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Merchant of venice sparknotes pdf

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From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous. A summary of Act II, scenes i–iv in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of . Shylock - Portia - Antonio -.

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From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes , the SparkNotes The Merchant of Venice Study Guide has everything you need. Act 1 Scene 1 Page 2 - Table of Contents - Act 4 Scene 1 -. A summary of Act I, scenes i–ii in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of.

Barabas revenges himself against the governor who seized his property, allies with the Turks, and briefly becomes governor of Malta himself, before the Maltese regain control of the island and put him to death. Request one! This item: Next Act 1, scene 1. He married Anne Hathaway in , but left his family behind around and moved to London, where he became an actor and playwright. Bassanio asks the Jewish moneylender, Shylock , to lend him ducats.

In-depth summary and analysis of every scene of The Merchant of Venice. Visual theme-tracking, too. Explanations, analysis, and visualizations of The Merchant of Venice 's themes. The Merchant of Venice 's important quotes, sortable by theme, character, or scene.

[PDF] The Merchant of Venice (SparkNotes No Fear Shakespeare) Popular Colection

Description, analysis, and timelines for The Merchant of Venice 's characters. Explanations of The Merchant of Venice 's symbols, and tracking of where they appear. An interactive data visualization of The Merchant of Venice 's plot and themes. Brief Biography of William Shakespeare Shakespeare's father was a glove-maker, and Shakespeare received no more than a grammar school education. He married Anne Hathaway in , but left his family behind around and moved to London, where he became an actor and playwright.

He was an immediate success: Shakespeare soon became the most popular playwright of the day as well as a part-owner of the Globe Theater. His theater troupe was adopted by King James as the King's Men in Shakespeare retired as a rich and prominent man to Stratford-upon-Avon in , and died three years later.

Download it! In fact, Jews were banished completely from England in by King Edward I, and were not officially allowed to return until , when Oliver Cromwell allowed Jews to return.

This exile was technically in effect during Shakespeare's time, but scholars believe that a few hundred Jews still lived around London in the guise of Christians. One of the reasons Renaissance Christians disliked Jews was the Jews' willingness to practice usury—the practice of charging interest or "use" on borrowed money.

There was a long tradition in Classical and Christian moral thinking against usury. Shakespeare's contemporary, the philosopher and statesman Sir Francis Bacon, argued in his essay On Usury that it was "against nature for money to beget money.

Other Books Related to The Merchant of Venice Though some describe The Merchant of Venice as a comedy because it ends with the marriage of its heroes Portia and Bassanio, it can also be described as a kind of "revenge tragedy. Shakespeare wrote several revenge tragedies, including Hamlet. Shakespeare's late romance, The Tempest —1 takes the form of a "revenge tragedy averted," beginning with the revenge plot but ending happily.

However, if Antonio defaults, Shylock will be entitled to cut one pound of flesh from anywhere on Antonio's body that he likes. Confident that his ships will return to Venice, with many times ducats, well before Shylock's deadline, Antonio accepts.

[PDF] The Merchant of Venice (SparkNotes No Fear Shakespeare) Popular Colection - video dailymotion

At Belmont, the Prince of Morocco arrives to try his luck at the riddle of the caskets. He chooses incorrectly gold , and leaves in defeat. Meanwhile, in Venice, Lorenzo , a friend of Bassanio's, has fallen in love with Shylock's daughter, Jessica. One night, when Shylock goes out, Jessica steals a large sum of money from her father and elopes, as planned, with Lorenzo.

Lorenzo and Jessica, along with many others, then travel with Bassanio to Portia's estate. The Prince of Aragon is the next of Portia's suitors to try to solve the riddle of the caskets. After much deliberation, he chooses silver, which is wrong. As the Prince of Aragon leaves, Bassanio arrives, laden with gifts for Portia.

A few weeks pass, and news arrives that Antonio's ships have been lost at sea. Though Shylock has been unable to locate Jessica, he consoles himself that he will have his revenge in the form of the pound of flesh promised to him by his contract with Antonio.

Back at Belmont, Portia and Bassanio, who have spent all this time together, have fallen in love. Portia begs Bassanio to wait before facing the riddle, because she can't bear the thought of losing him if he guesses wrong.

But he insists on going ahead. To their joy, he chooses the correct casket lead.

To seal their betrothal, Portia gives him a ring , instructing him never to lose it or give it away. Then Nerissa and Bassanio's vulgar friend Gratiano announce that they, too, intend to wed. However, just then, a letter arrives from Antonio, with news of his lost ships and Shylock's intention to collect his pound of flesh.

Alarmed, Portia gives Bassanio enough money to repay the loan many times over. As Bassanio hurries off to Venice, Portia hatches a plan of her own to save Antonio. In the court of Venice, the Duke is presiding over Antonio's trial. Shylock resists their requests that he show mercy and insists on pursuing his "pound of flesh," despite the fact that Bassanio has offered him ducats instead. Nerissa and Portia arrive on the scene, disguised as a law clerk and a lawyer, respectively.

Portia points out that the contract Shylock holds doesn't give him the right to take any blood from Antonio, and that if Shylock sheds even a drop of blood while cutting Antonio's flesh that all of Shylock's wealth will be confiscated by the state. She further finds Shylock guilty of conspiring to kill a Venetian citizen, and therefore must hand over half of his wealth to Antonio and the other half to the state. Antonio and the Duke decide to show mercy, however: Shylock must only give half his wealth to Antonio, and promise to leave the other half of his wealth to Jessica and Lorenzo after his death.

In addition, Shylock must convert to Christianity. Devastated, Shylock accepts. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. This seems to essentially be Shakespeare's response to The Jew of Malta, so if you've read that, this will seem very familiar to you.

However, the language used is far more memorable, the lead character more sympathetic, and the story shaped to fit a different genre. This means that it ends on a far less tragic note, and also that it secures its place in history as one of Shakespeare's masterpieces.

Essentially, it is a story of failed revenge, love, and injustice. As to the edition itself, I found it to be greatly helpful in understanding the action in the play. It has a layout which places each page of the play opposite a page of notes, definitions, explanations, and other things needed to understand that page more thoroughly.

While I didn't always need it, I was certainly glad to have it whenever I ran into a turn of language that was unfamiliar, and I definitely appreciated the scene-by-scene summaries. Really, if you want to or need to read Shakespeare, an edition such as this is really the way to go, especially until you get more accustomed to it. One person found this helpful.

I like the way this book gives both versions of the play.

It makes it easier to understand Shakespeare. Currently I am taking an English literature class and it has helped me tremendously. I read the plain English side first and then went back and read the Shakespeare version and I was able to understand it better.

The plot involves a lot of people disguising themselves as the opposite gender but in the end everyone ends up with the one they really love. In that sense it's like a light romantic comedy but it also includes a lot of the great writing that Shakespeare is known for, including many of his most famous lines, such as the "all the world's a stage" monologue, and I hadn't realized this is the play the phrase "motley fool" came from.

If you like Shakespeare, this is a must read, and it's entertaining as just a fun play. This kindle version is well formatted, though no footnotes or line numbers. I bought this product as a material for a college course, and when we got to studying it, I quickly realized the copy worse than anything I've seen in print.

No, I'm not exaggerating. There are other issues with the presentation of the dialogues and stage directions as well, but those weren't as disruptive as the major errors with this copy.

Of venice pdf merchant sparknotes

So, if you just want a cover to display to feign studying Shakespeare, go for it, but honestly you could probably find a better fake for less. If you actually want to study the play and know what happens, buy anywhere else.

This is not "As [I] Like It. This one is a kind of bible on the authorship problem. Regardless of the anger of those who try impose the orthodoxian truth, what this book reveals is beyond question. See all reviews.

Venice pdf sparknotes of merchant

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