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The hunters destiny rising pdf

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Destiny Rising is the gripping conclusion to the Hunters arc in the New York Times bestselling series, created by L. J. Smith, which also inspired the hit CW. The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters: Destiny Rising, created by L.J. Smith (written by somebody), is the third and final book in The Hunters Trilogy as well as the. 10 the Vampire Diaries,The Hunters Destiny Rising. Cargado por ladynoelia Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content.

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Destiny Rising (The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters #3) Destined for danger Elena has faced countless challenges - escaping the Dark Dimension, defeating . Destiny Rising is the gripping conclusion to the Hunters arc in the New York Times bestselling series, created by L. J. Smith, which also inspired the hit CW TV. This Pin was discovered by Pdf Album. Discover (and save!) your own The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters: Destiny Rising Book HuntersYa BooksGreat.

BAMA At least you have a little bit of a heart. At some point, I wanted to rip her neck off. Long story short: Like the previous covers, this cover has a person who looks like a character in the actual book—and the character on the cover is Bonnie.

LJSmith 06.2 - The Hunters; Moonsong.pdf - CREATED BY L J...

Subscribe to view the full document. I cannot even describe how much Course Hero helped me this summer. In the end, I was not only able to survive summer classes, but I was able to thrive thanks to Course Hero. BAMA LJSmith My heart is pounding, my mouth is dry, and my hands are shaking. Things I never imagined were real. In the same dorm, only a couple of floors away will be my beloved Stefan.

No, seriously, what? You just made me laugh out loud and rip out the page at the same time. Meredith may be a skilled vampire hunter, but in all previous books it was mentioned time and again she was no match for experienced, century-old vampires like Damon, Stefan and Katherine. So what the hell is this? Since when has Meredith, boring old Meredith become the most powerful member of the gang?

Pdf the hunters destiny rising

Another great joke. Who in their right mind would want the earth to be guarded by a teenage girl who took seven books and more to decide between which vampire brother she wanted to date for, oh, all eternity? Not me, in any case. Strange to say my favorite character in this madness-galore, was Katherine. At least she had some dignity. Or at least, go off into the sunset with Damon or something. But once again, for the ghostwriter and the publisher or whoever orchestrated that L.

Not so. The plot has been used before same old evil to fight, with the same old traits and function, namely next to none. Klaus is hardly as powerful as he appears. In fact, I would have had more fun watching YouTube advertisments than reading through those scenes. The characters are cardboard figures meant to annoy us to death.

I could live with the guy, if only he had a personality. He falls down to the same cardboard-figure level of the rest. I wish Katherine had an ounce of evil left in her and had told him to man up, and who knows, maybe they could go kill some humans together. Damon eerily reminded me of Spike from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, when he was stripped of all his awesome vampire-qualities and reduced to a whining wreck in the name of great, almighty love.

This book is garbage.

Destiny Rising by L.J. Smith

Go buy something else. Give your money to charity. Hell, throw it in the garbage bin, it has more purpose there than being wasted on this book. Oct 13, hayden rated it did not like it Shelves: Although, thank you Harper for letting LJ keep the title she came up with for another book. At least you have a little bit of a heart. Props to the people in the comments who let me know of this occurrence. View all 16 comments. Feb 09, Ria rated it did not like it.

The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters: Destiny Rising

I have more pages but we know it's not gonna get better Oct 24, Rina rated it did not like it. What are they doing to this wonderful series???? Please people; stop writing this garbage that you are trying to pass as VD material I am so angry and disappointed after reading this book I feel like crying. This book is badly written, boring, senseless and so dull it made my head hurt. The reason why these ghost writers don't leave this series alone escapes me. I do not understand why they are butchering those beloved characters into parodies of themselves.

It is SAD Don't even What are they doing to this wonderful series???? Don't even bother reading this crap. If you are a true fan of Elena, Damon and Stefan besides the other characters this book will leave you reeling with anger Oct 03, Ana rated it did not like it Shelves: After all this crap That's the best you can do?

I admit I would have re-considered reading it if the end was different You bring Damon back to life just for Elena to reject him? Mar 10, Stephanie Bain rated it it was ok. I definitely just read it to read it and get another book for my yearly goal Jan 26, Amberock72 rated it it was amazing. Elena faces many decisions in this book in the Vampire Diaries: The Hunters.

Rising pdf hunters destiny the

Her first decision was to choose between the two beautiful Salvatore brothers. She also learns that she has the option to be a Guardian of earth. But there is a new threat to the world and Elena and her friends will do whatever they can to save it from the dang Elena faces many decisions in this book in the Vampire Diaries: But there is a new threat to the world and Elena and her friends will do whatever they can to save it from the danger.

The Vitale vampires raised old powerful Klaus from the dead and now he is out to get Elena for killing him. Being a Guardian will help Elena in the fight against Klaus because she will receive new powers. After she meets another fellow earth Guardian and realizes she can still be herself while being a Guardian, she decides she will be one.

Damon isn't taking rejection well and he goes back to his old ways of killing innocent girls while feeding. This upsets the Guardians and they tell Elena to kill Damon as one of her task as earth Guardian. Elena has the option of killing Damon and accessing her full powers as Guardian to fight Klaus and save her friends and world form danger.

She is determined to not have to make that choice and tries to find another way to save the world without killing Damon. This was probably the most intense book out of the three Vampire Diaries: He is just getting the shorter end of the stick in this book. I was also happy for Elena that her mind is finally at peace with who she really loves with all her heart. This book had a lot more action and fighting in it than the others. The way the author describe the fights scenes was easy to understand of what was going on.

Mysteries are finally revealed in this book and it shocked me when I read them. I would recommend this book to anyone who is fan of vampire and romance novels. This book has a nice balance of both love and vampires. You would never expect what happens next and it keeps you wondering what is going to happen.

Also not everyone is as they seem. The characters true selves and identities might shock you. Feb 10, Laura Salvatore rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Vampire Diaries are a series of novels written by L.

I picked up the first and second book in early December and was hooked by the end of it. I loved the plot, the characters and even the damn setting was amazing and made the novel much more effective. I was literally screaming at the end of the second novel. With that being said, I bought the third, fourth and fifth books a couple of The Vampire Diaries are a series of novels written by L. With that being said, I bought the third, fourth and fifth books a couple of days later and finished all three of them in four days.

I couldn't put them down! By the end of January, I had caught up with the series.

10 the Vampire Diaries,The Hunters Destiny Rising

I had read and was ecstatic about the release of book 9 in March. I was even more ecstatic when I got the ninth book for my birthday. I finished that within a week it took me longer to read as we were in Orlando at the time on holidays and the only chance I got time to read was on the plane a nine hour flight , in the queues for the rides or in the car going to the parks None the less I finished it and could not wait until October for the 10th and final book.

I got the 10th book the day it came out and finished it a week later on the bus coming back from my friends house. I was very sad that the series had ended and wished for more books. The final ending was indeed very good and all loose ends are tied together Including the mystery of why Elena and Katherine look alike! I have re-read the books so many times at this stage and I still love them to bits! I haven't been able to find a vampire series since that has been as good as The Vampire Diaries and I honestly think that the novel series should be more well known.

The Vampire Diaries are my favourite series of books and wouldn't be replaced for a long long time! Oct 17, Kimberly Bailey rated it did not like it. Oct 26, T. Yes, I am aware of the ghostwriter issue. I'm also aware that L. Long story short: I bet there were a lot more reasons she was fired than she'll ever say, and since the publisher isn't divulging anyhing, the readership will never know the whole story.

Oct 29, Amanda rated it did not like it. It sucked. There is nothing else I can possibly say about it. On a side note - I read the book online, for free. I refuse to buy it because I don't support the fact that a publishing company ruins good literature for the sake of profits and popular opinion. If only L. Smith had finished the series the way she wanted to Sep 26, Kaylie Newman rated it did not like it. Elena was a complete character with her own personality.

Part of this personality was her stubbornness and an unwillingness to give up. Prone to give in wher she was stubborn and unswerving. Feb 23, Carly Fries rated it liked it. Summary of the Story Before the gang can stop a still alive maybe next time make sure the bad guy is actually dead before leaving the room, just a thought Ethan from resurrecting Klaus, the unthinkable happens.

And he's also brought along an army of the previously dead, including Katherine, and Meredith's sort-of brother Cristian. Elena realizes she needs to become a true Guardian in order to defeat Klaus, so she has Professor James summon another Earth Guardian, Andres.

He helps her come into her powers, and she finally gets her first task. But unfortunately, it's to kill Damon. But of course, she won't do it.

The gang tries to hide the fact that Elena can only be killed by non-supernatural things, but Klaus eventually finds out. Katherine goes against Klaus and warns Damon that Elena is in danger. Damon saves her, and they bring the fight to Klaus. Meredith kills her brother, while Klaus escapes with Elena. In the tunnels beneath the campus, he feeds on Elena's blood, which kills him. Andres reveals a legend of a Guardian born of a Principal Guardian whose blood would be a weapon against Originals.

So when Elena finds her mother's journal, she has to accept that her mom was a Guardian who lived a very long time, and that Katherine is actually her half-sister. Elena bargains with the Guardians for Damon's life, and so they link the two of them together. If Damon ever hurts or kills an innocent human being, Elena will in turn suffer or die at his hands as well. Damon promises to honour Elena by learning how to be better, but he thinks it would be easier if he left for awhile. The book ends with Elena telling Stefan she wants to be with him forever, and drinking the Fountain of Youth water to fulfill this wish.

I guess I didn't realize that none of the vampires have actually compelled anyone yet Okay then But book Klaus is just so bleh Shay needs to go away. That version of him shouldn't exist She has to kill Damon! Is it a trap? Fantasy Horror Young Adult Fiction. ATOS Level: Kindle Book Release date: October 23, Availability can change throughout the month based on the library's budget. You can still place a hold on the title, and your hold will be automatically filled as soon as the title is available again.

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