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Neferet's Curse Chapter One - Read online for free. In the third House of Night novella, the secret (The Lorien legacies: The Lost Files) Sarah's lesforgesdessalles.info Neferet's Curse book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The White City, In turn-of-the-century Chicago, with the Wor. Neferet's Curse - Download | Read | PDF | EPUB. The White City, In turn-of -the-century Chicago, with the World's Fair bringing bustle and excitement to.

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Read Neferet's Curse (House of Night Novellas #3) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Neferet's Curse is a Young Adult novel by P. C. Cast. Neferets Curse PDF House Of Night Books, Night Novel, Books For Teens, Teen I read the newest House of Night novella, Neferet's Curse, by P. & Kristin Cast. Thank you very much for reading neferets curse a house of night novella. As you may know, people have look hundreds times for their chosen readings like this.

When I turned back to the Elcott women, I lifted my chin. Nov 11, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: That night I dreamed I was Europa and the white bull was carrying me away to a beautiful meadow where no one ever died and where I was, eternally, young and carefree. She was attempting to save herself the only way a girl could in that time period. At least she was turned into a vampyre then so she got to leave them all behind.

You have your mothers eyes. Breathless and lightheaded, that was all I could say. That is as it should be. You are now the Lady of Wheiler House. Then Father released me and walked slowly, heavily, to the bloody bed. As I closed the door behind me, I heard him begin to weep. Thereby also began my strange and lonely time of mourning. I moved numbly through the funeral and collapsed afterward. It was as if sleep had taken me over. I could not break free of it. For two full months I hardly left my bed.

I did not care that I grew thin and pale. I did not care that the social condolence calls of my mothers friends and their daughters were left unanswered. I did not notice that Christmas and a New Year came and went.

Mary, my mothers ladys maid, whom I had inherited, begged, cajoled, and scolded. I cared not at all. It was the fifth day of January when Father broke me free of sleeps hold. My room had grown cold, so cold that my shivering had awakened me.

The fire in my hearth had died and not been relit, so I pulled the sash attached to Marys summoning bell, which tinkled all the way down in the servants quarters in the bowels of the house, but she had not answered my call. I remember putting on my dressing gown, and thinkingbrieflyhow large it seemed and how very much it engulfed me.

Making my way slowly from my 5. Father had emerged from his study as I came to the bottom of the stairs. When he first saw me his eyes were blank, then his expression registered surprise.

Surprise followed by something I was almost certain was disgust. Emily, you look wretched! Thin and pale! Are you ill? Before I could answer, Mary was there, hurrying across the foyer toward us. I told ye, Mr. Shes not been eating. I said she was doing nothin but sleepin. Wastin away, she is. Mary had spoken briskly, her soft Irish accent more pronounced than usual.

Well, this behavior must end at once, Father had said sternly. Emily, you will leave your bed. You will eat. You will take daily walks in the gardens. I simply will not have you looking emaciated. You are, after all, the Lady of Wheiler House, and my lady cannot look as if she were a starving gutter waif. His eyes had been hard. His anger had been intimidating, especially as I realized Mother wouldnt appear from her parlor, buzzing with distracting energy and shooing me away while pacifying Father with a smile and a touch.

I took an automatic step away from him, which only made his expression darker. You have your mothers look, but not her spunk. As irritating as it had been at times, I admired her spunk. I miss it. I-I miss Mother, too, I heard myself blurt. Of course ye do, dove, Mary had soothed.

Tis only been little over two months. Then we have something in common after all. Father had ignored Mary completely and spoken as if she hadnt been there, nervously touching my hair, smoothing my dressing gown. The loss of Alice Wheiler has created our commonality. Hed turned his head then, studying me. You do have her look. Father stroked his dark 6. We shall have to make the best of her absence, you know. Yes, Father. Id felt relieved at the gentling of his voice.

Then I expect you to join me for dinner each evening, as you and your mother used to. No more of this hiding in your room, starving your looks away. I had smiled then, actually smiled. I would like that, Id said. Hed grunted, slapped the newspaper hed been holding across his arm, and nodded. At dinner then, hed said, and he walked past me, disappearing into the west wing of the house.

I may be even a little hungry tonight, Id said to Mary as she clucked at me and helped me up the stairway. Tis good to see hes takin an interest in ye, it is, Mary had whispered happily. Id hardly paid any attention to her. My only thought was that for the first time in a month I had something more than sleep and sadness to look forward to. Father and I shared a commonality! Id dressed carefully for dinner that evening, understanding for the first time how very thin I had become when my black mourning dress had to be pinned so that it did not hang unattractively loose.

Mary combed my hair, twining it in a thick chignon that I thought made my newly thin face look much older than my fifteen years. I will never forget the start it gave me when I entered our dining room and saw the two place settingsFathers, where he had always been at the head of the tableand mine, now placed at Mothers spot to Fathers right hand. Hed stood and held Mothers chair for me. I was sure as I sat that I could still smell her perfumerose water, with just a hint of the lemon rinse she used on her hair to bring out the richness of her auburn highlights.

George, a Negro man who served our dinner, began ladling from the soup tureen. Id worried that the silence would be terrible, but as Father began to eat, so, too, began his familiar words. The Columbian Exposition Committee has joined collectively behind Burnham; we are supporting him completely.

I wondered, at first, that the man might be a touch madthat he was attempting something unattainable, but his vision of Chicagos Worlds Columbian Exposition outshining Pariss splendor seems to be within reach, or at least his design appears to be soundextravagant, but sound. Hed paused to take a healthy mouthful of the steak and potatoes that had replaced his empty soup bowl, and in that pause I could hear my mothers voice. Is not extravagance what everyone is calling for?

Neferet's Curse Chapter One | House Of Night

I froze under his sharp, darkeyed scrutiny, wishing Id kept silent and daydreamed the meal away as I had so many times in the past. And how do you know what everyone is calling for? His keen, dark eyes were sharp on me, but his lips lifted slightly at the corners, just as he used to almost smile at Mother. I remember feeling a rush of relief and smiling heartily in return. His question was one Id heard him ask Mother more times than I could begin to count.

I let her words reply for me. I know you believe all women do is talk, but they listen, too. I spoke more quickly and more softly than Mother, but Fathers eyes had crinkled in the corners as he showed his approval and amusement.

But I must keep close tabs on Burnham, and his gaggle of architects, close tabs indeed. They are grotesquely over budget, and 8. Father spoke as he chewed, dribbling bits of food and wine into his beard, a habit I knew Mother had loathed, and often rebuked him for.

I did not rebuke him, nor did I loathe his well-engrained habit. I simply forced myself to eat and to make the proper noises of appreciation as he spoke on and on about the importance of fiscal responsibility and the worry that the frail health of one of the lead architects was causing the board in general.

After all, Mr.


Root had already succumbed to pneumonia. Some said hed been the driving force behind the entire project, and not Burnham at all. The dinner sped quickly by until Father had finally eaten and spoken his fill. Then he had stood, and, as I had heard him wish uncountable times to my mother, hed said, I shall retire to my library for a cigar and a whiskey. Have a pleasant evening, my dear, and I shall see you again, soon. I remember vividly feeling a great warmth for him as I thought, He is treating me as if I were a woman growna true lady of the house!

Emily, hed continued, even though hed been rather wobbly and obviously well into his cups, let us decide that as we have just begun a new year, it will mark a new beginning for the both of us.

Shall we try to move forward together, my dear? Tears had come to my eyes, and Id smiled tremulously up at him. I would like that very much.

Then, quite unexpectedly, he had lifted my thin hand in his large one, bent over it, and kissed itjust exactly as he used to kiss Mothers hand in parting. Even though his lips and beard were moist from the wine and the food, I was still smiling and feeling ever so much like a lady when, holding my hand in his, he met my gaze. That was the first time I saw it, what I have come to think of as the burning look. It was as if his eyes stared so violently into mine that I feared they would cause me to combust.

Your eyes are your mothers, he said. His words slurred and I smelled the sharp reek of his breath, heavily tainted by wine. I found I could not speak. I only shivered and nodded. Father dropped my hand then and walked unsteadily from the room. Before George began to clear the table, I took my linen napkin and rubbed it across the back of my hand, wiping away the wetness left there and wondering why I felt such an uneasy sensation deep in my stomach.

Madeleine Elcott and her daughter, Camille, were the first of the social calls I received two days later. Elcott was on the board at Fathers bank, and Mrs. Elcott had been a great friend of Mothers, though Id never truly understood why. Mother had been beautiful and charming, and a renowned hostess.

In comparison, Mrs. Elcott had seemed waspish, gossipy, and miserly. When she and Mother sat together at dinner parties, I used to think Mrs.

Pdf neferets curse

Elcott looked like a clucking chicken next to a dove, but she had the ability to make Mother laugh, and Mothers laughter had been so magical, it had made the reason for it unimportant.

Id once overheard Father telling Mother that she would simply have to do more entertaining because dinner parties at the Elcott mansion were short on spirits and courses, and long on talk.

Had anyone ever asked for my opinion, which of The Elcott mansion was less than a mile from our home, and looked stately and proper from the outside, but the inside was Spartan and, actually, rather gloomy. Little wonder Camille so loved visiting me!

Camille was my best friend. She and I were close in age, she being only six months the younger. Camille talked a lot, but not in the cruel, gossipy way of her mother. Because of the closeness of our parents, Camille and I had grown up together, which had made us more like sisters than best friends. Oh, my poor, sad Emily! How thin and wan you look, Camille had said as she rushed into Mothers parlor and embraced me.

Well, of course she looks thin and wan! Elcott had moved her daughter aside and stiffly taken my hands in hers before shed even shed her white leather gloves. Remembering her touch, I realize now that shed felt cold and quite reptilian. Emily has lost her mother, Camille. Think of how wretched your life would be had you lost me. I would expect you to look just as terrible as poor Emily.

Im sure dear Alice is looking down on her daughter in understanding and appreciation. Not expecting her to speak so freely of Mothers death, I felt a little shock at Mrs.

Neferet's Curse Chapter One

Elcotts words. I tried to catch Camilles gaze as we moved apart, settling ourselves on the divan and matching chairs. Id wanted to share with her our old look, one that said we agreed how sometimes our mothers could say terribly embarrassing things, but Camille seemed to be looking everywhere but at me.

Yes, Mother, of course. I apologize, was all she muttered contritely. Trying to feel my way through this new social world that suddenly was very foreign, I breathed a long breath of relief when the housemaid bustled in with tea and cakes.

I poured. Elcott and Camille studied me. You really are quite thin, Camille said finally. I will be better soon, Id said, sending her a reassuring smile. At first I found it difficult to do anything except sleep, but Father has insisted that I get well.

He reminded me that I am now the Lady of Wheiler House. Camilles gaze had flicked quickly to her mothers. I could not read the hard look in Mrs. Elcotts eyes, but it was enough to silence her daughter. That is quite brave of you, Emily, Mrs. Elcott spoke into the silence. I am sure you are a great comfort to your father. We tried to see you for two whole months, but you wouldnt receive us, not even during the holidays. It was like youd disappeared! Camille blurted as I poured her tea.

I thought youd died, too. Im sorry. At first, her words had made me contrite. I didnt mean to upset you. Of course you didnt, Mrs. Elcott had said, frowning at her daughter.

Camille, Emily wasnt disappearingshe was mourning. I still am, Id said softly. Camille heard me and nodded, wiping her eyes, but her mother had been too busy helping herself to the iced cakes to pay either of us much attention. There was a silence that seemed very long while we sipped our tea and I pushed the small, white cake around my plate, and then, in a high, excited voice, Mrs.

Elcott asked, Emily, were you really there? In the room with her when Alice died? Id looked to Camille, wishing for an instant that she could silence her mother, but of course that had been a foolish, futile wish. My friends face had mirrored my own discomfort, though she did not appear shocked at her mothers disregard for propriety and privacy.

I realized then that Camille had known her mother was going to question me thus. I drew a deep, fortifying breath and answered truthfully, though hesitantly, Yes. I was there. It must have been quite ghastly, Camille said quickly. Yes, I said. Id placed my teacup carefully in its saucer before either of them could see that my hand trembled. I expect there had been a lot of blood, Mrs. Elcott said, nodding slowly as if in pre-agreement with my response.

There was. Id clasped my hands tightly together in my lap. When we heard you were in the room when she died, we were all so very sorry for you, Camille had said softly, hesitantly. Shocked silent, I could almost hear Mothers voice saying sharply, Servants and their gossip!

I was mortified that Mothers death had been the topic of gossip, but Id also longed to talk to Camille, to tell her how frightened Id been. But before I could collect myself enough to speak, her mothers sharp voice had intruded. Indeed, it was all anyone could talk about for weeks and weeks. Your poor mother would have been appalled.

Bad enough that you missed the Christmas Ball, but for the topic of conversation during the evening to have been your witnessing her gruesome death. Elcott shuddered. Alice would have thought it as dreadful as it was.

My cheeks had flamed hot. I had utterly forgotten about the Christmas Ball, and my sixteenth birthday. Both had taken place in December, when sleep had been cloaking me from life. Everyone was talking about me at the ball? Id wanted to run back to my room and never emerge. Camilles words came fast, and she had made a vague movement, as if she understood how difficult the conversation had become for me and was trying to brush away the subject.

Nancy, Evelyn, and Elizabeth were worried about you. We were all worried about youwe still are. You left out one person who seemed especially concerned: Arthur Simpton. Remember how you said he could talk of nothing Elcott hadnt sounded worried at all. Shed sounded angry. Id blinked and felt as if I was swimming up through deep, murky waters. Arthur Simpton? He was talking about me? Yes, while he danced with Camille.

Elcotts tone had been hard with annoyance, and Id suddenly understood whyArthur Simpton was the eldest son of a wealthy railroad family that had recently relocated from New York City to Chicago, because of close business ties with Mr.

Besides being rich, suitably bred, and eligible, he was also extremely handsome. Camille and I had whispered about him as his family moved into their South Prairie Avenue mansion and wed watched him riding his bicycle up and down the street. Arthur had been the single driving force behind our desire to obtain our own bicycles and to join the Hermes Bicycle Club.

He had also been one of the key reasons both of our mothers had agreed to pressure our fathers into allowing us to do so, even though Camille had told me shed heard her father informing her mother that bicycle bloomers could lead a young woman into a life of pernicious lasciviousness. I remembered it clearly because Camille had made me giggle as shed done an excellent impression of her father. As Id laughed shed also said shed be willing to enter a life of pernicious lasciviousness if it meant entering it with Arthur Simpton.

I hadnt said anything then. It hadnt seemed necessary. Arthur had, quite often, looked our way, but the both of us knew it was my eyes he met when he tipped his hat, and my name he called a Bright, good morning, Miss Emily to.

I shook my head, feeling woozy and slow. I turned to Camille. He danced with you? Most of the evening, Mrs. Elcott had spoken for her daughter, Elcott soon and ask permission to formally court her.

My stomach had felt terrible and hollow. How could he court Camille? Little over two months ago he hadnt so much as spoken her name to wish her a good morning. Could such a short amount of time change him so drastically? Yes, Id decided silently and quickly. Yes, a short amount of time could change anyone drastically.

It had certainly changed me. Id opened my mouth to speak, though I was still not sure what it was I was going to say, and Father had burst into the room, looking frazzled and wearing no jacket.

Ah, Emily, here you are. Hed nodded absently to Mrs. Elcott and Camille, saying, Good afternoon, ladies. Then hed turned his full attention to me. Emily, which waistcoat should I wear this evening? The black or the burgundy? The board is meeting again with those infernal architects, and I need to use a firm hand. The right tone must be set. Their budget is out of control and time is short. They had the mourning period, which they ended early, and then almost immediately they had the convention where everything kicked off.

Sep 09, Christina rated it really liked it. First let me put this disclaimer before I get bombarded with angry replies about my knowledge of the series or whatever I've been reading this series from the beginning and yes I acknowledge that the authors made some very huge leaps from the original description of Neferet's upbrining from an earlier book to this one.

Yes there is a 5 year miscalculation about the death of her mother as well as the details of her abuse. Here's the thing Authors many times have to re-edit their books to fix certain details they messed up on because at the time they didn't seem relevant to where a story line was going or because they are just plain imperfect and make mistakes.

This series was NEVER just a trilogy where it is much simpler to plan out an entire timeline and never stray from the course. With that said the Cast women have had to improvise and develop different angles for characters that were most likely never meant to be more then two dimensional. I don't find it necessary to crucify the authors for taking some creative liberties with their characters. Ultimately Neferet's story stays true at the core with just some timeline details rewritten to accomadate who Neferet has developed to be as a character NOW versus 6 years ago That said this is my review: I had every expectation going into this book, of hating whatever sorry excuse there could be for her turning into the woman we all know know and loathe to be as Neferet.

I was mistaken and quickly smacked with a dose of "Shut up Tina you're being a witch" Emily Wheiler like most young girls at nearly 16 years old, was only concerned with the newest fashions and catching the eye of the cute new guy on the block while giggling with her girlfriends.

That all abruptly changes at the tragic death of a parent. Inappropriate situations and lewd advances quickly loosing their subtlty lead to searching for a way out for her own safety. So begins a deep loathing for a society where women are viewed as weak and left to be controlled by their husbands and fathers. After a night where the control Emily desperately tries to hold on to over her life is stripped from her, it is the the House of Night that truly comes to her aid when the one person she thought would be her protector also fails her.

It is then the seed of revenge and deep anger that had already been planted into her heart takes full bloom and drives her towards the first step that inevitably leads her down a path we already know turns dark and sinister.

If there is anything to be learned from Emily Wheiler it's that we all do have free will and even though the world is cruel and unjust and causes our hearts to darken and even harden, deep down there is a little boy or girl inside each of us that was most likely hurt or betrayed. While we all deserve justice for the abuse we may have endured at the hands of someone who ultimately will pay for their sins, it is up to each and every one of us to consciously CHOOSE to not allow those things be the deciding factors in who we will be as a person.

Nov 10, Andrea rated it liked it Shelves: Emily must take over as the Lady of Wheiler House, which is not something she really wants to do. Reluctantly, she does and her life is consumed with duties as she is isolated from her friends. Hope comes in the form of suitor Arthur Simpton, but will he be quick enough?

This was a good read, but I think my bias clouded it. But now I understand why. She was attempting to save herself the only way a girl could in that time period. So the plot is kind of slow, but the undercurrents of danger make it tense. Yeah piss off dude. At least she was turned into a vampyre then so she got to leave them all behind.

I love when night is represented as something of beauty rather than something to fear. Though it can be scary, it is also beautiful and magical.

I wish I could a vampyre and go to the House of Night, sigh. Feb 16, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: Everything changes for Emily when her mother dies. Trying to take on her mother's duties isn't the easiest and neither is dealing with her cruel father.

She eventually is Marked and is accepted at the House of Night in Chicago. The revenge she sets out to enact will ultimately put her on a dangerous path. I'm sure this goes for other readers of the series So, going into this book I wasn't expecting to like it much. But your heart goes out to Emily. Because of her mother dying, Emily is put in an impossible position by her father. He is demanding, cruel and quite creepy. The violence she endures at the hands of her father, changes her forever.

It's no wonder that she turned out like she did. I loved the insight we were given on the character. It explains a lot of things about Neferet. Really the only thing this book is lacking is more story, I would have like to know more about Neferet's time at the Chicago House of Night.

Regardless of that, this is a must read for fans of the series. I am Neferet. At first, it didn't really feel like it was Neferet I was reading about, but as the story progressed, Emily started to change in Neferet in a very subtle way which I loved. Neferet has always annoyed me in House of Night.

Especially in the last couple of books, she's been quite hysterical and the way she behaves just annoyed the hell out of me. Her past is very interesting though, and in Revealed it was Revealed, right? I loved how the story was told. I even got some tears in my eyes when view spoiler [her father raped her and Arthur refused to take care of her hide spoiler ]. I know it wasn't amazing. It was sometimes a bit boring and long, but like the other House of Night books, I can't help but love it to death.

And ugh, I just want the final House of Night book. And Kalona's fall, of course. Sep 19, Amber marked it as to-read. Gorgeous Cover! Aug 26, Bethany rated it really liked it. I enjoyed these books up to about book 9 i think then i found them to be a bit long winded but the start of them was a good read. Feb 10, Heather marked it as to-read.

Can't wait!! Jan 12, Dark Matter rated it it was ok Shelves: This and more reviews, interviews etc are on Dark Matter Zine, an online magazine. It is written as a series of journal entries from by the year-old still-human, Emily Wheiler, beginning shortly af This review was written by Evie Kendal for Dark Matter Zine. It is written as a series of journal entries from by the year-old still-human, Emily Wheiler, beginning shortly after the death of her mother in childbirth. Emily fears she is mad when in addition to expecting her to run the household, she believes her domineering father has become sexually attracted to her.

The setting of the story is interesting and tries hard to sound authentic. A major strength is how vampyres are casually dropped into conversation a fair way into the otherwise realist historical fiction.

We also get hints of the supernatural power Emily has when her laughter exerts a thrall over Arthur, compelling him to assist her. She also develops an affinity with the night, which will hold her in good stead as the leader of a vampyre school. Her reaction to this is quoted thus: I am not mad. The horrible events that befell me and that are recorded in these pages did not happen because of hysteria or paranoia.

The horrible events that befell me happened because, as a young human girl, I had no control over my own life. Envious women condemned me. A weak man rejected me. A monster abused me. All because I lacked the power to affect my own fate. He used and abused me. When he did that he had full control over me. I had to kill him to regain that control Neferet then recounts how she was advised not to pursue justice against her rapist but to just let the past die with her previous life, else risk becoming evil.

This is the reason she decides to kill her father and then claim it was self-defence. The problems with these scenes are numerous, but most importantly include the insinuation that young human girls are inherently weak and powerless, with no control over their own destiny; that people who have experienced rape can never regain a sense of control without murdering their attackers; that seeking justice for a sexual assault is the same as acting in a revengeful manner; and that this will ultimately lead the individual to become evil the exact phrase on page being: Worse still, Neferet defends her killing her father by lying that he tried to rape her again, thereby feeding into myths about the untrustworthiness of women who report sexual assault.

While there is a postscript by P. Cast advising that anyone in such a situation seek professional counselling to heal, by this stage the damage has already been done. Though the intention of the novella was no doubt to focus on how Neferet incorrectly chooses to allow this negative event to dictate her future actions, rather than seeking help and healing, what actually ends up on paper is far more complicated and problematic.

Continually treating rape as if it is an insurmountable trauma, not to mention using it as a cheap plot device, is both potentially disempowering and insensitive. Spoiler ends I cannot in good conscience recommend this book in its entirety, however, for fans of the House of Night series the first two sections are worth reading. After that point I advise skipping to the postscript, as this has some useful advice.

Jun 14, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: Cool backstory. Still an evil, emotionally manipulative, murderous bitch. There is such a huge difference between Emily wanting to kill the man who'd raped her and betrayed her trust Up until the second to last chapter, it was easy for me to forget that this sweet girl would end up being the walking dumpster fire of a villain that is Neferet. The ending was practically a complete from how the story began And not in a good way.

Sep 26, Shiloh rated it really liked it. This book, although difficult for me to read due to triggers, gives an incredible look into Neferet before she became a vampyre. It tells her story of how she chooses to be the way she is because she will no longer let anyone control her.

I relate heavily to this, and although Neferet and I have taken our end experiences in opposite directions, it is the need to deal with the pain of betrayal and hurt that is highly relatable. Another very well written novella. Seeing different sides of all thes This book, although difficult for me to read due to triggers, gives an incredible look into Neferet before she became a vampyre. Seeing different sides of all these characters is fascinating, especially when I may have grown to dislike them.

I must say some respect Neferet had lost in the novels has returned.

Neferet's Curse

Apr 17, Dracena rated it liked it. As much as I hate the original series, I really like background storys. So this was ok. Pretty good if you compare to the HoN series. Pretty good turn on the "main villain". You don't know wether to hate her because of Or feel sorry for her, because obvious reasons. Not the best novella I see why Neferet is not a very pleasant person though Jul 03, Angie Hammad rated it it was amazing. Always Love.. Fans of the House of Night series only.

This review was originally published on Blogs of a Bookaholic. An uncomfortable tale of abuse and misplaced revenge. I must admit of all the novellas, this was the one I was most looking forward to.

Told through This review was originally published on Blogs of a Bookaholic. Told through retrospective diary entries, Neferet discloses the terror of her teenage years. After witnessing the death of her mother in childbirth, Neferet is wrought with grief and loneliness. Stuck in the house with her gruff, alcoholic father she is now expected to grow up and become the lady of the house. Because of this the pacing feels incredibly slow, especially as you know end result will be unpleasant.

I also appreciated the foreshadowing when Neferet took comfort in visiting the bull fountain statue that others found hideous. I was also pleased with the realistic development of the secondary characters Camille and Arthur who bowed to the pressures of society picking the easy way out.

While this novella was better than I thought it would be, it lacked a certain depth and complexity because of the writing. Therefore I would be hesitant to recommend it. You can check out my full, unabridged review and others like it Blogs of a Bookaholic.

Dec 11, Andrea rated it it was amazing. I have been a fan of the House of Night series for while now. After ten books, I felt as though the magic that had once drawn me into this series is fading. It was just the same formula over and over and over again. It gets tiresome after a while. Back stories are just one of the a I have been a fan of the House of Night series for while now.

Back stories are just one of the amazing things about story telling. Even in the real world, knowing someone's history can give one vast insight into their character and can ultimately help one to better understand how to go about helping said person. For example, Harry Potter could not have defeated Lord Voldemort if he had not taken the time with Dumbledore to go back into the pensieve and and watch the memories of Lord Voldemort's past.

Professor Dumbledore knew that the key to destroying Voldemort was to learn him, get inside of his history. Why am I bringing up Harry Potter? Well, I think that P. Cast is going to incorporate Neferet's journal into the next HoN novel. Zoey, or someone, will probably find the journal after asking Nyx for guidance on how to stop Neferet once and for all, and BAM. They have the key to getting through to Neferet. Though, they may not destroy. Ultimately, I believe that if Zoey think she can redeem Neferet, then Zoey won't kill her.

I mean, of course, she'll be punished for her actions, but still. I think, in the end, she'll be redeemed somehow. Neferet's Curse follows the journal entries of a sixteen year old girl named Emily Wheiler. Her mother and infant brother die during the birthing, leaving a grief stricken Emily, who witnessed everything, and her father, a stoic, intimidating sort of man.

Now, Emily is to be the new Lady of Wheiler House. She takes her responsibility to heart, at first, until she becomes aware of her father's "burning look". It is then she plans to escape her father by marrying a young Arthur Simpton. Her plan would have succeeded, if Nyx had not claimed her as her own first.

Emily decides then to be reborn as Neferet, a woman that does not bow to any man. I found it remarkably sad, this story. Emily had to grow up too fast, she lost her mother too young, and she went through something I wouldn't even begin to fathom. My heart goes out to her. Even though I don't condone her actions since becoming a vampyre, I can understand whole heartily the why of it all.

Scars as hers leave impressions upon the soul that last for long periods in which, if not given the right amount of care, will become infected with things such as vengeance and self-hatred. Things like these are what lead to Neferet's darkness. I find that now more than ever I want to finish the House of Night series. This novella has reminded me of why I loved this series to begin with.

I can't wait for Revealed, which now that I think about it, is a great title in that it coincides with my suspicions that Neferet's characters is "revealed". Also, the last book, Redeemed, too, coincides with my thoughts that she will be "redeemed". I started reading the House of Night series in December of , very shortly after reading Twilight.

Pdf neferets curse

I hadn't done a lot of reading in years and wasn't sure what I'd like, so after loving Twilight, I decided to try out another vampire series. I've really enjoyed the series as a whole, and was very interested in the concept of novellas. Actually, I believe the House of Night novellas were my first intro to novellas within series.

As anyone who has read my previous reviews should know, I am a suck I started reading the House of Night series in December of , very shortly after reading Twilight. As anyone who has read my previous reviews should know, I am a sucker for back story.

I love having more information on books that I enjoy. However, I am not a fan of historical fiction. It's just not my thing. Unfortunately, that seems to be what the House of Night novellas seem to tend towards. I was very excited for Neferet's Curse. Neferet is the villain that you love to hate. Though, honestly, after 10 books, I'm kind of sick of her.

I feel like she should have been defeated 5 books ago! I was curious to find out how Neferet could have become so evil. However, I was very disappointed with this story. At the beginning, Neferet, or as she was known before being Marked, Emily Wheiler, is a year-old girl who has just watched her mother die after giving birth to Emily's stillborn baby brother, and her father is already looking at her strangely and making her very uncomfortable.

I initially felt really bad for Emily. Her father is a drunk, and he "burns her with his eyes". Emily's father expects her to take her mother's place and become the Lady of Wheiler House. At first she is hesitant, but eventually, she grows into the role. As I said, I initally felt really sorry for Emily. However, as the story progressed, I just found her to be manipulative and cold. Yes, her father is horrible, but until very near the end of the novella, he doesn't seem as bad as she makes him out to be, and yet, there is already something very unsettling about the way Emily's mind works.

Once she's Marked, I just feel like her fate is sealed. She was an unpleasant person to begin with, and she became more and more unpleasant as the story progressed. Honestly, I was surprised it took her so long to become truly evil! It was written as diary entries, but I felt like almost nothing happened for the first half of the book. There were a couple of scenes that had me raising an eyebrow, but overall, it was just a very slow-moving story, and I was bored.

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