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The witchs daughter paula brackston pdf

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DAUGHTER by Paula Brackston. About the Author. • A Conversation with Paula Brackston. Behind the Novel. • “Writing The Witch's Daughter”. An Original Essay . The Witch's Daughter book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. My name is Elizabeth Anne Hawksmith, and my age is three hu. download or read book online in pdf or epub. Paula Brackston's debut novel, The Witch's Daughter, was the little book that could―with a captivating story.

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Incantation from The Craft: A Witch's Book of Shadows by Dorothy. Morrison The witch's daughter / Paula Brackston. .. of manual labor. The Witch's Daughter (Shadow Chronicles, book 1) by Paula Brackston - book cover, description, publication history. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. This pleasantly romantic historical fantasy debut flips lightly between the past experiences of ageless witch.

I preferred the stories of her adventures through time to the book entries but enjoyed the story as a whole. My biggest fear as I went along in this book was that an awful romance was brewing between these two and it would be revealed that he had reasons for his atrocities and all would be forgiven. I found myself not caring what happened to Bess, nor her boring teenage apprentice, who seemed more like a shadow of a teenager. Sounds good, right? South African Boo With that said, I have mixed feelings about Gideon. View all 8 comments.

There is a plague which destroys her family, she conceals her powers by becoming involved in the medical profession and, of course,a tragic love story.

The writing was cumbersome and the narration was distant. The plot suffers from predictability when her relentless pursuer surfaces in each of the histories always introduced by an unsettling feeling and the song Greensleeves. The story really suffered from cliches with a Jack the Ripper story line and a WWII story line where she meets a the soldier, falls in love with him when he reveals himself to be some sort of medium and then tragically loses. The diary entries were forced and hard to read and I found the young apprentice character to be under developed and another cliche.

The best part of the story for me was the first history of her childhood and the events leading to her becoming a witch. The end is predictable in that there's a showy supernatural showdown but it is disappointingly told from a new point of view.

View all 5 comments. Mar 11, Mary rated it it was ok. Well this was a HUGE disappointment to me. I love historical fiction, witchcraft, the supernatural It started off promising enough, and then went quickly downhill.

I enjoyed the beginning of the book, especially meeting the adult Bess and hearing her tell of her poor tragic childhood. Tegan as her side kick just irritated me, made it a bit Charmed-ish for me.

Once we left the days of the plague and ended up in Ripper time London, and then to war torn Passchendaele, I was ready for the story to end. Repetitous, predictable, and just dumb at times. Bess, you were supposedly a strong and powerful witch, how could you not figure out who Gideon was when even I, a mere mortal did every time?

The happy point for me was when the book ended, and the little white mouse was ok. That was it. I so wanted to love this book, but I didn't. I didn't even like it. I had this on audible and the narrator was very easy to listen to. It started well but I felt it was somewhat drawn out. This could be due to my previous audio being witchy. I also watched something on the theme so perhaps badly timed.

Dec 23, Erin Arkin rated it really liked it Shelves: Having been a history major in college, this book was perfect for me. It is a wonderful mix of historical events, great characters, and a moving story. I really did like this book and if you enjoy a little bit of magic mixed in with real history, you may like this one too. In present time she is years old but at this time she is the teenage daughter of a farmer and lives with her parents, her older brother, and younger sister.

A Having been a history major in college, this book was perfect for me. The plague invades their village and people are dying…including her father, brother and sister. What that means is she goes to Gideon Masters. With that said, I have mixed feelings about Gideon. Once Anne goes to Gideon for help, things move fairly quickly — at least in this portion of the story.

Over that time I had the nervous butterflies because this was in no way an easy part of the story to read. The back story is presented to the reader via Tegan who happens to be a teenage girl in who has become enamored with Elizabeth when she moves into her village.

Hidden as a story of her ancestors at first Elizabeth tells Tegan all about her life. Love, loss, success, and ultimately determining she would like to share her power with Tegan and educate her on how to use it.

If you enjoy history mixed in with a great story, I have a feeling you will enjoy this book. Nov 01, Kelly rated it liked it. I love historical fiction, especially anything about witches and witchcraft, so I was especially glad to find this book. It's similar to the Daughters Of the Witching Hill, The Heretic's Daughter and The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, but less about the witch trials and more about the life of an immortal witch as she traverses through history in her some odd years of life.

The first few chapters were slow and I wondered if the book would get better, which it did, only when the author star I love historical fiction, especially anything about witches and witchcraft, so I was especially glad to find this book. The first few chapters were slow and I wondered if the book would get better, which it did, only when the author started telling the story of teenage Bess and her family in England.

Then she switches back to present day and back in time again, only now while Bess lives in London as Eliza, a practicing physician. She runs a clinic at night for the local prostitutes during the time of Jack of the Ripper, but I didn't like how the author took liberties with who he really was. Forward to present time and her tenuous relationship with Tegan, a character who I think could've been developed a little bit more, and then to WWI where Bess, now Elise, works as a nurse in an army field hospital.

This is where the story gets very predictable. The continued use of anagrams for the protagonist of the plot, their battles The description of the Craft was well written, but the magick left me wishing it were more realistic and subtle.

Overall a good read if you're interested in the genre, but I'm glad I borrowed it from the library and didn't actually purchase it. Daughters of the Witching Hill and The Heretic's Daughter are more realistic and definitely worth buying. Decent story but the ending did disappoint. I kinda knew where the story was going but overall it kept me interested.

A tale of magic and love and loss. A story of how simple ignorance breeds fear, and how deadly that fear can be. Will you listen? I was hoping that I would like it but didn't really know what I was in for. This is historical fiction intertwined with supernatural wonder to birth a compelling story of a witch who is just trying to live her life but has been on the run for hundreds of years. Bess escapes death in the days when hangings, beheadings, and burnings were a public spectacle that drew a large crowd.

In order for her to slip away, though, she had to accept the dark magic into her soul. Knowing she couldn't go back to the man who put her on that path, she decides to run and continues to do so throughout the book. Bess slowly befriends a young girl, Tegan, who quickly becomes someone Bess feels protective of. During her time with Tegan, she tells her stories of her life although Tegan doesn't know they are about her at the time the first two are told.

The Witch's Daughter

Those three sections are probably my favorites of the entire book because they take place at different time periods in history including the European witch hunts, 's London with Jack the Ripper, and the First World War. It was interesting to see how Bess handled those situations while trying not to use her power.

Even though it was dark magic, she did use it to do good but using it at all made it easy for Gideon to find her, so she was taking quite the risk. One thing I really liked about Bess' character was the fact that she was practically a women's rights activist centuries before it became popular. Her mother raised her to express her own opinions which is something that rarely happened in the 's.

I kept feeling sorry for her every time she thought she had feelings for someone. I don't want to give away too much but because of her situation, it was never the right time. Therefore, it was a relief when she was finally able to confide in Tegan.

Although not a romantic relationship, it was a relationship nonetheless. If you like to read stories about witches or if you like historical fiction, I would recommend this book to you. Mar 30, Erica rated it it was amazing Shelves: This story is about a solitary Wiccan named Elizabeth Anne Hawksmith, turned immortal by the one creature she spends nearly her entire existence fearing and loathing, the warlock Gideon Masters.

Nearly four hundred years old, she finds a new place to settle turning out to be near to her first home when she meets a young teenaged girl named Tegan. Unknowingly at first, Elizabeth becomes attached to her as if she were her own daughter. Tegan obtains a huge interest in the craft and all she's accom This story is about a solitary Wiccan named Elizabeth Anne Hawksmith, turned immortal by the one creature she spends nearly her entire existence fearing and loathing, the warlock Gideon Masters.

Tegan obtains a huge interest in the craft and all she's accomplished with it. But she could never expect all of the dark forces, brutal harm and death to those around her, or the misery and pain that has befallen her throughout the centuries. The book goes through a number of stories Elizabeth decides to tell Tegan, to trust her with the knowledge of these stories of these people, their hardships and magical adventures, and hope that when the time is right she would come to realize just how close to home these stories are, that they are not fairy tales.

Only a few things, as a young Wiccan myself would I have altered. A few details that were difficult to retain knowing our beliefs and how there were just a couple things that didn't seem to match.

Ever present as these details were, did not hinder my enjoyment of the book whatsoever. A very beautifully written novel with much detail in some of the wonderous things we as witches see when unfortunately others do not see.

Reading this, I could feel the wind through the old trees. I could practically smell myself the scent of the healing herbs and oils, the force of the bright sun on my face as it hit hers, and the warmth and peace of her garden. Not all books can be perfect, but this is one I'd recommend to any true witch looking for a good story, one filled with romance, danger and suspense, true magick and excitement.

And a bold story of good versus evil. This is a story I will not forget and will keep close to my heart. Feb 15, Donna rated it liked it Shelves: The Witch's Daughter was a fairly enjoyable read that made up in the evenly paced writing what it lacked in character and plot development.

The writing flowed so beautifully that it was easy to lose myself in the story even when I felt that many of the characters lacked depth and the direction of the story was often confusing. For example, Gideon's obsession with Bess was never sufficiently explained which meant that his following her all of those years made little sense. It seemed beyond reason The Witch's Daughter was a fairly enjoyable read that made up in the evenly paced writing what it lacked in character and plot development.

It seemed beyond reason that he would devote so much of his time and effort to finding her and creating such elaborate schemes to trap her only to be so easily thwarted time and again by some simple trick on Bess's part. The ending was disorganized, overdone, and lacked any shred of plausibility. It was like a badly directed episode of Charmed with all the flashy magic included. I was definitely disappointed in the way it ended, especially because I had enjoyed the writing so much up to that point.

Definitely not the worst I've read lately. Sep 20, Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror rated it liked it. I enjoyed this book for quite awhile. It gave me all these warm, cozy feelings perfect for a Fall read. It had this Little House in the Big Woods feel at first-with the protagonist of our story, Bess, moving into a cottage and gardening, getting her house all set up, etc.

I love stuff like that. Then Bess meets Teagan, a modern day teenager and the stories of Bess' life over years begin.

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We meet an I enjoyed this book for quite awhile. We meet an interesting character named Gideon--who is a warlock. Warlocks are good! Especially handsome, scary ones! After the exciting conclusion to that story, we move on to the next story in Bess' tale.

Witchs brackston pdf daughter paula the

The one where Bess is a nurse in London and the story intermingles with the story of Jack the Ripper! Serial Killers are exciting! But then, somewhere near the end of this tale, the author lost me. Something seemed off about the story and I couldn't put my finger on it. The conclusion of this story was just a big disappointment. I really disliked the last story of Bess' life when she's a wartime nurse.

I started disbelieving in the story and I finally put my finger on what I didn't like about the protagonist: She never changed. She has lived hundreds of years but she sounded the same from one chapter of her life to the next.

She doesn't seem wiser or different-but totally the same. It felt dishonest. I also didn't like any of the descriptions of magic. The author doesn't know how to describe magic in a realistic way. It was almost silly towards the end. So, I'm a little disappointed because I really enjoyed it at first.

Contemporary fantasy fans, people who don't mind inaccurate 'witchery' books. I was really impressed with it for the first pages or so. The story starts with Elizabeth, an immortal witch who has just moved to a beautiful pastoral town in England.

The setting and descriptions of the scenery and landscape are jsut absolutely gorgeous. The story starts out in the present, but then goes back and forth a bit for Elizabeth to recollect the different places and time periods in which she lived. Critical to her past, is her mentor Gideon, who I'm Critical to her past, is her mentor Gideon, who is pure evil. This is where my problems with the book begin.

I'm a witch myself, have been for over ten years now and unfortunately I can be hypersensitive to innacuracies that portray my spirituality.

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First of all Gideon is a rapist and a murderer. Elizabeth literally catches him raping a gypsy girl in the woods and then uses his powers to make her forget that it happened. And then he has this crazy bonfire ritualy thing where there are all kinds of crazy ass demons and satan and random fornication. This really pissed me off because it seemed that the author was assuming that good witches worship the goddess and bad witches worship satan.

No witch worships satan because witches do not believe in satan! Satanists worship satan! After that, I lost alot of interest in the story, but I did finish it, because I don't like to leave books unfinished and after all, the writing itself WAS very good. Apr 23, Nikki rated it it was ok Shelves: I didn't mind that so much, as I've been told this is a witch story where there really are dark powers, shades of grey, etc, etc. Once I got to the storytelling part, too, that was tolerable historical fiction, though not anything really surprising.

In the end, it just fizzled out for me. The writing is okay, but not brilliant; the plot is okay, but not brilliant.

Midnight Witch - E-bok - Paula Brackston () | Bokus

The characters were When a character is pretty much introduced via a rape scene, you can pretty much guarantee I'm not going to get on with him. Not a story that worked out for me, in any case. Originally posted on my blog. May 06, Tamara rated it liked it. This is a tough review to write because in general, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it. Having said that, I had a problem with the Jack The Ripper insertion into the story.

Everything else was handled quite creatively and I don't think it was necessary to include it as part of the frame of a small portion of the story. My biggest complaint was not the semi-satisfying end yes, sometimes things end the way that they should instead of happily ever after but in the character of Tegan This is a tough review to write because in general, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it.

My biggest complaint was not the semi-satisfying end yes, sometimes things end the way that they should instead of happily ever after but in the character of Tegan.

Witchs daughter paula brackston pdf the

I guess I just really missed her importance and Elizabeth's need to train her in the way's of the witch. Why her? What makes he different than any other girl Elizabeth may have encountered over the years. Telling the reader about that would have been much better. Good Premise, interesting writing style. Why do you do this to me books? You should have more self esteem than to let youself be published with an ending that belittles the effort that went into imagining and creating you.

Needless to say, I was disappointed in the author's choice of exposition. The final chapter, written from the perspective of the "Tegan" character, was out of place and just plain stupid. It left a bad taste im my mouth that otherwise would've garnered this tome a "meh" instead of an "ugh". But as it stands..

It wasn't terrible, but it did get deleted off of my Kindle just to be sure I wouldn't accidentally run across it in several months and attempt to reread it. Aug 10, Heather Hess rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed the story. A Novel Author s: Martin's Griffin Availability: Snowbooks Availability: Macmillan Audio Availability: Shadow Chronicles, Book 1 Author s: Paula Brackston Publisher: Audible Studios Availability: Amazon AU.

Amazon UK. Lady Lilith Montgomery is the daughter of the sixth Duke of Radnor. She is one of the most beautiful young women in London and engaged to the city s most eligible bachelor.

She is also a witch. When her father dies, her hapless brother Freddie takes on his title. And it is Lilith who must face the threat of the Sentinels, a powerful group of dark sorcerers.

Lilith knows the Lazarus creed: She has spent her life honouring the code.