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Subject: , GRAPHIC NOVEL BY FRANK MILLER , GRAPHIC NOVEL BY FRANK MILLER Empty Sun Mar 06, pm. Frank Miller - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Dc Comics Graphic Novel - Batman - A Death in the Family. Uploaded by. NormaGomez. Surrounded and facing certain death, the fought ferociously to the last. The graphic novel adaptation of the Battle of Thermopylae was.

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(): is a historically inspired comic book limited series written and illustrated by Frank Miller with painted colors by Lynn. comic-book series ŠÉFREDAKTOR. DIANA SCHUTZOVÁ. LOGOTYP NAVRHLI. STEVEN MILLER. & CYNTHIA JOHNSONOVÁ. GRAFICKÁ ÚPRAVA. Read comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page.

Everywhere I went yesterday, the talk vibrated with indignation over the film". Retrieved April 26, December 28, While the battle bought the Greeks enough time to defeat the mighty Persians, it was more important for the metaphor it created: Avatar Movie Zone. Disability Representation in ".

Predator Omnibus Volume 1. Editorial Reviews Amazon. Only a few hundred warriors stand against them. Yet the tiny nation is saved. It sounds like the plot of a preposterous fantasy novel. It is historical fact. In B. The Battle of Thermopylae ranks as one of the ancient world's most important events, where Spartan King Leonidas and his man bodyguard met the massive army of Emperor Xerxes of Persia, who intended to add Greece to his empire.

See all Editorial Reviews. Product details File Size: Not Enabled. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Graphic Novels. Marvel Comics. Is this feature helpful? Thank you for your feedback. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention frank miller graphic novel sin city battle of thermopylae dark knight gates of fire lynn varley king leonidas knight returns years ago persian army well done hot gates steven pressfield coffee table comic books historically accurate artwork historical accuracy varley colors.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Hardcover Verified Purchase. I actually saw pages of the book before watching the movie, years ago. I was very enthusiastic about the movie , but not very much into the comic.

300 (2006)

It seemed sloppy and silly to me. But now I can fully appreciate owning a copy, as the art is really amazing! In fact, I can't stress enough how much I am crazy about the comic!!

The actual book is far larger than I anticipated, and the 2-page spreads blow my mind to the sky and back, especially from the book's size. Although I didn't realize how great his style and technique was when I was younger, Frank Miller is a comic book genius and a giant of an artist in my mind, whose art I can never get enough of.

Frank Miller's is a true treasure!!! One person found this helpful. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Due to the larger than usual for a comic page layout, you loose a lot viewing the Kindle version of The pages are too wide to present the art work large enough to read the dialogue.

And while you can double click the page to enlarge the individual panels enough so that the words are legible, you loose the impact of the full page layout.

Turning the Kindle sideways sort of helps, but not enoght. Sort of thought that might happen, disappointed that it did. As a collection of the original comics, is much better read in one sitting than reading the individual comics on a monthly schedule which is what I did eight years ago. This book first achieved phenomenal success after its release as a single graphic novel or hardcover trade, or whatever, I'm not going to argue terminology here simply because after one issue you become so restless you just have to read the next one.

That's why I enjoyed it much more in its current format; collecting the issues was a chore because Miller makes it so compulsively readable and the interim between issues killed me. The art is breathtaking, the writing appropriate, and the coloring by Liz Varley is brilliantly done.

A lot of criticism has been directed toward this hardcover, chief among these being the fact that it is not historically accurate and that it is an excercise in racism while simultaneously objectifying women.

Since I loved this comic, I respectfully disagree with all these arguments. Just look at the characterization of the Spartan Queen, done in only a handful of panels, which show that Miller did devote time and thought to what kind of people Spartan women were to survive in such a warlike society.

This book is about soldiers, above all else, and during that time soldiers were men who protected their families at the cost of their own lives. The slave-oracle of the Ephors is a device Miller uses to highlight the lecherous and corrupt natures of these so-called holy men, but it is not intended to objectify women and I meant no offense by calling the girl a 'device.

Authorial intent is what we must consider when reading which uses Greece in B. C as its setting, so it is not meant to comment on current issues in society, but issues that, according to historical speculation, were common at the time. I enjoyed this book because I was looking for a beautifully-drawn, action packed read, and this is exactly what I found. Recommended to all Frank Miller fans and artists starting out in the comics medium.

Although the differences are sometimes difficult to articulate, there really IS a distinction between a comic and a graphic novel. Frank Miller's falls squarely in the former category. As in all comics here's one of those differences , the plot is simple and the message is straightforward. Miller is intent on depicting and applauding the heroics of military sacrifice exemplified in the stand of Leonidas and his Spartans at Thermopylae, the "hot gateway. The story is relentlessly masculine and a glorification of the masculine art of war.

Morally disconcerting as the butchery depicted by Frank Miller is, there really is something stirring about his re-telling of the Themopylae story. Clearly both the story of courageous sacrifice and his rendering of it touch deep responsive chords.

Miller's artwork is superb, impressionistic and subtle at times, hard-lined and deliberately brutal at others. The observant eye can discover visual tricks--drawn connotations, as it were--that enhance the story. Just one marvelous example: The ephors keep young maidens as oracles, and the clear implication is that they sexually abuse them.

In painting the maiden oracle, Miller has scattered fingerprints across her body--actual ones, from the looks of them--which are so skillfully worked into the overall composition that one doesn't immediately see them for what they are. Highly recommended. See all reviews.

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Gates of Fire: Steven Pressfield. Hidden Figures: Margot Lee Shetterly. Jeff VanderMeer. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Preacher 7. Meanwhile, Leonidas encounters Ephialtes , a deformed Spartan whose parents fled Sparta to spare him certain infanticide. Ephialtes asks to redeem his father's name by joining Leonidas' army, warning him of a secret path the Persians could use to outflank and surround the Spartans.

Though sympathetic, Leonidas rejects him since his deformity physically prevents him from holding his shield high enough, potentially compromising the phalanx formation, and Ephialtes is enraged. The battle begins soon after the Spartans' refusal to lay down their weapons. Using the Hot Gates to their advantage, as well as their superior fighting skills, the Spartans repel wave after wave of the advancing Persian army.

During a lull in the battle, Xerxes personally approaches Leonidas to persuade him to surrender, offering him wealth and power in exchange for his allegiance. Leonidas declines and mocks Xerxes for the inferior quality of his fanatical warriors. In response, Xerxes sends in his elite guard, the Immortals , later that night. The Spartans nonetheless manage to defeat the Immortals with few losses, with slight help from the Arcadians. On the second day, Xerxes sends in new waves of armies from Asia and other Persian subject states, including war elephants , to crush the Spartans once and for all, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Ephialtes defects to Xerxes to whom he reveals the secret path in exchange for wealth, luxury, women, and a Persian uniform. The Arcadians retreat upon learning of Ephialtes' betrayal, but the Spartans stay.

Leonidas orders an injured but reluctant Dilios to return to Sparta and tell them of what has happened: Theron, a corrupt politician, claims that he "owns" the Council and threatens the Queen, who reluctantly submits to his sexual demands in return for his help.

When Theron disgraces her in front of the Council, Gorgo kills him out of rage, revealing within his robe a bag of Xerxes' gold. Marking his betrayal, the Council unanimously agrees to send reinforcements. On the third day, the Persians, led by Ephialtes, traverse the secret path, encircling the Spartans. Xerxes' general again demands their surrender. Leonidas seemingly kneels in submission, allowing Stelios to leap over him and kill the general.

A furious Xerxes orders his troops to attack. Leonidas rises and throws his spear at Xerxes; barely missing him, the spear cuts across and wounds his face, proving the God-King 's mortality. Leonidas and the remaining Spartans fight to the last man until they finally succumb to an arrow barrage. Dilios, now back at Sparta, concludes his tale before the Council.

Inspired by Leonidas' sacrifice, Greeks mobilizes. One year later, the Persians face an army of 30, free Greeks led by a vanguard of 10, Spartans. After one final speech commemorating the , Dilios, now head of the Spartan Army, leads them to war, against the Persians across the fields of Plataea. Producer Gianni Nunnari was not the only person planning a film about the Battle of Thermopylae ; director Michael Mann already planned a film of the battle based on the book Gates of Fire.

Nunnari discovered Frank Miller's graphic novel , which impressed him enough to acquire the film rights. Gordon wrote the script.

Pdf 300 comic

The film is a shot-for-shot adaptation of the comic book , similar to the film adaptation of Sin City. Snyder used this narrative technique to show the audience that the surreal "Frank Miller world" of was told from a subjective perspective. By using Dilios' gift of storytelling, he was able to introduce fantasy elements into the film, explaining that "Dilios is a guy who knows how not to wreck a good story with truth.

Two months of pre-production were required to create hundreds of shields, spears, and swords, some of which were recycled from Troy and Alexander.

Creatures were designed by Jordu Schell , [18] and an animatronic wolf and thirteen animatronic horses were created. The actors trained alongside the stuntmen, and even Snyder joined in. Upwards of costumes were created for the film, as well as extensive prosthetics for various characters and the corpses of Persian soldiers. Shaun Smith and Mark Rappaport worked hand in hand with Snyder in pre-production to design the look of the individual characters, and to produce the prosthetic makeup effects, props, weapons and dummy bodies required for the production.

Butler said that while he did not feel constrained by Snyder's direction, fidelity to the comic imposed certain limitations on his performance. Wenham said there were times when Snyder wanted to precisely capture iconic moments from the comic book, and other times when he gave actors freedom "to explore within the world and the confines that had been set.

Post-production was handled by Montreal's Meteor Studios and Hybride Technologies filled in the bluescreen footage with more than 1, visual effects shots. Visual effects supervisor Chris Watts and production designer Jim Bissell created a process dubbed "The Crush," [19] which allowed the Meteor artists to manipulate the colors by increasing the contrast of light and dark. Certain sequences were desaturated and tinted to establish different moods. Ghislain St-Pierre, who led the team of artists, described the effect: In July , composer Tyler Bates began work on the film, describing the score as having "beautiful themes on the top and large choir," but "tempered with some extreme heaviness.

Bates said that the score had "a lot of weight and intensity in the low end of the percussion" that Snyder found agreeable to the film.

The score has caused some controversy in the film composer community, garnering criticism for its striking similarity to several other recent soundtracks, including James Horner and Gabriel Yared 's work for the film Troy. The heaviest borrowings are said to be from Elliot Goldenthal 's score for Titus. Pictures acknowledged in an official statement:. The official website was launched by Warner Bros. The "conceptual art" and Zack Snyder's production blog were the initial attractions of the site.

In January , the studio launched a MySpace page for the film. At Comic-Con International in July , the panel aired a promotional teaser of the film, which was positively received. A second trailer, which was attached to Apocalypto , was released in theaters on December 8, , [42] and online the day before. In April , Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced its intention to make a PlayStation Portable game, March to Glory , based on the film.

Collision Studios worked with Warner Bros. Warner Bros. In August , Warner Bros. On July 21, , Warner Bros. This new Blu-ray Disc is encased in a page Digibook and includes all the extras from the original release as well as some new ones. These features include a Picture-in-Picture feature entitled The Complete A Comprehensive Immersion , which enables the viewer to view the film in three different perspectives.

This release also includes a digital copy. TNT agreed to a three-year deal instead of the more typical five-year deal. The Meltdown for the biggest opening weekend in the month of March and for a Spring release. Jurassic Park but higher than Transformers. Once you make a great movie, word can spread very quickly. Since its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival on February 14, , in front of 1, audience members, has received generally mixed reviews.

While it received a standing ovation at the public premiere, [66] it was panned at a press screening hours earlier, where many attendees left during the showing and those who remained booed at the end. The site's critical consensus reads, "A simple-minded but visually exciting experience, full of blood, violence, and ready-made movie quotes.

Some of the most unfavorable reviews came from major American newspapers. Scott of The New York Times describes as "about as violent as Apocalypto and twice as stupid," while criticizing its color scheme and suggesting that its plot includes racist undertones; Scott also poked fun at the buffed bodies of the actors portraying the Spartans, declaring that the Persian characters are "pioneers in the art of face-piercing", but that the Spartans had access to "superior health clubs and electrolysis facilities".

Variety 's Todd McCarthy describes the film as "visually arresting" although "bombastic" [75] while Kirk Honeycutt, writing in The Hollywood Reporter , praises the "beauty of its topography , colors and forms. Comic Book Resources ' Mark Cronan found the film compelling, leaving him "with a feeling of power, from having been witness to something grand.

In the actual historical event, the Spartans numbers were closer to 7, rather than The historical consensus, both among ancient chroniclers and current scholars, was that Thermopylae was a clear Greek defeat; the Persian invasion would be pushed back in later ground and naval battles. Since few records about the actual martial arts used by the Spartans survive aside from accounts of formations and tactics, the fight choreography led by stunt coordinator and fight choreographer Damon Caro, was a synthesis of different weapon arts with Filipino martial arts as the base.

The Spartans' use of the narrow terrain, in those particular circumstances, is a military tactic known as " defeat in detail ".

Paul Cartledge , Professor of Greek History at Cambridge University , advised the filmmakers on the pronunciation of Greek names, and said they "made good use" of his published work on Sparta. He praises the film for its portrayal of "the Spartans' heroic code", and of "the key role played by women in backing up, indeed reinforcing, the male martial code of heroic honour", while expressing reservations about its " 'West' goodies vs 'East' baddies polarization". Ephraim Lytle, assistant professor of Hellenistic History at the University of Toronto , said selectively idealizes Spartan society in a "problematic and disturbing" fashion, as well as portraying the "hundred nations of the Persians" as monsters and non-Spartan Greeks as weak.

He suggests that the film's moral universe would have seemed "as bizarre to ancient Greeks as it does to modern historians". Victor Davis Hanson , National Review columnist and former professor of Classical history at California State University, Fresno , who wrote the foreword to a re-issue of the graphic novel, said the film demonstrates a specific affinity with the original material of Herodotus in that it captures the martial ethos of ancient Sparta and represents Thermopylae as a "clash of civilizations".

He remarks that Simonides , Aeschylus , and Herodotus viewed Thermopylae as a battle against "Eastern centralism and collective serfdom", which opposed "the idea of the free citizen of an autonomous polis ". Some passages from the Classical authors Aeschylus , Diodorus , Herodotus and Plutarch are split over the movie to give it an authentic flavor.

Aeschylus becomes a major source when the battle with the "monstrous human herd" of the Persians is narrated in the film. Diodorus' statement about Greek valor to preserve their liberty is inserted in the film, but his mention of Persian valor is omitted. Herodotus' fanciful numbers are used to populate the Persian army, and Plutarch's discussion of Greek women, specifically Spartan women, is inserted wrongly in the dialogue between the " misogynist " Persian ambassador and the Spartan king.

Classical sources are certainly used, but exactly in all the wrong places, or quite naively. The Athenians were fighting a sea battle during this. It's about the romanticizing of the Spartan 'ideal', a process that began even in ancient times, was promoted by the Romans, and has survived over time while less and less resembling the actual historical Sparta.

The director of , Zack Snyder , stated in an MTV interview that "the events are 90 percent accurate. It's just in the visualization that it's crazy… I've shown this movie to world-class historians who have said it's amazing. They can't believe it's as accurate as it is. That's what I say when people say it's historically inaccurate". He also describes the film's narrator, Dilios, as "a guy who knows how not to wreck a good story with truth".

In an interview writer Frank Miller said, "The inaccuracies, almost all of them, are intentional. I took those chest plates and leather skirts off of them for a reason. I wanted these guys to move and I wanted 'em to look good. I knocked their helmets off a fair amount, partly so you can recognize who the characters are. Spartans, in full regalia, were almost indistinguishable except at a very close angle.

Another liberty I took was, they all had plumes, but I only gave a plume to Leonidas, to make him stand out and identify him as a king. I was looking for more an evocation than a history lesson. The best result I can hope for is that if the movie excites someone, they'll go explore the histories themselves. Because the histories are endlessly fascinating. Kaveh Farrokh in a paper entitled "The Movie: Separating Fact from Fiction" [98] notes that the film falsely portrays "the Greco-Persian Wars in binary terms: He highlights three points regarding the contribution of the Achaemenid Empire to the creation of democracy and human rights.

This was the first time in history that a world power had guaranteed the survival of the Jewish people, religion, customs and culture. Before the release of , Warner Bros. Snyder relates that there was "a huge sensitivity about East versus West with the studio. Outside the current political parallels, some critics have raised more general questions about the film's ideological orientation. The New York Post ' s Kyle Smith wrote that the film would have pleased " Adolf 's boys," [] and Slate ' s Dana Stevens compares the film to The Eternal Jew , "as a textbook example of how race-baiting fantasy and nationalist myth can serve as an incitement to total war.

Newsday critic Gene Seymour, on the other hand, stated that such reactions are misguided, writing that "the movie's just too darned silly to withstand any ideological theorizing. They were the biggest slave owners in Greece. But at the same time, Spartan women had an unusual level of rights.

It's a paradox that they were a bunch of people who in many ways were fascist , but they were the bulwark against the fall of democracy. The closest comparison you can draw in terms of our own military today is to think of the red-caped Spartans as being like our special-ops forces.

They're these almost superhuman characters with a tremendous warrior ethic , who were unquestionably the best fighters in Greece. I didn't want to render Sparta in overly accurate terms, because ultimately I do want you to root for the Spartans. I couldn't show them being quite as cruel as they were. I made them as cruel as I thought a modern audience could stand. Ephraim Lytle, assistant professor of Hellenistic history at the University of Toronto , commented: Leonidas points out that his hunched back means Ephialtes cannot lift his shield high enough to fight in the phalanx.

This is a transparent defence of Spartan eugenics , and convenient given that infanticide could as easily have been precipitated by an ill-omened birthmark. Michael M. Chemers, author of " 'With Your Shield, or on It': Disability Representation in " in the Disability Studies Quarterly , said that the film's portrayal of the hunchback and his story "is not mere ableism: Frank Miller—commenting on areas where he lessened the Spartan cruelty for narrative purposes—said: It would be much more classically Spartan if Leonidas laughed and kicked him off the cliff.

From its opening, also attracted controversy over its portrayal of Persians. Officials of the Iranian government [] denounced the film.

The film's portrayal of ancient Persians caused a particularly strong reaction in Iran. Azadeh Moaveni of Time reported, "All of Tehran was outraged. Everywhere I went yesterday, the talk vibrated with indignation over the film".

Ayende-No , an independent Iranian newspaper, said that "[t]he film depicts Iranians as demons, without culture, feeling or humanity, who think of nothing except attacking other nations and killing people".

Moaveni identified two factors which may have contributed to the intensity of Iranian indignation over the film. First, she describes the timing of the film's release, on the eve of Norouz , the Persian New Year , as "inauspicious.

Frank Miller 300

Moaveni also suggests that "the box office success of , compared with the relative flop of Alexander another spurious period epic dealing with Persians , is cause for considerable alarm, signaling ominous U. According to The Guardian , Iranian critics of , ranging from bloggers to government officials, have described the movie "as a calculated attempt to demonise Iran at a time of intensifying U.

Dana Stevens of Slate states, "If , the new battle epic based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley, had been made in Germany in the mids , it would be studied today alongside The Eternal Jew as a textbook example of how race-baiting fantasy and nationalist myth can serve as an incitement to total war. Since it's a product of the post-ideological, post- Xbox 21st century, will instead be talked about as a technical achievement, the next blip on the increasingly blurry line between movies and video games.

Universal Pictures once planned a similar parody, titled National Lampoon's Rise of an Empire. The film focused on the Athenian admiral, Themistocles , as portrayed by Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton. The sequel, Rise of an Empire , was released on March 7, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the film. For the sequel, see Theatrical release poster. Gerard Butler as Leonidas , King of Sparta. David Wenham as Dilios , narrator and Spartan soldier. Lena Headey as Queen Gorgo , Queen of Sparta Gorgo has a larger role in the film than she does in the comic book, where she only appears in the beginning.

Tom Wisdom as Astinos, Captain Artemis' eldest son. In the film Astinos has a constant presence until he dies. In the comic book Astinos is only mentioned when he dies. Andrew Tiernan as Ephialtes , a deformed Spartan outcast and traitor. Michael Fassbender as Stelios , a young, spirited and highly skilled Spartan soldier.

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Peter Mensah as a Persian messenger who gets kicked into the well by Leonidas. Kelly Craig as Pythia , an Oracle to the Ephors. Tyler Neitzel as young Leonidas. Patrick Sabongui as the Persian General who tries to get Leonidas to comply at the end of the battle. Leon Laderach as Executioner , a hulking, clawed man who executes men who have displeased Xerxes.

Tyrone Benskin as the whip-wielding Persian Emissary. Main article: Ancient Greece portal Film in the United States portal s portal. Zack Snyder's ! Ain't It Cool News. Retrieved September 11, British Board of Film Classification. February 22, Retrieved September 6, Archived from the original on October 15, Retrieved November 18, Box Office Mojo.

Archived from the original on March 13, Retrieved March 8, Retrieved October 5, Worley March 9, Producer Gianni Nunnari's epic struggle for ". Retrieved April 17, Broken Frontier. Archived from the original on May 21, Script Review of ".

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USA Today. Retrieved March 10, The New York Times.

Comic pdf 300

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Pdf 300 comic

August 3, Archived from the original on August 11, Retrieved August 3, January 2, Archived from the original on January 5, Retrieved January 3, The Art Institutes.

Retrieved March 5, Tramountanas July 23, Presents " " ".