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Introduction Welcome to the NCLEX-PN® Practice Questions Exam Cram This book helps you get ready to take and pass the Licensure Exam for Practical. NCLEX-PN Practice Questions Exam Cram, 3rd Edition Network+ Certification Practice Questions Exam Cram 2 (Exam N) · Read more. The Item Writing for Success workshop presented by Rinehart & Associates was a great experience. The presenters were informed, helpful, and worked well.

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Rinehart, Wilda. NCLEX-PN practice questions exam cram. -- 3rd ed. / Wilda Rinehart,. Diann Sloan, Clara Hurd. p. ; cm. Includes index. Rev. ed. of: NCLEX- PN. nclex pdf books free download nclex review questions nclex pn free practice questions Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Wilda Rinehart Gardner received an Associate Degree in Nursing from Northeast Mississippi Community College in.

Laxatives—Promote the passage of stool. In preparation for the removal, the nurse should instruct the client to: The nurse is assigned to care for an infant with physiologic jaundice. Call the Board of Nursing B. She currently serves as a nurse educator consultant and an independent contractor. See things from the perspective of others

Serum creatinine: Drug schedules. Histamine 2 antagonist drugs: Cimetidine Tagamet. Anticoagulant drugs: Heparin sodium Hepalean. Antidiarrheals—Decrease gastric motility and reduce water in bowel.

CO2 down. Glucocorticoid drugs: Prednisolone Delta-Cortef. Schedule V—Dispensed as any other prescription or without prescription if state law allows example antitussives Native American cultural attributes—They sustain eye contact.

Treatment for sickle cell crises—HHOP heat. Schedule II—Requires a written prescription example Ritalin. Cox 2 enzyme blocker drugs: Celecoxib Celebrex. Profile of gallbladder disease—Fair. For hospital triage. This is true in a compensated situation. Cs airway. Miotics—Constrict the pupils. Mydriatics—Dilate the pupils.

Antianemics—Increase red blood cell production. In metabolic disorders. For example. For disaster triage. Therapeutic diets. Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibiting agents: Benazepril Lotensin. Anti-infectives—Used for the treatment of infections. Antihypertensives—Lower blood pressure and increase blood flow.

In metabolic acidosis. Asian American cultural attributes—They avoid direct eye contact. Legalities—The RN and the physician institute seclusion protection.

Schedule III—Requires a new prescription after six months or five refills example codeine. For room assignments. Polar cold Types of drugs. An example of this is metabolic acidosis.

Hindu—No beef or items containing gelatin.

Pn exam pdf cram

The MD or the hospice nurse can pronounces the client dead. Five Ps of fractures and compartment syndrome—These are symptoms of fractures and compartment syndrome: Antacids—Reduce hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

Jewish—Special dietary restrictions. Religions beliefs. Hydrocortone Phosphate. Mexican American cultural attributes—They might avoid direct eye contact with authorities. Schedule IV—Requires a new prescription after six months example Darvon.

The PN. Remember the A. Management and delegation. CO2 up. Cholesterol-lowering drugs: Atorvastatin Lipitor. Anti-infective drugs: Gentamicin Garamycin. Benzodiazepine drugs: Clonazepam Klonopin. Antihistamines—Block the release of histamine. Gout diet—Low purine. Anticoagulants—Prevent clot formation. Renal diet—High calorie. Acyclovir Zovirax. Choose the most critical client to assign to the RN. Anticholenergics—Decrease oral secretions. Hip fractures—Hip fractures commonly hemorrhage.

Beta adrenergic blockers: Acebutolol Monitan. Muslims Sunni refuse organ donation. Clients who are being discharged should have final assessments done by the RN. Laxatives—Promote the passage of stool. Angiotensin receptor blocker drugs: Valsartan Diovan. Proton pump inhibitors: Esomeprazole Nexium.

Phenothiazine drugs: Chlopromazine Thorazine. Where nonskilled care is required. Arab American cultural attributes—Females avoid eye contact with males.

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Pdf pn exam cram

Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Documents Similar To Cramsheet exam cram nclex pn. The graduate licensed practical nurse is assigned to care for the client on ventilator support, pending organ donation. Which goal should receive priority? Which action by the novice nurse indicates a need for further teaching? The nurse fails to wear gloves to remove a dressing.

The nurse applies an oxygen saturation monitor to the ear lobe. The nurse elevates the head of the bed to check the blood pressure. The nurse places the extremity in a dependent position to acquire a peripheral blood sample. Quick Answers: The nurse is preparing a client for mammography. To prepare the client for a mammogram, the nurse should tell the client: That mammography replaces the need for self-breast exams Quick Answers: That mammography requires a higher dose of radiation than an x-ray Which of the following roommates would be best for the client newly admitted with gastric resection?

A client with phlebitis The licensed practical nurse is working with a registered nurse and a patient care assistant. Which of the following clients should be cared for by the registered nurse?

A client 1 week post-thyroidectomy Quick Answers: A client 2 days post-thoracotomy The licensed practical nurse is observing a graduate nurse as she assesses the central venous pressure. Which observation would indicate that the graduate needs further teaching? The graduate places the client in a supine position to read the manometer.

The graduate turns the stop-cock to the off position from the IV fluid to the client. The graduate instructs the client to perform the Valsalva maneuver during the CVP reading. The graduate notes the level at the top of the meniscus. Which of the following roommates would be most suitable for the client with myasthenia gravis? A client with hypothyroidism B. A client with bronchitis The nurse employed in the emergency room is responsible for triage of four clients injured in a motor vehicle accident.

Which of the following clients should receive priority in care? A year-old with lacerations of the face B. A year-old with dislocation of the elbow The client is receiving peritoneal dialysis. If the dialysate returns cloudy, the nurse should: Send a specimen to the lab Quick Answers: Obtain a complete blood count The client with cirrhosis of the liver is receiving Lactulose. The nurse is aware that the rationale for the order for Lactulose is: To lower the blood glucose level B.

To lower the creatinine level The client with diabetes is preparing for discharge. Which statement made by the client would indicate a need for follow-up after discharge? The client is receiving total parenteral nutrition TPN. Which lab test should be evaluated while the client is receiving TPN?

Hemoglobin B. Creatinine C. White blood cell count Which defense mechanism is the client using? Rationalization B.

NCLEX-PN Practice Questions Exam Cram, 5th Edition

Conversion reaction Which laboratory test would be the least effective in making the diagnosis of a myocardial infarction? Troponin Quick Answers: Myoglobin The licensed practical nurse assigned to the post-partal unit is preparing to administer Rhogam to a postpartum client. Which woman is not a candidate for RhoGam? A gravida IV para 2 that is Rh negative with an Rhnegative baby The first exercise that should be performed by the client who had a mastectomy is: Walking the hand up the wall B.

Sweeping the floor C. Squeezing a ball Quick Answers: The client is scheduled for a Tensilon test to check for Myasthenia Gravis. Which medication should be kept available during the test? Atropine sulfate B. Furosemide C.

Promethazine The client is scheduled for a pericentesis. Which instruction should be given to the client before the exam? To ensure safety while administering a nitroglycerine patch, the nurse should: Wash the area thoroughly with soap and rinse with hot water Quick Answers: Apply the patch to the buttocks A year-old male is brought to the emergency room with a piece of metal in his eye.

Which action by the nurse is correct? Use a magnet to remove the object. Rinse the eye thoroughly with saline. Cover both eyes with paper cups. Patch the affected eye only.

The physician has ordered sodium warfarin Coumadin for the client with thrombophlebitis. The order should be entered to administer the medication at: The schizophrenic client has become disruptive and requires seclusion. Which staff member can institute seclusion? The security guard B. The registered nurse C. The nursing assistant The client is admitted with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Blood gases reveal pH 7. The nurse would assess the client to be in: Uncompensated acidosis B. Uncompensated metabolic acidosis The nurse is assessing the client recently returned from surgery. The nurse is aware that the best way to assess pain is to: Ask the client to rate his pain on a scale of 0—5 Quick Answers: Ask the client if he is in pain The nursing is participating in discharge teaching for the postpartal client.

The nurse is aware that an effective means of managing discomfort associated with an episiotomy after discharge is: Promethazine B.

Ice packs Which of the following post-operative diets is most appropriate for the client who has had a hemorroidectomy? Clear-liquid Quick Answers: The physician has ordered a culture for the client with suspected gonorrhea.

The nurse should obtain which type of culture? Blood B. Nasopharyngeal secretions C. Genital secretions The nurse is caring for a client with cerebral palsy. The nurse should provide frequent rest periods because: Grimacing and writhing movements decrease with relaxation and rest. Hypoactive deep tendon reflexes become more active with rest.

Stretch reflexes are increased with rest. Fine motor movements are improved. The nurse is making assignments for the day. Which client should be assigned to the nursing assistant? A client with appendicitis Quick Answers: A client with thrombophebitis A client with cancer develops xerostomia. The nurse can help alleviate the discomfort associated with xerostomia by: Offering hard candy B. Providing saliva substitute A home health nurse is making preparations for morning visits.

Which one of the following clients should the nurse visit first? A client with glomerulonephritis is placed on a low-sodium diet.

Which of the following snacks is suitable for the client with sodium restriction? Peanut butter cookies B. Grilled cheese sandwich C. Fresh peach Due to a high census, it has been necessary for a number of clients to be transferred to other units within the hospital. Which client should be transferred to the postpartum unit?

A year-old female with a hysterectomy Quick Answers: A year-old male with ulcerative colitis During the change of shift, the oncoming nurse notes a discrepancy in the number of Percocet Oxycodone listed and the number present in the narcotic drawer. Notify the nursing supervisor Quick Answers: Notify the director of nursing The nurse is assigning staff for the day.

Which assignment should be given to the nursing assistant? Adjusting the traction of the 1-year-old with a fractured tibia Quick Answers: A new nursing graduate indicates in charting entries that he is a licensed practical nurse, although he has not yet received the results of the licensing exam.

Tort Quick Answers: Negligence A client with acute leukemia develops a low white blood cell count.

Cramsheet (exam cram nclex pn)

In addition to the institution of isolation, the nurse should: Ask the client to wear a mask when visitors are present Quick Answers: Provide foods in sealed single-serving packages A year-old male who is recovering from a stroke exhibits signs of unilateral neglect. Which behavior is suggestive of unilateral neglect? The client is observed shaving only one side of his face.

The client is unable to distinguish between two tactile stimuli presented simultaneously. The client is unable to complete a range of vision without turning his head side to side. The client is unable to carry out cognitive and motor activity at the same time. The nurse is providing discharge teaching for a client taking dissulfiram Antabuse. The nurse should instruct the client to avoid eating: Peanuts, dates, raisins B. Figs, chocolate, eggplant C.

Milk, cottage cheese, ice cream Quick Answers: A client has been receiving cyanocobalamine B12 injections for the past 6 weeks. Which laboratory finding indicates that the medication is having the desired effect?

Basophil count of 0. The nurse has just received a change-of-shift report. Which client should the nurse assess first? Several clients are admitted to the emergency room following a three-car vehicle accident. Which clients can be assigned to share a room in the emergency department during the disaster?

A child whose pupils are fixed and dilated and his parents, and the client with a frontal head injury Quick Answers: The client who arrives with a large puncture wound to the abdomen and the client with chest pain Which client should be seen first? The year-old with an exacerbation of multiple sclerosis being treated with cortisone via a centrally placed venous catheter Quick Answers: The nurse is found to be guilty of charting blood glucose results without actually performing the procedure.

After talking to the nurse, the charge nurse should: Call the Board of Nursing B. File a formal reprimand C. Charge the nurse with a tort Which information should be reported to the state Board of Nursing? The facility fails to provide literature in both Spanish and English. The narcotic count has been incorrect on the unit for the past 3 days. The client fails to receive an itemized account of his bills and services received during his hospital stay.

The nursing assistant assigned to the client with hepatitis fails to feed the client and give the bath. Which nurse should be assigned to care for the postpartal client with preeclampsia? The nurse with 2 weeks of experience on postpartum B. The nurse with 1 year of experience in the neonatal intensive care unit Which action by the nurse should receive priority? Contact the physician C. Which assignment should not be performed by the licensed practical nurse?

Inserting a Foley catheter B. Discontinuing a nasogastric tube C. Initiating a blood transfusion The nurse witnesses the nursing assistant hitting the client in the long-term care facility. The nursing assistant can be charged with: Negligence B.

Malpractice The nurse is planning room assignments for the day. Which client should be assigned to a private room if only one is available?

The client with diabetes Quick Answers: The client with myxedema Which client should be assigned to the pregnant nurse? The client who has just been administered soluble brachytherapy for thyroid cancer Quick Answers: The client who returned from placement of iridium seeds for prostate cancer The client is receiving heparin for thrombophlebitis of the left lower extremity.

Which of the following drugs reverses the effects of heparin? Protamine sulfate C. Sodium warfarin Quick Answers: Her doctor orders furosemide Lasix 40mg IV stat. How should the nurse administer the prescribed furosemide to this client? By giving it over 1—2 minutes B. By hanging it IV piggyback C. By administering it through a venous access device The physician prescribes captopril Capoten 25mg po tid for the client with hypertension.

Which of the following adverse reactions can occur with administration of Capoten?

Persistent cough Quick Answers: Diarrhea Proper application of nitroglycerin ointment includes: Rubbing it into the skin Quick Answers: Covering it with a gauze dressing Lidocaine is a medication frequently ordered for the client experiencing: Atrial tachycardia B.

Ventricular brachycardia The client is admitted to the emergency room with shortness of breath, anxiety, and tachycardia.

Cramsheet (exam cram nclex pn) | Drugs | Clinical Medicine

His ECG reveals atrial fibrillation with a ventricular response rate of beats per minute. The doctor orders quinidine sulfate. While he is receiving quinidine, the nurse should monitor his ECG for: Peaked P wave B. Elevated ST segment C. Prolonged QT interval Quick Answers: The physician has prescribed tranylcypromine sulfate Parnate 10mg bid. The nurse should teach the client to refrain from eating foods containing tyramine because it may cause: Hypertension B.

Hyperthermia C. Urinary retention The child with seizure disorder is being treated with Dilantin phenytoin. A 5-year-old is admitted to the unit following a tonsillectomy. Which of the following would indicate a complication of the surgery?

Decreased appetite B. Constant swallowing A 6-year-old with cerebral palsy functions at the level of an 18month-old. Which finding would support that assessment? She dresses herself. She pulls a toy behind her. She can build a tower of eight blocks. She can copy a horizontal or vertical line. Which information obtained from the mother of a child with cerebral palsy most likely correlates to the diagnosis?

She was born at 42 weeks gestation. She had meningitis when she was 6 months old. She had physiologic jaundice after delivery. She has frequent sore throats. The year-old is being treated for asthma. Before administering Theodur, the nurse should check the: Urinary output B. Blood pressure C. Temperature An elderly client is diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

She has surgery followed by chemotherapy with a fluorouracil Adrucil IV. What should the nurse do if she notices crystals and cloudiness in the IV medication? Warm the solution Quick Answers: Discontinue the medication The client is diagnosed with multiple myoloma. The doctor has ordered cyclophosphamide Cytoxan.

The client is taking rifampin mg po daily to treat his tuberculosis. Which action by the nurse indicates understanding of the medication? Telling the client to take the medication if night sweats occur Quick Answers: The client is taking prednisone 7. Which statement best explains the reason for taking the prednisone in the morning?

There is less chance of forgetting the medication if taken in the morning. There will be less fluid retention if taken in the morning. Prednisone is absorbed best with the breakfast meal.

A year-old female has a prescription for tetracycline. While teaching the client how to take her medicine, the nurse learns that the client is also taking Ortho-Novum oral contraceptive pills. Which instructions should be included in the teaching plan? The oral contraceptives will decrease the effectiveness of the tetracycline.

Nausea often results from taking oral contraceptives and antibiotics. Toxicity can result when taking these two medications together. Antibiotics can decrease the effectiveness of oral contraceptives, so the client should use an alternate method of birth control.

A year-old diabetic is taking glyburide Diabeta 1. Which statement indicates the need for further teaching? The physician prescribes regular insulin, 5 units subcutaneous. Regular insulin begins to exert an effect: In 5—10 minutes B. In 60— minutes Quick Answers: The client is admitted from the emergency room with multiple injuries sustained from an auto accident.

His doctor prescribes a histamine blocker. The reason for this order is: To treat general discomfort B. To correct electrolyte imbalances C. To treat nausea The client with a recent liver transplant asks the nurse how long he will have to take cyclosporine Sandimmune. Which response is correct? The rest of his life Shortly after the client was admitted to the postpartum unit, the nurse notes heavy lochia rubra with large clots.

Magnesium sulfate Quick Answers: Phenergan The client is scheduled to have an intravenous cholangiogram. Before the procedure, the nurse should assess the patient for: Shellfish allergies B. Egg allergies A new diabetic is learning to administer his insulin. A client with osteomylitis has an order for a trough level to be done because he is taking Gentamycin.

When should the nurse call the lab to obtain the trough level? Before the first dose B. A 4-year-old with cystic fibrosis has a prescription for Viokase pancreatic enzymes to prevent malabsorption. The correct time to give pancreatic enzyme is: On an empty stomach Isoniazid INH has been prescribed for a family member exposed to tuberculosis. The nurse is aware that the length of time that the medication will be taken is: The client is admitted to the postpartum unit with an order to continue the infusion of Pitocin.

Which finding indicates that the Pitocin is having the desired effect? The fundus is deviated to the left. The fundus is firm and in the midline. The fundus is boggy. The fundus is two finger breadths below the umbilicus. The nurse is teaching a group of new graduates about the safety needs of the client receiving chemotherapy. Before administering chemotherapy, the nurse should: Administer a bolus of IV fluid B.

Administer pain medication C. Allow the patient a chance to eat Quick Answers: Before administering Methytrexate orally to the client with cancer, the nurse should check the: IV site B.

Electrolytes C. Vital signs Vitamin K aquamephyton is administered to a newborn shortly after birth for which of the following reasons? To prevent dehydration B. To facilitate clotting The client with an ileostomy is being discharged. Which teaching should be included in the plan of care?

Use Karaya powder to seal the bag. Irrigate the ileostomy daily. Stomahesive is the best skin protector. Neosporin ointment can be used to protect the skin. The client has an order for FeSo4 liquid. Which method of administration would be best? Administer the medication with milk B. Administer the medication undiluted The client arrives in the emergency room with a hyphema.

Which action by the nurse would be best? Insert a Foley catheter and measure the intake and output B. Perform a vaginal exam and check for a discharge Quick Answers: The infant with meningitis Quick Answers: The client with a thoracotomy 2 days ago Which question would be most appropriate for the nurse to ask the client?

Which of the following is the best indicator of the diagnosis of HIV? Western Blot Quick Answers: Complete blood count The client has an order for gentamycin to be administered. Which lab results should be reported to the doctor before beginning the medication?

Hematocrit B. Erythrocyte count The nurse is caring for the client with a mastectomy. Which action would be contraindicated? Elevating the arm on the side of the mastectomy C.

Performing a dextrostix on the unaffected side Quick Answers: The charge nurse is making assignments for the day. After accepting the assignment to a client with leukemia, the nurse tells the charge nurse that her child has chickenpox. Which action should the charge nurse take? Explain to the nurse that there is no risk to the client Quick Answers: Ask the nurse if she has ever had the chickenpox The client with brain cancer refuses to care for herself.

Talk to the client and explain the need for self-care Quick Answers: The nurse is caring for the client who has been in a coma for 2 months. He has signed a donor card, but the wife is opposed to the idea of organ donation. How should the nurse handle the topic of organ donation with the wife? Tell her that because her husband signed a donor card, the hospital has the right to take the organs upon the death of her husband Quick Answers: Refrain from talking about the subject until after the death of her husband The nurse is assessing the abdomen.

The nurse knows the best sequence to perform the assessment is: Inspection, auscultation, palpation B. Auscultation, palpation, inspection C. Inspection, palpation, auscultation Quick Answers: The nurse is assisting in the assessment of the patient admitted with abdominal pain. Why should the nurse ask about medications that the client is taking? Interactions between medications can be identified.

This will provide an opportunity to educate the patient regarding the medications used. Various medications taken by mouth can affect the alimentary tract. The types of medications might be attributable to an abdominal pathology not already identified. The client is newly diagnosed with juvenile onset diabetes.

Which of the following nursing diagnoses is a priority? Altered thought process The nurse understands that the diagnosis of oral cancer is confirmed with: Gram Stain C. Oral washings for cytology Quick Answers: The nurse is assisting in the care of a patient who is 2 days postoperative from a hemorroidectomy. The nurse would be correct in instructing the patient to: Continue to use ice packs until discharge and then when at home Quick Answers: Use a sitz bath after each bowel movement to promote cleanliness and comfort The nurse is caring for a patient with a colostomy.

You will be able to live just like you did before. Which is true regarding the administration of antacids? Antacids should be administered without regard to mealtimes. Antacids should be administered with each meal and snack of the day. Antacids should be administered within 1—2 hours of all other medications.

Antacids should be administered with all other medications, for maximal absorption. The nurse is preparing to administer a feeding via a nasogastric tube. The nurse would perform which of the following before initiating the feeding? Ensure that the feeding solution has been warmed in a microwave for 2 minutes Quick Answers: The patient is prescribed metronidazole Flagyl for adjunct treatment for a duodenal ulcer. When teaching about this medication, the nurse would say: In planning care for the patient with ulcerative colitis, the nurse identifies which nursing diagnoses as a priority?

Fluid volume deficit Quick Answers: Nutrition altered, less than body requirements The nurse is teaching about irritable bowel syndrome IBS. Which of the following would be most important? Reinforcing the need for a balanced diet B. Instructing the client to limit his intake of fruits and vegetables The nurse is planning care for the patient with celiac disease.

In teaching about the diet, the nurse should instruct the patient to avoid which of the following for breakfast? Banana C. Cornflakes Quick Answers: The nurse is caring for a patient with suspected diverticulitis. The nurse would be most prudent in questioning which of the following diagnostic tests ordered? Colonoscopy B. Barium enema C. Computed tomography CT scan The registered nurse is conducting an in-service for colleagues about peptic ulcers. The nurse would be correct in identifying which of the following as a causative factor?

The priority nursing measure would be to: Perform meticulous oral care every 2 hours C. Assess the client frequently for pain using the visual analogue scale Quick Answers: The nurse is assisting in the care of a patient with diverticulosis. Which of the following assessment findings would necessitate a report to the doctor? Bowel sounds of 5—20 seconds B. Intermittent left lower-quadrant pain C. The nurse is assessing the client admitted for possible oral cancer. The nurse identifies which of the following as a late-occurring symptom of oral cancer?

Odor Quick Answers: Ulcer with flat edges An obstetrical client decides to have an epidural anesthetic to relieve pain during labor.

Following administration of the anesthesia, the nurse should: Monitor the client for respiratory depression Quick Answers: Monitor the client for hematuria The nurse is performing an assessment of an elderly client with a total hip repair.

Based on this assessment, the nurse decides to medicate the client with an analgesic. Which finding most likely prompted the nurse to decide to administer the analgesic? The client is unable to concentrate. The client grimaces during care. A client who has chosen to breastfeed complains to the nurse that her nipples became very sore while she was breastfeeding her older child.

Which measure will help her to avoid soreness of the nipples? Applying warm, moist soaks to the breast several times per day Quick Answers: Wearing a support bra The nurse asked the client if he has an advance directive. The reason for asking the client this question is: She is curious about his plans regarding funeral arrangements.

An advanced directive allows the medical personnel to make all decisions for the client. An advanced directive allows active euthanasia. The nurse teaching the client with a TENS unit should tell the client: The doctor has ordered a patient-controlled analgesia PCA pump for the client with chronic pain. The client asks the nurse if he can become overdosed with pain medication using this machine. The nurse demonstrates understanding of the PCA if she states: The year-old male has returned from the recovery room following a total hip repair.

He complains of pain and is medicated by morphine sulfate and promethazine. Which medication should be kept available for the client being treated with opoid analgesics? Acetylsalicylic acid aspirin Quick Answers: Atropine sulfate Atropine The nurse is taking the vital signs of the client admitted with cancer of the pancreas.

The nurse is aware that the fifth vital sign is: Fatigue The client with AIDS tells the nurse that he has been using acupuncture to help with his pain. The nurse should question the client regarding this treatment because acupuncture: Uses manipulation of the skeletal muscles to relieve stress and pain Quick Answers: The client has an order for heparin to prevent post-surgical thrombi.

Immediately following a heparin injection, the nurse should: Aspirate for blood B. Check the pulse rate C. Check the site for bleeding Which of the following lab studies should be done periodically if the client is taking sodium warfarin Coumadin? Stool specimen for occult blood B. Erthyrocyte count The doctor has ordered 80mg of furosemide Lasix two times per day. Administer half the dose Quick Answers: Withhold the drug and call the doctor In preparation for the removal, the nurse should instruct the client to: Breathe normally B.

Sneeze on command The nurse identifies ventricular tachycardia on the heart monitor. Which action should the nurse prepare to take?

Defibrillate at joules Quick Answers: A client is being monitored using a central venous pressure monitor. If the pressure is 2cm of water, the nurse should: Call the doctor immediately B.

Slow the intravenous infusion C. Administer a diuretic The nurse is aware that this test will evaluate: Pressure in the left ventricle B. The pressure in the right ventricle The physician has ordered atropine sulfate 0. The medication is supplied in 0. The nurse should administer how many milliliters of the medication? If the nurse is unable to illicit the deep tendon reflexes of the patella, the nurse should ask the client to: Pull against the palms B.

Perform Valsalva maneuver A client with an abdominal aortic aneurysm is admitted in preparation for surgery. Which of the following should be reported to the doctor?

An abdominal bruit C. Pupils that are equal and reactive to light Quick Answers: A 4-year-old male is admitted to the unit with nephotic syndrome. He is extremely edematous. To decrease the discomfort associated with scrotal edema, the nurse should: Apply ice to the scrotum B. Elevate the scrotum on a small pillow C. The nurse is taking the blood pressure of an obese client.

If the blood pressure cuff is too small, the results will be: A false elevation B. A subnormal finding The client is admitted with thrombophlebitis and an order for heparin. The medication should be administered using: A tuberculin syringe Quick Answers: Three-way stop-cock The client is admitted to the hospital in chronic renal failure. A diet low in protein is ordered.