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Cell by Stephen King - The next call you take could be your last in this terrifying # 1 New York Times bestseller by Stephen King—now a major motion picture. Stephen Edwin King was born in Portland, Maine in , the second son of Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King. After Stephen's grandparents passed away, Mrs. King found work in the kitchens of . Cover of: Cell. His joy at finally hitting it big is shattered by an event called The Pulse which causes all those who were using their cell phones at the time of The Pulse to.

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Cell - Stephen King. p. 1 / Embed or link this publication. Popular Pages. p. 1. scanned semi-proofed by cozette stephen king cell a novel new york scribner. Stephen King is an awesome horror fiction writer his books are available here freebooksmania-pdf hub. eBooks Download Cell[PDF]Stephen King Free Complete eBooks,== Click pinterest image or click Visit to download full ebooks Cell PDF, Mobi.

I am actually not the biggest Stephen King fan. You got crazies running around, nom nom nomming on tender bits, and a likable crew of misfits trying to stay alive. I read a book like 'Cell' and I can't help wonder if maybe it is time we had a new 'King' of horror fiction. Mass chaos ensues and a small group of survivors bands together and tries to figure out what is going on and how to stop it. More Details A present, you might have guessed, and you would have been right. He finds Johnny, who received a "corrupted" Pulse; he wandered away from Kashwak and seems to almost recognize his father.

He was also active in student politics, serving as a member of the Student Senate. He came to support the anti-war movement on the Orono campus, arriving at his stance from a conservative view that the war in Vietnam was unconstitutional.

He graduated from the University of Maine at Orono in , with a B. A draft board examination immediately post-graduation found him 4-F on grounds of high blood pressure, limited vision, flat feet, and punctured eardrums. He and Tabitha Spruce married in January of He met Tabitha in the stacks of the Fogler Library at the University of Maine at Orono, where they both worked as students.

As Stephen was unable to find placement as a teacher immediately, the Kings lived on his earnings as a laborer at an industrial laundry, and her student loan and savings, with an occasional boost from a short story sale to men's magazines.

Throughout the early years of his marriage, he continued to sell stories to men's magazines. Many of these were later gathered into the Night Shift collection or appeared in other anthologies.

In the fall of , Stephen began teaching high school English classes at Hampden Academy, the public high school in Hampden, Maine. Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels.

New Feature: You can now embed Open Library books on your website! Learn More. Last edited by Lisa. March 3, History. Stephen King Close. Stephen King does zombies! We'll get to that in a bit.

But first, here's how I think this book came about: Way back in aught-6 , or just before because Cell was published in '06, but who knows with King, am I right? But anyway, we've come a long way since that time. Everyone was getting cell phones and they were just about getting to every last person around. I imagine him having this conversation with, let's say, his son, Joe Hill. Everyone seems to have one. Both are VERY necessary.

You can't even have an honest-to-goodness conversation with a person without someone bombarding you with a call. Instead, we talk to electronics and let them control everything we do, sacrificing our humanity. I've got it! People are going about their normal business when suddenly lots of people start going crazy and attacking other people while a few people escape unscathed for a while until they get attacked. Well, Stephen King made a couple of changes to the normal zombie mythos I think we can call it mythos now.

Here, the zombies are created by a pulse that occurs through cell phones. All the people using their cell phones at the time of the "pulse" as its known throughout the book are immediately changed into what is essentially a zombie. Those without cell phones or not on them at the time are saved. It's not exactly clear whether they are or have to be dead or not, some are, but not all, but they all have the same traits, which are pretty zombie-like.

They go crazy, they attack people including their own kind, and make survival the number one priority for those who weren't turned. They are known throughout the book not at zombies, but as "phone crazies.

Pdf cell stephen king

It's just so dumb. It's also descriptively appropriate, but meh. Call them walkers, call them phoners even, but "phone crazies" just bugged me to no end. In addition, the zombies only come out during the day and therefore leave the night to the survivors.

Cell follows Clayton Riddell, a survivor of the pulse who happened to be in Boston at the time of the "pulse. I did enjoy this book, but to talk about why I didn't enjoy it enough to even reach the 4 star threshold, I'm gonna have to get into some spoilers. You've been warned.

Stephen King | Open Library

Know they're there and they are some great characters. The reason I wasn't a huge fan of this particular zombie book is that King almost immediately kills the whole reason I read zombie books. I read them for the constant suspense and scare that the people we've grown close to are going to get eaten, turned, die, whatever.

King introduces telepathy into the zombie mythos. While it's an interesting and unique take, I realized toward the end that it pretty much killed this particular zombie novel for me. Because the zombie apocalypse occurred through the pulse, the phone crazies bleh are connected somehow, they can even communicate in a way telepathically.

It begins through large gatherings where they sleep during the night while getting essentially reprogrammed telepathically. While they are communicating telepathically, they begin to flock just like some types of animals birds in a "v" for instance. While they flock, they don't attack humans.

It just stops. There's more that happens and they do begin to do some much more devious things, but the survivors, and especially our little crew we follow, are essentially immune from the day-to-day zombie attack.

Bigger Spoiler, for the novel I Am Legend as well: While I'm still within the spoiler section of my review, I also wanted to add that I totally thought he was going to go I Am Legend with the zombies, making the zombies the new society and the survivors the outcasts. It seemed to be going there, but didn't in the end. It also had an interesting take on zombies that, while I applaud King for his creativity and boldness, kind of killed the zombie part of this zombie novel.

View all 9 comments. The story focuses on the main character, Clay, who is on a mission to find his estranged wife and son. Now l "What Darwin was too polite to say, my friends, is that we came to rule the earth not because we were the smartest, or even the meanest, but because we have always been the craziest, most murderous motherfuckers in the jungle.

Now living in a post-apocalyptic world and unable to use mobile phones for fear of becoming crazed maniacs, Clay and his group must navigate their way in an attempt to find out what has happened to his family. Okay, so, I actually really enjoyed this book. I loved the premise of it, and found it terrifying to even consider what it would be like if such an event occurred in real life.

I loved how it was the use of mobile phones that created these crazed "zombies", especially because if something like this did happen, your first thought would be to call your loved ones to check they're okay. So I kinda loved that detail, added an extra layer to the story I thought. The characters were so-so. Clay was fine, but I think I actually preferred Tom. I also really liked Alice, so I wasn't overly happy with her storyline.

Stephen King

The "zombies" or "phonies" as they were called in the book were downright horrifying! I really liked their behaviours and how they were used within the story. The fact that they were only active during the day and then "rebooted" at night. It felt like a unique portrayal of zombies. I thought the story moved at a great pace, especially at the beginning. It was non-stop terrifying. The pace did slow down a bit, particularly towards the end, but I was still very much interested and eager to see how it all panned out.

But then that ending. Left me feeling so infuriated and angry. I absolutely hate endings like that I was so annoyed by it that I felt like deducting a star, but then maybe in hindsight I will look back and like the ending similar to how I feel about The Sopranos , so it can keep the star I thought it was a great read apart from the ending and very much underrated in the Stephen King universe.

If I ever meet Sai King I will slap him across the face for that ending View all 3 comments. U svom ovom haosu Klejton Ridel, Tom Mekort i Alis Maksvel se prepoznaju kao "normalni" i uspevaju da se sklone na sigurno.

View all 6 comments. Aug 13, Cyndi rated it really liked it. I love Stephen King but his stories always give me nightmares. This one is no different. On a beautiful autumn morning everyone on a cell phone is simultaneously hit with a message that scrambles their brains and turns them into zombies. From there the story gets progressively scarier and weirder. Really good story and I have another reason to not talk on a cell.

Texting only. Another successful King re-read! I read Cell when it first came out and I loved it. All I needed to hear was John Cusack and I knew it would be gold. I mean, seriously. The guy has to be one of the most underrated actors ever. Then came the announcement of Samuel L. Jackson joining the cast and I removed any doubt from my mind. Clay Riddell has just sold his first comic.

There he is basking in all the glory of his success when the Pulse occurs. Any person on their phone at the time of the Pulse goes completely insane. They kill themselves or others in violent and vicious ways. One guy even bites the ear off a dog. Another girl smashes her own face repeatedly off of a pole until she dies. I think the Pulse strips you down to your most primal self.

You become a beast; an animal. At bottom, you see, we are not Homo sapiens as all. Our core is madness.

The prime directive is murder. What Darwin was too polite to say, my friends, is that we came to rule the earth not because we were the smartest, or even the meanest, but because we have always been the craziest, most murderous motherfuckers in the jungle.

And that is what the Pulse exposed five days ago. The pace of the book does slow down but the story does not. It develops into a one-of-a-kind mindfuck of a tale. While I love the opening sequence for its relentless violence, I think the ending is my favorite part.

King nailed it. His endings are sooooooooooo hit and miss among his fans-at least in my experience- it is nice to see an ending I can really appreciate. I think it was the perfect ending for this book. If you have- make sure you check out the trailer for the movie! It looks amazing! You can check that out right here Ps. The docked star is mostly due to the inconsistent narration of the audio book. It was patchy and you could clearly hear the edits. It was enough to take me out of the story.

I've read better and worse by King. Not very scary, interesting idea and take on a kind of Zombie like Apocalypse. Great book to read while waiting for a plane. Great apocalyptic thriller! It has very chilling moments and intense too! That ending I first saw many negative reviews about the book wich i honestly don't know why they exist.. Don't like cliffhangers My overall feelings on this book? I'm a huge Stephen King fan, but I think I'm going to start defining my adoration for him by a certain era.

I find I love his earlier stuff, but don't particularly love or sometimes even like his later stuff. Now, this is not a bad novel.

It varies from alright to good, rarely achieving greatness, but scoring points for story, some pac My overall feelings on this book? It varies from alright to good, rarely achieving greatness, but scoring points for story, some pace, and King's usual habit of giving us the creeps.

But the story was part of the problem too. Although there was a slight twist on the 'Zombie tale' people become zombie-ish creatures after receiving a signal through their cell phones , this novel quickly turns into a story we've all heard before: Been there. Done that. Many times. And it's played out. But there was a little bit of new life breathed into an old trope, and it was as decent as the next good book about the undead.

Still, I expected a lot more from our crowned ruler of creepy books. It's a bit annoying and disheartening when someone like Stephen King starts becoming an imitator instead of an originator, or when it feels like big-time authors are getting lazy in light of their success I have the same feeling about authors Peter Straub and Dean Koontz.

I read a book like 'Cell' and I can't help wonder if maybe it is time we had a new 'King' of horror fiction. De los mejores libros de King. Me recordo a The Stand, pero claro, esta es una version mas ligera. Zombies vivos persiguen a los no conversos.

Que les deparara a los cuerdos, quienes deben luchar para sobrevivir.

Stephen pdf cell king

Creyeron que iban a encontrar un spoiler? Pues no. Si quieren saber algo, lean el libro! No lo juzguen severamente por las primeras paginas. Al parecer ni el propio autor sabia que camino iba a tomar, pero despues de un rato encuentra su b De los mejores libros de King. Al parecer ni el propio autor sabia que camino iba a tomar, pero despues de un rato encuentra su brujula.

King shows why he is a master. I wouldn't rank this one among his best, but that is because he has done so many masterpieces that it is hard to compete. But I still thought this was a great book. King used some basic concepts; cell phone usage, zombies, and yet he presented a tale that was unique and creative. This one was short compared to his average novels and because of his entertaining, free-flowing script, this was another one of those books that was a breeze to read. I can see where some people might scrutinize the ending, but I like the way the author left us with a myriad of possibilities and the opportunity to use our own imaginations to conclude the story.

View all 4 comments. An ordinary everyday item turning evil is both some that King has done well it the past, but also stories that I enjoy.

Rather than having phones constantly attached to our eyes, most people are starting at their smartphones. Jun 10, Stylo Fantome rated it it was amazing. I am actually not the biggest Stephen King fan. I went through a kick where some of my favorite old-ish movies, I was going back and reading the books they had been made from - Jaws, The Exorcist, Silence of the Lambs. So of course, I wound up hunting down quite a few Stephen King books.

I kept seeing this book on the shelf at the library, and the blurb intrigued me, so finally I checked it out and read it.

I really, really liked it! Of course, there aren't zombies in this book - they are living, breathing human beings. This book was haunting. There is no denying that very few authors can give you the heebie jeebies as well as Stephen King, and this book is no exception. When the shiz starts hitting the fan, the pandemonium that's described is scary as all get out.

The second time I read it, it was late at night and I was in bed downstairs alone. Unbeknownst to me, the teenage neighbors at the end of the street had decided to throw a kegger that turned into a Fight Club.

Needless to say, I nearly peed myself as the noise outside seemed to mirror the noise in the book. Like many Stephen King books, this follows a man going through an unusual, terrifying situation, trying to get back to his family and life, and forming friends and allies and foes along the way. A phone call causes everyone who answered their phone to go insane. Our hero didn't have a phone, thankfully. At first, it's a murderous rampage free for all.

Then the phone-zombies calm down a little and start to mass together. Never a good sign. Throw in some psychic abilities and a strong telepath, a frightening red sweater, and lots of guns that never really do anything but hurt the ones trying to use them, and you've got an interesting story. I was very excited when I saw that this was being made into a movie - visions of Thomas Jane as the lead dancing through my head.

Instead, last I heard John Cusack was cast to play the hero, and I just can't see that. If you like Stephen King, read this book. If you don't like Stephen King but like scary novels, read this book. This book rocks. Check it out. View 1 comment. Aug 15, Mia Nauca rated it liked it. Un libro de King que la verdad casi no termino. This was a classic Stephen King novel!

King cell pdf stephen

Roller coaster ride of thrills, twists, and turns! I read the first half of the book in one night as I could not put it down. Last night I finished the other half. The book is about cell phones that get hit with a pulse phenomenon that practically turns the human race into zombies. It was a different kind of zombie experience.

You have a rag-tag of survivors that are trying to get out of the city and they meet up with other survivors along the way. Definite This was a classic Stephen King novel! Definitely an interesting read. Giving it five stars. You know, I'm pretty sure he said he was retiring a few years ago. Not that I'm complaining, mind you - this was a fun read. I just figure we should never trust a writer when they say they're done.

This is like crack to them, I suppose. With this book, King is back to my favorite story type of his - world-spanning apocalypse. Ain't nothing better than the end of the world, in my judgment, and The Stand is still one of my favorite King books. In this one, though, he takes a slightly different appro You know, I'm pretty sure he said he was retiring a few years ago. In this one, though, he takes a slightly different approach.

In The Stand , the full scale of the disaster is revealed in pieces, with tantalizing peeks at how bad Captain Trips is every now and then until we finally see just what it means to lose For Cell , King tells us right up front, before the first page of the story, that the world as we know it would be gone in two weeks.

Then he gives us a happy, almost exuberant main character, whose life has just taken a massive turn for the better and who believes he can see a bright and shining future ahead of him. A few pages later, of course, The Pulse hits.

And the world, for all intents and purposes, ends. The people who see the first waves of chaos do the natural thing - pick up their cell phones to find out what's happening. And in an instant, they are part of the madness. It's a terrible new world, to say the least. And Clayton Riddell has to make his way to his wife and son, hoping that they survived the pulse and the murderous madness that followed.

The story is not, technically, original. King borrows a great deal from other writers and artists - he thanks Richard Matheson and George Romero up front, as well he should. And he has one of the main characters refer to Neal Stephenson as "a God," perhaps to balance against criticism of apparent similarities with Snow Crash.

And, of course, because Stephenson is a god, if a terribly difficult one to understand all the time Of course, he can't escape comparisons to his original apocalypse book, The Stand , but he didn't reference it directly. The characters seem to have a more difficult time getting their way in this book, it seems, and they certainly cover less ground.

And they're not, to my mind, as memorable as the wonderful cast of characters who wandered through The Stand. No Randall Flagg, either.

However, for you Dark Tower fans, there's one oblique reference in this book: It's in the "Kashwak" section, just at the end of part 15, pretty close to the end of the book. You should know it when you see it. Speaking of which I haven't read everything King's written since he finished out Dark Tower , but it looks like he's decided that closure is overrated.

That's all I'm gonna say about that. It's not a bad ending by any stretch, it's just Fun book. So this is a King re read for me. I reviewed it the first time at 4 stars and I'm deciding now, upon reading it again, to dock a star.

Let's start with Clay, I like Clay as a protagonist but he's not one of King's more memorable main characters. If we were to rank him, he'd probably fall somewhere towards the middle. Kind of forgettable. I actually thought Tom would be a better main character; he had better lines.

The first part of this book kicks ass!

I love the opening scene in the streets when So this is a King re read for me. I love the opening scene in the streets when the Pulse hits and Clay is first hand witness to all this crazy shit going down. People screaming these crazy made up words which I feel like I have seen before? Dark Tower junkies? This is the boring part. I'm sorry but it just got boring.

I like Raggedy Man but I hate how the zombies begin evolving and develop supernatural powers. I understand that King wanted to maybe shake up the genre a bit but it didn't work for me. So this is why I'm docking the star from my original review. Anyhow, fun re-read, especially since I knew my friend Jo in Ireland and my friend Them here in the States were reading it along with me--made me feel connected to them through good ol' SK.

Jun 18, Heena Rathore P. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The characterization and the narration is incredibly amazing. The story starts minutes before The Pulse occurred and takes us through the entire scenario in perfect detail. The craziers or the phone-crazies are easy to picture and seem scary. Or not! One of the other things I liked about Cell is that The Pulse, that is the virus, which is also referred to as a programme, is shown to be corrupted and wormed.

Which actually takes the entire concept to a whole new level. This book is amazing. You can also read this review at The Reading Bud Vintage King, feels like "The Stand light version". Mar 26, Steve rated it liked it Shelves: And there are some good reasons, End-of-the-World setting, the survivors polarized into two camps, one camp, arguably no longer even human, a big bang ending in an arena like setting, etc.

But there are differences as well. When King wrote The Stand , it seemed to mark a moment in that writer's life where he was becoming overt in things religious. The Stand is a battle between good and evil, darkness and light, King's Book of Revelation if you will.