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25 best mechanical engineering interview questions and answers pdf free download. 1. Mechanical Engineering Interview questions and. Download Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions PDF from here and prepare accordingly. Check More: Interview Questions and Answers . If you possess degree or diploma in mechanical engineering, you can. Download Most Important Mechanical Interview Questions and Answers pdf Book for Fresher Engineering & Diploma Candidates – Below we.

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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers - Download as PDF Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Engineering Textbook Mechanical Courses Coal Pow er Plant Diploma Engineering Mechanical Diploma. engineering interview questions and answers pdf free download for Freshers Questions & answers for fresher diploma in mechanical engineering in PDF . Home» MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Interview Questions and Answers PDF free download» TOP MECHANICAL ENGINEERING.

The act of Knurling creates a raised criss-cross pattern on a smooth round bar that could be used as a handle or something that requires extra grip. Management Skills. A positive displacement pump gear, vane, or piston pump is driven by a prime mover Electrical Motor or Engine it sucks fluid from reservoir and delivers oil to system. They are clicking because they are heating up. Maintains a smooth running surface for the train to run on. A joint needs to be selected whose 2 members are not known.

600 TOP MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Interview Questions and Answers PDF

Continued supply of electricity to the system causes heat to build in the compressor. This heat will eventually vaporize the refrigerant and rapidly increase system pressure. If, for any reason, the thermal protector fails to open the electrical circuit, system pressure can raise to high enough levels to cause a compressor-housing explosion.

Question 6. Even the heaviest steel cables stretch under load, whether they heat or not. Heating the cable will certainly elongate it.

Friction caused by guides or pulleys can greatly increase the temperature of a cable under load. You might consider the possibility of total failure if the heat is high enough and I am not sure but the cable might act in unpredictable ways when it fails.

Mechanical Interview Questions

Applying heat to a steel cable under load is probably dangerous to your health and the health of anyone nearby. When steel is heated, steel expands. It does not need to be under load. That is the reason that in the old days before advanced electronics and optics surveyors used chains rather than cables for measuring land. Had they used cable they would have gotten different measurements in summer and winter based on the difference in temperature and the coefficient of expansion of the material.

The coefficient of expansion is a number that informs just how much a given material will expand or contract for a given change in temperature. To find the coefficient of expansion and other interesting information consult a materials handbook, available in better libraries or your local college of engineering.

Pdf and diploma engineering answers questions interview mechanical

Another example of expanding steel and the necessity for dealing with this characteristic is the overlapping slip joint found on bridges that allows horizontal structural members to expand and contract without damaging the bridge.

Question 7. The medal was created in , designed by Congress for "any astronaut who in the performance of his duties has distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious efforts and contributions to the welfare of the Nation and mankind.

+ TOP MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Interview Questions & Answers

Question 8. There are actually 3 Laws of Thermodynamics the actual number is debatable, but the number ranges from , depending on your adding skills.

Question 9. A Force applied to an object will cause a displacement.

Pdf diploma interview and engineering answers mechanical questions

Strain is effectively a measure of this displacement change in length divided by original length. Question A supercharger is a used to increase the volume of air dragged into each cylinder per stroke. In combustion engines, there are only really two ways to increase power, firstly increase the amount of fuel in the engine either increase the displacement, or add more cylinders or increase the amount of air in the engine for a more effective explosion of the fuel.

Superchargers are powered by the engines crankshaft, which is connected usually by a belt drive. This rotational power turns a fan, which sucks air into the intake manifold similar in effect to turbochargers, with reduced lag. However, superchargers take more energy out the engine, so swings and roundabouts. They are clicking because they are heating up.

The heat causes expansion and that is why you hear clicking. Pneumatics use gases such as air or nitrogen, hydraulics use oil or water, both systems use pressure to act on a specific application. There is no fundamental difference between an electric motor and an electric generator or dynamo.

In normal use, all motors behave as generators, and all generators behave as motors. DC Motors act like generators because they use less electrical energy when allowed to spin fast.

DC generators act like motors because they become easier to spin when less electrical energy is drawn from their terminals. For example, connect two small DC magnet motors together. Then if you spin the shaft of the first motor, the second motor's shaft will start spinning too. One acts as a DC generator, and the other acts as a DC motor. Alternatively, spin the second one's shaft, and the first one will start spinning. Another example: If you connect a small DC motor to a small battery, then an electric current will appear in the motor's coils, and the motor starts spinning.

However, if you spin the motor's shaft slightly faster than the normal speed, the direction of current in the circuit will reverse, and the battery starts taking in energy from the motor. The motor has become a generator, and it is recharging the battery. It is an optical instrument for viewing objects, which are above the level of direct sight; mostly used in submarines. Green field projects are those projects, which do not create any environmental nuisance pollution , follows environmental management system and EIA environment impact assessment.

These projects are usually of big magnitude. More likely because it is easier to manufacture, much easier to put threads on, you do not have to worry about orientation when you put them together, and they have no weak spots created by corners. My gutter pipes are rectangular because they do not stick out as far from the house as a circular one with the same area.

However, they are low enough in the pressure they contain that they can be formed from sheet metal with a crimped seam. Making a water supply pipe, that way would be impossible. In addition, it is easy to keep them aligned to the house.

Running a rectangular water main under a street would be a major pain. The pipe was constructed in six sections by five different contractors employing 21, people at the peak of work. Submarines have ballast tanks. The tanks can hold air, or they can be "vented" and water can flow into them and fill them completely. When the tanks are full of air, the submarine is buoyant and floats.

When the main vents are opened, the tanks are flooded and the submarine submerges. When the submarine is submerged, wants to surface, air can be injected at high pressure into the ballast tanks to force out water, again make the submarine buoyant, and cause it to rise to the surface and float. In practice, when a submarine surfaces, it doesn't use a lot of air from its high pressure air tanks to "blow the ballast tanks" because it takes a long time to pump up the high pressure air tanks again.

What happens is that all the ballast tanks are given a "good shot" of high-pressure air a few seconds , and then the planes are used in conjunction with the screw which some call a propellor to actually drive a submarine to the surface. Once there, something called a low-pressure blower system can be used to finish blowing the ballast tanks while the high-pressure air compressors are running to pump the high-pressure air tanks back up.

What Is Railroad Track Ballast? That being said railroad track ballast is the cover for the subgrade. Ballast has several functions:. As ballast becomes contaminated with other materials, it looses its ability to do some or all of these jobs.

Pdf interview mechanical and engineering diploma questions answers

What Is A Turboprop Engine? The combination of the words turbine and propeller in techno jargon will give you the word "turboprop". A conventional jet engine produces its thrust in large part due to the heated gasses escaping out the rear of the engine.

While this is very useful for aircraft, which fly at high speeds and high altitudes, it is less desirable for aircraft, which are designed to fly at slower speeds and take off from smaller runways. A turboprop engine is a jet engine, which converts the bulk of its thrust into rotational energy for powering a propeller. This allows jet engines, which are a high-rpm low-torque engine to be used in situations where low-rpm and high-torque are needed instead.

The higher reliability and efficiency of a jet or turboprop engine as compared to an internal combustion engine makes them very desirable for aircraft designs, which, in the past, would have utilized internal combustion engines. The fluid properties of a Newtonian fluid do not change when any force acts upon it.

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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

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Java Interview Questions. Civil Interview Questions. PHP Interview Questions. OS Interview Questions. Software Testing Interview Questions. Networking Interview Questions. Data Structure Interview Questions. Net Interview Questions. Algorithms Interview Questions. Software Testing. Electrical Interview Questions. Electronics Interview Questions. Mechanical Interview Questions. Mechanical Interview Questions updated on Apr Explain the second law of thermodynamics.

The entropy of the universe increases over time and moves towards a maximum value. What kinds of pipes are used for steam lines? What is ferrite? Magnetic iron rock 5. What is a cotter joint? What is the alloy of tin and lead? What does F. Explain Otto cycle. What is gear ratio? What is annealing? What is ductile-brittle transition temperature? What is a uniformly distributed load? What is enthalpy? Enthalpy is the heat content of a chemical system. What is a positive displacement pump?

Why would you use hydraulics rather than pneumatics? What is isometric drawing? It is a 3-D drawing used by draftsmen, architects etc What are the advantages of gear drive? Which conducts heat faster steel copper or brass? How pipe flanges are electrically insulated? What is a Process Flow Diagram? Where pneumatic system is used? Why gas containers are mostly cylindrical in shape?

How is martensite structure formed in steel? What is an ortographic drawing? What is representative elementary volume? Why are LNG pipes curved? What does angular momentum mean? Can you use motor oil in a hydraulic system? Skip to content 9, Views.

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