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The book I will share is Expanding Tactic For Listening. This book is so popular by English learners to practice the listening skills, especially in. Tactics For Listening Expanding Answer Key 1. b 2. a 3. b 4. a 5. b 6. b Task 2 Unit 1 Small Talk p. 2 1 Getting Ready 1. Introduce 4. Introduce 6. Tactics for Listening Third Edition features Jack Richards' practical-English methodology and easy-to-teach format, Student Book (PDF): Link.

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Tactics For Listening lesforgesdessalles.info - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Tactics for Listening Expanding Student Book Tactics for Listening Third Edition is an activity-rich listening course with Our discounted price list (PDF). These are "selected'' or. "built in'' from the basic forms. I call the basic drawings “ Blooks,'' after myself. PART Chess Tactics - The Definitive Book Of.

There werent as many jobs for young people. There are plenty of clubs and restaurants. Oh, that's sweet. I really love jazz, especially the trumpet player, Miles Davis. Sure, I sometimes see her at school and she says "Hi" to me, but we never get together anymore. Has never done it before 4.

Let's Listen Listen to the entertainment news program Super Hollywood. Lazy Freddy is a member of Frog Express. Lazy Freddy is dating Naomi Cox. Romantic messages about Naomi were on the band's website. Freddy might date Naomi in the future. Naomi says she thinks Freddy is ugly. Let's Listen People are giving opinions about schools and education. What reason do they give for each opinion?

All children should get a good education. They teach students about the real world. They should learn where their food comes from. They can do other interesting things after school. Some people are better at taking tests than others.

Let's Listen People are giving their opinions. Listen and check v' the correct answer. How did she become famous?

expanding tactics for listening teacher's book

Number the sentences. She published her first collection of poetry. She took her first creative writing class. She was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship. She was born in Chicago. She published her first novel. Let's Listen People are talking aboutthe anthropologist Mary Leakey. When did these events happen? Listen and write the years. She was born. She married the archeologist Louis Leakey. She made her first important discovery. She left her husband. She discovered the footprints of ancient humans.

Let's Listen People aretalking abouttheir eating habits. What does each person eat? Let's Listen A doctor is talking to his patients about nutrition. What advice does he give each person? Expanding Tacticsfor Listening 00 Let's Listen Will is talking about his predicaments. His eggs exploded in the microwave. He forgot to do his homework. He lost his friend Michael's sweater.

He stole his friend David's car. He loves Nancy, but she doesn't love him. Let's Listen People are talking about predicaments. How does each person feel? Let's Listen People are talking about global issues. Which issue is most important to each person? AIDS 4. Let's Listen A professor is talking about why people move from the city to the suburbs.

There is nothing to do in the city. Many people think the suburbs are safer than the city. Many people think people in the suburbs are rude. People often have less free time in the suburbs. The suburbs are always safe. Let's Listen 1. Let's Listen 2. Let's Listen 3. Los Angeles 4. San Francisco 5. San Francisco 2. Let's Listen 4. Los Angeles 1. False 2. True 4. True 5. False 1. Los Angeles 3. New place New place 2. New place Old place 1.

Before 4. Now 2. Before 5. Before 1. New place 3. Let's Listen Old place 2. Dislikes 4. Likes 1. Likes 5. Dislikes Unit 8 Test 3.

Important 4. Not important 5. Important 5. Important Unit 9 Test 1. True 3. Agree 1. Don't agree 1. Don't agree 2. False 5. Agree 3. True 1. Unit 16 Test Unit 20 Test 1. Apologetic 2. Pleased 3. Pleased 4. Apologetic 5. Angry 2. Susan 1. Don't agree 4. Don't agree 5. Healthy Planet Phone number: Your order has arrived. Chef Michael From: Smith Company: Smith Bank Phone number: Call her back immediately. Unit 21 Test 1. Let's Listen a. Frightened 2. Embarrassed Unit 23 Test 3.

Disappointed 4. Embarrassed 5. Disappointed 1. False Unit 18 Test 3. True 2. Yes 4. Yes 5. No Unit 24 Test 3. Yes 2. Let's Listen I. False 3. True Answer Key Unit 1 Test 1.

So how are things at the office, Mike? Not too bad, but we're all pretty busy right now. We have a big meeting next week, so everyone is working late. Hi, Margaret. I haven't seen you for a long time. How's everyone at home? Well, Teresa's married now, so we don't see her much. And my other sister is still in high school. She has a boyfriend now! Hi, Roberta. How was your winter break? It was really a lot of fun. I went skiing with my friends up in Canada. Have you been outside yet? It's a beautiful day.

The sun is shining, and there's a nice breeze. It's just fantastic. Hi, Wendy. How is everyone? Well, George just got a new job, working for the government.

And the kids are all in school now, so I have a little more time for myself. Let's Listen A: Excuse me, are you Mrs. Why yes, I am. How do you know my name? You were my English teacher way back in Oh, yes, now I remember you.

You're Tim. Tim Allen, right? That's right! You've got a great memory. I never forget a face. What are you doing these days? Well, I'm a teacher myself now. I teach English at City College. Oh, that's wonderful. I'd love to hear more about it, but I've got to run.

I'm late for my next class. I'm still teaching here at the university. It was nice seeing you again! A Nice seeing you, too! Unit 2 Test 1. So, Sam, do you have any experience with fast food cooking?

No, but I've made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before. What about hamburgers? Have you ever made hamburgers? Or French fries? Or milk shakes? No, not really. We'll call you if we need you. Is this the first time you've applied for a job as a lifeguard, Sally? Actually, I've been a lifeguard every summer for the last 10 years. And just how old are you? I started by baby-sitting my little brother in our backyard pool!

Peter, have you ever been a clerk before? Yes, I worked one summer at a convenience store in my neighborhood. People came to buy a snack or a soda, or to read a magazine, and I helped them find what they wanted. So, Max, I see you're studying math in college. Yes, that's right. And I also worked in a computer store, so I could probably teach computer skills. That's great. We're looking for someone who can set and clear the tables, make good coffee and tea, and take orders from customers.

Do you think you could do that, Emily? Well, I think I could do it if you show me how. Okay, we'll give you a try. Come at 6 a. Let's Listen This summer I'm working as a lifeguard at a swimming pool. The worst thing I have to do is clean the pool every morning. There's always a lot of garbage and leaves in it.

It's' pretty disgusting! After I clean the pool, I let the swimmers in. I love watching the kids play. Some of them are really funny! Another good thing is that I get to listen to the radio while I work. I like to listen to jazz in the mornings and rock and roll in the afternoons. And I love working outside in the summer. I'm getting a great suntan! Tjust wish the money was better. They don't pay me enough.

Unit 3 Test 1. I go to Muscles every morning to exercise. It's a great place for me because it's very close to my apartment, so I can go there in the mornings before work.

Sometimes it's too crowded, and I know it's a little more expensive than other places, but I don't mind. In my opinion, Sylvester's is the worst clothing store in town. Their clothes are really badly made, and the displays aren't organized well at all. It's impossible to find the size you're looking for! On the other hand, the salespeople are usually nice and helpful, 3. My wife and I both work a lot, so we never have time to cook. We're lucky that Uncle Bob's is around the corner from us.

The food isn't great, but it's so close and convenient. Sometimes we eat there twice a day. My car is old and it's always breaking down. The only place I bring it to is Sancken Automotive. It's not very cheap, but the staff there does good work on my car. They're very friendly people and they know what they're doing. I can really trust them. Tapescript The Blue Room is very disappointing. I mean, the musicians who play there are pretty good, but the atmosphere is terrible.

The place is too small, and the tables and chairs are uncomfortable. Also, the cooks make a lot of noise in the kitchen, so it's really hard to hear the music. Let's Listen My partner and I just opened a small hotel in the city. We knew how important location is for a hotel, so we built it close to all the shops and museums downtown. The rooms aren't cheap. But, since tourists usually don't mind spending money when they're on vacation, we decided that low prices weren't that important.

On the other hand, service is important, so we trained our staff to be friendly, polite, and helpful. The food is important, too, so everything we cook is delicious. And we made sure that the atmosphere was perfect. That's probably the most important thing. We want people to feel relaxed as soon as they enter the hotel.

Unit 4 Test 1. I just love this computer. It's so small and light. I can just slip it in my briefcase and take it anywhere. I even carry it with me when I bicycle to the library, so I can work on things there, too. This is one of those new ones that doesn't need film. I just download the pictures right onto my computer. I love it because I can see my pictures right away! And if I take some bad pictures, I just delete them. Now everyone thinks I'm a great photographer.

I'm so glad my new apartment has one of these. In my old place, I had to wash every dish myself in the sink. Now I just put the dirty dishes in here, add some soap, press a button, and it cleans them automatically! I love this gadget. I talk on it during bus rides, on the train, in restaurants, and even when I'm walking down the street. I live in a very small apartment, so I love this gadget because it takes up almost no space at all.

The screen is very light and thin, so you can hang it on the wall. I can watch the news as I cook or watch movies before bed. Do you understand these new cameras? I can turn it on, but it won't let me take any pictures. Why don't you see what it says on the display screen? Good idea. Let's see It says, "Memory card full.

It means the camera's memory is full. You'll have to erase some pictures. What's the matter, Lisa? All I want is some light here. Can you help me get this flashlight to work? I think the batteries are dead. Why don't you try replacing them? Oh, yeah. I promised my wife we'd have rice with our dinner, but I can't get this rice cooker to work. It's taking a really long time to cook the rice. Let me look inside.

Here's the problem. You added too much water. That's why it's taking so long. That makes sense. I'm totally confused. I just want to hear my new CD, but the CD player won't play it.

I think I know what the problem is. That's why you can't hear the music. Here, just push this button. All right. I washed these dishes in the dishwasher, but they're still dirty. It's really frustrating. I'll tell you what the problem is. You didn't rinse the dishes first. It's an old dishwasher, so you have to do that. Unit 5 Test 1. Does Mona really go to the library every night to help her students with their assignments? Yeah, it's true.

She really cares about her students and wants them to succeed.

I'm worried about my roommate, Laura. All she does is sit around, eat junk food, and watch TV. She sounds pretty relaxed. But she's not. She's depressed because she can't find a job. Did you hear that Pedro got the highest score on the test? That guy is the smartest person I know. He gets the highest score on just about every test.

Don't you think Frank is a great guy? All of my friends want to date him. Well, I know he's handsome, but I don't think he's very honest. I've heard him telling people things that just aren't true. You know that guy, Arthur? The one who tries to answer all the questions in our History class? Of course I know him. He was doing it again today. Everything he says is wrong.

For listening pdf tactics expanding

He always gives the wrong date, or the wrong place- A: Or the wrong name! Susan used to have green hair, and she listened to really cool music. Now her hair is brown and plain. She used to go to parties all the time, but all she does now is work-and talk about work. She's become really boring. Russell Smith used to be really shy. When I knew him in elementary school, he'd sit in the corner of the classroom and look at the floor all day.

I can't believe he's a famous rock star now, singing in front of thousands of people. Ellen used to be my best friend.

She ate lunch with me every day. But ever since she got a boyfriend, she only eats lunch with him. Sure, I sometimes see her at school and she says "Hi" to me, but we never get together anymore. Jack used to be a fun, easygoing kind of guy. I can't believe how much he's changed since he started law school.

Now he's always serious and stressed out. He must be under a lot of pressure. Since she got married, Laura has really let herself go. She's gained about 20 kilos now and she always wears baggy old T-shirts and sweat pants. And she doesn't even comb her hair or anything. Unit 6 Test 1. I know this cafe that serves the best borscht.

That's a kind of soup. It's made from sugar, potatoes, onions, garlic, and eggs. And, of course, it's got lots of beets-you know, those bright red vegetables? When I was a child, my parents used to take me to the local restaurant and order me a pizza burger. That's a hamburger that has pizza ingredients inside it-like tomato sauce, and lots and lots of cheese.

When I was on vacation in Prague, in the Czech Republic, every restaurant served something called "smazeny syr. Every Sunday, my crazy roommate cooks something for us that he calls "potato soup. He puts five potatoes in a pot of water. It's cheap, but it tastes pretty bad. I love this Mexican restaurant called "Burrito King.

They take beef, lettuce, tomatoes, and lots of spices, and they roll it up in a tortilla. It's really spicy! Hello, everybody! Are you ready to make a delicious and easy dessert? To start with, you need these ingredients: And you need one banana, of course! Now that you have your ingredients, you need a bowl to put everything in. Make sure it's a big bowl, everyone, because we're going to use a lot of ice cream!

We're ready for the next step, okay? Take the banana and peel it-you know, open it. Then take a knife and cut the banana into two long pieces. Got it? After you've cut the banana, put the pieces in the bowl. Okay, everybody! Now it's time to add the ice cream! Do you see this big, big spoon I have? That's called a "scoop. Put them right on top of the banana. Then add one scoop of chocolate ice cream. Are you getting excited, everybody? Here's the last step. Take your chocolate sauce and pour it all over the ice cream and the banana.

That's it! The banana split is finished! You should eat it right away, while it's still cold! Unit 7 Test 1. My life is so stressful now. I think maybe I should move. You mean you want to move out of the city? You know what I'd like? A little house far away from the city, where it's quiet.

I'm sick of living at home. My parents are always telling me not to come home late or not to sleep in late. Well, you're 31 years old. Don't you think it's about time you got a place of your own? Yeah, I've been thinking about it. But I don't have much money. I'm sure you have enough for a small place somewhere in the city. You only need one room! My sister is having a terrible time finding an apartment. Why is that?

She's in a wheelchair, so she needs something on the first floor. Oh, I see. Mark, I heard you'll be moving soon. Yeah, the suburbs just weren't right for me. Everything is so quiet. I love seeing foreign films, visiting art galleries, and eating French food. That's why I'm moving downtown. Hey, Trevor, what's this I hear about you moving out of your apartment downtown? It's true. I really like the apartment but I just got a dog, so I have to move. I'm looking for an apartment with a yard.

I heard you moved! Yeah, last week. It's great. You should see the view from my window. It's much better than my old place. Now I get lots of sunlight, and it's very quiet, too. That sounds like a real improvement. Hey, Jenny, how do you like your new place? It's fantastic. It's so much bigger than my old place.

And there are two bathrooms! And the rent is better, too. My old place was way too expensive.

Tactics For Listening lesforgesdessalles.info

Jackie, what's your new place like? Well, I'm not in the city anymore, so it's a lot quieter. That sounds nice. Yeah, it is. But it's pretty far from the city. My old place was in a great neighborhood. I really miss it. Unit 8 Test 1. This apartment is driving me crazy!

Tactics for Listening Expanding_answerkey

The kitchen is much too small. It has new appliances, which is nice, but there's no room for me! My bathroom is the worst. Look how old everything is. The toilet looks like it was put in about years ago. And lately it's been making this horrible noise.

I just bought a TV, but I can't get a single channel on it. The reception in this building is terrible! I think there's something wrong with the antenna on the roof.

Tactics For Listening Expanding.pdf

Did you hear that? It's my neighbor listening to music again. The walls in this apartment are so thin. They're like paper. I can't sleep because of all this noise. My new apartment is really big and cheap, but the neighborhood is the worst. There are no supermarkets, no restaurants, no bookstores-and the garbage is never picked up. There's trash all over the sidewalks! Can you help me, Mr.

The windows in my apartment are really old, and a lot of cold air comes in. Do you think you could replace them? Of course. I'll send someone up right away. I was wondering if you could do something about repainting the bathroom.

The color is pretty bad. Well, I'm sorry, but I can't help you there. Roberts, the light switch in the living room doesn't work. It's a real problem when I come home from work at night. That is a real problem. I'll fix it today. Could you take a look at the bathroom, Mr. All of the faucets are leaky. Well, that's pretty serious. The living room couch is really worn out. And it's very dirty, too.

Expanding tactics for pdf listening

When can you replace it? Actually, that couch belonged to the people who were there before you. If you want a new one, you'll have to get your own. Unit 9 Test 1. So, how's your new roommate, Nora? Oh, she's really cool. Oh yeah? She's so funny. She always makes me laugh. I'm not so happy with Bill lately. What's the matter?

He's got no future plans. He just wants to be a lifeguard at the beach. I'm so glad I met Allison. Why's that? She's the first smart girl I've ever hung out with. I love talking with her about history, art-even politics! She's a really good student. Is Jeff rude or what? I know what you mean. Every time he goes to a party, he ends up really annoying everyone. Sometimes he even gets in fights.

Daniel West is pretty cool, don't you think? Oh, yeah? I thought you didn't like him. Yeah, but that was before I got to know him. Did you know that his mother is an actress? And his father is that famous writer, Rick West. Hey, Tom, are you doing anything Saturday afternoon? Not really. Let's go to the zoo then. I haven't been there in a long time. Neither have 1,and I just love animals. I'll meet you there at I o'clock. Hey, Kristen. It's such a beautiful day and I just washed my car, and I was wondering, well, if you'd like to go for a drive around the city with me.

No thank you. I don't really like driving around in traffic. Hey, Cynthia, did you hear about the big craft fair this Saturday? Yeah, they're really making a big deal of it. Do you want to go with me? I don't know. It'll be so crowded and parking will be impossible- A: Come on! I'll drive and we'll go early, before the crowds come. I'll pick you up at eight. Oh, okay. See you then. Unit 10 Test 1.

Hey, Bob, what did you do last night? I love it because the contestants are so stupid. They never answer the questions correctly! That doesn't sound very interesting. Oh, but it is. It's hilarious. I watch it almost every night. Jenny, how often do you watch TheJeffermans? Almost never. Don't you think it's funny? It took an hour to get in from the airport.

There were some really good stores downtown. There werent as many places for young people to go in their free time. There werent as many jobs for young people. There were interesting restaurants nearby. They heard the cars and trucks all day and night. True p. Likes 10Copyright c Oxford University Press. Likes Dislikes Task 2 1. The best thing is There are at least a dozen great places I think this city council does a great job I love that Its great, actually.

You know what makes this town so good?

Expanding listening tactics pdf for

Likes Dislikes p. Stays home 4. Stays home 2. Goes out 3. Goes out Task 2 1. Likes 4. Doesnt like 2. Doesnt like 5. Likes 11 5. Stays home 6. Goes out. Tactics For Listening Expanding3. Doesnt like 6. Doesnt like Task 2 1. B Task 2 1. Unit 15 Preferencesp. A train is so comfortable. An apartment is much more convenient. American English is more useful. Working in a store is more interesting. He likes the words of the songs. Me, too.

Do you? Oh, yeah? Hey, thats great. Unit 16 Phone Messagesp. His co-worker got a promotion. She got food poisoning and missed her friends party. Several books Mrs. Graham borrowed are overdue. Their daughter has been absent from school again. She wants to organize a surprise party for her friend.

Theres a great jazz group in town. Task 2 1. Computer-Technologies 2. First National Bank 3. Chicago Language Center 4.

Bennys Cafe. Unit 17 Past Eventsp. Frightened 3. Frightened Task 2 1. Disappointed 6. Embarrassed 3. Embarrassed 5. Unit 18 Vacationsp. Lets Listen Task 1. The places the people will visit are: Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Thailand 2. London, Oxford, France, Switzerland, Italy 3. Los Angeles, Denver, Washington, D. True 2. Los Angeles: She plans to shop. They wont have the time on this trip. Theyve been there before. Tactics For Listening Expanding1. Probably happened 4.

Probably happened 2. Actually happened 3. Actually happened p. Probably happened 6. Actually happened. Unit 20 Opinionsp.

For 2. Against 3. For p. For 3. For Task 2 1. For 6. Against 2. Against 5. Against 4. Against 6. Unit 21 Famous Peoplep. Indiana 3. Indiana 5. New York 2. California 4.

California 6. California Task 2 He won an award He had a starring role He acted in He went to college. Rebel Without a Cause He did modeling Agree 5. Agree 6. Dont agree Task 2 1. False 4. Answer Keyrelease bubbles of carbon dioxide. After step 5: The cheese is matured and dried.

Unit 22 Food and Nutritionp. False 7. False 8. False Task 2 The milk forms a solid substance. The bacteria cultures sometimes Answer Keyeat the food in the refrigerator. Charles has bad breath. His aunt snores.

Lisa borrowed money from the woman. His cousin talks to himself all the time. Someone parked in his parking spot. Unit 23 Predicamentsp. Ask the guest when hes leaving. Dont mention it to her. Dont tell him. Dont lend her anything else.

Tell him you werent feeling well. Say something to them about the dog. His brother-in-law doesnt ask if it is okay to Unit 24 Global Issuesp. Lets Listen Task 1 The correct reasons are 1, 3, 6, and 8. Published on Oct View 4. Introduce 1.

True Copyright c Oxford University Press. False Optional Activity Optional Activity 1. Praise 2. Praise 4. Praise 5. Criticize 3. Plan a meal Task 1 6 6. Doesnt agree 7Copyright c Oxford University Press. True Answer Key Unit 11 Citiesp. Answer Key Unit 12 Urban Life 1. Dislikes 5. Dislikes Unit 13 Special Days 1. Goes out Copyright c Oxford University Press. Frightened Unit 18 Vacationsp.

Lets Listen Task 1 The places the people will visit are: False 1. True Tactics For Listening Expanding1. Actually happened 16Copyright c Oxford University Press. For Unit 21 Famous Peoplep. False 17Copyright c Oxford University Press.

The bacteria cultures sometimes 18 Copyright c Oxford University Press. His brother-in-law doesnt ask if it is okay to 19 Copyright c Oxford University Press. False 20Copyright c Oxford University Press. Tactics for Listening: Tactics for Listening Third Expanding Tactics for Listening, Expanding Tactics for Listening: Unit 2, Tactics for Listening Expanding Documents.