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New Market Leader Elementary Teacher s Book Longman Irene Barrall. Pages. PDF 20,9 mb. Updated Detailed teacher s notes. Updated Business . Market Leader Elementary teacher's book Market Leader 3rd - Market Leader Upper Intermediate Teacher's lesforgesdessalles.info estate industry's first. Market Leader is an elementary level business English course for businesspeople and Join a global communitv of teachers and students at lesforgesdessalles.info

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Market Leader Elementary Audio CD · Market Leader Elementary Teacher's Book Market Leader Pre-intermediate Teacher's Book. Intermediate. 3rd Edition. Elementary. AR KET. LEADER. • Business English Teacher's Resource Book Market Leader is an extensive business English course designed to. Market Leader Elementary Teachers Book - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

We 2 hire any more staff atthe moment. John Rogers, who contributed new material to this edition, is also the author of the Practice Files at each level of the series. B Could you give me some 4, please? I three then twice Sunday week -ti-me- 1 from.. You are directors from head office, visiting Stuttgart. Past simple Last year, we increased our sales by 15 per cent. B Hi, Dave.

What's your job? I'm a lawyer. NOT I'mlavvyer. What's your wife's job? She's an engineer. Who's your boss? Julio Cordon. Where are you from? I'm Russian.! Where's he from? He's Spanish. Talk about your job and the jobs of your family and friends. My brother is an engineer. My sister is a housewife. My friend is an archited. Vocabulary file page Listen and complete this chart. Decide whether these statements are yourself and Conversation 1 others 1 Patrick Keller is a Sales Assistant.

Conversation 2 3 Hiroshi Ita is Mayumi Nitta's assistant. Conversation 3 5 jimmy is pleased to meet Dave. Use words from the From conversation 1 A Hello.. B Oh, hello 3 to meet you. I'm Diana Vincent. From conversation 2 A Good morning. My 4 Hiroshi Ito 5 is Mayumi Nitta, my assistant. B Nice to 6 you both. I'm Dan Marshall from Marketing. From conversation 3 A Hello, jimmy. B Hi, Dave. A 7 to see you again. B You, too 8? A Not too good. B Oh, really? Sorry to hear that. What's the problem? Practise conversations like those in Exercise B.

Use phrases from the Useful language box. Useful language J Introducing people Greetings I'm Pleased to meet you.

My name's Nice to meet you. This is Good to see you again. You, too. Asking about business Replying How's business? Not bad, thanks. Offering a drink Would you like a drink? Thanks very much. I'd love one. How about a coffee? Yes, please. Another drink?

New Market Leader. Elementary. Teacher's Book

Saying goodbye See you later. See you soon. Nice talking to you. Discuss the things people might want from work. For example, a large office nice colleagues o Work in pairs. Make three word partnerships in each box to find out what four people want from work. G Match some word partnerships from Exercise B to their meanings 1 to 6.

Use the word partnerships from Exercise B and make a list. Work in pairs. Compare your lists and choose the five most important things. Which days are 'the weekend'? Vocabulary file page G Complete these time phrases with in, at or on. Then write the phrases under the correct preposition. When are you busy during the day, week and year? What are the quiet times? Ask your partner. A When are you busy B t'm very busy in the morning. B What are the quiet times A Bu5iness is quiet in the for you?

A Which days are you busy B t'm always busy on Mondays. I2 Work and leisure o Before you read the article, discuss these questions. Describing your 1 What is a typical day in the life of the CEO of a big company?

Can you find any of the ideas you discussed in Exercise A? But Ghosn is not a rock star or a football player, he is the CEOand President of two of the world's biggest car makers: Renault and Nissan. He is one of the world's great business 5 leaders.

He was born in Brazil, but his parents are Lebanese. He speaks five languages fluently and he knows some Japanese, too. He travels all the time because he works in Paris and in Tokyo.

His schedule is very tight: When he has time, he also goes to car shows. He gets up early every day and works over 70 hours a week. But it is not all business for Ghosn. He does not work at weekends. They spend time together and enjoy their hobbies. They live in France, but his elder daughter, Caroline, studies at Stanford University. Decide whether these statements are true or false. Tell your partner about your day and about your weekend.

At weekends, f Present simple I travel overseas. He attends meetings. Does he meet international customers? Yes, he does. We don't drive to work. Use the verbs from the box.

A rmanl. He 2 to the gym and 3 an hour there. He 4 breakfast and then 5 to the office with salad his for lunch and bodyguard. At weekends, he goes to his villa.

Use the correct form of the verbs in brackets. My husband's name is Seito. He 2 work for a shipping company, and I 3 work for an international securities company. We 4 live in Tokyo, near Shinjuku. I 5 travel to work by subway, but Seito 6 drive to work. G Write a paragraph like the one in Exercise B about yourself.

I2 Work and leisure " Match these leisure activities to the pictures. Use the verbs in box 1 and the time phrases in box 2. How often does he get up early? He always gets up early. Karla sometimes works from home. Two nights a week, he works late at the office. He works from home once a month. Use words from the box. I three then twice Sunday week -ti-me- 1 from.. Cross out the incorrect words. An interviewer asks people from different countries about their typical day.

Swiss Rodolfo Isabel Austrian Sigrid check e. Mexican when you get to work? How often do you do you o Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions in Exercise D. Ask and answer these questions.

Add similar ones of your How often do you Talking about work and leisure 2 How many hours a week b From time to time. S What do you do in your free time? Q Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions in Exercise A about yourself. Then listen and check. Tim I'm Jf-f: IJ 1 on sport. I 2 like karate and I 3 playing football. But I'm not really 4 in watching sport on TV.

Tell your partner how you feel about your work or studies. What do you do at the weekend? Useful language J Asking questions What do you do in your free time? I at the weekend?

How often do you? Do you like? Yes, I do. I don't like I'm keen on.

New Market Leader. Elementary. Teacher's Book [PDF] - Все для студента

He isn't really keen on I really enjoy. She doesn't enjoy I'm interested in We aren't interested in S I'm not ready for the meeting. Identify the product and the problem. Make a list of three other problems businesspeople sometimes have. I3 Problems lIlt': II III t: Use the adjectives from the box. Adjectives fast fl 'xibl ' beautiful broken clean helpful high incorrect 1. Ask and answer questions opposites. G Look at these sentences. The bed is too hard. It isn't soft enough.

The seats aren't wide enough. They're too narrow. Make sentences. Use too or enough and adjectives from Exercise B. Its top speed is only kilometres per hour. Tell each other about some of the problems you have where you work or study fv1y offia is too small. The air conditioning is employees often work more than on, and people open the wincJows.

If the boss is in The cafeteria is empty, but all the the office, we feel we have to stay lights are on. People photocopy until he leaves. Very often, we are everything, and the wastepaper not paid for working overtime, we baskets are full of copies nobody work for free. And for many of us, wants. It's a waste of money for the summer holiday is only a the company, and it's bad for the one-week vacation.

We work a lot environment. We all need to try of overtime, but we aren't more and do our bit to protect our productive. We just have more environment.

They jobs. We are very worried about often get less money than men for losing our jobs. It's very the same work, and it's more stressful. We love our company, difficult for us women to get a but sometimes we lose our promotion. In addition, working in motivation. We don't come to teams is very difficult. We women work on time, or we leave early. Put the problems from Exercise B in order, starting with the biggest. What other problems are there?

Present simple: Does he work well with colleagues? He doesn't go to meetings. Where do you work? Match the questions to the answers a-h. He's your line manager. G Put these words in the correct order to make questions. Do they work at the weekend? Use don't do not or doesn't does not. What time do you start work? Change the other ones to make them true. Then compare and discuss your sentences in pairs.

The office hasn't got a! III Have you got a problem with cash flow? Yes, we have. I No, we haven't. Have you got any meetings today? Look at the list in Exercise A. Tell each other what you've got and what you haven't got. Vocabulary file page o Write the number of the call after the problem.

Some calls have two problems. D 2 A piece is missing. D 3 The printer doesn't work. IT] 4 The invoice is incorrect. D 5 The air conditioning doesn't work. D 6 The line is engaged.

D e Please it, and we can at it for you. Would you like to Can he me back, please? B on, I'll check. Here it is. It's the PX A Sorry, cou ld you that, please? Let me down the. Listen and tick the expressions you hear. Useful language J Answering Getting through Hello.

This is [Carl Fisher]. Can I speak to Janet Porter], please? Good morning. Can he call me back, please? Apologising Stating the problem I'm very sorry about that. I've got a problem with I'm sorry to hear that. There are some problems with Getting details Giving details Can you give me some more information? The invoice is incorrect. Which model is it?

There's a piece missing. Finding solutions We can give you a refund. Finishing a conversation I can talk to the manager. Thank you. We can send you a new one. Thanks for your help. Use the role cards below to role-play the conversation. Introduce yourself. Say you have Ask for details. Apologise for first problem.

Give details of first problem shirts are wrong colour and size. Apologise again and offer solutions. Give details of second problem want 2, not , as soon as Say goodbye. Thank the Sales Representative. Say goodbye. The guests want sunshine, beaches and a relaxing holiday. Blue Horizon is a new Sunrise Holidays building. Comments from our guests sen -: You are guests at Blue Horizon.

Representative 1 Compare what the brochure promises with the guests' You receive a telephone call from notes. Say what is different. Blue Horizon hasn't got a lovely view of the sea. There aren't any flowers. See right. Read your role cards. Then make the telephone call. Write an e-mail to Mike Park, from Head Office.

Horizon's future advertising policy. Time of call: Use your notes to write a message for the Manager of Blue Action: Horizon, Carla Davis. In 2 Boris is an electrical" He is Russian. I'm a I payout money to customers.

I'm the company's Chief. What are the corresponding nationalities for these countries? Unit A Revision I Complete these sentences with am, am not, is, is not, are, are not. They speak Spanish, butthey from Spain!

Complete the information about Dorota with short forms of the verb to be. My name. My husband He 6 Polish, too. His name We have two children, a boy and a girl. Our son The school.

Then match the questions with the answers a-f. Write an e-mail 40 to 60 words to a new colleague telling them about yourself. Then match the questions and answers. She's your line weekends? It's very fast. It small windows, but it He the right invoice! Kati Steiner here. Could I speak to Ron White, A We've got a small problem with our new fax machine. B Could you give me some 4, please? A Well, the operating instructions are not in the 5. B I'm 6 to hear that. A It's the Faxlux B Faxlux I've got that.

A 8 for your help. Write a description 40 to 50 words of your office or classroom. Write about the things that it has and hasn't got. Where do you like to go? Do you ever travel on business? G When you travel, which of the following do you like or not like? Make sentences as in the examples. I love meeting new people. I don't like flying. I like eating new food. Where a-e can travellers hear or say these things? Ask each other information about some business travellers' flight details.

Student A 1 Ask your partner for the missing flight details, for example, What are fv1r Asafiev's flight details? Match the verbs with the correct phrases a-e. Put actions 1 to 10 from Exercise C into order. Use the nouns from the box. At the check-in desk 3 Can I take this as hand? In a taxi 5 Please take me to the city. At the hotel 7 I have a for two nights. My name's Burkhard. Can I have the , please? Vocabulary file page listening Then answer these questions.

Part 2 2 Which flight is boarding at gate 23? Part 3 3 What time does the train leave? Part 4 5 The passenger chooses a flight. What time does it leave? He can program a computer. Can I use the phone, please? Yes, of course. I Sorry. I'm afraid it's for staff only. Can I fly direct from Moscow to Sydney?

No, you can't. You need to change. Paolo Hi, judith. D Paolo Paolo Ranieri speaking. This is judith Preiss here. I can't. But I can make Thursday or Friday. D judith Paolo, I'm calling about that meeting.

Can you make next Wednesday? D Paolo Of course. I can pick you up from the station if you like. D judith 10 o'clock's fine. Oh, and can I bring my colleague, Sabrina? You met her at the conference. D Paolo OK. Friday it is. Can we meet in the morning - say 10 o'clock? D judith Great. See you on Friday. Write questions beginning with can. Can Judith and Paolo meet on Friday? Ask each other your questions. How much can you remember?

A Can Paolo meet Judith on Wednesday? B No, he can't. Then practise it with a partner. Sabrina I called Paolo Ranieri about the meeting. He 1 make it on Wednesday, but he 2 do 3 at 10 o'clock. He says of course you 4 come with me!

And he 5 pick us up from the 6. See you soon, Judith o Ask people in your class about the languages they can speak. A Can you speak Japanese? B No, I can't. Try to remember the languages people can and can't speak. JOhn can speak 6nglish and Crerman, but he can't speak Chinese.

Role-play this situation. Student B Ask Student A for the following information: Can I take a taxi from the airport to the office? Tick the facilities you expect to find in a business hotel. InternetDconnections childcare fitness centre secretarial meeting D service services rooms taurant eption shop desk Read this brochure.

Underline the words from Exercise A which are in the brochure. It is in the Pudong area, one of the most dynamic financial and commercial centres in the world. But for the business traveller interested in culture and history, there are also many attractions, such as the Jade Buddha Temple and traditional Chinese gardens. St Regis has luxurious rooms. Each room offers 10 voicemail, free access to high-speed broadband and wireless Internet connection, as well as in-room movies, a CD and video library and flat-screen TV.

A unique feature of the hotel is that each guest can enjoy the services of a personal assistant called the St 15 Regis Butler. The butler takes full responsibility for your comfort from check-in till check-out and can also help you with the organisation of your business meetings.

There is also a sauna, a fitness centre, a tennis court, an indoor swimming pool and a spa where you can 20 relax. On the top floor, the award-winning Italian restaurant offers fantastic panoramic views of the city.

There are two other restaurants: St Regis has a round-the-clock business centre and 13 meeting rooms with multimedia equipment and space for up to people. G Ask and answer questions about the St Regis. A Lan you watch films and videos? B Yes, you can. There are three restaurants. There aren't any shops in the area. Are there any meeting rooms in the hotel? Yes,there are. There aren't h' any sops In t he termlna. Student A You have a new job in a city abroad.

Ask Student B about these items. Then listen to the dialogue and underline the correct answers. Making bookings and checking 1 When is Simon arriving? Student A is a receptionist at the Delta Hotel in Greece. Student B is a business traveller.

Book rooms for yourself and a colleague. Study the Useful language box. Then role-play the telephone call.

Market Leader Elementary Teachers Book

A Answer phone. Give name of hotel. B Give your name. Ask for two single rooms with baths from 16 to 20 July. A Check booking is for four nights from 16 to 20 July.

B Price? B Restaurant? Car park? A Restaurant: B Visa number: Capri Hotel.

How can I help I'd like to book a room from Tuesday you? Is there a restaurant in the hotel? Would you like smoking or Is there a car park?

It's a Visa card.

Teacher pdf leader book elementary market

The number is Can I have your credit card details, The expiry date is What time do you expect to arrive? Could you repeat that, please? Twelve people want to book rooms for next week. You are the Hotel Manager and the They want two double rooms. They Assistant Manager. They are just We can offer Anna rooms 1 and 7.

We can't use room I, it's occupied. The son is in a 2 Now work in groups of four. Compare your ideas. A Pacific Hotel. How can I help They want a sunny room with a lovely you?

Price is not important. B Hello. This is Li Wang here. Price is not A Do you want a single or a double? B Single, please. And if possible, I'd like a quiet room. A Right. Let me check. Yes, we have a single room 'ou are a receptionist at the hotel. B Is that all you have? Include the date of arrival, date of A Well, there's a larger single on the same floor, leaving, type of room and the price. B OK, then. How much is the small single per night?

B Fine. A All right. Can I take your details, please? Choose another guest and role-play a similar telephone conversation. Case study o What kind of food do you like?

Make adjectives.

Teacher book leader elementary pdf market

Then make sentences. Curry is an Indian dish. G In your country, do businesspeople usually: Use the words from the box to explain your answer. Eating out fish meat vegetable fruit 1 trout cherries codbroccoli onion lamb salmon tuna chicken eel Onionpeas -It's aaubergine cauliflower apple peach grapes kind of vegetable. Starter Main course Dessert soup Write the dishes from the box under the headings on the menu.

Vocabulary file page o Discuss these questions. Dining etiquette 1 1 Do foreigners eat your national food in the same way as you do? In the West, as well as in Asia, tastes and dining etiquette are changing.

He is shocked 50 even developed a special mix chain of Asian noodle 10 restaurants in the UK. For drinking coffee with their restaurant-going crowd are example, in one of my Thai meals. In Tokyo's spoon,' says Yau, 'so we give launched the Nobu 60 chic Ginza district, for them chopsticks. Then Thai 40 restaurants in the USA, he example, an Italo-Japanese 20 people say we are not a "real" quickly learned what restaurant called Chop Stick Thai restaurant because we serves innovative Italian food Americans like,' says Laura provide chopsticks.

Use a good dictionary to help you. Make a list of three practical ideas. What do you tell them? Make a list of three points. Would you like some more coffee? Can 1have some tea, please? Do you have any beef? We haven't got any beef today. Correct the mistakes in the other sentences. Underline the correct words to complete it. We could go to the Texas Steakhouse near the airport. Ivan I don't think so. How about the Marina? Mina Good idea. I'll see if they've got a table for 9 o'clock.

Listen and write M for man and W for woman. Look at audio script 5. Order and recommend things that you like. It's delicious. D b No, thanks. I'm full. D c Would you like a starter? I'll get the bill. D e I'd like the soup, please. D f Would you like a dessert? D g What do you recommend for the main course? D h Thanks very much. That was a lovely meal. I really enjoyed it. There aren't a lot of flights at the weekend. How many people are coming to the conference?

Can you pay? I haven't got much money. Use a lot of, many or much. There's ice cream for dessert. Complete these questions with many or much. Then ask and answer the questions with a partner. B About 20 eur Complete the dialogue below with words from the box. I right recommend book cntcrt;: Cary Why don't we 2 them for dinner?

Lee Good idea. Which restaurant do you 3? Cary The food is always good at Pierre's. Lee That's 4, but it's usually very busy. Cary How 5 a restaurant by the river? Lee Yes. Unit 2 Work and leisure. Unit 3 Problems. Unit 4 Travel.

Unit 5 Food and entertaining. Unit 6 Sales. Unit 7 People. Unit 8 Markets. Unit From the world's most informed business sources. A new language course for tomorrow's business leaders. Drawing on the Drawing on the extensive media assets of the Financial Times and other sources, the course offers a highly authoritative and flexible range of materials for business English