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So I'm trying to get all the online meded notes. to all of the notes (unlimited audio and pdf downloads instead of the the usual monthly cap). View Notes - Online Med Ed OB Gyn Peds lesforgesdessalles.info from MEDICAL at University of South Florida. Obstetrics [THIRD TRIMESTER BLEEDING] Introduction. onlinemeded surgery notes, Books PDF Surgical Nursing, Surgical Tech, School Surgical Notes – A Pocket Survival Guide for the Operating Room [PDF].

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q. Diabetic Ketoacidosis. r. Outpatient Diabetes. s. Stroke. 7. Intern Notes a. Cardiology. b. Pulmonary. c. Renal Nephrology Kidney. Check out the OnlineMedEd store for medical books, swag and more. better leader, advice to make you a better person, and notes to make you a better doctor. Anyone have any experience with the Online Med Ed class notes? Is it more detailed Would anyone be willing to send me the pdf notes?.

You might see smudge cells artificial rupture of fragile cells during smear preparation on smear. Kids Externa will pull on their ear no pain with pinna manipulation to relieve the sensation. Are you a Bad A PA? Fixation occurs all the time. Viewing or downloading Notes, Audio Files, or Whiteboard Graphics will affect your monthly file access quota. Read through the QuickTables. If on a limb.

If the urine is positive for B When identified. Liver Disease. Be cautious with Folate administration. Replace with oral supplementation. Throwing a lot of Folate at a B12 deficiency can overcome the anemia. A folate level will diagnose it and folate supplementation is usually sufficient Megaloblastic NonMegaloblastic for treatment. It presents first with a megaloblastic anemia and then. Folate Deficiency Macrocytosis Folate comes from leafy greens and has small storage forms 3- 6 weeks in the body.

Treatment is with B12 supplementation. That is. Iron is low. Rheumatoid Arthritis so help the body utilize iron stores Anemia of Chronic Disease. Iron stores are depleted.

Potential causes are GI Bleeds slow. Available Storage Alternatively. The low stores also means low serum iron. But this also means that it must be a chronic source of Iron Stores Sideroblastic Anemia blood loss.

Stop the bleeding then give iron. Great in fighting an Available Storage infection. But we ought to get some labs first because after transfusion the labs will be based on MCV the transfused blood only. If the body starts to lose blood it may begin using iron Thalassemias to replace the lost hemoglobin at a greater rate than it can be absorbed.

Iron in the Blood The body has a lot of iron stored so a low capacity to bind but still has a low serum iron.

Step one is to get Iron Studies and go from there. It takes 6 weeks to replace the serum iron and 6 months to replace iron stores. Low stores means high capacity to bind.

Frequent transfusion leads to iron overload treated with Thalassemia. The iron stories are normal. Each bag of blood has mg Fe. The deal with which hemoglobin it Iron in the Blood is. Normal Ferritin Iron in the Stores Sideroblastic. Available Storage definitive diagnosis is not required except for genetic counseling.

Consider medication that might pop up on a test or on the wards. Definitively diagnose it with a bone marrow biopsy. Get the pt away from lead. Look for - Myelodysplasia. The more genes deferoxamine to prevent Hemosiderosis. Diagnosis of Exclusion confirmed on bone marrow biopsy. Thalassemias as either minor or major only. Transfuse transfusions Sideroblastic Lead. Recognize the hemoglobins A1. Deferasirox is an oral deleted.

This generally has an obvious source trauma. Eculizumab i. Prevent sickling by avoiding stressors and staying hydrated. Haptoglobin binds up hemoglobin Retic Count Plug the Hole for transport to the liver. Splenic Autoinfarction increases risk for Anemia Encapsulated S.

When IVF. But infarction costs them more than that. Another consequence is the vasoocclusive crisis. An underlying anemia can be exposed with dilution. One Hgb SS Disease is a chronic anemia. But how do we know who has sickle Necrosis cell disease? If the retic is low. These people will be on chronic pain management because their joints hurt all the time. Microvascular occlusion causes Sickling infarction. Analgesia Splenectomy the patient undergoes an oxidant stress hypoxia.

When they die they release iron and hemoglobin into the blood. If a Normocytic anemia is revealed. Infarction hurts. Exchange Transfuse DKA. It results in many consequences.

Vasoocclusive IVF. Splenectomy Steroids important. There will be an overwhelming of the GPD conjugation system so there will also be an indirect GPD Levels Hemolysis hyperbilirubinemia causing jaundice. Aureus infection by encapsulated organisms. It creates a non-deforming cell that gets trapped in capillaries. Definitive diagnosis of the disease or of the carrier state may be confirmed by Hemoglobin Electrophoresis. IVIg when acute. Because the big bad spleen beats up on the little spherocytes a splenectomy will stop the anemia.

Disease pain. Confirm the diagnosis with an osmotic fragility test. The spherocytes can be seen on a smear. Fixation occurs all the time. Confirm the diagnosis with a GPD level but do it weeks after the attack doing so too soon may be artificially normal. Diagnose it with a smear showing Heinz Bodies and Bite Cells.

Online Med Ed - Heme Onc .pdf | Coagulation | Lymphoma

Treat this like any autoimmune disease by giving steroids. The smear is non-diagnostic. They can also get venous thrombosis in intra-abdominal veins causing abdominal pain. Hemolysis IgM: Flow Cytometry Steroids. Confirm the diagnosis with a flow cytometry and treat with Anti-Ab Drugs eculizumab.

Helmet cells not pathognomonic Mono. This presents just like a hemolytic anemia. Do everything to rule out multiple myeloma. The first is the monoclonal antibody incomplete Ig Kappa Detected on Upep produces overwhelming concentration of useless antibody.

Plasma cells also secrete osteoclast activating factor which causes the bone resorption to go crazy. So patients will be old. In multiple myeloma the plasma cells secrete one antibody against some phantom antigen.

This is treated more like a lymphoma than a plasma cell dyscrasia. A skeletal survey is used to assess for lytic lesions owing to the lytic nature of this disease.

Treatment options are dependent Myeloma on the age. This too will have an elevated M-Spike on Spep. This disease is often left alone if asymptomatic and elderly. Upep Something Else a sustained elevation on routine labs may be a tipoff. Treatment for hyperviscosity syndrome requires plasmapheresis.

Any time there are antibodies being made HIV. There are multiple consequences. If splenectomy fails or is contraindicated. The thrombocytopenia has nothing to do with the clots. Clots and inflammation in general can Schistocytes Schistocytes produce a fever. Diagnosis is based on a normal DIC panel despite thrombocytopenia and anemia. Once exhausted. The Laboratory diagnosis separates them.

Schistocytes may be present. The person who gets DIC is going to be sick from Give platelets. Blood shearing across those fibrin clots produces Sick already. If steroids fail. The underlying condition must be corrected to reverse DIC.

Because these are caused by fibrin clots. Renal Failure. Look at every other cause first. In the meantime. It fails to cleave vWF multimers.

Online Med Ed OB Gyn Peds Notes.pdf - Obstetrics[THIRD...

Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia If the patient is on any heparin there may be an autoimmune destruction of platelets. The treatment is steroids long term low dose better than short term high dose as the patient remains sensitive to treatment. DIC is the function of fibrin clots that consume both platelets and factors.

Stop the heparin. For TTP. Treatment before diagnosis in this case. The DIC panel reveals low fibrinogen. Protein S. Antithrombin A Mutation imperative to always start with a Heparin Bridge. Easy breezy. Antiphospholipid Assay once proteins C.

Repeat clot on warfarin indicates a rise in the goal INR. The goal INR is for initial therapy. Say there was a mutation of Factor V that made it resistant to the activity of protein C. The answer is never. Antithrombin prevents thrombin from turning the fibrinogen mesh into fibrin. These are the named thrombophilias that you should be able to recognize that you should be able to recognize.

Protein S Levels from the liver? Coumadin first inhibits protein C and S. But wait! Protein C Levels Coumadin inhibit the production of clotting factors and proteins.

If the person wants to STOP anticoagulation. Heparin can be removed. Protein S activates Protein C. Factor V Leiden Mutation the whole thing from getting started.

Protein C binds to Factor V to inactivate it. Just recognize that there are forces in action trying to prevent the formation of a clot. Read that again to make sure you got it. They can all be treated with coumadin Warfarin. If the person has two clots.

Notes pdf onlinemeded

You suspect genetic susceptibility when there are multiple unprovoked DVTs…. Staph Ceftriaxone. The Quinolones Cipro. Linezolid is top of the line. The Aminoglycosides gentamicin. Vancomycin is the typical drug used for empiric coverage of Staph. There are two pathways from there. Gram Negatives To obtain gram negative coverage start with Amoxicillin or Ampicillin together with or without a beta-lactamase inhibitor. It covers MRSA. As you move up the common cause of osteomyelitis 50 years ago and still is today.

Use this sparingly. When sensitive to methicillin. The Methicillins oxacillin. If pseudomonas coverage is needed. They also cross the blood brain barrier. This is rarely the first choice for empiric treatment.

These also cover gram positives minus staph and anaerobes. In general. Staph aureus was the most were designed to cover strep and staph. Case in point. Use should be restricted to pseudomonas to prevent resistance. Like carbapenems. Once cultures and sensitivities come back. No Quinolone covers Staph or Pseudomonas. For pseudomonas. For a UTI. Condition Drugs Penicillin Rash: But when the focus is strictly on anaerobes there are two options: Pulling the trigger and going broad In general.

This makes moxi a highly attractive medication to use single-agent. But there will be a time when a person is just ill. Outpatient Doxycycline. This is the list to the right. For a staph infection. You can also de-escalate. Third generation moxifloxacin has additional gram positive coverage.

Cefepime coverage. Nitrofurantoin Meningitis Vanc. Understanding Quinolones The more advanced the generation of quinolone. For MRSA. Ampicillin Cellulitis Cefazolin. The other association to know is that west nile virus presents with flaccid paralysis.

For this patient treat empirically with pyrimethamine and sulfadiazine for 6 weeks. Treat empirically with Acyclovir while awaiting the results of the PCR.

Online Med Ed - Heme Onc .pdf

The CT should be normal the test may say something about temporal lobe or anosmia. This is nonspecific for a particular diagnosis. What separates it from a subarachnoid hemorrhage is the presence of white cells. If not. There are 3 categories of Listeria disease. If this seems attractive you can check out OME here. Each resource focused on high-yield information and is easy to use. But OnlineMedEd and Dr.

All his videos I would say do a really good job of taking really complicated medical topics and breaking it down to very easy to understand ideas. I really appreciated that as a medical student. It would definitely help me focus my studying on things the high-yield info early in the rotations. I definitely recommend you guys check out the free video on Coronary Artery Disease. So use the OnlineMedEd videos during your rotations!

They save you so much time and teach you extremely well! So the second resource that I absolutely love for OnlineMedEd are the notes!

Notes pdf onlinemeded

Remember I usually hate reading notes. Tells you how good these are. The notes are usually some type of adaptation from Dr. The notes are usually one to two pages and always to the point and of course always high yield.

I absolutely love the diagrams that they have. My favorite being the decision trees they have often shown in their notes.

In medicine we always have to know what to look for a specific patient. OnlineMedEd does a great job of having decision trees in their notes that really break down the steps you need to take.

Notes pdf onlinemeded

So for me, these decision trees came as a big help when I really had to study for these exams! You can find some example of the free notes in the dashboard section of OME here. Prove it. Medium Large. Let's do it! Viewing or downloading Notes, Audio Files, or Whiteboard Graphics will affect your monthly file access quota.

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