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Read E-Books online Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work (Second Edition) With CD, Download Best Book Outsmart Your. Those who advocate surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation as cancer cures are In her book, Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Tanya Harter Pierce, M.A., MFCC, has a master's degree in clinical psychology and is retired from her counseling practice .

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Outsmart your cancer. Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work Articles lesforgesdessalles.info Power up your mind: learn faster, work smarter / Bill Lucas. p. cm. ways in which you can power Outsmart Your Cancer-Alternative Non-Toxic. Outsmart Your Cancer - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Outsmart Your Cancer.

Animal tests performed between and proved that aspartame caused mammary tumors breast cancer in rats. Among these families were children age 14 years or younger. All rights reserved. Resperin Corporation produced the Essiac formula for widespread use. When one of her family members was diagnosed with cancer that was considered incurable by conventional medicine, she found herself searching for alternative options. The history of Essiac begins in the late s with a Canadian woman who was suffering from advanced breast cancer.

In some cases. I heard that 40 to 50 percent of all cancer cases today are being cured by mainstream medicine. But most cancer patients are not lucky enough to be diagnosed with primary cancer. Once we clear away the fudged statistics and get down to the true reality.

You might say. Ralph W. And when it comes to conventional medical treatments for metastasized cancer. I learned about the official fudging tactics from a variety of sources. In the United States. Ralph Moss is considered to be a leading authority.

Day details her amazing story and reveals the results of her own indepth research into cancer treatments in her numerous videos which can all be purchased from her website www. In Taken primarily from research done by both Dr. In an ever-growing circle of people researching the truth about cancer treatments.

But according to Moss. Though she was pressured by specialists to undergo a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiation. Questioning Chemotherapy. Lorraine Day is an orthopedic trauma surgeon who rose to the position of chief of orthopedic surgery at San Francisco General Hospital. The current cancer authorities.

Moss and Dr. One of Dr. Over the years since then. See ordering instructions at the end of this chapter. I was shocked when I discovered this could include all non-white Americans.

She died. These groups might be less likely to recover for socio-economic or other reasons. According to Ralph Moss. By simply not including certain groups of people. It means that. This is one of the hardest fudging tactics to believe. To add insult to injury. By allowing earlier detection to imply longer survival. DCIS now comprises about 30 percent of all breast cancer diagnoses in the United States and is included in the cure-rate statistics for life-threatening breast cancer as well.

This tactic involves including cancers in their statistics that are easily treatable and not life-threatening. Advances in technology have allowed doctors and researchers to detect cancer on average about six months earlier than they used to be able to detect it. Douglas Brodie. By including types of cancer that are not life-threatening.

This tactic is like adding the risk of being killed by a bicycle or someone on a skateboard when compiling the statistical likelihood of being killed in a car crash! This tactic is subtle but important. This is a particularly treacherous way the cancer industry manipulates statistics.

But the reality is that no improvement in long-term survival has occurred at all. What is not accurate. According to Dr. By deleting patients from studies who die too soon. Over the decades. The cancer authorities were able to improve their publicized cure rates even more when they took this brilliant step years ago. It takes very little research to see that these statistics are not real. All we need to know is that in just one year Because these tactics are now institutionally ingrained in mainstream cancer treatment and research.

This is a double standard that shows an institutional lack of integrity and is definitely not consistent with true scientific method. Lorraine Day. The Cancer Reality Today 11 What this means is that it has become an acceptable practice in official cancer studies with human patients to simply drop a patient from the records if he or she dies from cancer before the treatment protocol is considered to have been completed.

Most of them were developed and pioneered by highly respectable physicians or scientists—not quacks or con artists. This huge industry is run by powerful pharmaceutical companies and even bigger corporate cartels.

The best of the alternative. The truth is that there have been many highly successful cancer treatments developed over the past century that should have been incorporated into mainstream medicine. But these successful cancer treatments have been suppressed to one degree or another. This is not at all how it works. Another is that Americans are dying of cancer at a rate approximately equivalent to ten September 11th terrorist attacks every month!

The suppression has been carried out in many different ways by many different organizations and is simply the result of business economics and. One misconception is that.

But that does not mean there is a broad conspiracy by big business to pollute the environment. In both cases. This means that. The Cancer Reality Today 13 common unethical tactics that tend to occur when large money interests are involved in any field.

Most of the successful alternative approaches involve much more powerful treatments than that. When it comes to the environment. Another misconception about alternative treatments for cancer in general is that they simply involve going to the nearest health food store and buying everyday types of supplements.

Without a patent. If you find it hard to believe that doing this would be a successful way to overcome such a powerful health challenge as cancer. That would be ludicrous and would show a total lack of understanding that the way big businesses get where they are is by being profit-motivated.

Common costs are to million dollars in the United States. This is rarely how it is done. In the same way. There is actually an amazing human story going on in the world of. What they have to offer is always going to be an economic threat to the multi-billion-dollar cancer establishment. Unfortunately for the public. With conventional medicine failing most cancer patients.

And when they are told there are. For those people with cancer who let the disbelief factor win. And large numbers of them are winning! They are beating their cancer even though conventional medical experts are claiming that what they are doing cannot be done. This is the disbelief factor at work. Their disbelief keeps them from doing any further research on their own. They trust their doctors. They are beating their cancer even though the big insurance companies are not recognizing or paying for the treatments they are using.

As you can see. Book Ralph W. That is why cancer patients who are doing alternative treatments will so often hear from their conventional doctor monitoring them. To order. The Cancer Reality Today 15 other than the big three of surgery. The fact that the disbelief factor is alive and well is the third basic truth of the cancer reality today.

Video Lorraine Day. The good news. But before we delve into those approaches. New York: Equinox Press. The almost total separation between conventional and alternative therapies requires patients to do their own homework if they are to make a fully informed decision about their treatment. The Cancer Industry. Understanding these causes is important for the cancer patient because it Other than knowing that too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer. And they are wondering how this could have happened to them.

M ore and more people who have never smoked. What the public does not know. If breast cancer were a genetically inherited disease. Clouatre wrote in their book. As recently as the s. There are many other examples of dramatic rises in cancer rates as well.

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Stoff and Dr. Although it is certainly possible that a predisposition to a few cancers may be genetically inherited. As an example. Lorraine Day presents two compelling reasons why we must assume that most cancers are not genetically inherited. The Prostate Miracle.

Her first reason is based on the incredible rate at which cancer incidence has risen over the past century. What about cancer being genetically caused? I will go out on a limb here and say that most cancers are not a result of genetic inheritance. In her video. Since the women of today are so closely linked genetically with their grandmothers. For example. It has been estimated that a whopping 30 percent of all cancer deaths in the United States are attributable to tobacco smoke.

In countries where certain types of cancer are particularly rare.. When it comes to cancer. This is critical for people to understand. Both breast cancer and prostate cancer have been strongly linked to pesticide exposure. There are many things in our inner physiological environment that can either promote or suppress the actions of certain genes within cells. But attributing cancer to dietary factors alone is misleading.

As you will see. The confusing issue is that cancer does. Robert Barefoot and Carl Reich. Nutritional deficiencies can also contribute to gene damage. This means that if everyone were to suddenly stop smoking. This sort of rise in all types of cancer would not be happening if cancer were primarily genetically caused.

But that does not mean it is an inherited condition. This is because there are also many factors that will determine whether or not the initial spark will turn into a raging forest fire or not. What if someone were to ask the question: This is not to say that a predisposition to cancer is never inherited.

When cancer appears to run in families. In general. But very little has been proven about this to date. But does a forest fire occur every time one of these triggers happens? I have come to look at these multiple factors as falling into two general categories: These are all examples of factors that can trigger a forest fire. This may be partly why the search for an inherited genetic cause of cancer is so popular.

There may be a very small percentage of cases involving some inherited factor. But many of the control factors can happen. This means that many factors usually go into the development of cancer for any particular person. On the one hand. There are many common triggers. But life in the modern world has skewed the balance between triggers and control mechanisms for cancer. This lack of vital nutritional support can cause our own natural control mechanisms to become compromised and deficient.

Most medical practitioners and researchers agree that. The sad reality is that there are many more triggers to the development of cancer in humans than ever before in history. And on the other hand. In this way. But there are also many natural control mechanisms within our bodies to keep these sparks from turning into raging forest fires of cancer. So too with cancer. Briefly listed. There is just no getting around it. Some are cancer-causing triggers.

For each of these categories. Each item above is listed in bold where it first appears in the following text. When we. The more and more commonly occurring soil depletion results from overcropping and the use of chemical fertilizers that do not maintain a proper balance of minerals in the soil.

Two of the most important are the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are another nutritional category critical to the healthy functioning of the body yet very deficient in the common modern diet. Yet they are not abundant in the modern Western diet. This means that even our fresh fruits and vegetables may be deficient and imbalanced in their mineral content. Fresh fruits and vegetables.

Outsmart Your Cancer

Diet One of the biggest problems with the modern American diet today is that it typically involves a huge deficiency of fresh fruits and vegetables. The omega-6 fatty acids are primarily found in nuts and seeds. Cooking destroys important natural enzymes that aid the body in assimilating nutrients.

When you think about it. Our modern diet has unfortunately developed around speed. Aspartame is one of the most common artificial sweeteners used today. Both formaldehyde and formic acid are potent carcinogens. The creation of DKP in the body is one way aspartame can trigger cancer. At higher than 86 degrees. If a person tries to reduce his or her sugar intake. One problem is that.

Two years later. Ethanol keeps methanol stable and prevents it. But problems with the modern diet are not only defined by deficiencies. This overabundance of refined sugars and flours contributes to all kinds of physical problems. On the other hand. Aspartame is comprised of 10 percent methanol. Another way is partly related to what happens to aspartame when it exceeds 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Phenylalanine breaks down into diketopiperazine DKP. Even though these studies showed a very clear connection between aspartame and brain cancer. Methanol has been proven to cause damage to the optic nerve which can cause blindness. Refined sugars and refined flours which are metabolized like sugar in the body are hundreds of times more prevalent in the common modern diet than in the natural diets humans thrived on for millennia. One year after that. There are currently more than 5.

This is because thousands of pallets of diet drinks were shipped to Desert Storm troops where they were left to sit for weeks at a time in degree Fahrenheit heat. In it. And parents may want to be extra diligent about checking the ingredients list of anything sweet they give their children.

Given the high rate of brain cancers and leukemias in children these days. Nutritionist Janet Starr Hull. The brain seems to be particularly susceptible to these types of damaging substances and some neurosurgeons have found high levels of aspartame in brain tumors after the tumors were surgically removed and examined. These side effects include debilitating MS type symptoms. But out of the 74 studies funded by the aspartame industry e.

Animal tests performed between and proved that aspartame caused mammary tumors breast cancer in rats. Besides cancer.. And in and the Ramazzini Foundation in Bologna. But brain cancer is not the only type of cancer aspartame has been linked to. The link to breast cancer. Italy completed animal studies that indicated a link between aspartame and the development of leukemia and lymphoma in both male and female rats and mammary gland tumors breast cancer in female rats.

Hull states that out of 90 independently-funded studies. Environment This category of cancer-causing factors is probably the worst offender. And more of these toxins are directly carcinogenic than most people realize. None of the cells of the body can work at optimum functioning levels if they are chronically dehydrated. They are also high in phosphorus.

Pesticides are amply sprayed onto our food crops and are also used for household or garden insect control. All caffeinated drinks. One primary source of these invisible chemicals is pesticides. These dangerous substances cannot be completely removed by washing the fruit or vegetable before eating it because they are absorbed into the fruit or vegetable as it grows.

But they are either high in sugar or high in aspartame or some other artificial sweetener. We eat. This happens in large part as a result of the pesticides being washed into the soil around the crops and then being absorbed by the plants as they take up water and nutrients from the soil.

And many sodas contain caffeine. This is not true. The pesticides sprayed onto crops get into our foods. In our modern world. But some of the worst chemicals. Israel enacted a strict ban of certain pesticides that had been linked to breast cancer.

Because so many of the pesticide chemicals have estrogenic properties. Over the next 10 years. The Israeli study that had identified these pesticides found them to occur at much higher concentrations in the malignant tissues of women with breast cancer when compared to normal breast tissues. But even those people who are conscientious about buying only organic foods will probably also be ingesting at least some pesticides.

Many pesticides produce a potent estrogenic effect. There was an 8 percent overall decline. Over the years following the ban. This can cause a cumulative buildup over the years.

This scary possibility may be one explanation of why so many young children these days are developing cancer. Many of the carcinogenic compounds in pesticides do not easily break down over time. Previous to this. This is because. One of the pesticide chemicals that Israel banned in was DDT. More details on their relationship to cancer are covered in Chapter Pesticides are similar to artificial sweeteners in that small exposures to them may be considered harmless.

Used in lawn products since What these researchers found was that: Among these families were children age 14 years or younger. Herbicides that are sprayed on lawns and crops to kill weeds also can contribute to cancer. After dredging up this massive amount of dirt. But the use of pesticides on crops is not the only way we are exposed to pesticide carcinogens.

At some point in the future. According to the article. Half of these children were already diagnosed with leukemia mostly acute lymphoblastic leukemia. A revealing Los Angeles Times newspaper article from June 1. They occur largely as a result of chlorinating public water supplies.

Chlorine byproducts. In the following paragraphs. But since they are such important issues. But many of the most carcinogenic environmental pollutants we are exposed to on a daily basis are ones that most of us are not at all aware of.

The biggest invisible culprits may be chlorine byproducts. According to the Times article. These add up to about The public was fooled into accepting water fluoridation because the original tooth-decay prevention tests were done using calcium fluoride.

Besides many other serious health problems. To researchers who have studied it. Dean Burk. The microscopically small fibers from asbestos get into the air we breathe and. Fluoride is currently a controversial issue. We have heard bad things about it and have also heard that it has been largely banned and regulated.

Exposure to fluoride contamination in modern countries is virtually inescapable. See the Appendix for more information on the history of fluoridation and studies that link it to cancer. Calcium fluoride is the type of fluoride found naturally in water and plants. Read the Appendix to see how you may be ingesting dioxins every time you eat beef or dairy products. Another environmental cancer-triggering substance most people rarely think about is asbestos.

But it appears to be controversial only on the political level. Countless buildings all over the United States still contain asbestos insulation that releases microscopic fibers into the air. Public Health Service that showed fluoride to be a cancer-causing agent at the lowest concentrations used. Through water sources. Back in Last but not least. Agnes Moorehead. Virtually every man. Once breathed into the body or ingested into the intestinal tract.

It took many years before the use of asbestos was regulated in the United States. They are also virtually indestructible.

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Fiberglass has not been studied as much as asbestos. For three months. It is as yet unknown as to how much fiberglass pollution is in the air we breathe. For more details on asbestos and cancer. For more details on fiberglass and cancer.

Susan Hayward. Air circulating through air condition and heating vents can pick up and circulate microscopic pieces of this material from the insulation packing. According to cancer researcher Ralph W. This location was about miles downwind from atomic bomb testing sites. See the Appendix for more details. Congress officially apologized to the citizens of Utah and other areas downwind from nuclear testing. This is a controversial subject as well.

Those who died of cancer included John Wayne. It has been estimated that in the 20th century asbestos killed something like This wind-blown fallout from domestic tests. After all. But it also settled onto our crops and into our soil and water.

Your pdf outsmart cancer

Many of the detonations were carried out underground. That is why nuclear fallout is capable of causing so many different types of cancers over a very long period of time. Since many of the damaging radioactive substances that settled into our water and soil have a very long half-life. And since the NCI was only looking at the effects of one of the many radioactive isotopes generated.

This means that they keep on emitting radioactivity for a very long time. We still breathe them into our bodies when dust blows through the air. The important thing to remember about nuclear fallout is that some of the radioactive substances take only about 30 years to deteriorate. Even the National Cancer Institute finally admitted in a government report in that fallout from bomb tests carried out in the s could have caused up to Once ingested.

For more details on nuclear radiation and cancer. This is because cigarette smoking has also been linked to cancers of the head.

The director of the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention has estimated that tobacco smoke alone accounts for about 30 percent of all cancer deaths in the United States. One of the next biggest cancer-triggering modern lifestyle choices has to do with the use of synthetic hormones by women. Many modern women have chosen to use birth control pills or to take synthetic hormones for relief from menopause symptoms.

John Diamond. It is also a very disturbing category. Of the lung cancer cases that are tobacco-related. Without a doubt. Whether or not long-term use of birth control pills can cause cancer is still a controversial subject.

Among a number of studies linking cigarette smoke to cancer incidence. It has been estimated that approximately This will be discussed in more detail in Chapter The subject of toxic teeth is still controversial. Some researchers believe that a majority of breast cancer occurrences may be caused by medical X-rays given for diagnosing chest and lung problems.

There are 8 to10 million women currently using HRT. The most common dental practices that have been linked to cancer are: That adds up to The spin doctors calmly stated that for every Another choice common to modern living is the use of X-rays. Chapter 21 presents more details on toxic teeth and what you can do about them.

One of the most insidious sources of contributing factors to cancer. Walter Willett.. Not everyone has toxic teeth. It does. Possibly one of the saddest realities today is that the common practice. Sounds benign. He refers to the current common HRT prescriptions of Premarin and Provera in the following statements: The downplaying of the risk of using animal-derived and synthetic HRT is even more despicable. Using conservative numbers.

This subject is also very controversial. These parents went through agony when their small son was diagnosed and suffered through two brain operations and then chemotherapy. Then his parents researched the available material on these vaccines. If a parent were found injecting any of these substances into a child. Taken from www. What they found out was horrifying. One couple whose two-year-old son was diagnosed with the most common type of pediatric brain cancer—medulloblastoma—did their own informal research.

Alexander had gotten numerous pediatric vaccines. Yet these potent carcinogens are in most childhood vaccines. After their little boy Alexander died. He had been a strong child. Chronic stress is probably the most common type of modern stress. But even without fast-paced lifestyles. Mothers and fathers who try to juggle full-time jobs while raising children and dealing with extracurricular school activities.

This monkey virus.

Your pdf outsmart cancer

These tend to be the personality traits. When this was discovered. Chronic stress can result from a lifestyle that creates daily situations where a person is constantly feeling as though he or she is racing against the clock or on the edge of a crisis. Another common aspect of modern life that is connected to lifestyle choices is stress.

It is obvious that Big Pharma is counting on people not understanding what lymphoma is. It can cause higher than optimum stress hormones to be produced by the body on a daily basis. For anyone diagnosed with lymphoma.

Is It All Doom and Gloom? It is clear that. After reading about so many possible cancer-promoting factors in the modern world. The adrenals are the glands that respond to stress the most and they release stress-related hormones.

It is not always easy to prove whether a prescription drug can cause cancer or not. This can then lead to pH imbalance. If they are chronically stressed over time. Along with other weakening effects of environmental triggers and deficient control mechanisms in the body. Some types of commonly prescribed drugs such as cholesterol-lowering medications are now being linked to an increased risk of cancer.

It is up to us to not fall prey to the two big conventional medicine lies: There are also things we can do collectively as a public to help ensure better health for our children.

They also may feel guilty or bad about themselves. Because alternative approaches are non-toxic. Understanding something is the first step toward releasing fear about that thing and also toward conquering it.

We can stay away from toxic dental practices. Too many people are being diagnosed with cancer today and feeling totally confused as to why it happened.

On the contrary. In actuality. And there is a very good reason for this. These two lies simply make people feel they are powerless to do anything about cancer. We can stand up for our rights not to have pesticides. Under these circumstances. This brings up the question. Is lung cancer a whole different disease from liver cancer or uterine cancer or prostate cancer?

Are leukemias. Since there appears to be no reason why they should have gotten cancer. Another minor difference is that cancers in sexual organs are generally much more affected by the sex hormones of the body than other cancers are. And the differences that do show up appear to result more from the fact that different types of body cells and body locations are involved in different diagnoses of cancer.

What you will discover in the following pages is that. This is for the obvious reason that normal cells of sexual organs tend to have more receptor sites for those types of hormones. Understanding these common characteristics can help take the mystery out of cancer—but more importantly. The simple answer is that conventional medicine tends to look at cancers in different parts of the body as different diseases.

This difference is linked to the type of cell involved in that particular system of the body. And yet another minor difference that may be caused by the location of cancer in the body is the circulatory system that is involved. The final key is provided by the fact that non-toxic treatments can safely be administered over long.

Although there are some minor differences among differently diagnosed cancers. One minor difference the location of cancer can cause is the speed at which the cancer cells grow. But in the alternative cancer treatment field. These are not all of the alternative strategies that have ever been used. In the next section. If you are currently dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Later approaches tended to be more completely understood and scientific explanations are presented in those chapters along with studies and case stories.

The first two nontoxic methods for cancer that were widely used in the U. Different non-toxic approaches may target different characteristics of cancer. These herbal approaches were observed to work and are still working for many people today. Even without full scientific understanding. To give the reader a historical sense of these remarkable approaches. In recent years, modern science has proven that many herbs do, in fact, have cancer-fighting properties. They can act very much like a potent drug as well.

For instance, some herbs have direct cytotoxic effects on the cancer cells themselves, while not harming other cells of the body. And still other herbs have anti-microbial properties.

The Hoxsey therapy was the first widely used alternative non-toxic treatment for cancer in the modern United States. Still obtainable today, it is a treatment that consists of an herbal topical salve, an herbal topical powder, and an herbal internal tonic. Though many people have never heard of it, this treatment approach was very successful and was actually Around , at the height of the Hoxsey therapy, the main Hoxsey clinic in Dallas, Texas had 12, patients and was the largest private cancer center in the world.

There were also subsidiary clinics in 17 other states. History The history of the Hoxsey therapy is a colorful one. Harry Hoxsey, an American man born in , was the person responsible for the widespread use of the Hoxsey therapy for cancer. But the herbal remedy had started farther back in time, and had been passed down to Harry by his great-grandfather, John Hoxsey.

It was John Hoxsey, a horse breeder in Illinois, who developed the herbal remedy in the mids. According to the story as Harry told it, in his great-grandfather John had a stallion that was expected to die as a result of having developed a cancerous lesion on its leg.

He noticed that the horse exhibited atypical behavior by grazing primarily on one clump of shrubs and flowering plants. Through experimentation, he developed an herbal tonic, salve, and powder from them.

Outsmart Your Cancer-Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work

Some think John Hoxsey may have also gotten input from some of the local Native Americans about the use of these plants, but no one knows for sure.

He then started using these remedies to treat other horses suffering from external cancers or other types of lesions. But he started to quietly use the herbal treatments to help humans with cancer as well. When Harry was eight years old, he began assisting his father in administering these treatments to some of the local people. These were generally people who had no other hope for recovery, and the Hoxsey remedies were having success.

Harry wanted to do this and enjoyed helping people. He decided to become trained as a doctor so he could legally administer the remedies to cancer patients. But coming from a poor coal-mining family, he had to work very hard to start saving money for medical school. Kenny Ausubel wrote the most in-depth and well-documented book about the history of the Hoxsey therapy, titled When Healing Becomes a Crime: According to Ausubel, Harry did not want to treat any person with cancer until he had obtained his medical license.

He tried to avoid doing this, but eventually treated some of them out of the goodness of his heart. Unfortunately, Harry later discovered that his efforts to get a medical license would never be successful because, as a result of treating some of these desperate cancer patients without a license, Harry was blackballed from entry into medical schools. Finally, one physician convinced Harry that he could legally administer his remedies to cancer patients as long as he was working as a medical technician under the supervision of a licensed physician.

He was just in his early twenties, but he was a bright and energetic young man. The Hoxsey remedies were very successful, which brought more and more cancer sufferers to his door. Then, in , when Harry was only 23 years old, he opened the first official Hoxsey Cancer Clinic in Dallas. It was operational into the s and eventually became the biggest private cancer center in the world. The Hoxsey therapy was mostly known for its success with external tumors on the surface of the body.

People with external cancers were treated with an herbal paste applied directly onto the tumor and given a liquid herbal tonic to drink as well. People with internal cancer that showed no external signs were just given the tonic. Certain dietary changes were also recommended to patients in general, along with a few nutritional supplements.

Though it was not proven at the time, botanists have since found all of the herbs in the Hoxsey tonic to have various anti-cancer properties. And the external salve contains bloodroot, which has been used by Native Americans to treat cancer for centuries. But Harry Hoxsey was a renegade self-taught healer, and because he was not a doctor of medicine, he was constantly being arrested for practicing medicine without a license. Technically, he ran his treatment facilities legally because he always maintained a supervising physician with a valid license.

But despite this fact, and maybe because established doctors felt threatened by him, Harry Hoxsey is said to have been arrested more times than any other person in medical history! According to Ausubel and others, the biggest reason that Harry Hoxsey kept getting arrested was because the powerful head of the American Medical Association, Morris Fishbein, was out to get him.

Thereafter, it is well documented that the ruthless Fishbein conducted a personal vendetta against Hoxsey. Unfortunately for Hoxsey, the American Medical Association was just coming into its own as a powerful organization, and Morris Fishbein was not only the head of this organization, but also editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA.

This journal was becoming a powerful force, and Fishbein used it as his primary vehicle for discrediting the Hoxsey therapy. In this way, it soon became political suicide for a doctor or other medical expert to even consider using the Hoxsey treatment. What kept saving Hoxsey was the success of his treatment as well as his own tenacious character. Virtually every time Harry was arrested, groups of his cancer patients would gather outside the jail as a show of support. The crowds got bigger and bigger, and people brought Hoxsey homemade food and sang hymns outside the jailhouse all day long.

Eventually, the wardens would release him. According to Ausubel, in one case, a local deputy sheriff refused to serve Hoxsey with a subpoena, even though he was ordered to do so, because the deputy sheriff himself was undergoing treatment for cancer with Hoxsey. And over the many years he was charged with practicing medicine without a license, not a single cancer patient ever testified against him. Over a two-year period, Templeton had Harry arrested more than times.

He went through conventional treatment and a colostomy. At this point, Mike secretly went to the Hoxsey clinic for treatment and ended up completely recovering from his cancer. Mildred was trained in conventional medicine and tried to talk her own mother out of receiving the Hoxsey therapy for cancer in According to Ausubel, Ranch wife Della Mae Nelson had uterine cancer that had been extensively treated with twenty units of X-ray and thirty-six hours of radium.

Wasted to eighty-six pounds, she was bleeding internally, so severely impaired that she had to learn to walk all over again. Then the cancer recurred. She, too, completely recovered from her cancer as a result of the Hoxsey therapy. Della Mae Nelson died about 50 years later, in , at the age of ninety-nine. She had outlived most of the conventional doctors and nurses that had treated her. Mildred found Harry Hoxsey to be a compassionate, admirable man with many talents.

He seemed to have almost a psychic thing of what would work for this particular person. By the s, conventional cancer treatment had already become focused on surgery, radiation, and the fast-growing field of chemotherapy.

All of the Hoxsey clinics admitted and treated any cancer patient who came to them, even those that could not pay. Many times Hoxsey then drove them to a local place where they could.

In reality, Hoxsey was following the advice his father had given him when he handed the responsibility of the family remedies over. His father said: Now you have the power to heal the sick and save lives. You can cure thousands, tens of thousands. Abe Lincoln once said God must have loved the common people because he made so many of them.

Promise me that! After the two-day inspection, which included examining hundreds of case histories and talking to patients and ex-patients, this independent group of physicians made a stunning public conclusion. They reported that the Hoxsey clinic. Accepting the standard yardstick of cases that have remained symptomfree in excess of five to six years after treatment, established by medical authorities, we have seen sufficient cases to warrant such a conclusion.

Some of those presented before us have been free of symptoms as long as twenty-four years, and the physical evidence indicates that they are all enjoying exceptional health at this time. We as a Committee feel that the Hoxsey treatment is superior to such conventional methods of treatment as x-ray, radium, and surgery. We are willing to assist this Clinic in any way possible in bringing this treatment to the American public. Here, finally, was the type of official medical endorsement that Hoxsey had been looking for to help him spread the treatment to more and more people.

Unfortunately, this was not to be. The report of the 10 independent doctors was ignored by all influential parties. Thus, Hoxsey was not only powerfully opposed by Morris Fishbein but also by others in the cancer industry.

Even though Hoxsey repeatedly pleaded with these. Hoxsey sued Fishbein and the Hearst newspaper for libel and slander, and 50 of his cancer patients testified on his behalf in court. Fortunately, Harry Hoxsey won the lawsuit, although he was only awarded 2 dollars by the court. Referring to Dr. Morris Fishbein after the Hoxsey lawsuit, Walters writes: Fishbein was forced to resign.

The Hoxsey clinic in Dallas closed its doors in , and its long-time chief nurse, Mildred Nelson, ended up moving the operation to Mexico where she faithfully administered the treatment for many more years. Thus, the Hoxsey therapy was finally pushed out of the country and effectively denied from the American public at large. After a lifetime of fighting conventional medicine, Harry Hoxsey died in Paul Peters, M.

He vehemently said that before his death Harry was free of cancer. Among other things, readers will learn: Tanya Harter Pierce, M. When one of her family members was diagnosed with cancer that was considered incurable by conventional medicine, she found herself searching for alternative options. She also found that this information wasn't easy to understand or to sort through quickly, so she organized what she learned from her research into this easy-to-read guide.

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