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Round-Up 6 Teachers Book 3rd. Edition by V. Evans, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. English Grammar Book - Round-UP 6 - Teacher's Guide New Grammar Tree Teachers Guide Class 8 Grammar Book 1 - Teacher's Manual. Round-up 6: [English grammar practice]. Teacher's by · Round-up 6: [English grammar practice]. Teacher's guide. by Virginia Evans. Print book. English.

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English Grammar Book RoundUP 6 Teachers Guide - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. New-Round-upTeacher”lesforgesdessalles.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. lesforgesdessalles.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Make sure to take into consideration various prefixes and suffixes, as well as negative forms. Mr Roberts asked Rona what salary she would hope to receive. He 's older than me. The Kingsley is also of 7. At the end 0 th week I thanked Pierre, who had been very kind.

Stative Verbs Stative verbs express a permanent state and don't usually have continuous forms. These are: Can or could are often used with these verbs. Turn the radio down, please. I can't hear you. Look, watch and listen express deliberate actions and can be used in continuous forms. John is watching a football match on TV.

Feel and hurt can be used in either continuous or simple forms. He hates the show they are watching on TV now. I believe he is innocent. He wants some more biscuits. No is waRtiRg Some stative verbs have continuous forms but with a difference in meaning: State Action He thinks he's really clever.

It weighs a lot. John is usually careful, but today he's being careless. You're being very foolish. Jt1 tbjOKiI'J.. I wouldn 't bother.

Mr Jones Can it wait? The police. Is there anything wrong with it? Yes, it I think you 've used sugar instead of salt. I think she's got a temperature. That's why you 're wearing a suit and tie.

Because it Hi Ann! What You dQi. Hello Mark! Oh really? Yes, he I see. Look, a few of us 6 '".. Well , my dance class What time About 6 o'clock.

That's great! My class is nearby and I certainly See you at six. I don't think Frank has Jeff's wedding last year. Jack's been working on that project, but it seems like weeks. My first day? You mean I have to go back again tomorrow?

She hasn't come back yet. She has been to Paris once. She has come back. She has been in Berlin for two years. New York several times, but I. Lisbon for a week, so I'm doing some of his work for him. Milan for very long , so we don 't know it very well yet. Fill in with the present perfect or the present perfect continuous.

Hi Sam, How are things? Mine start next week and I'm already nervous. Even though I Guess what! Everyone's really surprised, but I As you know, I What about you? Johnny, where were you yesterday? I was looking for you but you weren't at school. We do not know action or before a specific time in the the engine and drove off. She had been trying to which are now At 1 o'clock this afternoon She had already get a visa for months finished.

In such they were having coffee. She cooked which lasted for used to. Past yesterday he was Continuous is the last week. Present Perfect. He's Elvis Presley made lots she was sleeping. There's no pudding time now finished - They were travelling to left; he has eaten it implied time reference Swansea Past Simple yesterday, last week, etc, how long ago, then, just now, when, in , etc. Past Continuous while, when, as, the moment that, etc.

Past Perfect for, since, already, after, just, never, yet, before, by, by the time, etc. Past Perfect Continuous for, since 10 Identify the tenses, then match them with the correct description. She opened the cupboard, took out a a past action in progress interrupted by another dress and put it on. Then, he He Two little boys A bright moon The ship Some passengers Those SIt. To their horror, they saw that th ey The sinking of the Titanic remains the most infamous sea disaster in history.

Past Simple is used: She has gone to Madrid. Last know when she went - she's still there year. The time is stated. Jim has typed five letters this morning. Yesterday morning. I've spoken to Prince Charles. He's still alive - She once spoke to James Dean. He has lived in Spain for two years.

He's in Spain She lived in France for three years. She doesn't now. The Prime Minister has decided to call a general He announced the decision to Parliament this election.

But I Not once!

Teachers 6 round pdf up book

But last month , I George and I What's it like? In fact, we Fill in with the past simple or the past perfect. The biggest event in Tom's life He was looking fo r a job. You see, as a student, he Then one day, the phone It was a woman who She Last night he She used to tell me stories.

He used to live in the country. Stative verbs are not used with 'would. Mum used to make.. She isn't used to living in tropical climates. She was going to move to London but then she decided to stay in York. His first few days in the city were so unpleasant that he That's when I met him. His family In autumn, they Tom made it sound so wonderful that, at one point last year, I But I didn't.

Dad, you'll be pleased when Yes, of course, son. I'll give it to you right now. Well, Dad, the good news is that you'll save some money. I failed! Iis used for: I'll turn to be performed will be in progress I be finished before a on the heating. They will have offers, promises, some new clothes I'll be skiing in the finished building their warnings, predictions, I next week.

Alps this time next house by May. I'm afraid, probably, etc. I play golf until May. Will you By this time next haven't decided to offer the job to Ann. It has been this afternoon? Can been studying piano Maybe I'll buy a car. The boat leaves at 8 o'clock in ' I'm having dinner with Jane this evening. Shall we play tennis? It's a date. Shall we go for a walk? Who shall I invite? Will is used to express offers, threats, promises, predictions, warnings, requests, hopes, fears, on-the-spot decisions, comments mainly with: I'm sure John will pass his driving test.

Time expressions used with: I'm hungry. I'll make a sandwich. He's going to eat that worm! I hope you 1. Of course I But I'm afraid my sister Harriet Oh that's a pity! Kate How many people do you think Who else I invite? How about the girls in the netball team? That's a good idea.

They I'm sure everyone If t his Madam, I'm going to show you something vacuum cleaner doesn't pick up dust, I'll eat amazing, something you will never forget.

Well, I'll get you a knife and fork because we don't have electricity here. Future Simple vs Be going to The future simple is used: Be going to is used: Look at that boy! He's going to climb the tree. It's hot in here. They are going to get married next month. They have already decided to do it. Have you decided where you 're going for 8 A: Do you know what the weather forecast is for your holidays? Yes, I..

No, but I expect it We've almost run out of petrol. Don 't worry. Shall we go out tonight? Does your tooth hurt a lot? Yes, I What do you want to eat? Did you buy any stamps? I forgot to, but I Are you watching TV tonight? Have you heard about Sharon? Watch out!

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When did you last speak to Susan? I didn't even see it. Oh, weeks ago, but I I'm really hungry after ali that hard her tonight. Your car is very dirty. These elections are going to be B: I know.

My son Yes, that's true. But I believe afternoon. The manager will see you as soon as he comes out of the meeting. I'll buy a new sofa when I get paid. When will John go to Paris? I don 't know if the teacher will punish Tim for that.

Do you know how to fix one? Read our handy step-by-step guide. When the tyre forget to put some chalk over it. This is w here the hole is. Read the text below and choose the correct word for each gap. It was a hot summer day and Henry and his wife were sitting in their garden. I have booked the tickets.

The flight I'm sure we 5. Jane moved to Canada two weeks ago. Last week, I met Paul and he told me that Jane had moved to Canada two weeks before.

It can also be used with Present or Past forms to show that one action preceded another. I'll leave before he comes. He had finished his homework before he had dinner.

The Perfect tense is used in the main clause. He has been here since July. I've known him since we were at school. She has been in Lisbon for ten days. She had been working there for two years before she applied for a new post. She had already dressed when Tim arrived.

Has she cooked dinner already? She hasn't yet passed her exams. She hasn't passed her exams yet. In questions yet only comes at the end. Has he come yet? I can still walk long distances.

Can she still play the piano well? Are you still doing your exercises? He still plays in the same band. In negative sentences, still comes before the auxiliary. She still can't walk very well. She still hasn't got married. Brad has been studying Japanese! How is your leg? Are you able to walk without crutches? Yes, it's much better. But I. Are you coming out with us this evening?

I'm afraid I haven't finished my homework That's unlucky. It hadn't rained Jenny, could you check what time the flight arrives, please?

I have It gets in at Did you know that it's Bill and Mary's anniversary today? They got married 25 years Remember to turn off the computer screen Thanks for reminding me. Choose the correct grammar tense for the words in capitals and fill in the gaps. Hi Carol, Thanks for your email. I'm glad to hear you I missed two days of classes and HAVE an important football match for the school team. Anyway , I passed my driving test! I was happy to hear you 're going to Paris this summer. You 're so lucky!

By next month, it HAVE 7 ,. As you know, my family and I usually 8 "'" " " " '. Well , that's all my news. The Miltons are at home making a statement to the police. Look at the pictures and describe what happened, Use these verbs: The Miltons had been to the cinema. When they returned home they realised someone.. Use the information from the Speaking Activity to write the story. Give it a different ending. On Sunday night the Miltons decided to go to the cinema.

When they returned home they realised someone ". The president was accompanied John's 4 The robbers used iron bars to break , That was If I hadn 't at first seems bad, but later turns out to moved just then , that cyclist would have hit me.

Every teenager feels stressed at times. Academic pressures, family issues and 0. DAY basis. None of us can avoid stress It may be listening to your As the 8.

Look at the words which are close to each blank or in the same sentence but consider other words as well. They were hungry, The second clause is a result of the first clause, therefore we need 'so '. Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each gap. Every year, a staggering million pounds Nowadays, you can be fined up Litter attracts rats and this in turn We all have to make It's the first time he's ever driven a Porsche.

I haven't called her for two days. It's the funniest joke they've ever heard. When was the last time you met him? She still hasn't phoned. How long ago did she buy the car? She 's been learning English for two years. How long is it since she bought the car? I started working there two years ago. I have ever spoken to Bill's wife. The ay to do this is to call them by their names. You can - d out their names by reading their luggage labels.

Very well, sir. I'll remember to do that. I hope to meet her tonight. The Present Continuous Infinitive expresses an action happening now.

He must be sleeping now. The Perfect Infinitive is used to show that the action of the infinitive happened before the action of the verb. He claims to have worked here before.

First he worked here, then he claimed he had worked here. The Perfect Continuous Infinitive is used to emphasise the duration of the action of the infinitive, which happened before the action of the main verb. He looks tired. He seems to have been studying for the test all night. The Present Cont. Infinitives are used with the verbs: Ann enjoys walking in the woods. The Perfect Gerund -ing form shows that the action of the -ing form has happened before the action of the main verb.

We can use the Present Gerund instead of the Perfect Gerund without a difference in meaning. He denied having killed James. OR He denied killing James. I went.. I 6 he is writing 2 she has been playing The -ing form is used: Walking is good exercise. He refused to pay the bill. She was happy to win the prize. I would like to see the manager. She likes painting. I like to wash my hair every day. He 's clever enough to do the crossword.

Would you be He can't stand being treated like a slave. He had difficulty finding his way back. He spends his free time digging in the garden. She came in only to find Bob had left.

I saw Tim dOing to begin with, to be honest, etc. I saw part of the action in progress. I To be honest, I don 't like him. If two infinitives are joined by to express a complete action, i. I want to call Mr Jones end. I saw Tim do his homework. It took him an hour. I saw the whole action from beginning to end. The infinitive without to is used: You can leave now if you want. I'd rather not go out tonight. I'd better stay at home.

They made him pay for the damage. He was made to pay for the damage. I've never known him to be so mean. Could you help me to fix the car? She was known to have worked as a teacher. My boss expects me to WQrk work overtime tonight.

Kim plans About 40, people including celebrities, world-class athletes, and, of course people who just want To finish the race, runners must Two million people and more than music bands cheer them on from the streets. The atmosphere is so fantastic many runners consider Would you like All you need to do is put your name on a list. Afraid you are too unfit Don 't be! In fact, over the years, people as old as 88 have completed the marathon.

What's more, you may just Good luck! Rob was the first Yes , but Good evening. We would like You should. He must I'd love Me, too. I want to help with the preparations. When it is different from the subject of the verb, then an object pronoun me, you, him, her, it, us, you, them , a name or a noun is placed before the infinitive or the -ing form.

The subject of the -ing form can be an object pronoun, a possessive adjective my, your, etc. You have to eat your carrots.

I want.. I want The doctor wants I remember I don't want 7 We visited Sue last weekend. I remember 8 Sarah sang that song last week. However, we never have two -ing forms together. The days are beginning to get shorter. They take the -ing form when they are not followed by an object. He advised us to leave early. You need to polish your shoes. Your shoes need polishing. Your shoes need to be polished. But fo r people who enjoy 1 Jiving,. The latest extreme sport to become popular is sandb oard ing.

Round-Up 6 Teachers Book 3rd. Edition

It involves You can Oie down or and up. When stand ing up, both your feet are tied to the boa rd to revent you from Some sandboarders, owever, prefer Lying down can be even mo re fun. Because that's how fast you can expect Sounds li ke n? People who have tried sandboarding say it's totally addi ctive! So head t o a dese rt and try i ut. Yo u don't need She tried hard to cope with her new job.

Try adding some more sauce to your pasta. I want to find a better job. Your dress wants cleaning. He stopped to buy some milk on his way home. Stop talking to each other, please! I regret to tell you that you have failed. I prefer reading a book to watching TV. Tom stopped Clai re: I've been meaning 1 to af7k. Did you pass your driving test? No, I'm afraid I didn't. I'm really sorry 2 hear that. Did your examiner say why?

He said I didn 't remember 3 look in my rearview mirror when I was reversing. Although I really don't remember 4 forget to do that! That's a pity. He also said that I forgot 5. And that I didn't stop 6 , look when I went through an intersection. I have to admit to those mistakes though. Oh , dear. Are you very upset you failed? Kati e: A bit. I'm trying 7 forget about it. Look, you just need some more lessons. That's what my examiner said. He told me not to give up. Hey, I've got an idea! Why don 't you try 8 '.

He taught me to drive. He's a really good teacher. But my brother says he wants 9. I'd prefer 10 get lessons from him. No problem. Just let me know if there's anything else I can do to help. I will. Dear John , I was glad to receive your email. I didn't go to the party on Saturday night because I injured myself at football practice last week. I want 2 , be on the pitch with the rest of the team - not sitting here with a broken leg!

My coach was sorry 3. Our team doctor told him I wouldn 't be able to play again this season. The season won 't end for another five months, so I'd prefer I mean 5. Our team has won all our games this year and if we continue to do so there's a good chance we will go on 6. I'll never forget 7. By the way, do you want to come to my house next weekend to watch a film? Remember 8. Take care, Davi d. We are waiting for his first novel. He doesn't enjoy..

She won 't like. Are you sure you mentioned it yesterday? The exhibition was fascinating. What was the exhibition like? The students were fascinated by the exhibition. How did the students feel about the exhibition? I'm not. Oh , I understand now. Don't laugh! Carla has always been Even as a young girl, she was always keeping her relatives 2.

No one guessed , however, that by the age of eighteen she would be dancing in 3. Carla 's family were Carla herself was more 6. Carla soon became famous throughout the country. And now, here she was, dancing for the Queen.

How 8 ,. But the 9. The Letter tanding at my letterbox, 1 nervously ripped open the creamy white envelope. M infp,rrn. I couldn't continue 2 read any further. Just then my mobile rang. It was my dad. He wanted 3. Can you tell me what they said? I looked down at the letter again. The letter continued; 'We do not fee l you are experienced enough However, after We would be glad 9 meet with you to discuss this.

We look fo rward to She'd prefer.. Choose the correct grammar form for the words in capitals and fill in the gaps. If you answered "yes" to BUY the questions above, then you're probably a sugar addict! Sugar addiction is a serious problem because it can cause many diseases.

But very quickly, you ' ll appreciate 8. At weekends, I enjoy Speaking Activity narrating a story Bill and his family went sailing last Sunday. Imagine you are Bill. Write a story in the first person narrative describing what happened. Mark brought qbout his dismissal Dave was very bad. Idioms 3 Fill in the correct idiom. They say it is not very 1 , but in fact, London RELY as one of the best public transport systems in the world. The London Underground , also nown as 'the Tube', is 2 the fastest way to get around London.

A did B broke C made D reached The word record is not used with do or make. Also we do not say we reach a record - you reach a destination. Therefore B: Read the text below and decide which answer best fits each gap. Like many teens, sixteen-year-old Georgia Jones Since she 1. For Georgia, the best thing about changing her hairstyle so often is that she never 2 bored of the way she looks.

To get ideas for her hair, Georgia She also 5. But Georgia 6. She wasn 't experienced enough to get the job. It's too cold to go swimming.

Slippers a e less warm han boots. Boots are heavier than sa dais. Slippers aren't as light as sandals. Sandals aren't as expensive as slippers. Boots are the most expensive of aJI. Tlm Is the fattest of aU. Rob is less at than Tim. Rob's ears are the blggeS1 of all. Tim's nose is longer than Rob's. Ben is the most handsome of all. Ben's hair is longer lilan Tim's and Rob's. Tim's hai is not as long as Ben's. Simon Is less experienced than Ted as tar as teaching is concerned. Slmon has less teach ng experence than Ted.

Ted is more quallfled t an Simon. Is as good as she Is uch taster than He tired Molly because she is lazy and works carelessly. He fired Molly because she is miserable and writes untidily. He 1red Mol y because s e is rude and speaks too much. He fired Molly because she is often late and doesn't act responsibly. He fired Molly because she is bad-tempered and types slowly. He ired A n because s e is hard-working and works carefully. He hired Ann beca se she Is cheerful a d works tldily.

He ired Ann because she Is po ile and doesn't speak a lol He hired Ann because she is never late and acts responsibly. He hired Ann because she IS good-tempered a d types quickly. The Premium Super Vacuum has few accessories than the Conqueror The Conquero doesn't use as many watts as the Premium Super Vacuum.

The Premium Super Vacuum sweeps more powerfully than the other two. The Premium Super Vacuum is not as adaptable as the other two. Although i offers the ewest accessories, it's more effectrve than the other two as i can absorb almost anything.

It's ot the least noisy of the three but it's the easiest 10 handle. Next on my list I've got the Conqueror S. Now, this one offers e most accessor es of all tenl , which s quite good consdering the fact that irs cheaper than the Premium. It's lighter than the Premium. I s noi ier and less user-friendly than t e Premium as it is slightly bigger in size.

6 pdf teachers up round book

I don't th nk it's as effective as the Premium, ut it's a good offer anyway. It offers mo e accessories than the Premium, but it srrt as effective as the other two. It's heavier than the Conqueror and certa nly less compact than the other two. It's a lot noister. I hope this letter will help you make up your mind. If you decide on one 0 these three makes. English In use 4 J unable to see 3. H calm 4. A very hite 6. I very healthy 7. C very well-behaved 8. F very heavy 9. G no aggress;ve Impression Intelligence Onry AslWhen WithlUnder PART 4 Ite I were you, I would By the t me, had arr ved When 4.

If When Ihe Que n arrive s, we must all stand p. As soon as I get home, I'll ave something to eat. They didn't calt until they had found the so ut on. Can you phone me when you are ready? Every t me I go shopping, I spend too much money. I'll phone you i there is a prob em. The children cleared the tab e as soon aslafterlwhen they had finished eating.

By the time we went to bed, it was nearly moming. I'll call you immediatety when I reae my hotel. Oral Activity 7 I Suggested answers 2.

The burglar had left before he came home. H telephoned Ann after he had eaten. He waited until she came. It began raining while he was walking in t e park. When she was In Egypt, she vis ted the Pyramids. S e will never see anoth r horror film again as long a8 she lives.

She has been typing etters since 2 o'c ock. By the time she got home she was soaked to the skin. She set he alarm cock so as to get up early. She set her alarm clock so that she would get up earty. She set her alarm c ock for fear she m ghl gel up late. She set her alarm clock 0 avoid getti g up ta e. She set er alarm c oc in case s e got up late. She set her a ann clock so no to ge Up late.

I won't leave t e flat in case John calls. I won't leave the at 0 avoid m sslng John's call. I won't leave the flat so t at I won miss Jo n's call. He revised hard or the test 10 order 10 succeed. He revised hard for the test to avoid failing. He revised hard for the test for fear he migh fail. He revised 8rd for the test so that he wouldn't fail. He doesn't carry a lot of cash to avo' getting robbed. She saved money with a view to bUyIng a ho se. I ran to eaten the bus.

Jane gave police her phone number so that they could phone her. Let's buy some Co e I case we have guests. Th s IS a tin opener for opening ins. The littie boy hid or fear at e might be punished. In order to 3. In case, need 7. They too a box of matches so hat they could light a fire. They took some tins of food 0 avoid geM ng ungry.

They took a compass so tha they could find their way. They took a radio so that t ay could Ilsten to the news. They took some blanke s In case j was cold at night 7. They took some hats In case it was very ho. They took a bucket to cot act water. They too some fishing rods to catch fish. They took a pack of cards so that they cou d play cards.

They took soma rope to climb trees. S nee 9. Due to 27 Round-up 6 KEY T; nice flat T: The rain 'oumey was so long that I feU asleep. It was a very long train joumey and as a resul therefore, I fell asleep. Because oflOue to the fact that e train journey was so longfrt was such a long train oumey, I fe I asleep, It was so long a train journey that I feU asleep.

I fell asleep because it was such a long train journey. Because the meal was so bad, we never wen bac to tha restaurant. Because i was such a bad meaJ, we neve wen back to na restaurant, The meal was so bad that we never went back to that restaurant.

It was such a bad meal that we neve went back to that restauran. I was so bad a meal t at we never wen back to hat restaurant. The soup was so hot that she bu m her mouth. She bumt he mouth because it was such hot souplthe soup was so hot. Due to the fact that the house is so big, it takes days to clean, he house is so big that it takes days to clean.

I ts such a b g house at it takes days to dean. It is so big a house tJ'Iat it takes days to clean. The house Is very big. The house takes days to clean because it's so big.

Sharon doesn't listen; consequently, she makes mistakes. There were so many people at the reception that they had to wait in fine. The Raid rs lost the game as their best player was hurt. The reason why I don't like Roger' because he is selfish. It was such a beautiful gesture that she nearly cried. It was so cold that I couldn't feel my ingers. Ills such stormy weather that he plane is delayed, clause of result Many young musicians dream of fame out ever considering how long and pa nful the road to success can be.

There are so many things involved In being successful that If a young muslclan Isn't aware of them all tallure fs certain. Perhaps it is most mportant to remember the time and work needed to gain popularity. Most up-and-coming musicians spend uch a long time travelling that it Is difficult for them to have a family Ufe.

In addition, new groups make so little money that musicians are often forced to live in poor conditions.

Onoe the group is estabnshed, the next stage is to try and get a contract with a record company. However, this Is 80 difficult to obtain that only one group in thousands will actually receive a contract.

Even that doesn' guarantee success and a record compa y w II soon drop a group if It doesn't sell many records. To 8 great extent. Most successful music ans adm t that fame came as a surprise to hem.

They were always more concerned about producing good music, They say you must have such a love for the music you are playing that success will automatically follow. Oral Activity 9 I Suggested answer 2. There were so many cheap things tha they did a lot of shopping. As they had a 10 0 money with them, t ey did a of shopping. As the weather was good. T e sea was so clean that they swam every day.

They were such gOOd people that they made lots of friends. As lh yare very friendly, they made lots 0 friends. As there ere many dlscos, they danced every night. They liked dancing so much the Ihey danced every night. As t climate was hoi. There were so many mosquitoes that they got bitten.

The sun was no and t e efore they got sunbumt. As they had no suntan with them, they got sunburnt. The food was so spicy that t ey couldn't eat it. The food was spicy and therefore they couldn't eat it. As the music at the ho eJ disco was very loud. The music at the hotel disco was so loud that they couldn't sleep. They ad such a lot of I ggage that they could hardly carry They had a lot 0 luggage and as a esutt they got tired.

Whatever 8. Even though 3. De pie 5. Even though 7. However 4. Fiona enjoys her lob she works long hours. Fiona oves classical music, her boyfriend likes rock usic. Fiona owns a new Jaguar, she never drive to work. Fiona Is tall with da hair, hil her mother s short with blonde hair.

Suggested n wars 2. Although she had nough mo ey for the dress, she didn't buy it. Despite having enoug money for the dress, he didn buy it. In sp't of the fact that she had enough mo ey for the dress, she didn't buy it.

Although she is sixty years old, she still goes jogging. Despite being sixty years old, she sti r goes Jogging. In spite of the fac that she Is sixty years old, she still goes ;egging. AI hough Tom arrived early he didn't find a ticket for the concert. In spite of arriving ealy, Tom didn nd a tic et for the concert.

Despite t e fact that Tom arrived ea Iy, he didn't find a ticke or the concert. Although the programme was bOring, he continued to watch'. In sp te of the fact tha the programme was boring. No matter how muc money Oral Activity 10 I Suggested answers Sandra p ays t e piano. Sandra orin s ooffee, but Evelyn dnn s tea. Sandra smokes. Sandra is leam ng Spanls 0 while velyn is learning French. I'm not going ou un II this film Is over. Give me your number in case I want to call you.

He sa his alarm for 8. I've got so much work to do I don't thi k I can finish It. Mary was so upset that she couldn't stop crying. II was such delicious food e asked for more. Let's wait until it stops snowing. He foe ed the door for fear someone might break Into his house.

She worked hard with a view 0 getting a promo 'on soon. We arrived at the on ma early In case e missed the s a of he 1m. We'll show our ticke s when he i spector comes round. He was so exhausted e felt as If he hadn't tept for weeks. It's such awful weatherllsn it awful weather etc 2.

What a heavy box this s! Isn't this a heavy boxt How h avy a box! How clumsy a gi! She' such a clumsy girl S e's so clumsy a gir1! Isn't she a clumsy girl! She looks so smart] She's such a smart girl! They are so bad manneredl What bad manners they havel Don' they have such bad manners! What a difficult test t was It was such a dlf11cut lest! It was so difficult a est! Wasn't it a d ffioult test! We're such a close family! Aren we a close family!

Hasn t it been a tiring day! What a tiring day it has been! You lazy boyl What a lazy boy! How lazy you arel Aren't you lazy You lazy boy' etc What a How 7. Whata 8. What What exciting news! What an incredible story! Off they sail! Tim's 0 good-looking! Here comes the bus! What a boring lecturellHow boring a lecture 8.

Whal a slippery road It lsi 9. I s such a difficult exercise! It's so difficult an exercise! There goes the last trainl With a view to appo nting The man driving thaI bus is my brother.

The car broken into was a Porsche. People caught stealing are mpnso ed, 5. The oman living in this house is Russian. The man playing the piano is bl nd. I have ten cousins. There are some beautiful houses in the lown, some of which are more than two hundred years old. She met lots of new people at the party. Ted planted lots of new rose bushes In his garden, very few of which survived the cold winter. The supermarket has hirty employees, most of whom olk part-time.

The building Which was next to the school fell down. Jane, who e brother is also a doctor, works at the hospital. NO - not omrtted 5. Mrs Jones is the woman who is in charge of this company. The book that I'm read ng is about Chin. Mr Smith, who runs our company, is in hospital. Nevil e, whose tamily are rich, has just bought a Mercedes. NO - not omitted The ch Idren who I baby-s for are twins. This jumper, which I bought in Ire and, 's pure wool.

NO - not ornmed The priest who married us has gone to work in At tea, 0 - no omltted Emma, whose sister is an actress, is go ng on hofday to Hollywood.

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T e supermarket which is near our house is open on Sundays. The actor who I most admire is Robert de Niro. T is vase which he bough at a jum Ie sale, IS an ique. The dog that Roger bought has Just had six pupptes. The country where my father was bom at war. Anna, who cuts my hal , has lust bought her own shop. NO - not omltteo There a e some questions that I cannot answer. My home town, which is near BirmIngham, is very small.

His unc e, who is a millionaire, owns a house n the Bahamas. NO - 0 omitted The boy whose b'cycle was stolen is at the police station. The dog whichlthat lives ext door has had six puppies. Sharon, who works in the Oate'Rousse, spilt coffee on a customer. Special attention has to be paid to how relst,ve adverbs are used. The film about which I'm wn Ing was made in T e film w ichltha I'm writ ng about was made in B.

She's the gi about whom 'hey were talking. She's t e gir1 whomIWhollhat they were talking about. That's the restaurant wherelto wh'ch we go every Saturday. That's the restaurant Whic hat we go to every Saturday. This is the island which hat we spent our holt ayon. These are the Joneses with whom we went to t e theatre. These are the Joneses w oIwhomlthat we w nt to the theatre with. That's the hotel thaVwhjoh we used to stay at every summer.

It's Mr Smith from whom I go all the information. I 's Mr Smit who hom I got all the information Irom. Mrs And ews is the woman from whom I've received a letter. Mrs Andrews is the woman whomlwholthat I've r ce veo a letter from. It was a lovely experience which I will never forget. I stayed with Louise, who is my French cous n. She introduced me to Pierre, whose knowledge of Paris is amazJng. My favourite building, however, was he Invalides. At the end 0 th week I thanked Pierre, who had been very kind.

There's a door leadin9! Which leads to a secr t passage at he e d of he hall. Sam works n Switzer1and, which is not in the European Union. White on holiday I met a lot of people, some of whom were really boring. When I was in Austraria. I VIsited my uncle who m I had never met before. The match about which you were talking ended In disaster. They didn't have what I asked for. Spanish that he's leaming Oral Activity 12 I Suggested answers Elephants are anima s which have trunks. The heatre is a place where plays are performed.

An axe is something w ttl which we chop wood. The seaside is somewhere where people sw m. A restaurant is a place where food Is served. A blanket is something which eeps you warm. A post office is a shop which sells stamps. A ey Is something which opens doors. A necklace is som thing which Is worn round the neck.

A tailor is someone who makes suits. An author is someone who writes books. A professor is someone who teaches at a university. A pop singer is someone who Is usually amous.

A school is a building wher students go to learn. Suggested answers Positive AddltJon: She's clever. She's ric too. Moreover, she's rich. Furthermore she's rich. She's al. Besides, she's rich. Negattve Addition: Barry doesn't know how to drive and Kevin doesn't either. Neither does Kevin. Note that in -neither R'd ng a blcyc e may not be as comfortable 8S driving a car, but it is much more environmentally hien y. Conoes Ion: Consequence of a condftJon: In contra. At the same time, It is much more env ron mentally friendly.

F A glass of milk before you go to bed may elp you sleep. He carried on playing un il the end of the game, but e had a broken toe. Admittedly he was caugh stealing company property. Either you could tell her the bad n ws or you cou d let her find out for herse. Besides, yo are far too young.

Not only this, but you are also far too young, - I'm afraid you are not qualified fo this job. You are far too young 8S well. She's a gry. That Is to y,lln other words,rro put It another way,ll mean she's angry at you.

She decided to order a salad. The coach explained the way in whlcMhe way the 'earn would beat their opponents. T e travel agency will contact you Iflas umlng that your flight Is changed. In that case the travel agen will contact you.

You may be caught by the e emy. Relative; Chronological: ThereforelThuslConsequentty she had an accident. If not, you will fail the exam.

Make a note of our appointment 'n your diary lest! Her second novel Is half twice a8 good a8 her first but better than yours. I like to visit the cathedral whenlwhllelnow that lwhenever I'm n Durham. We had a lovely holiday, except forYdespltelbut forAn spite of that one day w en it rained. Is thai he one that you Ike? Suggested anaw ra 2. Despite 6. Actual yllndeed 7.

However 7. Seeing that 9. Unfortunately Even though 35 Round-up 6 KEY Even though he never does any homework, he managed to get a good mark in the tes. In other words, he s totally mean. In this way To sum up Oral Activity 13 Sugge ted answers 2. I without loe 'ng all Ihe doors. It is expensive, though. I don't feel like go ng alone. I; however, we can go out later.

Firstly 3. As a rna er of factlWhat is more S. Alternatively 7. However Not only but also When 9. All n alVAttogether Oral ActJvlty 14 I Sugg. Despite the fact that he doesn't have muc money, he wants to buy a new car. In spite of having litHe money, he wants a buy a new car. He has very little money.

If you want to practise these structures, you can give your Ss further ideas to combine. So, she arranged a meeting. When she reached he office, the secretary showed her Into Mr Smith's office. Help 55 if they run out of ideas. As further practice, give various situations and do the activity as many times as you want encouraging 5s to use linking words.

Suggested answers Karen ee for the reasons outlined below. Susan Jones has a degree in phys cs. BeeauN of his, I f el she s overqua ified. Despite the tact hat she speaks four languages which would be a benefit, she tends to change jobs often. She has, however. Whereas Mrs Jones speaks lour languages, Mrs Lee speaks only two. However s e has a first- aid certificate.

In addition, she has relevant work experience. Moreover, she has travelled as a tour guide. To sum up, I feel that both candidates are excellent Neverthel I would choose Karen Lee for this post. English in use 5 Mary nor Paul likes B Suggested answers 1. Be ng woken every nIght by the baby is a pain In the neck, 2. People biti g their nails Is 8 pet hate of mine. As he'd already won the marathon, he ound the metres II piece of cake. He's such 8 roiling stone! Never in one place for more than a few months.

That way's too 10 g. Why don't we take a short cut through the park? H s conviction for theft ten years ago proved the skeleton In the cupboard which cost him is job. Mr Bones What a silly lip of the tonguel 9. Please turn off the TV and stop making a noise; rve a splitting headache. The quick arnval of the police certainly put 8 poke In the robbers' wheel. Do you remember 7. The politician is being interviewed now.

The Mona Usa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. My flat was burgled last night. All tickets had been sold before we got there. The dog hasn't been fed yet. The presents are being wrapped now. The prizes will be awarded by the President tomorrow.

Tea Is grown in I dla. The prisoners are being taken to prison now. Owas bought 9. An al -day strike is going tolw II be held by electr city workers.

The missing painting hasn't been recovered yet. A child was rescued from qu cksand yesterday. These ablets should be taken before meals. Co 0 red clo hes must be washed separate y. He was sent out of the classroom.

Formats and Editions of Round-up 6 : [English grammar practice]. Teacher's guide [lesforgesdessalles.info]

Spain will be visited by thousands of British touris s this year. My rotten toot was pulled out by the dentist. He IS being questioned by the police now. A compla nt has been made. The 1 ghts had been left on.

The cat was being slowly poisoned by th orrible old man. The mountains will have been covered with snow by Christmas. Breakfast is served at 7 am. Who was t e parcel delivered by? She was made to clean er room by her parents. She had been warned thai she might ose her Job. Who was America d scovered by? Who s your dog going to be too by? Who was the phone answered by? Who was the prlze given to? Which building is going to be knocked dOwn? Is thought 9.

Is pa dlis to be paidlwill be paid I love beinglto b given flowers. They can't stand being criticised. He seemed to have been shocked by the news. We ought to have bee old about mis.

The dessert havlng been eaten, we went on to drink coffee. She likes to beJbeing complimented on her work. The best restaurant In our town IS owned by my parents.

Last weekend the head waiter was dismissed by my father as some stock had been stolen by him from the cellar, A new waiter is going to be hired by my father as all t e work is be'ng done by himself at the moment. I was asked by him to help serve the food. I'm sure I will never be asked to help agaln. An Important decision was made by the Government last night. All cars will be ban ed from the town centre as people's health is being seriously affected by pollution. Only bicycles and buses will be allowed to enter the town centre.

Plans for a new environmental police force are being made.

After all someth'ng must be done before II's too late. A ho 'fic plane crash was witnessed by James Fin tast n ght.

AI e survivors were taken to hospital bylin ambulances.

Teachers book round pdf 6 up

It s not yet known what caused the plane to crash. Many of the survlvors have a ready been interviewed by newspaper and TV reporters. It is said that a bomb may have been put on board the aircraft. It is hoped that the vital information will be provided by the alrcratt's "black box", but It hasn been found yet.

The search is being continued. It is hoped Ihat a cure tor the disease is imminent. A cure for the d sease is hoped to be rnrnment 3. It s believed that the hostage had died. The hostage is be ieved to have died. It is expected that Jim will be offered a promotion. Jim is expected to be offered a promotion. II is said he was a dishonest man. He is said to have been a dishonest man. ElvIs Presley is believed to be alive.

It is expected that Rangers will win the cup. Rangers are expected to win the cup. It is t aug t than man is related to apes, Man is thoug be related 10 apes. The patients are given their medicme every morning by nurses. I Medicine is given 10 the patients every morning by nurses. Our water heater is being repaired by an electrician.

You will be represented by a defence lawyer. The corns are cleaned da Iy. T e pane passengers were being held hostage by hijackers. The explosion had been caused by a gas lea. A lull report was given to he police by an eyewitness. I The police were gIVen a full report by an eyewitness. The tax on c garettes has been increased by he government. The product is going to be launched in May. The private detective located the missing person.

The bu ders are fixing our leaking roof. A team of archaeologists have found some d'nosaur remains. A bodyguard will protec you 24 hours a day. Most maior European airlines have increased air fares on aJllntemahona flights. He balists use plants 0 cure common IInesses.

Jones Ltd wi I confirm the offer omorrow. Inspectors check tickets regulary. An em nent sclentlst is presenbng the award.