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V20 - Anarchs lesforgesdessalles.info, , KB. file, V20 - Beast lesforgesdessalles.info V20 - Lore of the lesforgesdessalles.info, , KB. file, V20 - of. Lore of the Clans is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition. It is a single volume PDF: $ to each Clan. Revising and updating more classic Vampire: The Masquerade material to V DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download V20 Lore of the Clans Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Related Products. Ads by Amazon.

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David “Lost in Translation” Hill, for helping me keep pace with V20 Dark .. What each listener and reader takes away from a Clan's lore will be. V20 Lore of the Clans - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. V20 Lore of the Clans of vampire. V20 Lore of the Clans - Lore of the Clans My sire always told me, “There's no instruction manual for PDF + Hardcover Color Book (Premium).

The selected material presented here is from a wide spectrum across two decades of Vampire: The attack would have offended us just for its cowardly execution. Support Select this reward. Reviews 6. If the attack hits.

By the ninth century C. On the contrary. Islam served as a vital bulwark against the Cult of Haqim. Soon though. Such a bulwark was needed. It was just as difficult to persuade newly Embraced childer who had been faithful all their lives to abandon that faith in favor of blind devotion to a genocidal blood-god.

Despite our differences. Muslim Assamites did come to represent a plurality of the Clan. We viziers were horrified at these developments. Undaunted by these changes. In its earlier iteration. In C. I like to think that the reliance of the viziers and sorcerers upon reason and rationality was what protected us. Even as our warriors and sorcerers brought down the walls of the infamous hell-city of Chorazin.

It was for those reasons that those of us who stood outside the extremist cult quietly undermined all efforts to influence the growth of Islam into a form more to their liking. Once more. The viziers and sorcerers wished to defend the territories that were our political domains from theft by potential enemies.

After bitter arguments some violent. The Christian Assamites and there were indeed some elected to defer to the will of a majority that gravely outnumbered them and was suspicious of their loyalty. Our conflicts with the other Clans continued into the fifteenth century C. The truth is a secret held only by those four: Alamut holds a significant quantity of the Heartblood.

The Web of Knives. Al-Ashrad believed that if the Tremere gained access to Heartblood. Since time immemorial. We had to obtain peace with the Camarilla. The discovery sent a shockwave through the Children. The leaders of the Web of Knives were furious. Through him. In the space of a single night. The Web of Knives raged. Alamut was 16 sacrosanct.. Warriors in and out of the Web of Knives used atrocities committed by crusaders as pretext for their own forays into Europe. How Haqim must have wept if he could see it.

Entire cities were denuded of their Cainite populations. Even we viziers laughed at this. Nor was the Jyhad limited to the Holy Lands. They had been burned beyond recognition — not by any conventional incendiary. In this manner. Few things in this world frighten the Amr. Her final prophecy was one so horrific that she died from its making. I must assume the worst. Constantinople fell. They journeyed in secret to the forgotten ruins of Chorazin and did.

On the other hand. I am told that the most potent of them rule the Sabbat to this night from the shadows as lords of the socalled Black Hand. Within months of the attack.

V20 Lore of the Clans

The attack would have offended us just for its cowardly execution. It predicts the rise of the Black Shepherd. The majority of the warriors remained among the Children. Two months later. Suffice it to say that a sizeable contingent of warriors freed themselves from the Tremere Curse. America and its allies were dropping bombs. Al-Ashrad counseled that undoing the curse would be the work of centuries..

The Assamites must prepare as best we can. In doing so.. I also find the way he counseled me to be unnerving enough to acquiesce. The viziers shaped them as best they could. It predicts a culling of our Clan. Combined with the mysterious enemy who has used the fog of war to infiltrate our domains. Enough vitae converted in this manner allows a devotee of the Path of Blood to eventually bring himself closer to Haqim in a manner similar to diablerie.

By seeming coincidence. For those who did not pursue the Path of Blood. While the theft was an embarrassment to the American government. Our agents who had infiltrated the Americans brought back the bodies of the last few guards to remain at the museum before the looting. We were as surprised as anyone else was. As a result. The sorcerers withdrew to their researches into the deeper mysteries of Dur-AnKi. Lacking the ability to freely pursue the vitae of other Cainites.

Al-Ashrad sent me a video recording of a prophecy made by a mortal seer who was a part of his retinue. It effectively neutralized the much more debilitating Baali Curse. Al-Ashrad has advised me that I should not ask about the matter. The first clue we had that it was more than mere coincidence came when American forces in Baghdad.

Among the main Clan. If the client is a vampire. Muslim Assamites typically follow the Five Pillars of Islam. Two deeply felt and completely incompatible religious movements. A dominant caste completely unsuited to lead the Clan in the modern era. A sizeable number of 18 sorcerers worship the ancient Mesopotamian pantheon.

No Assamite loyal to the Clan will accept a contract that has not gone through the Silsila. Assassinations of mortal targets are usually paid in cash. For example. Assamites are generally unable to perform the Hajj a pilgrimage to Mecca unless they have permission and assistance from the mysterious vampires who have appointed themselves guardians of that holy city.

An independent Clan with close ties to the Sabbat. After millennia of evolution. For centuries. Religion and the Assamites Religion plays a greater role among the Children of Haqim than in any other Clan save.

A much smaller percentage was ethnically and religiously Jewish in life. More accurately. As those custodians are selective about whom they allow into Mecca.

The remainder of the Clan is either agnostic. A difficult question.

Clans v20 lore of pdf the

The Contract Anyone who wishes to contract with the Assamites for assassinations must usually do so through the Silsila.

The latter two are especially common among those Assamites who dwell in India. The next largest religious affiliation effectively worships Haqim himself. The vessel is not a storage medium but a transference device.

A rich tradition of blood sorcery about which the Tremere know little. Three distinct bloodlines united under a common identity. Among Assamites who have been among us long enough to reconsider their faith.

If the target is supernatural or is under the protection of supernatural beings. Instead of fasting during Ramadan. Such beliefs include Judaism. While it is not unusual to cling to mortal beliefs for the first few years.

The problems lie in differing interpretations and in disagreement on which laws are most important. The Law of Leadership Honor the Eldest among you. For their part. The Vizier collects any money or other material payments for appropriate reinvestment. Most elders are afforded respect by their juniors regardless of caste.

Warriors outside the Web of Knives are more respectful to the elders of the other two castes. Occult artifacts go to the Amr. The Web of Knives is the exception. The assassin must tithe ten percent of all payments to his sire. The Silsila has a formula by which the relative difficulty of the kill is balanced against a particular quantity and quality of vitae to be paid.

Tegyrius and Al-Ashrad both recoil from the idea of submitting to an inhuman blood-god like Ur-Shulgi should he arise. The Caliph receives any payment in vitae collected directly from vampire clients. Viziers may service multiple terms.

Embraces her. There is the expectation that a Caliph who loses such a duel will submit to ritual diablerie by his opponent. Once elected. Of those. The leader of the viziers is.

As with the Law of Destruction. In many ways. The Viziers The viziers represent about a third of the Children. Should anything ever lift the Tremere Curse.

In almost five centuries. Any warrior can theoretically challenge a Caliph to a duel of honor for any perceived failure in the performance of his duties. The current Caliph is Thetmes. Personal power is more important to the office of Caliph than age or respect. The Law of the Word Deceive not those of the Blood.

Truth is subjective. The Web of Knives demand the ultimate sanction against all vampires outside the Clan for violations against their interpretations of the Laws of Haqim. In the latter case. As noted. They suffer from the Tremere Curse and the Baali Curse. In earlier eras. Viziers fulfill a variety of roles within the Clan. Assamites rarely lie to one another. Unlike the Caliph. The fact that the same name is used for both the caste and its leader is sometimes confusing for outsiders.

More humane Assamites look back to the lessons of the wars against the Baali and interpret this as a commandment to fight and punish vampires who prey indiscriminately. The Law of Destruction Slay not those of the Blood. He is a devotee of the corrupt version of the Path of Blood. There are very few viziers found among the Sabbat. In such viziers. A few sorcerers have contracted the Baali Curse from their warrior kin.

Below the Caliph is the Silsila. Some of them have even retained connections to their prior occult affiliations. Tegyrius was a soldier in life. Clan legends pertaining to the Baali are just too ingrained for the typical Assamite to be comfortable around someone who can command demons and djinn with a word. In earlier nights.

In practice. The Silsila also acts as point agency for outsiders who wish to contract with Assamites for assassination purposes.

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In such sorcerers. A mage himself for well over five centuries even before his Embrace. Al-Ashrad defines the post of Amr so completely there is only one Assamite of antiquity who is a match for his power. Both the warriors and the viziers see great value in the power of the sorcerers.

Al-Ashrad is not alone in his origins. There are a few sorcerers among the Dispossessed.

Lore of the Clans

If a Cainite finds that she needs an Assamite to kill for her and she is not incompetent. The Sorcerers The remainder of our Clan belongs to the insular sorcerer caste.

Assamites outside that faction are less respectful of the Silsila. They suffer from the Tremere Curse and the Curse of Obsession. The sorcerers suffer from the Tremere Curse and the Curse of Prominence. A pity. The leader of the sorcerer caste is the Amr. A few viziers have contracted the Baali Curse from their warrior kin. As such. The current Vizier is Tegyrius. Counterbalancing the Silsila is the Council of Scrolls. As with the viziers.

For much of the last two centuries. All of them 22 The Preservationist Conspiracy However. Neither Tegyrius nor Al-Ashrad has any illusions about which factions are likely targets for purging. During the first Gulf War. That is untrue. Those who succeed receive the reward of the Embrace.

The Web of Knives is out of control. While the order was founded in the twelfth century C. The penalty for failure is self-evident. By the time the Americans invaded Iraq in C. The latter must usually pose as Caitiff and hope that no one asks too many questions. When one of the Dervishes finds a mortal who is exceptionally skilled at combat. So was born the Preservationist Conspiracy.

For the last decade. These founders sought to forge a technique for transitioning new recruits directly from mortal existence into the brutal.

Those who have demonstrated the most loyalty to the conspiracy and the most political and social acumen have already been sent abroad to form connections. The former have had good luck posing as Toreador. What tips the scales towards treason against the rest of the Clan are the clear signs of Baali moving behind the scenes. Warrior Assamites who did not belong to the organization nevertheless admired its dedication and intensity. Those who survive long enough to impress their masters become ghouls.

Among such forerunners. They reject both Islam and modernity in favor of a debased ideology that calls for genocide against all Cainites. The Assamite Antitribu Many Kindred mistakenly assume that the Assamite antitribu represent a separate bloodline. For most of its existence. At present. The Preservationist Conspiracy is a faction so new that it barely has a name. To them. As a practical matter. As long as there have been Jewish Assamites.

The Leopards of Zion are an informal group of loyal Jewish Assamites who invariably support the Jewish people and the State of Israel wherever possible. This often causes friction between Leopards and Palestinian Assamites. The unofficial founder is Sgt. As long as the Assamites have recruited from the Middle East.

The pdf lore of v20 clans

Kairouan Brotherhood The Dispossessed are not really a faction. Marine sniper from Alabama who had over fifty confirmed kills in World War II before his sire selected him for the Embrace. Some are merchants and deal with the viziers more than other Assamites.

Membership is extended to any Assamite who successfully assassinates a target from a distance of 1. The first wave of Assamite antitribu consists primarily of elders who clearly remember their time among the Children. There are no official requirements for joining the Thousand-Meter Club other than a confirmed kill from at least 1. Among the Tremere. The term is ancient. Assamites who want nothing to do with other Assamites.

Among the Assamite sorcerers. Few outside the antitribu understand it. They know only that they hunger for the blood of Cainites.

In that capacity. This does not endear the antitribu to the Children of Haqim. Currently the group papers over such divisions. Randy Hopkirk. The antitribu are simply Assamite warriors who are not subject to the Tremere Curse. Instead of an alliance based on ethnicity. You gathered that he wanted to prove a point to his political rivals. Three years later. Once that meant using swords. Crypto-Kabbalist The Leopards have always defended Israel.

Your sire was not a part of the Web of Knives. It was better than coke. Contract Assassin You were 14 the first time you killed a man. Once you realized you were a goddamned vampire. But before you had the chance.

You were definitely dead when you dug yourself out of the grave. They said you were an Assamite. So you decided that you were probably damned anyway. It was the right thing to do. Your fellow viziers were all right. He looked at you and giggled. After the war was over. Despite that. Oil Company Executive In life. You graduated just in time for the Oil Crisis. You never will. Your studies led you to the Children of Haqim and your devotion as well as your unusual ability to see dematerialized spirits eventually led to the Embrace.

Mujahid In life. Then you asked what you could do to help. You fought back and helped out as you could. From the start. Even though you were armed and he was not. A year later. Of course. More importantly. You never hesitated. Demon Hunter You were a little girl the first time you saw a djinn well. Then he set your parents on fire. You were a soldier. You knew differently and devoted yourself to learning everything you could about the djinn.

He taught you just enough to survive. Envoy to the Camarilla In life. Your specialty was the sniper rifle. You play the part of a glittering and somewhat vapid socialite while you look for ways to ingratiate yourself to the Prince. Everyone else said it was a bomb. In death. You and women like you fought for Mother Russia and for the Revolution against the Nazis. He repaid you by bringing you into his crew and by not asking any questions about your occasional use of Quietus.

Dispossessed Anarch You never asked for the Embrace. Without even introducing himself. Then he showed you his fangs and asked whether you wanted to be a killer or a victim. The conflict between the governments bored you.. Saudi Aramco. The difficulty of all rolls associated with sniping is reduced by Your sire now rejects you. The Seer You were nine when you first had a vision of the future. Most likely.

Merits and Flaws Sectarian Ally 1pt. There are deals to make in both venues. Perhaps you are a warrior who is in touch with one of the antitribu. It allows the sorcerer to place a ward on a solid surface such as a door.

Merit You have a close friend in one of the Kindred sects. Flaw You are one of those most pitiful things — an Assamite antitribu who still labors under the Tremere Curse. You have pledged yourself to the Sabbat. You were eighteen and a woman when you left your home in the south of Morocco for Egypt. Thousand Meter Killer 1pt. Multiple Curses 3pt. Flaw Your have rejected the ethos of the caste into which you were Embraced. You were seventeen when you vision told you that your death was not your end but your true beginning.

Perhaps you are a warrior who has little stomach for combat. You knocked on the door. Your ally can help you navigate the currents of their sect.. While this may seem a meaningless distinction. The player of a vizier or sorcerer character must decide when purchasing the individual power whether to take the traditional version associated with the warriors or the caste-specific version.

A few seconds after the power is activated. Perhaps you are one of the few viziers or sorcerers to support the Web of Knives or pursue the Path of Blood. Perhaps you made some kind of public spectacle that revealed your disdain for your fellow caste members. In general. Outcast 2pt.

Merit You have proven yourself worthy to join the Thousand Meter Club through your remarkable skill with the sniper rifle. You were fifteen when your vision told you how and where you would die. You also double the normal range when using a sniper rifle as a weapon.

Flaw In addition to the normal curse imposed upon you by your caste or sect. This represents the most damage that this power can inflict in a single night regardless of successes. If he spends additional points of blood to coat a melee weapon such as a dagger or sword. Subjugation is much more desirable.

Instead of yielding a deadly poison. For the rest of the scene. The vizier may coat a weapon with her vitae just as the warrior does with her version of this power. If the Assamite spends a Willpower point and continues to roll even after the target has lost all her temporary Willpower. As with the warrior version. If any successes remain. The ward lasts for a number of days equal to her Occult dots before dissipating. Investigation roll difficulty 7. With this power.

While the effect lasts. The antitribu can still make use of it. To activate Eyes of Alamut. If the roll is successful. Each success strips the target of one point of temporary Willpower. If the target is already bound to another vampire.

There is no roll and no cost for doing so. This power removes the requirement that they do so. The vizier may target someone up to 10 feet 3 meters away per dot of Strength and Potence he possesses. This power costs 18 experience points to learn. The Assamite must touch the target to activate the power.

In addition. Upon learning this power. If successful. If the attack hits. Instead of spitting out a deadly acid. Combination Disciplines If a combination Discipline power lists a caste-specific version of Quietus as a requirement. This power can only be used when an Assamite commits diablerie.

Draught of the Soul is useless to those who cannot drink the blood of other Cainites. While many Assamite elders still know it. These experience points should be kept in a separate pool. This effect only lasts for a single scene. If no caste-specific version is mentioned. This power costs 27 experience points.

This power costs 12 experience points to learn. The Assamite spends a number of blood points equal to half his Celerity rating.

This power costs 21 experience points to learn. This power cannot be used in combat but can aid the Assamite in moving with great speed without the debilitating vitae cost of conventional Celerity.

This counts as activating Celerity for a turn. This power can only be used to scry on someone who the Assamite has physically touched. For a number of hours equal to his Fortitude.

During this turn. This power costs 15 experience points to learn. This power assures the vizier that. Such a character automatically realizes the intrusion if the Assamite uses Command From Afar and the control attempt is unsuccessful.

So skillful. For the remainder of the scene. If Ur-Shulgi rises. At the beginning of any turn in which the Assamite has activated Celerity and in which her first action is an evasive one.

Most Assamites think this curse is an inversion of the minor curse on the other Clans. It manifests as an unusually vivid aura that marks all sorcerers as having magical power in the eyes of anyone with Auspex or comparable mystic senses. The Baali Curse or the Curse of Hunger This curse — an unquenchable thirst for Kindred vitae — currently afflicts only the Assamite antitribu as described in V Its origins are unknown.

Now the curse has spread. In such a case.

It manifests as an Obsessive-Compulsive disorder as described in V Until the imposition of the Tremere Curse. The Amr. After three to five centuries. There are. Although this curse is presently dormant in mainline Assamites. Assamite Weaknesses Given the diversity of the Assamites and the unusual number of curses levied against them over their history. For viziers and sorcerers. For younger Assamites.

The Curse of Prominence This curse afflicts the sorcerer caste. It causes Assamites to suffer a deadly allergic reaction to the consumption of Kindred vitae. For the rest of the turn. The Curse of Obsession This curse afflicts the vizier caste. This power costs 9 experience points to learn. Both of these penalties can be overcome with appropriate levels of Obfuscate. This requires an extended Willpower roll difficulty 9.

The ingredients include a wide variety of chemicals. If that roll succeeds. The sorcerer creates an alchemical substitute for vampiric blood. New Dur-An-Ki Ritual: It is also the mechanism by which the sorcerer caste maintains some influence and control over the Clan despite their small numbers. The potion is foul.

Assimilation is so painful and distracting that any attacks made against her during this time face a difficulty of only 2. Regardless of how much vitae that is.

Then she heard the whistle. Part of her was still uma of her attack made it even mor tra The ed. She trio leered at her. She had dodged safe part of Chicag past 51st Street.

The tin red t wen g hin ryt eve n The se. Yet som ng thugs. The should have been t. She now rea e she might well get raped and kil lik ked loo it and r. The boys laughed and igh Ton er. Smiling Jack is my sire too. He blows into Chicago like clockwork every few years.

But he answered all my questions after my Embrac e. I got a guy you can talk to tomorrow night. You know. Dre glanced over to the mirror on the wall and took in his reflection. I mean. He turned back to Shelly. He was wearing a Versace suit over a T-shirt. He was big and wearing a heavy coat. Across the room was a young black male who looked to be in his early twenties if not younger.

Sound familiar? She was on a couch in a tasteful yet Spartan apartment. Sometime recently.. I guess that makes you my little sister or something. Or are you gonna frenzy again? The thirst was still there. When you woke up. Then it was gone. Framed pictures of concert posters covered the wall. Did you see the vampire who did this to you? Or did he say anything? She awoke sometime later in another place. As Shelly sat up. When were you Embraced? But he did say something.

I said the exact same thing when I was in your shoes. The pounding in her head was much fainter but still there. Dre cursed softly. With it came the authoritarian megalomaniacs of Clan Ventrue. At the time Carthage fell. Then again. The Idealists among us say that it was a utopia in which Kindred and kine lived together in peace and mutual respect. Carthage fell long before Caesar. Troile also allowed a sizeable population of Assamites and Setites to make their havens there.

The broader effect of the loss of Carthage can be seen in the rise of Roman and therefore Ventrue hegemony. While the Roman Ventrue encouraged all vampires to hide their activities from mortals.. Troile himself lies buried beneath the Tunisian soil. Most say one of her Fourth Generation childer. The city fell soon after.

At some point during this conflict. Without Carthage. It seems unlikely to me that the entire Clan had such restrained proclivities. There are disagreements as to names. According to those stories.. The Ventrue. According to some tales. The initial conflicts between Carthage and Rome were the sort of military skirmishes that one might expect to flare up between two competing empires sharing spheres of influence.

Rome took the city. In any case. The early Brujah were considered a Clan of learning. The jewel of the Phoenician Empire. Some think our hereditary tendency towards frenzy is a result of a blood-based link to a crazed Clan founder who lies trapped for eternity in agonized hunger beneath the sands of Tunis. What I tell you of those nights is merely the most commonly recited fable. Probably the Malkavians. His heirs rebuilt. Carthage was one of the most cosmopolitan cities of its day.

After all. For a time. Defy your sires. While in the process of burning Albigensians at the stake over various doctrinal disputes. What started out as a movement of noble freedom fighters fell into a disarrayed collection of Judas goats.

The moral clarity of the Anarch cause was blurred and sullied by the high-profile diableries. Have no ruler. The Lasombra also played their part. Just Say No! The Brujah presented young vampires of the other Clans with an idea that had honestly never occurred to them: We were just enslaving them to different masters. Live your own unlives free of the dictates of others. So much so that the European elders decided to send their own childer to their Final Deaths against the Inquisition in the hopes that once all the foot soldiers were dead.

It was a War of Generations. Barred from the levers of power but still gifted at persuasion and rhetoric. Upon finding conclusive proof of our existence. As it happened.

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For many of the Revolt. Patricia of Bollingbroke. The forces against us were insurmountable no matter how hard we fought. The Treaty of Thorns allowed most of us — mainly the ones with no black marks in our auras — to join the Camarilla. Beset at all sides by the nascent Camarilla. Mother Church did exactly what one would expect of a religion that sprang from authoritarian soil fertilized by the Ventrue — they tried to kill us all. Our anti-authoritarian bent. Reject their commands. The idea spread so well.

The Tzimisce Anarchs defeated the blood bond with a ritual that rescued many potential recruits from slavery. They see it as a strength. In fact. Most importantly. We Brujah anticipated being terribly misused by the victorious Ventrue elders.

To be honest. After Thorns. To this day. I cannot say for sure that the treaty itself was a binding magical document. Pompous fuckers. It required anyone who had seized our domains to return them to us. It guaranteed us all the same rights and privileges of any other Camarilla member. In return. Only the most vicious of atrocities shall not be forgiven. Despite what our more prideful kin would tell you.

American Revolution. All Anarchs shall be accepted back unto their elders and their formerly denounced Clans without any fear of reprisal.

These shall stand written for the Justicars to hear within one year after which all allegations are no longer valid. In France. They may act freely without fear of reprisal from any non-active members of the Camarilla. Know also that if the Anarchs are further warred upon. We Brujah can at best nudge revolutionaries and then fume when our enemies nudge back.

Be it known that the Anarchs will enjoin with the Camarilla as an accepted part. In the American colonies. Brujah lit the spark of the Unfortunately. They must become defenders of all and they shall receive full entitlement to all rights and privileges belonging to all Camarilla Kindred. Instead of interfering directly with Camarilla politics. Not that it was ever really our Revolution. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Credits Written by: Eddy Webb Consulting Developer: Evan Wood Additional Development Assistance: Carol Darnell Art Direction and Design: Michael Chaney Interior Art: Malkavian by Daniel Greenberg Special Thanks:. Contents [ show ]. Many sires spill a lot of poison into the ears of their childer , telling them the One True Way to be a vampire.

A few smother their instruction in religious imperatives, philosophical tenets, or mystical confluences. Of course they lie. All vampires lie. But the best lies are those that are told between two truths, yes? Here are thirteen such truths, childe. They may line up with other things you know, or they might not.

Sometimes the narrators present tantalizing rumors and conspiracies, while others digress into areas not often considered by many. Some of what they say have no facts to back them up, but not everything is a lie, either.

Let us find instruction from amidst the lies, together. Lore of the Clans is a single volume revisiting all thirteen Clans for Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition , providing story hooks, character concepts, history, and Clan-specific rules. Lore of the Clans includes: The history, lore, and nightly practices of all thirteen Clans , told from the perspective of the Kindred themselves.

New combo disciplines , powers, Merits, Flaws , and other rules specific to each Clan. Revising and updating more classic Vampire: The Masquerade material to V Retrieved from " https: Cancel Save. Evan Wood. David Hill , Matt McElroy. Special Thanks: Onyx Path Publishing. White Wolf Game Studio. December 23 ,