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Silva life system 2.0 workbook pdf

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***Silva Life System - Home Training Program*** By Laura Silva ***13 CDs + 2 Bonuses (MP3) + PDF Transcript & Workbook*** This is a digital download. Also, to see in what others ways the Silva Method can help you by giving The Silva Life System is the first part of the complete Silva Method. People who meditate these days come from all walks of life and aren't necessarily Some students use the Silva Life System to enhance their spiritual growth.

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Silva Life System Text Transcript - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File on so many levels. or you can use your Silva Life System workbook. Silva Life System Workbook - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The Famous Silva method for mind growing. Chapter 2: 4 Steps to the Silva Life System sure to have your workbook, paper or computer to write . You'll find these questions in your workbook.

However, when you awaken near the end of a dream, you can remember and understand it. Where will you be? Deepening means just going deeper within. I will then ask you to take three deep breaths. Dream Control step two. Then you will ask "how can I best handle the situation?

The left hemisphere of the brain is logical. This is very useful and important at cer- tain times, while at other times it gets in the way.

Workbook pdf 2.0 silva life system

No one had ever done it, so it was logical to believe that nobody ever would. This hemisphere is creative, intuitive, not time or space oriented, and works on mental impressions. This brain hemisphere is very powerful in helping you get what you want. Having faith that you can manifest it keeps your left-brain hemisphere from interjecting doubts. To use the right-brain hemisphere for thinking, you must learn to slow your brainwave activity to the alpha level as though you were once again between the ages of seven and fourteen.

Then you need to practice using the sensing faculties while at level. Once you learn to consciously slow your brain frequencies to the alpha level, you can then begin to learn to use and in- tegrate the right side of your brain with the left. The Silva Method teaches you to use the alpha frequency consciously. The Silva Method can help you in all areas of your life. For ex- ample: The Secret of Success Almost certainly, successful people be- long to those who have the ability to think using both sides of the brain.

The combined power of both brain hemi- spheres at the alpha level together with greater concentration sets and gets goals. When you persist in working to- wards your goals, their realization comes closer.

Med tat en Meditation describes a state of concen- trated attention on some thought or object of awareness. It usually involves turning the attention inward. Medita- tion is often recognized as a compo- nent of Eastern religions, where it has been practiced for over 5, years. It is now mainstream in Western culture. It encompasses any of a wide variety of spiritual practices which emphasize mental activity or quiescence.

Medita- tion can be used for personal develop- ment, or to focus the mind on God, an aspect of God, or to achieve peace. Begin- ning with theosophists, meditation has been employed by a number of reli- gious and spiritual movements, such as yoga and the New Age movement, as well as limited use in Christianity. Meditation may also be known as: It is important that you learn to concen- trate and maintain your attention.

If you are distracted when you practice your mental exercises, recognize the distrac- tion, and then bring your attention back to the exercise. Allow yourself to relax. If you sense ten- sion take a moment to breathe deeply and rhythmically. In the subjective world, you attract what you want. Keep your mind focused on what you desire. Mental Housecleaning Positive thinking means thinking and talking about the things you desire. Negative thinking is thinking and talking about the things you do not desire.

Posi- tive thinking is an extremely important aspect of the Silva Method as well as life in general. Such thinking is like a photographic negative. It is just the opposite of the positive picture you de- sire. Our consciousness needs informa- tion of what you desire in order to bring about positive results. Focusing on the negative has the potential to bring nega- tive results. Those create pictures of what you do not desire. Most importantly, rephrase your statement, or reprogram yourself with a positive statement, word or mental pic- ture congruent to your desired outcome.

The Silva Life System 2.0

Use positive statements about being healthy, being in control, being blessed. It will make a big difference in your life. Cancel, Cancel Second, you need to cancel the negative thought or statement.

Substitution Third, you substitute with an alternative thought or statement that is in line with what you want. Desire is a motivating force. Such a force energizes us and pushes us towards our goals. To increase the strength of your desire, repeat mentally or verbally what you desire and write down all of the rea- sons you have for wanting your project to succeed.

Then enter your alpha level and think of more reasons. Then rein- force your programming with images, thoughts and feelings of that which you desire. Desire is a subjective energy that can- not be measured physically, yet based on your past experiences; you know how much desire you need to succeed. Belief is what sustains you between de- sire and expectancy. A belief sets the boundaries of what you can accomplish.

It is a statement you make to yourself about something you hold to be true and guides your living experience. In some cases, changing the belief statement changes the living experience. A good way to determine what you be- lieve you deserve is to notice how you live.

If your beliefs about life, love, health, happiness and abundance work for you, then keep them. If not, change them. Belief, like desire is a subjective energy that cannot be measured physically, yet based on your past experiences; you know how much belief you need in order to succeed.

A strong belief system that works with an effective programming method re- sults in the reaching of goals and keeps you programming faithfully.

Believe in yourself and in your right to have what you seek. Believe that there is a solution to every problem. Believe that you have the potential to make great things happen. Believe that you are worthy. Believe you can. Anything you can conceive, believe, and genuinely desire, you can achieve when you apply your developed skills. Expectancy commits you to your out- come. It is a belief that what you desire will manifest. It is then a matter of continuing to visu- alize the goal to help it manifest at your physical reality.

Expectancy, like desire and belief, is a subjective energy that cannot be mea- sured physically, yet based on your past experiences; you know how much ex- pectancy you need to succeed. Recognition of a belief working for or against you is a vital component of a strong belief system.

Each of the mental exercises within the Basic Lecture Series is designed to help you achieve your goals and to strength- en the belief that you can make positive changes in your life.

Practice helps you maintain your win- ning belief system. Going to level dai- ly and applying the learned tools and techniques gives you the opportunity to become well-acquainted with medi- tation, experience ongoing success and strengthen your newfound positive be- liefs.

Action at the alpha and beta level is necessary and must be congruent with your goal. Do the appropriate actions that help, support and sustain you on your desired path and demonstrate your commitment to the goal. Brain frequencies between four- teen and twenty-one hertz are referred to as beta brainwave activity, which is associated with the outer objective world.

The brain, while at beta, perceives and gets information through the use of the outer, physical senses, and is conscious of time and space. This relates to outer conscious levels of awareness.

Slower vibrations between seven and fourteen hertz are known as alpha brain waves. This level is associated with cre- ativity, imagination, intuition and day- dreams. While at alpha, the mode of thinking is dynamic. Human intelligence can question, explore, deduce and cre- ate solutions to problems.

Frequencies between four and seven hertz are called theta brain waves. While at theta, the mode of thinking is passive and inductive. Human intelligence will take in information but cannot question and remain at theta at the same time. The moment one begins to question, the frequency of brain moves higher into al- pha or beta. Alpha and theta are not directly involved with the physical world nor physical senses. We are not necessarily aware of time and space at this dimension.

This is the dimension where we can access our intuition and use our subjective senses to obtain information to help accomplish our goals. We relate this to inner con- scious levels of awareness. It is orga- nized both horizontally and vertically. Horizontally, the left side represents the body; the center section, the brain; the right side, the mind and mental functioning levels.

On the left, the scale marked with numbers represents brain frequency in cycles per second, called hertz. The Scale of Brain Evolution Chart is set up in a vertical fashion with its two dimensional limitations. We are able to use these levels con- sciously and make changes to previous conditioning. The lower frequencies below four cycles per second, which we reach during deep sleep, are called delta brainwave fre- quencies. It is said that few people are able to remember information when at delta levels.

Little is known about delta at this time. The Scale of Brain Evolution chart was developed because it depicts several things regarding evolution and develop- ment. Scientists tell us that the human brain formed over millions of years. It is a gradual process of adding parts to the brain and reaching higher and higher frequencies with a wider range of capa- bilities.

Eventually, humans mature, naturally developing and using the faster frequen- cies, the beta levels. Two Worlds We identify the beta frequencies with the use of our outer senses and phenome- non that obey the general laws of space and time. Any extension of those senses brings the phenomena it works on into this physi- cal world.

We refer to the physical world synonymously as the outer world and the objective world. We identify the intangible world with the alpha and theta levels of the mind, the use of our inner senses and phenomenon that operate according to very different laws of space and time than the outer world.

It includes thought, emotion, extrasensory perception, spirituality—virtually every- thing not belonging to our physical world. We refer to the intangible world synony- mously as the non-physical world, the spiritual world, the inner world and the subjective world. Function with Conscious Awareness One of the things you learn with the Silva Method is how to function consciously at the alpha level. You also learn how to ac- cess the theta level to correct problems that are rooted there. The basic plane level is shown on the chart as seven hertz but may lie any- where within the alpha range of seven to fourteen hertz.

Your goal is to be able to function consciously and correct prob- lems while your brain functions at fre- quencies as slow as seven hertz. You can learn to enter theta levels, four to seven hertz, to access deep-rooted problems. However, when you become mentally active to correct problems, the brain re- adjusts to approximately ten hertz. The more you practice within the lower frequencies, the more you are able to use these frequencies with awareness.

In addition, you are entering deeper lev- els of mind. Your experience of a deeper level of mind is very personal and completely subjective. For instance, a child might be encouraged to eat everything on the plate and grow up to be big.

Were you ever told to study and make good grades so you could be successful in life? That is a program that equates grades with success in life. If your grades were average, then the program tends to guide you to average success in life.

Not everybody who gets average grades winds up average. Not everybody keeps growing bigger and bigger. So the pro- grams can be changed. To change them, we can insert new instructions at the same levels of brain frequencies where old instructions are stored. Most people, without training, simply go to sleep when they slow their brain frequencies.

With the Silva Method, you learn to reach The brain has many attributes, such as the ability to learn languag- es and think logically. It can store experiences of the physical world ac- quired through our physical senses.

The brain is sequential and operates within the well-known laws of space and time, yet it also stores experi- ences of the subjective world. The human mind is phenomenally creative, inventive, and intuitive and appears to be able to operate out- side the known laws of space and time. Nonlocality means that, in quantum systems, correlations not possible through simple memory are somehow being enforced faster than light across space and time.

Nonlocality, peculiar though it may be, is a fact of quantum systems which has been repeatedly demonstrated in laboratory experiments. John G. When a child between seven and four- teen years of age is taught to use more whole-brain thinking in order to utilize more of their potential, then that ability is retained as the person matures.

A Larger Perspective The architecture of our body is one where consciousness uses the brain as an information gathering tool and mind as a tuning faculty. The brain—being physical in nature—abides by the usual laws of space and time and is limited to what it can perceive. The mind is a focusing faculty of intelli- gence that attunes itself to and through time and space.

In just the same way that the eyes have a focusing faculty to attune vision to things far or near, through the mind, our consciousness can attune itself to things far or near, past, present or future, and cause the brain to function at various frequencies.

When we want to meditate, through the mind, we attune ourself to slower fre- quencies of the brain. When conscious- ness wants to be active, then through the mind, it attunes itself to the higher frequencies of the brain. Hypnosis is a natural psychological pro- cess in which critical thinking faculties of the mind are bypassed and a type of selec- tive thinking and perception is established.

In fact, some supposed hypnotic states can be achieved by means of simple suggestions or waking hypnosis, which increases the controversy about the hypnotic state. Some theories of hypnosis attempt to describe hypnotic phenomena in terms of brain activity while others concentrate more on the phenomenological experience. The theta state is associ- ated with hypnosis for surgery, the use of hypnosis to numb sensation of pain and the use of hypnosis to decrease sensitiv- ity to pain, which occur more readily in the theta and delta states.

Reading, watching movies, and meditat- ing may be also forms of hypnosis. In the Basic Lecture Series, you will learn, and gain some experience, in using your mind to bring about changes in your phys- ical world. With practice, you can learn to achieve whatever you desire.

Controlled re- laxation is the basic state used in the exercises while applying the techniques. In the Silva Method, you learn to relax physically and mentally when at alpha.

Scientists have discovered that stress enzymes dissolve when one is relaxed. The fractional relaxation approach is of- ten used in preparation for meditation and hypnosis.

It is very useful as a relaxation technique by itself. The theory behind this tension release method is that it is easier to relax a part of the body than it is to relax the whole body all at once.

Once mastered, fractional relaxation can be used to relax the entire body in seconds. While some relaxation techniques start at the toes and end at the head, the Silva Method style begins by relaxing the head and ends with the toes.

Countdown deepening exercises are used to gain the experience of deepening. You can practice the countdown deepening exercises by counting backwards from to 1, or 50 to 1, or 25 to 1.

Most Silva exercises have a to-1 countdown to help you enter a deeper, healthier level of mind. Your ideal place of relaxation is a real place where you go to feel calm, tranquil and peaceful.

Recall this place during your men- tal exercises. As you practice, the place can be changed to an imaginary one. Deep, rhythmic breathing sends more oxy- gen to the body, which energizes, calms, and refreshes, allowing you to relax more easily.

Number 6 is the outer con- scious level; number 5 is eye fatigue; number 4, eyes closed and you are ready to relax. When we get to number 3, which repre- sents physical relaxation, you will learn how to relax completely from head to toe. You will concentrate your attention on different parts of your body, releas- ing and relaxing tension and negative pressures as you go. Number 2 represents mental relaxation, a state where you will immerse yourself in tranquil scenes. Number 1 is the basic plane level that you can learn to use for any purpose you desire.

True relaxation means relaxing the body, and mind while slowing brainwaves. There is no physical measurement of any kind to indicate that you are going into deeper levels of mind. The mind is not physical. Your mind does not emit any kind of measurable physi- cal energy. However, we recommend using one of the Silva techniques to better manage your experience.

Here are several: Since your mind is intangible and a sensory function of intelligence, there is no physical energy associated with it.

Every time you use a mental training exercise, you progressively go into a deeper level of mind, and become more aware of its potential. You use your mind in an enhanced state when you are func- tioning at the alpha level. Using your mind, you can detect information with your physical senses, but you cannot detect the mind directly with the physical senses.

This is an innovative way of using your mind to get information and create so- lutions. Steps to Meditating The structure of meditation consists of four parts; entry, deepening, program- ming and exit. Genius Statement The difference between genius mental- ity and average mentality is that a genius uses more of their mind and uses it in a special manner.

I am now learning to use more of my mind and to use it in a special manner. And this is so. It is easier to get to where you want to go if you know where you are. The second step is to state your goal. In this particular technique, you will notice that we also in- clude a statement to cancel the problem. State your goal clearly so there is no doubt what you want.

The third step is to establish the process you will use to get from the starting point to the goal. The fourth step is to do what is necessary to bring about your desired results. So take the indicated action to reach your goal. Claim it, believe it, and accept it. Show genuine enthu- siasm, which adds positive emo- tions. Each step is very impor- tant for the success of the technique.

Establish your goal. Specify what you are going to do to reach your goal. Take the necessary action to reach your goal. Claim your results, your re- ward. Many of our beliefs are from our earlier years and are frequently associated with experiences involving peers, parents, and education. These experiences may be either of a positive or negative nature. Most often they operate at the subjective level and exert tremendous impact on our lives. When you have been told that you are intelligent and creative, then your experiences are characteristically of this type.

On the other hand, when you have been told you are clumsy, dumb or not good enough, then these programs often shape your experiences. Programs operating from the subjective level are very powerful. Once the program is installed, there is no evaluation of positive or negative. The belief is accepted as true.

Your personal beliefs are perhaps the most important aspect of how you have lived and how you spend the rest of your life. Then use the Mirror of the Mind technique to eliminate the negative belief and to create and manifest the new, positive belief, and it will be so.

It is important to eliminate old beliefs that limit you such as lack in ability, intel- ligence, competence, not good enough, not deserving good fortune and the like. Whether you need to use the Sleep Control technique regularly, or only occasionally, it is an important technique to have available. The Sleep Control technique can be used when traveling to different time zones, giving you the ability to sleep any time, anywhere, without the use of drugs.

This technique also helps to improve your vi- sualization and imagination, two facul- ties of genius. When people use drugs to help them get to sleep, drugs tend to interfere with the normal sleep and dream cycles. When we sleep, consciousness moves up and down on the scale of brain evolution in cycles of approximately ninety minutes each. With normal circumstances in later cycles, the fre- quency does not go as low, and more time is spent at other levels.

When we are deprived of alpha sleep, there are serious side effects, such as irritability, diminished recall and learning and sometimes even mild hal- lucinations. They appear to be most effective when repeated in a quiet and restful state of mind and body.

The person does not enjoy the normal rhythms of sleep cycles and is deprived of valuable alpha sleep time. In the Sleep Control technique, there is enough mental activity to keep you busy so you are not concerned with your problems.

The mental activity is detailed, repetitious and boring; so boring, it puts you to sleep. This part is respon- sible for alerting us to danger and shut- ting down areas of the brain when the sensory input gets too monotonous. There are several reasons why the Sleep Control technique is so effective. One reason is that it is applied while at the slower alpha frequency associated with meditation, and not from the faster beta frequency associated with wakeful- ness. This means that your goal of en- tering deep sleep is easier to get to since alpha is closer to deep sleep than beta.

Additionally, the technique is so effec- tive because it incorporates a count- down from to one. The technique for practicing with the countdown deep- ening exercises for entering deeper and deeper levels of mind has been strongly impressed in previous exercises.

When you use the Sleep Control tech- nique, and you are determined to be successful, you will keep on doing the technique until you get to sleep, even if it takes all night. Your mind does not like to spend time on a task like this. This technique engages the whole brain. It is not necessary to have a strong men- tal image of the chalkboard; this comes with practice. At night, all you have to do is recall what the chalkboard looks like.

Remembering what something looks like is visualization. Pay Attention to Details It is important that you mentally draw a large circle, not a small one. Make the numbers in the circle large, right to the edge of the circle.

Then erase them carefully, paying attention to details. If you feel that the technique may not be work- ing properly for you, review the instruc- tions and make sure you are doing them correctly. All Silva Method techniques are formula- type techniques and work best when you follow the formulas as programmed.

The next night you will go to sleep more quickly. Eventually, you will be able to go to sleep in only a few moments with this technique. It becomes very effective for you if you persist until you succeed.

You can apply some of the other tech- niques from the Silva Method to deal with the problems you face daily before you apply the Sleep Control technique. Then you will be able to go to sleep knowing you have done your best. Make a L st Before going to sleep: Write a list of your problems and concerns. Next to each problem write a possible plan of action you can take to resolve it.

Do this before you begin your evening meditation. At level one, you visualize a chalkboard. Imagine chalk in one hand and an eras- er in the other. You mentally draw a large circle on the chalkboard. Then you mentally draw a big X within the circle. Proceed to erase the X from within the circle, starting at the center and erasing towards the inner edges of the circle, being careful not to erase the circle in the least.

Then write a big number within the circle. Proceed to erase the number being careful not to erase the circle in the least. You will continue using numbers within the circle on a descending scale until you enter normal, natural, healthy, physi- ological sleep.

Whenever you enter sleep with the use of Sleep Control, you will awaken at your customary time, or your programmed time, or you can remain asleep for as long as you desire.

To Awake Control e Clock In the To Awake Control technique, we have an automatic system for using our mind to assist us in achieving goals in ev- eryday life. We will expand on this proce- dure later as you learn other techniques that you can apply in solving problems and reaching your goals. Both abilities have the power to wake us from sleep with- out an alarm clock. B i o l o g i c a l rhythms, bio- logical clocks, various time givers, and mental pro- grammi ng all contrib- ute to your awakeni ng nat ur al l y without the use of an alarm clock.

We now know that the central mechanism of our biological clock is located in what is termed the supra- chiasmatic nuclei, a brain region within the hypothalamus. Yet, consciousness can override biological intelligence. It suggests that our consciousness has its own time-keeping device. For instance, a hypnotist can tell a subject deep in a hypnotic trance that in 2, minutes his nose will itch and he will scratch it for exactly one minute, then the itch will stop.

Then the hypno- tist brings the subject out of the trance, giving him a suggestion that he will not consciously remember what the hypno- tist told him.

At the exact time, the sub- ject will begin to scratch his nose. After one minute, he will stop. Who kept time? Who reminds him? Conscious intelligence uses imagination to communicate with innate intelligence.

This means that you are not stuck with the programming you started with, as are other creatures. An example of innate intelligence at work is one of a wasp bringing a bug to his mud house. The wasp carries a bug to his home; he puts the insect down on the threshold, and goes indoors to in- spect.

When the insect is moved one inch away from the threshold, the wasp retrieves and places the insect on the threshold again and goes in to inspect again. The wasp never gets the mes- sage; he will exhaust himself pulling the insect back to the threshold repeatedly until he falls over dead. Conscious intelligence, equipped with the appropriate tools, techniques and resources can change the programming if it desires to do so. Rather than use a physical aid to awaken you from sleep you can use your intelligence.

To use our consciousness you must function at the alpha level, and use your imagination to specify the time you want to awaken. You will then wake up at that time. This technique will work more effectively when you create and visualize a clear and strong picture of a clock.

Choose a clock you are familiar with. A dream, a honking horn, a barking dog or the sound of someone calling your name may awaken you. This is the way your mind uses imagination to get your attention. The primary concern is not merely how you get up in the morning. In doing this, you build a foundation that is of value to you later as you learn ad- ditional techniques. Practicing this technique will help you develop stronger mental controls and mind-body management.

You will then function better with techniques that come later. This is especially so in deal- ing with health cases. Early on with the Silva Method you learn how to use your imagination to relax your physical body. You are now going to go a step further and learn how to use imagination as a communications tool to work with your consciousness.

This helps in strengthening your mental controls. To use To Awake Con- trol, practice awakening without a physi- cal alarm clock. Enter the Basic Plane Level with the three-to-one method just before going to sleep. At level, visualize a clock. Awake Control The Awake Control exercise is designed to help you remain awake longer when necessary.

It may be used any time you feel drowsy or low on energy. It can be helpful when staying up late, driving long distances or studying until the wee hours of the night. The Awake Control technique is a power- ful program that results in a burst of en- ergy that may last for hours.

In addition, science has demonstrated that medita- tion is a way for the body to release en- dorphins causing it to feel both good and energized. I will not be drowsy and sleepy; I will be wide awake and feeling better than before. With such knowledge, you are better able to recall your dreams and put them to practical use.

You develop greater control of your mental abilities. This skill can assist you to improve your life in many ways. We All Have Dreams Scientists assure us that everyone dreams, though not everyone remem- bers them. Fear is the primary rea- son why people do not remember their dreams. Perhaps nightmares frightened the child, and it became easier not to re- call any dreams at all.

Over time, people learn to suppress their dreams. You can learn to remember several dreams every night by following the Silva Method procedure. Begin slowly; learn to recall one dream a night, then progress to remember more dreams each night. Finally, you can generate a dream that has information to help you solve problems. What Do Dreams Mean? The meaning of dreams is something you can learn through practice and by studying the most interesting person in the world: We each have our own unique experi- ences in life.

Each of us adopts our own patterns of symbolic expressions. You have already programmed into your bio- computer your own personal symbolism. In the morning enter your level, and write out a more detailed account of the dream. Be sure to write it down as soon as you have it, or risk losing the memory of it. This can be one of the most effective ex- ercises you ever do to assist you in a gain- ing a greater understanding of yourself.

One is that you are assured you have only the kind of dreams you desire. If you experience nightmares, then use the techniques you have learned to eliminate them. Each of these sleep and dream cycles lasts about ninety minutes. The early sleep and dream cycles are the deepest and have short dream periods. Later cycles are lighter and have longer dream periods. By programming your- self, you can awaken at the ideal time to recall your dreams. If you awaken too early, there is no dream.

When you awaken in the middle of the dream, you may be confused. However, when you awaken near the end of a dream, you can remember and understand it. Dream Control Exercise Dream Control is a mental technique that you can use to practice remembering dreams. This helps in your development of mental control.

Dream Control step one. To practice re- membering a dream, you will enter alpha, with the three-to-one method. You will awaken during the night or in the morning with a vivid recollection of a dream. Be ready to record your dream. Dream Control step two. To practice re- membering more than one dream per night, enter alpha with the three-to-one method. You will awaken several times during the night and in the morning with vivid recol- lections of your dreams. Be ready to re- cord your dreams.

Dream Control step three. To practice gen- erating a dream that you can remember, understand, and use for problem solving. You will enter alpha with the three-to-one method.

Headache Control Doctors advise us that most headaches, possibly ninety percent, are caused by tension. Relatively few are organic in na- ture. Whether you have a headache be- cause of organic reasons, or feel a ten- sion headache, you can learn to relieve the pain of either type headache through the Headache Control Technique.

When headaches you experience are caused by excessive stress, then you will obtain permanent relief by applying the technique. After applying the technique, the headaches occur less frequently un- til your body forgets how to cause them. When headaches recur on a regular ba- sis, then you can suspect an organic cause, and may need to seek medical attention.

When to Use Headache Control It is important when dealing with head- aches that you apply the technique as early as possible. Usually people who experience migraine headaches can tell when one is coming on. It is as though an aura precedes the headache. First, state the problem. Second, state the goal. Third, establish a plan to reach the goal. Fourth, implement the plan. Fifth, claim your end result. Remember, you must apply this tech- nique while at your alpha level.

The more you practice entering your level and coming out again, the more effec- tive you become. Creat ve uses eI the f ve 5teps You can deal with other chal- lenges in much the same manner as you do with headaches. Whenever you experience any un- pleasant sensations or thoughts at level, use the same procedure.

Index of /SILVA

In the future, I experience only what I desire to experience at my level. Use your level to create for your- self the kind of life you desire. Practice at every opportunity.

The more successes you have, the easier it is to achieve success in the future. Tension Headaches When you have a tension headache, en- ter the Basic Plane Level with the three- to-one method.

I will then have no headache. I will then feel no headache. I will then feel no discomfort. We left the ache behind. I have no discomfort in my head. I feel no discomfort in my head. Once at your level go through the same procedure as in the tension headache. The second application takes care of a greater amount of the discomfort. With the third application the discomfort has disappeared. From then on when symptoms appear, one application will take care of the mi- graine problem.

As you continue to take care of this problem in this manner, the symptoms will appear less frequent- ly, until the body forgets how to cause them. This brings to an end the migraine problem without the use of drugs.

For health problems, apply these tech- niques under appropriate medical super- vision. Visualization refers to the process of recalling and replaying memories that involve all sensory modes. Visualization does not refer solely to mental picturing. When you are recalling auditory experiences, you are engaging sounds just as much as if you were recalling visual experiences. Imagination refers to the process of creating new images or changing existing ones in some way. We can generate images that include all sensory modes: We encourage you to use your dominant mode of information processing.

It is used to project and develop your visualization and imagination abilities. As you develop these abilities, the Mental Screen permits you to mentally correct anything that needs correction. While something is in its physical form, we cannot change it with mental energy. The role of imagination is to modify whatever needs altering. The Mental Screen allows you to make mental alterations to your reality. Once the change is made, it can manifest.

In our everyday existence, we have special places for certain tasks such as a kitchen for cooking, a bedroom for sleeping, and so forth. We use the Mental Screen for transferring information from what it is to what we want it to be. It is where adjustments can be made effectively. Everything that exists is a product of the subjective realm, a spiritual dimension. Thoughts charged with desire, belief and expectation precede physical mani- festation.

To Locate Your Mental Screen To locate your Mental Screen, begin with your eyes closed and turned slightly upward from the horizontal plane of sight at an angle of approximately twenty degrees. Without using your eyelids as screens, sense your Mental Screen to be out and away from your body. The area that you perceive with your mind is your Mental Screen.

To improve the use of your Mental Screen, project images or mental pictures onto the screen; concentrate on and project images having color. Feelings and thoughts attract real events into our lives. Imagination used in the subjective dimension does not use force the way physical energy does. This is why we cannot cause harm to others or create problems in the physical world with the use of mental energy alone.

However, we can harm ourselves with our own thoughts. We can use positive thoughts and imagination in the subjective, spiritual dimension to correct problems by attracting the elements necessary for solutions. The best tool we have found for beginners to use in developing their visualization and imagination is the Memory Peg System.

Visualizing is different from seeing. You see with your eyes and visualize with your mind. Visualizing is recalling, to form a mental image of something. It is a process of recalling the appearance of something that exists, something you have already experienced. Imagination is a creative process the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or not previously known or experienced. After you have used your imagination to create something in the mental dimension, then it exists as a mental image.

In the future, when you recall the mental image you created, this too is known as visualization. In fact, when you function at your level, you can perceive mental images that others have created, and others functioning at their level can perceive your mental creations. Imagination is very real, which might explain why children have nightmares, see monsters, and perceive fantasies created by themselves and others. Adults can learn to attune to their childlike faculties in order to be more creative and solve problems better.

Improve Your Memory Memory is the product of visualization, imagination, and association. You can visualize what you want to remember and then use your imagination to associate it with something familiar. Once you learn the Method of Loci, you can associate your mental images of the things you wish to recall with your familiar objects. When you associate the objects to be remembered with the familiar objects of your home in a strange, unusual, or attractive way, they become much easier to recall.

Make your associations as outlandish as possible. Exaggerate in size or quantity. Use bright colors in your images and give them dramatic action. Once something is impressed on your brain, the information stays there. Your memory is perfect, even though your ability to recall may not be. You may use some mental housecleaning when you do not recall something.

Make mental images of everything you want to remember. Geniuses are people who use their minds and use them in a special manner. By practicing memory pegs, you are using your mind in a special manner. You can get them any time, anywhere, without having to use the standard three-to one method.

The Three Fingers technique is designed for just that purpose. This trigger mechanism is a conditioned response. Any time in the future when you want to access your alpha state, simply use the Three Fingers technique. For example you can program to have better recall by using the Three Fingers technique when reading or listening to a lecture.

Program yourself before the lecture, stating what you are going to do, and the result you desire. Other Applications You can use the Three Fingers technique when you are fearful in certain situations. You can program yourself that you will never be afraid in that situation again. Use the Three Fingers technique to remain calm. When you lose your temper, program yourself to remain in control of your emotions instead.

You can program yourself to be more intuitive, more understanding, more persuasive and more loving, as well as less hungry, less nervous, less forgetful and less antagonistic. Stronger programming of information results in easier recall, producing a better memory. Tell yourself that you are going to count from 1 to 3 and at the count of 3 you will open your eyes and read the information. Noises help me to concentrate. I will have superior concentration and understanding. When you have read the lesson, once again enter the Basic Plane Level with the 3-to-1 method.

I am going to use the Three Fingers technique. Noises do not distract me. I will be able to recall the event and material covered anytime in the future with the use of the Three Fingers technique. Read your test questions in the way you always do, but do not stay too long on any one of them. When you have a ready answer put it down; if not, skip that question and move to the next one. Step Two: When an answer comes, put it down; otherwise skip that question and move to the next one.

Step Three: Read the unanswered question and when still no answer comes, close your eyes, turn them slightly upward. Visualize or imagine the source that has the information on your Mental Screen and ask for the answer.

Then clear your mind by thinking of something else. Write it down. Always turn in a complete paper. The reason is simple: The Three Fin- gers technique contains all the ele- ments of successful programming. Together, the three add up to faith. Imagination is intrinsic to success; when you imagine a free parking space, your focus shifts inward, your brain frequency slows and you go to level. The two important keys to success are that you use the alpha level, and that you build and recognize a solid and supportive belief system, such as faith.

You Must Have Faith Faith is made up of three major components, which are desire, belief, and expectancy. When any one of the three factors is strong enough, then it may carry the others. When there is enough desire, then there may be enough energy available to insure success even if belief and expectancy are weak. All factors, however, must be present to some degree. If the desire is not very strong, then it takes greater belief and expectancy to get results.

Desire is a motivating force urging you on. It is very important that you have a strong desire. In fact, without desire, you would probably never begin. Ask yourself these questions: Do you really desire what you are programming for? Do you really need it? Is it important to you? Does it serve a purpose? Does it solve a problem? There is much stronger desire for necessities than for luxuries.

Your consciousness does not like to work on make-believe problems. Your intelligence is meant for correcting real problems. The bigger the problem and the greater the need, the stronger the desire. When faced with a life-threatening challenge, there is tremendous desire. Belief is an acceptance about you or a situation that sets the blueprint for what is. Belief sustains you while you wait for what you have subjectively created to manifest in the objective dimension.

Ask yourself the following questions: Do you believe you are worthy of what you are seeking, or that the situation merits a solution?

Do you have any doubts regarding the situation? Do you really believe it can happen? This is why recognition of your successes is valuable. Take credit for your successes as you use your Mirror of the Mind technique. Practice whenever you have an opportunity, so you accumulate many successes. When you are functioning in the mental realm, do not make forceful efforts as you would in the physical world.

You can help it because you are in full control of your reaction. Because too many times we experience stress for things like misplaced keys or when you're running late for an appointment. I can't help it. You can respond to it instead.

That's just the way I am. Because once we add more consciousness to the mix. And while none of those things are dangerous or threaten our survival. And when you respond with ability. By becoming aware of this. And we're doing this for things that don't merit it. In When you learn to do this. It is helpful to recognize where you experience the first signs of stress in your body. And the emotions of anger and fear always lead to stress.

And when that happens. And what used to be the fleeing part is now expressed as fear another emotion. When a core experience is triggered. Because most of the time. And what used to be the fighting part is now expressed in anger. What we need to understand is that the fight-or-flight response has evolved through time alongside us.

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And if we dig deeper under the surface of our stress. So anger and fear have now replaced fighting and fleeing. I find that most stress is triggered by emotional factors such as abandonment. The real questions that beg to be asked are what are you so angry about and what are you so afraid of?

Or better yet. We no longer have to run away from dangerous beasts or fight with another to survive. These are core experiences that trigger stress.

Now these are emotions we're talking about. The interesting thing to note is that as a race we have made it. Or is it that you're a big control freak and want everything to go your way or else you're going to get really upset and begin stomping and pouting and insist on everything going your way. I'm being left alone are filling your head? Or is it rejection?

You don't want me. You don't like me. I don't have the skill or knowledge to make it happen. How many times are you going to make your heart beat faster. I'm not resourceful enough. I'm weak. I'm helpless. So whenever you feel stressed. Or is it the experience of hopelessness where thoughts like oh. Is it that all of a sudden you're experiencing the sense of abandonment and thoughts like you're leaving me. We also say we're afraid of things that we really aren't afraid of.

I'm not being accepted for who and how I am. Or helplessness. Researchers say the top two killers in our society are heart disease and cancer: Yet even with those menial things.

I can't do anything about it. I can't do anything right. Neutralize it and move on in a more positive direction. Stress affects our overall living experience. Interrupt the pattern. By learning the tools and techniques in the Silva Method Program.

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But you need to be mindful that when it is triggered. It can really hurt our immune system and that can lead to serious illness. In the Silva Method you're going to learn many different ways to identify and release stress from your body and.

So when you feel or experience stress setting in or coming on. So be mindful of stress as it sets in. By doing that. Because anything that's triggered has to do with your past. The transformation stress now exercise can be done on the spot the moment you feel angry. When you set off a core experience. And what results is the younger you handling a situation it's not equipped to handle.

When you become aware of that happening and stress is setting in. Is it the adult you or is it the younger. I want to remind you that the fight-or-flight response has evolved through time and now what has replaced it are the emotions of anger and fear. Get to the root cause. Relax your back and spine. To help you relax. Relax your knees. Relax your calves. You are now at a deeper.

Relax your shoulders. Once the solution image is created. Relax your eyes and the tissues surrounding your eyes. Relax your abdominal area externally and internally. Relax your neck and throat. Transform Stress Now Exercise Laura: Find a comfortable position.

Relax your feet. Relax your face. I'm going to direct your attention to different parts of your body. Any scene that makes you feel tranquil and passive helps to relax your mind.

Release whatever pressure or tension may be lingering. Close your eyes. Relax your scalp. Let it go and relax. Relax your forehead. Take a slow. Take another deep breath and while exhaling. Continue breathing slowly. Do that now. Relax your thighs. Concentrate on positive solution images and feelings of achievement. Now ask "how can I best handle the situation? Or why does this make me angry? Once identified.

In a moment. Once again. Identify what core experience is being triggered. As you experience this stressful memory. Recognize if you are feeling anger or fear. Is it abandonment or rejection. Relaxed in body and relaxed in mind. Imagine stepping into the solution image and allow your body. Make a point of reference of how it feels to be so deeply relaxed. Then mindfully separate yourself from that core experience and that younger.

Let's start with the first component: Lesson on Crafting Your Dreams Laura: The second step to the Road Map to Success is to think of what you want and only that. This lesson will outline the Five Elements of Crafting an Outcome. Your goal. And you say. I don't want to be in this job anymore. I don't Knowing what you want is the foundation for healthy and happy living. It is also a key element in successful goal achievement and dream manifestation.

At the end of the trip you may want to feel relaxed. If you say. Either way. Now open your eyes and take the appropriate action.

Some goals are tangible like. Your ultimate goal may not be a location or a thing. Deciding what you want can be like planning a trip. Even if you are the spontaneous type. When planning a trip. Here's a word to the wise. Become aware of what you'll be like when you have this goal. The second component is to find the devil and get him out of the details. Be as specific as you can.

A common problem for people who are not specific is that they get close to their goals. Let's say Our minds work the same way. These days we are very lucky when we are traveling. By writing down your goals. I often hear people say. If you are not able to Google what your future's going to be like. This is stated in a positive tense. Where will you be? What will you be doing? Who will you be with? When will this happen? Don't worry too much about the how right now.

I know what I want. Let's say you write down that you want a new job. Can you image the confusion of the travel agent? How could they possibly book tickets? The possibilities of where you do not want to go are endless. The most important thing is to focus on the end result and right at the very end I expect this. Not everyone writes down his or her goals. I get along with the people I work with.

For example: Even though you want to create a new and bright future. I have freedom to travel. When creating a goal statement make sure that your goal is something that you can start and achieve on your own. It helps to create goals that you can plan and execute on your own.

I want this or better than this. My job allows me to live my passion. You obviously need to be more specific about what you really want.

A good example of a statement that is initiated and maintained by itself is: I am finding new ways to be happy in the workplace. The fourth component is to get the best of both worlds. This may seem like an obvious statement. A great example is: I want a job that is fun.

The third component is to chart your own course. In this part. It is just important that your goal is something you are empowered to achieve on your own. What is the silver lining in your current situation? Do you have a lot of freedom? Does your current job have a lot of security? Does your current situation provide you with great connections?

Once you have determined what your silver lining is. There is something that is good about your current situation. The final component in determining your outcome statement is: Even if your life seems bad right now.

This simply means that you step back from your thinking. You can asked questions.. Or should I say every cloud has a Silva Lining. Now that you have formulated a solid goal statement. Is my goal healthy or unhealthy? Does it enhance my life or does it create limitations?

Does it empower me or does it dis-empower me? Does my goal When we're moving towards a goal. Imagine it in full detail. If your goal is about finding a new job. Does it bring out the best in me or does it sabotage my efforts? You run an ecology check to avoid repeating what does not work. Once you have your outcome statement clearly defined. Let's say that you discover in your ecology check that you don't feel empowered or inspired in your job.

I am empowered in the work place. This is especially true when desiring a better life. You can't possibly keep doing the same things you have always done in your life and expect a different outcome. For change to happen. If you discover some new information from asking these questions. You will have limited time to answer all your questions.

You may listen to it with headphones for a more complete experience. Keep in mind this exercise can be used any time you want to create a goal statement. The processes will begin with a brief relaxation exercise to activate your imagination and your desires.

Releasing and relaxing tensions and Preparation to Outcome Exercise Laura: Outcome Exercise Laura: Then you will be guided through a series of questions. In this exercise. You can choose any goal now. Be sure to have your workbook. Enjoy the exercise. We recommend starting with the outcome you want from the Silva Life System.

Maybe you notice bigger components. As you relax your chest externally and internally. At this time think of what you want. Take another deep breath.

Is it related to career? This program? Some other area of your life? Imagine what you will look like when you have this goal achieved. Are you happy? Who are you with?

What are you doing? When is this happening? Where are you? Pretend that you can see all the important details of the situation. Relax your eyes. It's a wonderful feeling to be deeply relaxed. Any scene that make you feel tranquil and passive. Notice what is no longer part of your life.

Allow yourself to pretend for a moment that everything is prefect in this scenario. Make any adjustments that you need to make. You have 30 seconds. You have achieved it. Be sure to state it in a positive tense. You will now have 30 seconds to revise your original goal statement.

Be sure to add the phrase. What will you be like? When do you want this? You have one minute. Open your eyes. While you may have gotten help along the way.

What is the silver lining for you now? Grab your writing tools. Notice what is still in your life. Revise or rephrase your goal to make sure that it is completely achievable by you. From this place of achievement look back into the past and notice any key factors that helped you get to where you are now. How is your goal going to affect the world around you? How will it affect you? Take a few moments to reflect on your goal. From now on. For more information of our course schedules and locations.

Be sure to download Silva Meditation Apps that may be compatible with your Smartphone. The third step to the Road Map to Success is to go beyond your limiting beliefs. Now do an ecology check.

You will now have 30 seconds to revise your goal statement. When you are done. When we talk about personal beliefs in the Silva Method. Is everything aligned? If you see any red flag. Feel free to close your eyes. The consequences of if we know something to be true.

All of us have beliefs statements that we stay casually or more deeply that reflect these deep gritted programs. These imprints evolve into a set of expectations. Beliefs are usually created early in life during the formative years when influential people in your life.

Beliefs can be useful or not so useful. Deciding what is a personal belief and if it's limiting or not. It becomes a statement of fact that creates your reality. Beliefs are like deep gritted guidelines that direct our lives in unconscious way. Many of our beliefs are both resourceful and limiting. How does it influence your identity? A belief is a statement you say to yourself about something that you assume to be true. We exert tremendous impact on our lives and our identity.

They operate at the subjective. Based on that definition. Beliefs help to ground our understanding of the world we live in. You'll find these questions in your workbook. After putting some thought to your answers. What is lacking in your life? What are you making excuses for when it comes to why you lack what you do? To what or whom do you point the finger of blame for your lack? What are you yearning for? What kind of attitudes do you have?

Are they mostly positive or negative? What stirs up fear in you? What makes you angry? What situations cause you to over react? What holds you back from taking action? What do you find yourself setting for. Start by being mindful of the answers to the following question. Do you get stuck in power plays with family. Is perfectionism holding you back?

Do you procrastinate? Do you have negative expectations? Do you have weak boundaries? Are your habits supporting you or sabotaging you? Do you have long held secrets? What are they? Why have you held them for so long? How is the quality of your life.

Is this true for every person in the world? What role does your ego play in everything that you do? Feel free to spend a little more time reflecting on. What does it take for you to be rich? How much do you love. Write down why you doubt yourself. I would make more money. If your belief is money comes from working hard. How satisfied are you with this situation? If you're happy. Some have inherited money. You can also determine a limiting belief by noticing what you're making excused for in the areas of life.

It may be in many circumstances. It's time to pay attention to those limiting statements. Another way to determine a limiting belief is to think about the goal statement you created earlier. What you discover is more than likely pointing to a limited belief. Do you feel like you goal is possible? How much doubt do you have about achieving. Statements like: I would be happy if it wasn't for my job. The statement: I personally know a few people who have an abundance of money and don't have to work very hard at all.

This disease has no good outcome in sight. Why is that? Is there something about her boss. You may discover your beliefs are so contextual. I'm not good enough? Being that the opposite of the belief statement is true at home. As recommended by best selling Author and Spiritual Teacher. The questions go a little like this: Is my statement.

We reinforce strength and come to own our beliefs with constant repetition. Byron Katie of The Work. Most of the time. Is what I believe of myself really true. Once you uncover your beliefs. When I believe that thought or statement how do I react? What happens? What has this belief or thought cost me? What has it kept me from being or having? Who would I be without this belief or thought?

Are there times in my past when the opposite of my belief was true? In other words. The first step is to acknowledge the belief by bringing to mind something that you believe limits you in any area of your life.

The second step is to get to the root cause by allowing your intuition to mentally take your back to the time and place where you first heard or got such a belief.

You can change. The remainder of your beliefs. Preparation to Beliefs Exercise Laura: Author Harry Adler says. The big message here is change your beliefs and you will change your life.

Step four. Allow your imagination to recall the circumstances as vividly as you can. Step three. Step one. Step two. That ticking sound we call the theta sound. This experience both energizes the new belief. Releasing and relaxing tensions and pressures along the way. Relax your eyes and the tissue surrounding your eyes. Let's get ready for the exercise.

Changing Limiting Beliefs Exercise Laura: In the exercise. Step three is meant to inspire you by opening yourself to the many missed opportunities that have resulted from this limited belief. You will notice that the sound used in this exercise.

The last step is to experience a new belief by using your imagination to first create the desired situation in your awareness. In your imagination. I'm going to call attention to different parts of your body.

An understanding of your beliefs. Know that your awareness is directed. Many negative. Positive and resourceful In this exercise you will be examining your beliefs. Your personal beliefs are the most important aspect of how you have lived. Relax your abdominal area. As you relax your chest. Make a point of reference of how it feels to feel so deeply relaxed. Relaxed in body. You are using the power of your inner-self to energize. Allow you intuition to mentally take you back to the time and place where you first heard.

To bring about new conditions. Take some time now to focus in on this belief you're going to change. To recognize a limiting belief. You can. Acknowledge the fact that this belief. Do it now. You have now recognized a belief that has limited you. Become strongly aware as to how this belief makes you feel. Show yourself what this belief has kept you from doing. Your awareness now goes to the exact level to experience and benefit from the positive actions you are taking.

Recognize how this belief. Be aware you are controlling the event. Sense the experience in as many ways as you can. Every time you use your mind. Eyelids remain closed. You can visualize. You now can. You mentally. You can always change any aspect that you do not like. You become increasingly aware of the potential in using your mind to help you in the enjoyment of living.

As you continue to breathe deeply. Take time now to subjectively enjoy and experience this creation knowing you have already started it happening. Be sure to download Silva Meditation apps that may be compatible with your Smartphone.

You increasing realize that you are primarily responsible for the control of. Your brain's many neurons are always pulsing at some frequency throughout your entire brain. Hypo Gamma. Neurons function by continuously firing energy. What we want to learn to do here is to slow down our brain frequencies into the Alpha and Beta Region. To begin with. The fourth step to the Road Map to Success is to use more brain and mind.

The number of times per second that they first and rest is called their frequency. Although there's less range of brain frequencies. When you're in deep sleep. They pulse more rapidly though when you're in a light level of sleep. The average vibration of an adult's brain waves when wide awake is normally twenty cycles per second. Your brain is composed of approximately billion neurons. These frequencies are associated with outer objective world.

The brain. Brain frequencies between fourteen and twenty-one cycles per second are called Beta Brain Frequencies. Different sets of neurons are firing at different frequencies. In the Silva Method Training. Very little is Theta lies between four and seven cycles per second. One of the benefits you get by functioning at the inter-conscious levels is that you can access you intuition. While at Theta the moment a person begins to question the frequency of brain moves higher into the Alpha and Beta frequency.

Slower frequencies around seven and fourteen cycles per second are known as Alpha. Alpha and Theta are not directly involved with the physical world or physical senses.

Very few people are able to remember information while at Delta. Passive meditation can be experienced when functioning at Theta. This relates to our outer conscious levels of awareness. We're not necessarily aware of time and space at this dimension. While a person is functioning at the Alpha frequencies. While at Theta a person uses inductive thinking.

Your intelligence while in this dynamic meditative mode. As to the mind. When we want to meditation. In just the same way your eyes have a focusing facility to attune vision to things far or near. It also means the mind can project its senses into the future and create in the future a mold. While imagination is to create something for the very first time. Along the way. Visualization is to recall something that you've already seen or experienced.

When your intelligence wants to be more active. You're going to visualize certain things. The best way to access the spiritual dimension. By doing so. When you are projecting your sensing facilities into the future. The greater access you have to more of your brain means the great access you have to the spiritual dimension. The most important realization to gain from that.

As you can see. You can also project your mental senses into the microcosm that means that you can project your mental senses into the subatomic level. The tools and techniques we teach to achieve that outcome is how the Silva Method awakens people to their true potential. From the microcosm to the macrocosm. This whole concept is that the heart and soul of the Silva Method.

Don't stop there. Success breeds success. You can also set your goals there. Preparation to the Long Relax Exercise Laura: Every meditation. Deepening means just going deeper within. Deeper is not the same thing as slowing your brain frequencies and does not mean you'll lose awareness. The second component is deepening.

You are now learning to use more of your mind. During the exercises I'm going to program certain positive phrases and one of them is called the Genius Statement.

The third component of meditation is programming. I have full control and complete dominion over my sensing faculties at all levels of the mind. That simply means you can open your eyes. Number one is used as a marker for your basic plane level. At the count of five you will open your eyes. Number two is use to provoke mental relaxation. This is how it works. Other statements are called Beneficial Statements.

In the exercise I'm going to count from one to five. In the exercises. One Method is a crucial part of your learning. Number three is going to be utilized to reinforce physical relaxation. My increasing mental facilities are for serving humanity better. I will give you plenty of time to repeat them. It's just a more gentle way to bring you out of the meditation.

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I will always maintain a perfectly healthy body. One Method. I am getting better. Positive thoughts bring me benefits and advantages I desire. The fourth component is the exit. This Three. It's during that time. First I will say concentrate your sense of awareness on your scalp. After you mentally repeat. I will continue going a little lower. I'm going to explain each number. You may very well experience that tingling sensation due to circulation. Take a moment to focus your attention on your scalp.

We're going to start with the head area. After directing you attention to your scalp. You will feel a fine vibration. I will continue by guiding you through a part by part body relaxation. We always start with the number three. After your scalp. Notice that's a long statement. I will go to the forehead. A smile has a tendency of relaxing the muscles in your face and scalp.

A great tool to have in mind is to give yourself a little smile. Even if you have a health challenge. When we get to the chest area. Then later I will say.