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Gate 2013 question paper for ece pdf

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Download the previous year question paper of GATE Electronics and .pdf GATE Electronics & Communication ECE Question paper. Click here to DOWNLOAD Gate Solved Paper for ECE lesforgesdessalles.info The link provides solution of Gate paper for ECE by Gateforum. Join discussion of this test paper at lesforgesdessalles.info Question. Papers including section tests and full tests are designed by IISc alumni according.

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Web:lesforgesdessalles.info Index. 1. Question Paper Analysis. 2. Question GATE ECE .. At the receiver, the PDF of the respective received. Question Paper Analysis. 2. Question GATE ECE SET SUBJECT .. The input to a 1-bit quantizer is a random variable X with pdf f (x) e for x and f (x). GATE Examination Solved Question Papers (Previous Years) GATE Papers with Answer Keys free download last 5 year Gate Solved Paper. pdf-download-icon · · pdf-download-icon. · pdf-download-icon · · pdf-download-icon . · pdf-download-icon · · pdf-download-icon. · pdf-download-.

Their respective resistances are R1 and R2. Full Name Comment goes here. In voltage-voltage feedback The return loss of a device is found to be 20 dB. Electronic Devices. C The given oblique incidence is an vertical polarization ie.

Signals and Systems. Analog and Digital Electronics. Electric Circuits and Fields. Electrical and Electronics Measurements. Electrical Machines. Power Electronics. Power Systems. Digital Electronics Instrumentation. Transducer, Mech. Complex Analysis. Functional Analysis.

Linear Algebra. Linear Programming. Numerical Analysis.

GATE ECE Question Papers with Solution, Download PDF!

Ordinary Differential Equations. Partial Differential Equations. Probability and Statistics. Real Analysis. Engineering Mechanics. Fluid Mechanics.

Industrial Engineering. Machine Design. Manufacturing Engineering. Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning. Theory of Machines. Place Order Track My Order. New Customer Register Account. Gate Gate Previous Year Solved Papers.

Paper question ece pdf gate for 2013

Available Soon! Go through our link having the previous year solved papers and get benefited. We will suggest you adopt this strategy: C Exp: Consider a vector field A r. D Exp: Two systems with impulse responses 1 2h t and h t are connected in cascade. Then the overall impulse response of the cascaded system is given by A Product of 1 2h t and h t B Sum of 1 2h t and h t C Convolution of 1 2h t and h t D Subtraction of 2 1h t from h t 2.

In a forward biased pn junction diode, the sequence of events that best describes the mechanism of current flow is A injection, and subsequent diffusion and recombination of minority carriers B injection, and subsequent drift and generation of minority carriers C extraction, and subsequent diffusion and generation of minority carriers D extraction, and subsequent drift and recombination of minority carriers Answer: In IC technology, dry oxidation using dry oxygen as compared to wet oxidation using steam or water vapor produces A superior quality oxide with a higher growth rate B inferior quality oxide with a higher growth rate C inferior quality oxide with a lower growth rate D superior quality oxide with a lower growth rate Answer: B Exp: The impulse response of a system is h t tu t.

For LTI system, if input gets delayed by one unit, output will also get delayed by one unit. Any two paints on same line segment of Bode plot satisfies the equation of straight line. In the circuit shown below what is the output voltage outV if a silicon transistor Q and an ideal op-amp are used? A —15V B —0. Consider a delta connection of resistors and its equivalent star connection as shown below. A Exp: The modulation used is QAM.

Gate Previous Year Solved Papers

In a voltage-voltage feedback as shown below, which one of the following statements is TRUE if the gain k is increased? In voltage-voltage feedback A band-limited signal with a maximum frequency of 5 kHz is to be sampled.

In a MOSFET operating in the saturation region, the channel length modulation effect causes A an increase in the gate-source capacitance B a decrease in the Transconductance C a decrease in the unity-gain cutoff frequency D a decrease in the output resistance Answer: D Use Routh Hurwitz Criteria to get the condition. The transfer function 2 1 V s V s of the circuit shown below is A 0. The return loss of a device is found to be 20 dB.

The concept of matched filter assumes that the input signal is of the same form g t as the transmitted signal except difference in amplitude. Let U and V be two independent zero mean Gaussian random variables of variances 1 1 and 4 9 respectively,.

In the circuit shown below, if the source voltage O SV In the circuit shown below, the knee current of the ideal Zener diode is 10mA.

The following arrangement consists of an ideal transformer and an attenuator which attenuates by a factor of 0. Two magnetically uncoupled inductive coils have Q factors q1 and q2 at the chosen operating frequency.

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Their respective resistances are R1 and R2. Q Factor of a inductive coil. The small-signal resistance B Di. The ac schematic of an NMOS common-source stage is shown in the figure below, where part of the biasing circuits has been omitted for simplicity.

Writing in terms of laplace transform. Consider two identically distributed zero-mean random variables U and V. Let the cumulative distribution functions of U and 2V be F x and G x respectively.

Ece question paper gate 2013 pdf for

The signal flow graph for a system is given below. In the circuit shown below the op-amps are ideal. In the circuit shown below, 1Q has negligible collector-to-emitter saturation voltage and the diode drops negligible voltage across it under forward bias.

D Exp:. There are four chips each of bytes connected to a 16 bit address bus as shown in the figure below. At the receiver, the pdf of the respective received signals for both bits are as shown below. C The given oblique incidence is an vertical polarization ie. A The reflection co-efficient for parallel polarization is given by 2r2 r2 i i r1 r1r i 2r2 r2 i i r1 r1 2 2 cos sin E E cos sin 4. A system is described by the state-variable equations The state-variable equations of the system shown in the figure above are A.

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Paper question pdf 2013 gate for ece

Which one of the following is the best inference from the above statement? A Because I have a nice caller tune B Because I have a better telephone facility C Because a friend in need in a friend indeed D Because you need not pay towards the telephone bills when you give me a ring Answer: C Explanations: Complete the sentence: A commit B to commit C committed D committing Answer: