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Childrens illustrated dictionary pdf

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The Neru Oxford Picture Dictionary contextually illustrates over 2, words. The book is a unique language learning tool for students of. English. It provides. lesforgesdessalles.info - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Talk about the pictures. If you are a parent or a teacher, find time to sit with your children and look at the book. Talk to them about what you see. As a start you.

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bulb bulbs noun the rounded glass part of an electric light. Children's. Illustrated. Dictionary sunflower sunflowers noun a tall plant with large, yellow flowers. The. A ~ A bit much If something is excessive or annoying, it is a bit much. A fool and his money New Microsoft Word Docume. The Macmillan Children's Dictionary combines clear consolidate and enlarge their vocabulary through illustrated items within each topic are arranged.

The teacher distributed the books to the children. W ears noun 1 the part 2 the top of a cereal stalk of your body where the seeds grow. He was so hungry that he h hours noun a period of time lasting ate a huge plateful of food. Traveling abroad had improve to create a picture of improves improving improved K something in your mind. T noun small amounts of money. The helicopter came to the aid L N say air-roh-biks Cats can be aggressive if they of the stranded walkers.

I anxious apologize think this one is broken. W mammal antiseptics noun a substance put on cuts and another grazes to prevent infection. L annoy M annoys annoying annoyed verb to make someone irritated. Standing with feet apart. A dental appointment. The Sun appeared from to be grateful for something. This is a play area.

N say ar-ki-tekt multiplying m n approve area dividing approves approving approved verb areas noun 1 a certain piece of ground or o to think that something is space.

M arrow artistic adjective arrows noun assemble 1 a pointed piece of metal assembles assembling assembled N that is shot from a bow. F artist armor arrest artists noun G noun arrests arresting arrested verb someone who creates a suit of to catch hold of someone and pictures. P assembly noun Q wood ash assist R army art 2 a deciduous. She felt ashamed about Z We sat around the table. The wood He assisted around is hard the customer U adverb and strong.

They assembled in the hall. The female ash produces T painting. H thick. O 2 a pointed shape that shows 1 the gray powder that is left behind after something has I assembled a model boat.

D in a special asleep order. Y 1 from place to place. An assortment of buttons. We walked around the city. Magnets s Attached with a paper clip. I attended school for 11 years. The wild dog pleasing to the eye. N say az-ma somewhere regularly. N say au-toe-graf atom atoms noun j automatic a very tiny part of any adjective k substance.

It is u races or sports to try to hurt a person adjective the time when the leaves on competitions. Pay attention in class!

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Automatic doors. The museum attracts automobiles noun another name for a car. I fell backward into Q a prickly bush. The car swerved to avoid back of Z the dog.

M awful adjective baby average very bad. T leathery skin and smooth. L He was of average height for his age. It is often and eat plants and equipment. Y chop wood. R avocado back avocados noun adverb bacon a green. J adverb 1 not here. B rocks. A rosette is E an award. C award awards noun D a prize. I put all my games away.

Children's Illustrated Dictionary. by John Mcllwain - PDF Drive

V avoid avoids avoiding avoided verb awkwardly adverb your body that is opposite back adjective W to keep away from something. I wide and sometimes has and small a line of trees down each side. Baboons live straps. A baker bakes bread. Stealing is very bad. N say bak-teer-ee-uh 1 a rounded object used to d play many games bamboo bad adjective and sports.

Bamboo can be used b Some bacteria help break down food in your stomach. N comparisons worse worst 2 a big. N say bal-lay or bal-lay outer peel and a soft. A bald head. I have a bad earache. Smoking is banned on public transportation. The tightrope walker balanced r on the high wire. F bark noun lamp base G barley noun H 2 a party or special meal a type of cereal grown baseball where food is cooked on on farms to make noun a barbecue.

Z are sold. My shoes were a real bargain a large. Basins are often used U for washing. The winning J also lends money. K without any covering. Y 2 a counter or a room someone or something from passing through. V bar basket W bars noun weight-lifting bar baskets noun 1 a long. Bats live in caves and dark places fava bean n and eat insects. Can that branch bear c see sport on watch battery your weight?

Points are scored by throwing a ball that makes and stores small amounts of 1 to produce or give birth to. They rest hanging upside down see beats noun a steady stroke o mammal on page My friend beat me at chess. All bears eat meat. This plant bears red berries. My heart is beating loudly. Beavers eat bark. She beat the eggs. Conductors of x orchestras and beak band leaders use different types band beaks noun the hard.

N opposite above groups. W see tree on page Bees feed on pollen. Our class behaved well at the zoo. X beech leaf Y before believe beef adverb believes believing believed verb park bench noun in the past.

D E F The dog belong begged for belongs belonging belonged G beer beers noun a piece of meat. K beds noun Some beetles eat small insects. S before T beech preposition beeches noun earlier. U tree with smooth. N say by-oh-dee-gray-duh-bul z WWW. Most paper is biodegradable. Beware of the dog. You are good at science but he about in the wind. Bicycle can be shortened bill e The ball is beside her.

Smoke billowed out from m Bends in the road. The hills lay beyond the river.

Illustrated dictionary pdf childrens

N comparisons bigger biggest noun two small telescopes joined r together that make things that are far away look closer. N say bis-kit left blank. Bleach can burn your skin. The mouse nibbled a bit of cheese. A blast of cold air came i birthday card in through the window. Strong coffee can taste bitter. The male has of wool that is used to keep people or animals warm. She always blames me for u that grows on prickly stems letting the toast burn. B My nose started to bleed shape.

The bright light made Blond is used for boys and N me blink. D adjective unable to see. Some blind people have to be in the way. He boasted about his money. The road was blocked by the fallen tree. The view through the window R blow was blurred by rain.

He blew up the balloon. Z the spring. Tight shoes give me blisters. N opposite sharp O blister blond boy blisters noun blur P a bubble of watery liquid that blurs blurring blurred verb forms under your skin when to make something unclear Q it has been burnt or rubbed. E F hawthorn blossom G blot blots noun H a stain on paper. N opposite top W a type of shoe that covers your 2 the part of foot and part of borrow your body that X bomb bombs noun your leg.

K book books noun bottle L printed pieces of paper. C make up an animal country border both or person. Boomerangs bore 1 the lowest part of something. His voice boomed out through the loudspeaker.

Y an exploding weapon that can cause damage to rain boot to take something for a while and then return it. Both bowls contain rice. She bored us for weeks by telling the same joke. N booms booming boomed verb bores boring bored verb bold to make a deep. O adjective brave and fearless. The bottom of the sea. U born 2 a sliding metal bar that is from the verb to bear V used for fastening a door.

G 2 a strip around the edge H boil of something. The brave girl dived into the lake to rescue her brother. N say bawt N rhymes with now your body inside your b bow head that controls how c bounce bows noun you think and move.

Bracelets are usually made of metal or beads. J breezes noun a gentle wind. N say bro-shur 34 WWW. S The Olympic games are brim broadcast all over the world. The bright pupil knew all the answers. Z the old man breathless. I cannot He made a brief speech.

T bride brims noun brides noun 1 the edge of a hat. X such as a breathless glass or a cup. Q The inventor had a brilliant idea. Diamonds are brilliant. L things. C May I bring my friend along? Buddhists noun underground. Her pockets bulged with food. N say boo-dist h brooch animal brush daffodil bulb i brooches noun buffalo a piece of jewelry that is usually pinned onto clothes.

The bird built a nest out of twigs. New Zealand. R bundle of twigs adjective doing lots of things. Mind your own business. X Y bus butter buses noun noun a road vehicle for carrying a soft. Buoys are used as and have many branches low C bump a warning or guide for ships to the ground. The dog buried its bone. U The bees buzzed in the hive. N products or services. P N say biz-nis buy Q rabbit burrow busy buys buying bought verb to pay for something. E on their skin. Cc cake call a cakes noun calls calling called verb a sweet food that is made 1 to shout out.

They called for help. Cacti calculator h store water in their stems calculators noun a small i and have electronic prickly spines that protect machine for doing math j them from animals.

N say ka-fay a chart of all the days, weeks, and months of the year. The sea was calm after the storm had passed. Yoga makes her feel calm. A B humps on its back that lives to bring about a goal. Camels store She led a campaign to stop We canceled our trip. C fat in their humps to help them go without water or the new highway. N say kam-pain N say kan-sul cancelation noun food for long periods D of time. F how to do something. She can touch her toes. L string called a wick They are both capable cooks.

M canal Candles are burned to give off light. Q animal or person. R These jars have different capacities. U to stay in a tent outdoors. Wild canaries canes noun of Russia. V are green. X capture Y captures capturing captured verb to catch and hold on to Z camping noun sugar cane someone or something. E F 2 a traveling fair with rides, games, G and shows. H cardboard carrot catalog noun carrots noun catalogs noun I a very strong, stiff type of a hard, sweet-tasting case a book that shows you paper used to make boxes.

N say kat-a-log care or example. K cares caring cared verb There have been several cases 1 to be interested. He was cast as the king.

O career 2 to shape something in a mold. P the jobs someone has during their working life, usually in Q the same occupation.

She taught in three schools castle castles noun. R during her career. I catch the bus to work. S careful carton 3 to get an infection.

Illustrated dictionary pdf childrens

N opposite careless or moth. The building is several centuries old. Wheat, rye, e barley, and oats are cereals. N say kaw-shun a handheld mobile telephone that connects h cautious adjective to other telephones by i radio waves. N say sear-ee-ul l celebrate noun m celebrates celebrating a clay powder that becomes celebrated verb to do something enjoyable hard when mixed with water.

We had a party to celebrate my birthday. They paralyze challenged verb their prey with certain to ask someone to try to do q cell a poisonous bite. Are you certain this is He challenged her to a race. N opposite uncertain chameleon s chameleons noun. Chameleons can u middle. N say kuh-mee-lee-on z WWW. Chemicals can complete confusion. I chart J change charts noun changes changing changed verb a map or diagram that 1 to become different or to provides information.

He was given the chance to aid to those who need it. The Red Cross is a charity. U cheap channel adjective V channels noun 1 a passage or track for water not costing much money. K make something different.

Pdf dictionary childrens illustrated

They are extremely fast runners. L M tadpole cheek N cheeks noun the side of chef O A pie chart showing popular forms of transportation. P frog N say shef Tadpoles change into frogs. G chance chances noun charities noun checks noun Cheetahs live on the dry an organization that gives a pattern of regular squares plains of Africa and prey H an opportunity. T noun small amounts of money. A child choirs noun a group of singers.

Their main diet is fruit and t chop nuts. N say choo between your mouth and crushed and roasted cocoa beans. Chips a sharp tool. Chimpanzees are choice noun related to the ape family. San Francisco. N say siv-uh-li-zay-shun of insects. I Christians noun a person who believes in J and follows the teachings electrical claw of Jesus Christ and believes N say sir-kit circuit claws noun that Jesus is the son of God. Bells clang. H clanks clanking clanked verb to make a short. X civilization civilizations noun My class is learning French.

K curved. D clang clangs clanging clatter E chorus circuit circuits noun clanged verb to make a deep. The plates clattered Christian metallic sound. R chute clap noun chutes noun citizen a sloping channel for sliding citizens noun S things down. New York. P Clay is used to make pots and bricks. Cigarettes can harm your Chicago are US cities. C adjective the competition.

Y cinder a large group of people living or things that are similar to cinders noun in a well-organized way. Q Clap your hands. A paper clip. N comparisons cleverer cleverest a soft lump in a liquid. A blood clot. The water was so clear that is hot and dry. N opposite counterclockwise a circus performer who wears funny clothes k and makes people laugh. Clinging upside down. N say klos 3 a stick with a shaped head that is used to hit balls in t clings clinging clung verb to hold onto something N comparisons closer closest golf see sport on page A clear explanation.

The water falls as rain. The ice clinked in the glass. Clean silver. R died millions of cobweb years ago. Cockatoos eat fruit.

C cocoa When roasted. Cogs are N say koe-koe used together in machines to J 2 a person who teaches people a special skill. D in a clumsy way.

V coastal adjective code coin coins noun W codes noun 1 a set of rules. X cockatoos noun 2 a series of signs. Coal is made from fossilized plants that around into circles. O coal noun coil P a hard. The hard. M to teach somebody how to do something. Adding up h 2 to fold up. Hurry up! The train is coming.

I collect autographs. Seagulls are a common sight along the coast. Common sense stopped us b a support or to decorate buildings. N opposite hot round post that is used as television program that makes you laugh. N say kuh-myoo-ni-tee o combine stories told in pictures. A comb is adjective Communicating by telephone. N opposite uncomfortable m community collide communities noun n collides colliding collided verb comic a group of people who live to crash into something.

The tent collapsed. Blue and yellow paint combine you want.

Childrens illustrated dictionary pdf

The teacher commanded them recorded on it. N say kuh-myoo-ni-kate communication noun l collection noun A comfortable chair. Compact disc is shortened to CD. G see how they are the same stones. Our team came second in bike. C A computer company. Used noun to look at several things to for communication. Z compete verb N compromise noun listen to. M complicated concentrate adjective concentrates concentrating N hard to understand. H My teacher compares me with my sister all the time.

The Big Dipper lunch box f congratulated verb to say to someone that they N say kon-shus N opposite unconscious construct contents g have done well. The instructions confused me. N say kon-tent b in understanding. The match continued y to the computer. N say kon-tent i use of something. Constructing a model. A juggling contest. She considered going out. A guilty conscience. Scotch pine contact noun the continent of Africa s connect connects connecting connected He is very considerate.

A computer costs hundreds of dollars. N say kuhn-vins We cooperated on a project. N opposite warm noun the soft. Corn is used as Your eye pupils contract when believe something. W springy bark of the cork lipstick eye pencil conversation oak tree. The politicians contradicted cookery noun turns green when it comes into contact with moist air. C light is shone on them. K someone else. An apple core. S from the ground. A convenient time. Y or more people.

Coral cool is found in P adjective warm seas. H contribute N opposite incorrect correction noun contributes contributing copper ore copper pipe I contributed verb to give a part of something. A street corner. Z A friendly conversation. F someone else has said. Historical costume. C a cotton plant.

E cough F coughs coughing coughed verb 2 the female of some large to force air out of your lungs animals. Z N courageous adjective cover noun snapping noises. The cheese counter. H coward or spaceship. R crack cracks cracking cracked verb cover to become damaged so that it S covers covering covered verb splits. Cranes have a loud. N say kawf 2 a boat. O country A badminton court.

The front whether people have broken pair of legs end in claws. N say kree-ate the law. Crossing the street. He was upset when I criticized his painting. Cream is often used to make sweets The cat crept up on the birds. Crickets rub their wings together to make b a singing sound. Murder is a very serious crime. Most babies crawl before they h cried crocodile learn to walk. N comparisons crazier craziest in the coast. Runs are f scored by the person batting see sport on g crease page The winning team is the one with e the most points.

They have long back legs for jumping. O crush P crushes crushing crushed verb A mother to damage something cuddling her daughter. D cucumber cross cucumbers noun E adjective angry. I crossword cuddle crosswords noun crumb cuddles cuddling cuddled verb J a word puzzle with clues.

H crossly adverb adjective unkind and hurtful. She crunched a juicy apple. W cub cubs noun X a young mammal. Y crowd pie crust or bear. Cucumbers are a popular vegetable to use in salads. L crunch M crunches crunching crunched verb to crush or chew N something noisily.

G I get cross when cruel people litter.

Children's Illustrated Dictionary.

C crossing each other. Q crouch by squeezing it very hard. Crushing a can. The culprit had the stolen T money in his pocket. Cutting with scissors. Her hair is a mass of curls. The current carried the boat x out to sea. N also spelled curtsey z WWW. N say sil-in-der o p cymbal cymbals noun q curtsy a round. The street was dark away I from the streetlights. N N comparisons darker darkest opposite light Fine hairs attached to L the seeds mean that the seeds dash are easily blown away by M damage the wind.

N to harm something. Z garden plants. O daggers noun a knife with a short. W daisy 2 a sweet. N say day-ta R adverb every day. C 2 to be bold or foolish enough to do something frightening or dangerous.

Dark blue. I dashed onto the platform. Some kinds of daisy are wild. D E dark adjective F 1 with little or no light. N say dam-ij Letters are delivered daily. Daisies close Y their petals when it is dark. N say des-si-bell when it starts to become light. The judges declared the n winner at the end day days noun deaf of the competition.

Dear Sir. The dead of night. N opposite evergreen N say de-sid-yoo-us a party. The decade of to S She defeated her brother adjective demand noun The car had a dent in at chess. J noun a mammal with hooves that delay noun someone.

N comparisons deeper deepest delays delaying delayed verb to take place later deliver noun a type of strong. W defend them from attackers. He was delighted with his G delay birthday present.

They delivered the new sofa N this morning. C the world is decreasing. A female to remove something. P stag adverb demands demanding demanded on purpose. T demolish dent verb defend demolishes demolishing U defends defending defended demolished verb dentist verb to destroy something. Birds stay with their eggs to a person who examines and repairs your teeth.

She demanded to know a hollow left in the surface of something after it has been against someone. A male K deer is called a stag and has delete large. N opposite increase He demonstrated the new food mixer. The news report gave few details of the robbery. N say de-ter-jent y He deserved a rest after working so hard.

Illustrated pdf childrens dictionary

Describe your house to me. N say de-zert bottle of detergent z WWW. A corkscrew is a device for r area of land.

N say dez-ert s dessert desserts noun a sweet dish eaten at the end detective detectives noun dew noun t of a meal. The bud developed into i working on. A desperate situation. T the width of a circle. M dials noun the face of a measuring device diets noun the food that you digit N comparisons dimmer dimmest that has numbers on it.

Dice with blunt scissors. V 2 storing information using the digits zero and one. I J die digest dies dying died verb digests digesting digested verb to stop living. A dim lightbulb. N difference noun digital camera the main meal of the day. D diagonal dig stripes digs digging dug E verb to make a hole diagram F diagrams noun in the ground. A single cube is called N opposite easy a die. P N say ding-ee dial Q dingo dingoes noun R a wild dog that lives in Australia. B angle from one number of dots.

Dingoes hunt Fruit and vegetables are part alone or in small packs S diameter of a healthy diet. The last dinosaurs died out c 65 million years ago. W disappoints disappointing disappointed verb Measles is an infectious disease. A direct route. H adjective not having a limb. We discussed where to go for T Directing a movie. There was a disgusting smell a movie. The rabbit disappeared into its burrow. N say di-zas-tur G 2 to slope downward. Do this work again— Z A telephone directory. Q to go out of sight.

N say dis-gize We always disagree. J to get to a particular place. M to think differently from someone about something. The main dish. Fruit dipped in chocolate. P of a play or disappears disappearing on the island. N say di-sting-gwish ditches noun The cheese is divided into a long channel that drains eight portions. N opposite obey disobedient adjective away water.

School district. Eight divided by two equals four. The teacher distributed the books to the children. N opposite like distinguish o disobey distinguishes distinguishing distinguished verb The noise of the drill disturbed her.

Dogs are dots noun related to wolves and foxes a very small. Doves are kept as a pet. A double six. He made a large donation.

Z see pet on page Donkeys eat grass He was doubtful about J 2 the place in a courtroom where the person on trial dolphin and in some countries are used for carrying his chances of winning. N N say doh O doughnut doughnuts noun P door a sweet. Dogs often used X mainly eat meat and can as a symbol be trained to perform of peace. N say dout-ful stands or sits. They are friendly noun M a person who is trained to treat sick or injured people.

Dominoes are used C in a table game. Y certain tasks. N say doh-nut She dodged the ball coming U toward her. G N say dub-ul H donkey donkeys noun doubtful a member of the horse family adjective I that has long ears and a soft.

Drawers are used b other liquids. She dreamed of traveling around the world. He dragged his schoolbag behind him. The water drained away. He looked drains draining drained verb A chest of drawers. My favorite drama is pictures going through your mind while you are asleep.

He drew the curtains. She dozed in the chair. N opposite undress z WWW. W They drove along the country roads. V to bore a hole in something using a drill. Japanese drum 66 WWW. Fire drill. N say drout H dried drown I from the verb to dry The tulip drooped drowns drowning drowned verb He dried his clothes outside. Z drizzle noun He dropped his sunglasses. M drip dried drips dripping dripped verb apricots to fall slowly.

F Many crops died during G the drought. C drink D drinks drinking drank drunk verb E to swallow liquid. You hit the drum with sticks. R It was a big drop from the bridge to the river below. Q 2 to be carried along by water or air. Taking this kind of drug is dangerous and can kill you. N comparisons duller dullest dyed different colors.

Male ducks are called drakes. They came in from the rain 1 not bright. N comparisons drier driest 2 not exciting.

I thought the movie was These balls of yarn have been m N opposite wet dry verb very dull. N say dun-jun j dry dull duplicate k adjective adjective duplicates noun not wet. It was a dull day. H They each received a present.

X that you hear with. N say ee-kol-o-jee R easy adjective golden simple. Eagles north eat animals and birds and earring O have good eyesight for earrings noun ecology spotting prey a long way off. Y edible ear adjective safe to eat. Z earlobe ear of wheat Are these mushrooms edible? C N say eh-ko echo verb D eclipse E earth eclipses noun 1 a time when the Moon comes F noun 1 the surface of the land between the Earth and the Sun.

P or hung from. He arrived early for the show. T eat U eats eating ate eaten verb to take in food V ear through your mouth. N in mountainous areas. An eclipse of the Moon. My voice echoed in the cave. G adjective adverb 2 the material that plants every single one. W ears noun 1 the part 2 the top of a cereal stalk of your body where the seeds grow. East and the Moon. Council elections.

They use their trunks to leave your own country to go to live in another. Electricity is produced i ribbon eel elbow at a power plant and carried elbows noun the joint in the middle of along cables and wires. Eels eat electricity. N say ee-mer-jen-see k the result of an action or elephant event on another person or thing. Elephants eat tree bark. W The train entered the tunnel. L The juggler entertained the children all afternoon. She has lots P N say en-kur-rij of energy. D engineer entertain Turtles are engineers noun entertains entertaining E endangered animals.

The movie ends at 8: He is an enthusiastic skier. Do you have enough money? Y There is an eraser 3 to write down. H 2 the opposing country or army during a time of war. The entire class came to S information about lots of enter my party. M entertainment noun N enthusiastic adjective O Cheerleaders encourage An enormous umbrella.

Wind energy. N opposite deciduous the world from the southern half. N say ee-kway-tor escalator adjective u escalators noun all. The equator is drawn eruption noun t every onto maps and globes. We estimated that the journey l erupt would take 10 hours. U Everybody in the family loves chocolate.

U There were daffodils everywhere they looked. F The detectives looked for N say egg-zact N opposite approximate evidence at the scene of exactly adverb G the crime. H exaggerate N say ik-skyoos evil exaggerates exaggerating excuse verb adjective exaggerated verb I wicked. Dictionary sunflower sunflowers noun a tall plant with large, yellow flowers. Oxford pcture dictionary of American. The book is a. Download - Immediately Available.

Please note: Worksheets and activities to accompany Oxford Junior Illustrated Dictionary. Download the activity answers PDF. How to orderContact your Educational.

Children's Illustrated Dictionary [DK] on uranacol. With new photography and added words, DK's well-loved Children's. Picture Books.