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out the educational values and the implication of the novel “Bumi Manusia” in education. . the novel “Bumi Manusia” is written by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. It. (Bumi Manusia). This Earth Of Mankind is the first book of the Buru. Quartet, a literary tetralogy written by Indonesian author. Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Novel by . Bumi Manusia Tetralogi Buru 1 Pramoedya Ananta Toer stephen murray chemistry answer key refraction free,steel lock roy callaghan vegas,stepinau no 1.

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Bumi manusia by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, , Hasta Mitra edition, in Indonesian - Cet. ke pdf. TRANSLATING “BUMI MANUSIA” NOVEL INTO ENGLISH: SOME In translating an Indonesian novel entitled “Bumi Manusia” into English, the translator. Tags: Bumi Manusia pdf, Bumi Manusia epub, Bumi Manusia by Pramoedya Ananta Toer pdf, Bumi Manusia by Pramoedya Ananta Toer epub, read online Bumi.

January 31, TransCon Proceedings, , No. You can now embed Open Library books on your website! There's no description for this book yet. Edited by widi sabtono.

Catford and Eugene Nida Saldanha, , p. The formal equivalence focuses its attention on the forms and contents equivalences between the two languages while the dynamic equivalence focuses on the effect equivalences where the translator tries to relate the SL to the TL behavior and culture and put attention only to the substance meaning of message.

Some scholars describe the theoretical framework of formal equivalence as the following: It is adhere so closely to the linguistics and cultural values of the source text Venuti, , p. There are several elements that formal equivalence translation attempts to reproduce: Nida in Venuti, , p.

The novel was published in Jakarta by Lentera Dipantara in first published was in It is a historical novel about psychological conflict of a native Javanese named Minke, who had been raised up in the Javanese aristocracy value during the eighteenth century when Indonesia was under the Dutch colonialism.

He had a special privilege to attend a Dutch high school HBS that had opened his eyes on wider global knowledge and information and also had taught him on western values and culture.

It happened that he had fallen in love with a half Dutch girl who was a daughter of a concubine and a Dutch businessman. He had encountered a lot of cultural challenges on inferior perception towards his relationship with this family.

Manusia pdf bumi

He wrote an Afterword section in this novel describing the long history of struggling in publishing both Novels. The two Novels were banned in Indonesia on accusation they were secretively spreading Marxism-Leninism ideology. Penguin Books, USA, published this novel in Data Collection The data were collected manually from reading and reviewing both novels.

Each chapter was observed and compared in detail to find the style of the TL expressions used by the English translation novel. Any un-matched, un-natural and mis-translating of the TL expressions were identified and noted down. Data Analysis The data was first analyzed based on the formal equivalence framework whether the TL expressions were in accordance to the framework of this approach.

The collected data then was analyzed using the existing theories. SL Forms and Contents Preservation The following are samples of this type of preservation that occurred in the novels: Orang memanggil aku, Minke, namaku sendiri ….

People called me Minke, my own name …. Ia tersenyum, mengangguk padaku, berdiri kemudian juga pergi. Pelayan membereskan meja. She smiled, nodded to me, stood up then left too. The servant cleared the table. When reading the TL version of the novel, the reader will strongly excerpt the strong SL forms, style and culture and not natural in TL.

The translator then included a glossary to explain the meaning of these words at the end of the novel. Catford , p. Problematic Issues in Applying Formal Correspondence As formal equivalence translation attempts to make the reader be able to perceive the SL local cultural elements in convey meanings, the reproduction of the text will ingest the word as it is and this lead to problems of inaccuracy in translation. This study identified some problems in the translation of the novel when applying formal correspondence and found out that some un-natural expressions and meaningless string of words in the TL were occurred.

There are also some loss of meanings phrases and mis-translated of idiom in the TL version.

Pdf bumi manusia

For instance, as formal equivalence translation translate its units only such as matching the nouns to nouns and the verbs to verbs some sentences have no meaning since such as buaya darat, which is an idiom, translated into crocodile on land. The following are samples of the TL un-natural expressions in the novel: The translator must not use a word or phrase that sound intuitively unnatural or artificial for him. Who knows if leaves or if meat?

Idiom SL: This is not always so obvious. Phrase Mis-translated of phrase were found as the following example.

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This was conversation between Minke and the concubine when Minke tried to propose to marry her daughter. Aku ceritakan tentang kesulitan yang menimpa usahaku mencari order.

Aku harap kau bisa mengerti. I hope you can understand. Conclusion This study has described how formal equivalence can be used as the translation strategies to produce a translation that is faithful to the original text.

However this strategy can create significant problems such as un-natural expressions of the TL, meaningless string of words of the TL and even mis-translation of the TL expressions. When facing problems finding equivalence words in the TL Hatim and Munday , p. In the case of a failed strategy, the translation problem can be sent back to the intuitive workspace Munday, , p.

References Ananta Toer, P. Hasta Mitra Publishing House. Ananta Toer, P.

Bumi manusia

This Earth of Mankind. Penguin Books Australia Ltd. Baker, M. In other words: A course book on translation. New York: Catford, J.

A linguistic theory of translation. Oxford University Press Hatim, B. Teaching and researching translation. Prefer the physical book? Check nearby libraries with:. Add an ISBN in order to link to booksellers. Copy and paste this code into your Wikipedia page. Need help? New Feature: You can now embed Open Library books on your website!

Learn More. Last edited by ahman January 31, History. Add another edition? Bumi manusia Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Bumi manusia Close. Want to Read.

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