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Mss sp 97 standard pdf

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Branch Outlet Butt Weld. Reducing Sizes MSS-SP Standard Weight and Extra Strong. (1) Dimensions in Millimeters. (2) Weld Bevel in accordance with. MSS MSS STANDARD PRACTICE SP This MSS Standard Practice was developed under the consensus of the MSS Technical Committee and the MSS. Excerpts of this Standard Practice may be qlloted with permission. Credit lines sholiid read 'Extracted from MSS SPJ 2 with permission of the publisher.

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STANDARD PRACTICE. SP i. This MSS Standard Practice was developed under the consensus of the MSS Technical Committee and. edition of MSS-SP Standard-. "Integrally Reinforced Forged Branch. Outlet Fittings." FLEXOLETT reduces the number of fitting. Excellence in Quality is the standard . Design per MSS-SP Standard Weight Fittings are the same as schedule 40 fittings through 10".

Alterna- tively the designation 3M or 6M. Published by VA on September 1, Key changes to this revision include: Upon Requ.. AH appendices, if included, that appear in this document are construed as "supplemental". Jump to Page. Sajib Mahmud Shahriar.

The existence of an MSS Standard Practice does not in itself preclude the manufacture, sale, or use of products not conforming to the Standard Practice. Mandatory conformance to this Standard Practice is established only by reference in other documents such as a code, specification, sales contract, or public law, as applicable.


MSS has no power, nor does it undertake, to enforce or certify compliance with this document. Any certification or other statement of compliance with the requirements of this Standard Practice shall not be attributable to MSS and is solely the responsibility of the certifier or maker of the statement. This Standard Practice shall remain silent on the applicability of those other standards of prior or subsequent dates of issue even though applicable provisions may not have changed.

MSS shall not be held responsible for identifying any patent rights.

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Users are expressly advised that determination of patent rights and the risk of infringement of such rights are entirely their responsibility. Note that supplemental information does not include mandatory requirements. The SI metric units and U. Combining or converting values between the two systems may result in nonconformance with this Standard Practice.

This Standard Practice has been substantially revised from the previous edition.

It is suggested that if the user is interested in knowing what changes have been made, that direct page by page comparison should be made of this document. Non-toleranced dimensions in the Standard Practice are nominal, and, unless otherwise specified, shall be considered "for reference only".

Excerpts of this Standard Practice may be quoted with permission. All rights reserved. Originally Published: June Current Edition Approved: September Current Edition Published: Printed in U. Customary Units SCOPE 1. The values stated in either customary or SI metric units are to be regarded separately as the Standard. Within the body text, the SI metric units are shown in parenthesis.

MSS-SPpdf | Pipe (Fluid Conveyance) | Mechanical Engineering

Combining values from the two systems may result in non-conformance with the Standard Practice. The values stated in each option are not exact equivalents; therefore, each measurement system must be used independently of the other.

Within these limits, the maximum allowable pressure of a fitting shall be that computed for straight seamless run pipe of equivalent material as shown by comparison of composition and mechanical properties in the respective material specifications. The pipe wall thickness corresponding to each Class of fitting, for rating purposes only, is shown in Table 1.

Standard 97 mss pdf sp

See Figure 1. Alternatively, the designation 3M or 6M, as applicable, may be used where "M" stands for 1, The branch connection must reinforce the opening and restore the original strength of the run pipe.

Manufacturers Standardization Society (MSS)

It is the intent of this Standard Practice that these integrally reinforced branch outlet fittings and the deposited weld metal used to attach the fittings to run pipes contain all the reinforcement required by the applicable pressure vessel or piping codes without the addition of saddles or pads.

ASME B The ends are bevelled to facilitate this process, and therefore the weldolet is considered a butt-weld fitting.

Weldolet's are designed to minimize stress concentrations and provide integral reinforcement. The bore matches the outlet bore, and the existence of a counter bore roughly the size of the OD of the outlet provides a socket where the pipe can sit, facilitating installation and welding. The bore matches the outlet bore, and the existence of this threading facilitates installation, as no welding is necessary. Available butt-weld to meet specific reinforcement requirements, and and classes for Socket Weld and threaded applications.

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Available with male-socket weld or male threaded outlets. The attachment weld is easily examined by radiography, ultrasound and other standard non-destructive techniques. Manufactured to meet your specific reinforcement requirements. Available with socket or threaded connections. G enerally the schedules of the run pipe and branch pipe are identical and thus specification of the equivalent schedule Weldolet assures the proper fitting being used.

Designs for thicknesses greater than these can be developed on request.

Sp standard pdf 97 mss

Make sure that the supplier has a design approval for the fitting there are many small outfits out there making their own fittings without any documentation.

Try the site of Bonney Forge.