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If you're looking for CCNA Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in . CCNA Interview Questions: CCNA is an associate level IT certification from Cisco . With the help of Download CCNA Interview Questions PDF. ccna interview questions and answers pdf free download, CCNA Interview Questions pdf, ccna interview questions and answers for freshers.

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Top 70 CCNA Interview Questions & Answers. 1) What is Routing? Routing is the process of finding a path on which data can pass from source to destination. Here is the list of most frequently asked CCNA Interview Questions with Freshers or experienced candidates with little or no networking. Networking Basic & Ccna Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online .

Question 1. It has a single collision domain and a single broadcast domain. Routing Technologies 4. A peer-to-peer P2P network is a type of decentralized and distributed network architecture in which individual nodes in the network called "peers" act as both suppliers and consumers of resources. To recover password we have to use the registry key 0x

There are three types of ACL:. Frame relay is a packet switching technology, it is used to join two or more routers with a single interface.

It is cheaper in cost and belongs to ISP. LMI Local Management Interface is a signaling standard that is used between the routers and frame relay switches. CHAP- challenge message passes and replies with username and password so no other router can come inside. Router - Each port has one separate collision domain and one separate broadcast domain.

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Switch - Each port has one separate collision domain but all ports have one single broadcast domain. For example sending datas to some 5 machines instead of all 10 Machines. XXXX series where Syslog server is a popular server used to store log information- port no: It can be configured easily.

It can store a large volume of data. It can also be sent to Syslog. It is implemented mostly while using Syslog on the networks. MIB Management Information Base , database object that describes the information in a predetermined format; that the agent can use to populate the data.

It is an open standard routing protocol that has been implemented by a wide range of network vendors, including Cisco. It supports multi vendors like Cisco, Alcatel, Juniper, 3Com routers.

BPDU Guard is used to protect the integrity of switch ports that have portfast enabled. By default, BPDU guard is disabled; it is mainly used to shut the port in an error condition.

EtherChannels can be negotiated between two switches to provide some dynamic link configuration. Learn more about Top 10 Networking Stories Of HSRP is a redundancy protocol developed by Cisco to provide gateway redundancy without any additional configuration on the end devices in the subnet. These hello messages are forwarded to multicast address It is used to find which routing protocol is trusted. We can have any number of routing protocols.

Each of them can have different paths, values ranging from 0 to It uses virtual links to connect IPv6 localities together within a site that is primarily using IPv4.

Interview pdf and ccna experienced questions for answers

CCNA acts as a stepping stone for entry into the networking domain, especially if you want to work with Cisco products. It enhances your networking knowledge to a great level. It not only helps freshers in getting a job, but a CCNA certification also helps an experienced professional to earn a promotion.

Networking Basic & Ccna Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Many technologies have come and gone; but, networking domain is evergreen and gives one a good chance to obtain a job in the software field. Finally, to conclude, apart from imparting knowledge; CCNA helps in getting quality jobs and career growth and also adds to a sense of self satisfaction. Go opt for CCNA to achieve your dream career of working in a reputed company and earning a handsome salary. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies and to our privacy policy.

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Top 11 CCNA Interview Questions And Answers {Updated For }

Don't have an account? Sign up. Sign Up. Already have an account? Log In. Sundara Pandian 11 JUN Exam code: Sample logos of various Cisco Certifications Image Source: Major topics covered in CCNA: It is a set of rules used to describe how to make networks.

Whenever we design new network or hardware device, we have to follow OSI reference model. It deals only with packets data with IP address B Packet filtering- router sends and receives only packets. C Internetwork communication- joining of two or more networks.

Interview questions for ccna and pdf answers experienced

DHCP is dynamic host configuration protocol. DHCP allows devices to acquire their addressing information dynamically.

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DHCP is actually based on bootstrap protocol bootp. Server- delivering host configuration information Client- requesting and acquiring host configuration information 8 What are the two types of cables available? Straight through cable Crossover cable 9 Which registry key is used in normal mode of router and what registry key is used to recover password? To recover password we have to use the registry key 0x It is a Cisco proprietary protocol means used to find only the neighbouring Cisco devices.

A Static or Static default Static, if one route is fixed for transmission it will stay fixed. B Dynamic route It will choose the path by itself.

CCNA Interview Questions

Explain with example. The administrative distance for: Switch is a layer device and deals with frames data with mac address. It is used to segment big networks and connect with routers for security purposes. For joining two different networks or virtual VLANs, we need routers. A Trunk port is used for multiple connections between switch to routers and switch to switch.

There are three modes in VTP: Why is it used? IPv6 contains bits with 8 groups. Each group has 16 bits. There are 32 hexadecimal numbers. Each groups 4 hex digits are separated by colon. There are three types of ACL: WANs connect remote sites over large geographic area. Connection requirements vary depending on user requirements, cost, and availability. Hub - All ports have one collision domain and one broadcast domain.

Both receiving and sending by all devices. Broadcasting IP address: Class a- First a shortest path tree is constructed. Secondly Routing table is populated with the resulting best paths. Routing basically means the movement or transfer of information across the network. The selected network can be either of two — inter or intra. There is always a source and a destination needed for routing to take place.

Routers are a dedicated device for the process of routing to happen. The routers are nothing but the network layer device. Routers are generally classified based on below-listed criteria:. Network means connection. In networking terminology , it generally refers to the connection of 2 or more computers or devices.

The connection must enable features to share data, related resources like a printer, fax. Topology refers to the pattern or layout of connection between the available network elements.

The basic types of Network Topology are listed below —. For IPv4 its 32 bit and bit for IPv6. A Switch is used to receive the signal to create a frame. It forwards the packets between various LAN segments.

It supports a single broadcast domain and multiple collision domains. The router is a networking gateway device that is used to forward data packets to the computer networks. A router supports two broadcast domains.

Top 60 CCNA Interview Questions and Answers (Updated for 2018)

In the hub, if anything comes in its port then it sends it out to the others. It is less expensive and least complicated. It has a single collision domain and a single broadcast domain. There are two types of network:. It is stored in ROM and is uniquely defined.

It is identified as the Media Access Control layer in the network architecture. Broadcast Domain In the Broadcast Domain, all the juncture can reach each other by broadcast at the data link layer and every device is ready to receive their respective data.

Broadcast Domain uses local network for broadcasting the data packets to the receiver. While broadcasting, massive data are broadcasted, hence the speed of receiving the data is less and it also takes more time to receive the data of their address. Collision Domain In the Collision Domain, data collision occurs more due to sending of more frames simultaneously. If more than two frames are sent simultaneously then the data will collide with each other in between and the information gets lost due to an occurrence of a collision and the devices will not accept the data and due to this, the communication between the sender and receiver side will collide.

You may also look at the following articles to learn more —. Verifiable Certificates. Lifetime Access.