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Sivananda lahari telugu pdf

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can try out for free. Sivananda lahari in telugu pdf. To download SIVANANDA LAHARI IN TELUGU PDF, click on the Download button. Sri Adi Sankaracharya's Shivananda Lahari [Waves of the Bliss of Shiva] (Image from Chitra Adi Sankara - a pictorial depiction of Sri. Lord Shiva Stotrams – Shivananda Lahari Lyrics in Telugu: కలాభ్యాం చూడాలంకృత-శశి కలాభ్యాం నిజ తపః- ఫలాభ్యాం భక్తేశు.

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Shivananda Lahari. Select Language, English PDF Link| Text Link Source 2: lesforgesdessalles.info | PDF Link| Text Link. ⇒ Shivananda Lahari In Telugu. Keywords: SankarAcArya, SankarAchArya viracita SivAnanda lahari,. SivAnandalahari, Shivananda Lahari stotra, telugu lO Adi Sankara Sivananda. Lahari. Download Stotram Lyrics (pdf & direct Links). Meaning In Telugu (source 1). Adhishankarar's Sivananda Lahari. SIVANANDA LAHARI OF ADI.

And so I meditate on your lotus feet, Which gives only good and grants salvation. It is a wonder, That these people do not know, To offer to you the single lotus, From the lake of ones own mind, Oh God who is the consort of Uma, And be happy at ones own place. And be pleased to protect me , Showering on me your sea of mercy. Hey , Lord who is with his consort Uma, He who can spend some time For worshipping your lotus feet, For doing meditation and mixing with you, For saluting you, For hearing your holy stories, For being in your prescence, For singing your fame, And being happy with his mind offered to you, Attains salvation even when he is alive. Oh, Lord Shambhu, Always recognize and be pleased to wear, The gem studded shoes of my mind and travel. Be it a celibate seeker of truth, Be it a man of the family, Be it a shaven headed seeker of truth, Be it the matted haired householder in the forest, Or be it one who is none of these, Hey, Lord of all beings, If his lotus heart is in your custody, Shambho, You would wholly become his, And help him to lift, This heavy burden of life. By words I would sing your story, Oh, Lord Shambhu.


Telugu sivananda pdf lahari