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Thank you for selecting the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Pak for the .. As you guide Link through his adventure, you will find various items. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time - Official Strategy Guide [Nintendo Power] Scan. Game Guides @ Emuparadise. Direct Download: Unforunately this file has. lesforgesdessalles.info3DS - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File ( .txt) or read book online. Zelda 3DS Ocarina of Time game guide.

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The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. Prima's Official Strategy Guide. RETROSPECTIVE. THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. In , owners of the Nintendo. Thank you for selecting the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Pok for the. Nintendo 64 syskim,. Please read this instruction booklet thoroughly to ensure. Welcome to the Ocarina of Time Walkthrough. The guide below is a complete % Walkthrough of Ocarina of Time that will cover a full run through the entire .

It will serve you well in the adventure ahead. Drop a bomb in front of it to reveal a Business Scrub that sells Deku Sticks. How bizarre. However, most things in the shop are not of use to you right now, and chances are good that you have a decent supply of the items you can use—Deku Sticks and Deku Nuts—lef over from the Great Deku Tree. Fire Sanctuary Now, to escape the room and return to the central chamber, use the slingshot to knock loose the ladder hanging above the entrance. Poe Poes are mischievous ghosts that come out at night.

When he has one in hand, Link just needs to wave it in front of a lit torch to ignite it. Te Deku Stick then remains lit for several seconds. If put away before it goes out, Link saves the Deku Stick for later use.

Deku Sticks can also be used as weapons. Link can swipe at enemies while holding a Deku Stick to do damage, esecially when the torch is lit.

Some dungeons and temples have secial tiles made for the Hookshot so Link can zip all around the place. Deku Nuts When thrown at the ground, Deku Nuts explode in a fash of light. Tis stuns most enemies even giant bosses and even damages weak foes. Te fash can disel the elemental qualities of some enemies, like Fire Keese. Stunning an enemy can really help Link get the upper hand in an otherwise daunting situation. Bombs can be ignited and then thrown at enemies from afar, dishing out big damage.

However, bombs are also used to blast through boulders and breakable walls. Many secret grotoes are revealed through strategic bomb placement. Be sure to seek out the Bomb Bag upgrades so Link can carry more bombs on his quest. Tese secial bombs are primarily for solving puzzles, but Link can deploy them in combat to turn back enemies as they close the distance or to surprise an unaware foe. Bombchus are not common items. More powerful than seeds fred from the Fairy Slingshot, arrows are fast and deadly.

In some situations, arrows can be fred through torches and temporarily ignited to light other torches. Lake Hylia Magical Fire Arrows are powered-up arrows that do extra damage to enemies—esecially those made of ice. Fire Arrows also light torches and burn down environ- mental hazards. Gerudo Training Ground Ice Arrows are a magical power-up to regular arrows. When acivated, they freeze most enemies for a few moments, giving Link the chance to close in and strike with a sword.

Ice Arrows are completely optional, but freezing enemies is fun. Link receives Light Arrows just before going into the fnal act of his adventure. Tere are 10 beans, and they go up in prices as Link purchases them.

Plant these beans in soil patches around Hyrule when Link is a child, and then return as an adult. Te Magic Beans grow into sprouts that transport Link to secret places. Pieces of Heart! Link needs an Empty Botle to store Red Potions or any potion when purchased at shops. A Red Potion has just one dose. Te Green Potion replenishes sent magic, which is important for Link when he uses magical arrows, the Lens of Truth, or his magic sells.

Blue Potions replenish both health and magic, making them very valuable—esecially in harrowing boss batles. Link can just walk into a fairy and absorb its healing power. Te touch of a fairy replenishes all lost hearts.

However, Link can trap a fairy in a botle equip a botle to an empty slot and then use it in the presence of a fairy and store it his inventory. If Link falls in batle, the fairy instantly brings him back from the brink with a full set of hearts. Magic Jars are dropped by fallen enemies and found in chests. Tey cannot be stored. Tey are used as soon as Link touches them. Magic Link can discover three magic sells as he explores Hyrule. Tis fame ignites torches and scorches enemies, although it does not do considerable damage.

While this sell is acive, Link does not take damage from enemies, although he can be knocked down or pushed of ledges. Lava also does damage. Tis sell consumes a lot of magic, but in a deserate situation, it can mean the diference between success and failure. Dungeon Items Link fnds four items in almost every single dungeon there are some exceptions, such as the Ice Cavern or the Well. Tese items are needed to see every corner of the dungeon, such as the always-useful Compass.

Te map shows which rooms Link has explored and which still need to be opened. Once found in a dungeon, the Compass reveals the location of all unopened treasure chests and the location of the dungeon boss. Silvery Small Keys are used to unlock doors. Tey can only be used once, but there are always enough of them hidden in a dungeon to open every locked door. Te boss of the dungeon is always hidden away behind a secial locked door.

To open the imposing lock, Link needs to recover the Boss Key from an ornate treasure chest. When acivated again, Link instantly zips to the warp created by the magic sell. The Big Checklis Want a quick reference guide for where critical equipment and items are found? Use this checklist to see when and where Link uncovers the gear he needs to stop the King of Evil.

Tese Progress Boxes track the current heart count and Pieces of Heart if you follow this walk-through to the leter. Tis is a Sheikah Stone. Tere are two of them in Hyrule, including another located in the Temple of Time. Sheikah Stones ofer reels of hint movies to help you always know where you need to go next and how to accomplish goals. Te movies are split into categories based on secifc locations and acivities, and they are revealed as you move deeper into the adventure.

Kokiri Sword Te frst of the two items you should seek out is the Kokiri Sword, a treasure of the Kokiri which you may borrow for a litle while.

To collect the Kokiri Sword, wind through the fences leading to the back wall of the center. Tere is a small hole at the rear of the Forest Training Center.

Sneak through the hole to discover a short labyrinth. Inside the maze, make an immediate turn to the small patch of clover where you fnd a blue Rupee. Now, quickly duck into the alcove with the sign to avoid geting pushed down by a large rolling boulder. Te treasure chest in the alcove at the end of the labyrinth contains the Kokiri Sword. Now equip it on the Gear subscreen on the lower screen, ataching it to the B Buton.

Retrace your steps, and leave the small maze via the hole. Outside the hole, seak to the Kokiri to try out some new moves and atacks with L-Targeting. Tis is a good chance to try out the jump atack, side jumps, and slashes. You need to purchase a Deku Shield from the shop. It costs 40 Rupees. Tere are several ways to earn Rupees in the village, such as rushing through tall grasses and cuting down the smallish grasses around the village.

And be sure to peek inside for Recovery Hearts. Cross the susended bridges to collect a blue Rupee. Jump across the platforms in the stream. Afer collecting 40 Rupees, head for the shop. Chat with the girl above the shop for a short tutorial on L-Targeting and conversations, and then dart inside.

Now you have everything you need to satisfy Mido and approach the Great Deku Tree. However, before you can reach the tree, you must fght your very frst enemies: Deku Babas.

Te Deku Babas drop Deku Sticks, which can be used as makeshif weapons and torches—the later are very important in the frst dungeon of this adventure. Deku Baba Deku Babas are ravenous vegetables that snap at you when you get too close. Because they are plants, they cannot move around. But when they lunge from their immobile positions, they are still prety fast. Watch out for those teeth, and deliver sword strikes to the vulnerable stalk.

Te Great Deku Tree is pleased to see you, although there is a hint of melancholy to its greeting. Te Deku Tree shares its concern for the fate of the world and reveals that it has been cursed by the evil that threatens to befoul Hyrule. Afer charging you to discover the courage within you, the Great Deku Tree opens its mouth, revealing the entrance to its interior.

Guide pdf ocarina of zelda time

You must brave the tree and seek out what curses it. Te boy must take up sword and shield and then enter the depths of the Great Deku Tree to fnd the source of the ills befalling the majestic guardian of Kokiri Forest.

Inside the Great Deku Tree, Link will encounter new enemies much more dangerous than the Deku Baba, including his frst duel with one of the boss monsters aligned with the King of Evil.

Tese are easy pickings—and a good chance to try out atacks. Te Deku Babas ofen drop Deku Nuts. Equip them and try them out. Te fash stuns the vicious veggie so you can go in for a quick stab. Always—always—slash at grass to reveal Rupees, Recovery Hearts, and other goodies. TIP Climb either the ladder or the vines, and then circle around the interior of the tree.

Te large treasure chest along the route contains the Dungeon Map. Now you can see the entirety of the dungeon, although until you recover the Compass, you cannot see the location of treasure chests or the boss. Continue up the ramp until you reach a door. On the other side, you encounter a Deku Scrub. Te Deku Scrub hides in the foor if you get too close.

When the Deku Scrub is dinged by its own nut, it fees to the back wall of the room. Te platform in the center of the room falls when you jump out to it. Fortu- nately, there are vines on the far side of the room. Climb up them. Te treasure chest on the ledge above the vines contains the Fairy Slingshot, your frst projectile weapon.

Tey prefer to atack from a distance, fring Deku Nuts. To defeat the Deku Scrub, refect the nut back at it with a shield. Big Skulltulas look similar to Skull- walltulas, complete with a skull-like shell. Te armor is strong enough to repel sword strikes and projectile atacks. Wait to see its underbelly, and then go in close to fnish it of.

Skullwalltulas are spiders with skull-shaped protective shells. Tey crawl along walls. If you come close to a Skullwalltula, the monster shakes and then rushes you.

If you are climbing near it, the Skull- walltula knocks you of—and potentially to a great deal of hurt.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time - Official Strategy Guide [Nintendo Power] Scan

Te Deku Scrub tells you that to keep from taking heavy damage afer a long fall, press up on the Circle Pad just before you hit the foor. It also leaves behind a Recovery Heart. Behold, the Fairy Slingshot! Now, to escape the room and return to the central chamber, use the slingshot to knock loose the ladder hanging above the entrance. Tis lowers the ladder. Now backtrack to the central chamber so you can use the slingshot to continue exploring the Great Deku Tree.

Climb the vines near the door to locate a small treasure chest that contains a Recovery Heart. TIP 4 Skulltls Back in the central chamber, use the slingshot to blast the Skullwalltulas on the vines leading farther up the interior of the tree.

You cannot shoot while climbing, so target them while you are standing on the ground or a ledge. When you climb to the top ring of the tree, look out for Big Skulltulas. Tey hide in the ceiling. When you get close to the gaps between the cobwebs that line the ring, a Big Skulltula drops down.

Keep back and wait for the Big Skulltula to turn around and reveal its underbelly—its weak spot. Strike the Big Skulltula there to defeat it. Te door at the top of the tree leads to a room with three platforms. When the door closes behind you, bars slam shut over it.

You must fnd a way to lif those bars to leave this room. Pull out a Deku Stick, and ignite it on the lit torch. Now, wave it over the unlit torch on the opposite side of the door.

Te bars go back up. First, step on the nearby foor switch to make the three platforms rise from the foor. Afer defeating the nearby Deku Baba, open the big treasure chest to recover the Compass. Now you can see the locations of all remaining treasure chests! Te very frst Gold Skulltula is in this room, behind the small treasure chest in the side alcove.

Jump across the platforms, defeat the Big Skulltula, and then hop to the ledge with the small chest. To reach the lower foor, you have to take a huge dive. Defeat one of the Big Skulltulas to leave a gap in the webbing that surrounds the top ledge of the tree. Now, run of the edge. Your weight breaks through the cobweb covering the hole in the foor. As you can see on the map, two Gold Skulltulas crawl on the walls in this room.

Step on the nearby switch. Tis ignites a torch behind you, which in turn reveals a treasure chest that contains a Recovery Heart. Now, use a Deku Stick on the torch. Once the stick is lit, cross the water next to the switch.

Burn through the cobwebs in the corner to reveal a door. Another Deku Scrub is beyond the door. Use the same shield technique to refect its Deku Nut atack back at it. Once the Deku Scrub is out of the ground, close in on it. Te Deku Scrub cowers and ofers a hint about the dungeon in exchange for your mercy. Te Deku Scrub says that to get through its brothers at the botom of the tree, you must atack them in the proper order: To escape this room, shoot the eye over the door with the slingshot.

Tis removes the bars in front of the door. You have to get to the other side, but the platform that leads across the water is too high. Trying to ride it across leads you right into the log Swim along the lef side of the water. When the platform rolls away from you, dive down and touch the switch on the botom of the pool. Tis lowers the water. Te platform is now low enough for you to cross beneath the spike-covered log. However, you have to move quickly because in just a few seconds, the water level rises again.

Use the ramp to get out of the water, then jump out to the moving platform and sail under the log. Strike its weak underbelly. Once the Big Skulltula is out of the way, push the block to the right. When the block no longer moves, climb on it, and hoist yourself up to the door on the ledge above. In this next room, you must light the two extinguished torches by using a Deku Stick on the already lit torch. However, you must dispatch Deku Babas before you can safely light the torches and open the door to a room containing dangerous Gohma Larvae.

First things frst: Tree Gohma Larva sacs hang from the ceiling. When you get close to the center of the room, the sacs drop to the foor and open into Gohma Larvae. Try to slash the sacs before they open, but if the Gohma Larvae reveal themselves, L-Target them one by one and sword strike.

You can also shoot the Gohma Larva sacs with your slingshot before they fall to the ground. Look for shadows on the foor to see where the sacs will fall if you get too close. Try to dispatch the larvae while they are still in sacs. If the Gohma Larvae are exposed, circle around them and atack with a sword. Fortunately, Gohma Larvae have no projectile atacks—you only need to avoid contact.

Use the lit torch to burn through the two cobwebs in the room. One reveals a breakable wall, but without bombs, you cannot do anything with it. Come back for the Gold Skulltula behind it afer visiting Goron City. Instead, just crawl through the small hole revealed by burning the cobwebs.

Tis leads you back into the larger room with the water on the foor. Now push the block in front of you into the water. Tis creates a route so you can carry fre across the chamber to the cobweb- covered hole in the foor. Use a lit Deku Stick to ignite the cobweb and set it ablaze.

Now drop down to the lowest basement. Coming back to previously explored dungeons to collect Gold Skulltula Tokens is always much easier because you create shortcuts during your frst pass. Te order to defeat the trio of Deku Scrubs in this room is: So take the one in the center frst, then the right beastie, and fnish with the Deku Scrub on the lef. You need to stun the boss for your strikes to even register.

Before going to fght the boss, dive for Recovery Hearts in the pool of water. Step into the shadows and then look to the ceiling.

Queen Gohma is crawling in the blackness. She notices you the second you cast your eyes upon her and immediately slams to the ground, ready to atack. Gohma does not have a projectile atack. Instead, the arachnid relies on brute strength and Gohma Larvae to bring you down. Te key is to keep back. Do not let Gohma rise up and then fall on top of you, or else she causes a half-heart of damage. As before, rush to the sacs and slash them before they can open.

Otherwise, you have three wriggling Gohma Larvae to deal with while Gohma herself tries to get the drop on you. You need to blind her, which tempo- rarily stuns the boss. Tere are a few ways to pull this of. L-Target Gohma and then hit her with your slingshot while she is on the ground. Alternately, you can slam a Deku Nut at Gohma when she shows the angry red eye. While Gohma is on the ceiling, hit her with a Deku Seed as she starts to secrete the Gohma Larvae sacs. When you stun Gohma, she collapses on the foor.

Now hurry up and slash at her eye with your sword. You can get in two or three hits before Gohma recovers. As soon as you see Gohma rise from the foor and shake it of, get back and ready the slingshot for your next opportunity to stun her.

Te give-and-take of the boss batle is brief, and you can knock out Gohma fairly quickly if you rely on L-Targeting. TIP When you defeat Gohma, the arachnid disappears, leaving behind a Heart Container and a warp pad that takes you out of the dungeon.

Every boss batle pays out with a Heart Container, so always be sure to pick it up before stepping into the warp. Te forest guardian shares with Link a vision of an evil man from the east, even ofering a view of the fgure as he rides through fames on a black stallion. Te Great Deku Tree says the man is in search of the Triforce, which would give him the power to conquer the world.

It only has minutes to live. On the way out of the forest, Link is stopped by Saria. She is sad to see him leave, but she understands he must follow his own path. Saria gives Link the Fairy Ocarina. She hopes that whenever he plays it, he will think of her and the forest. Link accepts her touching gif and then heads out into Hyrule Field, ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Stretching into the distance in every imaginable direction, Hyrule Field pracically swallows the boy. But Link gave the Great Deku Tree his word. He will go to Hyrule Castle on the far side of the feld and seek help for his quest to stop the steady march of evil. Hyrule Field Hearts: Piece of Heart, Botle Songs Learned: Hyrule Field is a largely safe place to explore and has limited enemies, but all that changes when the sun goes down. He will be a constant companion, dropping in throughout your quest to disense useful advice.

When seaking to the owl, look for red text in his messages. Tis indicates something critical to the adventure, such as his mention of Hyrule Castle in this brief exchange.

Tere are only a few enemies to deal with in Hyrule Field. During the day, you will encounter the occasional Peahat, a giant plant that uproots itself and then chases you down with spinning leaf blades. But the real dangers come out at night: Te skeletal Stalchildren pop out of the ground at night in pairs and stalk you.

Tey ofen stay hidden if you remain on the roads, opting instead to zero in on you when you start across the prairie grass. Stalchild atacks are relentless all night, stopping only for a few moments when you drop them with your sword. Another always rises up to take its place, though. As soon as the sun rises, all of the Stalchild monsters disappear again TIP Stay along the roads to avoid Stalchild atacks. None Songs Learned: Lon Lon Ranch is owned by Talon, although this is not necessarily to the liking of his employee Ingo, who has designs on running the ranch himself.

Lon Lon Ranch is known for more than its cows, too. Word has spread around the kingdom that the best horses are bred here.

Legend Pehat Stalchild Peahats are enormous plant monsters that uproot themselves when you get close. Once airborne, Peahats follow you around Hyrule Field with spinning blades designed to cut you down. Peahats are easy to outrun.

However, if you want to bring one down, target its roots. When night cloaks Hyrule Field, Stalchildren rise from the ground.

Tese monsters follow you around, atempting to lay their bony fngers on you and cause damage. Tey are easily brought down with just a few hits, but taking down one Stalchild only raises another Head to Hyrule Castle right away.

As soon as day breaks, the drawbridge will lower and you can enter Hyrule Castle Town. When you fnish up with your initial business in Hyrule Castle, come back to learn about everything that needs to be done at Lon Lon Ranch. Talk to Talon to learn about the game. It costs 10 Rupees to play. Afer you pay the fee, Talon releases three Super Cuccos that immediately blend in with the rest of the hens.

Watch the Super Cuccos as they fy overhead so you know the general direction to look when Talon turns you loose to start the game. You have just 30 seconds to pick up all three Super Cuccos. Once you grab the third Super Cucco, Talon gives you the reward. Lon Lon Milk is a refreshing drink that recovers your lost hearts. When you fll the botle at any cow they are more places than just Lon Lon Ranch , you get two servings in a single botle.

TIP You can kind of cheat this minigame by picking up all of the Cuccos in the room and tossing them behind the bar before talking to Talon. When Talon releases the three Super Cuccos, they will be the only Cuccos wandering around the room.

You cannot really approach any of them, and one in particular seems rather skitish. Stand in front of Malon and bring up your ocarina. Malon gushes about a song her mother once taught her.

She ofers to teach you the song. Te soothed creature nuzzles you. Neither you nor Epona are ready for riding, but you have now forged a secial bond with this horse. It will serve you well in the adventure ahead. You will return to Lon Lon Ranch in the future to liberate Epona and make her your own, so keep this place in the back of your mind for now.

Go out to the feed silo on the far side of the ranch. Inside the silo, pull the crates away from the wall to reveal a small hole. Crawl through the hole to pick up a Piece of Heart! Tis Piece of Heart is not refected in the running count until you start the Kakariko Village section. Guay Guay are raven-like birds that circle around the edges of Lon Lon Ranch and atack from above.

Tey are rather weak, so a single hit should be enough to rid yourself of the nuisance. Hyrule Casle Hearts: Here, the benevolent king and his daughter serve their people with generosity and restraint.

But only the later knows that danger is afoot in the kingdom. Te castle grounds are expansive. Just beyond the drawbridge is the Hyrule township, also the site of a bustling market. Here, goods and services are sold and traded. Tough not everything in the market is essential to completing his adventure, return trips here prove benefcial for Link on this quest. Roll into the crates to reveal more Rupees. Fill your wallet with Rupees.

If you need to, exit the guardhouse and step back inside to see that all of the jars have been replaced. Break them again! At this point, you can carry only Rupees. But still, fll your wallet here so you have the necessary coin to visit shops or take advantage of games in the market.

Roll into the crates next to the guard to reveal the Gold Skulltula and then claim the token. In the future, come back here to see that the guard has been replaced by a ghastly salesman who deals in Poes. She asks you to fnd him. Te only hint she has to his whereabouts is that he went to the castle to deliver some milk.

Te town square is alive with commerce. People dance in the streets. Crowds gather. Nobody seems aware that trouble brews on the borders. However, most things in the shop are not of use to you right now, and chances are good that you have a decent supply of the items you can use—Deku Sticks and Deku Nuts—lef over from the Great Deku Tree.

Te Potion Shop sells many things that can be stored in botles, such as useful Red and Green Potions that replenish health and magic resectively. Tat will change soon, though.

An entire side quest is devoted to helping out the shopkeeper here at the Happy Mask Shop. You act as the unofcial traveling salesman for the shop, buying masks and showing them to potential costumers, keeping any resale proft for yourself. You will fnd one for free soon enough in the graveyard behind Kakariko Village and there are no enemy encounters between here and there that cannot be dealt with while using the Deku Shield.

TIP Te young woman standing near the center of the market is Malon. Speak to her. If you can shoot every Rupee in the gallery, you win an upgraded Bullet Bag.

It costs 20 Rupees to play the game. Te Bombchu Bowling Alley is a place of sport. Can you release Bombchus at just the right moment so they scramble into holes in the back wall? Tere are several good prizes for participating in this game, including a Piece of Heart, but it cannot be played right now.

Tis Shooting Gallery and most minigames not vital to completing the main quest are detailed in the Minigames chapter following this walk-through. If at any point you open a chest and only receive a Rupee, the game is over. You can now peek inside the chests and see exactly which boxes hold the keys necessary to open all of the doors! Go to the square, make it nightime, and then seek out the white pup under the stall next to the market entrance.

Just touching the dog will make it follow you. Watch out for the other strays because all dogs follow you if you touch them. Now, go into the back alleys of the market and open the door that was previously locked during the day. Te woman inside is overjoyed to have her lost dog returned to her. She awards you a Piece of Heart. Breking and Entering Due to security issues, geting into Hyrule Castle requires a litle stealth.

No worries— there is a way to sneak into the castle, but you have to avoid several guard patrols. Getting Caught on Purpose Afer leaving the market, you meet the owl again. He tells you about the fow of time. While outside, such as in this back feld, time moves as normal. However, when you are in a town or a house, time temporarily stands still. Tis is useful information, esecially if you just want to stand out here and wait for night to fall so you can go back into the market and complete the Richard the Dog miniquest for the Piece of Heart.

Let the guards on the far side of the gate see you and kick you out of the grounds. Te Treasure Box Shop is another tricky litle minigame. Malon reiterates her need to fnd her dad. She assumes he fell asleep somewhere, so Malon gives you a Weird Egg. When this egg hatches into a Cucco a chicken , you can use it to wake Talon, who is used to life on a ranch. So, climb back up the vine and drop down on the far side of the gate.

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Tere are guards along the main road, so creep up the embankment. As you rise up over the bank, look for another guard up in the grass. Weave between the guards and continue sneaking between the trees.

Guide pdf time zelda of ocarina

Check your inventory. Te egg has likely not hatched just yet. Wait for night to cycle. Te egg should hatch into a Cucco in the morning. Now equip the Cucco and hold it up in front of Talon. He apologizes for leaving Malon alone and runs of to fnd her. Now that Talon is gone, you can push the milk crate that was next to him into the moat. Tis creates a ledge you can use to jump to the wall of the castle.

Crawl through the small hole in the wall to enter the castle gardens and continue closing in on your goal. His daughter knows him well. Sneking In Waking Talon Veer of the road and climb up the exposed stones. Geting closer! Hop into the castle moat and swim out of sight of the guards. Upon entering the castle gardens, you are confronted with several guard patrols.

You must avoid the guards by staying out of their sight lines. Just look at their heads and assume they can see 20 or so feet in front of them.

Guards walk along a set path and stop before turning a corner. During those frozen moments, make your move. If you are caught, the guards kick you out of the garden. You wind up back where Talon was sleeping. Wait until the guards are in the back half of this area, behind the fountains. Skip the Rupees and avoid geting caught. Wait for the guards to pass, and then follow them around the statue.

One walks a litle faster, so make sure you are out of the way before he swings around to the front of the statue. Meetng Princess Zelda When you enter the courtyard, you immediately see Princess Zelda standing next to a window.

Princess Zelda tells you a litle bit more about the creation of Hyrule and the legend of the Triforce. She then urges you to look through the window. Inside, you see Ganondorf, a man who Zelda does not trust and fears means the worst for her father and the kingdom. Ganondorf just looks evil.

Of guide pdf zelda ocarina time

Zelda enlists you to help her keep Hyrule safe from whatever Ganondorf is planning. She needs you to help protect the Triforce. But what can two children do? If you show this to a guard, he will let you pass. She is a Sheikah, a brave warrior.

Impa agrees to help you get out of the castle without being seen. But frst, she must teach you a song for your ocarina. Tis royal tune has magical powers capable of doing a great many things in Hyrule, such as opening doors or acivating secial seals.

NOTE Talk to the princess. Convinced that Ganondorf, the Gerudo man from the east, was really a sinister fgure, Zelda asked Link to do whatever he could to stop his ascent to ultimate power. Tat meant collecting the remaining two Spiritual Stones. Kakriko Village Hearts: Botle Songs Learned: Once the home of Impa, Kakariko Village is still an odd litle burgh with colorful citizens, including the cursed family that lives in the House of Skulltula.

Before heading up Death Mountain, explore this village and the graveyard behind it. Tere are many wonderful secrets here sure to help Link on his adventure. As a result of their indulgence, the family was transformed into Skulltulas. Te only way to break the curse is to recover Gold Skulltula Tokens, which requires hunting high and low for Gold Skulltulas across Hyrule and its many dungeons.

Only the Bazaar, which carries merchandise similar to the Bazaar in the Hyrule Castle Town Market, is open at this point. When you return as an adult, the Potion Shop is open and a young man on the lef side of the village is paying Rupees for bugs and fsh. When you return as an adult, the gallery is open and you can test your archery skills. See the Minigames chapter for additional details.

Te lady asks you to recover her lost Cuccos, which are spread across Kakariko Village. Five of the Cuccos are prety easy to collect. All you need to do is pick them up, carry them back to the pen next to the lady, and toss them inside. But two of them are trickier and require some fancy footwork and a litle fight time. Cucco 1: Collect the frst Cucco near the entrance to Kakariko Village. Cucco 2: Grab a Cucco and sail over to the platform with the fence, next to the House of Skulltula. Holding a Cucco lets you glide a litle.

Cucco 3: Cucco 4: Look for a Cucco near the guard to the Death Mountain Trail. Cucco 5: Roll into the crate near the stairs to reveal a Cucco. Cucco 6: Climb the lookout tower in the middle of the village.

Now, side jump down onto the roofop below. Or, grab a Cucco and jump of near the windmill so you sail down to the fence. Either way, you need to get behind the fences so you can grab the sixth Cucco. Cucco 7: Climb the ladder in the back of the village, near the windmill, afer you collect the sixth Cucco. In exchange for throwing the seventh Cucco into the pen, the woman gives you a secial prize: Now you can use this botle to store potions, Lon Lon Milk, or fairies.

However, if you equip the leter and then show it to the guard at the gate, he willingly stands aside and lets Link start up the Death Mountain trail.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest - Walkthrough (ZIP)

Tere is a catch, though. You need the metal of the Hylian Shield to protect against lava rocks that rain down from the sky. So make sure to get one of those frst. He can dig up stuf from the ground, which is how you score a few treasures. At night, ghosts called Poes also haunt the graveyard. Poe Poes are mischievous ghosts that come out at night. When you look directly at them or get too close, they ofen disappear and then reappear somewhere nearby.

Te Poes atempt to smack you with their lanterns, but defect the shot with your shield and then strike with your sword. Once a Poe is defeated, you can capture it in an empty botle and sell it for Rupees. When a ReDead spots you, it lets out a chilling screech that makes you freeze in your tracks if you happen to be looking at the ReDead.

If the ReDead gets a hold of you, it starts gnawing away. ReDead are prety dangerous this early in the adventure, so stay back. Run to the far side of the graveyard and look for a huge headstone. Read the smaller stones on each side of the center stone.

When you check each stone, a ghost appears. Tese ghosts are the Composer Brothers, Sharp and Flat, spirits that once made beautiful music. Target the Composer Brothers and slash away with your sword. Watch out for the spirits to spin and tag you with their lanterns. Te song removes the huge headstone, revealing a hole in the ground. Royal Family Tomb Dropping through the hole leads to a secret tomb. Te frst room is full of old bones— and bat-like Keese.

Te bars on the door opposite of you will not rise until you defeat all fve of the Keese in the room, so use your slingshot to target them from a safe distance.


Keese Keese are bat-like creatures that fit around you, looking for an opening to swoop down and strike. Tese are really easy to defeat with L-Targeting and a projectile weapon, but if one comes at you low and slow, a sword strike works just as well. Later in your adventure, you encounter variations on the Keese such as Fire Keese. Defeat these Elemental Keese with one hit using a projectile weapon. In the next room, you spot a number of ReDeads.

Avoid them for now. At the end of the tomb, just beyond the ReDeads, you fnd an inscription on a stone wall. Repeating the notes seals them in your memory so you can use the daytime-nightime reversal tune whenever necessary.

Now leave the tomb the way you came. Pull back the marked headstone look at the map to reveal another tomb entrance. When stunned, just move behind the ReDead and swing away. Te catch here, though, is that the location of the Piece of Heart is random. Tis forces him to stop. Now, you might get lucky and immediately fnd the Piece of Heart. But he digs up other treasure, too, such as 1, 5, or 20 Rupees.

Te graveyard is an excellent source for bugs, which are useful for forcing Gold Skulltulas to pop out of soil patches. Go to the front row of graves and look for three fowers. Go behind the grave and pull it to reveal another hole. Fortunately, there are no monsters down there. Just open the treasure chest to score a free Hylian Shield, thus saving you 80 Rupees. Now you have the means to survive the fery rocks that fall from the sky as you climb Death Mountain.

Los Woods Hearts: Link needs to investigate the Lost Woods thoroughly to uncover treasures and the location of the Sacred Forest Meadow, where a dear friend waits. Tey do go somewhere—right back to the beginning of the maze. Unless you follow connectors that lead to other rooms, you can end up going in circles. Hang a lef from the Skull Kid and cross this long room to fnd a Business Scrub, a secial Deku Scrub that is far more interesed in commerce than combat.

Te Business Scrub ofers to increase the number of Deku Sticks you can carry to 20 in exchange for 40 Rupees. Not a bad deal, really. Shoot the center of the target three times with your slingshot. Your feat prompts a Deku Scrub to bobble out and give you a secial upgrade for free: Now you can carry up to 40 Deku Seeds for your slingshot.

Next, slide down the nearby ladder and step up to the stump. Two litle fellows appear on the tree opposite you. Tey are excited to play a litle game. If you can follow along with their songs, they will reward you with Rupees and a Piece of Heart.

Just follow along with the song as the forest creatures add a note every time they play. If you can match them well enough, they fnally give you the Piece of Heart. Now follow the trail to the entrance to the Sacred Forest Meadow. A labyrinth of hedges, vines, and rumbling boulders, the Sacred Forest Meadow is the gateway to an ancient temple. But before Link can even consider exploring the temple, he must seek out his friend Saria and learn a new song for his cherished ocarina.

Adult Link can make short work of Wolfos, but as a child, you beter use L-Targeting and your shield to dance around the Wolfos, repel atacks, and lunge when you see the opening. Wolfos Wolfos are all fangs and claws. Tese monsters slide around you, looking for a chance to strike with their claws. Keep your shield up to repel the atack. As soon as the Wolfos backs away afer a failed hit, swing your sword.

Defeating the Wolfos unlocks the door leading deeper into the Sacred Forest Meadow. You must weave through the meadow, looking out for the Mad Scrubs, which are an angrier variation of the Deku Scrubs. Tese guys do not uproot and can instead be atacked where they grow. Defect their projectiles and then get close enough to fnish them of.

At the far end of the meadow, turn around to see a ladder. Now you can crawl up on the hedges in the meadow. Look for two Gossip Stones, which are good sources of fairies.

But the secret groto in the middle of the hedges is your main goal up here. Tis leads down to a Fairy Fountain. In there, you can heal up and botle a fairy to go. Now you can just Hookshot up to the scarecrow and avoid the Moblins as well as quickly access the Fairy Fountain.

Tis song allows you to communicate with Saria from afar. She can then give you advice on what to do next. Te Skull Kid is delighted and gives you a Piece of Heart. Te Gorons are not likely to give up their greatest prize without witnessing a feat of bravery, so Link must trek up Death Mountain ready to do batle.

You will return to several of these locations later in your adventure because Death Mountain fgures heavily in the back half of the quest. Right away, you encounter a new enemy: Red Tektites. Oracle of Ages. Spirit's Grave 2. Wing Dungeon 3. Moonlit Grotto 4. Skull Dungeon 5. Crown Dungeon. Mermaid's Cave 7. Jabu-Jabu's Belly 8. Ancient Tomb 9. The Black Tower The Wind Waker. Outset Island 2. Forsaken Fortress 3. Windfall Island 4. Dragon Roost Island 5. Dragon Roost Cavern 6.

Forest Haven 7. Forbidden Woods. Nayru's Pearl 9. Tower of the Gods Hyrule Castle Earth Temple Wind Temple The Triforce The Minish Cap. Deepwood Shrine 2. Cave of Flames 3.

Fortress of Winds 4. Temple of Droplets 5. Palace of Winds 6. Dark Hyrule Castle. Twilight Princess. Ordon Village 2. The Twilight 3. Faron Woods: Twilight 4.

Forest Temple 5. Kakariko Village: Twilight 6. Death Mountain 7. Goron Mines 8.

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Lanayru Province: Twilight 9. Lake Hylia: Sidequests Lakebed Temple The Master Sword. Video Walkthrough Gerudo Desert Arbiter's Grounds Scaling Snowpeak Snowpeak Ruins Sacred Grove: Round Two Temple of Time In Search of the Sky City in the Sky Palace of Twilight Cave of Ordeals Hyrule Castle.

Phantom Hourglass. Mercay Island 2. Temple of Fire 3. Ocean King Part II 4. Temple of Wind 5. Temple of Courage 7. Ghost Ship. Ocean King Part IV 9. Goron Temple Temple of Ice Ocean King Part V Mutoh's Temple Ocean King Part VI. Spirit Tracks. The Beginning 2. The Forest Realm 3. Tower of Spirits 2 4. The Snow Realm 5. Tower of Spirits 3 6. The Ocean Realm. Video Walkthrough 7. Tower of Spirits 4 8. The Fire Realm 9. Tower of Spirits 5 The Sand Realm Tower of Spirits 6 The Dark Realm.

Skyward Sword. Skyloft 2. Faron Woods 3. Skyview Temple 4. Eldin Volcano 5. Earth Temple 6. Lanayru Desert 7. Lanayru Mining Facility 8. Isle of Songs 9. Lake Floria. Ancient Cistern Lanayru Sand Sea Sandship Volcano Summit Fire Sanctuary Thunderhead Song of the Hero Sky Keep Final Showdown. A Link Between Worlds. Eastern Palace 2. House of Gales 3. Tower of Hera 4. Hyrule Castle 5. Thieves' Hideout 6. Desert Palace.