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Flexible Line features resistance to high-pressure, fire-resistance, heat-insulation and anti-flaming. It is in accordance with API Spec 16C. It is classified into two. American Petroleum Institute. Choke and Kill Systems. API Specification 16C. Second Edition, XXX This draft is for committee balloting. API SPEC*lbC 93 m O m. Specification for. Choke and Kill Systems. API SPECIFICATION 16C (SPEC 16C).

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APIC-pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. API Specification 16C. Choke and Kill Equipment. SECOND EDITION | MARCH | PAGES | $ | PRODUCT NO. G16C This specification. Question 3: In a choke & kill manifold, few low alloy steel items. (crosses, tees, flanged, studded, hubs, etc.) are pressure control parts and are material class DD .

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