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Magoosh offers a full-length ACT Practice Test PDF, with answer explanations! This test is a great way to gauge your ACT strengths and weaknesses. Looking to take the ACT for a spin? You'll find PDF versions of full-length ACT practice tests to print out and an online practice test here. Form 10A (December) ACT test is available now. This test is provided by Mandy. Thanks for her contribution. If you have any ACT study materials to share .

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The information here is intended to help you do your best on the ACT—the test taken by the majority of US high school students to gain admission to colleges. and affordable test prep education in a variety of settings, including classes . Each practice test in this book is a full-length simulated ACT. Written by ACT. Click here to find every free printable ACT test with answers available. Once you've downloaded a PDF practice test, I recommend printing it.

December Form 71E. Online Reading practice questions from ACT. Math Cheat Sheet. December Form 10A. December Form 63D. June Form A

Using our ACT practice questions is a proven method to prepare for your upcoming ACT exam, and the best part about our sample tests is that they require no payment or registration — they are completely free!

Pdf act test

The score report you receive after completing our practice ACT exams will not only include your grade, but also a complete explanation for all of your wrong answers so that you can continue your ACT prep and improve. We are currently in the process of adding more free ACT test questions, so please check back often.

And if you have another source of quality sample ACT questions, please let us know!

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Preparing for your ACT exam with practice tests is a great approach. The benefits of using sample ACT test questions include:. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions covering four areas: The ACT has a total of questions, and you are given minutes to complete the exam.

Each of the four sections is detailed below:. ACT scores are useful indicators of your academic readiness for college, making getting thorough ACT test prep essential to help ensure a strong showing.

In general, you can use your different ACT scores to:. Be sure to check them out as part of your online ACT prep!

You will be tested on punctuation, subject-verb agreement, verb forms, pronoun forms, adjectives, adverbs, modifiers especially comparatives and superlatives , idioms, sentence structure, paragraph structure, and writing style. ACT Math has 60 questions and is 60 minutes long. ACT Math tests pre-algebra, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, plane geometry, coordinate geometry, and trigonometry.

In ACT Reading, there are 4 passages and 40 questions 10 per passage.

Real ACT Tests: ACT December 2017 Form 10A pdf download

ACT Reading has a 35 minute time limit. The ACT Reading passage types are: ACT Science has 6 passages and a total of 40 questions, to be completed in 35 minutes.

Pdf act test

The ACT Science passage types will be as follows: You just need to be able to navigate and understand typical science texts. Magoosh has a great guide on how to do this: January Form 59F. May Form 55C.

Test pdf act

January Form 59C. December Form 58E. January Form 56B. January Form 54D.

ACT math: Word Problems. Graphing and Geometry.

Free ACT Practice Test with Answers and Explanations (PDF Download)

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