terrifying snarl erupted from his throat. Orderlies and security guards dived on the patient.

He tried to twist to face them with a roar of rage, his intent to fight them clear. His hands released her and he tried to push his body up to throw off the men trying to hold him down. He thrashed, his cock rubbing against her tighter, making her more aware of how turned on she was. She saw two orderlies jabbing needles into him as they sprawled across his back to hold him down. Mean growls tore from his throat but he finally stopped struggling.

She was only able to get free when two orderlies, a security guard and two nurses lifted the big man off Trisha enough for her to scoot out from under him after the side Trisha was sweating and panting by the time she rose unsteadily to her feet.

The patient was sedated and facedown on the bed. She stared at him, trembled, and was deeply disturbed by what had happened. A hand touched her, making her jump. Hearsal Morris, looking concerned, squeezed her shoulder. Did he hurt you? Chapter One One year later Trisha sat at her desk, remembering It really bothered her too. It fit him. He was a big son of a bitch, broad-chested, with long, wild hair, and he gave off an attitude of danger.

Every time he showed sharp, abnormally long teeth when he flashed a grin, it made him appear predatory. It almost seemed as if he were threatening someone when he smiled. The New Species had been given a private retreat, of It was ridiculous. It irritated Trisha when she heard those crazy rants by idiots on the news. New Species were victims, not a blight on humanity, and definitely not the evil spawn of Satan. Everyone in the medical community was fascinated by New Species.

Their total surviving numbers were unknown but Mercile Industries, a leading drug research Rumor had it that they had created them to combat diseases that crossed from animals to humans and to create vaccines and medicines to battle diseases in humans that animals were naturally immune to.

Later it was said the company had branched out to physical enhancement drugs to make humans stronger, more muscular, and in better shape just by taking the pills they created. It stunned her that other doctors and scientists had sold their souls for a paycheck but obviously many had done the unthinkable to the men and women forced to be living experiments. The fact that someone had even figured a way to successfully combine human and animal DNA to create life had set the medical world on its ear.

Living proof existed though with the New Species. She leaned back in her chair, propped her feet on her desk, and reviewed the facts she had learned.

New Species picked weird names for themselves, usually something that had meaning for each individual. They had chosen to call themselves New Species because many of them were not altered with the same animal DNA strands. Then there were a few documented notes on the physical differences discovered about them.

Her thoughts instantly fixed on the reason for her aggravation. He practically molested me, swore to do obscene things to my body, and he just…forgot what he did? How could he forget? Just like a man. One of the fully human employees at Homeland and a canine New Species male were living together.

Slade had gotten in her face, had been vulgar, and had the nerve to call her nosy! There was so much not known medically Were they even sexually compatible with humans? Was that painful for a woman? She wanted to explore the possibility of humans and Species having children together. She had been told Mercile Industries had paired the New Species females with their male counterparts for years, hoping to create more of them. It might be that none of the New Species were able to conceive children due to something simple that could be medically treated.

He was the only nurse and he seemed nice enough. Trisha forced a smile. You missed out on the attack that happened here not too long ago. Those protesters and human rights bastards broke down the front gates and about fifteen trucks full of gun-toting morons came pouring inside.

The buildings are thankfully built to withstand attacks and security was able to get most people to safety when the gates were being breached. Those bastards came in here as though someone had declared New Species hunting season.

Ever been on a deer hunt? There were a total of seventeen fatalities by the time it ended. It was the longest forty-some minutes of my life before I had help. I was swamped with injures that day and in way over my head.

He shrugged. The hired security sucked. The New Species guys teamed up to kick some ass when they showed up here to stop a few of those bastards from trying to ram open the medical doors. If you were breathing, you were target practice to those goons. One of them told me he was an experimental prototype at the facility where they held him. The rumor is that some of them were trained to fight and kill just to show off what they could do and how fast they were.

I heard Mercile Industries might have had a contract with a few third world countries to sell their enhancing drugs to the highest bidder.

Laurann Dohner - 2 Slade.pdf

The New Species deny it but who knows what the truth is. Either way, they are badass. Have you seen some of those guys up close? They are huge and add in the fact they are fast, have enhanced hearing, sense of smell, and vision, and they just kick ass in general.

They intimidated her enough without listening to the speculation. They gave me a two-bedroom, cottage-style house. My wife loves it. She stood, reaching for her purse. Call if you need me. Trisha left the medical center and walked down the street.

Her house was only a block away inside the human employee area where dozens of cottage-styled homes had been built. She peered up at the moon, deciding it was a beautiful evening. Trisha gasped as she spun around, trying not to show her surprise at seeing Slade.

He wore his black uniform and her attention fixed on his right chest where the letters NSO were printed clearly over a small patch. Her gaze lifted to the most amazing blue eyes. That meant Slade could be super dangerous. She took a deep breath, trying to calm her pounding heart. He flashed sharp teeth when he grinned.

It could be unsafe. Look at those gorgeous eyes and that mouth. I wonder what it would be like to kiss him. Wide shoulders shrugged. Fury and Miss Brower? Have they changed their minds about allowing me access to them? She could learn so much from them. I was just wondering if you were still hoping to study the breeding process between our species. Trisha immediately felt intimidated by his size.

She swallowed hard and tried not to allow the attraction she felt show in her features. You know how to find me if you change your mind. Or we could stand here. For a large man, he could move very quietly. She turned her head as she reached her yard and gasped over how close he was to invading her personal space. Her hands trembled when she darted to her front door. Would he try to force his way inside her house?

Press the issue of offering to have sex with her? She unlocked the door and spun to tell him to leave but he had vanished. She frowned. Where did he disappear to so quickly? He irritated her badly. She hurried inside and locked the door firmly behind her. Trisha dropped her purse on the entryway table as she headed for her bedroom.

She passed the empty guestroom, remembering that she needed to order a desk and some file cabinets to create a home office.

She peered around her bedroom. She hated the large four-poster bed with the thick wooden poles that shot up toward the ceiling. It took up too much space inside the room. The house had come furnished but nothing had been to her liking.

She stripped out of her clothing on her way to the bathroom. Does Slade remember me? She turned on the shower and waited the few minutes it took for it to heat up. She stepped under the spray of hot water with a sigh. Why was she attracted to him? Maybe it was curiosity. The growls had been sexy.

She threw her head back and washed her hair, shaved her legs, and then stepped out of the shower. She heard a distinctive sound. Trisha wrapped a towel around her middle to dash from the bathroom. She bent down, fought with her slacks, and yanked the black cell phone out. Norbit here. We have a situation. Can you come She dropped the cell phone on it and spun. She took a step toward her closet before slamming right into a wide, solid body.

Trisha gasped. Two large hands gripped her bare shoulders as her head jerked up. Her body was pressed against his, he held her firmly by her shoulders, and his lips curved into a smile. They need you down at medical. Your nurse has been calling for five minutes and finally called us.

You look good in pink, Doc. The look on his face made her swallow hard. He suddenly Get a move on, Doc. Someone is hurt and we need to get you back to medical right away. It took her long seconds to pull herself together from the shock of finding Slade inside her bedroom and from him touching her.

She looked down at the small towel that barely covered the tops of her breasts and fell to midthigh. She forced her legs to move to the closet to pull on clothes quickly. He waited for her by the front door. She walked outside and turned as the large man closed the door, watching her. She turned toward the medical center, preparing to run but instead gasped suddenly when Slade swept her up into his arms. He had the audacity to flash his sharp teeth as he gave her a big grin and winked.

Shocked, Trisha threw her arms around his neck to hang on. Shut up and enjoy the ride. He slowed to a stop and carefully eased her onto her feet next to the door. He winked at her again before turning away.

Trisha still reeled from the shock of his actions when she walked inside. There was a waiting room area that had been separated by a long counter. She saw Paul leaning over someone lying on a bed in the open area.

Slade - PDF Free Download

Trisha shoved away thoughts of Slade and what had just happened. She moved quickly. Trisha cleaned the wound, gave him ten stitches, and bandaged the injury. She gave him pain medication and a tetanus shot. The medical center had its own fully stocked drug cabinet and she just dispensed what medicines he needed.

She Paul finished cleaning up. You go on home. I was taking a shower. You need to comb your hair. She walked about ten feet before she sensed him. She stopped and turned to watch him stride down the sidewalk, moving right for her. He smiled as their gazes met. I have mastered getting home. You never know what kind of animals are wandering around.

Like you? She kept walking. He stayed beside her this time. She had to move quickly to keep up with his longer legs. They reached her yard and Trisha turned to study the man who peered down at her.

She unlocked her front door and opened it only wide enough for her body to fit through. She turned, faced Slade, and backed into the safety of her home. Maybe a hand towel. You should have taken me up on it, Doc. Night, Doc. He was halfway to her sidewalk when she opened her mouth. And pretty? Last time you kept calling me a beauty. Should I feel insulted? She knew shock when she saw it and it etched his handsome features.

That answered her question.

She glared at him. You were more appealing half dead than you are fully healthy. She twisted the locks, slamming the bolt into place. Open up the door. She heard keys jingle. He would try to unlock her door? She bit her lip. They were good at stopping you before even though you said no one would come to save me last time. Now she was back to her normal color, a honey blonde. So you can insult me more?

Be a bigger ass? Would he try to get inside her house another way? Trisha finally moved from the door to rush around the house to make sure all the windows were locked. She entered her bedroom and clicked off the light. She slept wearing sweats just in case he returned and decided to surprise her with another unannounced visit.

Trisha Norbit had changed her hair color, had grown it longer. The memory of them made him want to kick his own ass for not making the connection. Had their drugs really affected him that badly? Her plush body pinned under his, the taste of her skin on this tongue, and the scent of her arousal tormenting him.

Then it had turned to hell. Humans had rushed inside the room, drugged him, and taken her away. He bit back a snarl. Late in the night before he drifted to sleep, he always thought of He pushed away from the cool wood, snapped open his eyes, and glared at the house she hid inside.

Trisha Norbit hated him. It had irritated him that he was drawn to her despite having a fantasy woman stuck inside his head. The cosmic joke was on him since they were one and the same. He stomped off into the darkness. He paused to glance back at her house. His anger faded into sadness. Fantasies are for fools. Learn a lesson and stay the hell away from her.

Chapter Two Tense. Slade patrolled the human section of Homeland, the area she lived and worked in, and she had to deal with him.

When they did, both of them seemed to come to the mutual agreement not to mention anything personal. Two months had passed that way. She was mostly grateful for that fact. Sometimes when she walked home at night she would catch a glimpse of him on the dark street.

She could sense his stare and knew he shadowed her to make sure she arrived safely. It is his job, she reminded herself. There was something wrong with her. He just thought she was pretty and offered her some cheesy one-night stand. Not even a night. He only wants me for a few hours. Trisha started and spun in her seat to gawk at Slade.

She grabbed her heart. Would it kill you to make some noise when you move? Fury had been shot during a press conference that had I had no idea you and Justice were sleeping together. North and I… that nothing is going on between us. My only dealings with Justice are purely professional.

Trisha watched it. She looked up slightly into his blue eyes, which were staring back into hers. What does Justice want with me? See you in an hour, Doc. A curse passed her lips before she could refrain. He loved to annoy her and he had a real talent for it. She picked up the phone to call Dr. They really needed more medical staff. She made a mental note to bring that up again with Justice when she spoke to him.

He headed the New Species, was their appointed leader, and made most of the decisions at Homeland. She respected Justice and for whatever reason, he needed her to go somewhere that required packing. She might not want to go but she would. Trisha had no idea what to pack. She cursed and decided to just take a bit of everything. She grabbed a few pairs of jeans, a few pairs of slacks, and some nice shirts along with a universal black dress, just in case.

Underwear followed. She took one pair of high heels, a pair of slip-ons, and decided to wear the comfortable running shoes she had on. She also packed up a few sets of sweats to sleep in. She walked into her bathroom to pack her overnight bag. Makeup and personal items went inside it. She remembered her shampoo and conditioner in case they were heading for a hotel.

She hated samples. Her hair was too long for them to be of any use. A black SUV pulled up and honked in front of her house. She clenched her teeth. Slade did enjoy aggravating her. She grabbed her purse, her suitcase, and slung her overnight bag across her shoulder. The weight of all her luggage made her struggle to get out the front door.

No one came to help her. She stared pointedly at the security guard driving the SUV but he just watched her as she closed her front door and fought with the keys to lock the deadbolt.

She relaxed, took a deep breath, and turned. She tried not to groan as she moved down the sidewalk. Her suitcase was heavy and the bag dug painfully into her shoulder. The back door opened on the vehicle and Slade jumped out. He smiled at her, glancing at her bags. With a shake of his head he walked to the back of the vehicle to open up the hatchback. He stepped out of her way, chuckled, and waved her to put her things inside.

I guess you can stow your own gear if you think you can wear all that crap you have jammed into those bags.

She gripped her purse in a stranglehold. She shot him a mean smile while getting comfortable in the still-warm-fromhis-butt seat. She slammed the door and turned to ask Justice what was going on.

The vehicle was empty except for the driver and Slade, who opened the other door across from her and climbed inside.