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If you're looking for J2EE Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in . This tutorial contains frequently asked J2EE Interview Questions with best descriptive answers on different J2EE concepts like JSP, The document can use to fresher's as well as years' experience programmers to have a. variable. top 50 j2ee interview questions & answers - career guru99 - top 50 interview questions and answers for freshers - tldr - [pdf]free j2ee.

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The J2EE platform is consists of a set of services, application programming Top 50 J2EE interview questions & Answers .. Download PDF. Advanced J2EE Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers or Experienced Pdf. This interview section questions contains a brief introduction to the Java. Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced Free [PDF] [EPUB] Top Java Java Programming Interview Questions for Freshers.

More especially SSL is a protocol that describes how algorithms to be used in encryption. IManages the execution of applets. It creates a new entry every time you create a fresh object. Action servlet, request processor and action classes are the components of. Compiled and shows output:

Each section in Model View Controller can describe as follows. The automated data saving process from form to server and display at client side is also handling by JSF. Ans Hash table is a Collection Synchronized objects. It allows Null values but not duplicate values. Hash table is like a HashMap. It is faster and easy than writing native SQL. Hibernate has more powerful object oriented contents like associations, inheritance, and polymorphism.

Also, Hibernate has a powerful composition and collections. Hibernate allows making queries using Java base approach. Q 9 What are the identified limitation of hibernate?

Top 40 Popular J2EE Interview Questions and Answers You Should Read

Q 10 What the identified advantages are of hibernate? The mapped objects in a Java class to the tables of the relational database using metadata which describes the database and object mapping. The working method is to transform data from one representation to another. Ans In hibernate this method is used to stores an object into the database. There is a check for duplicate records before inserting it. Q 14 What is the use of method saveorupdate? Ans In hibernate this method is used to update an object using identifier.

When the value for the identifier is NULL then the method direct to call save. Q 15 What is the difference between load and get? Ans When the object not available in either cache or database, load thrown an exception. No null return from load. Ans Simply connection pooling is a mechanism to re-use the existing connections. The pooling mechanism maintains a number of already created object connections and when there is a demand the mechanism directly use existing connection without creating a new one.

Q 17 Define the Collection types in Hibernate? The objects are mapped to tables in the relational databases by transforming data from one form to another. There is an interface in between component and the low-level platform with defined functionality that is generally designed to support the component and termed as the container in J2EE. Connection Pooling is a simple concept that is popular to reuse the existing connections. In other words, if object connections are already well defined and connected then they can be reused whenever there is a requirement instead of generating the new one.

To reduce the overall complexity of an enterprise application, the open source Spring Framework is used.

The major benefits of any spring Framework include —. A collection is defined as one-to-many references. Servlet is a server-side component that offers full functionalities to create a server-side program.

The different servlets are available with a specific design for a variety of protocols.

Answers and pdf j2ee for freshers questions interview

Most popular type of protocol for the servlet is HTTP. The Live classes provide a blended approach of hands on experience along with theoretical knowledge which is driven by certified professionals. Name the different types of J2EE client? Define the struts in the J2EE framework? Define Hashtable and how it works in J2EE? Define Hibernate and HQL? Explain the limitation of Hibernate, if any?

Explain the major benefits of Hibernate? Define the web components and how are they helpful?

The Best J2EE Interview Questions & Answers [UPDATED]

How will you define save or update methods in Hibernate? How will you differentiate the get and Load methods? List the advantages of ORM object-relational mapping? Also, this page requires javascript.

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Your answers are highlighted below. Question 1. Question 2.

Question 3. Which method is used to store an object into the database in Hibernate? Question 4. Which method is used to updating the object using identifier in Hibernate? Question 5.

J2EE Interview Questions

Question 6. Question 7. Which is NOT a core interface in Hibernate? Question 8. What is the file extension used for hibernate mapping file? Question 9. What is the file name of hibernate configuration file? Question How to add hibernate mapping file in hibernate configuration file? Which collection type is NOT used in Hibernate?

What contains html, javascript and other files, necessary for development of web applications? Action servlet, request processor and action classes are the components of.

And answers freshers pdf for j2ee interview questions

In struts application which type is not used for testing? Without new keyword, how can we create objects for a class? Once you are finished, click the button below.

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