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WarHammer 40K [codex] 7th ed - Eldar lesforgesdessalles.info Uploaded by Warhammer 40, - Codex - Heretic Astartes - Chaos Space Marines. Uploaded by. Feb 6, So here it is the chaos space marine 6th edition lesforgesdessalles.info by god its glorious! This is a complete page by page flip through of the book. WARHAMMER 40, CODEX: CHAOS SPACE MARINES. Official Update for 7th Edition, Version Page 91 – superscript note 5. Change to 'Models with the.

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Page 1. cHAos sPACE. MARINES. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page let the galaxy burn v pdf. МБ lesforgesdessalles.info .. Warhammer 40, - Codex - Chaos Space lesforgesdessalles.info Jul 6, The current Chaos Space Marine codex book is the oldest in current use, .. 7th edition helped in that wounds from a challenge may now "spill over" to as the Chaos Dreadnoughts have been removed from sale, find a PDf.

Models in Terminator armour may not be given a Rapturous Standard: Friendly units within 7" get Contagion: Only special character allowed is Lucius. Daemons are altracled to a battle through unholy prayers and the miasma of desolation and war. Like that discipline, this discipline is very specialized towards vehicles, with only one out of the seven powers being "general purpose" Mindveil out of melee, switch places with something scarier, then gain charge bonuses to beat the stuff you struggled with.

Your Heldrakes become a nexus for panic, causing enemy units within range to suffer a Leadership penalty. Pretty useful when you factor in all the Fear your Marines cause.

The other reason to take the Heldrakes? Although you may think that going up against Space Marines is an auto lose cause of the whole "ATSKNF" thingy, Veteran's of the Long War more than makes up for it with re-rolling 4's to hit on the first round which is statistically better than hitting on 3's And being hit back on 5's?

With powerfists? Just keep in mind that you have to avoid dreadnoughts and S10 in combat if you do take him, and if he's your Warlord and why wouldn't he be? When selecting relics and other wargear, and what you want to aim for when rolling Warlord Traits, take heed of the redundancy in the kit afforded to you. There are lots of tools to make your characters overwhelmingly lethal in close combat.

The Stormbolt Plate is also a good survival tool to disrupt the success of enemy shooting. Word Bearers trade raw bonuses for versatility. They're the only other Legion besides Black Legion that can mix-and-match different Marks, they're potent at Daemon summoning, and their Warlord Table changes a lot of how they play.

That said, when you re-roll this, you have at least 3 in 4 chance of getting a good trait, and they let you do things you normally can't! Word Bearers tactical objectives focus around summoning daemons and getting into close combat with the enemy. The List-Building section expands on this more, but more so than other Legions, you care more about using your Legion's special detachment rather than a vanilla CAD; you don't care about Possessed as Troops, and either having Respawning Cultists or a tide of universally Objective-Secured units both matter more than getting Possessed Troops eww.

Really, the only things you end up losing access to by not taking a CAD are some flexibility, access to Forgeworld units, and the ability to re-roll Warlord Traits on any table and not just the Word Bearers one.

If you make a Palanquin Sorcerer your Warlord and this is highly recommended, due to the mix of extra wounds and useful blessings , positioning is going to matter more than in most armies due to your relative slowness, even with Crusader. Voice of Lorgar and the free boon from Eight-Fold Path take place at the start of your movement phase, meaning a Warlord with Voice of Lorgar should start within 12" of any units you wish to buff, while a Warlord Nexus of the Gods should be within 12" of any notable Characters!

You have more leeway with the Psychic Powers due to your 6" move, but the traditional CSM trick of using a Bike Sorcerer to move 12", Psychic Shriek, then Turbo to safety is generally not going to be as much of an option for you. Remember your Sorcerer is not Smashfucker and your goal is not to rush into a good fight. Rather, you are an anchor, and a force multiplier. Lore of Nurgle gives you options for Poisoned, or extra Strength, and Voice of Lorgar gives you access to several buffs.

The most immediate use for Voice of Lorgar is to give Furious Charge to a unit that's already moving fast say, a few throwaway units of Relentless mostly lets your unit charge-after-firing, though that's more of a situational bonus. Rather, Summoning is about maintaining your positional advantage, and allowing the rest of your army to take the mid-field uninterrupted.

If your opponent tries to rush the center of the board, you can take a few losses standing without much issue. If your opponent tries to hang back, you move to lock down objectives. With Word Bearers, get used to the fact you WILL lose troops, and get comfortable with sacrificing them to control the board. With the right list, innate perseverance, and thinking a few "parts" of your turn ahead, you can win with Word Bearers quite handily. Daemonology is still risky but you can mitigate peril wounds by taking a Mark Of Nurgle Palanquin Sorceror.

Not cheap - he ends up in the something region - but could be an option. However, unlike the Space Marines and their variant detachments in Codex: Angels of Death, most of the detachments are very similar to one another; other than the Thousand Sons Grand Coven and the Black Legion Speartip, every Chaos detachment follows the same general template, with one or two modifications on top.

Rather than listing each and every detachment in full, this article will list out the "main" template for a Chaos detachment, and any major differences "Iron Warriors: They're like any other Legion, except they can take Fortification Auxiliaries". Also note that depending on your detachment, certain formations or choices will let you substitute your Lord or Sorcerer for an appropriate Special Character.

Other than the Black Legion and Thousand Sons detachments, every Chaos Detachment will have the below in common, unless stated otherwise: As a fun little aside, due to RAW, Crimson Slaughter and the old Black Legion supplement state that any formation may be declared as belonging to them, while traitor legions scales this up to detachments. While taking a Black Legion formation within another detachment is only really viable with Thousand Sons As BL traitor legions overrules the old supplement , this does open up interesting variations with Crimson Slaughter e.

Take a relic burdened Chaos Lord as a 'Lord of the Legion' while the rest of the detachment belongs to a formation with actually good Legion rules. And, rules as written, nothing says that all the sub-detachments have to have the same legion rules. Alpha legion rocks for Lost and the Damned, but is less great for basically any other formation, due to lack of beneficial rules.

General trend in this anons local area is this is fine for Black Crusade detachment, but iffy with Legion Specific detachments. You will notice that several of these Formations have a mandatory Warpsmith tax. Some people like 'em, some people don't. Good luck trying to make them work. Not an actual formation, this still makes Iron Warriors currently the only Detachment of Formations in the game that can actually take Fortifications.

The Grand Company has the following bonuses:. The Insurgency Force has the exact same organization as a Basic Chaos Detachment, with no modifications otherwise. The Insurgency Force has the following bonuses:. Like a basic Chaos detachment, except can take the Maelstrom of Gore as a core choice. You "could" take a Trinity of Blood as an Auxiliary choice, but then you're playing Apocalypse where almost anything goes.

Ever wanted to field khornate marines on foot with a charge threat of 36" or 39" with bezerkers? Well, now you can!

First you get the pre turn move of 2D6 due to the detachment. Then you'll have your normal movement of 6 for infantry increased to 9 if having a character with the talisman of burning blood in it.

So turn 1 assault for infantry is minimum of 16", average of 26" and maximum of 36". In addition if you're really set to have a first turn charge, you can always add in 1k sons allies with the Astral Grimoire to become jump infantry so increases the charge threat with another 6". Bezerkers charging possibly 45" is hilarious. Also note that the minimum charge range for infantry will be 22 making it an easy charge if both players deployed as close to each other as possible.

Of course you can do this with lord on jug and bikes or that Sp But this actually makes Kharn and termie lord on foot not that bad for being slow. So no land raider needed to transport Kharn to be able to see combat.

Also funny for khornate prince with wings, give him an artifact worth of him to wreck shit turn 1 if opponent is stupid enough to deploy on his deployment edge.

The Murder Talon has the following bonuses. The Grand Host has the following bonuses:. You take this formation if you want to bring a Black Legion detachment but you want to maintain Objective Secured. This allows Black Legion to be run either hyper-aggressively, or relatively defensively. If you want to run Fabius or Huron, play hero-hammer with Path to Glory, run Special Characters from multiple Legions in the same detachment, or give Hatred Imperium to a Crimson Slaughter army, play this.

It acts like a Basic Chaos Detachment with the following modifications:. The Black Legion Speartip rewards alpha strikes, but does not grant objective secured to anything at all. Keeping this in mind, there are tradeoffs to either army list, very much like the Horus Heresy Rites of War.

The veterans of your Legion are mostly Luna Wolves, after all, and that carries over into their battle doctrine. The formation bonuses are:. You don't get any Fast Attacks, and the formation cannot take any Marks other than Nurgle. In exchange, any Missile Launchers in the detachment can take Chemical Rockets, and any flamer weapons can be swapped for Chemical Flamers for free.

Not bad! There's a second bonus that any Barrage weapons from this Formation leave Dangerous terrain markers, but Chaos Marines don't get any barrage weapons anyway outside of Forgeworld, and the FW options they do get are expensive! Once you select one of these "core" kits, adding a good secondary bundle will help round off your army, and help it fit into a Legion detachment more easily.

The old Battleforce even more elusive had a Rhino, Khorne Berserker Squad, enough bitz for 2 Chaos Marine Squads, and a 5-strong Possessed Squad which you can easily use to make a Chaos lord with any of the new options, give Chaos Champions Lightning Claws, all the stuff you only have one of in the Chaos accessory sprue. The four remaining Possessed you can use to make the five man Chaos marine squad into a nine man one. This allows you to field a complete army at about points if you split the Marines in two five man squads.

If you want a quick start, get a second Marine box or a couple of Cultists from Ebay and you will have a complete playable Although not the most competitive army.

From there, it takes a bit of planning and experimentation. Chaos Space Marines differ greatly from their loyalist counterparts in that they are less forgiving of fuck ups.

That is to say what works against one opponent will not likely work against another. Units like Plague marines, havocs and obliterators are generally all around useful against any opponent, so you can almost never go wrong with buying a box. Some players swear by some units while others think they are shit. One thing to keep in mind is even your basic troops can start getting VERY expensive once the upgrades start piling up.

A basic Marine can go from 13 to 19 or higher per model once you start adding on a close combat weapon, mark, Veterans of the Long war, icons, etc.

As players of full cult lists already know, this will lead to being outnumbered very frequently. Finding the balance between quantity and quality in a army full of options and strong expensive units is key.

Keep in mind that 7e is focused on shooting - not exclusively, but predominantly. Many people get into CSMs for the marines. However, it is often a good idea to just take a minimal squad of cultists for your mandatory troop choice and use the remaining points on something that actually hits hard. Consider using allies with cost effective troops to counter deficiencies in your lists. Chaos Daemons are the best ally to start with. Having at least one Psyker adds an extra layer of depth to your army, and Chaos Space Marines can bring the Psychic game.

One of the main reason Psykers remain useful in 40k is they generate their powers after army creation but pre-game, meaning you're paying for a "wildcard" gun you can tailor. For many games, Challenges are more a curiosity than an active part of the game: When you fight an army of Eldar Jetbikers or Tau Riptides, you'll find tough shooty units with nary a character a sight, and some armies Necrons and Tyranids may not have any characters whatsover except a single Lord or Flying Hive Tyrant!

Even when up against an army with multiple sergeants, challenges are an annoyance for many of your characters; a Cultist Champion is just as dead in assault whether or not in a Challenge, while a Space Marine Sergeant and a vanilla Aspiring Champion fighting against each other is effectively a coin-flip. It's when you're up against other melee armies or ones with special bonuses in challenges For example, Eldar, Space Marine Champions, etc that you have to be extra-careful in combat.

The first thing is to remember that Challenges are issued at the start of the Fight Sub-phase, and Challenges can only be issued or accepted by models that are Engaged.

If you have a character you do not wish to engage in a challenge, keep him more than 2" away from the closest base-to-base model; he won't be Engaged at the start of the Fight Sub-Phase, so he won't have to issue a Challenge. You then wait for the character's Initiative Step to happen, then have him make his 3" step so he's now Engaged and free to beat stuff up. Alternately, if your opponent wants to issue a challenge, it pays to have several sacrificial schlubs on-hand to "take one for the team".

This section is divided into three main parts: As usual, YMMV and caveat emptor and all that funky jazz.

Warhammer 40,000/7th Edition Tactics/Chaos Space Marines

For the first time since the legendary 3. Alpha Legion is about sneakiness, infiltration tactics, and highly-trained Cultist teams. Alliances of Convenience with Orks are not unknown as one may recall from Dawn of War. Fortunately for you, the Alpha Legion tactics do just this, allowing cultists, Chosen, and Marines to infiltrate. In addition, they allow any character to generate a warlord trait after your warlord dies. Who's the real Alpharius? Oh, and they don't get Slay the Warlord unless they kill every character in your army.

Choice is the name of the game here. With no restriction on marks, you are the only Legion that has access to the entirety of the CSM range, minus characters. Including the new TSons and soon Death Guard units. This makes a CAD rather interesting to play with. You also have two warbands to choose from. For killpoint games you have the Black Legion warband, for everything else you have the chaos warband, unless of course you feel like murderizing units off of objectives rather than competing with other ObSec units.

Hell, you can even give TSons a run for their money in the psychic phase. And being the largest Legion by far, it's all fluffy too. The Black Legion supplement provides a few starting points for fluffy lists. Hounds of Abaddon are a khorne warband with their own formation and it's a core choice for the speartrike. Khorne in general works really well with army wide Hatred. Plays similar to WE. Another option is to go ham on elite choices.

We get ObSec terminators and chosen in a CAD and it doesn't interfere with turning the cult units of your choice into troops as well. Spice with Forge World and formations as needed.

Cultists are for peasants. Or go full glass cannon with the speartip and enjoy turn 1 assaults with possibly the best legion for the raptor talon and maybe a terminator annihilation force. If you somehow still have points, bring the psychic dakka with a cabal and let the galaxy burn. The Raptor Talon was tailor-made for Night Lords players.

Plus, now it's a core choice for the Night Lords Decurion! To make your horde of Fear-inducing Marines even more absurdly successful, bring the Heldrake Terror Pack formation to force more penalties on your opponents during fear tests. Milage may vary against loyalist Marines, but you do have the cover saves to really make use of the re-rolled charge in the decurion. Still absurdly successful against most other armies in terms of failed fear tests. Iron Warriors play differently from most Chaos armies in that they emphasize shooting rather than herohammer.

Their Warlord table has a lot of stinkers or depend on your army composition: It's because of this that the Cult of Destruction is ironically usually not worth taking for Iron Warriors! If you take the Grand Company, you're doing it either because you love pieplates, or you want to re-enact the Iron Cage and plop down lots of Fortifications. Or you can do both: And the Battle Cannons reroll scatter!

Fist of the Gods becomes a fun formation if you want to throw down 3 Vindicators, and if you use Legacies of Ruin, you can grant one of them Outflank to really keep your opponent guessing where the next attack will come from!

That said, don't go overboard. You can do Fortification-spam, Vindicator-spam, or even for more casual games taking an odd Defiler in support of Maulerfiends, but you won't be able to do it all at once; taking more than one Warpsmith in games less than points will be a heavy tax for most of your armies, and you should almost never take more than two. If you're playing at lower points or just want to field more bodies, the humble Munitorium Armored Crate is only 10 points more than a Spawn Auxiliary and provides a good deal of support for your Warband, from additional cover, ammo crates to help your Havocs shoot better, and even the Fuel Tanks can let you turn a unit of Chaos Bikes or two into a jury-rigged Torrent flamer team.

While Word Bearers have access to all Marks of Chaos, unlike most legions, they have some of the weakest legion rules, which revolve around a few particular HQ choices. Possessed as Troops in a CAD with no other improvements to their rules are still a bad unit, while the Dark Apostle 6" range is small and only gives Hatred and Fearless which other legions can get for free.

You will have to keep this in mind when building the list: Because Possessed themselves are bad, and Word Bearers do not get any other advantages to support running Forgeworld-heavy lists, most Word Bearers lists should start with a Grand Host rather than a CAD.

Although Eight-Fold Path is mostly inferior to Path to Glory in the Black Crusade detachment you can use it on Daemon Princes or Warpack characters, but it doesn't benefit from Favored Scions and you can't pile blessings , Crusader allows your grunts to get across the board faster while the Word Bearers Warlord Table is rather nice.

The question is whether you want to do a Cultist-heavy build, or a Marine-focused build. The Cultist build is pretty simple: Use a Lost and the Damned Core, but try to balance the ratio of Cultists to actual killing power; the main reason for this formation is how expendable it is.

The Warpack actually makes sense as an Auxiliary for this army, as taking several Daemonology Psykers means you have respectable odds of getting Cursed Earth, plus Warlord Psyker Defiler remains the most memetic Crab Cathedral Crabthedral to emerge from rule interactions; take advantage of Crusader so your Cultists can run forth, jam movement, etc.

Warhammer 40,/7th Edition Tactics/Chaos Space Marines - 1d4chan

The Marine-focused build will go for a Warband, and try to take advantage of the ability to mix-and-match Marks. If you want some Cultists to support this build, one option is to use a Helbrute as your mandatory "Heavy" requirement for the formation, then take an allied Helcult so you have a second Brute and two units of super-unbreakable Cultists. Bring Spawn or other.. No matter whether you go for a Marine or Cultist-focused build, a Palanquin Summoner is a good pick for your army, as the blessings from Lore of Nurgle can buff your army to do nasty things, while the extra wounds give you additional breathing room for casting powers despite Perils.

Though you can run Bike Sorcerers, you're not really taking advantage of the Word Bearers' main draw if you do this. When you can reliably expect to get at least two free units of Flesh Hounds per turn, while you're running lots of small threats, you can maintain a momentum over your opponent that is more powerful than it appears at first glance! The Butcherhorde is pretty amazing. Fill in the rest here, World Eaters players!

Don't mind if I do! Use Nurgle Bikers to intercept enemy melee specialists. Cue Advancing Wall of Death. Very expensive but can really put a dent in things especially in Apocalypse games. Turn up your sonic weapons to 11 with the Kakophoni formation.

Yeah good luck with that. Good thing we all play 3k point games everytime, right? Things shall get loud now. A Helcult povides you with nice mobile cover, AP2 and is a good way to represent your pleasure slaves. Lost and Damned, while flakier, unlock -and take- Combat Drugs. The Raptor Talon really benefits from the Slaaneshi Decurion, especially when you combine it with a melee oriented Chaos Warband. There are two ways to go about running Thousand Sons. The first way would be to run a Tzeentchian Sorcerer, unlock Thousand Sons troops, and Or start with a War Cabal and expand from there.

Thankfully, Traitor's Hate gives you more leeway in running a wizarding army, and without the need to lock your own Sorcerers into using the Mark of Tzeentch. Why not consider adding a Daemon CAD for additional variety as well? Ok so this has been playtested once and I will try it a few more times before my final verdict but after the first game this is my opinion.

The Ahriman's Exiles Formation. You cannot get any more elite than this. Now, this is a veeeery pricey formation in points, I played a 1k game and it had only four models in it. All were on discs, familiared when possible and level 3. I also threw in some artefacts like the Murder Sword which really paid off. Now I lost on points Crusade with three of five obj in the opponents board half made things tricky but that was partly down to my only mistakes early on and some bad luck.

At you add some more Sorcerers and maybe a Malefic one to expand your presence and it could be quite nasty to handle. Jump to: The anticlimax is real. You don't want this to happen to any tooled-up HQ you have, though it's not necessarily the end of the world if it happens to a rank-and-file Champion for some reason. Note that a Champion that becomes one of Important Note - On Pg. Let me repeat that. Now that 7th edition allows any units to score objectives, this can be a detrimental flaw.

Pretty straight forward and never a bad choice. You could risk a re-roll for a more immediate benefit on something like say a poop bucket prince, but you will probably end up in melee eventually with CSM regardless of what rolls this and there's a good chance you'll end up with something worse. For any CC oriented characters this is a keeper. Nice on an HQ, pointless on single-wound models. Even then you might already have EW from a warlord trait or relic, plus most of our HQs only have 2 where having EW is only a marginal improvement.

Enjoy your S10 powerfist. This is pretty universally good too. Some khorne characters might not get much out of this on the charge due to already wounding on 2s on the charge, but even they benefit from this after the first round of combat.

So if it helps you wound better just roll with it. More often than not you will want to re-roll this if you can. However there are some less obvious characters that benefit from this, psykers still need to hit with some witchfires and our sorcerer is only BS 4.

Then there is also the chosen champion which can make use of this. On the other hand, BS 6 doesn't unlock re-rolls for blast weapons. Also, while this looks interesting for a forgefiend or defiler, possession actually is a fixed modifier to 3 BS, so this won't actually help them shoot better. Can be nice on HQs to hit before the enemy head honcho, but generally more useful for our grunts who can now kill other sergeants before they can retaliate.

Or for Death Guard to counter the initiative hit. Luckily you get to check what your opponent brought to decide on whether or not you think this could be useful for you.

Unless the character happens to be a walker, you're going to want to keep this. It's amazing. You really can't go wrong with this, although it's pretty much only for CC as majority toughness will cancel this out. Also, do check what this character is likely to face in CC. If you're going up against thunderhammers or fists, you're probably not going to get any use out of this.

One of the few boons that spreads to the unit. Roll this up on a biker champion and watch Dark Angels players eat their hearts out.

Codex marines 7th space pdf chaos

Especially as Chaos doesn't get non-relic artificer armor. Big boon for a prince, but still good for anything really. Pretty good, especially if you put it on a lightning claw.

But don't forget that this is part of a weapon as opposed to a rule the character gains. It won't affect stuff like infernal claws or the talons of the night terror.

VERY situational, but not bad. However, it's a nice deterrent vs shrieks for a prince. Anybody else should probably opt for a re-roll when possible. Good when fighting low toughness armies or for khorny stuff since it's effectively shred on high strength models. Pretty nice vs non non marine armies, especially nids. Against marines you're probably wounding on 4s anyway so try for something else.

The other boon that spreads to the unit. Since this is random, you'll probably not care too much about the run bonus, but it's a pretty decent bonus to sweeping attacks. Of course that means you're more likely to overrun a unit, which you might not want, but it works when being charged too.

Even if you loose combat, it will make beating that unit in a sweeping advance pretty hard, making this quite nice for non fearless tarpits. It also combos very nicely with a spawn escort if you already have fleet. You more than likely don't want this. It's almost always one measly S4 wound and even on a prince or walker, it's still AP-. The only time you might want to hold on to this is when the character has infernal claws.

In that case you gain 3 additional hits at the initiative 10 step. And unlike the HoW hit, those additional hits can benefit from smash. The character needs to be in base contact and typically you don't have that character at the front. If the opponent doesn't accept the challenge, you end up being able to fight but not in base contact with anybody. Even when you do though, you're not likely to be in contact with more than 2, if that. It's ok for something with a large base like a juggerlord, but you could probably do better than this.

Infernal claws on the other hand, can make this a crowd clearer. Good luck tarpitting a prince with this and infernal claws. It ends up being like rampage on steroids.

Same advice as for Only really useful on a prince to not get shredded by shrieks as much. Nice if your Warlord has a Burning Brand or another cool ranged weapon, but pointless otherwise. A chosen champion with plasma gun can also make good use of this.

Unless you already have hatred of course. This is gained on the character level, which means that this allows you to re-roll ALL to wound rolls in CC, not just those of you're weapon.

Infernal claws raises it's head again. So unless you only brought a lightning claw, you probably want to hold onto this. I don't care if you roll this on a cultist champion, you're keeping this.

Hell, keep this even when you already ID on 6s. Debatable whether or not this applies to infernal claws or icy aura. If you're using the axe of blind fury, keep it. Won't benefit anyone in the champion's squad, re-roll whenever possible. Tiny bit better in BL and WB armies with crusader, but fuck it. Try to re-roll to something better.

You want it. Also doesn't work with walkers as it only triggers on unsaved wounds. If not, choose which one of Big Four is its new patron.

Avoid this like the plague on your tooled HQ's, but other stuff tends to be improved. Abaddon is the only Unique Character you can include in a Black Legion detachment, and any unit that can take VotLW must do so for free. You have Hatred Everyone and VotLW gets upgraded so you re-roll to hit against Loyalist shitheads any Armies of the Imperium every single combat phase.

Terminators and Chosen are troops, and any Psyker with a Mark of a chaos god can choose to roll all of their powers on their god-specific table. Traitor Legions updates the previous Black Legion rules, removing their infamous VotLW tax and instead letting them have it for free, and finally giving them their own detachment.

A note on marks: Black Legion is one of two legions that has access to Thousand Sons units. Not terribly useful, but it does give them access to the Exalted Sorcerer and Scarab Occult Terminators for anti-MEQ, divination and one-use orbital strikes. Warlord Traits 1: Black Crusader: Eye of the Gods: For a good challenge-based Warlord, this is a big save and it stacks with the Warband benefits for extra insurance.

Bonus points for rolling this in a Black Crusade. Gift of Balefire: Considering the goofiness of Soulblaze this isn't a really great gift. Still better than Black Crusader if you're facing a different army. Unholy Fortitude: Warlord gets It Will Not Die.

Soul Stealer: When in combat, any to-wound rolls of 6 become Instant Death. Grab your Claws and go murder some MCs and characters. Chosen of Abaddon: Warlord and friendly units within 12" gain Stubborn. Relics Spineshiver Blade: AP3 Daemon Weapon. Moreover, until faqed, this does not replace a weapon, so a prince with this gains an extra attack! Crucible of Lies: User has -1T, but can re-roll Invuln Save rolls of 1.

Why would anyone ever take this? Maybe you have a Terminator Lord or Sorcerer of Tzeentch with a Sigil of Corruption hiding in the middle of Terminators squad bodyguards. Could also work with a Disc of Tzeentch or Bike you'd still be reaping the benefit of a bike unit's majority toughness to negate the loss of Toughness, but then disallows the use of Terminator Armor. Last Memory of the Yuranthos: A Psyker with this Relic gains an additional Mastery Level, but instead of rolling for another power, you simply get the Sunburst power from Pyromancy.

Additionally, you have the option to cast Sunburst with an increased radius for a higher Warp Charge cost declare the "target" before rolling ; a minimum of 2 successes to use Sunburst with a 12" radius, and a minimum of 3 for an 18" radius.

Note that should you Perils for any reason, your Psyker is slain outright! Likewise, if you like running non-Battle Brother Allies, you'll also want to avoid this power because any Orks or Necrons you bring along for the ride will be hit by this power too! Having a Nova on-hand can actually help extricate smaller Marine units from nearby close combats with small units, and can effectively nullify certain "extreme MSU" threats to your army. However, be careful because the moment your Sorcerer gets entangled in a fight, you won't actually be able to cast this power.

If you're dead-set on running a Daemon Prince, then this is a handy "Fly By" power to cast before Swooping away from retaliation. You don't have to overcharge the Last Memory, but against certain "extreme MSU" builds mass Scatterpacks come to mind , sometimes it may be well worth sacrificing your Sorcerer to cover an 18" radius of the map in a de-facto neutron bomb.

Eye of Night: User can make one single-use Large Blast attack that is S5, AP4 and does 1d3 auto-pen hits to buildings and vehicles that ignore cover.

Don't expect to ruin Land Raiders with this. It can, though, intimidate that transport full of enemies or mess up artillery. At least one auto penetrating hit is not to be sniffed at, and against vehicle less enemies, it is great for clearing out tarpits.

But it is also obscenely expensive, so make it count, and put it on something with BS5. It really comes into its own in low points games- above pts or so, an enemy can survive one vehicle being put out of action. However, in small games, where the enemy has only one vehicle, it not being able to fire for a turn, or it losing the ability to ever move, is ridiculously good. Alternate opinion: Considering how hard it is to get a vehicle in a decurion, this might not be as expensive as it appears.

Think of it as a cheaper, slightly worse triple-las pred. On average you will get 2 penetrating hits for 75 points as opposed to being forced to buy into a fist of the gods for some ish points. With ignore cover no less. You might even get lucky and come up against a wall of armour. Skull of Ker'ngar: User has Eternal Warrior and Adamantium Will. This is your only place to get EW outside of lucky warlord trait rolls.

Hand of Darkness: The 3rd Edition soon introduced codices for each of the major factions in the game, releasing revised editions of each of these codices between and Towards the end of the 3rd Edition, four new army codices were introduced: Sisters of Battle. At the end of the 3rd Edition, these Inquisition armies were re-released with all-new artwork and army lists. The release of the Tau coincided with a rise in popularity for the game in the United States.

The 4th Edition of the game was released in late and the Revised 3rd Edition codices were used until the release of the 4th Edition codices between and This edition did not feature as many major changes as the prior editions, and was "backwards compatible" with each army's 3rd Edition codex. The 4th Edition was released in three forms: The second was a boxed set, called Battle for Macragge , which included a compact softcover version of the rules, scenery, dice, templates, and Space Marines and Tyranid miniatures.

The third was a limited Collector's Edition. Battle for Macragge was a "game in a box," targeted primarily at beginners.

An expansion to this was released called The Battle Rages On!

The 5th Edition of Warhammer 40, was released in the summer of While there are some differences between the 4th and 5th Editions, the general rule set shares numerous similarities. Codex books designed prior to the 5th Edition are still compatible, with only some changes to how those armies function. Kt Ubfjry sjc File All InnjuuiiDis tit hfn-rv nrclc: R Cypher as a special cfra racier. M you lake him then he wunls as an Elites choice.

The presence of Cypher lerments discord and animosity. I [Cypher is in an army you must roll 1D6 for any squari he joins at the start of eaoTi Him. Note thai ths Animosity rule only afiacls squads or iheir equivalent, it has no efled on indbvidual characters and vehicles. This is a special save inat is made when i r cncMAcJ Tremble in Cypner is killed and may be lakan alter his armouf save.

If Cypher makes the lib fearsome saving throw Ihen he suddenly disappears Irom the battlefield. Remove me model as H he had been killed, ovl do not award any Victory poinls lo the ri-. Cypher is able to aim and lire a pistol wilh each hand. They are immune to dying H! Kurt u r i i out serv Chapter.

All memters ol trie Oeatfiwing including all Dark Angels characters the DicniDD Printc ' and the ftavenwing despise Cypher and any olher Fallen Angels and must therefore charge them it they can. A Chaos Space Marine army r. If you ihc K l: In 1Jic ]rei; must be used exaclly as CriwjirJ: UbiNllc n-nrior.

In ihc Herc. Kharn is I illpf r j j J fjijic ilnjn- liirli j [he. Chaos armour, Gorschilfi. Mark of Khorne bonus included above , He i: Ckildfro l - j ; k t]. KHam's huge and ancient chain-ana, Gorechiltf, is an line viLCorv wi:: The across the galaxy. He burned a roll of This aside, Gorechilcf is Ireated as a normal power weapon. Kharn may attack anyone nearby in his berserk lury, friend of toe alike! To represent in is, foil to fill, bul then each player. The normal restrictions for allocating hils apply, so they musi be tnioded dcvotiuo lo tltuglile: Khim his Fed M'i: Within Vlt1a: Khain is completely earless and automatically passes any Leadership based tests fie is called upon to lafce.

B ro[lvtr. He Jus invtUcd tin K!!: OD Dicurni ma Jie is Statin. LonUCC vilb. He must be used vka fighl Kill] lhc cunning D[ dLvik. K Chaos Afmoury.

Fafitus is an murdkrqui.


Fabius Bite's characteristic prolile is gens rated randomly before each game pnelarahly in Ihe pjesencE of your onjwnem. Roll he Squad: The Kc. This prolile will Enhanced Chaos Space Marines- not remain constant gnd is re-rolled belone each game. The Chirurgeon: This is a complex, part magical, part- technological Options: Uc to two Warriors may be armed with the device which is attached lo Bile's spine and extends its spidery limbs over following weapons: The entire squad may tie 1he Chirurtjeon works to keep Bile alive.

The direct efec's of iii? The entire Sduad may be mdunled in a Hii u:: Enhanced Warriors: Fabius1 aflempfs to enhance his fakjen as Fabius Bile's Retinue See:: To Retinue cotini as a single HQ choice. On a D6 roll ol a 1 roll daemon-forged Rod oi Tonmcnl amplifies Ihe slightest pin prick into a again on the table below: The warrior goes insane and weapon. However, any opponent suffering one or mora wuunrjs from Ihe attacks his coimades. Remove Ihe model and 03 Rod 01 Torment is immediately disabled by Ihe pain and removed as s randomly selaclad mcdels from the squad.

This rjun 1ire5 S dart of vinrlent poison into Ihe victim's tolatly breaks dcwn and he dies horribly wilhin a blood stream, causing them lo explode! It has the following profile: Remove Ihe mcdel as a casualty.

The warrior's ,ii. The attacks have a Strength equal lo the exploding model's boosted lo such extremes and alter the battle Toughness, and an AP value equal to the victim's saving ihrow ie. The during it and he counts as having been killed for Needier counls as having a Strength of 1 i! Vidory point purposes etc.

The spell inflicis Khome. AP 4 hits, which may be dislributed on any enemy A hit from the AW of Khorne ignores armour saves, m models wilhin 6" of the standard- No enemy modeJ may be addition, any to hi!

As long as you fceep on been allocated a hit. These additional allacKs may be allocaied against now opponents Chaos Icon: This powerful Daemonic standard is if desired. At the slart oS the battle, nominate one unit that must be summoned to be Banner of Rage: The Banner of Rage contains the bound enslaved lo ihe Icon.

At the start of any Chaos turn, this unit souls of the most bloodthirsty of Khoine's servants. It can be automatically summoned - no roll to summon or radiates palpable waves of anger and lust for slaughter scatter is required, simply place the Daemonic unil within 6' which beat upon in e minds of those near it, driving Ihem inlo of the Icon. The unh can move in ihe movement phase and a killing frenzy.

The banner may be used once per battle, in may make assaults as normal. Any models from the Chaos army apart from those bearing he Mark of Collar of Khorne: Khorne's rage at the very toot of the Blood God's throne of brass.

The collar is able lo suck ihe energy of the warp from Beast of Nurgie: The model is accompanied by a Eeas of around it, foriifying the wearer and afso prelecting it from Nurgle. The characteristics for the Beast are shown below. In effect the two form a special unit and must target ihe wearer or include him in their area of effect are obey all me Unii Coherency rules.

Models in Special flutes; The Beast of Nurgte has an Invulnerable Terminator armour, with wings, or riding a bike may no! Roll lo see how many attacks ihe Beast may make each time it fights a round of Doom Siren: Certain Noise Marines are fitted with a close combat, complex arrangement of pipes and lubes around iheir Blight Grenades: These are made from the shrunken helmets which project a shoM ranged sonic attach- The beads of those killed by Nurgle's favourile plagues.

The Doom Siren may be used in the shooiing phase instead of head of the victim is filled wilh virulent pus and infected, the Noise Marine shooting with anoiher weapon. Il has ihe following prolile; oiling flies arid then its orifices are seafed with wax.

When ihe grenade is thrown ii splatters across! These effects afso count against Chaos models in Juggernaut: Note lhat models Daemons or characters with the Mark of Nurgle. Note thai moonjed in Juggernauts do not count as cavalry - the whole unh is affected. There is no Nurglc's Rot: Atter normal atiacks in close combat, roll a additional effccl II a unit is atlackcd by two or more models D6 for each living model friend or foe!

The Blastmaster is. Note crescendo. The frequency of ihe Blastmastef can vary that his only applies 10 living toes, not to Other Daemons, tremendously so that some bJasts will be lar more powerful vehicles.

Talcs, Avatars or Wraithguartf. The weapon has the following profile: Prague Banner: The banner Blasted Standard: Riddled wiin the power of change, the contains a potenl spell of destruction which may be cast standard's design shills constantly throughout Ihe battle. No armour saving throws apply. Any wounds Avalars or Wraithguard. Plague Knife: Dripping with venomous slime, a wound standard is rendered immune to fear by Ihe overwhelming from a Plague Knife will kill mortal creatures outright an a waves ol sensation radiating from it and will pass all Morale D6 roll of 5, regardless of how many wounds they have.

On checks Ihey are required to take automalically. Nole hat this only Sonic Blaster: Unleashing wave after wave ol devastating applies to mortal foes, not to olher Daemons, vehicles. The sonic blaster has the following slime. Wo armour saves are allowed againsl wounds profile!

On a roll Sonic B! Nole thai Steed of Slaanesh: A model mounted on a Sleed of this only applies to mortal foes, nol to other Daemons, Slaanesh gains t1 to his Attack characteristic and counts as vehicles, Talos. Avalars or Wrailhguard. Models in Terminator armour may not be given a Rapturous Standard: Gonlaining the bound essence of Sieed of Slaanesh.


If an army includes a model with slaughter, the air around the Rapturous Standard is filled this talisman, opposing psykers suffer a -1 modifier to their with Iheir ecstatic howls and the overpowering waves of Leadership for Psychic tests. If both sides have this gift, heady, exotic musk. Any unit with a model within 6" of Ihe they cancel oui each other and Ihe nomial mles apply-. Doom Bolt is a psychic power that may be armour or cover saves altowed Invulnerable saves may be used in the model's sboding phase instead of it shod ing a taSten as normal , in addition they turn into a Chaos Spawn weapon.

A Psyrtiic test must be passed in order to use the if you have a Chaos Spawn model to represent them, but if power. WJien used. Doom Bolt counts as a weapon with the you do not have a suitable model, simply remove them as a following profile. Roll lo hit. When used, Ihe Flame of Tzeentch prcviousiy. Models turned into Chaos Spawn are treated as counts as a weapon wilh Ihe following profile.

Roll to hit, etc, having been killed or Victory point purposes, even ii Ihe as normal. Spawn survives he battle. Stream ol Corruption is a psychic Flame ol Tzeenich 4V Heavy 1 power ihat may be used in he model's assault phase instead oi moving he model may light as normal.

A Fleshy Curse: Pick an enc-my model within 2' of the the model using this power. If you roll over the no armourer cover saves allowed Invulnerable saves may victim's Toughness, or you roll a 6 no matter what Ihc- be taken as normal.

The effect of each Mark ol Chaos is described below, in addition, bearing the Mark ol A Chaos power allows the model to rake certain items of Wargear and can affecl what units count as troops In the main army list. Mark of Nurgle: Models bearing this Mark don't need lo pass a Psychic tesl to use a psyctiic power. Models bearing this Mark may re-roll failed Morale checks.

Deep within hi: Wisciij with piin. Oehrof stretched his right jrm. The multiple frictures inflicted by hts luesi ihnjformition vcre not quite knitted lagellue.

Codex marines chaos 7th pdf space

The cmiswry hid issurcd him thit this wau d pass with lime thit i mortil host often hid la undergo su h discomforts to jthievc gruter glory. The spilling of blood roide him fed good ind the piin would subside for i n-liilc. Bckiaor hid oily been i hosi fur 4 fen ttanlhi ud he hud not yer lotilly ibsaibed his cinisny. He could tee enhcr ehinies too. Bekinor dimly 1 eoliced ihn the Ciurdsmen were shooting it him ind bluud dripped from i wound in his leg.

He wis nut surprised to sec rhit it wu dnppbj bkcli, aoiing in thick rinilcts down his innound thigh. Bctirmr eovld feel the Diemon's nge it hmipg IK mortil - body dinuged. Possessed rcuched the top of the l u l l ind the sliughrcr begin. When Efekuuu supped tht neck ol dae of the friil bnmiBS with i short punch, he noticed its soulflirat dim ud diuppcjr. Another fell to his ckws. The psychic shout nude Bckinor stigget is piin flooded his body. He mewed his nuct, pumping bolt shells into the Cuirdsmcn irollnd him.

Elition ind triumph filled Bekmar's soul ind his body seemed to burn with invigorating fifes. His exbiltnrion driined nriy is.

It is i tangible thing. I tan run my fingers over it jnd drink deep of its sickly ifoina. K ihis tenor is the food of hitrcd, let me fust upon it and in llti: My reseirches1 nive Atom extensively on m r-Jv Jr t: W hen Horui led hit Utick on the F: During i parley invite: EvenlUill Cfliui worshipped offered.

W M'lrlifL'in becime Nurjle's Chimpiot. Chios in ill its indolent depnvjiy. Ihe legion hid ilreidy eirned i repumioa for on u r l l - i ind foilghl in ill of [be uiipr Afi anc of the Triirni Legions, the Fmpcrnr'. Their extetMS soon nrely, if ever, been equilled. Lv t kit hippened 1o the Deilh Cujrd. I K Eye of Terror, If s. Ftom this lorgolten. Ml of the: Deith Cuird Triitor evidence ippeirs to indtcite hit they do not Kti'.

Hligue Mirines worship my uf ihe Chius gads ind lunc become inslud tynieil. T he paih of ojtnnilion for the Thousmd Sons legion was longer lhan most. World Hirer Triilor LfjimuTy fffcftflrf. They ilv,. The World Faiers Heresy, serving ts hii prjeiorimv thrnughout Sorcerers.

Horus symbol which becimc sued i inio mutation and midness under ihe watping to the World Eirers continuing and: Wlirr of the Lord of Criingc. Though the youngest, or perhaps because of ilicrns:! T he Iron Wjrriors once totmed ihc it. The Iron Warriors Primirch. Wherever Iron Wariiors feoighi they iuin him. Tlie legion dished mth Joyil Spacx wcrt noiid!

Even after Horus' thereafter, any need for restraint forgoltera. However, tlitir called upoii for usiulls on fortresses of ike sillying out Erutti secret bues to catch the lerociiv nude it i simple nutter for Horns Irnperium todiy.

Fuur-Zern well democstntcs. If you're new to Warhammer 40,, then collecting your first army can be rather daunting: To help, we've provided a few simple guidelines to help you get started on building up your first Chaos Space Marine army. Troops choice because they are flexible and can perform most lasks well.

The number Although we've used two ten-man squads, a squad can actually consist of from five to ten models. This means that of too of different types of squad you can once you've painted ten Chaos Space Night Lords Legion include in an army is dielated by the Marines and a Chaos Loud, you have a army list and the orce organisation 'legal' army and can start to play. These are Ihe foundation of your army and a good starting point for collecting and painting.

Once you have this core force, you can fight a standard scenario allhough a fairly small one. The photograph below shows an example of a starting army. We've chosen Chaos Space Marines as our. O nce you've got an HQ unit and two Troops units, you have the start of a Chaos Space Marine army and can begin Before expanding your army even further you should play some games with it.

As you play, you'll siarl I h ink ing to yourself playing. Soon you'll want to expand your how useful it would be to have Ihis or thai army by adding new units lo it, though the unit in your army, and these insights will huge ctioice of models available can be a help you to plan what to collect next. You'll bit intimidaling. In other words get a Fast Attack unit: In addition, I hind about getting a Rhino transport vehicle to make one of your Troop units more mobile.

At this stage, you can be fairly certain that whatever you gel will prove useful. Dotted about this page, we've given a few recommendations as lo good starting unit choices. The army pictured above is made from he core force shown oh page CtMrirtmT High! Lores Rhino KTtrminatAs.

You mighl decide to collect a themed army because it has a distinctive appearance or style of play, or reflects an aspect of Ihe Chaos Space Marines' background that appeals to you. As an example, you could have a Khornate army lhal includes lots of Khorne Berzerkers. As well as reflecting an aspect of Ihe background, such an army would look distinclive all those reds! Allhough themed armies take forward planning, they give you an opportunity to collect a really characterful army unlike any other.

B elow is a good standard set-up tor a Chaos Space Marine army. The Havocs and one Chaos Space Marine squad are set up on high ground 1o provide covering fire as the rest of the army executes a si rang 'left hook'. The Chaos Lord and his retinue are placed in the centre so they can provide support wherever needed depending on the I opponent's set-up. The Dreadnought is kept separate from the rest of the army in case it goes into 'lire frenzy',.

If you cftt'i set them yp within charge fanseotHfl orwmy uflit, timn try setting them up in some sort of cover or out of sight. Tltis protects flwm front enemy tire until you're ready Souse them. Experienced painters sometimes invent their own colour schemes, but most players tend to stick with one of the colour schemes the 'Eavy.

Pdf chaos space 7th marines codex

If you're new to painting, we highly recommend you pick the model. Some players play impression of a unit of Chaos Space Marines counts for far more than how each individual model has been painted. Painting in army ready, but prolonged use of fairly straightforward way of painting botches has a number unpainted miniatures will ge! Firstly, you as a tinboy and is something to be Iron Warriors Legion. By the time you've cen get into a steady avoided.

The thought of painting can be got a couple of dozen models painted up routine se that you intimidating for new players, especially if you'll find you start improving both how don't slart from scratch well and how quickly you paint, given a for each mode!. This is as it sitting looking army by using straightforward should be - as with the strategy and methods. Just remember that you're tactics yeu use for your army, here is no painting an army to play games with - one 'right' way!

On the tabletop, the overall fascinating hobby. We've Using Bottgtin Men! Vbu cart also pair! Smalf ifsitiue of p inl. Once the models ire ail Bottgon Metal paM. II you'd lilte ta Uy a different cotfmt selxme Itom She one fltow?. Slan off by giwy; ywftnorJ6!

Once dry, use Dwarf Starve to fvA out he shoulder patf trims, the edges of armour, snrjafy Other taiietl goitolng on the motels, ttexl. I n the step by step example below, we show you a straightforward way of paining Iron Wgrrrtjrs Dread noughts.

This same process can also be applied to any kind of Iron Warriors vehicle - from bikes to Predators. While we can fit only a few tips on this page, more- painting and modelling articles and lips: