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Detective novels in urdu pdf

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Anari By Ahmed Iqbal Complete Anari novel is authored by ahmed iqbal contains an adventurous story in urdu language with the size of 53 mb in complete parts. Zarnia, the Indian Private Detective and Heroin of this novel accepts his .. Imran Series Urdu Novel by Mazhar Kaleem MA in PDF Format. Uqab Eagle is an Action Adventure Urdu Novel by MA Rahat Writer & Novelist serialized in Monthly Imran Urdu Digest. Uqab is story of a young.

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This novel contains an interesting spy fiction story of the famous detective Ali Imran of Pakishia secret services in Urdu language. The story of this novel also. Feb 6, Free Download and Read Online Urdu Spy Detective Novel Aasaibi Duniya Part 2 by Zaheer Ahmed Imran Series Urdu Kitabain pdf «Imran Series. "I don't know Urdu but have knowledge of detective novels of the Subcontinent. There is Sher Dil By M A Rahat Pdf, Books, Fiction Stories, Urdu Novels, Urdu.

Our two intelligent officers will cope with different strange and paranormal situations. Siraj ud Din Sheeda translated this novel into Urdu for the very popular Kamran Series Rawalpindi, introduced back in 70s and 80s to translate popular English crime mystery and detective novels in urdu langauge. Sharma notes that the sales and readership for these novels was at its highest in the early s and that a few of his novels sold in excess of three hundred thousand copies. We hope our Action Adventure Novel Readers will like this book. Urdu Jasoosi Adab ke pahlay or munfarid kirdar Colonel Faridi who was Inspector in initial stories or Captain Hameed who was sergeant in initial stories ka pahla karnama.

Jasoosi , Urdu Novels. August 9, at 6: February 24, at 4: Zahid Phulpoto. August 26, at 1: Basit Khan. September 7, at 1: Muneeb Ali. February 6, at 2: June 24, at 8: Post a Comment. Follow by Email. Popular Posts. Namal is a blockbuster Urdu masterpiece of Ms. Nimra Ahmed. Namal is Zero Blaster by Mazhar Kaleem M. A is another science fiction action thriller novel in the Imran Series.

The story line of this novel is, all muslim countries have setup a secret labortary in the Hockey City of Tarkia where they have developed an advance scientific device that can not only disable any missile or other scienitific equipment but can also trace back the source of attack. A secret agency of Acremia, destroyed this particular labortary and kidnap Dr.

Abdullah, the developer of this device. Abdullah and also sabotage the most modern and advance Acremian Laboratry. You sure will find this fast action pakced science novel very interesting and entertaining. Details Rate Report. Watan Parast. Urdu Jasoosi Adab ka aik or maqbool kirdar, Major Permod ka aik or kaarnama.

Watan Parast Patriot is an spy investigational novel about criminal activities of traitors, who can cross any boundaries to get their own benefits especially to get in power. Yet there are always some patriots to check these traitors. A story of two patriot watan parast students, who put his life in danger to expose the criminal activities of an Ex Prime Minister, who was playing dirty to get in power again on the cost of country partition. Wadi-e Lahu Rang. Tariq Ismail Sagar has once again wrote a master piece on the burning issue of Kashmir and unveiled many historic events and introduced some other characters of this revolutionary campaign, not recorded before.

We hope, Tariq Ismail Sagar fans will also like this book. Total Zero Imran Series. Total zero is a spy action adventure imran series novel by mazhar kaleem. Top Mission. A in the Black Thunder Syndicate Series. Black Thunder is a very powerful Crime Syndicate who wants to rule the world. Its Super Agents and Golden Agents are spread in the world.

Black Thunder wants to resurrect ancient creature Minotaur with the help of DNA Technology, as their new line of super soldiers. This extremely dangerous creature cannot be killed or destroyed with any modern weapon. Pakasia Secret Service was brought forward to fight against Black Thunder Syndicate but most of its members ended up wounded and defeated. Prince of Dark Africa Joseph played a different and important role in this mission?

Did PakAsia Secret Service succeed in this mission? Were they able to destroy the laboratory where they were cloning Minotaur. Tijori Ka Raaz. Tijori Ka Raaz Secret of the safe is the 4th remarkable crime buster novel in Jasoosi Dunia the spy world series. This time there is no murder mystry to solve but its a case of unique burglary where nothing was stolen from the opened Safe. Our two intelligent officers will cope with different strange and paranormal situations.

This novel is not just only a crime investigation story but also disclose the human nature of cheat, fraud and endless greed. This is the 4th novel of Jasoosi Dunia series by Ibn-e-Safi and Kitaab Ghar will present more stories of the same series in coming days. We hope our readers will find this novel as equal as others we produced.

The Hound of Baskervilles. Baskervilles ka aatishi kuta is the Urdu translation of the famous detective novel The Hound of Baskervilles. Miss Rukhsana Nazli exclusively translated this novel for kitaabghar.

Befor that novel you have read her short story Qadeem Khazaney ki talash.

Action Adventure Novels

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the creator of Sherlock Holmes, the best-known detective in literature and the embodiment of scientific thinking. Sherlock Holmes stories have been translated into more than fifty languages, and made into plays, films, radio and television series, a musical comedy, a ballet, cartoons, comic books, and advertisement.

By Doyle was one of the most highly paid writers in the world Taghuti Duniya. See Ali Imran with his personal body guard Joseph in full action against the evil powers with the help of noori ilm. Evil powers from ancient egypt and dark continent Africa plan to attack and sabotage their peers world as well as our world. Ali Imran has to face the un-seen powerful magical powers, and he does not even know how to cope with them. But as, always, with his GOD given ability knowledge, he learnt well and then stands tall in front of the evil powers.

You sure will find this novel, a unique with the different theme and style. Taash Ke Pattay Playing Cards. Taash Ke Pattay Playing Cards by Aleem ul Haq Haqqi is an excellent adventure crime scene investigation and murder mystry fascinating forensic novel, imported from english fiction.

Its a story of one psycho serial killer who wanted to see his name at top of the list of greatest killers of all time. He wanted to kill 52 persons, one victim per playing card starting from Ace of Spade and he was killing daily. Police Detectives and other Homicide investigations authorities were going nuts working hard and day night but could not even trace one hint leading to killer.

But murderer was too smart and careful for them. From start to end its a pure murder mystry and crime investigation thriller and the unique thing about this novel is, the murderer is before your eyes but still he was invisible. Aleem ul Haq Haqqi has translated many top class english novel on variety of topics and we are sure urdu crime fiction readers will like this story.

Super Laboratory Imran Series. Kashan Baqri. Kashan Baqri? Read this Novel Super Laboratory to know the answers. We hope our Imran Series Readers will find this Novel as entertaining thriller as others. Super Agent Safdar. A, who is the most popular Imran Series Writer of this age.

Super Agent Safdar is a novel written with a theme to show the agent's individual performance and capabilities.

Others novel of this series are Dashing Agent, Juliana Mission etc. This time, X2, the chief of Pakasia Secret Service has decided to depute Safdar for a very dangerous and impossible mission of stealing a formula from a military weapon lab established in desert and guarded by state of the art technology. Ali Imran and Pakasia Secret Service Members will cover him to watch his back and make sure his safety in this dangerous mission.

We hope Jasoosi Action Adventure Stories readers will like this novel. Side Track Imran Series. Why Imran was working on side mission and not main mission? Who was working on main mission and where was Pakasia Secret Service? Will Ali Imran and his personal helpers succeed in completing mission? Read the novel to find out.

Sangeen Jurm Imran Series. Sangeen jurm felony crime is a spy action adventure imran series novel by mazhar kaleem ma written under four stars secret service group series. Roshni ka Aghwa.

Very interesting series of mystery solving series by Ishtiaq Ahmad. Reshmi Khatra. In sub-continent, the crime investigation stories are very rare. Most of the stories on Mystry Solving and Crime Investigation is translation from other languages, mainly English. Reshmi Khatra Silky Danger is a crime investigation and mystry solving story, where the private eye private detective is a young beautiful smart lady, who is working on a lethal crime group and had arrested their gang leader and then another master mind criminal from the same group, arise and challenge her to catch him and if un-successful, she will have to marry him.

Zarnia, the Indian Private Detective and Heroin of this novel accepts his challenge. Red Eye Imran Series.

Spy Action Novels

Kamal and to cover this kidnapping; he shot down air plane to give it an accident cover up. When Ali Imran found out about plane crash reason, Colonel Padal attempted an assassination of Ali Imran and caused him severe injuries. Purisrar Cheekhain. This time he is solving a murder mystry, where the murdered person came back alive after 10 years of his death.

One more thing in this novel is the new setup of a special investigational section in Military Intelligence by Ali Imran, which will transform into Pakasia Secret Service in future. Now Ali Imran directly takes orders from Foreign Ministry. X and later Mr. Nakaam Saazish. Written in the background of Second World War, the novel describes the roles of Secret Agents of any country's Secret Service even when there is peace in the country.

The Secret Services have to be vigilant at all times to protect their country from outside as well as inside security threats. Major Permod is one of those spies who are dead honest and loyal to their countries. He is a One-Man-Army. You will see him in a new and different role in this novel. Na Qabil-e-Shikast. Both stories are about sports Tennis and Cricket. The Story Na Qabil e Shikast is about a Tennis Player, who was orphan but became a legendary invincible tennis player.

Every Player of the world wanted to play against and defeat him. He was being haunted by fear of defeat and obsessed with his success. Cricket Player had to make a century or he could be shot to death of Cricket Ground Pitch. The story is a gift for Cricket Lovers. Mulk Barae Farokht. The story although written on the distant and isolated small island Nicaragua of Central America but situation is very much alike Pakistan, where a dictator is willing to sale his country his motherland.

A group of rich businessmen, some gangsters, communists groups and powerful countries jump in to take over this island for its geographic location.

In pdf urdu novels detective

A terrific outclass suspense and action adventure novel indeed, written under International Politics and Power Games. We hope Aleem's fan will also like this novel as they approved the Novel Basaat already published on kitaabghar.

Best Pakistani Books

Mind Blaster. Its story starts with an advance and amazing invention called Down Up and it was used on Pakasia Commandos and they were killed like worms. Later, it was used on Pakasian Atomic Plant Scientists and the all of them went into coma for 72 hours. One Pakasian Scientist invented even advance device, the Mind Blaster, that can not only put men into coma from many miles distance but also damage their brains. Kafirstan stole this invention, its formula and killed the Scientist.

Imran and Pakasia Secret Service must stop Kafristan Agencies to further develop this lethal and barbarous device and its mass attack on Pakasia. Imran and Pakasian Secret Service must take revenge of their commandos who were killed in their sleep. Lards Imran Series Novel. Israel and Kafiristan planned an uprising in the Pakasia.

To make Pakasia politically unstable, they started riots and rebellion in some loosely controlled areas in Pakasia and also blew up one very important laboratory and missiles in it. Who stood against Lards Agency? Did Lards succeeded in killing Imran, Tiger and Julia? Read the novel to find answers to all these questions.

Khofnak Jungle. Urdu Jasoosi Adab ke bani or azeem musannif Ibn-e-Safi ke shareer qalam se aik hasti muskurati tehreer. This is the 2nd novel of Jasoosi Dunia series of Ibn-e-Safi and Kitaab Ghar will present 2 more stories of the same series in coming days.

Khofnak Imarat Imran Series.

Best Action Adventure Spy Novels of Urdu and English (Translated) Literature

Urdu Jasoosi Adab ke sab se pasandida kirdar Ali Imran ka pahla karnama. Urdu Jasoosi Adab ke bani or azeem musannif Ibn-e-Safi ke Qalam se aik hasti muskurati, pur tajassus tehreer. Imran Series silsilay ki pahli kaRi. Karog Imran Series. Tiger also played a vital role in unveiling this conspiracy and digging out the roots of Crog Tribe in PakAsia and Egypt.

Kaghazi Qayamat Currency Crisis. Its a story based on the economic problems and currency crisis. We trade commodities with this paper money. The only thing that distinguishes currency notes from other papers, is the guarantee of governments who issued currency notes.

We all accet this paper currency notes because we have faith in the guarantee of governments. What if we don't believe in the guarantee of government about currency notes?

These currency notes will become only rough piece of papers. No body will want them. What if all worlds currency Dollars, Euro, Dirhams, Riyal, Rupees loose their value and all become just small piece of worthless papers?

Novels urdu detective pdf in

It will lead to a world's greatest recression, economic disaster and doomsday. This time the bad guys have plan to destroy the world economy by another great recession. Read this novel to find out. Jinnati Dunia.

See the Ali Imran with his personal body guard Joseph in full action against the evil powers with the help of noori ilm. Jazeeray per Dhamaka. Urdu Jasoosi Adab ka aik or maqbool kirdar, Major Permod ka aik kaarnama. Jazeeray per Dhamaka Blast on an Island is an spy investigational novel about criminal activities about ammunition factory on the island by well known spy novelist H.

Iqbal is the only successful writer of Ibn-e-Safi-s companions. Likewise Ibn-e-Safi, he introduced some outclass and unique topics in his Novels.

He has written s of stories, and exact figure of his writings cannot be counted. He also wrote stories based on the characters of Ibn-e-Safi, but it was only on his insist. Ibn-e-Safi wanted to test who can write novels on his characters like him and he declared H.