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Related Topics. Bhramand Vikhandan-nagraj latest comic pdf download · ek se badhkar ek-super indian pdf comic download · palda-super. Raj Comics tried adapting Nagraj. Nagraj Comics Negatives Download Pdf.. Welcome to Raj Comics Online Store. Download Hindi Comics. Order of Babel,Negatives-Nagraj. December 28, UPCOMING SPECIAL NEW COMICS OF NAGRAJ. lesforgesdessalles.info of Babel. lesforgesdessalles.infoves. RAJ.

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NEGATIVES – MULTISTARER – RC – RAJ COMICS. CLICK ON IMAGE TO READ NEGATIVES – MULTISTARER – RC Negatives #rajcomics Hindi Comics, Superhero Villains, Superheroes, Surf, Free Comics, Comics Pdf, Dc Comics, Indian Comics, Comic Books. Negatives - Multistarrer comic book by Raj Comics. Naagraj Comes to America Comics Pdf, Hindi Comics. Open. More information. More information.

Many years passed and the treatment started showing results and, although still in the suspended animation, the color of the baby had gradually changed to green. Innumerable enemies of Nagraj have appeared in Nagraj's comics; many died, but some lived on to appear again. While some of them live in his body just cause they have no better place to live, others live willingly to learn something from Nagraj's way of life. When the child was born, everyone believed him dead because his whole body was blue and showed no signs of life. The couple used to pray to their family deity Dev Kaljayi for his blessings.

They include. Nagraj's body gets divided into minute particles making him almost ethereal and immune to physical damage, also temporarily disabling his power to eject snakes out of his body. This form of Nagraj is called Maanas Nagraj. Ichchhadhaari nags. They may or may not be of the same species but all snakes possessing the power of shape-shifting come under this category. They include a big bunch of ichchhadhaari naags banished from Nagdweep. It is quite notable that some of them possess such great powers which rival Nagraj's own, but they all hold great respect for Nagraj.

While some of them live in his body just cause they have no better place to live, others live willingly to learn something from Nagraj's way of life. Most notable names among them are:. His main source of power is his mani which grants him almost every imaginable power. For entering Nagraj's body he has to remove his mani from his possession so he hides it in micro form at some place in Nagraj's dress.

He though looks and behaves like an idiot and talks non-sense, but he is the one who can never be underestimated. Unlike other snakes in Nagraj's body, Naagu decided to live in Nagraj's body for no reason other than watching movies, which becomes easier living in city.

He is a true movie lover and remembers all dialogues of his favourite movies be it Bollywood or Hollywood. Nagraj's Venom Nagraj's venom is the most powerful venom of the world, so much so that direct contact with it results in instant death and melting of body. He gained his venom through the blessings of snake deity Deva Kaaljayi, who himself was blessed by Lord Shiva.


It is explained that Lord Shiva who holds the strongest venom of the universe synthesised during Samudra-Manthan, gave a minor portion of it to Deva Kaljayi who holds a dilute form of it and Nagraj holds an even more dilute form of it. The different ways in which Nagraj uses his venom also results in various powers he is said to possess. Vish-funkar Nagraj uses his breath to force out his venom in vapour form, depending upon its concentration the vish-funkar can cause a variety of damages to his enemies.

Its effects include temporary blindness, drowzyness, black outs, deaths and for once it even caused fire. This power of Nagraj once as a side-effect temporarily cured Richa love interest of Super Commando Dhruva of her disease pertaining respiratory system. This is among one of the oldest displayed powers of Nagraj. It was suggested in one issue that the venom inside Nagraj's teeth is far more vicious than the venom in his blood, perhaps so much so that Nagraj might die if he bites himself.

Whosoever came in contact with it died instantly and their bodies melted. After the clouds cleared there were many human skeletons lying at various places as a proof of the viciousness of Nagraj's venom.

Vishwamitra a king who turned into a Rishi and wished to become a Brahmarshi which he later became once promised his disciple Trishanku to send him to heaven alive with his body. This alarmed the Gods who to protect the rules of the universe decided not to let this happen.

When Rishi Vishwamitra applied his power to send him towards heaven, the Gods applied counter-force to oppose him. This resulted in a stalemate. Despite all his efforts Vishwamitra failed to fulfil his promise. This enraged Vishwamitra, he saw this act of the Gods as his insult, so he used his power to call upon the power which was used for the creation of the Universe. He started creating a new heaven for sending Trishanku there to keep his words. Seeing the powers of the rishi and alarmed by his act the gods themselves descended upon earth and convinced him to drop his decision.

Vishwamitra after realizing that Trishanku had evil intentions left him hanging. It is believed that he is still hanging somewhere between heaven and earth alive cause Vishwamitra gave him half of his powers.

Vishwamitra called upon the power himself, but he couldn't send it back so he entrusted this power to his disciple, a snake Mahatma Kaaldoot. Minor portions of the power passed on to his future generations and resulted in a new species of snakes the Ichchhadhari naags shape-shifting snakes. Most of the snakes don't know all the uses of this power and used it only for shape-shifting purposes but this power can do anything, even creating living beings.

It is least used but most effective power of Nagraj, celestial as its origin is this power's true extent was unknown to everyone for quite a long time. Since Nagraj had lost a very major part of this power courtsey See Through, he doesn't try stupid stunts and makes minimum use of this power cause if he tries shapeshifting into something beyond his power limit then he might not be able to reform a new body and left bodiless like See Through or maybe even die.

Applications of this power: Utilizing this power Nagraj can cast a hypnotic reality upon his surroundings using his eyes. Nagraj and his snakes can cast normal hypnotism too. Every individual retains his or her own identity and set of powers. Nagraj used it for the first time fusing with the legendary five in order to fight against a creature created by Nagina.

The new identity has new set of powers born from the combination of the participants' sets of powers. The new born identity could release 'burning snakes' and could breathe 'venomous fire'.

Psychic powers Telepathy In addition to his ability to communicate with snakes, Nagraj contacted Super Commando Dhruva telepathically when he was trapped in a parallel dimension containing evil souls. Psychic force. Though the latter claim has not been substantiated, Nagraj's psychic potential has been demonstrated during his battle with the Mahamanav an advanced creature having enough psychic capabilities to wipe out entire planets in a psychic power battle.

Nagraj, along with his deeds, has earned a large amount of friends, many of whom appeared just once, but some that appeared more often, and still fewer that became permanent figures in Nagraj's stories. Here is a list of some very well known characters in his comics:. Innumerable enemies of Nagraj have appeared in Nagraj's comics; many died, but some lived on to appear again. Here is the list of Nagraj's major enemies that are still alive and who can be expected to make a comeback in future issues:.

Numerous attempts have been made by Raj Comics to expand Nagraj into other media. However most attempts have been unfruitful. In the late s, Raj Comics tried adapting Nagraj into a live-action television show in India. A few episodes were shot. However, the show never made it to the television screen. The reason cited was the poor quality of the special effects. Raj Comics was not satisfied with the quality of the show. The production of more episodes was placed on indefinite hiatus.

Khalnayak Nagraj, Samraat, and Saudangi. Nagraj was also set to feature in a proposed animated television series. Once again the show never made it to the television screen. An episodic series was in works, and a teaser was uploaded on YouTube featuring Nagraj and his arch enemy Jadugar Shakoora. However, since then there has been no news about the series. It is assumed that production has stopped because the production company Rtoonz 's website has since disappeared.

Raj Comics is publishing a landmark new series featuring Nagraj named Nagayana. It was first intended to be a four-part mini-series, but later, the series was extended to include more issues. Raj Comics has also decided to publish it worldwide.

It's a story based on a hypothetical future world casting Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruva 25 years into the future. Largely based on Hindu epic Ramayana , the story narrowly follows the same storyline as of the epic, but with Raj Comics characters filling in the places of original characters. The reason for the extension of the mini-series was to tell various sub-plots and the series was finally declared to be an eight-part series.

The last part is Iti Kaand, which is a page issue released on 10 March The new series is as follows:. In this series, Nagraj is travelling around the world to fight and eliminate terrorism.

Nitin Mishra. It deals with a time when Nagraj is killed by his enemies and now the world is facing serious threats from the villains. These days Raj Comics have published three parallel series of Nagraj, where each Nagraj is involved in a different universe. There are the following three parallel Nagraj series:.

Nagraj — The original ongoing series of Nagraj, which is being illustrated and written by Mr. Anupam Sinha. In the series, Nagraj no longer resides in Mahanagar. It is illustrated by Mr. Hemant and written by Mr.

He wears a jacket and a trouser and has longer hair. He also possesses different powers Sheetika, Takshika, and Agnika than the original Nagraj. He also rides on a flying snake named Sarpat. Until now, the series has shown him fighting vampires, demons, zombies, etc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the comics superhero. For the mythical figure, see Nagaraja. For the personal name, see Nagaraj. For the film, see Nagraj film. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: India TV News. Top comic characters". Favourite comics of 90's". A Look at the Desi Avengers". Raj Comics. Nagraj Dhruva.

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