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Fonte Viva by Francisco Cândido Xavier is Religion & Spirituality Integram esta coleção os livros. Caminho, verdade e vida; Pão nosso; Vinha. Print and download in PDF or MIDI Tu, Fonte viva - M: Antif. Parigino T: G.F. Poma Arm: lesforgesdessalles.infoi Free sheet music for Organ. Fonte Viva Portuguese Edition. Ebook Fonte Viva Portuguese Edition currently available at for review only, if you need complete ebook Fonte Viva .

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Ebook Fonte Viva Portuguese Edition currently available at for review only for agua viva portuguese edition pdf download do you really need this. Chico Xavier (Emmanuel) - Fonte - Grupo AMA. . O espiritismo em sua expressao mais - Grupo AMA · Chico Xavier. Ebook Pdf Fonte Viva Portuguese Edition contains important information and a detailed explanation about Ebook Pdf Fonte Viva Portuguese Edition, its contents .

That Fonte means to recast the debate featured by Valla is confirmed by the entrance of the next character, whom she iden- tifies simply as Stoico, the Stoic. Some time later, a fifth banquet was added to celebrate the Feast of St. Stefano Venice: Col mio cor parli. Both types of spectacles often included music, a fact that had an important influence upon their metrical structure. Edi- zioni Fondazione Levi, , Request a demo of the EMIS service.

The following day, the party returned to San Giorgio for a mass said by the abbot, with music by the choir of San Marco.


Stephens day assemble themselves in the publike pallace appointed for the princes habitation, and with a solemne pompe waite upon the prince from thence to the church of S. Marke, and there bee present with him at Masse, which being ended, then they wait uppon him backe to his house againe, and there be pertakers of his banquet. Edizioni Studium Cattolico Veneziano, , See also Tracey E.


Atti del con- vegno internazionale di studi, Venezia — Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, dicembre Venice: Edi- zioni Fondazione Levi, , We do not have any contemporary accounts of the performance, but it is worth pointing out that the festivities must have had special significance that year. Venice, Biblioteca del Seminario Patriar- chale, Ms. Anecdotal evidence suggests that less elaborate entertainments including music and poetry were offered to the Doge even earlier in the century.

During the reign of Marino Grimani , these performances seem to have increased; indeed during most of the Grimani years all four ducal banquets included a play as part of the entertainment. The Edwin Mellen Press, , 10 n.

Pdf fonte viva

See Solerti, Celio Magno recitate nel convito fatto dopo la creazione del Sereniss. Agostino Ferentilli, et di nuouo con ogni diligenza ricorrette Venice: Giunti, , first edition Bartolomeo Malombra was a poet from Cremona who pub- lished religious and encomiastic poetry in Venice in the s. Rampazetti, , [vii].

Pdf fonte viva

Antonio Groppo, According to Shiff, the later plays were probably not sung throughout: My tragedy was performed in the manner that has been perfected by the ancients: We could not imitate ancient times as far as the music, which was composed by signor Claudio Merulo, since the ancients could never attain such a level.

See his Ph. Domenico Farri, The other musician mentioned is Gioseffo Zarlino, a singer, or- ganist and composer who was the maestro di cappella chapelmaster at San Marco from to his death in Fonte had paid homage to Zarlino in her Tredici canti del Floridoro, where she placed him at the center of the seven liberal arts in an imagined fresco on the ceiling of the temple of Apollo at Delphi.

It is very likely that the musicians of the prestigious choir of San Marco took part in at least some of the entertainments composed for ducal banquets in the sixteenth century. A ceremonial compiled in specifies that during vespers on St. The solo parts, composed in versi sciolti unrhymed lines of seven or eleven syllables , may have been spoken or possibly sung to instru- mental accompaniment.

The chorus parts, on the other hand, were almost certainly sung: This is not to say that Le feste does not have characteristics in common with other banquet plays from the period: Le feste, as one of her earliest pub- 44 Tredici canti del Floridoro Venice: Rampazetti, , III , f.

Remarkably, the primary literary source for Le feste is De voluptate On pleasure , a controversial Latin treatise authored by the fifteenth-century humanist and philosopher Lorenzo Valla Valla finished the first version of De voluptate in , but he revised the treatise at least four times, changing the title to the less provocatory De vero fal- soque bono and then to De vero bono.

Adri- atica editrice, , and the English translation with Latin text in facing-page format by Lorch and A. Abaris Books, Pironti e figli, , trans. Vincenzo Grillo, based on the Basel editions. Wilhelm Fink Verlag, All citations and translation are from this edition. The Epicurean dominates the second book, arguing against each of the cardinal virtues and for the superiority of the active life over the contemplative life advocated by the Stoics.

After pointing out that although neither the Stoic nor the Epi- curean philosophy alone is sufficient to lead humans to knowledge of the summum bonum, he judges the Epicurean notion of pleasure as being closer to the true good, which can be found only in God.

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The book ends with a rhapsodic description of Paradise, where the soul will experience voluptates in eternity. Line numbers refer to the original Italian. The Feast Days are quick to point out that such celebrations, which com- memorate virtuous people and acts, serve to inspire others to virtue. The insistence on celebration coupled with virtue is echoed in the lines sung by the combined cho- ruses, which align Venice with a Vallian vision of paradise: That Fonte means to recast the debate featured by Valla is confirmed by the entrance of the next character, whom she iden- tifies simply as Stoico, the Stoic.

When he notices that the Epicurean has arrived, he is startled and angry: Get out of our sight, you evil fool! She gave our mouths the sense of taste so we might enjoy the flavor of sumptuous dishes, in the same way that sweet music pleases our ears.

His speech closes with a long excursus on the pleasures of hunting and fishing in the countryside, another diversion that would have been very familiar to the Ve- netian noblemen in the audience. The Doge is figured here as the model Venetian gentlemen who is virtuous even in his leisure activities. Instead, terraferma, where they retreated in the summer to escape from the heat and crowded conditions in the city and where they often amused themselves by hunting and fishing. For a fictional account of a fishing trip on the Venetian lagoon in the middle of the sixteenth century see Girolamo Parabosco, I diporti Venice: In Le feste, too, the debate be- tween the two philosophers is resolved by a third party.

The Sibylline Oracles, ancient texts of mixed Jewish and Christian origin containing the supposed prophecies of the Sibyls, were widely circulated in antiquity and throughout the Middle Ages.

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The texts were rediscovered in the sixteenth century and published in Greek in and in Latin one year later, which may explain why sibyls were often represented in sixteenth-century visual art the five Sibyls on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel come immediately to mind. The Judean or Babylonian Sibyl is often credited with having written down the Sibylline Oracles; she is traditionally considered one of the first women writers.

Instead, she explains that both virtue and pleasure, practiced in moderation, can lead to the highest good, which is found only in God lines The solo parts, composed in versi sciolti unrhymed settenari and endecasillabi , are interspersed with two chorus parts in various fixed verse forms that were most likely sung. The play takes the form of a dialogue between two philosophers, a Stoic and an Epicurean, who debate whether the path to the highest good lies in virtue or pleasure.

The dispute is resolved by the Eritrean Sibyl, who convinces the two philosophers that while both virtue and pleasure can and should be exercised in moderation, the only way to reach the highest good is through Jesus Christ. Before she leaves, she promises to return soon. Notes on the text This edition is based on the copy in small quarto format in the Biblioteca Nazio- nale Marciana in Venice Misc.

Moderata Fonte, Le feste: Stefano Venice: Domenico e Giovanni Battista Guerra, [? There is an identical copy in the Biblioteca Comunale di Treviso Misc. See Figure 6. Yet Soranzo mentions two dis- tinct editions of Le feste, one in quarto format which he does not date, and another with an identical title in duodecimo format that he lists as dating to Since the perform- ance did not actually take place due to the death of Doge Grimani on December 25 of that same year , the text must have been prepared and printed in advance.

Franklin, , and I am the Year by now, almost last year, since I find myself at my own end. And, so as to make room for the New Year, 5 I have come to take leave of you, Prince adorned with every splendor, and of you, worthy heroes, while you rejoice in this life-giving residence accompanied by sweet thoughts.

I giorni qui felici e gai rendon doppio diletto. The happy, gay days spent here yield twofold delight. Here, as in paradise, 35 along with virtue reign peace, celebration, and laughter. Delight and pleasure 40 are essential to life, and in them is found supreme happiness and the highest good. Anyone who takes a different path than this one is both wretched and foolish. La sua rara bellezza fura gli spirti, anzi gli porta in cielo.

Partiti, sciocco e rio, dagli occhi nostri. He who knows her burns in such a way with her love, which inspires noble thoughts, 65 that he does not seek nor ask for anything outside of himself. Her exceptional beauty steals spirits away, indeed, it carries them to heaven. Oh happy is he who knows and loves her, 70 since she is the true good, and he who treasures her despises all other cares. Fleeting delights and vain pleasures are like flowers that soon wither, nests of poisonous, vile serpents.

And because I have heard that her splendid rays are better revealed 80 here in this place that she calls home, I have come, like a greedy lover, to bask in the sweet, dear sight of her that emanates from you, illustrious and worthy prince, as a rose through clear glass, 85 or the sun through a fine veil. I pay homage to you along with her, and no less do I honor these lofty heroes in whom her light shines so brightly.

What are you doing here, enemy of virtue, follower of Epicurus? And because I am constrained by pity, I must ask you this: A che dunque sei nato? Oh quanto appaga il cor, quanto altrui giova. Why were you born, then?

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And why did Mother Nature give you the use of the things she produces on earth? What shall I say, then, of the many other pleasures that she, in her genius, has prepared for us? Dancing, playing games, speaking of love, and casting nets at the beautiful birds in the meadows, or setting hidden traps for the careless fish on the banks of a silvery, clear river, or sitting in the shade on a beautiful hill and gazing down at the nearby, open fields as hounds chase timid hares, and then enjoying their prey at a lavish banquet.

Oh, how these things enrich our hearts, how they benefit us. In all these pleasures combined I conclude that the highest good is to be found, and, by depriving yourself of all this, you provide the proof that you are completely insane. May the heavens grant you many more of these serene hours, and to your descendants, too, thousands and thousands of years. One tires of even the most delicious food after a while, and even the sweetest music eventually displeases, and from a great love very often comes an even greater hate.

Hunting is a sport you have in common with lions, and eagles are much better than you are at catching little birds in flight. And when it does not obtain what it desires, how it agonizes, and blames the heavens, enraged! How it curses the spirits, and moans, and weeps! But my mind, which places its hope in a steadier object, and in her stable, true, love, possessing her, is always blessed.

The Graces, loyal handmaidens of the lovely, resplendent crescent, laugh continuously in your happy environs, and there create bright sparks of love by the thousands. I am the Sybil, called Eritrea, who, hearing the echoes of your glorious name that your virtue has scattered throughout the world, has come to see you, and to rejoice with you in your many honors and merits. And also, my Prince, to predict that your glorious life upon earth will last for many years to come. Col mio cor parli.

Or tu dunque incomincia. Players often pluck first some strings, and then others in order to create a more joyful sound.

As worthy souls, more greatly endowed with talent by Virtue who in this way enriches them with honor sometimes let their minds turn sweetly away from serious thoughts and calmly turn briefly to pleasure, so that they are united. We certainly could not have had better luck than this, in order to resolve this dispute. Shall we both agree to let her be the judge, and happily abide by what she decides?

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