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13 little blue envelopes pdf

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Read “13 Little Blue Envelopes - Maureen Johnson”, by Maureen Johnson online on Bookmate – New York Times bestselling author Maureen Johnson's funny. New York Times bestselling author Maureen Johnson's funny, heartbreaking, and utterly romantic tale gets a great new cover!Ginny Blackstone never thought s. 13 Little Blue Envelopes. Maureen Johnson. YA FIC Johnson. A Brief Chapter in My. Impossible Life. Dana Reinhardt. YA FIC Reinhardt. Gingerbread.

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13 Little Blue Envelopes maureen johnson For Kate Schafer, the greatest traveling companion in the world, and a woman. Aunt Peg, the New York artist and the person Ginny Blackstone depended on to make her life interesting, took off to Europe without a word three years ago. New York Times bestselling author Maureen Johnson's funny, heartbreaking, and utterly romantic tale gets a great new cover!Ginny Blackstone never thought .

This had a very good chance of being a major mistake. But she looked terribly, terribly bored. When the drama of the bath was over, she realized that she had another, totally unexpected problem. With whom do you agree about Aunt Peg—Ginny or Keith? Sounds like a vaccine.

It was sort of interesting and cute. Dead Aunt sends niece on this unpredictable and slightly loony journey. One very similar to the one that her aunt took when she felt a little lost and was dealing with a bit of a reality check.

She jets to her first destination, London. From there on it's one big ride. She goes through many experiences, and although it's a decent read, I just was not in love with the boo I liked the premise. She goes through many experiences, and although it's a decent read, I just was not in love with the book. I mean, I finished it fairly quickly. It never lagged, and I might even say that it was slightly engrossing.

But it didn't feel all that memorable. The love interest? A bit of a jerk, not to mention a major bore. I could not for the life of me figure out what she saw in the guy.

Pdf 13 little blue envelopes

I also found her confession - regarding her falling for him, rather random, too. I actually recall getting into the book, but by the time I had finished it, I was kind of underwhelmed. Also, I didn't really connect with any characters.

I felt lack of depth might have had something to to with it. I liked it, I just didn't love it. Oh, and the holiday is going rather well so far. A little homesick, but nothing I can't handle ; I listened to this book as an audio book during my drive to New Orleans which made me dislike the book even more I didn't enjoy the reader's voice.

[PDF Download] The Last Little Blue Envelope (13 Little Blue Envelopes) [Read] Online

I enjoyed the book in the beginning but soon felt like the story was dragging and every country visited after Paris was unnecessary. I also didn't really like any character in this book, they had no depth and weren't interesting or likable. The concept of this book was so intriguing but I was disappointed.

Jan 27, Kayley Hyde rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: If you've ever been to Europe, thought about going to Europe, wanted to go about Europe or even heard of Europe It's a quick, fun summer read.

Very clever and warm-hearted. I love the characters, the plot and just everything about it. It always keeps you guessing. One of my favourites. Maureen never lets me down. Jul 17, Olivia-Savannah Roach rated it liked it. I was glad to finally be able to read it after I discovered Anissa TheBookworm Central wanted to reread it.

We read it together and it was so nice to discuss this read with someone! What I loved the most about the story would have to be the traveling side of things. I liked reading these envelopes for ourselves, and discovering a little bit more about her Aunt in each one. And she hurt people because of that. But you have to admire her really independent and artistic nature at the same time. She was extremely quiet and shy — even more so than me.

I can be pretty shy sometimes but Ginny took it to a new level. I liked her weirdness and quirkiness. Although sometimes, I have to admit that I found that Ginny was the kind of person who let things happen to her, rather than took advantage of them herself.

She was kind of innocent and oblivious to some things around her which bothered me at times. But not too much. I think this novel showed the benefits and the cons to traveling solo as well. I was really getting invested, when all of a sudden the ending came.

This review and others can be found on Olivia's Catastrophe: View all 4 comments. Ongecompliceerde YA roman Apr 29, Jennifer Wardrip rated it really liked it Shelves: The instructions are specific; no cell phones, no maps, and Ginny can only open one envelope at a time, after she's completed each task in the previous letter. Through the letters, Ginny learns more about what drove her Aunt to flee to Europe in pursuit of her art, and about her Aunt's last year of life, since Aunt Peg has passed away from a brain tumor by the time the first envelope arrives--and Ginny never got to say good-bye.

Through her adventures, Ginny learns a lot about herself. Her own strength and ingenuity, her ability to forgive, and that she, too, can be an interesting person. Others are easier, at least on the surface; find a starving artist and be his mysterious benefactor. Readers will both laugh at some of Ginny's mishaps and cringe at some of her mistakes as the envelopes lead her around Europe.

Peopled with a strong cast of supporting characters--the cute playwright she meets in London, the annoying family of Americans with a "schedule" in Amsterdam, the crazy artist friends of her Aunt--the novel unfolds at a fast pace, while never losing its poignancy as Ginny retraces the steps of the Aunt she loved. Johnson has written an excellent and entertaining novel that I highly recommend.

Feb 23, Melanie rated it it was ok Shelves: See more reviews at YA Midnight Reads Mini mini review 13 Little Blue Envelopes is a quick, light read that will intrigue young readers from the first page. This 'road trip novel' is filled with adventure and a cute romance. Maureen Johnson manages to pull off an entertaining story in pages that may not fulfil older readers' expectations.

There were so many holes in the plot and the main character was so oblivious and annoying. While I thought the plot line was excellent, the way it was executed was horridly poor. All in all, I am not a big fan of Maureen's novel, it was my first one by her, and probably the last. Everything seemed to childish and just not for me.

MG people can try this but MG readers may dispute this as it had nothing too remarkable or anything that screamed depth. Nov 21, Flannery rated it it was ok Shelves: The most common emotion it drew out of me was annoyance. No parents, that's who. Ginny wasn't properly equipped to travel the way she did. She talks to strangers, goes back to apartments with random people, just walks around some places at night, and leaves her crap unattended like it is her job.

I'm surprised she didn't end up in a child sex trafficking ring. No, seriously, I am.

13 Little Blue Envelopes - Maureen Johnson

Her "romance" with Keith who is named Keith these days? I think all Keiths should just be born into middle-age is weak and pretty unbelievable. We find out basically nothing about the main character, she shows no growth, and the ending is lame. The best part about the entire book is the backstory of Richard and Peg.

Richard was likable and seemed realistic. I just don't get it, though: The parents of this child allowed her to go "all over the world" with no cell phone, camera, traveler's checks, no money until she gets some in London, but they would never know that because she can't make any phone calls home , and NO CONTACTS.

And we are supposed to believe this? I can't get my eyebrows to come back down even while I write this review. The reason it gets 2 stars instead of 1 is because I love European adventures and it was mildly entertaining. But I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. View all 5 comments. Apr 01, Yoda rated it it was amazing Shelves: It's a such amazing story!

Well written, interesting and unexpected. Maureen Johnsons discriptions were so vivid I could've swore I was traveling through Europe with her. It's an easy read, and a really feel good kind of novel. All about finding yourself in the midts of unkown cities and countries. Thank you Maureen Johnson for taking me on this incredible journey. Jun 24, Angel Gelique rated it liked it.

Ginger "Ginny" Blackstone, a seventeen-year-old college-bound girl, receives a letter from her deceased aunt instructing her to pick up a package from her former apartment. The package contains twelve additional envelopes, numbered two through thirteen. As per her aunt's insistence, Ginny must open an envelope only after completing the task from the previous envelope.

The first envelope sends her to London with no money, cell phone, computer or guidebook. Ginny begins her adventure. I honestly w Ginger "Ginny" Blackstone, a seventeen-year-old college-bound girl, receives a letter from her deceased aunt instructing her to pick up a package from her former apartment.

I honestly wanted to enjoy this book much more than I did. But I hated the fact that a young girl imprudently travels to unfamiliar regions and places herself in some precarious situations. Though I understand the aunt's desire for Ginny to follow in her footsteps by traveling throughout Europe on a journey of self-discovery, I think it was improper for the aunt to posthumously impose her will in attempt to pave Ginny's destiny.

But aside from that personal gripe, I didn't really care for any of the characters, especially Keith. I can't understand why Ginny cared so much for him in such a short period. The only character I liked is Richard, who was sweet, sensible and helpful. Nor did I find the story particularly enthralling, either, until the ending. I will read the second book to see if it can drastically change my mind about this story I really wanted to read this book while I was in China because it has to do with travel.

I was traveling, Ginny was traveling - it seemed the thing to do. I read it in two days, as well, which is saying something. But still, there was something lacking for me in this novel. First, I'll admit that this is definitely a fast-paced read. I was never bored with the story. The constant change of setting kept the book clipping along at a pretty breakneck speed.

Ginny visits a crazy amount of countries i I really wanted to read this book while I was in China because it has to do with travel. Ginny visits a crazy amount of countries in this page novel, including England, Scotland, Greece, France, Denmark, and Italy, to name a few. But with this constant change of scenery, I never truly felt connected with any of the characters, not even Ginny herself.

There's little said about our protagonist before we're thrown into this grand adventure that her insane aunt sends her on. Even at the end of the book, I didn't feel like I really knew much about Ginny or her character motivation. And what kind of crazy parents would allow their teenage daughter to gallivant around Europe unchaperoned and with no contact? I had a really hard time swallowing that. Really, the only character we learn much about is Ginny's aunt, and only through her letters and what Ginny says about her.

Honestly, I felt like there was more narration devoted to the aunt than Ginny herself. But this wasn't supposed to be a book about Ginny's aunt; it was supposed to be about Ginny.

Then there's the "romance. There was pretty much zero chemistry, and the love interest isn't really that essential to the story. He pops up in England, then again in Paris, and we never really see him again until the very end. It was weird. And Ginny's one-minute stand with an Italian at his house? Even weirder. I wasn't on board with the lackluster romance.

But all that being said, it was an interesting book. I love travel and creative nonfiction travel journal-esque things, so I was interested and kept reading simply because of that aspect. I've never been to Europe, so I enjoyed the descriptions and experiencing everything for the first time, right along with Ginny. I just wish that I had gotten to know the characters better.

But it's certainly not at the top of my list. I just want to know what the stupid final letter says! Apr 12, Merythapy rated it liked it. Yeah, it's unrealistic: It's a fairy tale. I think it would be a great book to read before traveling, or while traveling. Excellent travel feel, with Yeah, it's unrealistic: Excellent travel feel, with just enough romance and mystery to keep you interested. Jul 14, Shay rated it really liked it Shelves: Aunt Peg is dead and the thing she left Ginny?

So begins the adventure! This is a lovely tale of a girl following the trail of her aunt's life and discovering herself along the way. Aug 27, jv poore rated it really liked it Shelves: I've no doubt that I'd thoroughly enjoy reading the side of a cereal box if Maureen Johnson wrote it. Jun 17, Chelsea rated it liked it Shelves: Not as good as the first time around. Este livro foi publicado originalmente em This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

13 Little Blue Envelopes

To view it, click here. Let's see if I can piece together some sort of review for this book. But I must warn you now: Imagine that you're a year-old, completely average and normal American girl who just happens to have a fun but somewhat crazy [favourite] aunt. Said aunt decides suddenly to leave her New York flat and the next thing you the teenager and your family know she is dead.

Then an envelope comes for you annoying little and blue and it's from your aunt and she wants you to grab the dollars in the envelope and buy a ticket to London. And you just I don't know. A letter comes for you, out-of-the-blue asking you, a teenager, to go from America to Europe with only a backpack and a set of written instructions. I'm sure everyone must have realized what the problem with this entire story line is. I doubt there are many parents out there who would let their teenage daughter just catch a plane to Europe with no money, barely any clothes and no cell phone.

I mean, what? I just didn't buy it. And the fact thar there was no conversation between the main character Ginny and her parents at all didn't make it any better, obviously. Still this is fiction. This is teen fiction. I was willing to suspend my disbelief at this completely wacky plot line.

Maybe something interesting would happen. But it didn't. The entire book is just about Ginny Virginia who is possibly one of the most dull protagonists ever just like Finley, remember her?

I could suspend my disbelief no longer; 13 Little Blue Envelopes just didn't work.

Envelopes 13 little pdf blue

It was implausible, random and in spite of all the descriptions of European cities, boring. Any self-respecting person, teenager or not would be annoyed that their aunt was apparently making them travel all over for no discernible or logical reason, but not Ginny. Johnson's descriptions of Europe are flawed, as if it is some sort of magical land where nothing wrong ever happens.

Oh, sure, Ginny has some problems but somehow they get solved in the most fantastic and unrealistic ways: Of course, no teen novel is complete without a romantic interest. Ginny falls for Keith, an English wannabe-actor at first sight, of course. They keep running into each other either because they're going the same way or because he decides to show up where she is, at random, as if traveling through Europe costs no money at all but don't ever know each other very well.

But they are still in luurve. In the end there was no point to the whole exercise. Ginny traveled, met a few people and went back home. She didn't change much or if she did, we're never told. It was pointless, dull and random. The main character was not interesting at all, her quest was annoying vapid and unrealistic and in the end nothing changed. The whole setting was too implausible for words.

When I compare this book to the recent YA paranormal fiction I read and find the fantasy books more believable than this one then something is definitely wrong. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, teenagers or adults. There is just too much in this book that doesn't work. View all 7 comments.

Pdf 13 envelopes little blue

Aug 02, Reynje rated it it was ok Shelves: But ultimately I just found the story rather forgettable and a little implausible. No, just.. Dec 13, Ying rated it really liked it Shelves: I felt that this was only an okay book from Maureen Johnson and that it paled in comparison to my favorite from her, Girl at Sea. There was a good plotline that promised adventure and romance in a foreign country that I was dissappointed to find did not exist.

While it was an excellent idea, I felt the story did not develop well enough and it didn't go too in-depth. This book could have been better written but otherwise, still a good read. Apr 29, April rated it it was amazing Shelves: It centers around Virginia 'Ginny' Blackstone, a 17 year old girl who is given a letter in a blue envelope.

The letter tells her to fly to London, but she can't bring any crutches. What ensues is a fantastic adventure. Read the rest of my review here. I had been waiting to read the Little Blue Envelopes series by Maureen Johnson for a while, and I was so glad to finally get the chance his summer. The story is both cute and inspiring, and the main character transforms.

In my opinion, the story should have ended with the first book, but the sequel is still interesting enough. This is the perfect book for those looking for an adventurous read. Full review on The Candid Cover. Basic Info Format: Young Adult; Contemporary. Cliff Hanger: Worst Part: Thoughts Had: Conclusion Continuing the Series: Okay every tim Basic Info Format: Okay every time i read about a girl just going to Europe all by themselves, i just cringe.

That is how girls get either raped or sold in sex trades or murdered, but no, not in the fiction world. Glad she doesn't even think to Google the conversion of pounds to dollars before spending all her money. The story is just too much to believe for me. Book Boyfriend: Best Friend Material: May 23, F rated it did not like it.

After hearing a lot of praise surrounding Maureen Johnson, I decided to give one of her books ago. Admittedly I chose 13 Little Blue Envelopes as it happened to be cheap in the Kindle Store, knowing little about the book I plunged straight in with high expectations. These were dashed remarkably quickly. Our heroine, Ginny, is ridiculous from the beginning. Perhaps it is because that is all we know of her, her name. Despite assurances that Ginny's mother is strictly disapproving, especially of h After hearing a lot of praise surrounding Maureen Johnson, I decided to give one of her books ago.

Despite assurances that Ginny's mother is strictly disapproving, especially of her wayward free spirit of a younger sister, she doesn't seem to mind that her daughter takes off on a back-packing trip across Europe with only the "there in spirit" of her dead aunt.

Furthermore, it becomes apparent all too quickly that Ginny herself is ill equipped to take a trip across the continent. Being British it was almost painful to read Johnson's descriptions of London and continual failings in her research. Ginny is confused by the smallest things, including our shock, horror abnormally shaped money, ATM machines and public transport.

Clearly not a girl who should go traipsing around Europe and getting into cars with strangers. It isn't just Ginny who is ill equipped for Europe however, Johnson herself clearly wouldn't get by with her continual incorrect details about the countries her character visits.

Readers Also Enjoyed. Young Adult. About Maureen Johnson. Maureen Johnson. Maureen knew from an early age she wanted to be a writer. She went to high school at an all-girls' Catholic school and graduated from University of Delaware with a degree in writing. She now lives and writes in New York City. With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability.

Find out more about OverDrive accounts. New York Times bestselling author Maureen Johnson's funny, heartbreaking, and utterly romantic tale gets a great new cover! Ginny Blackstone never thought she'd spend her summer vacation backpacking across Europe.

But that was before she received the first little blue envelope from Aunt Peg. Armed with instructions for how to retrieve twelve other letters Peg wrote—twelve letters that tell Ginny where she needs to go and what she needs to do when she gets there—Ginny quickly finds herself swept away in her first real adventure. Traveling from London to Edinburgh to Amsterdam and beyond, Ginny begins to uncover stories from her aunt's past and discover who Peg really was.

But the most surprising thing Ginny learns isn't about Peg. Everything about Ginny will change this summer, and it's all because of the 13 little blue envelopes. She has also written collaborative works such as Let It Snow wit We want your feedback!